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FAQ/Walkthrough by Overdrive

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 05/09/03

Version 0.3 
For questions, comments, etc. : email me at robhmton@earthlink.net or 
1. Introduction 
2. Copyright Notice 
3. Version History -- UPDATED 
4. Tips/Hints/Stuff You Need To Know -- UPDATED 
5. Walkthrough  -- UPDATED 
   a. The Evil King  
   b. Underwater World -- UPDATED 
   c. The Warp Stone -- NEW 
6. Monster Compendium  -- UPDATED 
7. Weapons and Armor -- UPDATED 
8. Items and Spells  -- UPDATED 
9. Credits 
This is my walkthrough for the NES RPG Doraemon: Giga Zombie No Gyakushuu, 
which was released in 1990 by Epoch. This game wasn't released in America, 
but a translation patch was released by WakdHacks in 1999. I had been  
playing it for a little bit here and there and had been thinking about 
starting over and writing a walkthrough for it.  
Well, I've also been working off and on on a walkthrough for another 
translated game, Hercules No Eikou II and had been making good progress, 
when my wife and I decided to upgrade from dial-up internet to DSL. To do 
this, I had to eventually reinstall the system software (because of me  
deleting stuff I shouldn't have been) and the act of doing that reverted 
my registered NES emulator back to its original unregistered state. 
So, I emailed the company I registered through and asked for my password 
back (hopefully they still have me on file and will comply), but for the 
time being, I couldn't really work on Hercules (unless I wanted to redo 
a dungeon or two) since I can't access my freeze state of where I am at 
until I can input my registration number. 
The end result is that I'm starting this walkthrough a bit earlier than 
planned. It's not the most difficult game and there are plenty of save 
points, so not having freeze states isn't really much of a problem. So, on 
with the show! 
This guide is copyrighted 2003 by Overdrive/Rob Hamilton. You may  
read and copy this guide for your personal use. You may use it for your 
website if you email me and ask for permission. You may not take this  
guide and post it wherever you want just because you feel like it. That is  
called stealing and I will not be too happy if that happens. A lot of time  
is going into playing this game and writing the guide for it and I would  
appreciate it if you respect that. Believe me, I have no problems in  
letting anyone use this guide as long as I get proper credit.  
0.3 (May 7, 2003) --- Finished off the underwater world and went to the 
next world, but haven't done anything there yet. After I've finished it 
off, you'll get the next update. 
0.2 (Feb. 20, 2003) --- Moving along. Made a few aesthetic changes. For  
some reason, when I convert my word processing program to ASCII in my  
walkthroughs, spaces between paragraphs and sections don't get saved. So I  
am putting dashes between the sections, at least, so everything doesn't 
run together. I'm also adding to the various sections, especially the  
walkthrough, itself. I do have my save states back now, so that's a big 
0.1 (Feb. 13, 2003) --- I've started the game and progressed up to getting 
the Arrow. It's not a huge beginning, but it does start the walkthrough 
and gets something up on the site about this game. Also, there are the  
preliminary entries into the many sub-sections. There will be more in the 
future (hopefully the near future). 
First, let's look at the game menu (hit "A" to access). This gives you 
five commands. "Speak" allows you to talk to people. "Search" causes you 
to look for items on the square that you are currently standing on and open 
treasure chests that you are standing on. "Items" allows you to use, trade  
or drop any of the items any of your characters are holding. "Equip" allows  
any charactor to equip weapons, helmets or accessoraries that they  
currently have in their inventory. 
The fifth option (third on the list) is "Doraemon". This option gives you 
three more options. "Party" causes a brief period of interaction between 
party members that is designed to offer general hints about what your 
current mission is. "Pouch" is where all items that are not in a party 
member's inventory are. Anytime you pick up an item, it automatically goes 
here and you have to dig it out to give it to a party member. Quite  
annoying if you ask me. Finally, "Dorami" summons Doraemon's friend (who 
looks like a purse). Dorami, who may only be summoned in town, will heal 
all party members, give you money (based on how many monsters you killed) 
and save your game. 
Characters in your party: 
You start the game with the Hero (you name him/her -- you can pick the  
gender of your character) and Doraemon. The Hero's base stats are 15 ATT 
(attack) and 10 DEF (defense). He/she is a good fighting character. 
Doraemon is a talking cat. His base stats are 13 ATT and 12 DEF. He has one 
major weakness, though (which I remember from earlier playing through the  
early parts of the game) -- a fear of mice. Anytime, you get into a battle 
with mice, he will start the battle in "Numb" condition and not be able to  
do anything for a random number of turns. Very annoying. 
In Star Town, you recruit another cat, Miyoko. While Miyoko is a bit weaker 
than Hero or Doraemon, it can cast magic, which you need to leave Star  
Town. However, when you get magic items, any of your characters may use 
them to cast spells in battle. Strange.... 
After defeating EvilKing, you will get Nobita to join your party in place 
of Miyoko. The big problem is that he starts at Level 1, so you'll have to 
build him up. Fun.... 
Late in the underwater world, you'll have Sean in your party for a little 
while. He enters at a decent level, but has no items, so unless you have a  
couple of spare weapons and armor around, he's going to be really weak. 
Magic is handled a bit differently in this game than in the average RPG.  
You don't get it after advancing in level or by buying it in a store. 
Instead, magic is given to you as an item (in treasure chests for example). 
The best way to find out if an item is magical is to first check and see 
if it is equipable. If not, keep it in a character's inventory and enter a  
battle. Go to the magic option and if the item's name appears, it is a  
spell. You don't have magic points in the game -- rather, each spell takes  
a certain amount of gold from your collection. No big deal, though. At  
least in the early stages of the game, there are very few reasons to spend  
Status Ailments: 
As in most RPGs, your characters can be hit with a variety of status  
ailments. Here they are (as I discover them). Note: I am not counting 
"Hurt" or "Weak" (your conditions after hit points drop to a certain  
percentage of the whole as a status ailment). This is to mention ailments  
that either affect your characters in or out of battle. 
