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FAQ/Walkthrough by skater43

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/23/03

           Walkthrough for Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu

Version 1.0 November 8, 2002


This is a walkthrough/guide to the NES game Doraemon: Giga Zombie no
Gyakushuu (a.k.a. Doraemon RPG). Although the game was only released in
Japan, it was translated a couple of years ago. This guide'll cover all
the spells and items available. I'll tell you what's in every chest,
who to talk to, exactly where to go and in what order. The game isn't
very long and isn't that difficult, but is still enjoyable to play.
Questions and/or comments can be sent to skater43@hotpop.com


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Basic Information:
Doraemon is a standard RPG for the NES. The directional pad moves you
around the field and towns. Up and Down are also used to select
different items from menus. The A button is used to bring up the main
menu. From this menu you can talk to people, search the ground under
you, manage and equip items. A is also used to confirm choices and
advance dialogue. B is used to cancel choices. Start and Select will
both bring up a status screen of the characters showing HP, attack and
defense power, etc. Start and Select aren't used in battle. To open a
chest, stand on it and select Search from the menu. Directions are
given as you look at the screen, regardless of which direction the
characters are facing. Up and north refer to the same direction
(towards the top the screen in this case). East and right, south and
down, and west and left are also synonyms of each other. There is only
the one quest; there are no side missions.


Usable items:
Bomb - does damage to all enemies, can only be used once
Cure potion - heals about 20 hp
Cure2 potion - heals about 60 hp
Cure3 potion - completely heals character
Detox potion - removes poison
Heal potion - heals numbness
Missile - does damage to one enemy, can only be used once
Rope - binds one enemy (can't attack) (doesn't always work), can only
       be used once
Token - tells you how much exp. each character needs for the next
        level, can be used multiple times
Toy Soldier - does damage to all enemies, can be used multiple times
Wake potion - wakes a sleeping character


Field or battle spells:
Antidote - removes poison from affected character, 5 gold/use
CureAll - completely cures a character, 20 gold/use
CureParty - heals everyone in the party about 50 hp, 20 gold/use
CureSpell - cures about 60 hp, 10 gold/use
Lamp - lights up caves (doesn't work in battle), 0 gold/use
MagicDoor - return to a town (in current area) (doesn't work in
            battle) (can be used in dungeons), 20 gold/use


Battle spells:
Air Gun - does damage to one enemy, 20 gold/use
Awake - wakes up a sleeping character, 4 gold/use
Barrier - raises the defense of the party, 10 gold/use
Defend - raises defense of caster, 6 gold/use
DoubleImage - raises the agility of the party, 6 gold/use
Floater - ?, lasts throughout the battle, 5 gold/use
HitGun - does damage to one enemy, 5 gold/use
HP Steal - does damage to one enemy and gives the hit points to the
           caster, 8 gold/use
Mini Pistol - does damage to one enemy, 12 gold/use
Reflector - attacks done to caster partially bounce back, so both
            enemy and character take damage, 20 gold/use
Repel - keeps weak monsters from attacking you for a little while, 15
Shocker - does a lot of damage to one enemy and raises the caster's
          attack for two rounds, 10 gold/use
Shock Gun - does a lot of damage to one enemy, 20 gold/use
Sleep - puts monster to sleep (doesn't always work), 6 gold/use
Sling Shot - does damage to one enemy, 2 gold/use
Speed Up - makes caster harder to hit, 10 gold/use
Str Down - lowers the strength of one enemy, 6 gold/use
SuperShot - does moderate damage to all enemies, 40 gold/use
Time Stop - freezes time for one enemy (can't move) (doesn't always
            work), 15 gold/use
Umbrella - caster tries hiding (monsters can't attack that character
           for that round), 5 gold/use
WindStorm - does moderate damage to one enemy, 12 gold/use
Zapper - does damage to one enemy, 6 gold/use


General tips:
To equip items, you must first take them out of Doraemon's pouch and
give them to the character who wishes to equip it. Unlike most RPGs,
any character can equip any item. I recommend giving the best stuff to
Hero (you, the character you named. He/she is always the leader of the
party), because he'll/she'll take the brunt of the damage. Then give
the next best stuff to Doraemon, etc. As you find a new item, have Hero
equip it, then pass the older stuff down the line. You can't sell
items, so once you get to the last character, go ahead and dump the old
item. Also remember that while you usually have three members in the
party, you'll occasionally pick up a fourth member. They won't have
anything equipped, or the items they have will be vastly inferior to
that available when they join. You ought to keep a sword, piece of
armor, and accessory for them to use when they join. Otherwise, get rid
of the excess. Doraemon's pouch has no limit to the items it can hold,
but there's no need to keep outdated items. These are, however, just
recommendations; you might find some other system that works better for
you. If so, go for it. You won't hurt my feelings.

While you must take items out of Doraemon's pouch to equip them, you
don't have to to use them. While walking around (i.e. not in a battle)
you can use any item (including spells) without having to give them to
anybody. Just open the pouch, select the item, and select use. To use
an item or spell in battle, however, it must be given to somebody.

You can only save in towns. Select Doraemon from the menu, then Dorami.
Your hit points are also filled, and any gold you have earned is given
to you at this point (rather than after every battle, like in most

Characters only attack the enemy you tell them. If that enemy is
already dead, your character loses their turn (like in Final Fantasy),
rather than attack the next enemy (like most, more modern, RPGs).

Most status ailments are healed at the end of the battle. Sleeping
characters awaken, numbed characters become unfrozen and fainted
characters are revived (but with only 1 hitpoint). Poison is not healed
at the end of battles. Sleep and numb will also wear off after a few
(maybe 1, maybe 2, maybe several) rounds in battle. Also keep in mind
that Doraemon will automatically become numb whenever you are attacked
by a mouse-like creature (Mouse, Rat, there are a couple of others).
There's nothing you can do to prevent it, and it typically wears off
after a round or two.

Selecting Doraemon, then party, will allow you to talk to your party.
They will remind of where you should head next and give other clues.

Talk to everyone (or just those I mention throughout the walkthrough
if you're in a bit of a hurry); they are a good source of information.
You can only enter houses/buildings that have open doors.


