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Guide and Walkthrough by AKishan

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/07/2001
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2001

Radia Senki Walkthrough
Version 1.1 by Amar Kishan
on 11/07/01
The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
This is a complete walkthrough for Radia Senki (NES). If you have anything
to add, just contact me at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the
guide.  If you wish to use this guide for any purposes (other than use for
help), please email me first.  This guide is not to be reproduced in
anyway without my permission first.  This guide is copyright 2001 Amar
This guide covers several things in a particular format, which is useful
to know in order to use the guide.

Walkthrough Format:
Chapter: (Name)
Section: (A,B,C, etc.): Name of place
Recommended Level:
Enemies: (name of enemies) 
Treasures: (If any) 
Boss: (If any)

Boss Format: 
Name of Boss: 
Strategy:(how to kill it)

Version 1.1 (11/07/01) 
- Added the description of the tech "Strella"

Version 1.0 (7/27/01) 
- Initial Version

i.) Introduction

ii.) Format

iii.) Version History

iv.) Table of Contents

I.) Walkthrough 
1.) Chapter I: AMNESIA
9.) Chapter IX: RADIA TOWER
10.) Chapter X: FINALE

II.) Armor

III.) Weapons

IV.) Techs

V.) Items

VI.) Bestiary

VII.) Credits/Disclaimer


*Throughout this walkthough I will list the routes that you should take
through a dungeon to obtain ALL the treasure (that is, the treasure that I
have found). However, not all the treasure is usefull.  Some items are
better than others, and you don't have enough Item space to NOT be choosy.
 It's your decision to take or leave the treasure.*

A.) Elfas
Recommended Level: He:1
Enemies: Yellow Slime, Pink Slug, Pink Bull
Treasures: Revive, Herb, Cloth Vest, Meatx4, Rusty Sword

The game starts with the Hero lying prone in a clearing in Guard Forest
North.  A man passing by mistakes the Hero for a bandit and challenges him
to a fight.  The would-be-squabble is interrupted by an ambush by four
Yellow Slimes.  Bash their faces in.  After this "battle" the man
introduces himself as Darus.  The Hero, on the other hand, has amnesia and
can only remember one name, which you must choose.  This will be the
Hero's name throughout the game.  Darus suggests that you head north to
village of Elfas.  Good suggestion!  Follow the path to Elfas.  You'll be
introduced to Chief Rollo of Elfas and his daughter Mina.  They'll escort
you upstairs to rest.  Do so by climbing in to the bed.  For the remainder
of the game, climbing into any bed anywhere restores all HP and Tech
Points and gives you the option to save.

When you wake up, you'll learn that Mina has been kidnapped by bandits
(she was wandering near a notorious hideout for bandits for no
conceivable reason) and it's your duty to save her.  Search the left
dresser for a REVIVE and head downstairs.  Check the right dresser on the
western side of the 1st floor for a HERB.  Head outside and northeast
towards the Tool Shop.  Search the right dresser for a CLOTH VEST.  Sell
this at the counter for 75 Gil.  Exit the Tool Shop and go west towards
the large house.  The second pot from the right contains a MEAT and the
second pot from the left contains MEATx3.

That's it for Elfas for the time being, so head east out of time and north
into Guard Forest East.  The enemies here drop Meats and give decent
experience for the time (you'll get to Level 2 after 2 fights at most). 
Follow the linear path (west, north, west, cross bridge, northeast across
another bridge, exit to the northeast) to Mt. Belzend. Here, head west
until you see a ramp, then north.  You'll encounter the bandits and their
boss, Baru.  Evidently, Baru actually saved Mina from monsters. 
Interesting...  After the scene, you are teleported back to Elfas.  Here,
sell your Meats and buy a Hide Vest for the Hero.  Head for Chief Rollo's
house and talk to Mina.  She'll give you the RUSTY SWORD to deliver to
Nyuta.  I suggest you do just that.  When you're done, rest up.

During the night, the Hero and Darus will have a conversation.  You'll
learn that Darus is a Samaran mage out to get revenge on Nova, the wizard
who executed Darus' father and undoubtedly caused the disappearance of
Darus' sister.  After this pleasant conversation, the party notices a
light crashing into Mt. Belzend.  It's time to investigate.

B.) Mt. Belzend
Recommended Level: He:2/Da:2
Enemies: Yellow Slime, Pink Slug, Pink Bull, Blue Hornet
Treasures: 500 Gil, Steel Sword

Head through the Guard Forest East to Mt. Belzend.  Level up to level 3 or
4 near the base of Mt. Belzend (walk east at the base to trigger a fight
with three Pink Bulls.  After killing them, keep triggering the fight). 
Now head to Baru's Hideout and rest in a bed.  Head out and continue up
the mountain until you find a crashed ship.  You'll find a girl inside and
take her back to Elfas.

Rollo will tell you to go to Zenobia in the northwest to try to locate
anyone who knows the girl.  He'll give you 500 Gil to help.  Now head to
the Weapons Store and buy a Hide Vest for the Hero.  Sell your old Cloth
Vest and 20 or so Meats for some more cash.  Now head east out of town. 
You'll be caught by Nyuta, who gives you the trusty STEEL SWORD.  You can
either go back and sell the Short Sword or just wait until Zenobia; it
doesn't matter.  Either way, it's to Zenobia for you.

A.) The Cave
Recommended Level: He:4/Da:4
Enemies: Yellow Slime, Pink Slug, Pink Bull, Blue Hornet, Blue Bat, Yellow
Treasures: Herbx2, Scroll, Tusk, 790 Gil, Bonex3, Meat, Cloth Vest, Fool's
Dust, DongameFt, Sleep Jar

Head through Guard Forest East towards Mt. Belzend.  On the ledge above
Baru's Hideout, you should see a dead end near a waterfall.  Walk into
this dead end and walk back out to trigger a fight with Pink Bulls and
Blue Hornets, who give 6 EXP and Meat.  Kill them until you are level 5,
then continue up the mountain until you reach the Cave.

Head west, grab the HERB, then head south towards the exit to the second
floor.  Now head east and grab the SCROLL.  Use this on Darus so he'll
learn his first tech, Impa.  Continue south along the windy path and grab
the TUSK near the exit.  Descend to floor 3.  Here, head east and then
northeast to a little treasure grotto.  Take 790 Gil and BONEx3 from the
treasure chests.  Now head southwest and bust open the chest for an HERB. 
Head north and through the exit.

You are now in Guard Forest North (yes, the forest south of Elfas...). 
Head west and north to Zenobia, ignoring the Hyupos blocking the western

In Zenobia, head for the Weapons Shop and buy a Silk Robe and Tree Ring
for Darus.  Buy another Silk Robe for a character who'll join later while
you're at it.  Now take the door to the left of the Weapons shop.  Search
the pots and dressers here for FOOL's DUST, a DONGAMEFT, and a SLEEP JAR. 
Now head towards the southwest house in Zenobia.  Search the lower pot for
a MEAT.  Head to the northwestern house and search the left dresser for a
CLOTH VEST.  Now head to the Inn.  Before talking to the girl at the
counter, sell the Cloth Vest at the tool shop.  Don't sell your Meats,
you'll need them for the upcoming dungeon.  Now talk to the girl at the
counter, Yura, who'll say that Ralph the traveler is held prisoner at
Necrude Castle.  You volunteer to help rescue Ralph.  Head upstairs and
rest in the southeast bed.  In the middle of the night, Yura will wake you
up and take you to a secluded area of Hyupos' forest.  Here you'll see
that Hyupos are turning into trees to protect the forest.  Anyway, head
north towards the secret passage (a stairway).

B.) Necrude Castle
Recommended Level: He:5/Da:5
Enemies: Blue Bat, Pink Soldier, Blue Soldier, Brown Soldier
Treasures: Scroll, Meatx3, TravelBell, Herbx2, Surprise!, Potion, Bone, Tusk

You'll be in the Secret Tunnel.  Head north and take another SCROLL.  Use
it Darus so he'll learn Healus.  Now head north into B1 of Necrude Castle.
 The enemies in Necrude Castle hit a lot harder than the foes you once
fought, meaning you'll end up using some Meats along the way.

Search the pots for MEATx3, then take the stairs to 1F.  Go south, then
north through the western door for a TRAVELBELL.  Head south for a HERB
and then go up the stairs.  On 2F, go south through the door to get a
SURPRISE.  Go back and head north.  Turn east to get a POTION.  Ignore the
pots and bookshelves here, they contain nothing.  Continue north, then turn
around and head south down the hall.  Take the stairs to 3F.  Now head
south, north, east, and take the easternmost path south.  Take the stairs
down to 2F.

