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FAQ/Walkthrough by LastBossKiller

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/14

                SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari 3:
                       Densetsu no Kishi Dan (Famicom)

                        Guide by E. Phelps, ver. 1.0
                            (aka LastBossKiller)

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Copyright 2014 E. Phelps

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                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Intro ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -

     It's the third and final installment of the SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight
Gundam Monogatari series released on the NES/Famicom system. Densetsu no
Kishi Dan means "the legendary knights". This story in this game is
completely separate from the other two games. It takes place in the same
world, but the characters do not coincide, so you won't see Amuro or Knight
Gundam. Instead, you are introduced to the knights of the round table, Gundam
     Although still a turn-based RPG/Dragon Warrior clone, this game has
several dramatic changes from the previous two, so even if you've played the
first two, you may want to read through the "Game Mechanics" section of this
guide to help you understand the game basics. The game as a whole is very
easy, and there is really no need for strategy in battle, you just attack
until you win. For this reason, I liked this installment a bit less than the
last two. But it is a quality game in every other respect, so it is a decent
way to finish out the NES trilogy.

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               - - - = = = ===== Contents ===== = = = - - -
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Search words are given in square brackets [].

1. Story [sec1]
2. Characters [sec2]
3. Game Mechanics [sec3]
     a. Weapons and Armor [sec3a]
     b. Magic [sec3b]
     c. Day and Night [sec3c]
     d. Camping [sec3d]
     e. Fame Points [sec3e]
     f. Insurance [sec3f]
     g. The Party Leader [sec3g]
     h. Status Ailments [sec3h]
     i. Death in the Party [sec3i]
     j. Carddas [sec3j]
     k. Menus [sec3k]
          i. Exploration Menu
          ii. Battle Menu
          iii. Inn Menu
          iv. Shop Menu
4. Walkthrough [sec4]
     a. Belfast Region [sec4a]
     b. Ranarl Region [sec4b]
     c. Irish Region [sec4c]
     d. Aisle Region [sec4d]
     e. Sodon Region [sec4e]
     f. British Region [sec4f]
     g. Zabylonia Region [sec4g]
     h. Rondenion Region [sec4h]
5. Shops [sec5]
6. Items [sec6]
7. Magic [sec7]

               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ====== Story ====== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -          [sec1]

This is the story that is shown at the beginning of the game:

It is the 4th month of the 7th year according to the Zabylonian calendar.

A townsperson yells, "the Zabylonians are coming!"
A Zabylonian enters the screen and interrogates an old man named Smith,
asking if the Crown Knight is in this village. Smith says no, but the
Zabylonian does not believe him and starts beating him.

The scene cuts to the inside of a building.
A villager named Mihal says that the Zabylonians are here.

Antonio (アントニオ) speaks to a young boy in the room: "So they finally
came. Boy, it's time you heard the truth. Look at this sword. It is called
the Vatras Sword, and it is the symbol of the British prince, Crown Knight,
who is son of the late King Gundam (キングガンダム). You are this prince. If
you take this sword, your lost memories will return."

The boy takes the sword and his lost memories come back to him. He says,
"Where are the Zabylonians now? I will drive them away."

Mihal tries to disuade him, but Antonio says to let the sword guide him.

The boy runs outside to help the old man Smith. He says, "I am the one you
are looking for," and holds up the sword as proof.

A light shines upon him and he becomes Crown Knight.

In the Saddrac World, the British (ブリティス) Kingdom was overtaken by the
Zabylonian Empire. 7 years have now passed. The Crown Knight has now begun
his journey to restore the British Kingdom and overthrow the Zabylonian

               - - - = = = ==================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ==== Characters ==== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ==================== = = = - - -         [sec2]

Here are the main characters of the game. They are essentially the knights of
the round table in the Knight Gundam world.

Crown Knight (クラウンナイト) - The main character of the game. Has a fairly
         strong attack and defense.
Plus (プラス) - An average character in terms of attack and defense.
Formula (フォーミュラ) - The leader of your second party. An average
         character in terms of strength and defense.
Platinum Lord (プラチナロード) - An average character in terms of attack and
Heavy Gundam (ヘビィガンダム) - Has the strongest attack in the game, and
         the second highest defense. A very powerful character. Put him near
         the front of the party.
Red Warrior (レッドウォーリア) - Not particularly strong or defensively
         oriented, but he attacks twice per turn, so overall he is a good
         attacking character.
Gundam Mark II (ガンダムマークII) - Fairly high attack and defense.
Guntank-R (ガンタンクR) - A magic user with weak attack and defense.
Priest F90 Jr. (そうりょF90Jr.) - A magic user with weak attack and defense.
Fighter F90 Jr. (とうしF90Jr.) - Very strong character in terms of attack
         strength, but not very good defensive strength.
Fencer F90 Jr. (けんしF90Jr.) - An average character in terms of attack and
Gundam F91 (ガンダムF91) - Has a strong attack strength and the highest
         defensive strength in the game. Put him at the front of the party.

               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = == Game Mechanics = = = = - - -
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -          [sec3]

---Weapons and Armor-----------------------------------------------[sec3a]---
You do not find or buy weapons and armor in this game. Your characters keep
the equipment that they started with. However, their weapon and armor
strengths are increased by upgrading them at a blacksmith. To upgrade a piece
of equipment at the blacksmith, you need a piece of Gundalium. Gundalium is
only found while exploring dungeons and is a scarce resource. Therefore, you
need to carefully manage how you spend the Gundalium to increase your party's

If a character's attack strength seems to be falling behind, it is time to
upgrade his weapon. Similarly, if a character's defense seems especially bad
against the current enemies, upgrading his armor should be a priority. Since
characters at the front of the party are attacked much more than anyone else,
their defense should be upgraded more often. Characters that stay in the
back row can have their armor ignored for awhile longer.

You should try to maintain balance amongst all of your characters in order to
have the most effective party. In other words, all characters should have
about the same weapon and armor levels as you progress through the game. You
can completely ignore the weapons of the two magic users though since a fully
upgraded weapon will still do almost no damage in their cases.

Because the strength of your equipment is so dependent on finding Gundalium,
it is important to carefully search each dungeon to find all of the Gundalium
that you can.

Only two characters in the game can use magic. You will see magic shops
during your travels for a long time before you finally get your first magic
user, so it will seem strange that you can't use those shops, but I promise
that is the way it is.

Both magic users, Guntank-R and Priest F90 Jr., can use all of the spells.
But they can only know a maximum of six spells each at one time. You can sell
the spells they already know at a magic shop to make room for a new spell.

They only learn spells by purchasing them at magic shops.

---Day and Night---------------------------------------------------[sec3c]---
As you explore the world map and dungeons, time will pass, and it will change
from day to night and from night to day. When you are inside of a town, time
will not pass. Certain enemies will only attack you during the night and
others will only attack you during the day. Some will attack you during both.

