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    Hints and Tips by Kuniokun

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 05/02/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     (Note: I'm long done playing DoaE II, so this may be one of the last
     updates I make to the FAQ. Any tactics I've missed, mail me and I'll
     add them. Other than that, I won't make any real regular updates to
     the FAQ.)
     -= Destiny of an Emperor II Tactic Guide =-
     Written by Kuniokun (dodgeball_yakuza@hotmail.com)
     v. 0.5  (05/02/2001) 
       1. Intro
       2. About Tactics
       3. Attacking Tactics
       4. Healing Tactics 
       5. Special Tactics
       6. Support Tactics
       7. Array Tactics
       8. Credits, Mad Props, Whatever
     1. [INTRO]
            I'll make this short but sweet- If you haven't played
            DoaE, you haven't lived. The same thing goes for DoaE II.
            This guide covers the uses for the tactics in the game 
            (which most people probably already know, but I figured 
            I'd help out the three people who don't know and are actually
            playing the game). Here it is folks, in pre-PRE beta form.
            There's still a lot more to go on it, so if you can help out 
            at all, mail me at dodgeball_yakuza@hotmail.com, and you'll 
            get due mad props on the FAQ.
            Tactics are probably the most handy thing in the DoaE 
            series. While they have less of a chance of connecting
            than an attack, they're much more devestating in the 
            hands of the right general (for example, Zhuge Liang).
            Compare something like Huo Shen on one enemy performed
            by a somewhat intelligent general to one attack performed
            by any given general, and you'll find that typically, Huo 
            Shen will do mounds more damage- Plus, it's attack power
            doesn't rely on the AP of the general who performs it. One 
            down side, however, is that TP isn't unlimited and it's hard
            to do successful techniques on smarter enemies.
           | I'd say these are pretty self-       |
           | explanatory in terms of what they're |
           | used for, no? All of these tactics   |
           | are found on the main tactics menu   |
           | in-battle.	                      |
     - LIAN HUO -    Fire Attack. A small flame shoots up, damaging the 
     - YAN RE -      Fire Attack. A column of fire shoots up, damaging 
                     the enemy.
     - DA RE -       Fire Attack. Same deal as Yan Re, only more powerful.
     - HUO SHEN -    Powerful Fire Attack. See above, add more damage.
     - SHUI LEI -    Water Thunder Attack. A "bolt" of water shoots 
                     down on the enemy.
     - HONG SHUI -   Water Thunder Attack. Same as Shui Lei, only more
     - SHUI LONG -   Powerful Water Thunder Attack. See above, add more
     - LUO SHI -     Boulder Attack. A boulder rolls towards the enemy.
     - TUO SHI -     Boulder Attack. Exactly like Luo Shi, only more
     - JI SHI -      Powerful Boulder Attack. See above, add more damage.
           | Used to heal yourself. Dwaah. |
     - TONG XIAN - Heals a party member.
     - YIN XIAN -  Same as Tong Xian, only stronger.
     - WAN FU -    Same as Yin Xian, only stronger.
     - JIN XIAN -  Very powerful healing tactic.
           | These tactics all have various         |
           | effects, but not many are really used  |
           | for attacking or healing. They're      |
           | more like the status-changing spells   |
           | in other RPGs.                         |
     - CE JIAN -   Increases tactical defense.
     - LI JIAN -   Confuses an opponent, causing him to attack 
                   himself and his allies. Opponent can still 
                   attack your party, though. 
     - CHAO MA -   Lures an enemy's army out into the open. 
                   (Lowers enemy defense)
     - YI XIN -    Prevents an enemy from attacking or using 
                   tactics until the effect is voided.
     - FU SHA -    Causes opponent's army to doubt allies. If
                   used successfully on all enemies at once, your 
                   party will win the battle.
     - WEI TUI -   Lures all opponents out into the open. Like Chao
                   Ma, only on a larger scale.
     - XING LUAN - Lowers an opponent's TP.
     - XIAN JING - Hits the enemy, causing him to lose half his troops.
     - LI FAN -    Like Li Jian and Fu Sha combined. Causes an enemy
                   to doubt his allies AND makes him attack them. Handy 
                   if you can get it to work on a powerful warlord, as
                   he'll take out his own guys for you.
     - JIE ZHEN -  
     - YAN DUN -   Your army uses smoke, decreasing the hit rate of 
                   the enemy (making it harder for them to hit you).
     - XUE LU -    Causes your army to retreat from the battle. 
                   Useful if you're having trouble running from a 
     - JIE CE -    Uses TP on your main (commanding) general's army. 
                   I'm not sure what this actually does, though...
     - CE FAN -    Causes a selected ally's troops to reflect tactics 
                   back to the opponent.
     - ZHAO GUI -  Brings a dead ally back to life with 400 troops.
     - AN SHA -    Assassination. Instantly kills an opponent.
     - LI MIAN -   Prevents an enemy party from doing damage with physical
        (Used from the "Tactics" option in the command menu)
           | A mixed bag of delicious tactics- you never   |
           | know what to expect, and sometimes... NOTHING |
           | HAPPENS! YAY! Along with the listed tactics,  |
           | your most powerful healing tactic will appear |
           | on this list.                                 |
     - YAN DUN -  When used on the map screen, Yan Dun prevents you 
    	      from getting in fights with enemies.
     - SHA DU -   Protects party from poisonous swamp tiles on the map.
     - SUO DI -   Teleports your party out of a dungeon.
     - ZHAO GUI - Brings an ally back to life, with 400 troops.
           | I'm not sure as to what the practicality     |
           | of these tactics is, so I'll let you decide  |
           | for yourself. As a rule of thumb, though,    |
           | moving forward increases power and decreases |
           | defense, and moving backward does the        |
           | opposite. Here's what it looks like...       |
                                * represents your
                                character's usual 
                                position. (center)
     Liu Bei $   *    &         
     1000   ===========         $ represents where
                                your character goes
                                when moved back.
                                & represents your 
                                character when moved
     - SAN KAI -   Standard formation, all generals in the center 
                   of the line.
     - BAI MA -    Commanding (top) general is at the front of the 
                   line, next two generals remain in the center of the 
                   line, and the  last two generals fall back to the rear 
                   of the line.
     - YU LIN -    Top and bottom generals remain in the center of the line, 
                   middle three generals move to the front of the line. 
                   Increases offense of the middle generals, but lowers 
                   overall defense.
     - HE YI -     Middle general steps out to the front of the line, the 
                   rest stay in the middle.
     - HENG FANG - Every other general steps to the front of the line, the
                   rest step back to the rear of the line. (three forward,
                   two back)
     - FENG JIAN - Middle general steps forward, top and bottom generals step 
                   back, the rest stay in the middle.
     - YI WEN -    Everyone out to the front line. An all-offense technique.
            Destiny of an Emperor II is a copyright of Capcom, and I'm 
            in no way affiliated with them, etc... This FAQ is copyright 
            of me, Kuniokun, (insert c with a circle dealy) 2001... 
            Reproduction or use elsewhere is allowed provided credit is 
            given to me and GameFAQs, cause you thieved it from their 
            site... :) Mad props to ChronoT who made an incredibly in-depth
            FAQ for this game (which unfortunately isn't on GameFAQs)... 
            Can't think of anything else right now... Props to Rumpy 5-0 for
            the info on Sha Du...

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