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From 18 works included in "Kunio-kun The World Classics Collection" released in December 2018 "Nekketsu! Street Basket Ganbare DUNK HEROES" has been released as a single item!

This work is a sports series of Kunio-kun released in 1993. Kunio-kun aims to win the tournament in the United States with 2on2 basketball.

The content of the game is a fighting sports action with hitting and kicking. The stage (court) is the home or the city of the expedition destination.
Each of the eight stages has a unique gimmick. You can enjoy various strategies such as climbing the wire net, being kicked by a horse and going to the goal. Including special shots and items that are different for each team and player.

Since it inherits the system and operation feeling of the Kunio-kun sports series, It is a work that even those who like the series and those who like sports games can easily enjoy it.

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