Certain events can only be triggered in town during the night and others
during the day. If you need to explore a town during the night to trigger an
event, generally somebody will tell you during the day to come back at night.
Those events are of course explained in this guide.

At the end of the game, you are given a ranking which depends on how fast you
completed the game. If you beat the game before the 10th month of the 7th
year of the Zabylonian calendar, you will be given "God" (ゴッド) class. If
you take longer than this, but beat the game before it turns to year 8, then
you will be rated "King" (キング) class. If it takes you longer to beat the
game, you will be given "Knight" (ナイト) class.

The current date is shown on the menu screen when you push "Start" during
play. They are the numbers at the top of the screen, in the order of "year",
"month", and "day".

You can camp to rest your party in this game, but it is different than in the
previous game. In this game, camping restores both your HP and MP. However,
in order to camp, you need to have some Camp Tools. They are a one-time use
item, so you have to stay stocked up if you plan on camping a lot. You can
buy them in most towns, find them in dungeons, and many enemies drop them.

In this game, you do not get attacked when you camp, so every attempted
camping is successful. Camping can be done anywhere, even in dungeons. It is
often a good idea to camp just before a boss fight.

---Fame points-----------------------------------------------------[sec3e]---
You have a stat called "Fame Points" (めいせい) in this game which you can
see on your menu screen and is shown after battles. As far as I can tell, it
has no purpose other than bragging rights for having a "high score".

You earn one fame point for every battle you win. You also gain fame points
by using certain items and by accomplishing certain side quests. Every once
in awhile, while exploring the world map, somebody will be getting attacked
by monsters and you have to choose whether to help them or not. You'll see
the following options:

(1) とうぜん たすける!
(2) なみだをのんでみせてる.

Select option (1) to save the person, or select option (2) to let them get
killed. If you select option (1) and win the battle, which is a normal
battle, you will get a lot of fame points.

You lose 20 fame points if you run from battle. You lose 120 fame points if
your party is wiped out, unless you have insurance, in which case you lose 60
fame points.

Like in the other Knight Gundam Monogatari games, you can buy insurance to
minimize your losses when your party is wiped out in battle. The insurance in
this game is almost completely worthless though. Why? Because, when your
party is wiped out without insurance, you keep all of your experience and
gold already. All you lose is 120 fame points. But if you have insurance, you
lose 60 fame points instead. That's the only benefit to the insurance. It's
rare that your party is wiped out anyway because the game is pretty easy
overall, so don't even bother with the insurance if you want my opinion.

If you do want the insurance, then there are four options:
1 Day - 10 gold
7 Days - 50 gold
31 Days - 250 gold
365 Days - 3000 gold

The number of days you have left for your purchased insurance is indicated on
the menu screen when you push "Start". It is below the fame points
(めいせい), and labeled by ほけん ("Insurance").

---The Party Leader------------------------------------------------[sec3g]---
Your party will always have a leader. During the early part of the game,
Crown Knight will be your party leader, and later in the game, when you have
two parties, Formula will be the leader of the second party. The party leader
is indicated by a star next to his name during battle.

The party leader issues commands to the party. If the party leader is dead or
afflicted with "confused" or "sleep" status, he will not be able to issue
commands, and thus the other characters in your party will be computer
controlled until the leader comes back to his senses.

If you select "Defend" (まもる) with a character during battle, he will
sacrifice his own HP to protect the party leader. This option can only be
used by one character per round.

---Status Ailments-------------------------------------------------[sec3h]---
There are very few status ailments in this game, and they will all be
familiar to experienced RPG players. They are:

Poison (どく) - Poisoned characters take damage at the end of every round of
         battle. They are also damaged as you walk outside of battle.
Confused (こんらん) - Confused characters will attack a random character. It
         might be an ally or an enemy. Confused status automatically goes
         away after a turn or a few turns.
Sleep (ねむり) - Sleeping characters take no actions. They will automatically
         wake up after a turn or a few turns.

---Death in the Party----------------------------------------------[sec3i]---
Your characters die if they lose all of their HP. To revive them, you must
take them to a doctor, located inside the "Shop" of each town. The options
when you visit are doctor are:

ちりょうする - "Receive medical treatment".
やめる - "Quit".

If you choose to receive treatment, you must select the character that you
want to have revived. The doctor will also restore HP to characters that are
not dead.

The only other way to revive a fallen character is to cast the Raise spell.
There are no items to revive characters, strangely.

If your entire party is wiped out, you keep all of your experience and gold
and appear in the last inn you saved at. The only penalty for dying is you
lose 120 fame points.

If the leader of your party is wiped out, you can no longer control the rest
of your party. Your allies will be computer controlled until the leader is

If you've played the other Knight Gundam Monogatari games, you'll be familiar
with the Carddas game. However, this time Carddas only appears during the
title screen of the game as an extra mini game. It doesn't appear during your

You can play against the computer or against a second player. You draw four
cards automatically, which will all be fighter cards. Each fighter card has a
certain number of bonus points (BP) that you gain if you draw it. The bonus
points are used to purchase support cards, which you do on the screen
immediately after drawing your cards.

You can use up to three support cards, so there's no reason to purchase more.
The number of bonus points you have left to spend is indicated in the lower-
right corner of the screen. When you are done purchasing support cards,
select こうかん おわり ("Finished exchanging").

In the next window, you select 3 of the 4 fighter cards you drew to engage in
the Carddas battle. The stronger cards generally have a higher HP/MP number
associated with them. If you have any support cards, you will then be able to
apply them to the fighter cards at this point.

The Carddas battles are the same as in the previous two games. They are turn-
based battles that are computer controlled. You win if you win a best 2 out
of 3 series.


---Exploration Menu---
While walking around the game, you can access the menu system by pressing
"Start". The date is indicated at the top of the window by three numbers,
with the order being "year", "month", and "day. The bottom window shows your
characters and their HP/MP.

The upper-left window has selectable options:
どうぐ     のうりょく
まほう     たいれつ
キャンプ   ちず

These options are translated as:
どうぐ - "Tools". Allows you to access your inventory items.
まほう - "Magic". Allows you to use spells if you have any.
キャンプ - "Camp". Begin camping if you have the Camp Tools item.
のうりょく - "Ability". Allows you to access the status menus for each
たいれつ - "Formation". Allows you to change the order of characters in your
         party. Characters at the front of the party are attack much more
         often than anyone else.
ちず - "Map". Shows the world map if you have it.

In the upper-right window of the menu screen, you see the following values:
きんか - "Gold".
めいせい - "Fame".
ほけん - "Insurance". Only shown if you currently have insurance.

