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Guide and Walkthrough by LastBossKiller

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/2014

                  Ushio to Tora: Shinen no Daiyou (Famicom)
                        Guide by E. Phelps, ver. 1.0
                            (aka LastBossKiller)

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This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2014 E. Phelps

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                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Intro ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -

     Ushio and Tora was originally a manga/anime series. It is about a young
high school student named Ushio who comes across a monster, named Tora, who
has been pinned against a wall by a spear for 500 years. Although Tora is
threatening, Ushio removes the spear from Tora and their adventures together
begin. On the surface, their relationship is one of mistrust, where Tora
constantly threatens to eat Ushio and says he would do so if Ushio didn't
carry the spear. But deep down, they develop an unspoken friendship.
     As the story progresses, the importance of the spear, known as the Beast
Spear, becomes more apparent, and the history of Ushio's family becomes much
more complex than he ever expected.
     Ushio to Tora: Shinen no Daiyou, for the NES/Famicom, essentially
follows the plot of the manga/anime series. In my opinion, the game does a
very nice job of utilizing the characters from the manga and following the
plotline, although it is of course quite truncated. The battles and dialogue
have an anime feel to them which is fun, especially for an NES game.
     As far as play style goes, the game is very much your typical turn-based
RPG. You wander around towns and dungeons, getting into random battles and
such. But it's really a very simple version of this type of game, offering
very little variation in the battles. The attraction here is mostly the
storyline, which is more than could be said for most RPG's of this era,
     The game was released only in Japan, so you will have to deal with
Japanese text to play through it. Using this guide, you will probably be able
to complete the game (at least that was my goal). I've done my best to
explain the plotline as the story progresses, so hopefully you can get the
full enjoyment of the game.

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               - - - = = = ===== Contents ===== = = = - - -
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Search words are given in square brackets [].

1. Story [sec1]
2. Characters and Skills [sec2]
3. Game Mechanics [sec3]
   a. First-Person Scenes [sec3a]
   b. Health and Will-Power [sec3b]
   c. Battles [sec3c]
   d. Death in the Party [sec3d]
   e. Saving the Game [sec3e]
4. Menus [sec4]
   a. Walking Menu [sec4a]
   b. Status Menu [sec4b]
   c. Battle Menu [sec4c]
5. Items [sec5]
6. Walkthrough [sec6]
   a. Prologue - Ushio and Tora [sec6a]
   b. Chapter 1: Path of the Tono Youkai [sec6b]
   c. Chapter 2: Person of Legend [sec6c]
   d. Chapter 3: Hakumen no Mono [sec6d]

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Story ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec1]

At the beginning of the game, you see a short scene of a demonic entity in
the shadows and lightning striking. The text reads:

A long, long time ago, a vengeful spirit appeared, riding a cloud and clad in
thunder. There was no way to kill the spirit and everyone lived in terror.
But a traveler wielding a spear appeared and the spirit's last days had come.

            - - - = = = ========================= = = = - - -
            - - - = = = = Characters and Skills = = = = - - -
            - - - = = = ========================= = = = - - -       [sec2]

Here is a list of playable characters and the skills they can learn. All
skills are pretty much the same except for a few special ones. I leave notes
about skills that are unique or that I found especially useful. Otherwise,
they are generic attack techniques.

As explained in detail in the "Battle" section, when you attack you can also
replenish your health or will-power. Some attacks are especially good for
this purpose, but deal weak damage at the same time. Other attacks will deal
a lot of damage, but replenish smaller amounts of health or will-power.

In general, a "weak" skill (one learned at low levels) is good for dealing
damage while replenishing a small amount of health or will-power. The
"stronger" skills (learned as you gain levels) are good for replenishing
health or will-power, but deal weak damage at the same time. If you don't use
the option to replenish health or will-power, but just focus on dealing
damage, then the "stronger" attacks always deal more damage, but they take
more will-power to execute.

List of playable characters (in order of appearance) and their skills. The
level at which skills are learned is indicated for skills learned by leveling

Ushio (うしお) - The main character of the game. A high school student whose
    family has taken care of a local temple for several generations.
        つく ("Thrust") - Note: Good for dealing good damage and
            simultaneously restoring only a small amount of health or
        さく ("Cleave") - Learned: LV 2.
        なげる ("Throw") - Learned: LV 6.
        なでぎり ("Clean Sweep") - Learned: LV 10.
        2どぎり ("2x Cut") - Learned: LV 14.
        かいてんぎり ("Rotating Cut") - Learned: LV 20.
        みだれぎり ("Disordered Cut") - Learned: LV 25.
        せんこうぎり ("Flash Cut") - Learned: LV 27.
        じゃしんぎり ("Shashin Cut") - This attack is good for dealing good
            damage and restoring health or will-power simultaneously.
            Learned: LV 30.