Go north into the cell and talk to Ralph.  He's a fake.  A Samaran
magician, Saam, shows up and laughs at you.  He locks you in.  Sleep on
the bed (hey, what else is there to do?)   Baru will get thrown in the
next morning, telling you that he came to snoop around (regarding the
trees being cut down and all).  Anyway, he kicks down the door so you can
leave and joins your party.  Head out of the cell and this time take the
door that was locked to another stairwell.  Go north to get a BONE, HERB,
and TUSK.  Now go south and down to B1.

Check the easternmost cell to find Ralph.  Talk to him and he'll tell you
that he'll follow you outside. You can either warp outside with the
Travelbell you found earlier or walk out.  I walked out.  Either way, head
back to the Inn in Zenobia and rest.  Now talk to Mina and Ralph, who are
hanging out near the Tool Shop.  Apparently, Duke Necrude is an impostor. 
Also, knights have been searching for the Princess of Ark (guess who that
is?).  They are currently in the Selfrone Grasslands west of Zenobia. 
Ralph volunteers to tell the Hyupos that are blocking the Grasslands to
get the hell out.  When you're ready, head south from Zenobia and west
into the Selfrone Grasslands.

C.) Selfrone Grasslands
Recommended Level: He:6/Da:6/Ba:6
Enemies: Turtle, Blue Flyer, Yellow Slime, Pink Slug, Blue Bat, Yellow
Treasures: None

The Turtle enemies here give up to 12 EXP and drop Tusks, but offer little
challenge.  I suggest spending some time leveling up here later on (wait
until you get the next character).  Head north, west, south, and go west.
When you attempt to cross the second westward bridge, you'll be attacked
by Samarans.  Thankfully, Haman and Rushika come to the rescue.  Haman
turns out to be a knight of Sarejia looking for Lefis, the Princess of
Ark.  When you inform him that Lefis is at Elfas, Haman tells his troops
to go there and joins your party.  You're supposed to go back to Elfas
(yes, it's a long way-but there are a few shortcuts you can take).  Well,
now is as good a time as any to level up your characters.  I took them to
Lv. 7 and accumulated a few Tusks to sell.   When you're done, return to
the Cave (to Zenobia).  Follow the path until you reach a hall blocked by
2 giant holes (you passed this on your way here).  Haman has the power to
move earth, and thus opens up a whole new path for you to traverse by
clearing those holes away.

D.) Elfas Castle
Recommended Level: He:7/Da:7/Ba:7/Ha:7
Enemies: Blue Slime, Green Slime, Green Slug, Blue Blob
Treasures: Scroll, Meatx4, BlueLapis, Revive

Head out of the cave and southwest.  This area of Mt. Belzend is populated
by stronger enemies than you've faced before, but they are still pretty
easy.  Just head south off the mountain to Elfas Castle.  Head south from
the Castle back to the village.  Go to Rollo's house, where you meet Lefis
(this time she's conscious).  You'll learn several things: Lefis'
stepbrother, Gadiss, has taken over Ark; Gadiss is looking for keys to
Radia Tower; and the name of the Hero means "Guardian of the Light" in the
language of Ark.  How convenient!  Your goal is to go to Fubart and to
find out why Nova is having the Sacred Trees chopped down in Zenobia.

After the scene, feel free to loot Elfas Castle.  On the third floor,
check the westernmost bookshelf for a SCROLL.  Use it on Haman teach him
Ganbor.  Search the pots in the northeast corner of the room for MEAT and
MEATx3.  On the 2nd floor, check the bookshelves for a BLUELAPIS and a
REVIVE.  Give the BlueLapis to whoever you think needs it (I gave it to
the Hero).  Head to the first floor and check the pots for a HERB.  Now
exit the castle and head back to the Selfrone Grasslands (all the way

A.) Byuure Wasteland and Fubart
Recommended Level: He:7/Da:7/Ba:7/Ha:7
Enemies: Red Turtle, Green Snail, Purple Bull
Treasures: Scroll, Gadora Thorn, Bajir Pad*
Boss: Samaran Knightx2
*: This a "secret" item, won from an enemy.

Head north, west, south, west, and across the newly built bridge.  Head
west into the Byuure Wasteland (you'll return shortly to Selfrone).  Head
west, then up the nearest ramp.  Continue the trail up this mountainous
wasteland.  When you reach the top (rock face to the north of you), go
east and into a small cave.  Obtain a SCROLL and use it on Baru to teach
him Caspar. Now head west again and follow the path.  You'll soon
encounter 2 Samaran Knights beating up a mage, so you step in.

Samaran Knightsx2
Recommended Level: He:7/Da:7/Ba:7/Ha:7
Reward: 10 EXP
Strategy: Corner a Knight and slash him repeatedly to defeat him.  While
the Hero kills one Knight, your allies should be killing the other.

Saria, a Samaran mage, joins your party after you kill the Knights.  Give
her the Silk Robe you were saving from Zenobia. Continue on northwest into
the Zaam Valley.  Cross the bridge to reach another part of the
Wastelands.  In this area, a Purple Bull will attack you.  You can win
some good armor from him, but first, explore the town of Fubart.

Head for the armory (southwestern house).  Buy a Long Sword for the Hero
(1200 Gil), a Leather Vest for the Hero and Baru (1800 Gil), Wind
Boomerang for Baru (2000 Gil), and a Wind Ring for Darus and Saria (2000
Gil).  That's a total of 7000 Gil.  Sell any Tusks and Bones you have in
addition to your old equipment.  Now feel free to explore the rest of the

In the house south of the vegetable patch search, a Bookshelf for a GADORA
THORN. Now snoop around.  You'll learn that the Sacred Trees are being
used to build an airship for Lord Nova, called the Fitzkarard.  However,
Nova needs the Wing of Wind to complete his airship.  Head for the Chief's
house to the west of a ramp.  Talk to Tosuran, who rushes off to a town
meeting.  Apparently, the Headwinds have imprisoned the Fairwinds
underground (it used to be the other way around).  You'll also learn that
Baru is from Fubart.  Anyway, follow Tosuran to the meeting hall
(northwest building, large doors).  Nova has brainwashed the Headwinds, so
it's up to you to dispel his evil mind control.  The plot requires you to
explore more of Fubart, but there is something you should do

Remember that powerful Purple Bull right outside Fubart?  He sometimes
drops a Bajir Pad, a good piece of armor. Keep killing him until you can
get a Bajir Pad for all of your party members.  Rest in Fubart, then head
south on a ramp towards the shoreline, then go north into the Underground

B.) The Cave of Wind
Recommended Level: He:8/Da:8/Ba:8/Ha:8/Sa:7
Enemies: Blue Bat, Purple Bag, Green Gnome
Treasures: TravelBell, Meatx3, Silent Herb, Scroll, Gadora Pad, Bonex3
Boss: Shura

Travel north and take the easternmost door.  Search the Bookshelves for a
TRAVELBELL.  The middle door is a Tool Shop where you should buy 9
Purifies.  Take the western door and search the pots for MEATx3.  Now go
farther west and into the room.  Talk to Reg, who asks you to retrieve the
Wing of Wind from the Shrine of Wind.  Rest at the beds and head out to
the shrine (northeast of Reg's house).

Naturally, the Shrine of Wind is buried underground and you'll have to go
through a cave to get to it.  In B1, head north to get a SILENTHERB.  Head
west, then north again.  Grab a SCROLL and use it on Saria.  Head all the
way east to get a GADORA PAD.  You can equip this on anyone, even if they
already have a Bajir Pad.  Now, head north and west to the stairwell. 
Just head north on the 1st floor (as if you needed directions).  Talk to
man in front of the Shrine, then heal up with Meats.  Now head into the

Recommended Level: He:9/Da:9/Ba:9/Ha:8/Sa:8
Reward: 15 EXP
Strategy: Shura shoots out 2 tornadoes which do small damage to whoever
they hit.  Corner him against a pillar and slash/stab/shoot him until he

After disposing of Shura, a Samaran agent runs in and snatches the Wing of
Wind.  You follow him, of course.  Head west, then south.  Grab BONEx3
from the treasure chest and exit the Cave of Wind.  You're too late to
stop Samara's Fitzkarard from flying off to Elfas.  However, you do get the
pleasure of seeing Reg and Tosuran unite (although the Fairwinds still
live underground for no apparent reason).

