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From the 18 works included in "Kunio-kun The World Classics Collection" released in December 2018, "Downtown Special Kunio-kun's Historical Drama, All-Member Assembly!" Is released as a single item!

This work is a historical drama action game in which Kunio-kun is struggling in the Edo period. Many characters from the Downtown series have appeared, and one of the attractions is the dramatic story and the comical dialogue that can be seen everywhere.

The operation is a simple action game familiar to the Downtown series, but this work has a lot of techniques and items, and you can shop when you go to the town. In addition, there is a "mystery" in an unexpected place, where powerful items and techniques are sold.

In addition, the content has a high degree of freedom, such as the ability to assign status for training, so you can play carefully, challenge speed play, and play in various ways.

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