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FAQ/Move List by Seth0708

Version: Final | Updated: 01/10/05

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Master Fighter II FAQ/Move List
by Seth0708

Table of Contents
I. Information
II. Character Moves
	A. Chun-Li
	B. Guile
	C. Ryu
	D. Zangief
	F. M. Bison (Vega)
III. Notes

Master Fighter II is one of the few one-on-one fighting games for the Nintendo
Entertainment System. Few people know of its exsistence, and indeed I was not
aware of it until I found myself browsing through the Nintendo Entertainment
System titles on GameFAQs one night. Intrigued by the only review then present
I sought out this game (more or less) and, since there was no FAQ/Move List for
it, I decided to make one for it.

Master Fighter II is a port of the original Street Fighter II. Allegedly it is
an official release from Capcom. It exists in english, having been released in
Europe, but I cannot say for certain if it was ever released in Japan. (I would
assume it was if it is indeed an official release.) The game plays vaguely
similar to the original arcade game, while the graphics are understandably
reduced. It thus becomes something similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Tournament Fighters for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game only has five characters, and only four of them are playable. Logically
this also means there are five stages to fight in, all of which are similar to
their arcade counterparts (but with less movement in the background). The
characters also have endings (except M. Bison of course, since he is
unplayable). They are listed here alphabetically, excepting the final,
unplayable boss who is listed at the end.

Assume facing right for all moves. "P" stands for punch and "K" stands for kick.

Notes: Chun-Li is the only female character in the game.
Country: People's Republic of China
Stage: Chinese Village Square (day)
	At one point in Chun-Li's life Vega (Bison) killed her father. Since
that day she has devoted her life to training in the martial arts. After
searching for the man named Vega for several months (years?) she ran into
Charlie Nash. When they realized that they were searching for the same man,
they decided to help each other find Vega (Bison). Together they caught up with
Vega in Brazil. They battled and appeared to defeat him, but at the last minute
Vega (Bison) escaped in his private jet. They seperated and continued the

	Some time later she recieved word from Nash and was preparing to head
for Shadowloo HQ. However Guile arrived to question her. They battled and
Chun-Li was defeated. Guile then left after Nash. When he came back, Nash was
dead and Vega (Bison) had escaped (in the body of Rose). Three years passed.

	The Second Street Fighter Tournament was set to begin. Chun-Li
immeadiately signed up. She made it to the finals and prepared to face Vega
(Bison). But first she fought Guile, and this time she won. Next she was to
finally fight Vega (Bison), but before the battle could begin Gouki appeared
at Shadowloo Headquarters and killed him (destroying his soul this time).

	Five more years pass. A mysterious organization announces the Third
Street Fighter Tournament. At this same time, someone kidnaps a gifted Chinese
girl. Chun-Li joins the fights to find this missing girl. She gets a lead from
Sir Urien. He agrees to tell her where the girl is if she can beat him (seems
he wishes to take on the one who beat Shadowloo). Chun Li emerges victorious
and, true to his word, Urien gives the girl to Chun Li. She returns to China
and makes the decision to train the children of China in self-defense.


Lightning Legs
K + K + K, etc.
-Chun-Li kicks repeatedly, her legs becoming a painful blur

(while in air) | -o
-Chun-Li drops from the sky and crushes her foe's head

Guile, William
Notes: Guile's stage varies the most from any other characters's counterpart
	stage in the arcade game.
Country: United States of America
Stage: Air Force Base (night)
	The "original" American hero in the Street Fighter universe. Guile was
always proud to call himself a friend of Charlie Nash. However when Nash went
AWOL, Guile had no choice but to track down his and detain his renegade friend.
Along the way, he ran into Chun Li who tried to stop him. Guile emerged
victorious and continued on to the Shadowloo base. There he fought Nash and
then decided to help him find Vega. Guile ordered the base bombed in an attempt
to flush out Vega. Vega came out and battled both of them. In the fight, Nash
and Guile were seperated. It was later found out that Vega killed Nash. Three
years passed.