You start off in an unnamed town which I call Hometown. Hometown is
your point of return after each area and base of operation. Somebody in
the middle of town will tell you to see Brian and another person points
you in the direction of his house; it's just northeast of yours with a
red roof. In addition to giving you advice on what to do next, Brian
will also give you a Lecerne hammer and a Leather helmet. Another house
(red roof, northeast of Brian's house) holds a women who asks you to
find Nobita. If you say yes, she will give you some gold. After getting
the aforementioned goods, step into the phone booth that Brian
suggested (northern-most phone booth). You are then magically
transported to the town of Startown.

Here in Startown, your quest really begins, although you are told you
can't leave until you have a magic user in your party (incidentally,
like the weapons and armor, anyone can use any magic spell you come
across). A man in a blue roofed house in about the middle of town tells
you to look for an item between the tree and the pond. In the southwest
corner of town is a pond with a lone tree on the eastern shore. Search
just below the tree for the StoneTblt. This is the item that a
townsperson mentioned that allows you to talk to cats. Another house
(due west of the phone booth you used to arrive), although devoid of
inhabitants, holds two treasure chests, one with a Knife, the other
with a Steel helmet. Inside the mansion (northeast corner of town, the
biggest house in town), you'll find two chests: one with a FishnCap,
the other with a Pendant. You'll also see the stoned body of Nobita. In
the northwest corner, you'll find a cat and a break in the western
wall. Walk up to the cat and use the StoneTblt. The cat will talk to
you, saying her name is Miyoko and she will join your party. Now, about
the break in the wall. Head through the opening until you are just
beyond the wall. Take another step west and you'll exit the mansion.
Head south until you can go east. Go east to the end of the wall (past
the entrance) until you can go north. Go north and eventually, you'll
find a path to the west leading to four treasure chests. You can only
get to the two eastern ones for now, so do so. One holds a SmBell, the
other a Broad sword. You should now have a weapon and armor for
everyone, and an accessory for two characters; make sure you equip them
or they won't do you any good.

You now have a magic user in the party and can leave Startown. I
recommend spending a little bit of time and leaving up 2 or 3 levels.
If your hit points start to run low, head back to town, and have Dorami
heal you. Your hit points are also healed when you go up a level; while
the characters may have the same amount of experience points, they'll
go up levels at different times. Hero always needs the fewest
experience points per level.

When you are ready, Port Town, as one chap in Startown mentioned, is to
the east. Head southeast around the mountains, then east/northeast.
Port Town is just beyond a bridge. For now, Port Town doesn't have
anything of value except a little information. One of the villagers
says the next town is north, so that's where we'll head next.

Head northwest between the mountain ranges. Keep going in a northern
direction; you'll find the Craftmen's Village just across a bridge. A
house in the south/southwest portion of town has Sling Shot and Lamp.
The next house to the west has the owner of the dog from Port Town.
Talk to him and he'll ask you to check on his dog. Say yes and he'll
give you a bone to give to his dog. Aside from information regarding
Tano and Ravin, Craftmen's Village has nothing else important. Head
back to Port Town to check on the dog. Walk up to the dog and use the
bone. He'll walk a couple of steps south and bark. Search just south of
him to find some Silver. Head back to Craftmen's Village and talk to
the dog's owner again. He'll take the Silver and make the Arrow for

The people of Craftmen's Village mention Tano (to the east) and Ravin.
Ravin is the next village to visit and it is also to the east (which no
one says, but that's why I'm here). There are really two ways to get to
Ravin. Ravin lies almost due east of Craftman's Village, but with a
mountain range in the way. You can either go north (across a bridge) or
south to get around the mountains. Once you get around the mountains,
head east. The mountains help point you in the right direction; Ravin
is fairly obvious. The mayor of Ravin lives in the northeastern-most
house. He'll ask you for some gold. Say yes and he'll give you the
GateKey (although you don't actually lose any gold). This key will open
all the gates you come across (including the one back in the mansion in
Startown) except one later on in the game. Although it isn't crucial at
this point, the other two chests in the mansion hold Awake and a
Ribbon. Ravin has nothing else useful so it's off to Tano.

Tano is a ways from Ravin, but if your characters are at level 7 (which
they ought to be if you leveled up a couple of levels at the beginning
and didn't run from any battles) or higher, the monsters should be no
problem. Levels are pretty easy to gain here at the beginning, so if
you having trouble with the monsters, spend a couple of minutes and
level up some. To get to Tano, head south and east across the desert
until you reach a north facing bridge. Cross the bridge and head north
on the left side of the lake. Straight ahead is another bridge (with
another off to the right). After you cross the straight ahead bridge,
go north. Skip the first east/west bridge and cross the second one.
Continue moving east until you reach a double bridge. Don't cross the
bridge, but head south from that point. Head east on the first
available bridge. Walk north, then east through the mountain pass. Tano
is dead ahead just across another bridge.

In the northeastern part of town, there are two houses you can enter
right next to each other. The mayor is in the house on the left. Yes,
you have time and yes, it makes you afraid. He will then give you a
Letter to show the magician. The magician lives in the southeastern
corner of Tano. Talk to him and he'll give you the CrystalEye (if you
answer yes) and mention that you will also need the Crystal. The man
in the house just east of the mayor's tells of a cave to the north, so
that's as good a place to go to next as any.