Unconscious -- character is reduced to 0HP in battle. After the fight, they  
               will be brought back with 1HP, but they won't get experience  
               for the battle in which they were unconscious. 
Poison -- character gradually loses hit points.  
Asleep -- character can't function until they wake up. 
Numb -- character can't function until effect wears off. 
a. Talk to everyone and everything. As in most old-school RPGs, it is not 
always clear as to what you should do. Sometimes, a townsperson can give 
hints. Generally the people inside of houses have the more crucial info,  
but you can get some important messages from the townfolk that are walking 
around aimlessly. 
b. Equip all weapons, armor, accessories as soon as you get them. Every  
attack point and defense point matters.  
c. If you get confused, use the "Party" option under the "Doraemon"  
command. The chatter of your teammates will offer a hint as to what you are 
supposed to be trying to do. 
d. When you get to a new area, gain a couple of levels until you can beat 
the local monsters with ease. This game seems to follow a basic format of  
the area around each important landmark (towns, dungeons, etc) having  
tougher monsters than the one before it. If you try to go from place to 
place too quickly, you will be overwhelmed eventually.  
e. It's always a good idea to have items or some means to heal yourself 
whenever exploring a dungeon. With no way to quickly get back to town, it  
is a greater possibility that monsters will wear you down, so you need a  
way to prevent that from happening. 
f. Characters without much attack power should get the healing spells. No 
point in having your powerhouses waste turns healing themselves or others. 
When you start your quest, a brief description of the plot is shown through 
a cinema scene (or what passes for such on the NES). Essentially, an evil 
being known as Giga Zombie is resurrecting dead kings in order to increase 
its power and take over worlds. Doraemon and his friends tried to stop Giga 
Zombie, but the monster took care of that threat and separated Doraemon 
from his friends. 
This is where you come in -- as a friend of Doraemon who apparently didn't 
make the cut the first time around, but looks a lot better now that the cat 
is running out of options ;) 
First, enter your name and gender. After doing this, the quest begins with 
Doraemon begging for you to help him find his friends, who were warped to 
the infinitely appealing location of Devildome. Note: You can refuse to  
help. However, if you do this four or five times, the game will end 
(apparently Doraemon is not as persistent as most RPG characters, who will  
ask the same question an infinite number of times until your answer  
complies with their wishes). 
You start the game in your hometown. In most of the houses, people are  
wondering where various characters with the names of Nobita, Sean, Lila and 
Gene are. The person wondering about Nobita gives you gold if you offer to 
help find him. 
Another house proves to be the home of your friend Brian. Not only will  
Brian give you a Lucerne Hammer and a Steel Helmet, but he also tells you 
that the way to leave the town is by going into the phone booth north of  
his house. 
Enter the phone booth in the northern part of the town and you will be 
magically warped to a new town. 
Star Town: 
If you try to leave this town, you will be stopped by an invisible barrier. 
You also may not use the telephone booth again --- it is a one-way device. 
So talk to the people. On the streets, you will find out that the only way 
to leave the town is to have a magic-user in your party and that a cat in 
the mansion can use magic. Other people will say that Dr. Moon knows of the 
demon, but doesn't know where the doctor is; that Dr. Moon's daughter is  
missing and that a boy was stoned by Medusa and that you need to defeat the  
Evil King to cure him. 
More information is present in some of the houses in this town. One person 
says that there is an item that allows people to talk to cats (so you can 
talk to the magic-using cat in the manor). Another person says he say an 
item on the ground between a tree and a pond. This clue is slightly 
misleading, so here is the solution. Go to the southwestern section of the 
town, where there should be a square-shaped pond. On the right side of the 
pond, there is a tree. Stand on the square immediately below the tree and 
search. You will find the StoneTblt. 
Another house contains two treasure chests. One has the Leather Helmet 
(slightly weaker than the Steel Helmet) and the other has a Knife (better 
than the Lucerne Hammer). One final useful house contains an old man who 
mentions that Port Town is east of Star Town and that you should be able  
to find some silver there. 
There also is an item shop, which sells Cure Potions, Detox Potions, Wake 
Potions and Heal Potions. All potions cost 5G. 
The final place of note is Dr. Moon's manor. This building is located in  
the northeastern section of town and is the house that looks different than 
the other ones. Next to it is a star embedded into the ground. While it has 
no significance now, it will at a later time, so don't forget about it. 
Go into the manor and immediately go to your right (in the black space that 
surrounds the building). Follow it around the manor (if you step more than 
one space away from the wall, you will exit -- so don't do that) and you  
will get to a room. There are two chests you can access from here and two  
more that are behind a door. You will have to come back later for those, as 
you need a key to get to them. The two chests you can reach contain a Broad 
Sword (good weapon) and SmBell (accessory).  
Now go back to the entrance. By going north a bit, you will reach a room 
with Nobita. However, he has been turned to stone and you have no way to  
help him, so just open the two chests in his room to get a Fishncap (good 
helmet) and Pendant (accessory). 
Continue to search the manor and you will find a cat. Use the StoneTblt 
on it and it will introduce itself as Miyoko. After a bit of conversation, 
it will join your party and you have the means to finally leave town. 
Port Town 
Enemies in area: Claw, EvilWm, Grem. 
Do so and you will be in the overworld. For overworld sections of the game, 
my directions will be vague. At least in this section of the game, the  
overworld is pretty linear with the odds of you missing a town or important 
area being pretty small. 
First off, spend some time fighting the weak Claws to gain a level or two 
before moving east. Whenever you gain a level, that character's hit points 
are restored to the maximum amount and you can always go back to Star Town  
and use Dorami to restore hit points if you need to. When you feel ready, 
head farther east. As you travel, watch out for Grems, as they can poison 
you. Eventually, you reach Port Town. 