---Status Menu---
If you select the "Ability" option from the menu screen, you will see the
status menu, which has the following information, which is self-explanatory:
LV - "Level".
HP - "Hit points".
MP - "Magic points".
こうげき - "Attack".
ぼうぎょ - "Defense".
スピード - "Speed".
EXP - "Experience".
つぎ - "Next". Experience until next level up.

The bottom window shows the character's equipment. The only relevant
information is the current level of your weapons and armor. If your weapon
has been upgraded, it will have a plus (+) symbol next to it and a number
indicating how many times it has been upgraded. The total number of upgrades
your weapon or armor can have is a + 9. Shields are not upgradable.

---Battle Menu---
During battle, you enter your leader's action first. He has the following
menu commands:

こうげき   どうぐ
きあい     めいれい
かまえる   たいれつ
いっせい   にげだす

These commands have the following effect:
こうげき - "Fight". Use a regular attack.
きあい - "Shout". Attack with extra strength at the expense of some MP.
かまえる - "Stand". Do nothing.
いっせい - "Simultaneous". All characters combine their strength into one
どうぐ - "Tools". Use items in the character's inventory.
めいれい - "Command". Switch between manually entering the actions for each
         character or allowing them to be computer controlled. If there is a
         sword next to a character's name it means they are set to computer
         controlled. This can be set for individual characters.
たいれつ - "Formation". If your party was attacked from behind, its order
         will be reversed. Select this command to put your party back in the
         right order. This command does nothing if your party is already in
         the correct order.
にげだす - "Run". Run from battle.

Your other party members have the following menu options:

こうげき   どうぐ
きあい     なのる
かまえる   まもる

Most of these options were explained above. The other options are:
なのる - "State your name". Your character brags. I don't know if there is an
         effect if you do this. Only one character can select this option per
まもる - "Defend". The character sacrifices his own body to protect the party
         leader. Only one character can select this option per round.

---Inn Menu---
When you visit an inn, you have the following options:

とまる - "Stay the night".
やめる - "Quit".

きろくする - "Save".
きろくしない - "Don't save".

---Shop Menu---
When you visit a shop, you have the following options:

かう - "Buy".
うる - "Sell".
やめる - "Quit".

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = === Walkthrough === = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec4]

                         ---= Belfast Region =---                  [sec4a]

You begin the game in the town of Belfast (ベルファスト), in Antonio's house.
You can talk to Antonio anytime to rest and save your game. There isn't much
to do at this point other than to gain a few levels and then move on. You
cannot buy magic, nor can you upgrade your weapon and armor.

Outside on the world map, use the Shout (きあい) command to fell enemies with
high defense, like Mazela Ant (マゼラアント). It costs MP to use, but you can
restore your MP for free by talking to Antonio. Just make sure your MP never
goes to zero or else you will lose the battle.

Venture North to the town of Sentinel (センチネル) to progress.

The townspeople tell you that Plus is amazing and he went alone to the East
Forest. They also mention that you have to pass through the Ice Valley to
reach the Ranarl region, which is controlled by the Zabylonians. The Ice
Valley is past the East forest.

You can buy insurance in the upper-left house here if you choose. The
interior of the insurance stores always look the same, so take note.

A girl in the inn asks you to take some fruit to an old lady named Fumi
(フミ) in Ranarl (ラナール) Village. Say "yes" and she gives you the Fruit
(フルーツ). If you take too long to deliver it, it will spoil.

To reiterate, you cannot yet upgrade your weapon or equipment, so the
blacksmith here will not help you.

When you are ready to move on, go slightly East to some trees that you can't
pass through. This is the "East Forest". You can enter it via the West side
in a spot where there's an indentation in the trees.

---East Forest---------------------------------------------------------------
In the forest, you will immediately find Plus (プラス), who is confronting a
High Zaku. You jump in to help him. The battle is easy, especially if you use
the Shout (きあい) command.

After the fight, you explain to Plus who you are and your goal to restore the
British Kingdom. He is interested in helping you and says that there is a
knight who is in trouble that he'd like to help first. Just below the spot
where you found Plus you can walk through some trees to exit the forest via
the East side of the screen.

Go South on the world map to a cave, called the Ice Valley.

---Ice Valley----------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x2, 500 gold, Camp Tools.

It may take you a few tries to get through this dungeon since your party is
still a bit weak. One way to help yourself is to find some Gundalium
(ガンダリウム), which will allow you to upgrade your weapons or armor. If you
have some, visit the blacksmith in Sentinel. You'll have to make the decision
about which weapons and armor to upgrade based on what you think your party's
weaknesses are.

In the Ice Valley, go downstairs to find a knight frozen in ice, and a High
Zaku watching over him. You fight the High Zaku, which is another easy fight.
You then break the ice with your sword, saving the knight called Formula
(フォーミュラ). He knows you from the old British Kingdom and wants to join
your quest. He suggests saving Ranarl from Zabylonia as the next step.

When you pass through the cave to the world map, follow the path until you
exit the mountain pass, then head Northeast to the town of Ranarl (ラナール).

                         ---= Ranarl Region =---                   [sec4b]

If you still have the Fruit and you took too long to get here, it will now
become the Stinky Fruit (くさったフルーツ). No one will talk to you because
you stink. Get rid of the fruit by dropping it or selling it, then you can
talk to people. If it is not spoiled, deliver it to Fumi to earn some fame

In town, you learn that you can reach the Irish region via a bridge to the
East. However, Garma, the person who owns the mansion to the East, won't
raise the bridge to allow people to pass. Someone mentions that you should
seek Kai if you want to meet Garma. Kai is in a shack to the North.

In a house to the lower-left of the shop, you will meet Platinum Lord
(プラチナロード). Formula says, "You were a knight of the round table like
me." But Platinum Lord says that he has lost his memory.

If you go East to Garma's Mansion, you will find that the front door is
locked, so you can't enter. Instead, head Northwest to find a little house
where someone named Kai lives.

Kai says that he will help you get into Garma's Mansion if you help him out
first. He says he dropped his Dragon Necklace in the East Forest (the forest
you just passed through that is now to your West) when he was scared by
Zabylonian soldiers. Say "yes" to agree to get it back for him. Return to the
East Forest and step on the spot where Kai dropped the Dragon Necklace
(りゅうのくびかざり) to receive it. The spot is located in the tree
indentation just a little to the left of where you met Plus.

Return to Kai to give him the necklace. He tells you there is a passage to
Garma's Mansion in the forest North of the mansion. He runs ahead of you to
take the treasures first. Go Southeast where there is now a big hole in the
forest on the world map that you can enter. Before entering, you may want to
stock up on Medical Herbs.

---Garma's Mansion-----------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: Medical Herb, 500 Gold (きんか) x2, Antidote, 2 Gundalium x2,
Restorative, Silver Crest.

The enemies here are pretty tough. Move Formula to the front of your party
since he has a higher defense than Crown Knight and can take more punishment.
Not far into the mansion, you will come across Kai running from Zaku-Es. You
engage in a battle with Zaku-Es (ザクエス). Use the "Shout" command
liberally to defeat him.

