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Reviewed: 09/14/09

A good port of a good game that is understandably not released outside of Japan.

Yes fellow gamers, though it was Japan only, Galaxian was released on the NES. I’d imagine Namco didn’t release it here stateside for the fact that they probably saw how Atari was squandering their consoles with countless re-releases of their popular but tired Atari 2600 games and knew that the reason that the NES was successful was because it was getting fresh ideas for new games all the time. In one way it’s a good thing that it didn’t come stateside because we already had countless ports of the game for most other consoles and computers at the time but in another way it’s a shame because it’s probably the most accurate port of the arcade original released on a console at the time.

I won’t go into too much detail with game play as I’m sure most of you know how Galaxian plays. I will say however that this game is as close to arcade perfect as it gets. The only thing holding it back is the aspect ratio which is again formatted to fit the TV screen but it’s far from a bad thing.

Fans of the old console ports of Galaxian will have to readjust here as the game play is a notch faster and a tad harder from the start. It makes it feel authentic and makes the game more frantic and far more enjoyable at least for me to play. The enemies’ mannerisms and their swooping patterns are all programmed very accurately so those of you accustomed to the arcade shouldn’t have much adjusting to do.

The graphics are the high here as everything is accurately represented. The galaxians and your ship look great, when you’re destroyed the explosion looks exactly like the graphics in the arcade. The sound is also accurately represented here too. The only thing this game could have done different was put a score box on the side of the screen like the NES port of Centipede did, which would have given the game its vertical aspect back.

This isn’t a game that needs a lot of explanation, it’s a classic and it’s easy to find it if you want it. When it all comes down to it I respect Nintendo’s and Namco’s decision of not releasing it outside of Japan’s shores because even though it’s a good game, it was still a tired game that everyone played at that point and I’m sure most were ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Galaxian (JP, 09/07/84)

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