Here, some of the people will complain about a dog, while other will talk 
about silver. However, they won't know where it could be. So, enter some 
One girl says that her uncle is the blacksmith in Craftmen's Village, while 
a woman tells you that the next town is to the north. The item shop has the 
same selection as the one in Star Town. 
In the southwestern corner of town, there is a dog blocking a small 
clearing. The dog won't move for you, so you have no real option but to  
leave town and head to Craftmen's Village. 
Craftmen's Village 
Enemies in area: Bat, EvilWm, Grem, Stinger, Venus, Waspy. 
Go north and cross a bridge to put you near this town. After crossing the 
bridge, the enemies will get one notch tougher, so make sure you're ready. 
Note: For the most part, you just fight the Bat, EvilWm, Stinger and Venus 
in this area, but when exploring, I did encounter a Waspy northeast of town 
near (but not across) a bridge. This enemy has far better attack and  
defense than the other monsters and will be a struggle to beat at this 
time. Of the new encounters, it is also possible to fight Bats just before 
crossing the bridge to the town. 
In town, there are three people walking around outside that have useful  
information. One man says that he saw a dog with something in its mouth,  
while another man notes that Masa works with silver. Also, a girl says that 
she saw the mayor of Ravin go into the keyshop. 
One house (the keyshop) contains a man who says that the mayor of Ravin 
brought a strange key. An item shop is also in this town. Cure, Detox and 
Heal potions are here, as is the Cure2 Potion. This new addition costs 10G. 
The most important house (at this time) is in the southwest part of town. 
In it, a man (Masa) says that he works with silver, but not at this time.  
He is worried about his dog, which is in Port Town and want you to help him 
out. Offer to do so and he will give you a Bone to give to his dog. 
In other houses, you will find: 
--- A man who tells you to find the arrow and use it to defeat demons. 
--- A man who tels you that Taro is to the east. 
--- Two chests. One has the Sling Shot magic, while the other has the Lamp 
    magic. Lamp is essential to the game, as it lights up dungeons. 
After talking to Masa, it's obvious what you must do. Go back to Port Town 
and give the Bone to the dog. It will move out of the way, allowing you to 
access the clearing. Go to the square directly south of the dog's NEW 
location and search. You will get the Silver. 
Go back to Craftmen's Village and return to Masa's house. He will be happy 
that his dog is well and will turn the Silver into the Arrow, another  
crucial item. 
Now, head east past a small desert. Here, go north and then east again to 
reach Ravin Village. If you look to the northeast of the town, there is  
a castle that is completely surrounded by mountains.  
Ravin Village 
Enemies in area: EvEye, Flame, Rat, Snail, Craftmen's Village enemies. 
There isn't much to do in this village, but what you have to do is very  
important. First, talk to the people in the town. One man wonders why the  
Dead King returned, while a woman says that entering the castle (near town) 
isn't easy, but a magician must know of the way (Hint: the magician in  
question is NOT Miyoko). Another woman notes that the town's mayor loves  
Visit the mayor (in a house) and he asks you for some gold. Say yes and he 
will give you the GateKey. Interestingly enough, he didn't take any gold  
from me, which might be a game glitch -- but I'm not complaining ;). 
Only two other houses have anything of interest. An item shop with the  
same selection as Craftmen's Village is in one of them, while the other 
hosts a man who says that the town of Tano is just past the plains, but  
only the strong can make it there.  
Tano is your next destination, but if you want, take a little sidetrip  
first. Walk back to Star Town and go to the manor. Remember the two chests 
that were behind a door. Now that you have the GateKey, you may open that  
door and get a Ribbon (accessory) and Awake (spell). Note: You don't have 
to do this, as you will return to Star Town soon enough, but there is no 
harm in getting helpful items as soon as possible. 
Now it's time to head to Tano. In the area immediately around Ravin, there  
are a lot of the same enemies that are in the Craftsmen's Village area.  
Directly east of Ravin is a desert which has Rats and Snails. Rats are 
somewhat annoying, as Doraemon will start any battle with them in the  
"numb" condition. 
East of the desert are a bunch of small landmasses connected with a series 
of bridges. Navigate this simple maze, while fighting tougher enemies  
(EvEye and Flame). Once you make it through the land maze, you will be near 
Town of Tano 
Enemies in Area: Azmyth, EvEye, Toro, Waspy. 
You will spend a lot of time in this area. The new enemies are far tougher 
than anything you've fought before and it is likely that you will have to  
stay close to town and gain a couple of levels before venturing farther. 
Note: While I fought a Waspy near Craftmen's Village, I consider them a  
new enemy since this is the first place they are common encounters. 
In Tano itself, there are two people that you have to talk to: the mayor 
and the magician, in that order. However, a lot of other people have useful 
information, so visit them as well. You will learn from people walking 
around outside that: 
-- There is a devil in a cave. 
-- The magician has the devil's lost items and there is another item you  
   use to enter his castle. 
Also, a person in a house notes that a cave is north of town, but you'll  
need a light. 
The mayor's house is in the north-central part of town. He'll ask you if 
you have any time for him. Answer "yes" to both of his questions and he'll 
give you a Letter to give to the magician. 
The magician lives in the southwestern part of town. If you received the 
Letter, he will give you the CrystalEye and tell you that it will lead you 
to the Demon King's castle. He'll add that a demon somewhere has the  
Crystal and that when you find it, use it. 
There also is an item shop in town. It has Cure2 and Detox potions, as well 
as Missiles and Ropes (neither of which are overly useful). 
Now, leave town and build up a couple of levels (Level 9-10 should be good  
for taking on the cave) and then go north and west from Tano to reach the  
cave. In the vicinity of the cave, you may encounter an enemy by the name 
of Toro. Use them to determine if you're ready for the cave, as they are 
of comparable strength to the cave monsters.  
Just southwest of the cave is a house that contains an old man and woman. 
The old man will tell you that there is a treasure in the cave, but you'll 
have to defeat a guardian to get it. The woman simply invites you to come 
back later. Nothing much to do now except go to the cave. 