North/west of Tano (around the mountains and across the bridge) is the
cave and a little to the southwest is a house. You can save/heal in the house
if you need. The monsters have gotten a bit stronger, so a couple
of level ups might be in order. I'd recommend getting to at least level
10. The first thing you ought to do once you enter the cave is cast
Lamp, although if you choose to wonder around in the dark, that's your

I would now make a map of the cave to help you, but my ASCII skills are
severely lacking. Thus, you're stuck with a description of the various
dungeons throughout the game. I'll tell you how to get every treasure
chest; you choose what's important and what's not. I'll put the
directions to treasure chests and other alternate routes in brackets to
help you to determine what's optional. Anyway, head up from the stairs
to the gate, use the GateKey, and walk through. Head left at the wall.
At the fork, take the upper route. At the new fork, head left, then
down at the wall. Turn left at the fork and follow the path. The first
chest you'll come to has a Bomb. In the next one up, a Detox potion.
Above the Detox potion, the path turns to the right. [If you follow the
path to the right and then down, you'll get to a chest with a Cure
potion.] Take the path up to continue on. [At this fork, head right and
down for a Missile.] Head left at the fork and follow the path down.
Head left at the first opportunity and then down. You'll come to a
gate; use the GateKey again. A couple of spaces down, there is a Cave
Troll. The Cave Troll can put characters to sleep, so you might want
some one to have the Awake spell. The troll isn't that tough, though.
Just keep attacking him and he'll fall. You can also use the Arrow on
him, but there really is no need. In the nearby chest is CureSpell.
Exit the cave.

The old couple in the house nearby told you to come back later. Now is
a good time to return. Talk to them to receive the Silver Orb to use on
the Demon. They also mention a second cave. Way north of the first cave
is this second cave, not directly north but in a northern direction.
Heal/save and saddle up for a bit of a hike. Go back towards the first
cave and go around the western side of the mountains to the north. Go
north, cross the bridge and head west. Keep moving in north/west
direction, following the northern coast. The cave is not much further

As with the last cave, step one is to cast Lamp. Take a couple of steps
left then head up. [From the fork, you can go up and left to get to a
chest with a Cure potion.] Take the right hand path to move on. Follow
the right wall all the way up. When you get to the top, head left. [Go
down to the first opportunity for a chest with the Antidote spell.
Follow the path down, then left, up, left at the fork, all the way
left, then down, open the gate, down, then right.] At the path at the
top of the cave, head all the way to the left. When you reach the left
hand wall, go down until you reach a wall. Just to the right, in the
small path between the walls, is an Evil Goblin. This is a demon the
old couple near the first cave mentioned. Make sure some one has the
Orb in their possession. First round of the battle: use the Orb.
Otherwise you'll only do 1 damage per hit and will take a lot more
damage. Once you use the Orb, it's just attack, attack, attack. Use
CureSpell as necessary. He can put you to sleep, too, so be wary. When
you win, you'll receive the Crystal. [Once you beat the Evil Goblin, go
down all the way, then right. The first chest you'll come to has a
Crystal sword, the second has a Missile.] At this point, you have two
options. One, you can exit the cave and hoof it back to Startown or two
(and this is the one I recommend), you can use the Crystal. The Crystal
will warp you back to Startown (and can be used repeatedly).

Back in Startown, everything remains the same except, in front of the
star marker, is a Grimlock. Heal and save, then go attack him. Like the
Evil Goblin, the Grimlock is basically impossible to beat unless you
use the Orb. After you use the orb, he ought to be no problem. Watch
the hp, however, of characters who might have gotten attacked before
you could use the orb. The Grimlock can put characters to sleep, but if
you keep attacking with everybody, he won't last long enough to do much
damage. Once you beat the Grimlock, the Orb vanishes. Heal and save
again, then step on the star marker. You are now magically transported
to the island with the tower you might have seen from Ravin.

The tower is five floors high with one boss, one mini boss and several
chests. I'd try to get close to level 14 before attempting to complete
the tower. If need-be, don't hesitate to use the Crystal and warp back
to Startown. You can also step onto the star marker where you enter the
tower. Head up from the start until you come to a fork in the path. [To
the right, you'll find a Cure2 potion, a Missile, and the Token. Head
right at the fork, then down at the wall. Head left at the first
opportunity. The upper chest has a Cure2 potion, the lower, a Missile.
Go back to where you headed left, and go down again. Head left when
able, then up for the Token.] Head left to the wall, then down. [Turn
left at the first opportunity. The upper chest has a Detox potion, the
lower one has a Cure potion.] When you reach the wall, head left, the
down. Follow the path to the right, then up then right, then down, then
right again. You are now in a throne room. Nothing too exciting here,
so head for the upper right corner. The first square down the narrow
path has a Naga. At about level 15/16, she's easy, just attack. Once
you beat the Naga, head down to the stairs.

Floor 2 is the first of what becomes a frequent pattern throughout the
game: several staircases. There are usually many different stairways to
take, some just leading to treasure chests, others necessary to
continue onward. Sometimes you'll go down a floor to find a staircase
up. I'll do my best to make my directions clear, just remember that
they'll make more sense looking at the screen than by themselves. [To
the right is a chest with a Rope. Go up from there until you reach a
path to the left. Take it. Go up at the first opportunity. Head left at
the first chance for a chest with a Wake potion. If you continue up, to
the top of the screen, then follow the path to the right/down, you'll
come to a chest with the Amulet. Go all the way left at the top of the
screen, until you can go down. Go down (with a slight jog to the right
in the middle) to the chest, which has a Bomb, then head right. Go up
at the wall, then right and take the stairs up. On floor 3, head left,
then open the gate. Go up, then right. In the chest is HitGun.] Head
straight up from the staircase, then left at the wall. Go down and take
the staircase up.

From the staircase on floor 3, follow the path to your left: up, left,
down, left, up until you come to a path to the right. [Continue up for
a chest with a Cure2 potion.] A few steps up and right, there is an old
man. This is Miyoko's father. He'll tell you about the demon and turn
Miyoko back into a human. [Take the nearby staircase up. Follow the
path up, left, down, and right. The first chest you come to has a Rope,
the second, a Rusty sword. Continue to the right, then up and take the
staircase up. Go up and right then down when you can. Pick up the
walkthrough after the next optional section.] Continue to the right,
then head up. Go right when able. [Go up at the wall, then left to a
chest with a Missile.] Go down when you can, around the blocks, down
until you reach a wall, with the path going to the right and down, and
to the left and down. [Go right and down to a chest with a Bomb.] Go
left and down until you see a staircase down. Take the staircase.

