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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kain Stryder

Version: Final | Updated: 05/14/07

  MM2                                                          v5PPKPPP5.  
  MMMMM                                             C0:      2S88hh6C805Pj 
  hMEMMM MMMB; t                              .j. 5KPv      CP88C     2C8C 
  .MMMMMM MMMM MMM  CMM5    0   v2 jttt  58v vKS  j0h.     206C6t     5hh: 
   2M :EMP M MM MM MMMMMMh  MM  MM 8ShPP;tSh  h5  j05            .PKPSj    
    M   MM M MM  M0 M     5t MK MM 60 .68 j8v h6  885            22tt005.  
    MM  MM MM5 M6MM B K MM8MM 8MMM .8.656  ;5 56 j .  :2 .tttvj;     ;C8C  
    MMhMMM Mh MMBEM 5 6vMt  MM MEM  8562 5h50v 80h2:6SK; jK80S;     .668C  
    tMMMh M#MB M  MM MP MMMMM  MMM  8; 0h v 00:th5  082  jP6262t  CC5585   
     MM ;MM 5MMC  MMvvMMt.Sv.MvMMM  2S8P2tj 0P8t  SK8St   ;8h08hSShhShC    
     6  MSK  P       #P;   0MM  CE. C5j;:0t                 .C25000C       

                 M  . vSMMMMM     h5  MM K#S        M    6MMMM# 
               M MM MMMB2        M 2MMMBM;  MM      MM0MMMM5  
               M MM   vEM MM     ME ME tMB8MMM    0MM       M0  
              5MBM:  MS# 0MB    MM2MM   #MM8M    MMM  M;2MMM5MM 
               M.M 8MMMME6. MS     E .MP02:     #M#M MMMMMC2    
                 M   6 jCKMv      M6MMMC #Mh      MM    Mv  MM 
                 M. MMj   MMC        vP5  62      MEM  MEPMMjMM 

                 Dragon Ball 3: Gokuuden - FAQ/Walkthrough.
                         Written By: Kain Stryder.
                     E-Mail Address: ssj4kain@aol.com.
                        Walkthrough Version: Final.
                          Last Updated: 5/14/07.
                  System(s): Famicom And WonderSwan Color.

=                            Table Of Contents                            =
| [ I. Introduction ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ INTR1 ] |
|                                                                         |
| [ II. Current Updates ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CURUP2 ]|
|                                                                         |
| [ III. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) ] . . . . . . . . . . [ FAQ3 ] |
|                                                                         |
| [ IV. How To Play ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ HOTOP4 ]|
|    A. Controls And Menus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ COMEN4.1 ] |
|    B. Moving Around . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MOAR4.2 ] |
|    C. On Screen Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ONSOP4.3 ]|
|    D. Map Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MAPLO4.4 ]|
|    E. Card System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CARSY4.5 ]|
|    F. Battle System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BASYS4.6 ]|
|                                                                         |
| [ V. The Playable Characters Of The Story ] . . . . . . . . [ TPCOTS5 ] |
|    A. Goku (Son Goku.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOK5.1 ] |
|    B. Kurirun (Krillin.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KUR5.2 ] |
|    C. Yamucha (Yamcha.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ YAM5.3 ]|
|                                                                         |
| [ VI. Various Training Games/Minigames ] . . . . . . . . . . . [ VTGM6 ]|
|    A. Kame Sennin's Training Part 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KSTP16.1 ]|
|    B. Korin's Training Part 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KTP16.2 ] |
|    C. Mr. Popo's Training Part 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MPTP16.3 ] |
|    D. Grandpa Gohan's Match Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GGMG6.4 ]|
|    E. Kame Sennin's Training Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KSTP26.5 ]|
|    F. Korin's Training Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KTP26.6 ] |
|    G. Mr. Popo's Training Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MPTP26.7 ] |
|                                                                         |
| [ VII. The Walkthrough ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THWA7 ]|
|    A. The Beginning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THBEG7.1 ]|
|    B. The Quest For The Dragon Balls...Oolong's Terror . . [ TQFTDB7.2 ]|
|    C. Helping The Sea Turtle And Dealing With The Bandit Gang [ HTS7.3 ]|
|    D. Master Thief Yamucha Of The Desert . . . . . . . . . [ MTYOF7.4 ] |
|    E. Mt. Frying Pan...The Turtle Hermit Is Needed . . . . . [ MFP7.5 ] |
|    F. Capsule Corp.'s CEO Is Held Hostage! . . . . . . . . . [ CCC7.6 ] |
|    G. Surprise Transformation...Heading Separate Ways . . . [ STHS7.7 ] |
|    H. Kame Sennin's Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KST7.8 ] |
|    I. The 21st Tenkaichi Boudouki . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ T21TB7.9 ]|
|    J. A New Enemy Is After The Dragon Balls! Head To Muscle Tower [7.10]|
|    K. Climbing The Sacred Tower Of Korin . . . . . . . . . [ CTST7.11 ] |
|    L. The Storming Of The Red Ribbon Army's HQ . . . . . . . [ TSO7.12 ]|
|    M. Finding The Location Of The Final Dragon Ball! The 3 Fighters[713]|
|    N. An Old Enemy Returns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ AOER7.14 ] |
|    O. The 22nd Tenkaichi Boudouki . . . . . . . . . . . . [ T22TB7.15 ] |
|    P. A New Evil Enters The World . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ANEE7.16 ]|
|    Q. Meeting With Yajirobe And The Demon Children . . . . [ MWYAN7.17 ]|
|    R. The Demon King Himself Appears . . . . . . . . . . . [ TDKHA7.18 ]|
|    S. A Drink That Makes You Stronger? Piccolo Daimaou's Final Stand7.19|
|    T. The Terror Is Over. A New Tournament Will Begin Soon . [ TT7.20 ] |
|    U. Training With God And His Assistant, Mr. Popo . . . . [ TWG7.21 ] |
|    V. 3 Years Later, 18 Year Old Son Goku Returns To Earth Below[ 7.22 ]|
|    W. The Pit Stop At Mt. Frying Pan; The Promise He Made Long Ago[7.23]|
|    X. The 23rd Tenkaichi Boudouki . . . . . . . . . . . . [ T23TB7.24 ] |
|    Y. 4 Final Matches And The Match With Ma Junior . . . . . [ 4FM7.25 ]|
|    Z. Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ E7.26 ]|
|    AA. Secret Battles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ SECBA7.27 ] |
|                                                                         |
| [ VIII. Analyzing The Enemy ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ATE8 ]|
|                                                                         |
| [ IX. Card List ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CL9 ] |
|    A. Menu Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MC9.1 ]|
|    B. Battle Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BC9.2 ]|
|                                                                         |
| [ X. Secrets ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ S10 ]|
|                                                                         |
| [ XI. Credits ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ C11 ] |
|                                                                         |
| [ XII. My Words ] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MW12 ]|
=                            Table Of Contents                            =

NOTE: I've added a Search Engine into all my FAQs now. To use this, if 
there's something you wish to find instantly in my FAQ, in the above 
table, on the left is the name of a section or sub-section. To the right 
is a weird code, like GOK5.1. Basically, if you wish to go to the section 
where I tell you about Goku under The Playable Characters Of The Story, on 
your Keyboard, hold Ctrl and then hit F and a window will open. Type in 
GOK5.1 and hit Find Next. It'll bring you to that section instantly. The 
code to reach the Table Of Contents is just that: Table Of Contents. I 
hope this makes browsing my FAQs easier for you. Enjoy!

= I. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ INTR1 ] =

Hey again, everyone. Let me start off by saying that I've yet to see a 
guide to this game, so I'm going to make one, so that others can get 
through this game if they have any problems doing so. Next, this guide is
NOT to be seen on ANY other site besides GameFAQs, nor is it supposed to 
be edited in ANY way, shape or form. Thanks for understanding this. And 
now,on with the walkthrough.

Update: This Walkthrough is now available at IGN, Neoseeker and any other 
sites I've allowed via E-Mail to host this file. If I did not give you 
permission to host this FAQ on your site, then you're hosting it illegally 
and if you're reading this on a site with any variatin of "cheat" in its 
name, please notify me so I may take the necessary action. Thanks.

= II. Current Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CURUP2 ]=

5/14/07 - Just writing in to let any readers know if they E-Mail me any 
questions or comments, that my address still works. My willpower to write 
walkthroughs over the last few years died, mostly to college and real 
life, but I may just start this up again. Feel free to write in, thanks.

1/21/04 - I added up the "Suggested Levels" for each part of The 
Walkthrough now and I also moved the Enemy lists to the top part as well. 
I've also added a final section after Z. Ending in The Walkthrough about 
fighting Arale and Radditsu, so check that out if you're interested in 
fighting them. Other than that, I fixed things here and there in the 
walkthrough and I also found out all of Adult Goku's Ki Techniques, so 
those are added up to his Stats and some other small things. Also, I got 
a Mouse recently, which it says "Buruu Shogun hates Mice", so, use it 
against him to get 1 turn free to attack him, even if his Card beats 
yours. Well, that's all for now. Until next time...

11/24/03 - How's the new layout? Better, huh? Anyway, my new FAQs also 
have this new format, so, enjoy! More later on those secret Battles with 
Arale and Radditsu. Also, with the release of the WonderSwan Color remake 
of this game, this FAQ has been added to that version of the game, so I 
hope it helps you again or for the first time as you play this.

11/21/03 - Made a few corrections here and there. You probably won't 
notice them. Also, I recieved new information on 2 secret Battles at the 
end of the game, against Arale and Radditz. I'll check it out and let 
you know how to access this once I check into it myself. Until I next 

8/6/03 - Added a ASCII art banner. How's it look?

5/10/03 - Just revised the walkthrough a bit. Not a whole lot, you won't 
notice much of a difference, except for a few things here and there.

4/12/03 - Added information regarding the defense symbols on the Cards.

12/11/02 - Revised and edited the walkthrough a bit for errors.

9/22/02 - The walkthrough is completed. Revisions will be made overtime. 

= III. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.) . . . . . . . . . . . . [ FAQ3 ] =

Currently, there are none. Bummer. If I get E-Mails, I'll add some up.

= IV. How To Play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ HOTOP4 ]=

- A. Controls And Menus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ COMEN4.1 ]-

Alright, let's start on how to actually move around and stuff, shall we?

D-Pad - Of course, you use it to move around and stuff. Easy to 
understand, right?

Select - Brings up the Menu when you are on the World Map. In Battle, it
brings up the Card Menu, so you can choose a Item Card to use or change 
the current Turtle Shell/Weighted Clothing you're wearing.

Start - Does nothing.

B Button - Used to exit out of Menus and stuff.

A Button - Used to confirm an option.

The Menu System in this game is fairly easy to understand. Here are the 
parts of the Menu.

Map - It allows you to view the current area you're in, with the red dots
being the areas that are important to visit.