Tora (とら) - A youkai (monster) who has been pinned against a wall by a
    spear for 500 years.
        たいあたり ("Body Blow") - Note: Good for dealing good damage and
            simultaneously restoring only a small amount of health or
        つき ("Lunge")
        かえん ("Flame")
        いかずち ("Thunder")
        さく ("Cleave") - Learned: LV 10.
        かえんだん ("Flame Tongue") - Learned: LV 16.
        2どづき ("2x Lunge") - Learned: LV 22.
        ひばしら ("Pillar of Flame") - Learned: LV 28.
        でんげき ("Electric Shock") - This attack is good for dealing good
            damage and restoring health or will-power simultaneously.
            Learned: LV 32.

Hyou (ひょう) - A skilled exorcist who is looking for revenge against the
    monster who killed his wife and child. The game is significantly easier
    when he is in your party because of his "Prohibit" skill.
        きりさき ("Tear to Pieces")
        じょうがん ("Jougan")
        きんじる ("Prohibit") - Paralyze all enemies for one turn. Seems to
            always work unless you're fighting a boss character.
        ひょう ("Hyou") - This attack is good for dealing good damage and
            restoring health or will-power simultaneously.

Kagari (かがり) - The youngest of the three Kamaitachi siblings, driven from
    their home by humans looking to make a gold course.
        たいあたり ("Body Blow")
        さく ("Cleave")
        たつまきうち ("Tornado Strike")
        ひっさつぎり ("Death Blow")

Raishin (らいしん) - The oldest of the three Kamaitachi siblings.
        たいあたり ("Body Blow")
        さく ("Cleave")
        せんこうぎり ("Flash Cut")
        ひっさつぎり ("Death Blow")

Izuna (イズナ) - A fox-like spirit summoned by Osa to lend support to Ushio.
        たいあたり ("Body Blow")
        つき ("Lunge")
        2どづき ("2x Lunge")
        かいてんうち ("Rotating Strike")
        はんてんうち ("Inverted Strike")

               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = == Game Mechanics = = = = - - -
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -          [sec3]

---First-Person Scenes---------------------------------------------[sec3a]---
Exploration in this game is done almost entirely from a 3/4 overhead view.
However, there are numerous times when you enter a building and see things
from a first-person perspective. The layout of these places is pretty non-
sensical and rooms don't seem to connect to each other in any predictable
way. Luckily, there are no elaborate dungeons or anything in these places.

By pushing left or right you are able to rotate your view. You can go in a
complete circle, which can make it confusing which direction you are facing.
Push "A" to talk to a person you are facing or enter a doorway. The person,
doorway, or other thing you want to interact with has to be pretty much
exactly aligned with the spear icon at the top of the screen.

---Health and Will-Power-------------------------------------------[sec3b]---
There are two values to pay attention to for each of your characters as you
engage in battle. They are health and will-power.

Health is generally referred to as hit points (HP) in most RPGs. In this
game, it is referred to by the Japanese word: 体力, meaning "health".

will-power is generally referred to as magic points (MP) in most RPGs. In
this game, it is used for almost all of your attacks, even your regular
attacks. You must make sure that it stays high enough that you can use
whatever attacks you want. It is referred to by the Japanese word: 念力,
meaning "will-power".

The battles in this game are, for the most part, your typical turn-based RPG
style battles. However, there is a unique twist. Before attacking, your
character can choose to focus the energy of his attack into four different
(1) Damaging the enemy.
(2) Damaging the enemy + restoring his health.
(3) Damaging the enemy + restoring his will-power.
(4) Greatly damaging the enemy.

You will want to constantly juggle which of these you use for each character.
If you use them well, you can play through the entire game without ever
having to use any health or will-power restoring items.

Using options 1, 2, or 4 will drain your will-power. Option 4 does the most
damage to enemies, but it also drains the most will-power. I generally
avoid using option 4 because it drains so much will-power, but I would use
it once or twice per battle.

Different attacks are good for different purposes. If you use option 2 or 3,
some attacks will mostly deal damage, but restore a little bit of health or
will-power at the same time. Other attacks will deal only a little damage,
but restore a lot of health or will-power at the same time. In general, it
seems like the "weaker" attack (ones at the top of a character's attack list)
deal more damage and restore less health or willpower, while "stronger"
attacks, further down your character's attack list, will deal only a small
amount of damage, but will restore a lot of health or will-power.