C.) A Raid!
Recommended Level: He:8/Da:8/Ba:8/Ha:8/Sa:8
Enemies: Silver Moths
Treasures: None

Head out of Fubart and the Byuure Wastelands.  The bridge across Zaam
Valley will collapse, meaning you can't return to Fubart at the time
being.  Once you get back to Selfrone, head north into the cave.  Rest and
sell off all your Meats.  Now, head east into the Rema Desert.  Wander
around until you encounter a group of Silver Moths.  Have everyone Defend,
then use Impa, Ganbor, Caspar, and Impa again to kill off the Moths
(you'll get 125 Experience and 20 Meats).  Now head back to the cave,
rest, and sell off your Meats.  Do this until you are Level 12, and then
kill off some more groups to get some more Meat (you should take at least
60).  This whole ordeal should take around 25-35 battles, and you should
make a lot of money off your Meats.

With that done, make your way back to Elfas Castle.  You'll learn that
Samarans under the command of Duke Necrude kidnapped the Princess and
killed Rushika.  It's time to go back to Zenobia and return the favor.

D.) Necrude Castle, Take Two
Recommended Level: He:12/Da:12/Ba:12/Ha:12/Sa:12
Enemies: Blue Warlock, Green Gnome, Yellow Soldier, Blue Soldier, Brown
Soldier, Pink Soldier
Treasures: Cloth Vest, Revivex2, Potion, Scrollx3, Bone, Meatx4, Wakeupx3,
Mirror Ring, Sleepward, Leather Vest, Miracle
Boss: Saam

In Zenobia, walk straight through the gates and into Necrude Castle (that
barrier has disappeared for no apparent reason).

Once inside, head through the door right ahead of you and take the stairs
to the throne.  Talk to Necrude, who turns out to be Saam (didn't see that
one coming).  He flies off, so you have to find him...  Head back to the
ground floor and take the door to your left.  Head north and talk to the
wounded Ralph.  He'll tell you that Duke Necrude is imprisoned
underground.  Exit the Room of Mirrors and head east, then north.  Search
the right bookshelf in the first outlet for a CLOTH VEST (like that's what
you need at this point).  Head north (ignore the second outlet) and search
the bookshelves for a REVIVE.  Head west and take the stairs to the second

Follow the hallway east for a POTION, then head south and take the door.
Go north and get a SCROLL.  Use it on Baru so he learns Bakim.  Now head
all the way back to the Room of Mirrors.  Take the door to the north.
Search the pots for a REVIVE, then take the stairs right above the door.
Search the bookshelves for a BONE and the pots for MEATx3.  Now head back
upstairs and go south into the hallway.  Search the pots in the first
outlet for WAKEUPx3.  Head south and take the stairs.  Talk to Duke
Necrude and he'll give you the MIRROR RING to use on a false mirror.  Head
back to the room of mirrors and go up to the mirror one away from the door
(the second mirror from the left).  Take the stairs to another part of the
second floor.  Head into the room and rest, then search the rooms above
you for a SLEEPWARD and a LEATHER VEST.  Rest up again (if you want), then
head south and east.  Search the pots for MEAT and the bookshelves for 2
SCROLLS.  Use them both on Darus so he'll learn Swapra and Ligar. Head
north to get a MIRACLE, then take the stairs to the Castle Roof.  Saam is
waiting for you.

Recommended Level: He:12/Da:12/Ba:12/Ha:12/Sa:12
Reward: 20 EXP
Strategy: Saam releases three lightning bolts, then rushes around the room
to charge up his magic.  If you hit him, he'll lose his concentration and
won't be able to cast any spells.  Just corner him and hack him to pieces
(if a character gets hit by a lightning bolt, the lightning bolt will

After killing Saam, head out to the roof (either exit will do) and head
west.  You're too late to stop the Fitzkarard, but Necrude tells you that
it's headed for the Tower of Water in Guandia.  Baru suggests you return
to his hideout, which is what you should do.  Go back to the Cave, take
Haman's shortcut, and cross the new bridge to Baru's Hideout (interesting
how these things pop up).  Baru has ordered his bandits to fix up the
Princess' airship, which is what you'll fly to Guandia.  Unfortunately, it
crashed just after crossing the ocean.  A spy?

A.) Birdie's Forest and Guandia
Recommended Level: He:13/Da:13/Ba:12/Ha:12/Sa:12
Enemies: Purple Slime, Rabbit, Red Frog
Treasures: Scroll, Holy Orb, Purifyx3, Fool's Dust, Water Ring

Head east to Birdie's Hut.  Search the dresser for a SCROLL and use it on
Haman so he learns Gashir.  Now head back to Birdie's Forest and head
north, west, south, west, north, then east to Guandia.

Those Samaran punks have frozen most of Guandia.  All the buildings to the
left of the central fountain are frozen shut.  Well, head for the eastern
Weapons Shop and buy a Bastard Sword for the Hero, a Cutlass for Haman,
and a ThundrClaw for Baru.  That will cost you 10300 Gil.  Now, head
northeast to the inn.  Go upstairs, rest, and search the treasure chest
for a HOLY ORB.  Now go downstairs and search the pots for PURIFYx3.  Go
to the basement and search the bottom row of dressers for a FOOL'S DUST. 
Now take the door leading north on the first floor.  Go into the
northeastern house and take the WATER RING in the house.  Give it to Darus.
Follow the path north to the Tower of Water, the next dungeon.

B.) The Tower of Water
Recommended Level: He:13/Da:13/Ba:13/Ha:13/Sa:13
Enemies: Ghost, IceGolem, Blue Fire, Red Wizard, Blue Frog
Treasures: SilentHerb, Scrollx3, GadoraThorn, Surprise!, Bone, Purifyx3,
Revive, Herb, ChainMail, Herbx6, Eilxir, Open Helm, Water Ring, Holy Orb
Boss: Veg and Fire Soldiers

Head west and then north to get a SilentHerb.  Take the stairs to B1. 
Follow the labyrinth like path to the stairs and 1F.  Head west and take
the stairs leading down.  Follow the path to get a SCROLL and a
GADORATHORN.  Use the Scroll on Baru to learn Panmum.  Head back to 1F
and take the floors up to the second floor.

Head south and turn west at the first hallway.  Enter the door and snatch
a SURPRISE!, then head back to the main hallway.  Head south and turn into
the next hallway you see.  The first door contains a BONE and PURIFYx3.
The second door contains a REVIVE.  Now head east, then north.  Grab a
HERB from the chest and follow the path to the stairs.  Head east and grab
a SCROLL.  Use it on Baru to learn Spahri and then head to the stairs (and
to B1).  Grab a CHAINMAIL from the chest and give it to the Hero (you can
equip vests under the Chainmail). Follow the path to the stairs and ascend
to the first floor.  Follow the path south, then west.  Grab HERBx3 from
the chest and then ascend to the second floor.

Bust open the chest for 150 Gil, then head for the third floor.  Follow
the path and take the door to reach a balcony.  Take the other door to get
back in the Tower.  Snag an ELIXIR from the chest and take the stairs
leading down.  Search the middle room for HERBx3 and an OPEN HELM (for
Haman), then head back up the stairs.  Take the other set of stairs to the
fourth floor.  Head northwest and grab the WATER RING for Saria.  Now head
west to the stairs.  Take the HOLY ORB that's right in front of you, then
head south.  Follow the path to a stairwell and a chest.  Open the chest
for a SCROLL (use it on Saria so she'll learn Escape). Now take the stairs
to the sixth floor.  Heal up and go to the roof of the Tower, where you'll
meet and fight Veg.

Veg and Fire Soldiers
Recommended Level: He:13/Da:13/Ba:13/Ha:13/Sa:13
Reward: 40 EXP (Veg), 7 EXP/Fire Soldier 
Strategy: Veg shoots out four Fire Soldiers and then rushes around,
shooting fireballs at your party.  If you kill one or more Fire Soldiers,
Veg will replace them, so just concentrate on Veg and don't go out of your
way to kill Fire Soldiers.  As with all bosses, simply corner Veg and hack
him to death.

Just as you finish off Veg, the Fitzkarard begins to take off.  Haman
holds Veg off while you board the ship.