After the fight, Platinum Lord arrives, saying he has regained his memory.
Formula tells him about your quest to overthrow Zabylonia and restore the
British Kingdom. He is interested in helping and joins your party. You find
the Dragon Necklace on the floor. Readjust your party so that they are in
order of highest to lowest defense, which probably means you should have the
order: Plus, Platinum Lord, Crown Knight.

After finding some Gundalium, you probably want to return to town to upgrade
your weapons and armor to make things easier. Eventually, you will find some
people in what looks like a throne room. It appears Garma is allied with
Zabylonia. Garma says he'll leave you to Zaku Lord (ザクロード), and a boss
battle commences. As usual, use the Shout command liberally to do him in

A lady named Iselina (イセリナ) appears and asks you to forgive Garma, saying
he was tricked by Zabylonia. You forgive him. Talk to Iselina and she will
give you a world map as thanks. As you leave the mansion, Zaku Lord comes up
behind you and says he didn't take you seriously before, but now he will show
you his true power. He is now Zaku Topas (ザクトパス), with much more HP and
stronger attack. Once again, use your Shout commands, but be careful that you
don't run out of MP or else you will faint.

When you win, the Dragon Necklace glows and the enemy is sealed within it.
The necklace then breaks. You can now exit the mansion via the front door.
The bridge to the East is now up, so you can cross it, then continue East and
a little South to find Irish (アイリッシュ) Town.

                          ---= Irish Region =---                   [sec4c]

---Irish Town----------------------------------------------------------------
You find Heavy Gundam (ヘビィガンダム) guarding the entrance to Irish Town.
He says he'll only let you in if you defeat him. Use Shout, of course, and
it's an easy fight. Heavy Gundam is impressed by your strength and wants to
join your party since he thinks it means he will meet more strong opponents.
He has a huge defense, so move him to the front of the party.

In town, you learn that you can reach the town of Norse (ノース) by passing
through the mountains to the East, but a swamp has appeared that is blocking
the path. You also hear that Irish Fortress is to the Southwest, but the
door is always locked. Finally, you hear about the Sleeping Forest, located
to the South.

If you head Southwest to Irish Fortress, you will find that you can't enter
because the door is locked. If you head South to the Sleeping Forest, your
party feels drowsy when they enter and has to immediately exit.

The only option is to head East to the swampy area. When you approach the
swamp, you enter a new screen where you can see an object sticking up from
the water. Walk up to it and pull it and the swamp will drain, allowing you
to continue traveling to the East, where you will find the town of Norse.

In Norse, humans and mobile suits are quarreling. Mobile suits are a
different race than humans, and your party is composed of mobile suits, so
the humans won't talk to you. There is a boat here leading to the town of
Aisle (アイル), but the human won't let you board. In town, you hear that
Norse Fortress is North of town.

Outside of town, on world map, the enemies called Marine High Zaku
(マリンハイザック) will rarely drop Tactics Scrolls, which can be used to
instantly level up one of your party members.

Northwest of Norse, in the forest area (called the Wind Forest), you will
find a village.

---Wind Forest Village-------------------------------------------------------
In the house at the top-center of the screen, you can find Gundam Mark II
upstairs. You introduce yourself and he says that he is the son of the
roundtable knight Gamma Gundam. He may or may not join your party depending
on how strong you are at this point (he did not join my party). If not,
don't worry, you will get him later.

In the same room as you found Gundam Mark II is a boy at the bottom-left of
the screen. He gives you a Disguise Set (へんそうセット) so you can dress
like a Zabylonian.

Elsewhere in the village, you hear that a Zabylonian spy is responsible for
starting the quarrel between humans and mobile suits.

If you head Northeast to Norse Fortress, you will be turned away because
you do not know the password to enter.

Return to Norse and use the Disguise Set to dress like a Zaku. Then, talk to
the guy in the Northeast corner of town. He is the Zabylonian spy. You say
that you forgot the password to get into Norse Fortress and he calls you an
idiot, but tells you the password. You then take off your disguise and turn
him in to the village elder. The village elder spreads the word that the
quarrel between humans and mobile suits was a fabrication of the Zabylonian
spy and the quarrel ends, so the humans are now nice to you.

You can now enter Norse Fortress, located North of town. You should bring
some Wine, which you can buy in the item shop, since the boss of the fortress
will drain your MP.

---Norse Fortress------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: Restorative, Ointment, 2 Gundalium x3, 1500 gold, Silver Crest,
Tactics Scroll.

Go up two floors to find Dartigan (ダーティギャン), the evil Zabylonian
behind the trouble in Norse. Camp if needed before this battle, then approach
him. Dartigan can sap about 7 MP from all of your party, so you need to pay
attention to make sure that he doesn't wipe out your party by draining all of
your MP. Use Wine to restore MP as needed. If one of your characters faints
due to having 0 MP, you can still use Wine on him to restore him to
consciousness. You will want to pay extra attention to your MP if you use the
Shout command during this battle since it also drains MP.

When you win the battle, you find he was wearing the G-Armor (ジーアーマー),
which you take. Crown Knight equips it and his appearance is now changed to
reflect an increase in his power.

Return to the Wind Forest Village and talk to the kid that is in the same
room as Gundam Mark II is (or was). He says one of his friends stumbled
across the Fortress Key (とりでのカギ) which opens the door to the Irish
Fortress, and he gives it to you.

Return to Irish Town and you will notice the town's aspect seems strange.
A little girl in the middle of town says she was playing hide and seek, and
while she was hiding, some Zabylonians came and captured all of the
townspeople and took them to the Irish Fortress. You say you will save them.

Head Southwest to find the Irish Fortress.

---Irish Fortress------------------------------------------------------------
Treasures: Restorative, 2 Gundalium x2, Antidote, 1000 gold, Jail Key, Magic
Rope Ladder.

In the fortress, you will come across the boss Ronmeldwarji,
(ロンメルドワージ). You demand to know where the townspeople are, but he
won't say, so the fight begins. Use Shout to fight (he won't drain your MP,
and most bosses won't actually). If you brought Wine, you can use it to
restore your MP and Shout even more if you want to really lay it on him.

After winning the battle, you will find the Jail Key (ろうやのカギ) located
to the right. Then simply continue your trek through the fortress to find
the missing villagers. Talk to them and they will thank you for saving them.
You can use a Magic Rope Ladder to escape the dungeon quickly at this point.

Go back to Norse and talk to the guy standing next to the water to take a
boat to the town of Aisle (アイル).

                         ---= Aisle Region =---                    [sec4d]

In the house to the right of the entrance, you will find Red Warrior
(レッドウォーリア). If Gundam Mark II did not join your party, then Red
Warrior will now join your party. If Gundam Mark II is in your party, then
Red Warrior will not join you yet. Red Warrior has average strength, but he
can attack twice per turn, so he is a pretty good character overall.