A few other things worth noting about battles in this game:
(1) Using an item doesn't take your character's turn.
(2) You can re-target enemies during battle, meaning that if two characters
    target the same enemy, but the first character kills that enemy, then the
    second character will attack a different enemy instead.
(3) Every once in a while, randomly, the Beast Spear will attack all enemies
    on the screen.
(4) Health and will-power are completely restored when a character levels up.
(5) There are no weapons or armor to find or equip in this game.
(6) There are no status ailments.

---Death in the Party----------------------------------------------[sec3d]---
If one of your party members "dies" in battle, they will be restored to life
after the current battle ends, with one health point remaining.

If all of your party members die, you will get a game over. You will be
returned to the title screen and be forced to reload from your last save

---Saving the Game-------------------------------------------------[sec3e]---
You can save the game anytime you are walking around in 3/4 perspective, even
in dungeons. To save the game, press "B" to open the menu, then select
そのほか ("Other"). Next, select きろく ("Record"), then choose a save file.

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Menus ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec4]

---Walking Menu----------------------------------------------------[sec4a]---
When walking around in 3/4 perspective, press "B" to bring up the following
つよさ- "Strength". Shows the status menu for each party member.
もちもの - "Inventory". See the items carried by each party member. When you
         select an item, you will have the following options: つかう ("Use"),
         わたす ("Transfer"), すてる ("Discard").
そのほか - "Other". Brings up the following submenu:
         じどう - "Auto". Set whether your party is manually or computer
                controlled during battle. The options are:
                念力つかうな - "Don't use will-power"
                うまくたおせ - "Defeat skillfully"
                はやくたおせ - "Defeat quickly"
                そうささせろ - "Manual"
         はやさ - "Speed". Sets the message speed. You can set the battle
                (せんとう) message speed and the conversation (かいわ) speed.
                The higher numbers are the faster speeds.
         きろく - "Record". Save your game. You can choose between 3
                different save files.

---Status Menu-----------------------------------------------------[sec4b]---
The status menu for each character shows the following information:
LV - "Level".
体力 - "Health". This is hit points in this game.
念力 - "Will-power". This is essentially magic points in this game.
さいだい体力 - "Maximum health".
さいだい念力 - "Maximum will-power".
ちから - "Strength".
けいけんち - "Experience".
のこり - "Remaining". Experience needed to level up.

---Battle Menu-----------------------------------------------------[sec4c]---
During battle, the current health and will-power for each of your party
members is shown in the top window. The names of the enemies are shown in the
lower-right window.

The lower-left window shows the names of your party members. First, you must
select a character to give an action to. The order you select your party in
is meaningless, they won't act in the order you set anyway.

After choosing a party member, you have the following options:
たたかう - "Fight". You will be given a list of attacks to choose from.
にげる - "Run". Escape from battle. Each character can have a chance to run.
もちもの - "Inventory". Use items the character is carrying.
やりの力/せってい - "Spear Strength"/"Settings". The name of this option
    depends on the character. It allows you to focus your attack in 4
    different ways, as explained in the "Battles" section of this guide. The
    submenu is:
    こうげきの力 - "Attack strength". All energy is focused into the attack.
    体力かいふく - "Recover health". Attack and recover health.
    念力かいふく - "Recover will-power". Attack and recover will-power.
    ひもをきる/さいだいの力 - "Cut the string"/"Maximum strength". The name
        of this option depends on the character. Spend extra will-power to
        deal heavier damage.

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Items ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec5]

Here are the itns in the game. I list their English translation name,
Japanese name, and their effect when used.

---Expendable Items----------------------------------------------------------
Raindrop (あまのしずく) - Restore single character's will-power.
Onigiri (おにぎり) - Restore single character's health.
Hourikisou (ほうりきそう) - Increases the party's strength for one turn.
Charm (おまもり) - Prevents random encounters for a time.
Immortality Fragrance (ふしのかおり) - Restores a "dead" party member to life
    with full health during battle.
Black Sap (くろいじる) - Using this during battle decreases the user's will-
Dokudamisou (どくだみそう) - Completely restore health and will-power of all
    party members.
Kaki Seed (かきのたね) - Instantly kill all enemies.
Tearing Blade (きりさきのは) - Instantly kill one enemy.
Mystery Ball (ふしぎのたま) - Has a random effect.
Sprint Goma (しっそうごま) - Increases the user's speed for one battle.
    Perhaps helps you to successfully run from battle.
Meikaiseki (めいかいせき) - Effect?
Return Grass (ふっきそう) - Restore single character's will-power.
Weasel Medicine (いたちぐすり) - Kagari comes with these in her inventory.
    They completely restore the user's health and will-power.