	Vega announced the Second Street Fighter Tournament and Guile was one
of the first to enter. In the end, both Guile and Chun Li made it to the final
round. Vega was, of course, there too. This time, Chun Li took down Guile and
faced Vega (Bison). However Gouki burst in and killed Vega (Bison) before
Chun-Li could fight him. Guile then vanishes from the story. As a side note,
Guile and Ken are brothers-in-law (their wives are sisters).


Somersault Kick
| (hold) o + K
o        |
-Guile does a backflip, kicking anyone who is close to it

Sonic Boom
o- (hold) -o + P
-Guile throws something similar to a fireball across the screen

Notes: This is the only Street Fighter game without Ken, who was an exact clone
	of Ryu when this game was made.
Country: Japan
Stage: Suzaku Castle (afternoon)
	Ryu is the perpetual wanderer and hero of the Street Fighter franchise,
appearing in every incarnation of the series (except Rival Schools and Final
Fight). His name is synonmous with the franchise itself.

	Ryu began as a student training under Gouken, master of Shotokan. He
was an orphan and thus spent his entire life in training. In these days he
befriended Ken Masters. After much training together they decided to enter the
First Street Fighter Tournament being held by Victor Sagat, the Muay Thai
Champion. They battled through the matches together, but in the end it was Ryu
who faced the mighty Sagat. Sagat had the upperhand, but for a brief moment
Ryu gave into the Dark Hadou and defeated him with a Dragon Uppercut, scarring
Sagat's chest. Shocked by his weakness he left Sagat and returned to Japan to
see his master. While he was gone, however, Gouki, the brother of Gouken, had
returned and murdered his master and the entire Shotokan school. Unsure what to
do, but wishing to avenge his fallen master, he set out to travel the world and
increase his strength so he could one day face Gouki.

	He met many famous warriors on his journey, but none could prepare him
for "that man" who sought after him everywhere he went. From the shadows Vega
had been watching Ryu, waiting for the opportunity to recruit him into his
ranks. Finally that day came in Thailand at Shadowloo Headquarters. Vega
offered Ryu a place in his organization, but Ryu refused. Unconcerned, Vega
engaged Ryu and defeated him. At this moment, unsure of how to survive, Ryu
gave in to the Dark Hadou again. In his evil state he was an easy target for
Vega who brought the now dark warrior into his fold with ease. As Vega was
gloating, however, Ken, Sagat, and Sakura arrived and attacked the leader of
Shadowloo. As the battle raged they called to Ryu and eventually brought him
out of his trance. Ryu, returned to normal, attacked Vega as well. They fought
for some time, but in the end he was repulsed and forced to flee. Shortly later
Vega was killed and the world seemed at peace.

	It was not to last though, for Vega, ressurected in Rose's body,
reappeared and put on the Second Street Fighter Tournament. Ryu entered the
tournament and worked his way up, eventually facing Sagat again. Together they
dropped out of the tournament and had a fair fight ending with Ryu's victory.
At this point Gouki appeared and attacked Ryu. Having learned from his travels
Ryu fought Gouki long and hard, defeating the dark warrior and sending him
packing. Ryu then continued his travels.

	When Gill announced the Third Street Fighter Tournament Ryu entered,
but not for glory. Instead he wished to see the fighting styles of the new
generation. In battle he faced many of these faces, including Yun, Alex, and
Remy. Where he's gone now is not known, but he most likely is continuing his
journey to become the greatest warrior.


Hadouken (Fireball)
| \  -o + P
o  o
-Ryu shots a fireball across the screen

Hurricane Kick
|  /  O- + K
-Ryu spins through the air across the screen, a flurry of kicks

Notes: Zangief has the least number of moves out of any character in the game.
Country: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 
Stage: Construction Site (unknown time)
	A Russian wrestler known as the Red Cyclone. Zangief has fought for
the Soviet Union ever since he saw some old footage of Mayor Haggar in action.
He trained to fight so he could help bolster the Union's image. An example,
Zangief was once picked up by a cyclone while training and was inspired to make
a new move, the cyclone spin.