Goku's Stats - Choose this to view Goku's Stats during the game. There's 
two options here: Goku's Stats and Goku's Techniques. Goku's Stats shows
you his Current Level, Speed, Power, Technique and Defense. It also shows
you his Experience needed to his next Level. Goku's Techniques shows you
just the list of special attacks Goku knows at that time. Here are the 
following explanations on each of Goku's Stats:

Speed - Used to find out how well Goku can dodge/block an attack.

Power - Used to find out how strong a physical attack of Goku's is.

Technique - Used to find out how strong a Ki attack of Goku's is.

Defense - Used to find out how well Goku can defend from an attack.

Card - Throughout the game, you'll come across Cards. There's two 
different types. One is things that help you throughout the game, like 
Healing Cards and the other type is simply Cards of characters that give 
you advice.

Save - Just as the name implies, you use this to save. Though, it's that
old password save, so you need to write it down and type it in later in
order to continue.

- B. On Screen Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MOAR4.2 ]-

Whenever you're not on the World Map, you'll be in a different screen, 
which shows Goku and his current friends that are with him. You'll also
see these choices:

Look - Simply look around at things or people.

Talk - Talk to your friends or people around the area.

Move - Move to a location that's in the area. Also is used in a Maze for
the direction you want to move to.

Fight - If an enemy appears, choose this to attack them.

Use - Allows you to use an item in your inventory. ONLY Healing Cards or
a special Map/Item for the area.

- C. Moving Around . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ONSOP4.3 ] -

Basically, this isn't really hard to understand. At all times, you will 
see Goku on a map. You are then given 5 Cards to choose. Now, each Card 
will have a certain number of dots on it. Ignore the symbols at the 
bottom, for they do nothing for moving around. Focus on the dots at the 
top. There are 7 different ones you will see. They are dots ranging from 
1-7. The dots represent how many spaces you can move. Such as 1 dot means 
one space, 2 dots means two spaces, etc.  Note that you MUST move the 
certain amount of spaces the Card has. You can't move like 3 spaces only, 
when you have a 6 dot Card. You MUST use all the dots up. That explains 
the movement system. Easy, huh?

- D. Map Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MAPLO4.4 ] -

Whenever you're on the World Map, you'll notice many locations all around
you, like a board game. Here's what you'll notice and what each thing is.

White Box - Nothing is here...yet. Later on, a town, area or location may
appear here, after you've accomplished something. Though, if you've beaten
a location and there's no reason to go back here, it'll change into a 
White Box.

Yellow Box - Normal areas that have nothing special to them and are the
most common boxes you'll land on. There's a fixed chance that you'll enter 
a battle with an enemy though when you land on one. Otherwise, nothing 
will happen.

Human Skull - A box that immediately throws Goku into a fight with a 
Monster or a Human fighter. Defeating them will get him Experience.

Rabbit/Red Ribbon/Demon - These boxes indicate that you'll encounter a 
battle with a certain member of the already mentioned categories. Either 
Boss Carrot's Henchmen, Red Ribbon Army Soldiers or Piccolo Daimaou's 
Children. Defeating the enemy here will gain you Experience.

Scroll - These boxes will start a Minigame that will allow Goku to gain
Experience. Either by training with Master Roshi, Korin or Mr. Popo.

Question Mark - When you land on this box, two things could happen. Either
Ox King will show up and give you 5 new Cards to replace your current ones
or Grandpa Gohan will appear and you'll play a small Minigame of Match. 
Match the Cards up and you'll win them.

House - Entering this Box will allow you to pick a Card from Bulma, where
you can get a Item Card, such as Food, W Scroll, Capsule Airplane and some 
other things.

- E. Card System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CARSY4.5 ] -

The Card System in this game is basically used as a Item System in most 
RPGs. You ONLY get Cards from Bulma or from Grandpa Gohan. Each Card does 
a certain command, such as healing you or flying you to a location on the 
map. To use Cards in Battle, when you are able to select Cards to use to
fight your opponent, simply hit select and then choose which Cards you 
want to use. Either Battle Cards or Healing Cards. For this game, if you 
have more than one of a Card, you can't tell. If you use that Card and you 
see it's still there, that means you still have more Cards of that Card.

- F. Battle System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BASYS4.6 ] -

Another simple thing about this game is the Battle System. You have an
unlimited amount of time to choose what you want to do in a battle. During
each battle, you or your opponent will get to choose how many Cards you
use in the fight for one round. You can choose anywhere from 1-5. If you
choose 1, you'll attack once or your opponent will attack once. If you 
choose 5, you'll attack 5 times or your opponent will attack 5 times. 
Whoever gets to attack depends on the number of dots each of you has. 

If you have 4 and he has 3, then you'll attack and they'll defend. Same 
goes if they get higher. You can basically never get hit, if you choose 
all high Cards and hope your opponent doesn't have anything higher. Now, 
one thing is, if you and you're opponent both get a Card with the same 
amount of dots on them, it'll cancel each other out and neither of you 
will attack/defend. Understand it now? The Battle System isn't that hard 
and once you experience it, you'll fully get it.

Note: 1 dot Cards ALWAYS beat out 7 dot Cards. This NEVER applies to the 
enemy, though, which is good for you.

Finally, depending on the type of Turtle Shell/Weighted Clothing you're 
wearing, you'll either gain the set amount of Experience or lose it. If 
you wear a lighter Turtle Shell/Weighted Clothing, you'll gain less, where 
as you wear a heavier Turtle Shell/Weighted Clothing, you'll gain the 
normal amount. (They do this, so you have an option of being swifter 
with speed and harder hitting, but lose Experience or being weighted down, 
can't deal as much damage, but you get the set amount of Experience. Odd,
but hey, it works.) With that said, here's the list of Cards that are 
used in each Battle:

Regular Cards - These Cards are mostly Cards that just allow you to do
normal physical attacks, like punching and kicking. They're the most 
common Card, so you'll be using them alot.

Weapon Cards - When Goku's a kid, once you acquire his Nyou Bou, if you 
choose this one Card, he'll attack with it, causing a decent amount of 
damage. It does 2 to 3 times the amount of damage one of your normal 
attacks do. So use this whenever you can.

Ki Cards - The best Cards to get. These things allow you to pull off one
of Goku's Ki Techniques. Though, you MUST have Ki to do this. Other wise,
Goku will just perform his Jan Ken Punch. If you notice that some of your
attacks during a turn don't show up to choose, don't worry. It just means
Goku doesn't have enough Ki to perform that attack and the list before you
is the list of attacks he has enough energy for.

Item Cards/Turtle Shells/Weighted Clothing - In battle, when you hit 
Select, you are given two options: Item Cards or Weights. Now, Item Cards 
allow you to use one of those Character Cards in Battle, while the Weights 
allow you to change your Turtle Shells/Weighted Clothing, which allows you 
to gain more Experience, at the loss of Speed in Battle. The lower the 
weight, the faster you are, but the less Experience you get.

Note: Goku uses Turtle Shells as a kid and Weighted Clothing as an adult.

Well, now you know what Cards you can choose from. Next comes those dots 
again. The higher the dots, the better your damage will be. 1 of course is 
the lowest and 7 is the highest. Now, the symbols at the bottom of the 
Cards are your defense. Such as how well you defend against an attack. 

Update: A very generous reader to my walkthroughs has given me some 
information on what the symbols on the bottom mean, which are your 
defense. Here's the info:

 __ = Ichi which means: One.

____ = Ni which means: Two.

____ = San which means: Three.

| |L |
|____| = Shi which means: Four.

__|_|_ = Go which means: Five.

 /  \ = Roku which means: Six.

  |__ = Nana which means: Seven.

So, there you have what each defense symbol means. Again, remember, 1 is 
the lowest and 7 is the highest.

Thanks to TarKel for the information!

As for Leveling...everytime you gain a Level, you'll get 5 Points to 
distribute anyway you like to Goku's Speed, Power, Technique and Defense. 
Choose wisely and once you're done, confirm your choices. If you gain a 
Level outside of Battle, you'll notice you won't get to add points to 
Goku's Stats. This is easily fixed by entering a Battle and winning it, 
as directly afterwards, you're giving that choice.

Finally, sometimes after Battles, Goku will find food on the Enemy and 
eat it, recovering his HP or W.

= V. The Playable Characters Of The Story . . . . . . . . . . [ TPCOTS5 ] =

- A. Goku (Son Goku.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GOK5.1 ]-

The main character of the game and the series, Goku will be the one you
use for 99% of the game. Starting out from when he's just a kid searching
for the Dragon Balls and stopping evil, to when he's an adult and getting
married, you'll have full control over his every movement.

Son Goku's Starting Stats

Level: 1
HP: 16/16
W: 10/10

Speed: 3
Power: 3
Technique: 1
Defense: 3

Ki Abilities           Ki Cost

Jan Ken Punch          2 (Loses This When He's An Adult.)
Kamehameha             8
Magaru Kamehameha      13 (Loses This When He's An Adult.)
Zanzoken               4 (Loses This When He's An Adult.)
Ni Jyuu Zanzoken       8 (Only 4 Ki When He's An Adult.)
Ta Jyuu Zanzoken       10 (Loses This When He's An Adult.)
Giyaku Kamehameha      18
Shiyorageha            2 (Only As An Adult.)
Kiai Sukorageki        10 (Only As An Adult.)
Chou Kamehameha        25 (Only As An Adult.)
Kieru Kougeki          10 (Only As An Adult.)

- B. Kurirun (Krillin.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KUR5.2 ]-

Goku's best friend and training buddy, Kurirun shows up in the game during
Goku's training for the 21st Tenkaichi Boudouki. His role is small in
this game, unlike in the series where he's a main character. You get to
play as him for ONLY one fight, then that's it for him and he'll once
again be a guy you'll fight later on.

Kurirun's Starting Stats

Level: --
HP: 72/72
W: --/--

Speed: --
Power: --
Technique: --
Defense: --

Ki Abilities           Ki Cost

Kamehameha             --
Ni Jyuu Zanzoken       --

- C. Yamucha (Yamcha.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ YAM5.3 ] -

A Bandit and a Martial Artist, Yamucha is one of Goku's Rivals, not to
mention one of his friends. Yamucha first appears near the beginning of 
the game and pops back up throughout the game. (Mainly for The Tenkaichi 
Boudoukis.) Besides that, his role is fairly small in the game and you 
ONLY control him for one fight. After that, he goes back to being a guy 
you'll fight later on.

Yamucha's Starting Stats

Level: --
HP: 64/64
W: --/--

Speed: --
Power: --
Technique: --
Defense: --

Ki Abilities           Ki Cost

Rogafufuken            --

Note: The status on Kurirun and Yamucha that is shown here only marks 
how strong they are and what they know, when YOU control them. I won't
list their future attacks or anything, since they are enemies then.

= VI. Various Training Games/Minigames . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ VTGM6 ]=

Throughout Dragon Ball: History Of Goku, there are many Minigames, 
involving either training or gaining Cards. Each game is different and 
presents a fairly good challenge in order to gain the Experience or 
the Card(s). Here is a complete list of the Minigames in Dragon Ball: 
History Of Goku.