---Key Items-----------------------------------------------------------------
Beast Spear (けもののやり) - A mysterious and powerful spear Ushio wields.
Warehouse Key (くらのかぎ) - Use to open the warehouse next to Ushio's home.
Gate Key (もんのかぎ) - Use to open the gate to the mansion.
Tonkouban (とんこうばん) - A spirit detector. Use to find your way into the
Katana (カタナ) - Opens a dungeon door.
Magatama (まがたま) - Opens a dungeon door.
Mirror (かがみ) - Opens a dungeon door.
Cloud Mirror (くものかがみ) - Used to call the talking mirror when needed.

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = === Walkthrough === = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec6]

--------------= Prologue - Ushio and Tora (序章 うしおととら) =----[sec6a]---

You begin in a house, speaking with your father Shigure (しぐれ). He is
speaking of dark omens and to beware that a mystical door underground has
been opened. When you are able to control the character, move the screen so
the spear icon at the top of the screen is lined up with the door, then push
"A" to exit through the door.

You will be outside. To continue the story, you can immediately go back
inside. However, this is your only chance to explore the city free of random
encounters, so take a minute to do so and get to know the city layout. When
you go back into Ushio's house, you will to see Shigure is gone. There is a
letter laying there. Read it to learn that he went to the seaside to laze
around and expects you to sweep the warehouse. You get the Warehouse Key
(くらのかぎ) from inside the envelope.

Go outside and stand in front of the door to the building just to the right
of Ushio's house and use the Warehouse Key. The door opens. Go inside.

In the warehouse is a green stone on the floor (or something). Face it and
press "A". It moves to the side, revealing a passage downward. Press "A" to
go down.

Creepy! I love this moment. A dark shadow with evil eyes stares out at you.
Press "A" on the demonic shadow and you will meet Tora (とら). He asks you to
remove the spear sticking into him. It's been stuck into him for 500 years.
There's a bit of a debate because Tora says he'll eat Ushio if he removes the
spear, but Ushio feels compassion, I guess. You're asked if you will remove
the spear, with the options はい ("Yes") and いいえ ("No"). You have to say
"yes" to continue, of course. When the spear is removed, Tora attacks you and
a battle begins. For now, just select たたかう ("Fight"), then つく
("Thrust") to deal regular attacks and you will easily win after a few

Tora begs for forgiveness and you show mercy. Then he starts following you
around. Outside, talk to the guy just to your right to get a Raindrop
(あまのしずく), which will restore your will-power when used.

You will start getting random encounters with enemies. After the first
battle, there's a conversation in which you learn the demons are attracted to
Tora. See the "Battles" section of this guide for a detailed explanation on
the battle options so you can learn how to balance your health and will-power

Next, enter the school, located Southeast from Ushio's house. It's the only
other building with an open door.

---The Stone Statue----------------------------------------------------------
When you enter the school, you see Asako (あさこ) and Mayuko (まゆこ). Talk
to them and they say the teacher was carrying something to the records
building. Apparently he had some sort of stone statue he just bought from a
secondhand store. Go through the door to go outside, then enter the building
on the right whose door is now open.

In the records building, you see Seito (せいと) who says she has an eerie
feeling about the stone armor. Go in the door that's closed to enter a room
with the armor. Press "A" on it and you comment that you get an eerie
feeling. Go to the previous room and the teacher (せんせい) is now there. He
says he moved everything he needed and is returning to the classroom.

Go back to the school and talk to Mayuki. She says Asako didn't return from
the records building. Go in the door on Mayuki's left to go outside. You hear
someone scream for help. Go in the records building again. Go in the closed
door on the left. Press "A" over the blackboard looking area and you comment
that the stone armor is missing. Go back, then go in the closed door on the

In the next room, there are three doors. Two are next to each other. Of those
two, enter the one on the left. Press "A" on the girl and you learn she's
been turned to stone. You tell Tora you're going after the armor, and appear
in a dungeon area. Go down either staircase at the top of the screen. Then go
down the nearby stairs. Next, you want to go up the stairs that are closest
to you (but on the other side of the wall), so make your way there, but
search the pot on the way to get an Onigiri (おにぎり), which can be used to
restore a character's health. Up those stairs you will find the boss. Walk up
ro him and press "A" to begin the battle. He is Ishikui (いしくい). There are
no special tactics to defeat him (nor any other boss in the game). Just
manage your health and will-power like you would any other battle. I beat him
with Ushio at level 6.

When you win, Asako is returned to normal. You return to school and the story
of the stone armor has ended.

Ushio and Tora are fighting and an angry Tora runs away.