If you try to sleep at the inn, you will find that you don't sleep very well
because there is some loud noise keeping you up at night. Your HP is
restored, but not your MP. The loud noise is effecting the mood of all of
the townspeople, and even the ship that travels from here to the town of
Sodon refuses to stop here anymore.

Otherwise in town, you hear that there is a famous soldier that lives to the
West named Birgit (ビルギット).

Head West from town until you find an opening in the mountain ranges. From
here, head a little South and you will see a cave. Inside lives Birgit. He
refuses to talk to you right now. A little South from here is another cave
with a blacksmith inside. Even further South is a cave with a guard standing
over a stairwell. He says you need a Letter of Introduction if you want to

Aisle Fortress is South of Aisle. It is surrounded by mountains, but there is
an opening in the mountain range on the Northeast side, so pass through there
to enter the fortress.

---Aisle Fortress------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x4, 2000 gold x2, Camp Tools, Ointment, Restorative,
Silver Crest x2, Demon's Murmur.

Inside, it appears that there is nothing here. But go back to the entrance
and you will find you can go left around the outside of the fortress. When
you reach the left side of the building, go North and you will find a lever.
You automatically pull it and a sound is heard.

Back in the fortress, the interior is completely different. There is a locked
door on the upper-right side of the screen. To open it, you have to step on
one of the white tiles at the top of the screen. If you step on the wrong
tile, you will face some enemies. But if you step on the correct tile, the
door will open. Step on the tile that is next to the one on the left to make
the door open. For the record, if you leave the fortress, you will have to
step on the floor switches again to re-open the locked doors.

On the 2nd floor, there is a locked door in the lower-left corner of the
screen. There are tiles at the top of the screen, near where you enter the
screen, and some more tiles that are reached by heading toward the lower-
right portion of the screen, then going up. The correct tile to step on to
open the locked door is one of the tiles that is reached via the lower-right
portion of the screen. Step on the one on the right side to unlock the door.

On the 3rd floor, the locked door is just to the right of where you came up.
There are two tiles in the upper-left corner and two tiles in the upper-right
corner to choose from. Go to the tiles in the upper-right corner and step on
the left tile to open the door on this floor.

Make sure your party is in good health before heading through the door,
because you will run into a boss at this point. It's Rigelg (リゲルグ). He's
pretty strong, especially since he can do multiple attacks in one turn. But
your strategy options are very limited in this game, so just use the Shout
command until he falls.

After defeating him, go left to find 2 Gundalium, then fall down one of the
holes to the right. Down here you can find 2 more Gundalium and the Demon's
Murmur (the Demon's Murmur is a cursed item, don't use it. In fact, don't
get it since you can't sell it or do anything useful with it). Then head

Here, you can find a Silver Crest and 2 more Gundalium. Go upstairs and you
will appear in a building. You find a guy standing in front of a machine. He
says he is an engineer from Aisle Village who was forced to build this
machine against his will by the Zabylonians. He says it's an engine for a
vehicle, but he doesn't know what the vehicle is. He was making all the noise
while building the machine, but now he shuts down the machine and returns to
his family in the village.

Back in town, talk to the man in the upper-left house to get the Letter of
Introduction (しょうかいじょう).

Back on the world map, head Southwest to Birgit's house. He is being attacked
by Zabylonians and cries for your help. It's an easy fight. After winning, he
says that the rumors about him being a great warrior are lies. He's actually
not strong. He gives you his horse and the Famous Horse Mane
(めいばのたてがみ) which is used to call the horse, saying you can make
better use of them. If you use the Famous Horse Mane on the world map, you
will be able to ride a horse. There doesn't seem to be any benefit to this,
however. It does make you seem more knightly though, I suppose.

Go to the house in the cave to the South with the watchman guarding the
stairs. You will show him the Letter of Introduction and he will allow you to
use the stairs. Below is a tunnel where you'll find a Tactics Scroll. The
tunnel exits to the world map near the town of Sodon (ソドン).

                         ---= Sodon Region =---                    [sec4e]

There is a priest in the house just to the right of the entrance to town. He
says there are two routes to Zedan (ゼダン) Fortress which need to be entered
simultaneously. He says to visit the inn and come back to him before leaving

There are two guys standing on the right side of the fountain in town. If you
talk to the guy that's on the bottom, you will tell him that the loud noise
in Aisle has been stopped, so he'll head back there to restart his boating

A guy in the house at the top-center of town has a request for you. Say "yes"
and he will ask you to deliver a letter to his dad in Chester. Say "yes"
again and he gives you the Letter (てがみ). He is having a fight with his dad
and wants you to give this letter of apology.

Otherwise in town, you hear that there is a sage that lives near the Sleeping
Forest and to ask him for advice if you're having a problem.

In the inn, you will find Gundam Mark II if he did not join your party.
Otherwise, you will find Red Warrior. Talk to him and he has decided to help
you in your quest. Following the priest's advice, Crown Knight decides that
you should be split into two parties, with Formula leading the second party.
You now are asked to decide who to put into the party lead by Crown Knight.
It is not a crucial decision, but it is best to try to keep the two parties
as balanced as possible since they both have about equal fighting to do.
Formula has one less character in his party at this time, so I chose to put
the best character, Heavy Gundam, with him, and I also gave him Gundam Mark
II even though I didn't know how strong he was (because he was just joining
my party at this time). You will be stuck with whatever you choose, but the
game is so easy that I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Before leaving, you hear that a thief stole money from the inn. You now take
control of Formula's party. Rearrange the party to put the characters with
highest defense in the front of the group, then head outside to the world

Take note of the blue stone looking thing just to the Northwest of town.

Farther Northwest of town is the Sleeping Forest. You still can't enter
because you will instantly start to fall asleep.

South of town is the Warp Valley. If you enter it now, you will teleport
around and the only thing you will find is a blacksmith. Otherwise, you just
return back to where you started from essentially.

West from the Sleeping Forest entrance is a house with a sage. Inside, you
ask him how to pass through the Sleeping Forest. He says, "East of here is a
lake. Around its circumference grows an insomnia plant. Take some and bring
it back here and I will make a medicine. The plant can be found during the
night." Return to the blue stone looking thing on the world map to the
Northwest of town during the night and you will see a tile flashing. Step on
that tile and press "A" to find the Insomnia Plant (ふみんそう).