C.) Fitzkarard
Recommended Level: He:13/Da:13/Ba:13/Sa:13
Enemies: Red Wizard, Blue Frog, Green Frog, Green Knight, IceGolem, Yellow
Soldier, Brown Soldier, Purple Frog
Treasures: Potionx2, Herbx3, SilentHerb, Scrollx2, Fool's Dust, MagicBelt

Head north into the room and rest/save.  Head west until you reach a
stairway leading to the 1st floor.  Take it and head north for a POTION.
Return to Floor 2 and follow the path south for HERBx3.  Return to the
cabin and rest if you want.  Head south, then east.  Head north at the
first outlet for a POTION and a stairwell.  Get a SILENTHERB and SCROLL
from the rooms here.  Use the Scroll on Saria so she'll learn Rupias.
Return to 2F and follow the path until you come to more stairs.  If you
need to rest, take the stairs and use the bed in the cabin.  Otherwise
follow the path until you reach yet another set of stairs.  Take them.

Head north for a FOOL'S DUST from the cabin.  Go back and head east. Enter
the cabin for another SCROLL.  Use it on Saria to teach her Death and then
head east to the stairs.  Go south and open the chest for a MAGICBELT.
Take the stairs to the first floor, then take another set of stairs to the
bridge.  If Saria has anything important, de-equip it (this doesn't
include the Bajir Pad) and give it to someone else.  Now rest at the bed
and head towards the piloting computer.

Lefis will tell you that you are the Guardian of the Light from Ark's
legend and that you need to escape.  Nova then teleports in and presents
his daughter Saria (the spy).  He tries to get the Hero to tell him the
spell to open Radia Tower, but Leorina busts in and teleports everyone
away from the Fitzkarard with the tech Escape.

A.) Bandora Village
Recommended Level: He:14/Da:14/Ba:14/Le:10
Enemies: Purple Slime, Rabbit, DarkBlue Flyer, Pink Bat, Grey Bull, Grey
Knight, Pink Crab, Pink Snail, Blue Flyer
Treasures: Scroll, Herbx3, Fire Sari, Flame Ring, Sleep Jar

You'll learn that Leorina is one of the surviving Guandians, with her
servant Sofie being the other.  Head back to the Tower of Water and you'll
be led to the Kreps' Mansion, where Haman is being nursed by Sofie.  Your
party decides to retrieve the Stone of Flame from Bandora to help melt the
ice.  Head north out of Kreps' Mansion and across Nasha's Spring to the
Forest of Godo.

Head east, north, and west to the base of Mt. Bernard.  Scale the mountain
and enter the cave to the northwest.  Head through this cave into the Lava
Region.  Head west, north, east, south, west, and north to the Burning
Town Bandora.

Bandora is deserted, but there is some decent treasure lying around. Enter
the first house and search the pots for a SCROLL.  Use it on Leorina to
teach her Strella.  Exit to the north and go to the western house. Search
the pots for HERBx3 and the dresser for a FIRE SARI.  Give this to
Leorina.  Go to the northeastern house and check the pots for a FLAME
RING.  Search the dresser in the northwestern house for a SLEEP JAR. 
Well, that's it for Bandora, so head north and enter Ruji Bafumunt's Palace.

B.) Ruji Bafumunt's Palace
Recommended Level: He:14/Da:14/Ba:14/Le:11
Enemies: Grey Knight, Fire, Red Ghost, Pink Crab
Treasures: Scroll, Magic Robe. DongameFt, 3850 Gil, Potionx3, Bonex3, Holy
Orb, Scroll, PoisnWard

Head north and rest at the beds.  Search the bookshelves for a SCROLL (use
it on Leorina to learn Aquam) and open the chest for a MAGIC ROBE.  Give
the Magic Robe to Darus.  Head west and take the first stairs you see.
Take the second hallway to snag a DONGAMEFT, then continue south and turn
east.  Enter the throne room and talk to Ruji.  Apparently, an Agira has
stolen the Stone of Flame and is hiding in the Cave of Flame.  But before
going there, you should clean house at Ruji's Palace.  So exit the throne
room and head east.  Grab 3850 Gil, POTIONx3, BONEx3, then drop down the
hole.  Walk west and fall down another hole, into the basement.  Walk
south, then walk due east until you see a chest.  Open it for a HOLY ORB.
Now walk a few steps west and straight north until you see another chest.
Open it for a SCROLL; use it on Leorina to teach her WtrBall.  Now head
northwest and take the stairs back to the 1st floor.  Head to Ruji's
throne room.  Head east from Ruji, rest, and fall down the hole.  Open the
chest for a POISNWARD.  Now exit to the south (ignore the hole).  Follow
the path to enter the Cave of Flame.

C.) Cave of Flame
Recommended Level: He:15/Da:15/Ba:14/Le:12
Enemies: Ghost, BlueFire, Pink Puffer, Red Golem, Salamander, Pink Blob,
Orange Blob
Treasures: Cutter, Scroll, Potionx6. Fool's Dust, Full Metal Sword, Battle
Dress, Herbx3, Miracle, Elixir, TravelBell, Stone of Flame
Boss: Fire Knightx5

There are three doors to take.  The plaque says "First draw your sword."
This means take the right path.  If you take the center path, you can get
a CUTTER and loop around off the left path.  So take the right path.  Loop
around to get a SCROLL.  Hold onto this.  Head south.  The plaque now says
"Then raise the shield."  This means to take the left path.  Follow the
path to a chest containing POTIONx3, then exit to the south.  The plaque
now says "Finally, run through the gap!".  This means you should take the
central path.  As soon as you can, head east and follow the path.  Grab
the FOOL'S DUST, then follow the path to a POTIONx3.  Keep along the path
to reach a chest containing the FULL METAL SWORD.  Loop all the way around
and exit to the northwest.  Take the eastern path and take the stairs. 
Grab a BATTLE DRESS and HERBx3.  Go back up the stairs, and this time head
west and take another set of stairs.  Head north and take the stairs up. 
Follow the path of rooms and you'll eventually pass a room with a chest
containing a MIRACLE.   Keep going down and you'll end up in Agiras'

Rest up in the inn (right western house) and sell off your Tusks in the
Tool Shop (left western house).  Head for the right eastern house, the
Weapons Shop.  Sell off your old gear and buy the Hayabusa Gear for Baru.
Now take the door to the northeast to enter the Shrine of Fire.  Search
the chests for an ELIXIR and a TRAVELBELL.  Now head north and grab the

Use a Travelbell to escape the Cave of Flame and re-enter Ruji Bafumunt's
Palace.  Jump down the hole, exit B1, and return to Ruji's Throne Room
(rest using the bed on the second floor first).  Upon talking to Ruji,
Gadiss will appear and take the stone.  Ruji orders some Fire Knights to
finish you off.

Fire Knightx5
Recommended Level: He:15/Da:15/Ba:15/Le:13
Reward: 75 EXP
Strategy: The five soldiers shoot fireballs and use attack techs to harm
the party.  They also move pretty fast.  Have each party member "Rush" a
Fire Knight.  As the Hero, just corner one and stab it repeatedly.  Not a
hard fight.

An Agira will show up with the REAL Stone of Flame, so you're set.  Make
the long trip back to Count Kreps' Mansion.

D.) Kreps' Mansion
Recommended Level: He:16/Da:16/Ba:16/Le:14
Enemies: Blue Frog, Purple Wizard, Orange Penguin, Pink Frog
Treasures: Holy Orb, Iron Vest, Saber, BlueLapis, Elixir, WaterArm
Boss: Sol

The Kreps' Mansion is now teeming with monsters.  Make your way east to
the beds and rest up.  Now head south and follow the hall east past the
throne room. Take the first door you see and ascend to the second floor.
Grab the chest for a HOLY ORB then head south through the door.  On the
balcony, take the western door and descend to the first floor.  Grab an
IRON VEST (this can be equipped under a Chainmail) and a SABER, then
return to the balcony.  Take the farthest eastern door and descend to 1F.
Grab a BLUELAPIS and an ELIXIR.  Now take the door to the left of this one
and follow the path for a WATERARM (equip it on Leorina). Finally, exit
and take the central door and climb to the third floor.  Sol, one of
Nova's lackeys, is responsible for freezing Guandia.  Time to take him

Recommended Level: He:16/Da:16/Ba:16/Le:14
Reward: 100 EXP
Strategy: Sol floats around the screen, shooting out for ice orbs which
freeze a character upon contact.  Try not to get in a position where he
can repeatedly freeze you).  Anyway, just stab him when he moves by and
don't corner him.

After killing Sol, the ice begins to melt (so, where did the Stone of
Flame figure in?).  Count Kreps agrees to let you use his ship to head
back to Elfas.  Leorina leaves the party, but Haman joins again.  Well,
before heading to the docks you should visit the unfrozen shops and houses
in Guandia.