From the staircase, go up and left to the other staircase up. Take this
staircase. Again, go left, then up to reach another up staircase. Take
it. On floor 4 now, head right a couple of steps. [Go all the way to
the right (with a slight jog down) to reach a chest with Str Down.]
Head up to the wall, then right. [Go down at the second chance for a
chest with a Missile.] Go up at the wall. [Go right, then up to a chest
with a Bomb.] Jog right, then continue up. Go left to the up staircase
and take it.

You are now on the fifth and final floor. [Head to the left, go down
and left, following the path around and eventually you'll reach a chest
with a Cure3 potion.] Head to the right and down. When you reach a wall
with the path going to the right and left, go left. [Go up the narrow
path for a chest with Repel.] Follow the path down, right, down, left
and up. You are now in the throne room of the EvilKing. I would be at a
minimum of level 15 before attacking him. There are two ways to kill
the EvilKing: the easy, wussy way, and the harder, more manly way. For
the easy way, use the Arrow. It doesn't always work, but when it does,
it'll do 500 damage. The harder way to kill him is to just attack,
without the Arrow. He'll do about 70-90 damage a hit, so be ready to
cure. However you choose to beat him is your business. When you win,
Dr. Moon, a.k.a. Miyoko's father, will warp everyone back to Startown.
Back in town, Nobita will join the party, Miyoko leaves, and Dr. Moon
gives you the Mini Submarine. He then warps you back to Hometown.

Nobita joins the party with all the items Miyoko had (but you need to
equip them), but at level 1. If you talk to Brian, he'll suggest you
use the Submarine in the pond. Walk to the end of the pier, then use
the Submarine. The sub appears in the pond; walk onto it. You are now
transported to Kaite, the first city of the new area. Although
talkative, the people in town don't really tell you anything all that
useful. In the north part of town is Nabara Castle. This is important.
There is a tunnel under the castle that allows you to move on. Don't
bother leaving Kaite any other way; you'll just find a couple of dead
ends and some powerful monsters. Once you get to the tunnel, you ought
to level Nobita up to at least level 10 or 11. If you can keep him
alive, the levels come fairly quickly. If Hero and Doraemon are at
level 18 or so, they'll make short work of the monsters you'll meet in
the tunnel. In Nabara Castle, you'll find chests with a Dragonslayer,
a Cure2 potion and the tunnel entrances in the upper right; Light
armor, Sleep, and the Minister are in the upper left.

While there are two entrances to the tunnel, my directions are from the
right hand one. However, if you choose to take the left stairs instead,
you are going to Hell. No, just kidding. Taking the left stairs is
fine, both sets take you to roughly the same spot. You ought to be able
to figure out how to get on track with my directions; from the left
stairs, the right ones are just off the screen in the bottom right
corner. The tunnel isn't that big anyway. I'm now assuming you have
leveled up all you want and wish to continue through the tunnel. From
the stairs, take a couple of steps left. [Continue all the way to the
left for a chest with a Charm in it. From there, go back to the right a
couple of steps and up at the first opportunity. Head left to the wall,
then down, left and up for a chest with Defend.] Head up through the
narrow pass to the wall, then go right to the wall. Go as far up as
possible, then go left a couple of steps. Go up until you reach a wall.
[Go left until you can go up. Go up until you reach a wall, then go
left. Go up for a chest with a Bomb.] Go all the left to a wall. Go up
a couple of steps, then left a couple. [Go down for a chest with a
Litecrown.] Go up, around the wall, and you'll reach an upward
staircase. Take it.

From here, you will be entering and exiting a series of tunnels leading
to the next town. For the most part, there is only one path in the
tunnels, so I won't give directions; just follow the path. I will
mention any deviancies, though. You can now either take the round-about
way, which might be good if you want to do some leveling up (but not by
running around in circles) or the more direct route. Once you exit the
Nabara tunnel, head up for the round-about way. When you get to island
with three down staircases, take the uppermost stairway to move on. For
the more direct route, head right from the Nabara tunnel. Take the
tunnel. Then, on the island with three down staircases, take the
uppermost one. Travel through that tunnel. When you surface, you'll
find the town of Mircon to be just above you. In the southwestern
corner of town is a woman who challenges you to a game. Say yes; you'll
automatically win. When the dialogue ends, you'll have earned the
WindStorm spell. In the northeastern corner is a house with two chests:
one with a Bomb, the other with a CoralCrwn.

From Mircon, go back down towards the stairs you came from. Don't go
down the stairs (after all, you just came from there) but head left
from them. Take the first path up that you come to. When you get to the
fork, take the right hand path. Go up when possible and you will find a
down staircase. Take it. In the tunnel, ignore the right hand paths and
take the left one. When you emerge from the tunnel, head straight
across the island to the left and take the staircase. Again, in the
tunnel, avoid the right hand paths and take the left one. When you
emerge, follow the right hand coast upward. When you get to the fork,
go left and up to reach the town of Otar. A house in the southeast has
chests with a MagicAmulet and an Aegis shield. A woman just to the left
of the house gives you the spell Umbrella. A girl on the east side of
town gives you the MagClth and asks if it'll bring the buggy to life.
In the northeast corner of town is Otar's sacred temple, a.k.a. the
buggy's grave. Use the MagClth on the buggy, and you receive the remote
for the buggy. In addition, in the northeast corner of the grave is a
chest with the spell CureAll. Forget CureSpell, CureAll is your new
best friend. Also, one of the villagers tells you that there is some
lava to the north and to cross it, you'll have to use the buggy. Now
that we've got the remote for the buggy, it's time to head for the

Leave the town and head down, then right. Keep going right, past the
fork we used to get to Otar. When you have a chance to go up, take it.
The path will branch into three paths. Either the middle or the right
hand path will get you where you want to go: the right path circles
around and joins up with the middle path. When you get to the place
where the two paths join, you'll see another trail heading to the left.
Follow it left, then down, then right. At the end of the path is a
staircase. Take it. Follow the tunnel, when you emerge, take the other
staircase, and follow that tunnel, too. Exit the tunnel, go around the
mountains to the lava (the red ground you can't walk on). Walk up to
the lava and use the remote. You are now the buggy or at least
controlling the buggy. Note that you can still be attacked while in the
buggy. Enter the lava and go as far up as possible, dodging the sunken
ships. At the top of the island, go right and down, right and down,
until you reach a staircase. Take it (you automatically exit the buggy
in the tunnel). In the tunnel, you can either go right and down or down
and right; the tunnel's a square and both paths will get you to the
next staircase. When you exit, you'll need to use the remote to go
anywhere. Take the buggy to the middle of the island and the other