You can now visit Ushio's house and talk to Shigure to have your health and
will-power restored.

Talk to the woman toward the lower-right section of the screen to hear that
she saw a yellow animal in town. Go over to the next screen on the right,
which I will call the "city". I'll call the previous screen the "countryside"
from now on. There are three paths you can take to get to the city screen.
Take one of the top two to enter the city (the bottom one goes to an
inaccessible mansion).

Talk to the person in the lower-right area of the city. You are told a yellow
animal is in the airport. The airport is in the lower-right corner of the

When you enter the airport, you meet Hyou (ひょう). He says he's been seeking
Tora who killed his family 15 years ago. Ushio thinks Tora was disabled for
500 years so he couldn't have done it. But he decides Tora lied to him and
tells Hyou he knows Tora. You say he's hiding somewhere in town.

Go back outside and go West to the countryside screen. Tora flashes in front
of the screen. Go to the park area in the Southwest where you'll see Tora and
Hyou. When you approach, you see a cutscene where they are fighting. You
interrupt and say Tora couldn't have killed Hyou's family because he was
disabled for 500 years. He doesn't believe you and you must battle him. You
are supposed to lose this battle, so no worries.

When you regain conciousness, Hyou apologizes and says he made a mistake. He
plans to investigate this area in the meantime. You ask him to tell you more
about the spear, but he says maybe later.

Tora meets an old acquaintance, Umizatou (うみざとう), a guardian deity of
the ocean and they have a little chat. The scene changes to Asako convincing
Ushio to go to an art museum. He finally gives in and goes. In the art
museum, search one of the paintings to begin a dialogue about how you like it
and Asako thinks it's putting you in a trance. Then go outside.

Return to the countryside screen and enter the school. On the first screen,
enter the door that is not right next to another door. In the next room,
enter the door that is on the left out of the two doors that are next to each
other. In this room, you encounter Masaki (まさき), who's hitting on a female
student, Reiko (れいこ). You chase him away when your spear starts freaking
out of its own accord.

Exit the school and you will see a tornado blocking your path. Walk up to it
and press "A" to begin a battle with Jinki (じんき), which seems interested
in Reiko. I defeated it at level 7.

When you win, the monster says it only came for Reiko, kidnaps her, and runs
away. Tora says Masaki had something to do with this. Enter the school and
you'll see Masaki in the first room. He says Reiko was kidnapped by her
father. Masaki says Reiko's mother ran away when she was very young to escape
her father. Her father died dispirited and angry. The painting in the museum
was done by Reiko's father. He says to go to the mansion to save Reiko and
gives you the Gate Key (もんのかぎ).

Back outside, go to the Southeast corner of the screen and follow the path
East to the next screen, which leads to a mansion. Hyou is there. He's also
interested in the owner of the mansion. He says there is an illusion barrier
and to use the Tonkouban (とんこうばん) he brought to figure out how to pass
it. He then joins your party.

Hyou is awesome because of his きんじる ("Prohibit") ability that will
paralyze all enemies for one turn and seems to always work, making battles
super easy. Feel free to abuse this power.

Use the Tonkouban to be guided to the demon. It will tell you what direction
to go. Here's some Japanese directions in case you need them:
きた - North
みなみ - South
ひがし - East
にし - West
ほくとう - Northeast
ほくせい - Northwest
なんとう - Southeast
なんせい - Southwest 

Ultimately, the Tonkouban leads you to the Northeast corner of the city,
where the construction worker with the jackhammer was previously blocking the
path. Talk to him now to hear a tornado went into the nearby hole. Go down
the hole, of course.

You will be in a dungeon area. It's one of those infinitely looping dungeons
that you have to go the right way to get through. Use the とんこうばん on
each screen to learn where to go. It will tell you to go to the screens in
the following order: North, East, South, West.

You emerge outside next to the mansion. Use the Gate Key to get inside. In
the first room, there are two closed doors next to each other. Enter the left
one. In the next room are two more closed doors next to each other. Enter the
right one. In this room, locate the painting. Then enter the door that is two
doors right from the painting. In this room, you find Reiko. She gets sucked
into a painting and you go in after her.

Go right and follow the path to find some stairs leading down. On the next
floor, step on the strange yellow circle tile up and to the right from where
you entered the screen. This is a warp tile. After stepping on the warp tile,
go left as far as you can, then go up, then left until you see a path going
down. Go down and step on another warp tile. After warping, go right, then
all the way down to warp again. After warping, go to the portal in the upper-
right to be warped to the boss' location. Go up and talk to him to once again
engage in battle with Jinki (じんき). I won this battle at level 10.