Visit the weapons shop and buy a RingMail for the Hero (ignore the Steel
Armor).  Cross the bridge and search the dresser in the first house for a
CLOTH VEST (the house across from the Tool Shop).  Now head for the docks
(southeast corner) and sail back to Elfas.

A.) Bernard
Recommended Level: He:16/Da:16/Ba:16/Ha:13
Enemies: None
Treasures: Scroll, Sleep Jar, Wakeupx3, Surprise, Silk Robe

Head west to Elfas, then go to Elfas Castle.  Talk to Rollo.  Apparently,
Radia Tower is the sanctuary which has the power to gather dreams and
shape Lemuria.  Nova and Gadiss plan to use the tower to remake the world.
They'll need 8 treasures: the Sun's Treasure in Ark, the Moon's Treasure
in Samara, the Sacred Trees of Zenobia, the Wing of Wind from Fubart, the
Sacred Water of Guandia, the Stone of Flame from Bandora, the Heart of
Iron from Bernard, and the Compass of Earth from Sarejia.  Of those, Nova
and Gadiss have all but the Stone of Flame, the Mattock of Iron, and the
Compass of Earth.  Sarejia is safe, so you must secure the treasure of

Head back to the docks and sail to Guandia (you'll have to go to Fubart,
then to Guandia).  Head back to Mt. Bernard, but this time head east at
the summit.  Haman will remove the holes, allowing you to access a cave.
Follow this to the Alpine Town Bernard.

Rest in the house to your left, then climb the ladder and enter the
weapon's shop (second house after ladder).  Buy a Cross Sword for the
Hero, a Swallow Boomerang for Baru, and a Paladin Helm/PlateMail for Haman
(see why the Steel Armor was a waste of money?).  Talk around, then climb
back down the ladder and take the ladder on the eastern side of the
platform.  Enter the house and open the chest for a SCROLL.  Climb back
up the ladder and take the eastern cave.  Follow the cave, exit, and enter
the cave to the left of the inn.  Search the shelves for a SLEEP JAR and
WAEKUPx3 and exit the cave.  You'll come out near Aburo's house.  If you
talked to anyone in the town, you'll know that Aburo has found the
ancestral treasure of Bernard.  You'll also know that someone (maybe Nova
and Gadiss!) are trying to buy it.  Anyway, head into Aburo's house.  The
maid will explain what I just told you, but Aburo appears and cuts her
off.  He throws you out and locks the door. So, back to the platform with
the Inn.  Climb down the ladder and enter the cave.  Just before you do,
you'll spot Aburo climbing down the ladder behind his house.  Now's your
chance to follow him.  Go back to Aburo's house (you might want to rest at
the Inn along the way).  Search the dressers in his house for a SURPRISE!
and a SILK ROBE.  Now take the ladder.

B.) Mt. Bernard
Recommended Level: He:16/Da:16/Ba:16/Ha:13
Enemies: Turtleman, Blue Puffer, Purple Bat, Pink Bag, Lizard Knight
Treasures: Magic Robe, Scroll, Ball of Life, GadoraThorn, Miracle,
SilentHerb, 5400 Gil, DongameFt, Potionx3, Earth Ring, W.Mattock
Boss: Beruga

Head north and grab a MAGIC ROBE from the chest.  Continue north and grab a
SCROLL and a BALL OF LIFE from the chests.  Exit to the north.  Head east
and follow the path to a GADORATHORN and a SCROLL.  Head back and go north
this time.  In the next room, head north then east.  Grab a MIRACLE from
the chest and head north to the stairs.  On the next floor, head south and
grab a SILENTHERB and 5400 Gil along the way.

You'll see Beruga trashing Aburo with his mattock, and being the good
Samaritans you are, you won't stand for it.  Head east for a DONGAMEFT,
then take the western path.  Someone else is trying to help Aburo...could it
be the person that looks like Darus???  Anyway, grab POTIONx3 from the
chest and take the stairs.  Head north and grab the EARTH RING for Darus.
Now exit to the south.  Aburo is wounded, but will survive.  He tells you
protect the Heart of Iron.  Take the northeastern exit.  Heal up, then
head north to the Lost Sea Priosheene.  Midea, Darus' long lost sister,
will join you to take on Beruga.

Recommended Level: He:17/Da:17/Ba:17/Ha:14/Mi:13
Reward: 200 EXP
Strategy: As soon as the battle begins, equip Midea with a Magic Robe and
Darus' old Flame Ring.  Beruga creates four mirror images of himself to
fool you, then walks around and hacks at you with his mattock (this can be
a devastating attack).  Hitting the mirror images does nothing, so you'll
have to find the real one.  To do this easily, have everyone Rush the
first target choice at the beginning.  Your party members will now track
down Beruga wherever he is, making the fight easy.

You'll obtain the Mattock of Water (W.MATTOCK) after beating Beruga.  Head
up to the water and the Shrine of Iron will rise out of the water.  The
Heart of Iron, though, is nowhere to be found.  Gadiss shows up and
reveals that he used the Hero to get the Heart of Iron.  He leaves with
the Stone of Flame after blasting the Hero.

The Hero comes to in Aburo's House.  As a gesture of peace, Aburo offers
the Hero a COPPUN DIADEM.  A cut-scene is shown of Gadiss and Lefis in Ark.
 Gadiss has but one treasure to get and he plans to use the Hero to get
it.  Anyway, the game goes back to the Hero in Elfas Castle.  Your next
destination is Sarejia, Haman's homeland.

Recommended Level: He:17/Da:17/Ba:17/Ha:14/Mi:14
Enemies: Silver Moth, Green Crab, Green Hornet
Treasures: SilentHerb, Potion, Purifyx3, Amulet of Earth, Sleep Jar,
Compass of Earth
Boss: Nero, Gestahl, and Baron Spider

First, use your scrolls on Haman to teach him Forsba and Magnid.  Then
equip the Coppun Diadem on someone. Now head for the Rema Desert.  Take
the stairs you find in the northeastern corner of the desert (ignore the
cave).  You'll be in Earth-Rooted Sarejia. 

The town is infested with monsters.  Head east and south towards the main
area of Sarejia. Take the first door and enter the Weapon Shop.  Buy a
Coronial Sword for the Hero, a Holy Saber for Haman, an Earth Ring for
Midea, and 2 RuneScarfs (for Midea and Darus).  Skip the door to the left
and take the next door.  Search the bookshelves for a SILENTHERB and a
POTION.  Search the shelves in the northwestern-most house for PURIFYx3,
then rest.  Head up the steps near the weapons shop and enter the house.
Descend to the basement and talk to Geo, who gives you the AMULET OF
EARTH.  Now you can enter that shrine northeast of the main town.  Pop
open the chest for a SLEEP JAR, rest, then head for the Shrine.  Head into
the large door.  Nero, Gestahl, and Baron Spider show up to crash the party.

Nero, Gestahl, and Baron Spider
Recommended Level: He:17/Da:17/Ba:17/Ha:15/Mi:14
Reward: 200 EXP
Strategy: Have everyone Rush either Nero or Gestahl.  Nero and Gestahl's
sword attacks are devastating, while Baron Spider's attacks aren't.  Clean
up Nero and Gestahl, then corner the Baron Spider and hack it to pieces. 
Use Healus and Revives when necessary (you'll need them).

After vanquishing the foes, you'll recover the Compass of Earth.  Your
only hope now is to got Samara and recover the other 7 treasures.  The
cave to Samara is directly northeast of the stairs leading to Sarejia. 
Rest up and head there.

A.) Cave to Samara
Recommended Level: He:17/Da:17/Ba:17/Ha:15/Mi:14
Enemies: Pink Hornet, Pink Lizardman, Red Golem, Pink Blob, Pink Tadpole,
Pink Turtle, Green Hornet
Treasures: Potionx3, Amulet, Holy Orb, Cutter, Coppun Diadem, Scroll,
Magic Robe, Sleep Jar, Unstunx3, Medallion

Head east (this area was blocked off before for no reason) and south.  Now
head south and grab POTIONx3.  Head farther south and take the stairs.
Climb two more sets of stairs until you reach a large room.  Head west and
grab an AMULET.  Descend the stairs into another large room.  Head east
for a HOLY ORB, then head back west and grab a CUTTER (yes, that's what
you need when entering the capital of your enemy).  Take the stairs, loop
around the building, and head back up.  Head east and exit the cave into
the Hilly Region Lunos.  Head east into the Powerful Nation Samara.