Siedon's lair is only one floor but with a new element: teleportation
pads. I'll label the pads (1,2,3, etc.). Both ends will get the same
number, but lowercase a or b, a for the first one you come to, b for
the other end. Anyway, from the beginning, head to the left. You'll see
teleport pad 1a. Don't take the pad yet, but continue to the left to
the gate. Open the gate and there is Ell and Sean. Ell will go back to
Nabara, and Sean will join the party. Sean starts at a high level, a
little below the other characters, but with no items. He also gives you
the GoldKey which is only used to open one door in the game: the gate
in front of Siedon. Go back to pad 1a and take it. The chest just below
you has a Gauntlet. The pad to your right is 2a. Take it. From pad 2b,
go all the way left, then down. [To the right is a chest with a Detox
potion.] Take pad 3a. [Go down to pad 4a. Take it to reach chests with
a Cure2 potion and a Light sword.] Head left to pad 5a and take it. Go
down to pad 6a. [To the right is a chest with Mini Pistol.] Take it.
[Go left, then down when possible, for a chest with a Cure2 potion]. Go
all the down, then left. Use the GoldKey on the gate and get ready to
fight Siedon.

Siedon isn't that difficult, but he can hit hard. If all your
characters are above level 15, with Hero and Doraemon at about 20, the
battle will be relatively easy. However, give CureSpell and CureAll to
Nobita and Sean (your two weakest attackers), since Siedon will hit for
about 100 hp. Have Hero and Doraemon attack every turn; Nobita and Sean
attack when not needed for healing. After you win, the party is
transported to Nabara, where you receive the WarpStn, and then back to
Hometown, where Sean leaves the group. If you talk to Brian again,
he'll suggest trying the WarpStn on the patch of dirt by the pipes on
the west side of town. Stand on the patch and use the WarpStn. Step off
the patch, then back onto the patch to get warped to the next area.

You arrive in the town of Chitei. In the middle of the town is a
castle, but the entrance is guarded. We'll be back here later.
Meanwhile, in the northwestern corner of town, you'll find two houses
to enter. The upper one has chests with MagicDoor and a Wake potion. In
the lower house, you'll find a man who gives you Hp Steal for being the
100th customer. The north central part of town has a house with chests
with a Steel sword and a Snailshell. In the northeast corner, a house
with chests with a Magical helmet and a Cure2 potion. One of the
villagers mentions the Skyway, but we can't do anything about that at
this moment. Thus, after collecting all the chests, it's off to

Morland almost due east, but a ways. The monsters have relatively low
defenses, but they make up for it in offense. Heal if necessary, there
isn't a prize for least amount of gold used. Anyway, exit the town,
then cross the bridge to the east. Head south at the mountains. Head
east when you can, then go up, through the mountain pass. Keep
following the path to the east, then down, east again, then northeast,
southeast, northeast, east (take either path, they form a loop), keep
going east, follow the path around to the northeast, southwest, and
northeast again. Morland is right there. In Morland, in the
southeastern corner, is a house with chests: one with a Bracelet, the
other with Floater. There's a ship in the middle of town, but it's
guarded. There's mention of the town of Weiland to the south, so let's
head there next.

Head southeast from Morland. Cross the bridges and follow the path.
There's only one way to go (well, two. You could go back to Morland) so
getting lost or taking the wrong path shouldn't be a problem. When the
path widens, head down across the double bridge. Then go to the
southwest. Follow the path, then head east straight to Weiland. The man
in the middle of town says he has some great wares; he's not serious.
On the east/southeast part of town is the Dragon Knight. Listen to his
story and like it and he'll give you the PassPort to the skyway. A
villager in the northeast corner of town has some propellers he found.
Yes, they are yours. We have the PassPort now, so head back to Morland.
You can either hoof it, or use MagicDoor. Talk to the guard in the
middle of town; he'll let you by now. Walk onto the square in front of
the ship to us the Skyway to the next subarea.

When you arrive, you're in the town/base Camp site 1. There are a few
new towns and objectives in this subarea, but you can still MagicDoor
to Chitei, Morland, and Weiland. The first tent, just south of the
Skyway has chests with a Dragon shield and DoubleImage. In the
southwestern corner of town, there is a tent with chests with a Katana
and a Dragon helmet. Villagers talk of the ninja town to the south, and
Old Forest to the east. The villager says go up at the eastern
mountains, but this is a mistake. Head south instead. Since we are
warned to avoid the ninja town, let's go to Old Forest instead. Head
east to the mountains, then follow them down, and you'll arrive at Camp
site 2 in Old Forest. The more direct route is to go southeast from
Camp site 1, much more east than south, though.

In Camp site 2, you'll find in the first tent to the east as you enter
town chests with a Bronze armor and a Cure2 potion. In the southwestern
corner is a tent with Gene in it. He won't join the party now because
he promised to protect the camp site. Ro is in the northwestern corner
of the camp. He will give you a flag to take to Abbey (the ninja town)
to see if they'll let you talk to them. This camp's done, on to Abbey.

To get to Abbey, head west from Camp site 2. Go northwest to get over
the mountains, but otherwise keep heading west. Go south when you see a
narrow dirt path between the mountains. The path will weave back and
forth, just stay with it. Pretty soon, you'll come to a grassy area
with a few mountains to the east and a double bridge to the south.
Cross the double bridge; Abbey is right there.

The ninjas guarding the entrance to town will now let you pass, since
you have the flag. In a hut on the west side of town, you'll find
chests with a Sun Blade and some NinjaGear. In the northern part of
town, there are four huts forming a square. The chief is in the
southwestern one. The chief will agree to stop the war and gives you
a letter to give to the High Priest (Hou) back in Chitei. I'd
recommend MagicDooring back there, but you can also use the Skyway
between Camp site 1 and Morland.