Return to the sage near the Sleeping Forest and he will make a medicine for
you to drink. After drinking it, you are able to enter the Sleepinf Forest
without falling asleep, so enter the forest. Just a little inside, you find a
person collapsed on the ground. It is the thief who robbed the inn. You wake
him and tell him that he has to turn himself in or else you'll leave him
there. After some arguing, he agrees to surrender and goes off on his own
back to town. You'll find an exit in the Northwest section of the forest that
brings you to a new section on the world map. There is a house nearby. Enter
it and head down some stairs to find a tunnel which has 2 Gundalium and some
Camp Tools. Pass through the tunnel to appear on an island on the world map.
Continue forward and an earthquake will erupt. At this point, your game is
automatically saved and you switch to the party lead by Crown Knight. Note
that everytime you switch between the two parties, your game will
automatically be saved and you will start with full HP and MP.

Now in control of Crown Knight, visit the priest again, located in the house
just to the right of the town entrance. He says you need to pass through Warp
Valley to assault Zedan Fortress. He gives you the Silver Disk
(ぎんのえんばん), an item that will let you pass through the Warp Valley.

The entrance you want to take to Warp Valley is located Southwest of town. It
is the indentation in the mountains which occurs right where the trees stop
extending Northwards. When you enter this indentation, you will be warped to
different sections within the mountain ranges. When you have to choose
between taking the North or South path, take the South path. At this point,
go up two steps then left 3 to appear in a place that looks like the last
fork you were just at, but it's not. Take the North path this time, then
continue until you see the town of Zedan (ゼダン) to the West.

The shop here sells Bio Worms (バイオミミズ). If you buy some, then return to
Irish Town (by taking boats to Aisle, then Norse, then walking West), you can
feed it to a chicken that hatches from a giant egg there. The kid there will
give you the Chicken Whistle (チキンホイッスル) so you can call the chicken
on the world map and ride it around. There doesn't appear to be any benefit
to this, however. You can't go over water with it, and you can't even go
through trees with it. So basically, buying the Bio Worms and making the trip
to Irish Town is a waste of time, so don't do it unless you're trying to be a
completionist about this game.

In Zedan, you hear that kids gather in a vacant house at night. Wait until
nighttime, then enter the house all the way on the left side of town. Talk to
the kids there and you hear that they want to attack Zedan Fortress. You tell
them that you plan on attacking it, but they don't believe you because adults
are too scared to stand up to the Zabylonians.

On the world map, head Northwest from town. You will see a cave, but ignore
it for now and continue heading Northwest. You will fall into a hole. Inside,
you find a Zaku who calls bodyguards and you will have a battle. You fight
three Ogre Hammers (オーガハンマ), but they aren't very tough.

After the fight, you can explore the cave to find 500 gold and an Ointment.
When you exit the cave, you find that you were in the cave I told you to
ignore. Return to town and go back to the vacant house (you don't have to
wait until nighttime this time). The kid there now believes you want to
assault the fortress. He tells you some directions for reaching the fortress
without falling down the pit.

His directions aren't great, so here's a diagram to help:


The "t" is a single tree. The "X"'s are rocks that you can't pass through.
The "o"'s are the sections of the world map that are ok to walk on without
falling down the pit. After you reach the tree, go straight North. There are
rows of trees up there. When you reach the last row of trees, stop. Then
head West until you reach the rocks. Then go North, hugging the rocks, until
you reach the fortress.

---Zedan Fortress------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x2, Silver Crest.

In Zedan Fortress, you meet Guntank-R (ガンタンクR) at the entrance. He says
he is a knight of the round table and joins your party. He is a your first
magic user! It's about time. Anyway, head into the fortress and you will find
the boss, Rigelg (リゲルグ), whom you fought previously. As before, he has a
high attack power. You can use Guntank-R's Protect spell to help reduce the

After you beat him, he says that he was carrying a curse and now passes the
curse on to Crown Knight. Go upstairs, then follow the path a short distance
until you come to a door. When you reach the door, your party wonders how
they can open it. The scene then cuts back to Formula's group after the game

---Hidden Village------------------------------------------------------------
Formula's party wakes up in some guy's house. The guy says the village leader
wants to see you. In this town, the shop people and inn person have their own
houses. The house at the top of the screen is the elder's house. She says you
can't leave the village because they need to keep the village's existence

You can walk through the trees in the upper-right area or the village to get
to the blacksmith house if you want.

After speaking with the elder, the woman in the house left of the one you
woke up in says her child is missing, and has wandered into the forest by
itself. She asks if you will go find it, so say "yes". The guy guarding the
village entrance will let you pass, so go out. There are no enemies here, so
just wander until you find the kid. You will automatically appear back at the
village when you find the kid, and the people there trust you enough now to
let you leave the village. The elder says that you can find the back gate to
Zedan Fortress to the South.

---Zedan Fortress Part 2-----------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 500 gold, Restorative, 2 Gundalium x2, Tactics Scroll, Silver
Crest, Jade Ring, Camp Tools.

On the first floor of Zedan Fortress, you will come across Ronmeldwarji
(ロンメルドワッジ) who you fought previously. He says your previous encounter
was with a fake version of himself. He's pretty easy. Just use Shout as
usual and use Wine to restore your MP if you want to Shout some more. It
sounds funny, your party yelling and drinking wine all the time.

After winning the battle, continue upstairs until you meet up with Crown
Knight's group. Together, you push on the door to force it open. You then
agree to split up again since there are two paths to follow. Formula's group
goes right while Crown Knight's group goes left. Still controlling Formula,
you come across another boss, Dozle (ドズル). When you defeat him, he says
Zabylonia's true goal is the Holy Grail, so their leader, the Great Degwin,
can have eternal youth.

The game auto-saves and you once again control Crown Knight's party.

---Zedan Fortress Part 3-----------------------------------------------------
Treasure: Wonder Drug, Camp Tools, Dark Crest, Gold Crest, Tactics Scroll,
2 Gundalium x2, 500 gold.

Follow the path upstairs and you come across another boss. He combines
himself with other Zabylonian enemies to form Belga Dras (ベルガ ダラス).
You can use Guntank-R to cast Protect and his Mega Flare spell does ok
damage. Belga Dras is not very strong, but he does have a high defense, so
the fight takes awhile.

After winning the battle, Crown Knight is worried about Formula's party. Get
the treasure in this room, then head down the stairs behind the throne. Quite
a ways further into the fortress, you'll come to a fork in a narrow corridor
where you have to choose between going down or right. Going down takes you to
the world map, but go right first to get some Gundalium. If you go farther
than you need to, you will also see Nanai (ナナイ), a girl grieving the
defeated boss Dozle. Go back to the new fork mentioned above and head down
to find an exit to the world map. Follow the path West to the town of Chester
(チェスター). When you enter, you see a brief cutscene of the Dark Knight
watching Zedan Fortress burn down. He says, "The Crown Knight?

                       ---= British Region =---                    [sec4f]

Your two groups meet up in town. They catch each other up on recent events
and agree that they should split up again. Formula will go ahead to British
Castle while Crown Knight will seek to remove the curse placed on him. You
are asked to divide the parties up however you want once again. Put Guntank-R
in Crown Knight's party since you are just about to get another spellcaster
with Formula's party. For now, you will take control of Crown Knight's party.
You are attacked outside the inn by Dark Knight (ダークナイト). It is a fight
you are supposed to lose.