Cave North of Tano 
Enemies in Cave: Bone, CaveTroll (boss), Dust, GrImp. 
Treasure in Cave: Bomb, Cure Potion, CureSpell, Detox Potion, Missile. 
First off, if you didn't get the GateKey from the mayor of Ravin, you'd 
better do that now, because you will only get a couple of steps in this  
cave before you need it. Second off, if you never grabbed the Lamp from the 
chest in Craftman's Village, you're also in trouble, as you won't be able 
to see where you're going. 
Anyway, after using the Lamp and opening the door directly north of you 
with the GateKey, this is what awaits you in this simple dungeon. It is 
divided into an eastern and western section with the larger eastern part 
connected to the smaller western part by a passageway at the far northern  
part of the cave. You start in the southeast corner of the cave and your 
goal is in the southwest corner. However, don't head directly there, as  
there are four treasure chests in the eastern section for you to loot. 
The chest contain three items of limited importance (Cure Potion, Detox 
Potion and Missile), but the fourth chest has a Bomb in it, which is a  
good item for causing a lot of damage to multiple enemies. 
Speaking of enemies, Dusts are very strong and will hit for a good amount  
of damage, GrImps aren't that imposing and Bones are very weak, but very 
annoying. Like the Rats in the desert east of Ravin, their presence (which 
seems to be in nearly every battle) will temporarily put Doraemon out of 
After getting the chest, go to the southwest corner of the cave and use the 
GateKey on the door there. Prepare to fight a boss (all my characters were 
on Level 11) and head into the small room on the other side of the door. 
BOSS --- CaveTroll: 76-88 HP 
As long as you're not too weak, this is an easy battle. He hits for about 
20-25 HP of damage per turn (at Level 11), but since I finished him off  
with my first attack of the third turn, that number isn't anything to worry 
After defeating the CaveTroll, open the chest he was guarding for the very 
useful CureSpell. For the cost of 10GP/use, this spell will restore a good 
chunk of hit points to whomever it is cast on. Give it to Miyoko (Doraemon 
is too unreliable with the way he reacts to mouse-like enemies and I prefer 
using the Hero's slightly superior strength while attacking). 
Now, make your way out of the cave and go back to the nearby house. This  
time, the man gives you a Silver Orb and tells you to use it on the demon. 
He adds that there is another one (cave) to the north. Note: I experienced 
some text problems with this conversion, but you still get everything from 
it that you need. The woman adds that if you look north, you will see Star 
Town, but it is tough to get there because of the ocean. 
Despite that problem, you might as well head north (after going back to  
town to heal and save) and check out the cave the old man alluded to. 
To the North Cave 
Enemies in Area: Slugg, Toro. 
This cave is to the north and west of the first cave. When you get to it,  
you will notice that Star Town is to the northeast, but as the old lady in 
the house near that first cave said, there is the small matter of an ocean 
being in the way. So, since you have no other options, you might as well go 
into the cave 
North Cave 
Enemies in Cave: Bone, Dust, Evil Goblin (boss), GrImp, Spider. 
Treasures in Cave: Antidote Spell, Cure Potion, Crystal, Crystal Sword,  
For the most part, the common enemies in this cave are the same as the last 
one. The one exception to that rule, the Spider, is nothing to be afraid 
After using the Lamp so you may see, go north, as the corridor to the west  
is a dead end . When you get to a path leading west, take it to a chest 
with a Cure Potion. Go back to the main path and continue going north until 
you get to the top of the dungeon. Go west and immediately go to the south. 
Follow this path to a door, open it with the GateKey, go in and open the  
chest for the Antidote spell (cures poison). Retrace your steps to the 
north and go west again. This time, open the door and head south (if you  
continue going west, you will end up in the same place. 
Keep following the path and you will eventually meet up with this cave's  
BOSS --- EvilGoblin: 123-132 HP 
First off, I didn't have my emulator re-registered at the time of this  
battle and may have made a mistake writing down the damage I caused on this 
guy. He may have up to 15 fewer hit points, but I think I'm right. 
Secondly, you will want to have the Orb given to you by the old man in the 
house by the first cave. If you don't, this enemy's defense will be far too 
strong for you to cause much damage. By using the Orb, you will weaken him 
and be able to cause a lot more damage per round. 
After using the Orb, you will find that the EvilGoblin is just like the  
CaveTroll with one exception --- he can cast a Sleep spell. However, when 
it is effective, it only works on one party member --- and when he casts  
that spell, he's not physically attacking you, which is more of a concern 
in the first place. Just pound on him until he is gone. 
Beating him gives you the Crystal. Keep walking along the path where you  
met him and you will get to two rooms with one chest in each. The first  
chest has the Crystal Sword, while the second has a missile. After looting 
those rooms, you are ready to leave this cave. 
After getting back to the surface, use the Crystal and you will be warped 
to Star Town, where you now are ready to access that castle that is 
surrounded by mountains. 
Going to the EvilKing's Castle 
Enemy in Area: Grimlock (boss). 
So, how do you get to the castle? After all, you are stuck back in the same 
town that you started your explorations in this area from. Well, go north  
to that star next to the mansion. When you step on the square immediately 
to the right of the star, a monster attacks. 
BOSS --- Grimlock: 149-157 HP 
If you beat the EvilGoblin, you'll have no trouble here. Just follow the 
same pattern. Use Orb, then hit monster repeatedly. After winning, the Orb 
will vanish and you'll be able to step on the star. It will teleport you to 
the castle.  
If, for whatever reason, you want to go back to Star Town, step on the star 
square that you are standing on after you enter the castle. This will send 
you to the outside, where you may use the Crystal to warp to Star Town.  
From there, you can step on the star by the manor to return to the castle. 
The EvilKing's Castle 
Enemies in Castle: Creep, Elf, EvilKing (boss), Gorgon, Mouse, Naga (boss). 
