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FAQ by Raging_DemonTEN

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/04/2002

                   =         Galaxian FAQ for the NES        -
                   -        Written By Raging_DemonTEN       =
                   =      Copyright Namco Ltd. 1979,1984     -
                   -            FAQ Copyright 2002           =
                   =  E-Mail Address: eagle25_100@yahoo.com  -

This FAQ is protected underneath copyright law, and is not to be copied 
or   reproduced for sale without permission of the author. If you would 
please  ask first, I will consider giving you my permission. 
                   E-mail me at: eagle25_100@yahoo.com

Version History
Version 1.0 - FAQ Completed

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Overview And Controls
3. Point Values
4. Enemy Formation And Strategy
5. Tips and Hints

1. Introduction

     Galaxian is one of the overlooked classics of video-game history. 
Sure, people remember Space Invaders and Galaga, but they often overlook 
the game that game in between, Galaxian. Galaxian was the first game to 
have multiple colors, and the third game ever made by Namco. One of the 
enemies in the game, the Flagship, has crossovered to many other games 
made by Namco. Galaxian can be found as a minigame in one of the first 
Playstation games, Ridge Racer. Its best aspect, though, was that it was 
fun, and very difficult to beat since you could only fire one shot at a 
time and the enemy kept on moving. I hope this FAQ helps you have a 
better time with a lost classic.

2. Overview And Controls

    Your race, the Galaxians, are under threat from an alien menace. You 
and your ship, the Galaxip, must face the enemy fleet alone and save 
your race from complete annihilation. Hey, it's 1979, video games didn't 
need great stories back then. Basically, you face wave after wave of 
enemies until you die, and receive your score. The controls are:

Start - Pause
Select - No use
D-Pad Left and Right - Move your ship left and right
A Button - Fire laser
B Button - Fire laser

3. Point Values

   As there is no real way to "beat" the game, your goal is to get the 
high score, and shove it in your friend/enemy's faces. Here is a list of 
the point values for each ship. "Convoy" is when the ships are lined up 
at the top of the screen, and "Charging" is when the ships are charging 
down towards your Galaxip.

                     Convoy                Charging
Flagship   -           60               200,300,150,800

Red        -           50                     100

Purple     -           40                      80

Blue       -           30                      60

- You get an extra ship every 7000 points

4. Enemy Formation And Strategy

     In every stage of Galaxian, the enemy formation is this:

                            F  F  F             B = Blue ships
                          R R R R R R           P = Purple ships
                        P P P P P P P P         R = Red ships
                      B B B B B B B B B B       F = Flagships
                      B B B B B B B B B B
                      B B B B B B B B B B

     The blue ships on the outside will be the first to swoop down, and 
after you destroy them the ships attack in order from the outside in. 
After all blue ships are destroyed, purple ones will then attack, 
accompinied sometimes by a Flagship escorted by two red ships. Red ships 
do not attack on their own unless they are the last ships on the screen, 
and neither do Flagships unless they have no escorts.
     Since you can only have one shot from your laser onscreen at a 
time, it can be frustrating missing due to the long recovery time. 
Always aim a bit to the left or right of the ship you're aiming for, 
according to the way the formation is moving. Aiming head on will almost 
always result in a miss of your target.

5. Tips And Hints

- All enemies are worth a great deal more points once they are charging, 
especially Flagships. A good strategy to rack up a lot of points is to 
eliminate the blue ships while they are still in convoy position, and 
wait for the rest to swoop down

- After you defeat an entire formation of enemies, keep on firing, as 
the shots will hit the new appearing formation of enemies, even though 
they aren't on-screen yet

- Try to work from the outside in. When outside ships swoop in, they 
tend to box your ship in and give it less room to maunever. Getting all 
the enemies directly in front of you will greatly increase your dodging 
room, and give you more time to line up your shots.


     This is my 21st FAQ I've written so far, and all 21 have been 
posted thankfully. Thanks to CJayC for continually posting my FAQs. If 
you have any questions or comments about this FAQ or any other I have 
written, please feel free to e-mail me at eagle25_100@yahoo.com.

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