- A. Kame Sennin's Training Part 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KSTP16.1 ] -

This is a very simple game. Master Roshi will present you with 1-5 Cards,
but only showing you one Card's Dots at a time. You must beat his number 
with a higher number in order to continue. If you see he has a 7, use a 7 
as well or if you don't have one, use a 1, since that defeats it. If you 
manage to beat him, you'll gain some Experience.

- B. Korin's Training Part 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KTP16.2 ]-

Similar to Kame Sennin's Training, this game consists of Korin presenting
you with 1-5 Cards, but only showing you one Card's Dots at a time. To
beat his Card, you MUST pick a Card with a higher defense rating than his.
NOT dots, but defense, the symbols at the bottom of the Cards. If you beat
him, you'll gain some Experience.

- C. Mr. Popo's Training Part 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MPTP16.3 ]-

Surprisingly, this game is a combination of the first two. You now must
defeat both of the higher numbers on the Card that Mr. Popo shows you. He
has 1-5 Cards and he'll only show you one Card's Dots/Defense at a time.
If you beat him, you'll gain some Experience.

- D. Grandpa Gohan's Match Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ GGMG6.4 ] -

The only Minigame of the game, Grandpa Gohan presents you with 5 Cards. 
There are 2 Cards in there that have matching pairs and one Card in there
that doesn't. You must find the 2 Cards and match them up. If you match
a Card, you'll gain that Card to your inventory.

- E. Kame Sennin's Training Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KSTP26.5 ] -

In this Minigame, you control Goku around a small Map, where there's 
multiple Scrolls, where you can train yourself in the Kame Sennin's 
Training Part 1 Minigame, as well as land on Houses to get Items from. 
Now, the thing about this is you can't move backwards, only forwards in 
this. That and you can only go around the Map a certain amount of times 
before Master Roshi stops you and ends the training. So be sure to spend 
your time wisely and to be sure to land on all the Boxes you can. (Note: 
If you're lucky, in one of the Houses, you could win a Turtle Shell from
Bulma, which would help you with your training.)

Note: To beat Kame Sennin in his Card Game, you MUST always beat him with 
a higher Card, as this time, ties don't count in your favor.

- F. Korin's Training Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KTP26.6 ]-

For this minigame, you need to beat Korin's Cards 3 times total to win.
(I don't mean 3 Cards total literally, I mean in the sense of his hand of
Cards 3 times.) Now, he gives you 5 times to screw up. If you hit 5, you
must start over and he'll make you reclimb his Tower again if you do fail.
Now, once you hit 3, you can keep going, but from my experiences, I lost 
at 4 wins and still won, with only 1 mistake. To beat his Cards, you MUST 
beat his Defense Symbol on his Cards. Not the Offense Symbol. Now, I don't
know what each little Defense Symbol means, so you'll have to do this
through trial and error. This is probably the hardest and most unfun 
Minigame in this game. (Note: You can NOT tie him either, you MUST always 
use a Card that beats his.)

- G. Mr. Popo's Training Part 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MPTP26.7 ]-

This minigame is very simple. If you've played Mr. Popo's Training Part 1
before, this game will come easy to you. Goku will be on a board, where 
Mr. Popo will give you 1 Card of his to beat. If you beat it, Goku moves
one space forward. If you lose, he stays where he is. Now, you can ONLY 
screw up 3 times before the training stops. Depending on how far you get, 
not only will you gain a Level, but you'll also learn anywhere from 0-5 
bew Ki Techniques. The farther you get, the more you learn. Get to the 
end and all 5 are yours. They are: Giyaku Kamehameha, Shiyorageha, Kiai 
Sukorageki, Chou Kamehameha and Kieru Kougeki. To beat Mr. Popo, either 
match the bottom Symbol on his Card or beat it. Very simple.

= VII. The Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THWA7 ]=

Note: I won't be making a seperate section for the Boss Strategies or 
Items in each area, because, frankly, there's no need for it. All the 
Bosses in this just require you to be stronger than them and just over all 
a better fighter, as in using Cards and all. As for Items, anything you I 
note you'll find WHILE in the area, so there's not much to list to begin 

Also, weird thing. I've seen instances where people do not get the 
Kinto'un from Kame Sennin after they give Turtle back and instead get it 
inplace of the Dragon Ball when they hand over the Panties. (They might 
also get the Dragon Ball then, I believe.) Anyway, not sure WHAT causes 
this, but if you don't get the Kinto'un from Kame Sennin right away, don't 
worry about it, as you'll get it later.

- A. The Beginning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ THBEG7.1 ] -

Enemies In The Area: None.
Suggested Level To Train To: 1.

The story begins with Bulma meeting Goku and acquiring him to help her
search for the 7 Dragon Balls, which can grant any wish. After the very
short introduction, you're given control of Goku on the World Map, where
the game begins.

- B. The Quest For The Dragon Balls...Oolong's Terror . . . [ TQFTDB7.2 ] -

Enemies In The Area: Aarashi, Rikanto, Sanzoku, Usagi San (Black.) And
Usagi San. (White.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 5.

Ok, now that you have control of Goku, you have two options. Either 
heading to the Southwest to the village that Oolong is terrorizing or 
training Goku. I suggest the latter, since 1. Goku is REALLY weak at this
point of the game. Each area ONLY allows him to reach so far in strength,
since the game doesn't want you getting amazingly strong and beating the
game too easily. That and the enemies, such as Usagi San are really going
to kick your ass if you don't train. His limit for this area is Level 5.
I suggest just training until you reach that, which won't take that long.
His limit is 103 Experience for the area, 1 point away from Level 6, so as 
you can see, it won't be that long and it'll be worth it in the long run, 
trust me.

Anyway, whenever you are ready, head to the Southwest to the village. Once
you enter it, choose the first option of looking around and when you do,
Goku will be attacked and lose some HP. After realizing you're not Oolong,
the man explains what's happening. After agreeing to take care of the 
problem, you'll go outside and confront Oolong. Simply just talk to him
and Goku will scare him into joining you, thus saving the village. (And 
getting you a piece of Meat.) Wow, that was easy.

- C. Helping The Sea Turtle And Dealing With The Bandit Gang . [ HTS7.3 ] -

Enemies In The Area: Aarashi, Rikanto, Sanzoku, Sanzoku No Bosu, (Boss.) 
Usagi San (Black.) And Usagi San. (White.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 5.

After you gain Oolong to your team, your next goal is North of the 
village. The location is Turtle, who's sitting on the World Map. Get to 
him and agree to take him with you. After you do so, exit the area. If you
got him to come with you, he'll be gone on the World Map. Otherwise, go
back in and try again if you somehow failed. Be warned, that now your 
moving speed is cut down by 1. Meaning, if you use a Card that has 2 dots
on it, you'll now only move 1 space instead of 2. This won't last long 
though. Next, keep heading North, then to the West. When you see a huge 
area to land on, that's your next destination. Before you land on this, if
you already haven't, I STRONGLY suggest Level 5 for this area. Level 4 if
you want the bare minimum, but Level 5 will be better.

When you enter the place, you can talk to the others, but that proves 
useless. Try to head to the Cave you see and you'll be confronted by 
Sanzoku. Simply waste him and then look over his body twice and you'll
find a Map. The Map is the layout of the Bandit's Cave. Now that you have
this, continue into the Bandit's Cave. The layout here is REALLY simple
to navigate, compared to the Mazes later on in the game. There's only
two places you have to go here, but if you want to destroy everything, go
for it. First, you'll have a new option on your Menu. It's a direction
option. When you go to this, you'll have the selections of: Forward, 180
Turn, Right and Left. When you first enter the place, follow the Map to
the left most room from the entrance. Defeat Sanzoku in the room and 
leave. Then follow the path all the way until you come back to the 

You'll then want to follow the other path and head into the next room you
come by. Defeat Sanzoku there and then check him twice for a Key. Take it
and leave. Head to the right and then keep following the path until you
come to an intersection. Head to the right again and enter the door.
You have two choices here. Sanzoku will appear and if you choose to leave,
another Sanzoku will appear, thus making you fight two. (He will also hurt
you for 1 HP if you try to leave.) Thus you will fight 2 Sanzokus now.
The second choice is to fight Sanzoku without running away. Defeat him and
and then try to leave. You'll get hit for 1 HP and fight another Sanzoku.
Either way works, but it depends on if you want the easy way or the hard

Anyway, defeat both and leave the room. Now all that's left is going 
straight ahead. You'll notice the door is locked. Simply use the Key
you found earlier and you'll enter the Bandit's Leader's Room. Challenge 
Sanzoku No Bosu, the Boss of this area, if you're ready. Just be prepared 
for a hard fight.

Sanzoku No Bosu is a really tough guy at this point in the game. I suggest
you attack with your Jan Ken Punch if you have Ki for it, because it does
the most damage to him. If not, just punch and kick him. After you defeat
him, search his room for Goku's Nyou Bou and a piece of Meat. Then choose 
to leave.

- D. Master Thief Yamucha Of The Desert . . . . . . . . . . . [ MTYOF7.4 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Aarashi, Rikanto, Sanzoku, Usagi San, (Black.) Usagi 
San (White.) And Yamucha. (Boss.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 5.

Now that the Bandits have been defeated, you can now go back to the Beach
and see if Master Roshi has arrived yet. (If you went here before, Master 
Roshi wouldn't be here and won't until you went ahead and defeated the 
Bandits.) Sure enough, he has and Turtle will now leave you, with you 
gaining your normal speed back. In thanks for you helping him, he'll give 
you Kinto'un. After getting it, simply leave the area. (Note: If you don't 
return Turtle until much later, you'll instead get Baby Gamera instead of 

Your next goal is to the Northeast. When you see Yamucha, you'll know 
you're on the right track. By now, hopefully you're Level 5, so you should
be fine. When you enter the desert, find Yamucha and Puar. Yamucha will
demand your items, but simply challenge him to a fight for them. Yamucha
himself isn't really a challenge, but his Rogafufuken can deal a decent
amount of damage. Simply use your Nyou Bou or Jan Ken Punch to take him
out fast. After his defeat, he'll curse you and run off.

- E. Mt. Frying Pan...The Turtle Hermit Is Needed . . . . . . . [ MFP7.5 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Aarashi, Kirakiyura, Rikanto, Sanzoku, Usagi San 
(Black.) And Usagi San. (White.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 5.

After Yamucha is defeated, you're next goal is Mt. Frying Pan, which is to
the Southeast. It's not a long trip from where you currently are, so 
you'll get there fast. Find Ox King and he'll first think you're trying
to take his treasure, but he'll see your Nyou Bou and realize that Goku
knew Grandpa Gohan. He then becomes his friend and asks him to go get the
Bansho Fan from Master Roshi. After this, leave Mt. Frying Pan and head to
Master Roshi's Island.