Treasures in Castle: Amulet, Bomb (3), Cure Potion, Cure2 Potion (2), Cure3  
                     Potion, Detox Potion, Hit Gun Spell, Missile (3),  
                     Repel Spell, Rope (2), Rusty Sword, StrDown Spell,  
                     Token Spell, Wake Potion. 
Well, this dungeon is much larger than the previous two caves. It is very  
important that you have plenty of gold for casting the CureSpell spell, as 
you will need to heal and likely heal often. You will be here for quite 
some time, especially if you want to collect all of the ample supply of  
treasure. I entered this place on Level 12 and most of the enemies were  
taking about 20 HP off per hit. 
Speaking of enemies, Creeps and Elves are scattered throughout the castle. 
Elves, like their stronger brothers (the last two bosses you've fought),  
can cast a Sleep spell, so watch out for them. On the third floor, the  
Mouse enters the game. Its presence in a battle ensures that Doraemon will 
be in "numb" condition, so be prepared. Gorgons enter the fray on the 
fourth floor. They have the ability to deliver critical hits, but aren't  
particularly dangerous. 
From your starting spot on the first floor, go north to the fork in the 
road. Go to the right, where there will be two alcoves. The northern alcove 
has a Cure2 Potion and a Missile, while the bottom one has the Token Spell. 
Cast this spell outside of battle to see how many experience points each  
character needs to go up in level....or keep it in the pouch, since it is 
pretty worthless. 
Now retrace your steps and take the left fork. Enter the alcove for a Cure 
Potion and a Detox Potion. Continue along the path until you see stairs  
leading to the second floor. Just before you reach the stairs, though, the 
Evil King's lackey will challenge you. 
BOSS --- Naga: 176-187 HP 
Note: In Star Town, one person referred to Nobita being stoned by "Medusa," 
and Dr. Moon will later say that "Medusa" turned him to stone. While this 
enemy has a different name, it does look like a Medusa, so it could be the  
monster that is turning people to stone under the command of the Evil King. 
If I am proven wrong at a later time, I will correct myself. 
Naga is a bit tougher than the last couple of bosses. It can "numb" a  
character by hitting them (basically the same as putting them to sleep) 
and is pretty strong. However, you should have no trouble in picking up  
the win, which allows you to advance in the castle. 
Go up the stairs to enter the second floor. First, go east to find a chest 
with a Rope, then go north and west to get to a small room containing a 
Wake Potion. North and east of this room is another room with an Amulet, 
which you may use to upgrade a character's accessory. Now, head west as far 
as you can go and then head south to pick up a bomb. Go east from here and 
you will run into one of the two stairways to F3. 
Up here, you need to do one thing: open the chest. There is the Hit Gun 
Spell here. This isn't the most useful spell, but you might as well pick it 
up. Now, go back to the second floor to where you originally entered from 
the first floor. 
The other stairway to the third floor is northwest of here, so go to it and  
access the third floor. Go north a little bit and you will see a statue. 
Walk next to it and dialogue will begin. The statue is the missing Dr. 
Moon and Miyoko is his daughter. Moon was turned into a statue by Medusa  
and Miyoko was changed into a cat. The good doctor changes Miyoko back into 
a girl with the last of his magic and tells you to beat the EvilKing with 
the Arrow. 
By the statue, there is a stairway to the fourth floor. Take it to get a  
Rope and a useful Rusty Sword. The other staircase here leads back to the 
third floor, so take either one.  
Chests that you can get to on the main part of the third floor contain a  
Cure2 Potion, a Missile and a Bomb. Near the chest with the Bomb is a 
stairway to the second floor. Take it and go west to stairs back up to the 
third floor. Go west again and you will reach stairs that take you to the  
fourth floor. 
Go east as soon as you enter this floor to get to a chest with the StrDown 
spell, which lowers the power of an enemy. Now, go back to the entrance to 
the level and go north and then east. On this path, there will be a small 
room to the south with a Missile. Continue on and the path will head to the  
north. In this area, there will be a chest with a Bomb and two stairways 
leading to the fifth floor. 
Ignore the right-most stairway (dead end) and take the left-most one. On 
this floor, you can go to the west or east. Go west to get a Cure3 Potion, 
then go east. First, you will be able to get the Repel Potion. Second, you 
will be able to confront the EvilKing. Talk to him to receive a generic 
threat... "Hahaha. DIE weak, pathetic humans!" Then, combat begins. 
BOSS --- EvilKing: at least 500 HP 
First off, the Arrow is not 100 percent necessary to win this battle, but  
it does make it a lot easier. This boss has far more hit points than 
anything you've encountered before and will hit for a bunch of damage. 
His attacks are the same as the EvilGoblin and Grimlock (physical attack  
and Sleep spells), but he hits for 80-90 HP of damage (not the 20-30 those 
previous bosses mustered). Therefore, whoever has the CureSpell Spell will 
be very busy healing damage throughout the battle. 
As for the Arrow, successfully using it will cause 500 HP of damage to the 
EvilKing. However (this is my theory), you can't use it immediately. In the 
first two rounds of the fight, I tried using it, but it didn't work. I  
believe that you have to weaken the boss to some degree before the Arrow 
will finish the job.  
So, when fighting him, just have whatever character is holding the arrow 
use it periodically. It will eventually work and the battle will be over. 
Winning the encounter will turn Dr. Moon and Nobita back to normal and you 
will be teleported back to Star Town. Miyoku chooses to stay with her 
father, but you will get Nobita to replace her. The problem with that is 
that Nobita starts at Level 1 and will be a LOT weaker than the Hero, 
Doraemon or any monsters you will be encountering in the near future. 
Dr. Moon will give you a Submarine and you will also obtain AquaGear before  
teleporting back to Hometown. Take both items out of the pouch and give to  
a character. Also, make sure to give Nobita whatever spells that Miyoku was  
carrying, so he can use them. Note: Several items specific to the first  
world (such as the Arrow, Crystal and CrystalEye) vanish from your 
inventory at this point. 