Head straight to the Weapons Shop.  Buy 2 New Moon Rings (Darus and Midea,
a Steel Coat (Hero), a Ninja Gear (Baru), and 2 Master Robes (Darus and
Midea).  This will cost a phenomenal 63200 Gil!.  Needless to say, you may
barely make all these purchases, if that.  If you can't make all the
purchases, worry not; the enemies here drop a lot of Gil.

Head to the Inn and go upstairs.  Search the dressers in the northwest
room for a COPPUN DIADEM, then search the bookshelves in the southwestern
room for a SCROLL (you don't need this, but it sells for 6000 Gil). Search
the northeastern room for a MAGIC ROBE and a SLEEP JAR.  Sell all of this
off to replenish some Gil.  Now search the northwestern-most house for

If you talked to the people in town, you would know that Nova is resting
in the Shrine of the Moon.  You would also know that you need a symbol of
true faith to reach the Shrine called the Medallion.  So, head north to
the Shrine of the Moon.  Enter the spring and you'll fall through the
water.  You'll come to in Teto's house.  Teto was a friend of Darus' and
Midea's father, Phobos, and is leading the resistance against Nova.  As a
gesture of friendship he gives you the MEDALLION.  Now you can enter the
Shrine of the Moon.  So fall down into the spring and into the Place of

B.) Shrine of the Moon
Recommended Level: He:18/Da:18/Ba:18/Ha:16/Mi:15
Enemies: Black Warlock, Red Gnome, Pink Magician, Black Ninja
Treasures: Miracle, Holy Orb, Bonex3, Elixir, RapidGlass

Take the left teleporter and head north to the Shrine of Samara.  This
dungeon is a labyrinth, more complex then any other dungeon in the game. 
Some paths just loop back into the room you were in, and some are right. 
When you actually go to a new room, the color will change. Luckily, you
have a walkthrough (even though it's not that hard to figure out).

Head north and grab a MIRACLE from the chest.  Head west, then west again.
Grab a HOLY ORB and BONEx3.  Now head north and grab an ELIXIR.  Head
north again, then east.  Open the chest for a RAPIDGLASS.  Head north and
take the teleporter to the second floor.

Head south for a SILENTHERB, then west for a SILVERCKT. (If you want, you
can head west again for a SCROLL and a HERB, then back east).  Head north
for a RUNESCARF, then west again for a HOLY ORB.  Head north twice and
check the chest for a TRAVELBELL.  Now head east and north.  Take the
teleporter to the roof.

After getting on to the roof, Nova incapacitates everyone but the Hero and
takes the Compass of Earth.  The Hero reveals that Soluna is the spell to
open Radia Tower.  Just before Nova can kill you off, Teto appears and
informs Nova that he has been dethroned.  Nova and Saria escape on the
Fitzkarard, but Teto teleports you on.
A.) Fitzkarard
Recommended Level: He:18/Da:18/Ba:18/Ha:16/Mi:16
Enemies: Red Gnome, Black Warlock, Red Knight, Black Ninja, Green Penguin,
Purple Frog, White Knight
Treasures: SilentHerb, Elixir, Bone, Unstunx3, Potionx6, Banded Mail, Herbx3

The Fitzkarard's layout is exactly the same, but the enemies are harder and
the treasure is better.  Watch out for the Black Ninjas and White Knights,
their attacks can inflict a lot of damage.

Head north into the room and rest/save.  Head west until you reach a
stairway leading to the 1st floor.  Take it and head north for a
SILENTHERB. Return to Floor 2 and follow the path south for an ELIXIR.
Return to the cabin and rest if you want.  Head south, then east.  Head
north at the first outlet for a BONE and a stairwell.  Get UNSTUNx3 and
POTIONx3 from the rooms here. Return to 2F and follow the path until you
come to more stairs.  If you need to rest, take the stairs and use the bed
in the cabin.  Otherwise follow the path until you reach yet another set
of stairs.  Right before you can take them, the Fitzkarard will dock at
Radia Tower.  Now take the stairs.

Head north for a BANDED MAIL from the cabin.  Go back and head east. Enter
the cabin for another POTIONx3.  Take the stairs.  Go south and open the
chest for HERBx3. Take the stairs to the first floor, then take another
set of stairs to the bridge. Now rest at the bed and climb down the
ladder.  Exit the Fitzkarard and climb down into Radia Tower.

B.) Radia Tower
Recommended Level: He:19/Da:19/Ba:19/Ha:17/Mi:16
Enemies: Red Gnome, Black Warlock, Pink Knight, Black Ninja, Ice Frog,
Pink Magician
Treasures: Paladin Armor, Holy Orb, Star Claw, Ball of Life, Full Moon
Ring, MoonBlade, MagicBelt, Dragon Saber
Boss: Nova

Radia Tower is full of excellent treasure, but is also populated with
dangerous enemies like the Black and Pink Ninja.  Watch out and don't be
stingy with Healus/Meats/etc.

Head around the west partition and grab the PALADIN ARMOR for Haman.  Now
head around the east partition for a HOLY ORB.  Take the teleporter.  Head
west and teleport.  Head east and teleport to the next area.  Grab the STAR
CLAW for Baru and follow the path to another teleporter.  Grab the chest
to your east for a BALL OF LIFE.  Take the first teleporter to your left
and follow the path to a FULL MOON RING.  Give this to Darus and head back
to the teleporter.  Now take the second teleporter to the left.  Teleport
until you reach a room with a chest.  Open it for a MOONBLADE.  Give this
to the Here and return to the room with the Ball of Life.  This time, take
the northeastern teleporter.

Grab a MAGICBELT from the chest and take the teleporter.  Take the top
teleporter and grab the DRAGON SABER.  Return to the main room and take
the bottom teleporter.  Follow the path to another teleporter.  Take the
teleporter, heal up, and head north.

The shaking sound was the Fitzkarard taking off, with Gadiss aboard.  But
why would he leave Radia Tower?  Before you get your answers, Nova

Recommended Level: He:20/Da:20/Ba:20/Ha:18/Mi:17
Reward: 200 EXP
Strategy: Nova shoots out three magic balls and teleports around the room.
Stay near the center so you can reach him quickly and hack him away.  His
magic balls do a lot of damage, so remember to cast Healus.

Just as Nova is about to finish you, Saria stops him. Nova reveals that
this tower is actually the Tower of the Moon and that Gadiss left for the
Gate of the Sun.  With the power of the Moon and the Sun, Radia Tower can
be unlocked.  The Gate of the Sun is in Elfas Castle (apparently, the
people of Elfas are descendants of Ark).  Nova perishes and Saria sends
you back to the start of your adventures....Elfas Castle.

A.) Gate of the Sun
Recommended Level: He:20/Da:18/Ba:18/Ha:18/Mi:17
Enemies: Pink Magician, Pink Ninja, Black Ninja
Treasures: Armguard, Dragon Saber, Holy Orb, Ball of Life, Lemuria Sword
Boss: Gadiss

Head to Elfas Village.  You'll learn that Gadiss' troops came and
massacred the castle. Sell all your excess items and Gear.  Stock up on
some Potions and Herbs if you need to.  Ignore the Weapons Shop, because
you have better equipment or the same equipment as everything sold there. 
Anyway, head to the destroyed Tool Shop and take the stairs.

Head east in the Secret Tunnel and snatch an ARMGUARD for Baru.  Head
farther east for a DRAGON SABER which you can drop.  Head north for a HOLY
ORB and take the stairs.  Head up all the flights of stairs.  You'll
eventually come across that pesky treasure chest on the 4th floor.  Open
it for a BALL OF LIFE.  Go up to the 5th floor, where Lefis has fainted.


Heal up, the head to the Place of the Seal.

Recommended Level: He:20/Da:20/Ba:20/Ha:18/Mi:18
Reward: 300 EXP
Strategy: Gadiss' attack will throw you across the screen and inflict
quite a bit of damage.  However, he can't push you back if there is a
character behind you, so move someone like Midea, Darus, or Baru behind
the Hero or Haman (Midea, Darus, and Baru have projectile attacks) and
corner Gadiss to score an easy win.