Arriving at Master Roshi's Island, find Master Roshi and gain him to your
party and then head back to Mt. Frying Pan. Be warned, there's a new 
enemy around, Kirakiyura, who is rare to come by, but the thing is REALLY
strong, even with Goku at Level 5. Anyway, head to Mt. Frying Pan and 
Master Roshi will use the Kamehameha to destroy the fire. After doing so,
he'll leave and Ox King will give Goku the 2 Star Dragon Ball. Then he'll
ask you to find his daughter, Chi Chi. So, again, leave Mt. Frying Pan
and go find Chi Chi. Talk to her, but she'll attack you for 5 HP. Just
talk to the others, look at her and try again and she'll eventually 
realize you aren't an enemy and join you.

Head back to Mt. Frying Pan and Ox King will give you an Airplane for his
thanks. Leave Mt. Frying Pan and head to Master Roshi's Island again.
You'll notice he has a Dragon Ball, but he won't give it up without 
getting something in return. You know what he wants. Just talk to Bulma
and she'll agree and then leave Master Roshi's House and you'll be on a 
small Map. You'll notices Panties at the Southwest end of it, so go to
them. You'll enter a Minigame with Master Roshi and just pick any Card, 
they're all the same. A pair of Panties. Take them and go back to Master
Roshi's House, give them to him and you'll get the Dragon Ball. It's now
time to head West.

- F. Capsule Corp.'s CEO Is Held Hostage! . . . . . . . . . . . [ CCC7.6 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Aarashi, Gekon, Kirakiyura, Rikanto, Sanzoku, 
Taamineetaa, Usagi San (Black.) And Usagi San. (White.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 5.

As you're heading West, look for a City. Once you find it, go inside. Talk
to people and gather clues and move around the City. You should encounter
2 Usagi Sans. Fight them and they'll flee to Capsule Corp. Again, fight 
them here and save the little girl, then talk to her as she thanks you. 
Next, go inside Capsule Corp. Fight the Usagi Sans again, then Look around 
and you'll find Boss Carrot, along with his men. Here's the hard part. If 
you play this part wrong, you'll get an instant Game Over. So do this. 
Since it's going to be very hard to describe exactly what to do, if you're 
playing on an Emulator, save your game NOW. If you're not, pray that you 
don't screw this up. Ok, the first thing to do is to just talk to them and 
then look. You're on the right path if Usagi San's Icon blinks and shows a 
Carrot. Now, do this again and then choose a few more options, but if you 
get kicked out of the building, don't try to get kicked out again, as Boss 
Carrot will kill you.

Now, just by talking and looking, after what seems like Goku hits Boss 
Carrot with his Nyou Bou, he flees and turns back Dr. Briefs and Mrs. 
Briefs back to normal. They thank you and leave. Now, search Bulma's Room
and you'll find a Dragon Ball. You can continue to search, but you'll
find an image of what looks like either Kami Sama or Piccolo Daimaou. What
the hell is Bulma doing of an image of him? Anyway, you got your prize,
so now it's time to head to the final area of this map: Pilaf's Castle.

- G. Surprise Transformation...Heading Separate Ways . . . . . [ STHS7.7 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Debiruzu, Gekon, Houtaiatoko, Kirakiyura, Rikanto, 
Sanzoku And Taamineetaa.
Suggested Level To Train To: 5.

Once out of the City, you'll notice a new path has open up. Head South
and follow the path to Pilaf's Castle. Watch out, though. There's some
new enemies in this area that may be too much for you, even at your Level 
for this area. Don't worry, after the incident with Pilaf, you can once 
again gain Levels. (There are new enemies in the area before this, but
they aren't easy to come by. Well, at least in my game.) Anyway, once you
arrive at Pilaf's Castle, a scene will ensue. You're captured and that 
night, Goku goes Oozari, destroying Pilaf's Castle and freeing everyone.
Everyone decides to head their way and Goku decides to head to Master 
Roshi's for the training he was promised.

- H. Kame Sennin's Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ KST7.8 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Debiruzu, Gekon, Houtaiatoko, Kirakiyura, Kurirun, 
(Boss.) Rikanto, Sanzoku And Taamineetaa.
Suggested Level To Train To: 7.

Well, to get to Master Roshi's Island, you need to head Northeast. So,
head that way. Take note that you can now start to once again gain Levels.
So, simply do so if you want to, which I suggest you do. Anyway, your
goal is Master Roshi's Island, so head there. Once you arrive, he'll great
you and then ask you to go get him a pair of Panties before he even 
considers the thought of training you. It's kind of like a test I guess.
Anyway...just exit the place and you'll be in a small map. Land on a 
Box (Which I'm pretty sure has a pair of Panties on it on the Map.) and 
you'll enter a Minigame with Master Roshi. Choose any Card, as it doesn't 
really matter, because they're all the same. Get one and you'll get the 
Panties Card. Now just head back to Master Roshi's Island and talk to him. 
He'll be happy and tell you that the final test is to go find him a pretty 
girl. So, exit and you'll be on a new Map yet again.

First, you'll notice 2 things. 1. Kurirun is on the Map. 2. There's a 
Box where you find girls. Now, you MUST go and talk to Kurirun and
fight him. He's not hard, depending on your Level. Beat him and he'll
join you, saying he was heading to Master Roshi's Island anyway. Now, go
onto the other Box and you'll find Launch, the girl you bring to Master 
Roshi. (You need Kurirun for this, because if you don't have him, Goku 
will ALWAYS keep bringing back a fat girl everytime, because he can't 
tell the difference between a pretty girl and a ugly one.) Anyway, watch
out. The next part is another instant Game Over thing. DO NOT talk to
Launch AT ALL. If you do, she sneezes and turns into Kushamii and kills
all of you. Just talk to Kurirun and Master Roshi and you'll begin your

The training you do is Kame Sennin's Training Part 2, which is explained
in the Various Training Games/Minigames section. It's quite simple, but
if you need to see what to do, head to that. Anyway, after the training,
he'll announce you and Krillin are ready for the Tenkaichi Boudouki and to
now head there.

- I. The 21st Tenkaichi Boudouki . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ T21TB7.9 ] -

Enemies In This Area: Giran, (Boss.) Jackie Chun, (Boss.) Kurirun (Boss.)
And Yamucha. (Boss.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 9-10.

The path is pretty straight forward here. Just follow it and you'll arrive
at The Tenkaichi Boudouki Stadium. Don't worry, there's no monsters on the
way there, but there is also no Boxes to land on to get any items. So,
unless you prepared before hand, you're at a loss. Anyway, enter and 
you'll start the tournament. Since the thing goes directly to the finals,
you're first opponent is Giran. He's not too hard, but just be sure you
can survive against him. Just use a few Kamehamehas if you can and he'll 
go down. (Also, if at anytime you lose, don't worry, you don't die. You
just lose in The 21st Tenkaichi Boudouki and the game continues. You can
actually even beat Jackie Chun, like I did, but it's not easy. Nothing
special happens, except Goku gets a trophy with a Dragon Ball on it and 
you see a nice image of what I just described.)

Anyway, your next opponent is Yamucha. He's not even a challenge really, 
so just take care of him fast. Then you got Kurirun, who's also a 
pushover. He's a bit stronger than Yamucha, so be sure to hit him harder. 
Now, the next fight is with Jackie Chun. If you need to, use your Items to 
heal up and get ready. Be sure you have some W, (Ki power.) so you can hit 
him with some good attacks. Don't worry if you lose, like I said, it 
doesn't really matter. He's hard and can block your Kamehamehas with ease, 
so watch it. If you win or lose, The 21st Tenkaichi Boudouki ends and Goku
starts his next adventure: Finding his 4 Star Dragon Ball.

- J. A New Enemy Is After The Dragon Balls! Head To Muscle Tower . [7.10] -

Enemies In This Area: Bonkon Robo, Buruu, (Boss.) Buyon, (Boss.) Debiruzu, 
Giran, Houtaiatoko, Metaridku, (Boss.) Murasaki, (Boss.) Red Ribbon, 
(Battle Car.) Red Ribbon, (Hand Gun.) Red Ribbon, (Helicopter.) Red Ribbon 
(Machine Gun.) And Red Ribbon. (Colonel Yellow.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 10-12.

Well, regardless if you won in The 21st Tenkaichi Boudouki, the game
continues here. You'll arrive on a new Map, which is pretty small. You'll
also notice a new Box, which has a RRA Ribbon in it, which means The Red
Ribbon Army is now around. You'll encounter some Red Ribbon Soldiers, but
they all pose no real threat. Anyway, you'll notice two goals here. Muscle
Tower and Korin's Tower. Since you can do nothing at the latter, head to
Muscle Tower. Train if you need to and stock up on some items and then
continue on. You'll first arrive in Jingle Village once you enter the
Muscle Tower Box. Enter Suno's House and a Red Ribbon Soldier (I'm calling
them this, since the official title for these enemies is just Red Ribbon.)
will attack you. (It's the Red Ribbon Soldier with the Hand Gun.) Kill him 
and Suno will thank you and explain the situation at hand. Goku agrees to 
help her village, but needs something to stand against the cold. Talk to 
Suno and she'll give you a Fur Coat, which solves your problem.

Now, head outside and choose the other option besides Suno's House. You'll 
arrive at Muscle Tower. You'll enter in on Floor 1, unlike in the Manga 
and Anime, where Goku skipped Floor 1 and went right to Floor 2. As you 
enter, 2 Red Ribbon Soldiers will attack you. (One is a Red Ribbon Soldier 
with a Hand Gun and the other is a Red Ribbon Soldier with a Machine Gun.) 
Dispose of them and then head up to Floor 2. (You first must look to find 
the stairs before the Floor 2 option appears. This goes for ALL the Floors 
in Muscle Tower.) You'll be encountered by 3 Red Ribbon Soldiers this 
time. (2 of them are the same as the last battle, with the addition of a 
Colonel Yellow "drone" as I call them.) Again, kill this weaklings and 
head up to Floor 3. You'll encounter the first Boss of this area, 
Metaridku. (Or Metallic, as the name comes out to be.) He's a fair 
challenge, but most of his attacks do little damage to you. Just slam him 
with a few Ki attacks if you can and he'll go down. Otherwise, just pound 
him. Just make sure you have a fair share of HP though. Defeat him and 
head up to Floor 4.

Now, once you arrive here, you're greeted by Murasaki, the next Boss of
Muscle Tower. Again, fight and kill him. He's fairly strong and his Ninja
attacks do a good deal of damage, depending on your level. Over all, just
don't take this guy lightly, unless you got a few Ki Cards that'll knock
him down fast. Once he dies, check his body and you'll get a Key. Look
and find Android #8 and free him. Talk to him and look around and 
eventually, he'll help you out, even leading you to the top of Muscle
Tower. So, with Android #8 helping you now, look and find the stairs to
Floor 5 and climb them. Nothing is on Floor 5, as Android #8 states that
there's a hidden room and he doesn't know what's inside. So, climb up to
Floor 6 and you'll meet...General Blue? I thought General White was here.
Oh well...guess this is how the game goes. 