Now, go to the northeast part of town. If you were wondering what the  
purpose of the pond with a small pier on it was in the introductory part 
of the game, you'll find out now. "Use" the Submarine and it will appear 
on that water. Step on it and you will be teleported to an underwater town. 
Ocean Capital Kaite 
First, talk to all the people in this town to find out that someone named 
Siedon has been revived and is building a new base far north of the town. 
Apparently, Siedon is evil and you are being enlisted to stop it. A man  
tells you that this city has been taken over by Atlantis troops. A woman  
asks the bizarre question, "Have you seen the buggy's grave?"  
The item shop contains nothing you haven't seen before, but another house  
has a Cure3 Potion and a powerful Thunder Sword. The farthest north 
building is Nabura Castle. 
Explore this place for four more treasures. There is a Cure2 Potion (blah),  
the Sleep Spell (not my style), the DrgnSlayer Sword and Light Armor. The 
pieces of equipment are both good upgrades, so equip them. Since he is  
your weakest character, you should make an effort to give Nobita the best 
equipment possible (at least until he bulks up). Note: Save whatever weapon 
that you replaced with the DrgnSlayer (the Crystal Sword if you've  
collected everything). You'll need it later. 
You'll find out that Ell (a character you seem to be looking for) is  
missing. In the throne room, the Captain will tell you that Siedon has  
been revived and they've lost contact with Ell. The other person in the 
room will add that you should enter the tunnel through the stairs on the 
right. Since this is the only way out of Kaite (other than by going back 
to Hometown, do it. Both stairs lead to roughly the same place, so take the 
right-most staircase to be consistent with my walkthrough. 
Tunnel System of Kaite 
Enemies in Area: Eel, Pirana, SeaUrchn. 
Treasures in Area: Bomb, Charm, Defend Spell, LiteCrown. 
The floor you enter the tunnels on is a very simple maze. The main (only) 
problem you will encounter is getting Nobita powered up a couple of levels 
without him getting knocked out quickly. Early on, one enemy hit will  
finish him off, so hope for encounters with single enemies early on. 
Go left to get a Charm (a good accessory that improves offense, as well as  
defense). A little farther on is a chest with the Defend Spell. Go to the  
north and go around the dividing wall to the other half of the level. Here, 
there will be chests with a Bomb and LiteCrown (good armor) and stairs up. 
Go up the stairs to continue your adventure. 
Town of Mircon 
Enemies in area: Anchor, BigSnapper, Jelly, Octopi, Shark, Squid, Stary. 
You will have quite a long walk to get to Mircon and you will have some  
tough battles on the way. Take my advice and build up a couple of levels, 
retreating back to Kaite when necessary. It will pay off, as it will be 
tough to make it to the town right now. 
Basically, you'll have to traverse a maze that alternates between overworld 
and underworld areas. The overworld enemies (Stary and Squid) aren't that  
tough, but the underworld foes (BigSnapper, Jelly and Anchor) will be hard 
to handle until the hero reaches at least Level 18. 
When you leave the Kaite tunnel, you'll be in an overworld area with stairs 
leading down to the north and east. They both lead to the same place, but 
the stairs to the east will get you there a lot quicker (the north stairs 
take you along a path where you'll alternate between the overworld and  
underworld several times). 
If you want to pick up a lot of experience, take the long way. Just  
remember that the solid looking ship that blocks your way at one point is 
really nothing but a decoration that you can walk over. Otherwise take the 
long way. 
The two paths meet on an overworld island with three staircases. One is the 
staircase you came from, one is the staircase from the other path and the 
third one is the staircase you are looking for. Take it and follow the  
underworld path to a stairway leading to a new part of the overworld. 
Fight off the Sharks and Octopi (no problem if you've been whomping on the 
underworld enemies for a while) and go directly north to the town of 
This is somewhat of a transitional town. You can get a CoralCrwn (good 
helmet) and a Bomb in one house and a girl will give you the WindStorm  
spell for playing with her (after an argument between Doraemon and Nobita). 
Other than that, there's not much to do besides collect information. 
The most important news you'll discover is that Otar is to the north and  
that Sean went to Otar to see the Buggy. Looks like you're going to Otar, 
Town of Otar 
Enemies in Area: Anchor, BigSnapper, Jelly, Grouper, Jaws, Leech, SS Kill, 
Once again, you'll be alternating between overworld and underworld areas. 
Fortunately, the underworld enemies are the same as they were during the  
journey from Kaite to Mircon, so this trip will be quicker and easier than 
that first journey. 
From Mircon, go north and take the stairs down. Follow the path to the  
staircase back to the overworld. You should now be on an island shaped like 
a face. From here, go west and take the stairs down and follow the path to 
another set of stairs. You'll now be in the next section of the overworld. 
Head north and west to get to Otar. The Groupers and Jaws that you'll fight 
around here aren't anything too challenging, so you shouldn't have any  
problems with this leg of the trip. 
One thing you'll notice is that you won't be able to go much farther than 
Otar, as there is a lake of lava near the town that you may not cross. 
That's as good of a sign as any to enter the town. 
There is a lot to do in this town. By talking to the people outside of the 
buildings, you'll get the Umbrella (spell that lets you hide from monsters 
in battle) and the MagClth. A couple of the houses also are quite  
First, the item shop sells nothing you can't get anywhere else. You could 
buy some Cure 2 potions (you will need healing in a little bit), but you'll 
be getting something better before you leave town. In one house, you'll 
talk to a girl who tells you that her mom found a scarf (MagClth) and  
changed when she put it on. She's outside now and she's 88! 
Another house has an Aegis Shield and Magic Amulet, an armor and accessory 
that you should immediately equip on the character of your choice. Note:  
You should save whatever armor and accessory that you remove to add the new 
and better items (Lite Crown and Ribbon if you didn't miss anything). You  
will be glad you saved them in the very near future. 