After winning, you are able to convince Reiko's ghostly father to leave her
alone and move on to the afterlife. Umizatou appears again and inadvertantly
says something about Ushio's mom still being alive. Angry at this being kept
a secret, Ushio confronts his father, who ends up sending him to Hokkaido to
learn the secret of his mother.

---= Chapter 1: Path of the Tono Youkai (第一章・遠野妖怪道行) =---[sec6b]---

You are on an airplane to Hokkaido. A girl here says her father was killed in
a plane crash. She blames her father's friend, but her father's friend
insists it was due to a demon attack. Just keep talking to whoever's in front
of you and the monster, Fusuma (ふすま) will appear and you have to fight it.

When you win the battle, you land in Sendai. There will be a delay in air
travel while they repair the damage due to Fusuma.

Wander to the West and a little South and look for a person passed out in the
street. Talk to her and you hear she passes out from time to time. You agree
to escort her home. Her name is Saya (さや). Enter the house to the South.

Inside, Saya says the spirit Omamori (オマモリ) is sealed here and is often
sad. It is her duty to comfort this spirit. She wants you to free the spirit,
and says you need 3 sacred treasures. Gives you 3 Onigiri and 3 Raindrops.
Then she opens a doorway and says to go through it. You will be in a dungeon.

This dungeon is full of confusing passageways. If you go straight down from
the entrance, you will find a staircase leading down (there are two pots on
the way containing a Hourikisou and an Onigiri). On the next floor is a
passageway containing 3 locked doors. Your goal is to find the sacred
treasures that will unlock these doors.

Back on the first screen you can get an Immortality Fragrance (ふしのかおり)
in a pot on the left side of the screen and a Charm (おまもり) in a pot on
the bottom-left end of the screen. As always, going out of your way for items
is optional in this game since you won't need items if you manage your party
well during battle.

Directly to the right of the stairs that take you to the room with the doors
is another staircase, 4 tiles away but on the other side of a wall. Go down
that staircase. On the next floor, go around the "U" to the next stairs down.
Go to the lower-right portal here to get to a room with pots to get some nice
items. Go back after getting the items and go to the lower-left portal. The
pot here contains an Onigiri. Go down the stairs on the right. There is a
boss at the end of the path here, called Masamune (まさむね). I beat him at
level 12. You get the Katana (カタナ). Go back upstairs and go to the stairs
on the lower-left to return to the entrance screen.

There are two portals at the bottom of the first screen. Go down the right
one. You can get a Mystery Ball in a pot here by going left at the fork. Go
up at the fork to a portal. After warping, go to the upper-right portal. In
the next room, go up to fight another boss: Hibikibou (ひびきぼう). I won at
level 14. You get the Magatama (まがたま). Return to the entrance screen by
retracing your steps.

On the entrance screen, go down the stairs in the lower-right corner of the
room. Then go up to go down more stairs. In this room, there are several pits
that will drop you to the floor below. If that happens, a portal will take
you right back to this room. You begin on a tile above the staircase. From
there, take the following steps to get past the pits: Up 6 steps, left 1
step, up 2 steps, right 1 step, up 2 steps, left 1 step, up 2 steps, right 1
step, up 2 steps, left 1 step, up 2 steps, right 1 step, up 2 steps, then
walk straight to the pot to get an Onigiri and go down to the portal. You
find a boss: Kyouma (きょうま). I won this battle at level 15. Afterward,
search the pot to get the Mirror (かがみ).

You now have all three of the sacred treasures needed to open the locked
doorways. Return to the first screen. Then go down the stairwell that is
directly South from the entrance (two pots line the pathway). Downstairs,
approach the closed doors. Open the first one by using the Magatama. Open the
second by using the Katana. Open the third by using the Mirror. Go up and
challenge the boss, Kyoura (きょうら). I won at level 16. When you win,
you're thanked by Saya for defeating the monster and freeing Omamori. Then
you appear back outside.

---The Kamaitachi Siblings---------------------------------------------------
Head left from Saya's house and you'll see a tornado in the middle of town.
Approach it to begin a battle with Kamaitachi (かまいたち). I won at level
17. Win and you will have a conversation with Kagari (かがり). She and her
brother, Raishin (らいしん), ask you to forgive their rudeness, but to please
come with them. You agree.

In their house, you hear that these two and their brother, Juurou
(じゅうろう), lost their home when it was mowed down to make room for a golf
course. Their brother Juurou is violently angry and vowing to murder people.
He appears at this point and begins a battle with you. When you win, your
health is restored and Raishin and Kagari join your party. They want you to
help talk some sense into their brother.