After congratulating you on reaching the top of Muscle Tower, he'll hit
a trap door, where you fall into Floor 5 and are confronted by Buyon, 
yet another Boss. Well, this guy is strong, depending on how you built
up Goku in Levels. He falls easily if you just slam him with Ki attacks
or the Nyou Bou. Just watch your HP, because you have one final Boss after
this. Now, after beating Buyon, climb back up to Floor 6 and you'll once
again meet General Blue. He's shocked that you just defeated Buyon, but
he's ready to fight you himself. Buruu, as his official name in the game,
is probably the toughest Boss yet in the game. If he gets his 3 hit combo
in on you, the punch, kick and elbow, it could do some damage. (If he uses
his Kanashibari No Jyutsu and then the combo, it can REALLY hurt you. Over 
all though, just be sure to hit him hard and fast, which is pretty much 
the strategy for all the Bosses in this game.)

So, after Buruu falls, you'll rescue Upa. (The Indian child who was 
kidnapped by Buruu from Bora, since he wouldn't give up his Dragon Ball.
He was also holding Jingle Village hostage, until the villagers there 
helped him find the Dragon Ball in that area as well. You could've gone
to Korin's Tower before this, but all that happens is Bora just explains
what happened and you decide to save Upa. Pretty worthless.) Now you'll
leave and you'll appear once more on the Map. There's a new location, 
which is The Red Ribbon Army's HQ. But for now, head to Korin's Tower. 

- K. Climbing The Sacred Tower Of Korin . . . . . . . . . . . [ CTST7.11 ]-

Enemies In This Area: Beru, Haapu, Metaridku, Murasaki, Red Ribbon, 
(Battle Car.) Red Ribbon, (Hand Gun.) Red Ribbon, (Helicopter.) Red 
Ribbon, (Machine Gun.) Red Ribbon (Colonel Yellow.) And Saibooge.
Suggested Level To Train To: 10-12.

Ok, Korin's Tower is to the West of your current position, after you
exit Muscle Tower. Now, you CAN go to The Red Ribbon Army's HQ, but you
can't do anything really, as Tao Pai Pai guards the place. Each of his
attacks deals an insane amount of damage to you, so don't even go there
unless you want to die. Now, you'll now notice that there is 1 Demon Box
on the Map now. The only enemies around of that category are the Shinberu
and Tanbarin drones. That's it. There's also Metaridku and Murasaki clones 
running around this area for some reason...huh. Anyway, I suggest training
until you get to your highest Level for this area and can't go any higher.
Then go ahead and enter Korin's Tower.

Once at the base of Korin's Tower, Bora will thank you for saving his son,
Upa earlier. He'll then explain what Korin's Tower is and that you should
go train up top, so you can beat The Red Ribbon Army. Do so. You'll enter
a very short "Minigame" if you want to call it that, since it really 
isn't. Just follow the path. There's a fixed chance that when you stop on
a Box, you are either pushed back some spaces or pushed forward. Also, if
you don't make it to the top with the first 5 Cards, you must start all
over. It's not that hard, really. Just make sure you got some high Cards
and you'll be fine. Now, once you arrive there, you'll enter Korin's 
Training Part 2, which is explained in the Various Training 
Games/Minigames section, so see that if you need help. This Minigame in
particular is REALLY annoying in my opinion. So just hope that you get
done with it fast.

Now, after the training, accept the Super Holy Water and the Senzu Bean 
from Korin and then leave. You'll now be stronger...I guess. So, now all
that's left is to charge The Red Ribbon Army's HQ.

- L. The Storming Of The Red Ribbon Army's HQ . . . . . . . . [ TSO7.12 ] -

Enemies In This Area: Beru, Haapu, Jiyaket Suto, (Boss.) Metaridku, 
Murasaki, Red Ribbon, (Battle Car.) Red Ribbon, (Hand Gun.) Red Ribbon, 
(Helicopter.) Red Ribbon, (Machine Gun.) Red Ribbon, (Colonel Yellow.) 
Saibooge And Tao Pai Pai. (Boss.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 12.

Well, now that you drank some Super Holy Water, Tao Pai Pai won't be able
to deal an INSANE amount of damage to you anymore. So, now head Southeast
to The Red Ribbon Army's HQ. There's the same enemies in the area as 
before, so if you haven't already, train to Level 12, which is your limit
for this area. Now, when you're ready, enter The Red Ribbon Army's HQ and
you'll be greeted by Tao Pai Pai. Fight him and defeat him. If you're at
Level 12 and all of Goku's Stats are fairly good, you should have no 
problem with him at all. So quickly destroy him and then continue on. 
The next area you'll arrive in has Commander Red and Assistant Black, 
which both confront you. Odd, since Commander Red never meets Goku face to
face, as he's killed seconds before Goku arrives and meets Assistant 
Black. Anyway, Assistant Black will get inside his Red Ribbon Army Battle
Jacket and attack you. (The Boss is called Jiyaket Suto, not Assistant
Black. Just wanted to clear that up with everyone.)

This Boss can be tricky, but not to worry. If you have a Ki Card and 
enough W, (Again, remember W is Ki in this.) you should come out fine. 
His only really serious attack is his Missile one. Other wise, he's a 
pushover. After defeating him, Commander Red is "dead" or something and 
The Red Ribbon Army is defeated...for now, until Dragon Ball Z starts up,
as we all know. Now, search the room and you'll find the 1 Star Dragon
Ball. Take it and leave. You'll be back on the Map, but it's now a new
Map and your new goal is to head to Urani Baba's Palace to find out
the location of the Dragon Ball that you can't locate on the Dragon 

- M. Finding The Location Of The Final Dragon Ball! The 3 Fighters . [713]-

Enemies In This Area: Atsukuman, (Boss.) Beru, Gakin, Haapu, Jiyaket Suto, 
Jiyorakon, Kingu Giran, Mamii, Miira, (Boss.) Saibooge, Sataan, Shinberu, 
(Boss.) Son Gohan (Boss.) And Zonbi Rikanto.
Suggested Level To Train To: 13-14.

Well, your first objective on this new Map is to just head to Master 
Roshi's Island. It's to the Northeast of your starting position. It 
doesn't matter which way you go, since you'll end up in the same place
regardless of the path. Be on guard, because there are a whole bunch of
new enemies around. You can now also gain more Levels, so I advise you
do just that. When you're ready, enter Master Roshi's Island. He'll tell
you how to locate the Dragon Ball that you need, by telling you to go
see his sister, Urani Baba. You'll exit the place automatically and the
Map will once again change. Follow the new path West and head Southwest
to Urani Baba's Palace. You can head South from Master Roshi's Island, but 
you'll still end up at Urani Baba's Palace. So head either way.

Once you enter Urani Baba's Palace, Ghost will meet you and talk to you.
Talk to him and he'll lead you to Urani Baba. She'll explain to you how
she locates what people desire, but for a price. Since Goku can't afford
the hefty amount, she states that if he wants to, he can fight her 3 
fighters. (It's 5 in the Manga and Anime, but they cut out Dracula Man and
Invisible Man.) Goku decides to do this, but wants to get Kurirun and 
Yamucha to help him first. You'll exit the area automatically and yet 
again, the Map is changed. Now, head North until you find Kurirun. He'll
join you. That's one down and one to go. Now, to find Yamucha, head East.
Along the way, you'll fight Shinberu. (Cymbal.) Now, he's technically a 
Boss in my book, since he is a main enemy in the Manga and Anime. When 
you encounter him, since you SHOULD be around Level 12 or higher, just
slam him until he dies. He's not too much of a challenge. I was able to
beat him with one Ki attack.

After he dies, nothing special happens. Odd. It's also weird that he's 
around now, since Piccolo Daimaou isn't even released for another 3 years.
Oh, which reminds me. You'll notice 2 Red Ribbon Boxes on the Map. Ignore
them. You can't fight there. I guess they were left there by mistake, 
since the area you're in was once the area for Muscle Tower. Oh well. 
Probably a programming error or something. Anyway, Yamucha is nearby, so
meet with him and then head back to Urani Baba's Palace. Once there, 
you'll begin to fight her 3 fighters. You'll start by using Kurirun. Piece
of advice here: You can't win. Don't bother trying. Kurirun can't even 
dent this guy, so just let yourself die. When Kurirun falls, Yamucha will
step up. Again, he can do nothing against the first Boss, Miira, so just
let him die as well. Now, Goku steps up, so you CAN win now and if you
lose, it's Game Over. Miira, oddly enough, is WEAK. The monsters on the
Map around this area are stronger than him. Just slaughter him. He's not
a challenge. Then Atsukuman will step up. Another Boss, if you even want
to call this guy that.

Again, he's really weak. Just destroy him fast and hit him hard. That's 2
down now. After the fight, Urani Baba will bring out her final fighter,
Son Gohan. It says his name as clear as day, yet Goku doesn't know it's
really his Grandpa. Oh well. You'll be taken outside and into the arena,
where you were previously fighting inside Devil's Toilet. (Son Gohan asked
to fight here, so that there was no chance of Goku falling off and dying
on Devil's Toilet.) Now, Son Gohan is NOT easy. Don't take him lightly at
all. I suggest just using your strongest Ki attacks you can throw at him.
That should work wonders on him. Though, he CAN block your Ki attacks, 
which sucks. Also, be sure you have enough HP going into this battle, 
otherwise, you're dead. Well, once you defeat him, he'll reveal who he is
and Goku becomes happy. After some talking and stuff, Son Gohan disappears
back to Heaven and Urani Baba points out where the final Dragon Ball is.
Pilaf has it and he's not too far from here. With this new information, 
Goku leaves Urani Baba's Palace and you're once again on a new Map.

- N. An Old Enemy Returns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ AOER7.14 ]-

Enemies In This Area: Beru, Gakin, Haapu, Jiyaket Suto, Jiyorakon, Kingu 
Giran, Mamii, Pirafu Mashiin X3, (Boss.) Saibooge, Sataan And Zonbi 
Suggested Level To Train To: 14.

Now that you're on a new Map, you can now locate Pilaf, but more 
importantly the Dragon Ball. Pilaf is to the Northeast of your starting
position. This is a small Map, so head either way to get to him. (North
or West.) Once you find him and confront him, he, Shao and Mai will get
into their Robots and attack you. Now THIS is a Boss fight. You must fight
and defeat 3 Robots. (They're all called Pirafu Mashiin.) Now, the only
attack you need to be on guard about here is the Missile one. This thing
can REALLY hurt you and it's pretty much the only Ki attack each Robot
uses. Be sure you have a good portion of W on hand, so you can cast Ki
attacks. Use your strongest ones you got. Also, make sure your HP is high,
because this is the main point of the battle; to keep your HP from 

Once you defeat all 3 Robots, Pilaf unwillingly gives you the final Dragon
Ball and runs off. The next part is weird, as it immediately just zips to
3 years later and you're on a new Map...again. The Map has the same 
enemies as the previous Maps, so there's nothing really new here. Train if
you need to and stock up on Items also. When you're ready, your goal is
the City to the Northwest. Once inside here, you'll meet Bulma. Talk to
her twice and you'll be brought to The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena again. Be 
careful, though. If you want to do good here, make sure you have alot of
Healing Cards and that your W is at its Max. Whenever you feel you're 
ready, start The 22nd Tenkaichi Boudouki. (Note: Once you talk to Bulma
twice, you CAN NOT go back and train or get Items, because you'll be at
The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena.)