The Dark Knight says that next time he will be even stronger and leaves you
to suffer with your wounds. You then take control of Formula's party, who has
just tended to Crown Knight's party's wounds. Rearrange your party so that
the character's with high defense are in the front.

In the inn, you will meet Priest F90 Jr. (そうりょF90Jr.). He says that he
came with Fighter F90 Jr. and Fencer F90 Jr., but they went to Owl Mansion to
find Crown Knight. They want to help him fight against Zabylonia, so he joins
your party.

If someone in Formula's party is holding the Letter you received in Sodon,
you can deliver it to the man in the house at the top-center of town to
receive 100 fame points. If Crown Knight's party is holding the letter, you
can deliver it later.

In town, you hear that there is a statue of a woman in the South. You also
hear that a voice can be heard calling for help from the South. You are also
told that the Valley of Sorrow is to the North and the Royal Valley is to the
South. You also hear that the Holy Forest is West of Ribarp (リバープ) Town.

If you try to go North to pass through the Valley of Sorrow, you will find
that you cannot. A mysterious force repels you. Also, you cannot pass through
the Royal Valley to the South without the Knight's Proof. If you head West,
you will find British Castle, but you are unable to enter it or the nearby

The only accessible place is found by heading South, then East, then South
past a lake, then West to the mountain ranges. The Northernmost path in these
mountain ranges has a house with a statue of a woman inside. If you enter
this house at nighttime, you will find that the statue has become a real-live
woman. Her name is Beltorchika (ベルトーチカ). She says a sorceress named
Quess (クェス) put a curse on her because she wouldn't hand over a treasure
to her. She asks you to defeat the sorceress to save her. Quess appears
immediately and a battle begins. It is a very easy fight.

The rescued woman says she'll return to Chester now and she asks that you
come see her at her aunt's house. Back in Chester, visit her aunt's house,
which is the house to the left of the entrance. Speak to Beltorchika and she
gives you the Moon Pupil (つきのひとみ). Outside her house, you see Antonio.
He says that he thinks Crown Knight and the other knights of the round table
should enter the Royal Valley to take the royal test. Formula explains that
Crown Knight has a serious injury. Antonio says to leave it to him. He gives
you the Knight's Proof (ナイトのあかし), which will allow you to take the
tests in the Royal Valley.

---Royal Valley--------------------------------------------------------------
South of the house in which you found Beltorchika, you will find another path
which enters into the mountain ranges. This is the Royal Valley. There is a
cave near this entrance. If you enter without the Knight's Proof, you will be
turned back outside, but with the Knight's Proof, you are allowed to try to
pass the tests. Pass the tests to make it through the valley. In this first
cave, walk up a couple spaces and a voice tells you to just walk straight in
the darkness. Push any button one time to scroll the text forward. Then the
second time you push a button, it should be the "up" arrow. Hold it up, don't
release it, and the screen will go dark. Continue holding up for a long time
and eventually you will pass the test. If you let go or push a different
button, you will just have to leave and re-enter to try again.

Back on the world map, head West a small distance to find another cave.
Inside you take the second test. It is a quiz. The first question is: What
village does Crown Knight live in?

The choices are:
Belfast (ベルファスト)
Usoyonei (ウソヨネー)
Irish (アイリッシュ)

And the correct answer is Belfast.

The second question is: In which village is a strange egg to be found?

The choices are:
Belfast (ベルファスト)
Usoyonei (ウソヨネー)
Irish (アイリッシュ)

The correct answer is Irish. If you answer either question incorrectly, you
will have to start over at the first cave and pass the first test again.

After answering these two questions, you can pass through to the other end of
the house. You appear outside, and just a little North is another cave, with
another test inside.

The voice inside says, "This is your last test. The condition of your leader,
Crown Knight, is bad. His life is in danger, what do you do? Stop the test
and return to Chester?" You have to answer "yes" (はい) or "no" (いいえ). Say
"yes" and you are recognized as being appropriately called knights of the
round table and allowed to pass through the valley. Exiting the valley, you
find a house. The sage inside has nothing useful to say at this time, but
remember he is here for later. South and a little East, you find the village
of Scott (スコット).

You find Fighter F90 Jr. (とうしF90Jr.) at the entrance of Scott. He tells
Priest F90 Jr. that Fencer F90 Jr. was captured at Owl Mansion by Doji and
that Owl Mansion has a back entrance. He joins your party, so rearrange your
party to place him where he should be defensively.

A little girl in town in front of the pool wants you to deliver a letter to
Pal in Lanka (ランカ) village. She gives you get Letter 2 (レター).

At the West end of the land mass is Owl Mansion. If you enter, you'll find a
locked door. However, return to the world map and go around the mansion to
enter it from the back.

---Owl Mansion---------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: Dark Crest, Gold Crest, 1000 gold x3, 2 Gundalium x4, Silver
Crest x2, Medical Herb x2, Camp Tools, Wonder Drug.

Go right to find some stairs leading up. On the next floor, gather treasure,
then head upstairs (there is another downstairs option, but ignore it for
now). Before going through the door, gather treasure in the rest of the room,
then replenish your HP/MP and prepare for a boss fight past the door. The
boss is Parasatene (パラスアテネ). You can make use of the Strength spell to
boost the attack of your characters. Other than that, you know what to do.

After the fight, go left to get the Owl Key (ふくろうのカギ). Then head back
downstairs, and on this floor go down the stairs that you haven't been down
yet. Continue through the fortress and you will find a door (not the front
entrance, a different door). You will use the Owl Key to open it and inside
you find Fencer F90 Jr. (けんしF90Jr.) who joins your party. He says he knows
how to get inside British Castle and to talk to the guy next to him. Talk to
the other guy and he'll give you the Earth Shout (だいちのさけび). Talk to
him a second time and he says to first head to Moon Tower, which is on the
island to the North. You can now leave Owl Mansion through the front

Rest up, then go to the coastline Northwest of Scott. Stand on a spot which
is below the island to the North (look at the world map to get an idea of
where to stand). From the coastline, you will be able to see a little bit of
the island jutting out downward toward you. When you stand across from this
spot, the Earth Shout causes an earth bridge to form that leads to the
island. On the island is the Moon Tower. Bring some Wine or Camp Tools in
the tower as there are enemies here that will drain your MP.

---Moon Tower----------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x4, Antidote, Wine, Mega Water, Tactics Scroll, Silver
Crest, Miracle Medicine.