Finally, in the northeastern part of town, there is a single building. This 
is Otar's Sacred Temple - the Buggy's resting place. Go in and you will 
find a treasure chest with the CureAll spell. Give this to your weakest 
attacker (Nobita at the time). For the low cost of 20GP, you will  
completely restore a character's hit points with this spell -- making it 
one of the most important items in the game to obtain. 
After getting the spell, go to the Buggy and use the MagClth on it. It will 
give you the Remote. Now leave Otar. Whenever you want, you may use the 
Remote to call the Buggy. 
Now travel east and north of Otar until you get to a staircase. Go back to 
the underworld. By following the linear path, you'll go back to the 
overworld, to the underworld and back to the overworld. Now call the Buggy 
and you'll be able to cross the lava. 
Go north all the way and then go east to get to a path. Be alert, as the  
enemies in this area can be pretty tough. Both the SSKills and Whalers have 
the ability to whack you with a critical hit that will hurt. When you get  
to the path, follow it to a stairway back to the underworld. Walk through 
this area until you get to another stairway to the overworld. Call the  
Buggy again and go to the stairway in the center of the lava. Take it to  
reach the climatic dungeon of the Underwater world. 
Siedon's Lair 
Enemies in Lair: Sahag, SeaBeast, Siedon (boss), trios. 
Treasure in Lair: Cure 2 Potion (2), Detox Potion, Gauntlet, GoldKey, Light  
                  Sword, Mini Pistol Spell. 
Remember how long the trek through the EvilKing's castle was? With multiple 
floors and tons of treasure? Well, this lair is the exact opposite. There 
is only one floor and it shouldn't take you long to make it to Siedon.  
However, the enemies are all brutal and will take a good chunk of HP off 
on a regular basis. To make matters worse, there seems to be a very high 
encounter rate in this area, so you'll be fighting a lot. Good luck... 
First, move to the left. Don't step on the strange square. It is a  
teleportation device. There are several of them in Siedon's Lair, but don't  
worry. This is still a simple maze and you shouldn't have any problems  
making your way through. 
You will soon come to a gate blocking the way into a room with two people. 
Open the gate with the GateKey. The people in this room are Ell and Sean 
(who you ought to know a good deal about from talking to people in towns). 
After a discussion, Ell leaves and Sean gives you the GoldKey and joins  
your party. 
While Sean does start at a decent level (Level 14 for me -- lower than the  
Hero or Doraemon, but comparable to Nobita), he comes with NO EQUIPMENT!!! 
If you (like me) didn't save some old weapons and armor, he is going to  
weak to the point of worthless for some time, so hopefully, you have  
something to give him, so he can attack and defend in battles. For the  
duration of this dungeon, I gave him the CureAll spell, since he was the 
weakest member of the party. 
Now, take the teleporter to a small room with another teleporter and a  
treasure chest. Open the chest for a Gauntlet (good defensive accessory) 
and take the new teleporter. Here, you'll come to a fork in the path. If 
you go to the north, you'll wind around to the beginning of the dungeon, so 
walk to the south. Follow the path past the teleporter to reach a chest  
containing a Detox Potion (or not, since this item is very insignificant), 
then go back to the teleporter and take it.  
You'll be in a room with two new teleporters. Take the south one first to 
get to a room with a Cure 2 Potion and a Light Sword (strong weapon), then 
go back and take the west one. 
Open the chest in this room to get the Mini Pistol spell. This would be a  
great spell in the first world, but is only marginally useful now. It  
damages all enemies for about 20HP or so. Now take the new teleporter to a 
new part of Siedon's lair. First, go west to get to a Cure 2 Potion, then 
go south and follow the path to a gold door blocking your access to a  
strange little building. 
Use the GoldKey to open the door and step forward. This triggers your  
fateful encounter with Siedon. After a brief conversation in which he  
proclaims his intent to kill you (why can't these things ever end  
peacefully), the fight is on! 
BOSS --- Siedon: 295-306 HP 
Siedon is a one-trick pony, but that trick is effective. Each turn, he will  
physically attack one character. That character will take a ton of damage  
(for me, Hero and Doraemon took about 100, Nobuta and Sean took 120 to  
130). I had Sean heal every turn. The other three characters were able to  
cause roughly 45-50 HP of damage per turn. 
Really, the only way you'll have any trouble using that strategy is if  
Siedon attacks one character twice in a row, with the second attack coming 
before Sean can get his CureAll spell off. He doesn't do anything but  
attack and he doesn't have that many HP, so if you were strong enough to 
make it to him, you're strong enough to win. 
Upon your victory, you teleport out of Siedon's Lair and are given the  
WarpStn as thanks for saving the Underwater world. The Buggy decides to  
stay in this world, so you lose your wheels. 
After that dialogue, you warp back to Hometown. Doraemon tells you that  
the Underground is next, while Nobita wonders if you'll see Banho. Sean  
takes an item (Glove) from Doraemon (not sure what that is or when I picked 
it up -- oh well) and says he can make an item with it. He then leaves your 
party. If you gave him the CureAll spell, make sure to take it from the  
pouch and give it back to Nobita. Sean will now be in one of the houses in 
the northern end of town. However, he hasn't made the item yet, so you'll 
have to wait to pick it up. 
To find out what to do, go to Brian's house. Talk to Brian and then go to  
the sandy patch of ground in the western part of Hometown (located just 
south of some pipes). Use the WarpStn on this patch to make a teleporter  
appear and step on it to travel to...Chitei (the land of dinosaurs). 
Basically, this will consist of the monsters' names, appearance on screen 
(in my eyes, at least), the amount of experience they are worth and any 
special attacks they can do or status ailments they can cause. The amount 
of gold they are worth is not included for various reasons (game doesn't 
tell you how much you get after every battle -- instead you have to go into 
a town and access Dorami to get all the gold you've earned; gold is really 
only used for buying cheap items and using magic spells so far -- it's not 
like you have to save 9800GP to buy that super-duper Flame Sword of Brutal 
Also, during any given version of this FAQ, the Abilities column may be 
incomplete. If a monster doesn't use an ability it has on me when I fight 
it, then it won't be here. For example, if an enemy with the ability to  
poison a character is unable to inflict that ailment on me, I won't know 
that it can poison me and, therefore, won't be able to convey that info. 