You will be outside in a woodsy area. Go Southwest and follow the path to
find a cave. Enter the cave.

Go left and follow the path to the stairs. On the next floor, go down the
stairs in the upper-left. Follow the path to find the boss Onibi (おにび). I
won at level 18. Continue down through the exit and you'll find another boss
right away. It's Juurou (じゅうろう). I also defeated him at level 18. When
you win, there is a cutscene in which Ushio is begging Juurou to stand down
and live peacefully, but Juurou charges him and forces him to kill him. One
of the last things Juurou mentions was wanting to see the Princess Flower

---The Princess Flower-------------------------------------------------------
You return to Raishin and Kagari's house. You ask about the Princess Flower
and they say it blossoms in the South. They want to pick some and put it on
Juurou's grave.

Back outside, go Southwest again. This time, you'll see a new cave on a
pathway heading to the West. In the cave, you meet a talking mirror. Kagari
asks it about the Princess Flower and it says that it only grows on a ridge
to the South that is inaccessible. It says there are 2 wings in this cave you
could use to get there. Only two people can go, so you have to choose who
your second party member is. I chose Tora, for the record.

You appear in another woodsy area. Go Southwest to a pool and walk up to its
South edge. A plant-person named Happa (はっぱ) appears and says that a
monster in this area is aiming for you because of your mother. You learn that
Your mother is one of a special bloodline that can erect a barrier that
imprisons a very powerful monster.

Next, go to the East side of the screen to find a monster. Talk to it to
begin a battle with Kirikuchi (きりくち). I won at level 21. When you win,
your second party member runs off to find the Princess Flower. Continue South
to find the boss Kagizakura (かぎざくろ). During the first turn of the
battle, the other two party members that you left behind will show up and
join you. I won at level 22.

Continue along the path to find another boss, Hitotsuki (ひとつき). During
the first turn, your missing member shows up and takes you away, saving you
from a boss you couldn't beat I suppose. You will now be next to a house.

Inside, go through doorways until you find Omamori (オマモリ). She helps
introduce you to Osa (おさ), the chief of the Tono youkai that takes the form
of an old man. He tells you more about your mom and how she erected a barrier
to imprison Hakumen no Mono, a cruel and powerful spirit that takes the form
of a nine-tailed fox.

After the conversation, you appear back outside and see a monster with Tora.
Talk to the monster and a one-on-one battle begins between Hitotsuki
(ひとつき) and Tora.

When you win, Osa appears and says he has something for you from your father.
You get the Princess Flower (ひめのはな). Your friends say they'll take it to
Juurou's grave (so it never actually enters your inventory). The talking
mirror appears again and gives you the Cloud Mirror (くものかがみ), saying to
use it when you are in need of him. Ushio and Tora borrow the mirror's power
to fly off toward the North.

--------------= Chapter 2: Person of Legend (第二章・伝承者) =-----[sec6c]---

You see a short clip of a nine-tailed fox saying "The Beast Spear is near.
It's near. Destroy it!" Some demons spawn from its body and they fly off to
follow its orders. Meanwhile, Ushio and Tora are hanging out, when suddenly
Tora freaks out because he senses something is wrong. You are in the town of
Hakodate (はこだて) and you want to go to Asahi River (あさひかわ), but you
need to find directions to get there.

During the random battles, do not use recovery items, because when you are
about to die Hinowa Sekimori (せきもりひのわ) will show up to save you. But 
she doesn't think you are worthy to wield the Beast Spear and wants to take
it from you. You engage in another battle with some enemies and after you
win, she realizes that the spear won't let her wield it and she goes away.
Tora wants you to give him the spear because of the trouble it's causing, and
he attacks you for it. I was at level 23 for this series of battles. When you
win, Tora runs away and you're alone.

You will still engage in random battles although you are alone, so try to
quickly move on toward your next objective so you can get Tora back. Go
Northwest into town a little ways and you'll find Tora with some guy named
Nagare (ながれ), who is one of the four chosen of the Beast Speak, like you.
He says he'll take you to Asahi River on his motorcycle.

During your ride, another rider catches up to you. It's a girl named Jun
(じゅん). The spear senses danger and a battle commences against a boss:
Tatsumaki (たつまき). I won at level 25. Another guy, Satoru Moritsuna
(もりつなさとる) appears and congratulates you for beating the tornado.
He says he'll kill you now and destroy the spear. The spear freaks out and
Ushio calls for the talking mirror. He asks it to bring Osa here. Osa appears
and asks the fox spirit Izuna (イズナ) to aid you.