Gadiss perishes after claiming that Lemuria will fall to terror.  Aburo,
Leorina, an Agira, and Ralph show up.  Everyone steps on a crest to light
the way to Radia Tower...better known as Ark Castle.  Just after the path
opens, someone that looks exactly like the Hero shows up, claiming to be
the master of dreams.  Everything that the Hero thinks he remembers is
really the Master of Dreams' creation.  He kidnaps Lefis and heads for
Radia Tower.  When the Hero comes to, Aburo presents him with the LEMURIA
SWORD.  The party then takes the Fitzkarard to Ark Castle.

B.) The Sanctuary
Recommended Level: He:20/Da:20/Ba:20/Ha:18/Mi:18
Enemies: Jellyfish, Blue Spider, Red Jellyfish, Purple Spider, Venus Flytrap
Treasures: SilentHerb, Miracle, Amulet, Ark Armor, Ball of Life, Elixirx2,
Potionx4, Sun Ring, RuneScarf, Revivex3
Boss: Nightmare Monster

The enemies in the sanctuary are pretty tough, but they all drop Meats.
Use things like Holy Orbs and Healus if you need to, as you'll be getting
better items like Elixirs in the dungeon.  Getting to the final boss is
actually harder than the final boss, and that's not saying much.

Equip the Lemuria Sword and rest at the bed.  Exit the Fitzkarard and enter
the Sanctuary.  Take the teleporter to the second floor.  Ignore the
SILENTHERB to the west and head north.  Follow the path and collect a
MIRACLE.  Head south for an AMULET, then east for the ARK ARMOR (equip
this on the Hero).  Head north and warp to the third floor.

Head north and grab a BALL OF LIFE, then swing east and snatch an ELIXIR.
Head farther south and east for a POTION, then turn north.  Follow the
path and grab a SUN RING for Darus.  Give his old Full Moon ring to Midea.
 Follow the path and teleport to the last floor.

There are no enemies here.  Collect an ELIXIR, POTIONx3, RUNESCARF (drop
this), and REVIVEx3 from the side passages here.  Make sure you have full
HP before opening the blue door.

The equipment I had right now was:
Hero: Lemuria Sword, Steel Coat, Ark Armor, Bajir Pad, Coppun Diadem
Midea: Full Moon Ring, Master Robe, RuneScarf, Bajir Pad, MagicBelt
Darus: Sun Ring, Master Robe, RuneScarf, Bajir Pad, SilverRckt
Haman: Dragon Saber, Paladin Armor, Paladin Helm, Bajir Pad, RapidGlass
Baru: Star Claw, Ninja Gear, Armguard, Gadora Pad, Coppun Diadem

Once in the Center of Dreams, head west to find the Master of Dreams and
Lefis.  The Master of Dreams reveals that Lemuria is a world of dreams and
that he loosed dream monsters on the world to unify it as a nightmare
(yeah, sure).  And then, during his speech, he gets eaten by the Nightmare
Monster behind him.  Okay....

Nightmare Monster
Recommended Level: He:22/Da:22/Ba:22/Ha:20/Mi:19
Reward: None
Strategy: The Nightmare Monster releases 4 Dream Monsters to attack you,
then periodically opens its mouth to spit out a giant fireball.  Have
Haman and Baru Rush the Nightmare monsters and let Darus and Midea fight
freely.  Stand by the mouth of the Nightmare Monster and repeatedly stab
it (hold down B).  When your HP gets low, have Darus or Midea use Healus.

Sit back and watch the ending.

There are two general types of armor in this game: Armor and Accessories.
Armor is divided into Armor, Helms, and Gauntlets.   These are specific to
each character.  On the other hand, every character can equip all
Accessories in this game.


Cloth Vest (100): +1 Def, +4 RAP, +4 AGL
Hide Vest (500): +3 Def, +4 RAP, +4 AGL
Leather Vest (900): +5 Def, +4 RAP, +4 AGL
ChainMail* (2000): +8D, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
Iron Coat (3200): +4 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Steel Coat (5000): +5 Def, +2 RAP, +1 AGL
RingMail* (4200): +13 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Banded Mail* (10000): +19 Def, +2 RAP, +2 AGL
Ark Armor* (????): +27 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Coppun Diadem (3000): +4 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

*: Iron and Steel Coats can be equipped under these armors

Cloth Robe (300): +1 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Silk Robe (???): +4 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Magic Robe (4000): +8 Def, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
Serenity Robe (6000): +12 Def, +6 RAP, +4 AGL
Master Robe (14000): +19 Def, +6 RAP, +3 AGL

RuneScarf (2000): +3 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Coppun Diadem (3000): +4 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Cloth Vest (100): +1 Def, +4 RAP, +4 AGL
Hide Vest (500): +3 Def, +4 RAP, +4 AGL
Leather Vest (900): +5 Def, +4 RAP, +4 AGL
ChainMail (2000): +8D, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
Hayabusa Gear (3400): +13 D, +5 RAP, +5 AGL
Ninja Gear (6200): +26 Def, +7 RAP, +6 AGL

Coppun Diadem (3000): +4 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

ArmGuard (2000):  +3 Def, +1 RAP, +2 AGL
Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Iron Armor (3000): +2 D, +1 R, +1 AGL
Steel Armor (5000): +5 D, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
PlateMail Armor (10000): +10 D, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
Paladin Armor (17000): +18 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL

Open Helm (2500): +5 D, +1 R, +1 AGL
Paladin Helm (5000): +8 D, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Cloth Robe (300): +1 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Silk Robe (???): +4 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Magic Robe (4000): +8 Def, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
Serenity Robe (6000): +12 Def, +6 RAP, +4 AGL
Master Robe (14000): +19 Def, +6 RAP, +3 AGL

RuneScarf (2000): +3 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Coppun Diadem (3000): +4 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Water Dress (2000): +2 Def, +5 Rap, +5 AGL
Fire Sari (4000): +10 Def, +4 RAP, +5 AGL
Battle Dress (6000): +19 Def, +2 RAP, +2 AGL

Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Cloth Robe (300): +1 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Silk Robe (???): +4 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Magic Robe (4000): +8 Def, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
Serenity Robe (6000): +12 Def, +6 RAP, +4 AGL
Master Robe (14000): +19 Def, +6 RAP, +3 AGL

RuneScarf (2000): +3 Def, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Coppun Diadem (3000): +4 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL

Bajir Pad (1800): +1 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Gadora Pad (1500): +1 Str, +2 Def, +1 RAP, +1 AGL


BlueLapis (150 Gil): Def +1, RAP +1, AGL +1
SleepWard (160) : +1 AGL, prevents sleep
MagicBelt (1200): +3 Str, +2 Def, +1 AGL
PoisnWard (130): +1 RAP, prevents poison
Amulet (200): +2 RAP, +2 AGL
RapidGlass (180): +3 RAP, +4 AGL
SilverRckt (2000): +2 RAP, +2 AGL


Short Sword (100): +2 Str, +3 RAP
Steel Sword (250): +4 Str, +2 RAP
Long Sword (1200): +6 Str, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Bastard Sword (2800): +10 Str, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Full Metal (5500): +14 Str, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
Cross Sword (7000): +19 Str, +1 AGL
Coronial Sword (9000): +25 Str, +1 RAP, +1 AGL
MoonBlade Sword (18000): +30 Str, +2 RAP, +2 AGL
Lemuria Sword (?????): +38 Str, +5 RAP, +4 AGL

Tree Ring (???): +1 Str, +1 RAP
Wind Ring (900): +3 Str, +2 RAP, +1 AGL
Water Ring (2000): +6 Str, +3 RAP, +1 AGL
Flame Ring (4800): +10 Str, +3 RAP, +2 AGL
Earth Ring (8000): +14 Str, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
New Moon Ring (12000): +19 Str, +5 RAP, +3 AGL
Full Moon Ring (100): +24 Str, +5 RAP, +4 AGL
Sun Ring (????): +30 Str, +6 RAP, +5 AGL

Cutter: +1 Str, +2 RAP
Wind: +4 Str, +3 RAP, +1 AGL
ThundrClaw (4000): +6 Str, +2 RAP, +1 AGL
Swallow (5460): +10 Str, +4 RAP, +2 AGL
StormKaiser (8500) : +16 Str, +3 RAP, +2 AGL
Star Claw (12000): +23 Str, +3 RAP, +3 AGL

Saber (2000): +2 Str, +3 RAP, +3 AGL
Cutlass (3500): +16 Str, +2 RAP, +2 AGL
Holy Saber (7000): +27 Str, +2 RAP, +1 AGL
Dragon Saber (15000): +37 Str