Bosses are marked with an asterick. 
Name          Appearance                 Abilities                  Exp. 
Anchor        purple anchor                                           32 
Azmyth        orange bat                                              15 
Bat           grey bat                                                12 
BigSnapper    blue/black fish                                         28 
Bone          white skeletal mouse       presence numbs Doraemon      16 
CaveTroll*    green elf                                               40 
Claw          brown doll                                               6 
Creep         grey demon hand                                         19 
Dust          brown/yellow cloud w/eyes                               17 
Eel           blue anchor                                             20 
Elf           blue elf                   sleep spell                  20 
EvEye         white lizard                                            15 
EvilGoblin*   blue/red elf               sleep spell                  50 
EvilKing*     giant robed demon          sleep spell                 300 
EvilWm        orange worm                                             11 
Flame         red monster head                                        14 
Gorgon        purple/yellow bull                                      22 
Grem          green monster head         poison                       10 
GrImp         bluish dustball                                         17 
Grimlock*     blue/purple elf            sleep spell                  60 
Grouper       red angler fish                                         27 
Jaws          red/orange shark                                        33 
Jelly         orange shell                                            30 
Leech         red serpent                                             34 
Mouse         red mouse                  presence numbs Doraemon      20 
Naga*         blue/yellow snakeman       numb                         70 
Octopi        green octopus                                           24 
Pirana        blue/white fish                                         18 
Rat           gray mouse                 presence numbs Doraemon      13 
Sahag         blue lizardman                                          45 
SeaBeast      purple doll                                             40 
SeaUrchn      blue shell                 poison                       19 
Shark         blue shark                                              25 
Siedon*       giant head                                             600 
Slugg         brown snail                                             18 
Snail         green/orange snail                                      13 
Spider        brown/orange spider                                     18 
Squid         blue jellyfish             numb                         23 
SSKill        blue ghost ship            critical hit                 39 
Stary         purple star                                             21 
Stingr        green wasp                                              13 
Toro          red bull                   critical hit                 17 
trios         purple starfish trio       sleep spell                  42 
Venus         green plant                                             12 
Waspy         blue/white wasp                                         16 
Whaler        grey whale                 critical hit                 42 
This chapter is divided into three parts. Weapons, Armor and Accessories. 
All parts consist of two sections: the name of the item and how it  
affects you (mainly ATT and DEF rating changes). 
Name                     Affects 
Broad Sword              + 10 ATT 
Crystal Sword            + 12 ATT 
DrgnSlayer               + 21 ATT 
Knife                    +  8 ATT 
Light Sword              + 25 ATT 
Lucerne Hammer           +  5 ATT 
Rusty Sword              + 15 ATT 
Thunder Sword            + 18 ATT 
Name                     Affects 
Aegis Shield             + 18 DEF 
Coral Crown              + 15 DEF 
Fishncap                 +  5 DEF 
Leather Helmet           +  3 DEF 
Light Armor              + 12 DEF 
Lite Crown               + 10 DEF 
Steel Helmet             +  4 DEF 
Name                     Affects 
Amulet                   +  5 DEF 
Charm                    +  3 DEF, +  3 ATT 
Gauntlet                 +  7 DEF 
MagicAmulet              +  5 DEF, +  5 ATT  
Pendant                  +  2 DEF 
Ribbon                   +  3 DEF 
SmBell                   +  1 DEF 
Here, the purposes of the various items and spells will be discussed. For 
both sections of this chapter, the name of the item/spell, cost in GP (if 
applicable) and its use will be listed. 
Name                 Cost       Use 
AquaGear                -       Can breathe underwater.  
Arrow                   -       Kills EvilKing after you've weakened him. 
Bomb                    -       Causes damage to multiple enemies. 
Bone                    -       Give to dog in Port Town. 
Crystal                 -       Teleport to Star Town from outside. 
CrystalEye              -       Allows you to enter star in Star Town.(???) 
Cure Potion             5       Cures about 20-25 HP. 
Cure2 Potion           10       Cure roughly 50 HP. 
Cure3 Potion            -       Cure more HP (amount not confirmed yet). 
Detox Potion            5       Remove poison. 
GateKey                 -       Opens the gate-like doors. 
GoldKey                 -       Opens door to Siedon. 
Letter                  -       Need it to talk to magician in Tano. 
Missile                 5       Causes a little bit of damage in battle. 
Orb                     -       Weakens EvilGoblin and Grimlock bosses. 
Remote                  -       Summons Buggy. 
Rope                    5       Will paralyze an enemy. 
Silver                  -       Give to Masa in Craftman's Village. 
StoneTblt               -       Use to talk to Miyoko. 
Submarine               -       Used to access Underwater World. 
Wake Potion             5       Wake up sleeping character. 
WarpStn                 -       Gives you passage to Underground World. 
Name                 Cost       Use 
Antidote                5       Dispels poison. 
Awake                   4       Wakes up a sleeping character. 
CureAll                20       Restores all HP to one character. 
CureSpell              10       Cures roughly 50-60 HP to one character. 
Defend                  5       Caster's defense raises. 
HitGun                  5       Damages an enemy in battle. 
Lamp                    0       Lights up dungeons. 
MiniPistol             12       Minor damage to all enemies. 
Repel                  15       Use not determined yet. 
Sleep                   6       Put an enemy to sleep. 
SlingShot               2       Causes a little bit of damage in battle. 
StrDown                 6       Lower enemy strength. 
Token                   0       Tells how many exp. needed to advance. 
Umbrella                5       Attempts to hide from enemies in battle. 
WindStorm              12       Hit one enemy hard. 
1. To Epoch for originally making this game. 
2. To WakdHacks for translating it. 
3. To Gamefaqs.com for providing a site where I can submit this guide. 
4. To myself for taking the time to create this guide.

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