You'll appear in a dungeon. There are a couple tubes near the entrance, but
you can't go in them from this end. Go up and there will be four paths to
choose from. Go down the upper-left path and step on the weird tile there,
which is actually a warp tile. After warping, step on the portal just next to
the one you come out of to warp to a room with many warp tiles. There are
what look like plant bulbs in this room that you can search to get items. In
this room, the items you can get are: Sprint Goma (しっそうごま), Meikaiseki
(めいかいせき), Mystery Ball, Hourikisou, Tearing Blade (きりさきのは), and
Return Grass (ふっきそう).

Go to the portal in the lower-left corner of this room to get to a room with
four portals arranged in a square. Step on the upper-left portal. Then, go up
through the top tube to find the boss: Chibakama (ちばかま).

When you win, Ushio starts changing into a monster due to the evil spirit
housed within the Beast Spear. A lady name Jie Mei (ジエメイ) appears, who is
a kind spirit also housed within the Beast Spear. She tries to remind Ushio
of his friends to try to bring back his humanity before his soul becomes
completely engulfed in hatred.

--------------= Chapter 3: Hakumen no Mono (第三章・白面の者) =----[sec6d]---

Shigure is continuing to call upon Ushio's friends for support. You will
battle some weak enemies using Tora, Hyou, and Izuna, as part of this

Eventually, you will be in control of Tora and Izuna who are trying to
find Ushio who has run away. Follow the path to the West and shortly you will
be attacked by Ushio, who is now called Kemono (けもの). When you win, there
is another sequence where Ushio's friends appeal to him to recall his

Back in control of Tora, continue along the path and you'll fight Ushio yet
again. When you win, there's more friends appealing.

Go West and up toward the cave and Ushio will attack again. Fight him two
more times here and finally he reverts to normal. Go up to the cave. Inside,
you meet a weird looking youkai name Tokisaka (ときさか). He transports you
2000 years in the past to ancient China to witness the birth of the Beast
Spear. The spear you are holding disappears because this is before it was

Tora is the only one that will battle for now since Ushio doesn't have a
weapon. Go South and a little West to find a boss: Hairy Spider (けぐも), who
is very easy. When you win, you've saved Jie Mei, the lady who will
ultimately give her spirit to the Beast Spear. She thanks you and asks you to
come to her house. Go South to her house and you meet her family.

Back outside, go West to find a castle town. Enter the city wall and go up to
and enter the castle. You witness the birth of the spear. Jie Mei sacrifices
herself to create the Beast Spear to help fight Hakumen no Mono. Her brother,
a skilled blacksmith, is enraged that he can't stop her and hammers his soul
into the shaft of the spear, giving the spear the angry spirit that is able
to influence the wielder. After witnessing this event, you appear back in the
modern age and Umizatou appears, telling you to enter the Earth and destroy
Hakumen no Mono.

Another cave entrance opens up just to the right of the place you just
exited. Enter it and you'll be in the final dungeon.

---Hakumen no Mono Dungeon---------------------------------------------------
This dungeon is full of confusing warps whenever you exit a screen, but if
you know which direction to go, you can pass through it rather quickly.
However, it would be wise to do a little level building before heading
straight for the final boss. You now have Hyou in your party, so you can use
his paralyzing technique to easily win fights here. You also get a lot of
experience per battle, so you will be able to level up quickly. Each
character will probably level up every two or three battles. I was around
level 34 when I challenged the boss, and it was pretty easy at that point, so
perhaps you don't need to go that high. Just make sure you save your game
before challenging him.

To reach the boss, go straight up to the top of the screen. There are two
pots to your right (containing a Raindrop and an Immortality Fragrance). Go
up the path that is between these two pots. On the next screen, go down the
lower-left path to appear in a room that looks like a swastika. Go out the
left side of the screen and you will be in a room with two pots containing an
Onigiri and Immortality Fragrance. Exit the screen via the top side and you
will be in a narrow passageway with a locked door at the end. Approach the
door and you will hear your mother's voice. She says she can't help you get
past the door, but to use the Beast Spear. Open your inventory and "use" the
Beast Spear (けもののやり). The door will open. Go through the passage to
challenge the final boss, Hakumen no Mono (はくめんのもの).

There is nothing special about this boss fight as far as strategy goes. I won
at level 34. He's pretty easy at that level, but he takes a ton of hits, so
it will take awhile. During this battle, if a character dies, Raishin, will
replace them so you still have four members. If another member dies, Kagari
will replace him. After winning, you beat the game!

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I hope you found this guide useful.  If you have information that you'd
like to contribute or other suggestions for how the guide can be made better
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Thanks to the NES FAQ Completion Project regulars for providing a fun
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