- O. The 22nd Tenkaichi Boudouki . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ T22TB7.15 ]-

Enemies In This Area: Chaou Zu, (Boss.) Kurirun, (Boss.) Tenshinhan 
(Boss.) And Yamucha. (Boss.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 14.

Welcome back to The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena. Once again, Goku heads 
right to the finals and there's 2 new challengers this time. Chaou Zu and
Tenshinhan. They're students of Tsuru Sennin, Master Roshi's Rival. He
entered his students in The 22nd Tenkaichi Boudouki to show Master Roshi
his students are better. After they leave, Goku walks off and starts his
first fight, which is against Chaou Zu. This fight is a joke. He has 
barely any HP, so just attack him and he'll go down. He's really simple.
If you have a problem with him, then obviously you aren't even trying
to win. Next up is Kurirun. Again, he's a pushover. Just assault him and
he'll fall fast. Not a problem at all. Then we have Yamucha. He's weaker
than Kurirun, so this should be even easier. Use a Ki attack if you need
to, but otherwise, just barrage him with normal attacks.

So, after these 3 go down, you'll go to the final match and fight 
Tenshinhan. Remember, you DON'T need to win in order to continue the game
here. It's all for fun and Goku didn't even win The 22nd Tenkaichi 
Boudouki originally. If you do win, you'll get another trophy and a Dragon
Ball on top of it. Now, Tenshinhan is STRONG. Most of his attacks can hit
you hard and he can block ALOT of your attacks with ease, even your Ki
attacks, so watch out. Again, don't worry if you don't win, just try your
best. If you win, good job, because you gain ALOT of Experience and 
another trophy. Now what happens, you ask? Is the game over? Not quite 

- P. A New Evil Enters The World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ANEE7.16 ] -

Enemies In This Area: None.
Suggested Level To Train To: 14.

Regardless of what happens, the game continues. After the battle, Tsuru 
Sennin will come in and yell at his students, regardless if they won or

After he leaves, Tenshinhan and Chaou Zu become your friends, since they
learn how evil their old master really was. As everyone is talking about
what they're going to do next, Goku asks where Kurirun is. Everyone looks
around and they end up finding him dead, with a piece of paper near him.
After examining it, Master Roshi tells that it's the mark of Piccolo 
Daimaou, the Demon that his master, Mutaito, locked away many, many years
ago. Now that he knows who killed his best friend, Goku rushes off blindly
to gather the Dragon Balls and to stop Piccolo Daimaou.

- Q. Meeting With Yajirobe And The Demon Children . . . . . [ MWYAN7.17 ] -

Enemies In This Area: Beru, Gakin, Haapu, Jiyaket Suto, Jiyorakon, Kingu 
Giran, Mamii, Pikkoro, (Boss.) Saibooge, Sataan, Shinberu, (Boss.) 
Tanbarin, (Boss.) Yajirobe (Boss.) And Zonbi Rikanto.
Suggested Level To Train To: 16.

Right after Goku flies off, you'll be in control again, once you appear
on a new Map. This place is pretty straight forward. There's no new
enemies around here, but you can gain Levels once again, so do that until
you feel you're ready or you yet again hit the Max for this area. Whenever
you're ready, head South and you'll run into Yajirobe. Goku will go near
his lunch and he'll get mad and attack you. (Goku was starving and needed
food and found Yajirobe's Fish and ate it, making Yajirobe mad and 
attacking him.) Yajirobe isn't that hard, really. A few hard hits and he's
down for the count. A Ki attack can REALLY hurt him, though.

Once Yajirobe falls, Goku will talk to him and he'll learn where Piccolo
Daimaou is. (Yajirobe will tell him he saw a guy looking for something not
far from here.) Thanking him, Goku leaves. From your spot on the map, you
can easily see Tanbarin. (Tambourine.) Simply confront him and Goku will
go nuts, asking if he's the one who killed Kurirun. Not really caring what
Goku wants to know, he takes this chance to kill him, since he was a 
participant in The Tenkaichi Boudouki. (Piccolo Daimaou wants ALL fighters
in The Tenkaichi Boudouki dead, because he fears fighters, since it was
one that sealed him away. That's why Tanbarin is killing everyone.)

Now, you'll fight Tanbarin. He's not that bad, really. I just suggest you 
use your Ki attacks, because regular ones deal some good damage, but what 
they can do is nothing compared to a Kamehameha. Once he dies, you'll get 
a Dragon Ball. Good. Now, continue to follow the path North and guess who 
you see? Shinberu. He's somehow alive, even though you trashed him before. 
(Which I still don't get how he was around then.) He's just as strong as 
last time and with Goku even stronger than before, this guy is going to 
feel the hand of Death a second time. Dispose of him quickly and move on. 
Continue to follow the path once more and as you round a corner, you'll be 
able to see Pikkoro, (Piccolo Daimaou.) the one behind all of this.

- R. The Demon King Himself Appears . . . . . . . . . . . . [ TDKHA7.18 ] -

Enemies In This Area: Beru, Gakin, Haapu, Jiyaket Suto, Jiyorakon, Kingu 
Giran, Mamii, Pikkoro, (Boss.) Saibooge, Sataan, Shinberu, (Boss.) 
Tanbarin, (Boss.) Yajirobe (Boss.) And Zonbi Rikanto.
Suggested Level To Train To: 16.

Well, here he is. Pikkoro, The Great Demon King. I guess killing him will
end everything, right? Wrong. This isn't the end. Not yet. You can't 
prepare for him. Well, you can try, but it's futile. Here's something you 
need to know for the next part: You can't win this battle, no matter how 
strong you are, even if you are at the Max Level for this area. Goku never 
won this fight and it's what kept this part of the series going. Confront 
Pikkoro and you'll fight him. Don't try to assault him with your best 
attacks, because they won't work. Nothing does. Just let him kill you. 
That's all you can do, really. Once he kills you or rather just knocks 
you out, but thinks he killed you, the battle ends and Yajirobe rescues
you and you decide to head to Korin's Tower to seek some advice.

- S. A Drink That Makes You Stronger? Piccolo Daimaou's Final Stand . 719 -

Enemies In This Area: Beru, Doku Giran, Doku Giran, (Boss.) Doramu, 
Doramu, (Boss.) Gakin, Haapu, Jiyaket Suto, Jiyorakon, Kingu Giran, Konga, 
Konga, (Boss.) Mamii, Mandorin, Marinba, Nise Gokuu, (Boss.) Pikkoro, 
(Boss.) Saibooge, Sataan, Shinberu, Shinberu, (Boss.) Tanbarin, Tanbarin 
(Boss.) And Zonbi Rikanto.
Suggested Level To Train To: 17.

After Goku decides on where to go for now, you'll appear on a new Map once
more. The same enemies are around from the last Map, but as you get closer
to The King's Castle, new Demon Children will start to appear, as well
as some other new enemies. Now, your first goal is to head to Korin's 
Tower, so do that. If you want to train, go for it, because you could
use all the training you can get for the upcoming fight with Pikkoro. Now,
once you arrive at Korin's Tower, (Which by the way is to the Northeast of
your starting position.) Korin will give you the Super God Water, which
will make you stronger, only if you can survive it. He'll first give you
a Senzu Bean, so you'll be fine for this. When you drink the Super God
Water, you'll take 50 damage, but become much stronger. (It doesn't show,
but trust me, you are stronger.)

Now, leave Korin's Tower and you'll appear on the Map again. Your next 
goal is The King's Castle, which is to the West of your current position.
Now, I suggest you train to Level 17 if at all possible, since your Levels
are now going to require a SHIT LOAD of Experience from now on. So, 
whenever you're ready, enter The King's Castle. Just be warned, this is
probably THE hardest part of the game and also the most annoying as well.
The next part is a Maze, but I have mapped it out and I will give 
directions to get from place to place with ease, unlike the last Maze, 
which was WAY back at the beginning of the game. (Except that Maze had a 
Map and was so small and easy to navigate I didn't need to tell you where 
to go.)

So, once you enter, you'll be standing outside The King's Castle. Now, 
choose the Move option (The option that's the farthest to the right.) and
choose the second option. (The first option is to just leave the place, 
which you don't want to do, unless you need to heal up or train.) Now,
you'll enter The King's Castle. (There's two ways to enter this place, but
we're going to do this my way. Don't worry, you'll get through this.) 
You're first objective here is to defeat 6 of Pikkoro's Henchmen. Only
then will you be able to locate Pikkoro himself. So, first, from the 
start, head straight, turn left, continue straight, turn right, head 
straight, head right and then go straight until you see a door and enter 
it. You'll run into Piano, one of Pikkoro's Henchmen. Goku will confront
him, but he's not a fighter at all. Instead, he releases Nise Gokuu, a 
green clone of Goku.

This guy is probably the hardest Boss you've fought yet, mainly because
you're fighting yourself. As far as from what I can tell, I don't think
he's at the same Level your Goku is, but he could either be higher or 
lower. It's not known. The best strategy for this fight is to just use
your strongest Ki attacks, because, depending on your Level here, your
regular attacks may or may not do some heavy damage to him. I suggest you
make sure you have full HP and W before going into this battle, because it
could get ugly. Once you win, I guess either Piano is killed or runs away,
because he disappears. Now, search Nise Gokuu and you'll discover a 
Dragon Ball. Take it and leave. That's 1 down. 5 to go. For the next part,
back track to the entrance and leave. (If you need to, heal up and train.
Otherwise, continue on.)

Now, reenter The King's Castle, but go in through the second entrance. 
From the start, head straight until intersection, then turn right, head 
straight, then turn right at intersection and head straight for the door.
Enter it and Konga, a grey drone of Doramu will appear. Now, before you
fight this guy, I STRONGLY suggest you have a few Ki Cards handy, because
you WILL need them. Trust me, this guy is harder than most Bosses you 
fought and in my opinion, harder than Pikkoro himself. I was Level 17 here
and my attacks were dealing maybe 7 Damage if I was lucky. With a Ki Card,
you can deal around 30-40 Damage. Don't be surprised if this guy takes a
while, because you may have to try a few times until you beat him. Also,
make sure your HP is full, because this guy can drain you of it FAST. Once
he falls, check him and you'll find another Dragon Ball. That's 2 now. 
Only 4 left.