When you get back to Chitei, talk to the guards in front of the palace.
They'll let you pass with the letter. Hou does not agree to the truce
and threatens to rip up the note. Most peculiar. Doraemon suggests you
do some looking around. In the upper right of the palace there are two
chests. You need to go down, then double around to get to them. One has
an Excalibur, the other, Shock Gun. The upper left leads to the
basement. A couple of people in the palace talk about the basement, so
we ought to check it out.

First things first, cast Lamp, so you can see where you're headed.
There's only one floor to the basement, but it can be a bit of a maze,
so bear with this description. First, go up, until you can go left. Go
left until you reach some water and can either go up or continue to the
left. Go left a couple of steps, then up [all the way up for a chest
with a PowerRing], then left again as soon as you can. Go up when
possible then left again. Go up and left and talk to the man. He'll
tell you of a wall with no mass. [Go all the way down, then right for a
chest with a chest with a Silk Robe.] [Continue up, through the narrow
pass between the water, then all the way right for a chest with
Zapper.] From the man, go right until you hit some water. Then go up
until you hit water again. Go right and follow the path all the way to
the right, then down, then northeast, then right, then down until you
hit a water patch. At that point, go right, then down and right to the
path. Follow the path up, left, and up again. When the path widens,
keep heading up. You'll notice, at one point, the normally double wide
wall is only one brick thick. This is the wall with no mass the man
told you about. Walk through it and head all the way to the left. When
you reach the wall, go as far down as you can, jogging around the
bodies of water. Use the GateKey at the gate. Pass the gate and you'll
find the real Hou and Banho. They'll tell you that what you thought was
Hou was just an imposter and to go defeat it.

If everyone's at/above level 21 or so, the Fake King is relatively
easy. Remember that you can have Dorami heal you before you take on the
Fake King. Have everybody attack, heal if you feel it's necessary. He
may get a couple of hits in, but not enough to kill anybody.
Afterwards, Hou will tell you to go to the Kuroman Tower to take on the
boss of the DirtDolls. Ro will give you Barrier. Gene will now join
you, a few levels below the other characters and with all the equipment
that Sean had when he left. He will also give you the Timemachine.

To get to the tower, head west/northwest from Camp Base 1. You'll pass
some rocks that spell out "EPOCH" (Epoch made the game) and will reach
a double bridge to the south, two double bridges to the west. Take the
bridges to the west. Follow the path to the south and later to the
east. Eventually, as you go south, you'll reach a body of water. One
step to the left and right are bridges. To the right (go right, then
down through the narrow mountain pass) is a house owned by a ninja,
where you can heal and save. To the left is the Kuroman Tower (cross
the bridge then head south. Cross the double bridge, keep going south,
jogging around some mountains and water. When you can't go south
anymore, you'll see the tower just to your left across a bridge). The
tower is tall (16 floors) and the monsters on the upper floors are
tough. I recommend getting Hero and Doraemon to about level 25 or so,
Nobita to above 20, Gene about 20. A few extra levels certainly won't
hurt, and you will advance a couple completing the tower.

If you thought the tower back in area 1 was confusing, you ain't seen
nuthin' yet. The floors are much smaller than earlier dungeons, but
there are a lot more multiple paths to take: you need to go all the way
to the 16th floor to go back to floor 13 to fight the boss. To help
alleviate confusion (hopefully), I'll first describe how to get to the
boss. A description of how to get to the chests will follow that. You
might want to look at the chest run-through, though. That way you can
see what might be useful and plan to get it. Two trips through the
tower isn't a bad idea: one to get all the treasures, a second to go
for the boss after healing and saving. The boss isn't going anywhere,
so there's no need to rush through the tower.

From the entrance on floor 1, go up to the wall, left, and up until you
can go right. Go right, then down and take the stairs. Floor 2 now, go
down until you can go left. Go left until you reach the edge, then go
down and take the stairs. Go up as far as you can, then right until you
hit a wall. Go down until you can go right. Go right to the wall, then
as far up as you can. Go right and take the stairs. Back on floor 2, go
left to the wall, then down. When you hit the wall, go right until you
can go down. Go down (jogging around the wall) and take the stairs. Go
left (jogging over the wall) and take the stairs. On floor 4, go up to
the wall, and, keeping it on your right, follow it all the around. Take
the up staircase. Go right to the edge, then all the way up. Go all the
way left (with a jog up), then all the way down (slight jog left). Go
right and take the stairs. Floor 6 has the same strategy as floor 4: go
up to the wall, and follow it around to the next staircase. Go right
and take the stairs. You're on floor 4 again. This time, go up and
slightly right and take the stairs. Go all the left, then down and take
the stairs. On floor 6 again, go right, then up until you can go right,
right, then down around the corner and take the stairs. Floor 7 follows
a similar pattern to that of 4 and 6. Go up to the wall, then follow it
around right, down, left then up. Ignore the staircase off to the side,
and take the one on top next to the wall. Go down to the wall, then
right to the wall, then all the way down, then left to edge, then all
the way up and take the stairs. Go all the way to the right, then all
the way down, then all the way left, then up and take the stairs. On
floor 10, go right to the wall, then down and take the stairs. Go up to
the wall, then right and take the stairs. Floor 10 again. Go left to
the wall, then down and take the stairs. Go left until you can go up.
Then go up and take the stairs. Back on floor 10, go all the way to the
right, then down to the wall, then left and take the stairs. Go
southwest and take the stairs. On floor 10 yet again, go down to the
wall, then right and take the stairs. Go right to the edge, then all
the way up and take the stairs. On floor 12 now. Go all the way down,
then all the way left, then all the way up, then right and take the
stairs. Go all the way left, then follow the outside edge all the way
around: down, right, up and take the stairs. On floor 14, go all the
way down, then all the way right. Go up until you can go left. Go left
and take the stairs. Go down and follow the wall down to the stairs. On
floor 16, go all the way up, then all the way left, then down and take
the stairs. Go northeast and take the stairs. Floor 14 again. Go left,
up, and take the stairs. You are now at the boss room.

