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FAQ by DBM11085

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/10

                         SD Gundam: Gundam Wars FAQ
                        Viewable in Shift-JIS Format
                            For the NES/Famicom
                       Version 1.0 (Created 4/14/2010)
                              By Devin Morgan

      This file is Copyright (c)2010 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Overview
5. Characters
6. Credits
7. Copyright Notice


-=  1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (4/14/10): The first version.


-=  2. Introduction -=

Gundam Wars is a game for the Famicom, but it is unique since it utilizes the
Datach Joint ROM System accessory. Basically, this device reads barcodes from
special cards that come with the game, with the character/item data being
written onto these cards. This is the ONLY way to play the game, since you
must select a character or item by swiping its card! Aside from that
interesting bit of innovation, SD Gundam Wars is a strategy/action game of
sorts. The battles are automatic so you don't really control anything aside
from scanning in your characters at the beginning, and scanning items at the
start of each turn. It is fun once you get used to the whole barcode thing,
but if you are interested in a game you actually have some control over, I
would skip over this one. Then again, I would recommend it just for the
experience with this unique Famicom accessory.


-=  3. Controls -=

Start: Start game

Control Pad: Move cursor on menu screens

A: Make selection on menu screens

B: Cancel selection on menu screens


-=  4. Overview -=

Gameplay Modes

Scenario Mode (シナリオ モード): The main story-based single player mode.
Battle Mode (バトル モード): Battle against a second human player.
Barcode Lab (バーコード ラボ): Test your barcodes to see what you would get
                               if used in Scenario/Battle Mode.

Game Mode Overview

In both gameplay modes, you will go to a screen where you are prompted to
scan the barcode for the character/item you want to use (for Scenario Mode,
you will be able to start a new game or load a previous one). On the screen
where you have to scan your cards, there will be three empty spaces. You need
to scan character cards here for the six characters (there will be a second
blank screen after the first one) you want to use in the battle.

Following your character selections, you can pick the three characters you
want to start with in the current battle. Keep in mind the total CP that the
characters you use have, since this has a great effect on the actions you can
perform at each turn via scanning command cards. If you run out of CP, you
are effectively unable to act in battle, so be careful!

At the start of each turn, you can scan a command card to use in that round
of battle. Once you scan your command in, the battle will commence on the
screen automatically. Both teams' units will attack each other (attacks can
miss!), and use their scanned commands if applicable. If a unit runs out of
HP after an attack, they are destroyed and unusable for the rest of the
battle. If all units are wiped out in the turn, you will be able to select
your second group of three units. If all six are defeated, you lose.

After both teams have acted, the next turn will begin and you can scan in
another command card. The battle continues in such a fashion until one side
wins. Each unit has a few different values that corresponds to them, such as
HP (hit points/health), AP (attack power), DP (defense power), and CP (the
command points they contribute towards that group). Each character also has
two types of attacks, SR (short range) and LR (long range), though this has
little effect in how the actual battles are carried out.

In Scenario Mode, there are six actual scenarios, each with several battles
to get through. Each scenario has a flowchart map, some with branching paths
that you can take depending on what route you choose to follow. When you
reach and complete the final battle of a scenario, you will be able to save
your game and continue onward to the next one. When you complete all of the
scenarios, the game is complete.

Quite honestly, the characters you select have little actual bearing in the
outcome of the battle, though you will want the ones with high statistics and
especially CP so you can use the most powerful command cards. Since you can
also scan the same character/command cards multiple times (so you can have a
team of the same six characters, in theory), if you find a card that works,
stick with it and you will plow through the scenarios with ease. The big
kicker is the CP values that come with each character; your current three
characters will combine their CP and that will have an effect on your
strategy (what commands you can use, how often, etc.).


After you scan the barcodes for your characters, during the actual battles,
you will go to another screen where you can scan a command card. This will
enable you to use a special attack or item during that turn of battle. If you
don't have any CP remaining, you can only use a command card with 0 CP, which
is essentially just a basic attack. Some commands will force you to wait a
certain amount of turns before they are used, rendering your forces unable to
use other commands in between (see the chart at the link below for more

Barcode Resource

In this game, it is required that you have the cards to scan barcodes from in
order to select characters so you can even play the game, and then actual
commands for each turn of battle. If you have the actual cards, you can
simply scan them when prompted and the game will read them. If you are
playing through other means, this site will provide the barcode numbers you
can manually input, as well as what character/command you will receive (one
line, no spaces):

On the chart page below, here is a quick rundown of what each column means:

No.: Card number
Trade Name (商品名): Where to find this card packaged
Bar Code (バーコード): Barcode value
Type (種別): Type of card (Character - キャラ, or Command - コマンド)
Name (名称): Character/Command name
HP/AP/DP/CP: Appropriate values pertaining to that character/command
Turn (ターン): Number of turns prior to command being used
Note (備考): Any additional notes about the command
Total (総数): Total number of cards you can use



-=  5. Credits  -=

http://www25.atwiki.jp/famicomall/pages/872.html: For some of the information
                                                  found in this FAQ.


-=  6. Copyright Notice -=

This file is Copyright (c)2010 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please view 
the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my work:


This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
the aforementioned list, you are currently not allowed to post any of my 
files on your site. Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it 
without my permission. I only want my most recent work to be available and I 
do not feel that can be achieved if others take from me without my knowledge 
or permission.

If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
information, credit me for what you use. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.

If you wish to contact me, do so at dbmfaqs(at)gmail(dot)com. Please only 
contact me if there are corrections to be made to information that's 
currently included. Thanks!


=- End of File -=

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