Tree Ring (???): +1 Str, +1 RAP
Wind Ring (900): +3 Str, +2 RAP, +1 AGL
Water Ring (2000): +6 Str, +3 RAP, +1 AGL
Flame Ring (4800): +10 Str, +3 RAP, +2 AGL
Earth Ring (8000): +14 Str, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
New Moon Ring (12000): +19 Str, +5 RAP, +3 AGL
Full Moon Ring (100): +24 Str, +5 RAP, +4 AGL
Sun Ring (????): +30 Str, +6 RAP, +5 AGL

Bracelet (4000): +2 Str
WaterArm (8000): +24 Str, +5 RAP, +4 AGL

Tree Ring (???): +1 Str, +1 RAP
Wind Ring (900): +3 Str, +2 RAP, +1 AGL
Water Ring (2000): +6 Str, +3 RAP, +1 AGL
Flame Ring (4800): +10 Str, +3 RAP, +2 AGL
Earth Ring (8000): +14 Str, +4 RAP, +3 AGL
New Moon Ring (12000): +19 Str, +5 RAP, +3 AGL
Full Moon Ring (100): +24 Str, +5 RAP, +4 AGL
Sun Ring (????): +30 Str, +6 RAP, +5 AGL

Every character except the Hero learns techs.  Techs are learned by using
a Scroll on the desired character and require a charge to use.  Techs may
only be used when the power gauge next to the HP bar is full.

Impa: Weak attack to all enemies
Healus: Restores all party members' HP, same as Holy Orb
Swapra: Target switches places with Darus
Ligar: Strong attack to all enemies

Caspar: Weak attack to all enemies
Bakim: Mediocre attack to all enemies
Panmum: Stuns all enemies
Spahri: Strong attack to all enemies

Ganbor: Weak attack to all enemies
Gashir: Mediocre attack to all enemies
Forsba: Strong attack to all enemies
Magnid: Powerful attack to all enemies

Healus: Restores all party members' HP, same as Holy Orb
Escape: Escape from the dungeon, same as TravelBell
Rupias: Powerful attack to all enemies
Death: Kills all enemies

Escape: Escape from the dungeon, same as TravelBell
Strella: Nullifies status ailments
Aquam: Strong attack to all enemies
WtrBall: Powerful attack to all enemies

Healus: Restores all party members' HP, same as Holy Orb
Escape: Escape from the dungeon, same as TravelBell
Rupias: Powerful attack to all enemies
Death: Kills all enemies

There are four types of items in Radia Senki: Medic Items, Prizes, Regular
Items, and Special Items.  In the game menu, Special Items and Regular
Items can be found under the category "Items."

------->MEDIC ITEMS<-------

Herb: Regain some HP
Potion: Regain more HP
Purify: Cures Poison
Unstun: Cures Paralysis
Wakeup: Cures Sleep
Revive: Cures Swoon


Meat: Regain some HP
Tusk: Poisons the enemy
Bone: Causes the enemy to run
GadoraThorn: Kills the target enemy

------->REGULAR ITEMS<-------

Ball of Life: Restores all party members' HP and Tech Points
DongameFt: Slows down the movement of the enemies
Elixir: Restores one party member's HP and Tech Points
Fool's Dust: ????
Holy Orb: Restores all party members' HP, same as Healus
Miracle: Restores one party member's Tech Points
Scroll: Teaches one party member a Tech
Sleep Jar: Causes all enemies to fall asleep
Silent Herb: Prevents enemies from casting Techs
Surprise!: Stuns all enemies
TravelBell: Escape from the dungeon, same as Escape

------->SPECIAL ITEMS<-------

Amulet of Earth: Allows you to enter the Shrine of Earth
Medallion: Allows you to enter the Shrine of the Moon
Mirror Ring: Allows you to pass through false mirrors in Necrude Castle
Stone of Flame: Bandora's Fire
W.Mattock: Use at the Lost Sea Priosheene to reveal the Shrine of Iron

The enemies in Radia Senki have no name as far as in-game play is
considered.  I named the enemies based on their appearance alone.  This
chart lists the enemies in Radia Senki and what items/how much EXP you get
for killing them.

Yellow Slime: 1 EXP, Meat
Pink Slug: 1 EXP, Meat
Pink Bull: 5 EXP, Meat
Blue Hornet: 6 EXP, Meat
Blue Bat: 2 EXP, Meat
Yellow Snail: 2 EXP, Meat
Pink Soldier: 2 EXP, 120 Gil
Blue Soldier: 2 EXP, 120 Gil
Brown Soldier: 2 EXP, 120 Gil
Turtle: 3 EXP, Tusk
Blue Flyer: 3 EXP, Meat
Blue Slime: 3 EXP, Meat
Green Slime: 4 EXP, Meat
Green Slug: 3 EXP, Meat
Blue Blob: 6 EXP, GadoraThorn
Tadpole: 3 EXP, Meat
Green Snail: 3 EXP, Meat
Red Turtle: 3 EXP, Bone
Purple Bull: 5 EXP, Bajir Pad
Purple Bag: 4 EXP, Meat
Green Gnome: 4 EXP, 230 Gil
Blue Warlock: 5 EXP, 230 Gil
Yellow Soldier: 5 EXP, 120 Gil
Red Frog: 7 EXP, Meat
Purple Slime: 6 EXP, Purify
Rabbit: 6 EXP, Tuskx3
Ghost: 8 EXP, Tusk
IceGolem: 9 EXP, Meat
Blue Fire: 8 EXP, Revive
Red Wizard: 9 EXP, 350 Gil
Green Turtle: 8 EXP, Bone
Blue Frog: 8 EXP, Meat
Purple Frog: 10 EXP, Meat
Green Frog: 11 EXP, Meat
Green Penguin: 10 EXP, 350 Gil
DarkBlue Flyer: 10 EXP, Meat
Pink Bat: 11 EXP, Meat
Grey Bull: 11 EXP, Meat
Pink Crab: 11 EXP, Purify
Grey Knight: 10 EXP, 350 Gil
Pink Snail: 11 EXP, Meat
Fire: 12 EXP, Unstun
Red Ghost: 12 EXP, Tusk
Pink Puffer: 11 EXP, Meat
Red Golem: 15 EXP, Tusk
Salamander: 14 EXP, Meat
Pink Blob: 12 EXP, Gadora Thorn
Orange Blob: 15 EXP, Gadora Thorn
Purple Wizard: 17 EXP, 480 Gil
Orange Penguin: 19 EXP, 480 Gil
Pink Frog: 18 EXP, Tusk
TurtleMan: 23 EXP, 590 Gil
Blue Puffer: 21 EXP, Wakeup
Purple Bat: 22 EXP, Meat
Pink Bag: 24 EXP, Meat
Lizard Knight: 25 EXP, 480 Gil
Silver Moth: 15 EXP, Meat
Green Crab: 10 EXP, Purify
Green Hornet: 20 EXP, Purify
Pink Hornet: 20 EXP, Revive
Pink Lizardman: 21 EXP, Tusk
Pink Tadpole: 23 EXP, Meat
Pink Turtle: 21 EXP, Bone
Red Gnome: 28 EXP, 930 Gil
Black Warlock: 28 EXP, 720 Gil
Pink Magician: 24 EXP, 720 Gil
Black Ninja: 30 EXP, Potion
Red Knight: 30 EXP, Revive
White Knight: 28 EXP, Herb
Pink Ninja: 30 EXP, Herb
Ice Frog: 32 EXP, Tusk
Jellyfish: 40 EXP, Meat
Blue Spider: 40 EXP, Meat
Red Jellyfish: 40 EXP, Meat
Venus Flytrap: 40 EXP, Meat
Purple Spider: 60 EXP, Meat

Samaran Knight: 5 EXP
Shura: 10 EXP
Saam: 20 EXP
Veg: 40 EXP
Fire Soldier: 7 EXP
Fire Knight: 15 EXP
Sol: 100 EXP
Beruga: 200 EXP
Nero, Gestahl, and Baron Spider: 200 EXP
Nova: 200 EXP
Gadiss: 300 EXP



Dawhat: Informing me of the game's existence.

Griffin Knodle (Jair): Translation of the game and the use of the tech

Robert Kosinski, a.k.a Whelkman <whelkman@operamail.com>: The use of the
tech Strella.

Tecmo: Making this great game.


Disclaimer: This guide is copyright 2001 Amar Kishan, and Radia Senki is
copyright 1991 Tecmo.  This guide is not official. Do not distribute or
upload at all without my permission.  This guide cannot be reproduced in
any way without my permission.

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