On floor 13 in the boss' room, you'll find a StneGuard and a Guardian.
Be prepared: you will take damage. Each hits for just over 100 hp. You
should have CureSpell, CureAll, and CureParty, so make sure someone's
got each, but different people. Occasionally, the Guardian will numb a
character with its attack, so you might want to have a few Heal potions
handy as well. Attack the StneGuard first because you won't do much
damage to the Guardian (Hero does about 15 at level 27 with the
Guardian sword). Until you kill the StneGuard, you'll probably be using
CureAll every turn, interspersed with the other cure spells. It's
better to overkill with the cure spells, than be killed. Once the
StneGuard is dead, you can back off the cure spells and attack more
often. After you win, everyone is transported first to Chitei, and then
to Hometown. Gene leaves at this point, and Doraemon can't find the

Most of the treasure chests of the Kuroman tower are on the way to the
boss with little deviation from the path described above. A couple
require you take extra staircases and do some doubling back. Follow the
path above to get to floor 3. On floor 3, after you go up to the wall,
then right to the wall, go up instead of down for Reflector. Continue
up to floor 5. Still go right to the wall. However, instead of going
all the way up, go up until you can go left. Head left for a Cure3
potion. Continue to floor 7. When you start following the wall around,
go right until you reach the right hand edge. Go up for a Bandana. Go
all the way down to the downward edge, then right for a Cure3 potion.
Go all the way left to the staircase. Above, I said to ignore this
staircase; this time, go ahead and take it. Go all the right, all the
way up, the left for a Guardian sword. Double back to floor 7 and take
the other up staircase to continue onto floor 8. On floor 9, when you
go all the way to the right, you'll find a chest with a Cure2 potion.
On your second trip to floor 10 when you go left, then down, you'll
find a Heroes shield when you go left. On floor 11 there's a couple of
options. First, go left as above, then up, but only until you can go
right. Go all the way right, then all the way up, then left for a Detox
potion. Go all the way to the right again, then down and take the
stairs. Go all the way up (jogging around the wall) then right slightly
for CureParty. Double back to floor 11 and take the other down
staircase (as described above). Go back down to floor 9 as I describe
above. Go all the way down for a Bomb, then go left to continue upward
to floor 12. When you go all the way down, you'll find a Rope. Continue
up to floor 13. As you follow the above directions after going left,
you'll come across a Litebell. Onward to floor 14. Follow the above
instructions until you go up. Go all the way up for a Cure2 potion. On
floor 15, instead of following the wall down, follow it around to the
left, then down. You'll come across Time Stop and a Cure3 potion. Keep
following the wall around and take the stairs to floor 16. Follow the
directions, but when you go down, go all the way, then right for a
Cure3 potion and a Dragonclaw. Go down to floor 14, like you were going
for the boss. Instead of going left to the stairs, go up for a Heal
potion. And that's all the treasure in the tower. Like I said, most of
the chests are on the way to the boss, so doing everything in one trip
isn't that unreasonable. But how you choose to use this information is
up to you.

Back in Hometown. Talk to Brian, he'll tell you of a secret passage in
Nobita's desk. Head upstairs in Nobita's house (next row up from
Brian's). Walk up to the desk in the room on the right and use the
Timemachine. You are then transported to the next area.

You arrive in the town of Torono. You'll find MagicDoor useful in this
area, as there is a lot of bouncing between towns. Anyway, the house in
the southwest corner has chests with Shocker and a Buckler. There's
talk of Tella, the Devildome, the IceStone, and the town of Tao (or Toa
as it's also spelled). One of the villagers tells you that Keiser is to
the east. It is, but not directly. Go due east from the town, until you
hit water, then head all the way north. There ought to be a bridge to
your east. Cross the bridge and go south on the east side of the
mountains. Head east, crossing two bridges; Keiser is northeast of the
second bridge.

For now, Keiser doesn't have much to offer. The village chief knows
something about Tella but can't remember it. The villagers mention
Tokari and that Tella's there, but the easy way there is blocked by
mountains. To get to Tokari, go back west across one bridge. Then head
north until you reach a bridge. Just across the bridge to the
southeast, there is a path through the mountains running east. Again,
head south on the east side of the mountains.

Kuru is one the east side of Tokari (he'll be important later). The
house near him has chests with a Bomb and a Drgnhorn. A house on the
north end of town has chests with a Barrier armor and a Halberd. A
villager talks of a Red Herb that can heal poisons (which could be
useful since people are getting sick and Tella can't help them).
Tella is in the palace in the middle of town, but she isn't that useful
for now. For now, there's not much else to do but head for the next
town: Tao.

Tao is a ways to the north. You'll cross four bridges (starting with
the bridge just to the northeast of town) en route to Tao, including a
double bridge set. Tao is just west of the fourth bridge, around the
mountains. The holes in Tao can be entered like houses and the one in
the middle holds chests with a Pistol and a Cure3 potion. The next hole
down has chests with a DefenseRng and a FurCoat. To get into the
chief's house, answer no (do you like snow), yes (does it make you
hungry), yes (can I have some gold). The chief will attack you when you
speak to him, so prepare yourself. Weapons do next to no damage (unless
you're on a really high level), so equip some magic. Str Down is useful
to lessen the damage done to your characters. WindStorm is a good one
to use, as well as the various Gun spells. After you beat the chief,
talk to him again and he'll tell you that Tella has the IceStone.

When you leave the town, you'll notice (at least I hope you do) that
everything is now covered with snow. When you go back to Tella, she'll
tell you to find the Red Herb and not to worry about the IceStone.
Kuru also wants you to find the Herb so that his mother might be cured.
Tella tells you where to find the Herb, but no one tells you that the
cave it is in is just southwest of Tao.