If you need to, which you probably will, head to the exit and heal up and
then return to The King's Castle. Either way, exit the place and head back
in through the first entrance. From the start, head straight, turn left, 
then head straight all the way, turn right, head straight and then turn 
right and enter the door. You'll encounter Doku Giran. This guy is a 
breeze compared to Konga. Simply fight him and defeat him with your best
attacks. He's not all that hard, but he can prove to be a slight 
challenge, so watch out. Once he dies, check him and you get yet another
Dragon Ball. Now you're half way done. Again, heal up if you need to and
then continue on. 

Now, from where you exited the door from the last room, DO NOT leave, but 
instead, head straight, turn right, straight, turn right, head straight 
until the second left and then turn left and enter the door. You'll be in 
what looks like a Throne Room, but Doramu will be there. Simply challenge 
him and fight him. Compared to his drone, Konga, he's a pushover. Just hit
him with one good Ki attack and some regular attacks and he's done for. 
Once he dies, check him and you'll get another Dragon Ball, bringing you
up to a total of 4 now. Now only 2 remain. So, heal up if you need to and
continue on.

Again, DO NOT exit the place, but rather from the door you just exited the
Battle with Doramu from, head straight down, then head left, head straight 
all the way, head left, then straight, then right, then straight all the 
way, then right and enter the door. You'll encounter Tanbarin...again. 
Simply fight him and kill him. He's not that strong and he should fall 
easily this time, compared to how strong you are now. Once he dies, check
him and you'll gain another Dragon Ball. That's 5. Only one remains. Heal
up if you need to, exit the place ONLY if you REALLY need to and then back
track to this point and continue. 

Now, if you didn't exit the place and want to head directly to the final
guy, you'll have to head back to the intersection where you turned right
to get here. Pretty much follow the last path you did, but instead of 
turning right, head straight. After you do this, go right at the next 
right, head straight, then left, then straight, then left and enter the 
door. You'll encounter Shinberu...yet again. Bet you're getting tired of
him, aren't you? Well, again, dispose of Shinberu with your best attacks.
It won't take much, since this guy isn't a challenge to you anymore...I 
hope. Once he dies, check him and you'll get your 6th Dragon Ball. Good 
job. Now, only one remains and Pikkoro has it. If you tried to find him
before, good job, you can't. The only way he'll appear is when you defeat
his henchmen and gather 6 Dragon Balls. Now, before you continue, 
DEFINITELY heal up, prepare all you want and then continue on.

Now, first thing you should do is to head back to the door where you 
fought Tanbarin, so do so. Then, from the door, head straight, then left, 
then straight, then right, head straight, then right, then straight and 
left, then straight, then left and enter the door. Pikkoro will be there 
and without a choice, you'll fight him. Now, unlike last time, you can 
now hurt him and his Ki attacks won't do an insane amount of damage to 
you. (By the way, the Dragon Ball you found on Tanbarin WAY back after you
fought Yajirobe, was stolen from you by Pikkoro after he defeated you. 
It happened in the Manga and Anime, so it happened here too.) Now, I 
suggest that for this battle you kill him as fast as possible, because
he can still kill you with a few Ki attacks of his. His regular attacks
don't really cause THAT much damage, but they can still hurt you alot. 

Once you defeat him, you'll see a nice graphic of Goku slamming through
his chest and killing him, just like in the Manga and Anime. He'll die 
and you'll get the final Dragon Ball. Shenlong will the be summoned and
everyone who was killed by Pikkoro will now be revived.

- T. The Terror Is Over. A New Tournament Will Begin Soon . . . [ TT7.20 ]-

Enemies In This Area: None.
Suggested Level To Train To: 17.

Well, after Shenlong is summoned and everyone is revived who died at the
hands of Pikkoro, Goku heads to Korin's Tower with Yajirobe. You'll get a
Senzu Bean, as Korin tells Goku how to climb up and meet Kami Sama, the 
divine being that governs the Earth. Before you head up, Korin gives you 
the Cat Bell, which is proof to be able to meet Kami Sama. (A person needs 
Korin's Approval in order to get this.) So, using his Nyou Bou, which he 
finds out is actually a connection pole from Korin's Tower to Kami's 
Lookout and not a weapon really, he rides the pole up and climbs up to 
Kami's Lookout.

- U. Training With God And His Assistant, Mr. Popo . . . . . . [ TWG7.21 ]-

Enemies In The Area: None.
Suggested Level To Train To: 17.

Well, once you arrive at Kami's Lookout, Mr. Popo, Kami Sama's Assistant
greets you. Though, just not anyone can enter the place and Goku needs
to show him proof that he is worthy of entering here. Show him the Cat
Bell that Korin gave you and Kami Sama will appear. (Who Goku notices 
looks JUST like Pikkoro does.) You'll then learn that Pikkoro is apart of 
Kami Sama. He's actually his evil side, which was made into a being when 
he cleansed himself of all evil to become God. If he dies, so does Kami 
Sama and vice versa. But if he's still alive, then Pikkoro is...alive. If 
you're familiar with the Manga or Anime, you'll know that Pikkoro released 
his final egg before he died, which had Ma Junior or the Piccolo we now 
know in it. Because Pikkoro put his essence into Ma Junior, Kami Sama was 
able to continue to live and Ma Junior was able to live as well.

Now, after you learn this, Kami Sama explains that in 3 years, the 23rd 
Tenkaichi Boudouki will begin and that his training will greatly help you,
as well as when you will face Ma Junior. So, the training begins, as Mr. 
Popo trains you. You enter Mr. Popo's Training Part 2, which is explained
in the Various Training Games/Minigames section, so head there now if you
need to know what to do. Otherwise, once you complete the training, Kami
Sama gives you Weighted Clothing, which will greatly help your training
later on. (Note: Once you receive the Weighted Clothing, you'll now use 
this instead of Turtle Shells.) After giving you some final advice, you 
leave Kami's Lookout automatically and you appear on Earth once more.

- V. 3 Years Later, 18 Year Old Son Goku Returns To Earth Below . [ 7.22 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Beru, Biora, Doku Giran, Doramu, Gakin, Haapu, 
Jiyorakon, Kingu Giran, Konga, Mamii, Mandorin, Marinba, Meka Debiru, 
Saibooge, Sataan, Shinberu, Tanbarin And Zonbi Rikanto.
Suggested Level To Train To: 20-21.

With Goku's Training finished, he returns back to Earth to compete in 
The 23rd Tenkaichi Boudouki. Also, just to let you know, you can now 
train as much as you want. I'm pretty sure there's no Max anymore to your 
Level now. The farthest I got was Level 21. (I got to Level 24, but only
after I defeated Ma Junior.) Anyway, Level 20 or 21 will be good enough to
beat the game. Now, you can finally completely explore Earth, but as far 
as I can tell, nothing's really worth searching around for. Though, the 
route to The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena is a LONG ONE, so, let's get 
started. Your first destination is Mt. Frying Pan. So follow the path and 
you'll end up there.

- W. The Pit Stop At Mt. Frying Pan; The Promise He Made Long Ago . [7.23]-

Enemies In The Area: Beru, Biora, Doku Giran, Doramu, Gakin, Haapu, 
Jiyorakon, Kingu Giran, Konga, Mamii, Mandorin, Marinba, Meka Debiru, 
Saibooge, Sataan, Shinberu, Tanbarin And Zonbi Rikanto.
Suggested Level To Train To: 20-21.

Once you arrive at Mt. Frying Pan, you'll notice that the place looks 
much nicer than last time and that there's even a Village and stuff now.
Though, your goal is to find Chi Chi. So start by looking around and 
whatnot. You'll find Chi Chi and she'll be glad that you remembered your
promise to her after all these years. She'll ask you to marry her and 
Goku promises he will, though he doesn't quite understand what the word
means. (He thinks it's food.) Before he marries her, he says he's going
to go fight in The 23rd Tenkaichi Boudouki and that afterwards, he'd marry
her. After saying this, he leaves.

Now, you'll be back on the Map. You can no longer enter Mt. Frying Pan, 
but who cares, there's nothing there anyway. Your next stop is The 
Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena, which is to the South from where you are. You
have two choices here. 1. You can walk there and gain Experience on the 
way. 2. If you feel you're ready, just use Kinto'un/Baby Gamera to fly to
The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena. It's totally up to you, but if you aren't
Level 20 or 21, I suggest you train, because Ma Junior is HARD. 
Regardless, whenever you're ready, enter The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena.

- X. The 23rd Tenkaichi Boudouki . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ T23TB7.24 ]-

Enemies In The Area: None.
Suggested Level To Train To: 20-21.

Ok, this is mainly a word of advice and caution here. Once you enter The
Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena, you CAN NOT leave for ANYTHING. Once you are 
in, you must complete the game. There's no turning back at all, so make
sure you are absolutely prepared and you have a few Senzu Beans on you
for the upcoming battles. Also make sure your W is totally full, because
you're going to need every ounce of it. Also, if you get any really good
Ki Cards, SAVE THEM. You're going to need them against Tenshinhan and Ma
Junior. Finally, unlike the past times, you CAN NOT lose here. You MUST 
fight and beat Ma Junior, because Goku did this in the Manga and Anime and
it was a major part of the story. If you lose in The Tenkaichi Boudouki at
ANYTIME, it's Game Over. Just keep that in mind. Now, with that said, good 
luck, because this is the end of the game and if you screwed up now, you'd 
lose EVERYTHING. (Assuming you aren't playing on an Emulator.)

- Y. 4 Final Matches And The Match With Ma Junior . . . . . . [ 4FM7.25 ] -

Enemies In The Area: Kurirun, (Boss.) Ma Junior, (Boss.) Tao Pai Pai, 
(Boss.) Tenshinhan (Boss.) And Yamucha. (Boss.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 20-21.

Well, once you enter The Tenkaichi Boudouki Arena, Master Roshi, Bulma,
Oolong and Puar will great you and tell you good luck. Tenshinhan, Chaou
Zu, Kurirun and Yamucha will also show up and talk to you, telling you 
that they'll be fighting in The Tenkaichi Boudouki. Now, the first match
begins, but it's not verse Chaou Zu, but Tao Pai Pai, who beat Chaou Zu
and is now taking his place. Some tense music plays when he appears and
you must now fight him in his Cyborg state. 

He's not really THAT bad, actually. A Kamehameha and a few regular hits
should put him down for the count. If not, just keep at it. Once he goes
down, you'll advance to the next fight. Heal up if you need to, but 
hopefully, you'll be fine. Next up is Kurirun. Yet again, he's not too
much of a challenge, but he can become on, if you start to get bad Cards.
In that case, he could become more annoying than an actual challenge. If
you can, hit him with a Giyaku Kamehameha and a few regular hits and he'll
be done for. Once you win, heal up and continue on.