	To prove his loyalty to the Soviet Union, he faced many fighters from
around the world. He even wrestled bears to show the world the strength of
Mother Russia. When he heard about the evil organization Shadowloo, Zangief
went hunting for Vega. He ran into a sumo named Edmund Honda and they travelled
to Thailand together. They even managed to find, and trash, Shadowloo HQ.

	Later, he joined the Second Street Fighter Tournament to further prove
his loyalty. The representative of Russia fared well, but didn't win the title.


360 + P
-Zangief grabs his foe, leaps into the air, and slams them to the ground

M. Bison (Vega)
Notes: M. Bison (Vega) is not playable.
Country: Thailand (Shadowloo)
Stage: Palace (day)
	Vega was the mysterious leader of Shadowloo before it's destruction.
When he was young, he trained with two other students under an evil master.
Vega learned to harness the mysterious psycho power. Using this power, Vega
thought he could rule the world. At about this time he met a woman named Rose.
Their exact relationship though remains a mystery.

	Vega left his master and formed Shadowloo. He then set out to recruit
warriors into his organization. First he found the scientist Senoh, then the
Muay Thai champ Adon, Birdie the English thug followed, then boxing's bad boy
Mike Bison, and lastly Balrog the conquistador. Vega then heard about a man
named Ryu. This man had bested Sagat, the great Muay Thai warrior. He inquired
about Ryu. This led him to Sagat. Sagat refused to join a group of criminals,
but did agree to help find Ryu.

	To further extend his influence, Vega captured twelve girls from around
the world. He had them all trained to be killers. At this time Senoh perfected
the psycho drive. Ready to strike, Vega suddenly made a strange request. He
needed a clone of sorts. Senoh pulled this off and created Cammy. She soon
broke loose though. Vega sent Balrog to find her. As this was going on,
Chun-Li, Charlie Nash, and Rose were searching for him. Vega met all three in
turn and quickly defeated them.

	Vega then set his sights back on Ryu. He lured Ryu to Shadowloo HQ in
Thailand. As Ryu arrived, so did Ken Masters, Sakura Kasugano, and Victor Sagat.
To make matters worse, T. Hawk, E. Honda, Zangief, Blanka, and Dan came
seperately too. Ken was first to see Vega. Vega captured him and waited for
Ryu. T. Hawk came next, but Vega couldn't be bothered. He sent one of his dolls
after him. Ryu finally came after that. Vega fought him and managed to release
the dark hadou in Ryu. Ryu went berserk. As Vega gloated, Sagat, Sakura, and
Ken cornered him. Vega sent Ryu at them. Together they repulsed him and knock
him back to his senses. Vega then attacked, but was repulsed.

	Vega fled into his base. Inside, Birdie attacked him. He was dispatched.
Next Rose came Vega almost killed her, but Guy managed to pull her out of the
base. Lastly Guile and Charlie Nash arrived. Nash attacked and was killed.
Guile ordered the base bombed. Vega (now in the body of Rose) was carried away
by Guy as the place went up in flames.

	Three years passed. Vega was only able to find Mike Bison and Balrog of
his former henchmen. Still after Ryu, he announced that the Second Street
Fighter Tournament would be held. From all over warriors came. Among them were
Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy, Sagat, Ken, and Ryu. As the fights raged on, Ryu and
Sagat disappeared. In the end, Chun-Li and Guile faced off in the finals.
Chun-Li was victorious and was to take on Vega, but as the final round was to
begin Gouki suddenly appeared and killed Vega, destroying his soul.


Double Knee Press
-Bison shots forward, kicking his foe as he does

Psycho Crusher
-Bison shots forward in a blaze of fire, burning everything in his path

-Like Chun-Li's move of the same name

Master Fighter II is (c) Capcom

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters is (c) Konami

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