In this cave, you'll be going between two floors: certain areas are
only accessible on one floor or the other. You can walk across the
chains that go between land masses. From the start, go down across the
chain. Head southwest to the staircase [continue down to the edge, then
head southeast. Cross the chain to the east and take the staircase. Go
all the way left, then up for a chest with an Ice Sabre] and take it.
Go all the way right, then all the way up, all the way right again [Go
down, cross the chain, and take the stairs. To the right is a chest
with a Bomb.], then up, then right and take the staircase. Cross the
chain to the right and go up until you can go right. Go right a few
steps, take the chain going south and keep going down. Ignore the
staircase to the right and cross the chain on the left. Go northwest
[until you can go right. Go all the way right, then up for a chest with
a Necklace] and take the stairs. Go a little bit left, then all the way
up. [Go all the way right, all the way up, then left for a chest with
an IceJacket]. Cross the chain to the north and go all the way up. Go
all the way left, crossing a chain. [Go down and take the stairs. To
the southeast is a chest with a Cure3 potion.] Go up until you can go
left. Go northwest and take the stairs. Go all the left, then down and
take the stairs. Go all the left, then all the way down (across the
chain). [Take the stairs to the right. To the left is a chest with
SuperShot.] Ignore the staircase and go southeast to the chain. Cross
the chain. Go up and right (mostly up first, then mostly right) and
take the stairs. Cross the chain to the right, then go all the way
down. Just to the left is the empty chest Tella was talking about. The
Red Herb is one square to the left of the chest.

After you get the herb, go back to Tella. She'll allude to the fact
that Kuru's mother can now be healed. Talk to Kuru, then talk to Tella
again. Not only will she give you the IceStone, she'll also join the
party. Once she does, you can get the treasure chests in the back of
the throne room. One has a GoldCross, the other Speed Up.

Again, the game is rather ambiguous on where to go next. Fortunately
for you, you have this walkthrough. However, you may want to level
Tella up a couple of levels to make her a little more useful. The Tusks
you'll soon meet have a high defense, and Tella will only do 1 damage
at level 23 with the Guardian sword. Continuing on. Northeast of Tao
there are a couple of paths in the mountains and lava. The path splits
into three parts, take the upper most path. Follow the path around and
at the end you'll reach a patch of ground with a slightly different
texture. Stand on the patch and use the IceStone. You can now walk on
the lava.

Now that you can go east, do so. For the most part, there is only the
one way to go. After you head south the first time, you'll come to a
fork in the path with a bridge to the south. Take the east/north path;
south is a dead-end. Keep in mind that GigaZombie's castle is in the
middle of a spiral and you won't get lost. You can't go more than a
few steps in the wrong direction before you realize you're off.
Leveling up is definitely in order. Even with the first three
characters at levels 30, 29, 28, you still won't do much against the
enemies in and around GigaZombie's castle. Make sure to watch your
hit points: the enemies around here hit hard.

GigaZombie's castle is real short: only one floor and it isn't even
that cavernous. Go all the way up, then left until you can go up.
[Continue to the left until you reach a second spot to go up. Go up for
chests with a Flame sword and a Cure3 potion.] Go up to the wall, then
all the way right. Go down until you can go right, then go right until
you can go up. Go all the way up, then right to the wall, then all the
way up again. Go left a few steps and walk up the stairs. Go left until
you can go up between two walls. Straight up ahead is GigaZombie
(Zombi). Zombi himself is fairly easy with characters at least at level
34. Just attack and have your CureAll person cure occasionally. Zombi
doesn't have any special attacks, he just hits your characters for
about 130 damage. After you win, Tella transports the party back to
Hometown. If you talk to Sean, he'll give you a Toy Soldier. Lila, who
lives in the next open house east of Sean's, will reveal a bit of a
surprise (but I won't reveal it, you'll have to play to find out what
it is) and join the party. Use the Timemachine on the secret path by
Nobita's desk to warp back to Torono. Head back to GigaZombie's castle,
a.k.a. the Devildome.

This trip through the Dome starts of the same as last time. The first
floor hasn't changed. When you get to the throne area though, take one
step to the left of the white squares. You will be transported to just
outside the main wall. Go down, then all the way left, then down and
take the stairs. The next floors don't have any monsters except
strategically placed mini-bosses. Go right, then all the way up, then
go all the way left. [Go right for a chest with a Heroes suit.] [Go
down, then left for a chest with a Gold Blade sword.] In the next
square up is DTR. DTR is cake, just wail on him. Unless he gangs up on
one character, there shouldn't be a need to worry about healing. A
couple of attacks and he's gone. Go the rest off the way up, then right
and take the stairs. On the next floor, go down. On the square before
you can go left, you'll meet a Dorf and a Gorf. The Gorf has much fewer
hit points, a lower defense, and does more damage, so I recommend
killing it first. Go all the way left, then all the way up and take the
stairs. On the next floor, take the same route as two floors ago, just
reverse (you're going down instead of up). You'll be attacked by a
Girzon on the narrow path by the other staircase, but he runs away. The
next floor is the last.

GigaZombie talks to you when you reach the top of the stairs at his
platform, so prepare yourself beforehand. Sean and Gene will also join
the battle, but you don't control their actions. My characters were at
about level 37, which is pretty good, but you can adjust to your own
tastes. Girzon isn't that tough, but he does do damage. Your CureAll
person will more than likely be healing every turn. Again, it's better
to anticipate and overheal, than have a character die. The Toy Soldier
is a great item, especially for Lila who otherwise would be doing about
1 damage. Otherwise, enjoy the ending/credits.


And that concludes this walkthrough for Doraemon RPG. I would like to
the following groups/individuals for their part in making this
walkthrough possible.

me - somebody had to write this thing, it wasn't going to type itself
Epoch - they made the game
WakdHacks - they took the time to translate the game, so those of us
who can't read Japanese could know what was going on
CJayC/GameFAQs - for providing a one stop place for FAQs and
information for thousands of games
The Whirlpool - for hosting the translation patch so I could appreciate
the work done by WakdHacks and all the other translation groups
Joseph Verderame - proof-reader and just a great guy to know
Shannon Wylie and Danielle Pangburn - it's nice to have somebody to
write to and complain about life to
Oingo Boingo, Def Leppard, The Bangles, The Police, Toni Basil, Depeche
Mode - I've always got some music playing. It makes things, including
FAQ-writing, so much more enjoyable.

Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu is copyright 1990 Epoch co.
this document is copyright 2002 Eric Klasey

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