Next in The Tenkaichi Boudouki is Yamucha. The only threat to you is his
Sokidan, which can knock off a decent amount of HP. It hits EVERY TIME, 
even if you block it. Just watch out for it. Otherwise, he's simple and
he won't last long. Defeating him will bring you to the...final fight?
Nope, unlike this one, you must fight 5 fights total, unlike just 4 in the
past. So, the next opponent is Tenshinhan. Now, if you don't play your 
Cards right, he can defeat you. (Haha, Cards. I made a pun on that. 
Hahaha...ok, I'm not funny.) The best strategy for Tenshinhan is...yes, 
you guessed it. Nail him with your best Ki attacks and regular attacks.
Man, I wish this game had more variety to it than the same old strategy
over and over. Otherwise, I wouldn't sound like a broken record.

Anyway, after Tenshinhan goes down, you'll probably need to heal, so do
so. Use a Senzu Bean if you have one. Otherwise, use anything else you
may have. Once you're healed up, the final fight will take place. Goku 
VS. Ma Junior. Get ready, because if you win this, you beat the game.
Once you enter the fight, the best strategy is to just go all out with 
using your Ki attacks. Use the Giyaku Kamehameha like there's no tomorrow.
Ma Junior has ALOT of HP, so this will take a while. He also has alot of
Ki attacks of his own and he even knows the Makankosappo, so watch out.
Keep barraging him and hopefully, you'll win. If not, you have to start
ALL OVER AGAIN. If and once you do beat him, congratulations. You've just
beaten Dragon Ball 3: Gokuuden.

- Z. Ending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ E7.26 ] -

Well, it's all over. You've just completed the entire journey of Goku's 
Adventure all the way through the Dragon Ball Series. After Ma Junior goes
down, you'll see a graphic of Goku headbutting him, as he wins the 
23rd Tenkaichi Boudouki, just like in the Manga and Anime. Afterwards, 
Announcer announces Goku as the World's Greatest Fighter and his excellent 
battle against Ma Junior will be one that is forever remembered. The game 
then ends. It's a let down for all the stuff you went through, but hey, at 
least you beat the game. Now you have bragging rights. Though, I doubt
many will care. Oh well. Good job.

Now, if you wish to continue Goku's Adventures, Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! 
Saiyajin is the next game in the series, as it deals with Goku learning 
about where he came from, as well as battling his brother and preparing 
for the 2 Saiyans that will be arriving in 1 year to take over Earth.

But wait...it's not really over yet...

- AA. Secret Battles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ SECBA7.27 ]-

Enemies In The Area: Arale (Boss.) And Radditsu. (Boss.)
Suggested Level To Train To: 23+.

After you defeat Ma Junior, at the ending, you'll see Cards being flipped 
over with character's faces on them. When you see Arale's Face, hit the A 
Button and you'll get to fight her. Just a warning, though, she is 
INSANELY strong, stronger than Ma Junior infact. Once you beat her, you 
can see the ending again and even fight her again. Though, if you pass by 
her Card and keep waiting, Radditsu's Card will pop up. Hit the A Button 
and you can even fight him! Again, he's strong, hell, stronger than even 
Arale, so have fun. Just note that none of these Battles give you 
Experience, as they're just for fun.

Well, thanks for reading my walkthrough first of all. I hope it helped 
you and with that, I'll be taking my leave now. So long...

= VIII. Analyzing The Enemy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ ATE8 ]=

Note: It's WAY too hard to determine each person's HP. If someone would 
like to hack the game and get me the values, that'd be great. Otherwise, 
none of that is here for now, as that'd take INSANE amounts of time to 
sit and determine how much each Enemy has. Also, depending on what Turtle 
Shell/Weighted Clothing you're wearing, the Experience amount will vary, 
by about 10 or so. Take note of this. I BELIEVE it's 10, I could be wrong, 
though. It's give or take a few hundred with the really big fights, that 
I know.

Enemy Name                  |Appearance                    |Experience Won
Aarashi                     |Blue Bull.                    |4
Arale                       |Small Girl With Glasses.      |0
Atsukuman                   |Devil Looking Fighter.        |23
Beru                        |Teal Shinberu.                |31
Biora                       |Blue Doramu.                  |34
Bonkon Robo                 |Purple Skull Robot.           |15
Buruu                       |Blonde Soldier Fighter.       |22
Buyon                       |Very Fat Blob Monster.        |15
Chaou Zu                    |Small Mime Fighter.           |28
Debiruzu                    |Blue Atsukuman.               |13
Doku Giran                  |Red Giran.                    |40
Doramu                      |Very Fat Demon.               |110
Gakin                       |Blue Buyon.                   |38
Gekon                       |Grey Murasaki.                |7
Giran                       |Blue Pterodactyl Fighter.     |22
Haapu                       |Blue Tanbarin.                |37
Houtaiatoko                 |Colorful Miira.               |9
Jackie Chun                 |Old Man Fighter.              |90
Jiyaket Suto                |Giant Robot With RR Logo On   |45
                            |The Front Chest.              |
Jiyorakon                   |Red Murasaki.                 |21
Kingu Giran                 |Green Giran.                  |28
Kirakiyura                  |Grey Bull.                    |6
Konga                       |Grey Doramu.                  |190
Kurirun                     |Bald Monk Fighter.            |12/23/30/295
Ma Junior                   |Namekian Fighter.             |20,745
Mamii                       |Grey Miira.                   |33
Mandorin                    |Red Tanbarin.                 |68
Marinba                     |Dark Blue Shinberu.           |70
Meka Debiru                 |Aqua Jiyaket Suto             |35
Metaridku                   |Terminator Looking Fighter.   |24
Miira                       |Mummy Fighter.                |25
Murasaki                    |Purple Ninja Fighter.         |20
Nise Gokuu                  |Green Goku.                   |810
Pikkoro                     |Namekian Fighter.             |0/1,810
Pirafu Mashiin              |Green Jiyaket Suto.           |30
Radditsu                    |Long Haired Saiyan.           |0
Red Ribbon (Air Car.)       |RR Soldier In A Air Car.      |8
Red Ribbon (Hand Gun.)      |RR Soldier With A Hand Gun.   |3
Red Ribbon (Helicopter.)    |RR Soldier In A Helicopter.   |7
Red Ribbon (Machine Gun.)   |RR Soldier With A Machine Gun.|4
Red Ribbon (Colonel Yellow.)|Yellow Tiger With A Hand Gun. |5
Rikanto                     |Blue Bear Thief.              |2
Saibooge                    |Purple Metaridku.             |38
Sanzoku                     |Grey Bear Thief.              |3
Sanzoku No Bosu             |Red Bear Thief.               |10
Sataan                      |Red Atsukuman.                |36
Shinberu                    |Horned Monster With Wings.    |50
Son Gohan                   |Old Man Wearing A Rabbit Mask.|35
Taamineetaa                 |Blue Metaridku.               |10
Tanbarin                    |Thin Demon With Wings.        |55
Tao Pai Pai                 |Fighter With A Pony Tail And  |44/266
                            |Mustache.                     |
Tenshinhan                  |3 Eyed Fighter.               |150/4,476
Usagi San (Black.)          |Black Man Wearing Rabbit Ears.|4
Usagi San (White.)          |White Man Wearing Rabbit Ears.|4
Yajirobe                    |Fat Fighter With A Sword.     |48
Yamucha                     |Long Haired Human Fighter.    |25/28/310
Zonbi Rikanto               |Grey And Red Bear Thief.      |70

= IX. Card List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ CL9 ] =

- A. Menu Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MC9.1 ] -

Card Name       |Description
Baby Gamera     |Flies you to any location on the Map that's in red.
Blank           |Does nothing.
Capsule Airplane|Flies you to any location on the Map that's in red.
Cat Bell        |Used to gain access to Kami's Lookout.
1 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 1 star.
2 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 2 stars.
3 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 3 stars.
4 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 4 stars.
5 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 5 stars.
6 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 6 stars.
7 Star DB       |A Dragon Ball with 7 stars.
Dragon Radar    |Locates the Dragon Balls.
Kinto'un        |Flies you to any location on the Map that's in red, but 
                |uses 10 of your W.
Meat            |Heals 10 HP.
Mouse           |Use against Buruu to stun him for 1 turn.
Plate Of Food   |Heals 50 HP.
Senzu Bean      |Heals HP completely.
Scroll          |Recovers 50 W.
Turtle Shell    |Increases Experience gained.
Turtle Shell 2  |Increases Experience gained.
Weighted Shirt  |Increases Experience gained.
Weighted Shirt 2|Increases Experience gained.

- B. Battle Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ BC9.2 ] -

Card Name       |Description
Arale           |Turns all your Cards into Ki Cards.
Bulma           |Heals 10 HP.
Chaou Zu        |Turns the Card of your choice into a Escape Card.
Gatchan         |Gives all your Cards the best Defense.
Kami Sama       |Heals HP completely.
Korin           |Heals 50 HP.
Kurirun         |Increases all your Card's Dots by 1.
Master Roshi    |Heals 50 W.
Mr. Popo        |Heals W completely.
Obotcha Man     |Increases/Decreases the amount of Dots on one Card,
                |depending on how many Dots are already on it.
Oolong          |Turns the first Card in your Hand into a Escape Card.
Piccolo Daimaou |???
Puar            |Increases the Defense of all your Cards by 1.
Tenshinhan      |Increases your Technique by 5.
Urani Baba      |Gives you 5 new Cards.
Yamucha         |Increases your Technique by 2.

= X. Secrets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ S10 ]=

None at the moment. If you think you have one, E-Mail me at 
ssj4kain@aol.com with the subject as "Submit-Gokuuden" and I'll be sure 
to give you full credit for it.

= XI. Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ C11 ] =

Well, here's where I give credit to the ones that helped make this 
walkthrough possible. Here's the following people I'd like to thank:

Akira Toriyama - For creating Dragon Ball of course and also having this 
game made. If it weren't for him, this walkthrough wouldn't be here right 
now. So be thankful.

Myself - For actually sitting down and doing this walkthrough. It was 
hell, but it was worth it.

TarKel - For the information regarding the defense symbols on the Cards.

= XII. My Words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ MW12 ]=

Thanks for reading my walkthrough first of all. I sure hope it helped you. 
If you wish to submit something to this walkthrough, send it to 
ssj4kain@aol.com and label the subject as "Submit-Gokuuden" and as nothing 
else please. It isn't too hard and I'm not asking for alot. If you have 
any questions regarding this game, also send them to me and label the 
subject as "Question-Gokuuden" please. Again, not asking much here and it 
isn't hard to understand. Now for the legal stuff.

This guide was created by Kain Stryder. It is not meant to be used on any 
other site besides GameFAQs and any other site I've deemed to have it 
hosted on. It's not to be edited in ANY way for other use. (Unless I give 
permission to do so.) I did not create, nor take in participation of 
creating Dragon Ball. I am not affiliated with Dragon Ball, nor the people 
who made it. I also don't have the rights to it. This includes ALL Dragon 
Ball/Z/GT material. I am a fan simply giving out information to other fans 
of Dragon Ball.

Copyright © 2002 by Kain Stryder. All rights reserved.

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