At the entrance of Moon Tower, you can go up stairs on either the right or
left side of the screen. Go up the right side first to get some treasures,
then go up the left side stairs to progress toward the top of the tower. The
rest of the tower is very straightforward as there is only one staircase
leading up on each floor. Make sure you get the treasures first though. An
enemy in this tower that you see a lot is Dark Eye Zaku (ダークアイザック)
who can drain your MP. Another enemy that can give you trouble is Gulgokku
(ブルゴック), who is very strong. I used Shout ever time I saw this enemy to
deal with him easier. As you near the top of the tower, you will come across
a boss fight with Rosamia (ロザミア) and Qubeley (キュベレイ).

After winning, head upstairs. You'll find a statue with a hole in it shaped
like the Moon Pupil you are carrying. You place the Moon Pupil in the statue
and a light shines in the direction of British Castle. Your party rides on
the light to the castle. At this point, the game auto-saves and you are in
control of Crown Knight's party.

---Valley of Sorrow----------------------------------------------------------
Crown Knight has healed, but the curse placed on him has caused him to turn
into a little boy. Someone in town says that if you are cursed you should
see the sage in the Holy Forest. By the way, the fact that Crown Knight is a
boy doesn't affect his battle abilities.

Try to pass through the mountain range to the North of Chester, which is the
Valley of Sorrow. You will be turned away by a mysterious force. Enter the
house nearby to talk to a lady there that explains something about a tragedy
that occurred to a town and that the spirits are angry that a crystal ball is
missing. She says there is a man in Chester who lived in that town.

So go back to Chester and enter the house just above the inn, on the right.
Inside is an old man who has the missing Crystal Ball (すいしょうのたま).
Take it back to the old lady in the valley and the spirits are now passified
and you can pass through the valley.

After passing through the Valley of Sorrow, head North and slightly East to
reach the town of Ribarp (リバープ).

In Ribarp, you hear that there are pirates on a nearby island. Also, you hear
that a scientist in town is trying to repair an airship which crashed nearby.
You can enter the airship just Northwest of town, but nothing can be done
there at this time.

Far Northwest of town is a cave with a locked door that you cannot pass
through at this time. Near this cave is an indentation in the trees to the
West in which you can enter to get inside the Holy Forest.

---Holy Forest---------------------------------------------------------------
There are no enemies in the forest. Walk toward the center of the forest to
find a house in which a sage lives. Talk to him and you will ask him to
remove Crown Knight's curse. He says he needs a Holy Berry, which can be
found in the forest, growing on a special tree. Head toward the Northwest end
of the forest to find a tree that looks different then the rest. It's bigger
and has berries hanging from it. Walk up to it and you will get the Holy
Berry (せいなるきのみ).

Return to the sage's house. He gives Crown Knight the Full Armor
(フルアーマー). When he puts it on his curse is removed. Exit the forest via
the West side to appear on the world map near the town of Lanka (ランカ).

The town is in constant darkness for some reason. To the West is the Sun
Tower which cannot be reached since there is no bridge. You hear mention of
something called the Phoenix Mansion in the West.

In the house just to the left and below the inn, you can find Uncle Pen Pal.
If you have the Letter 2 in your party's inventory, you can give it to him to
receive 100 fame points. If the Letter 2 is in Formula's party inventory,
then you will have to deliver the letter later.

Go West past the Sun Tower to the Phoenix Mansion.

---Phoenix Mansion-----------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x4, Silver Crest, 5000 gold, Tactics Scroll, Wonder
Drug, Gold Crest, Jade Ring.

There are no enemies in the Phoenix Mansion. Gather treasure and visit Gundam
F91 (ガンダムF91) on the 2nd floor. He invites you to spend the night here to
rest, but there is an attack by the Zabylonians at night. Gundam F91 kicks
their butts and you ask him to join your party. He is a really strong
character with great defense, so move him toward the front of your party.

Return to Lanka and talk to the guy in the house just above the shop. He says
he'll build a bridge to the Sun Tower, but he needs you to gather lumber from
the lumberjack West of the Holy Forest. The lumberjack's location is a bit
hard to find, so here's a diagram:

 ooo oooooooo
ooo Xoooooooo

The diagram shows the section of trees located North of the Sun Tower (the
"o"'s are the trees). "X" is the location of the lumberjack. After you
enter the area marked by the "X", you will find the lumberjack. Talk to him
and he will give you the Lumber (もくざい). Bring it back to the guy in Lanka
and he will make the bridge. Now you can go West to the Sun Tower.

---Sun Tower-----------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x4, Ointment, 1000 gold, Silver Crest x2, Camp Tools,
Tactics Scroll, Demon's Murmur, Heaven's Judgment

In the Sun Tower, the enemy Barzam Doll (バーザムドール) drains MP from all
of your party members, so pay attention to your MP levels. You may want to
stock up on Wine and Camp Tools before going very far up the tower. You have
stairs on the right and left sides of the screen to choose between. Go up the
right stairs to find some Gundalium. Then go up the left stairs. After going
up a couple floors you will see a locked door. This door is unlocked by
stepping on tiles on the left side of the screen. Step on the left tile to
unlock the door. Eventually you come to a boss fight with Baunddok
(バウンドドック) and Fou (フォウ). Baunddok can do a lot of damage to all of
your party, so perhaps you should target him first.

After winning the battle, go up the stairs and walk up to the statue. You
will insert the Sun Fragment into it, which will restore the sun to the
people of Lanka. It will also create a light path the British Castle, which
your party now rides to the castle. The game then auto-saves and you switch
to having control of Formula's party.

---British Castle------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x2.

Simply make your way to the second floor and you will encounter a boss battle
with Zabi Giros (ザビ ギロス). He has a strong attack, but he should go down
in two turns or so.

Continue forward to a door which leads to the round table room. As you
approach the door, the game auto-saves and you are in control of Crown
Knight's party.

---British Castle Part 2-----------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium.

With Knight Gundam's party, you find a boss battle in the Northeast corner of
the room you appear in. It is Dagi Irus (ダギ イルス). He can drain a lot of
MP from a single character and has pretty high defense. The Strength spell is
especially helpful in this battle.

After the battle, head down the stairs and you run into Formula's group. You
enter the round table room, where the Dark Knight is waiting. He says that it
is too late and Great Degwin has already opened the forbidden box. Then he
asks why Gundam Mark II looks so similar to himself. Gundam Mark II says it
is because they are brothers. Dark Knight, refusing to believe this, attacks
him, seriously injuring Gundam Mark II. Dark Knight stops his aggression and
seems to be confused. He says that he won't be so nice next time and leaves.

A mysterious voice is then heard, which belongs to King Gundam. You see his
image appear. He says the forbidden box was taken by Zabylonia and with it
one can learn the location of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail grants eternal
youth. He then names Crown Knight as King Gundam II (キングガンダムII). You
must hurry and stop Great Degwin from getting the Holy Grail.

You are asked to once again divide your party into two teams. The game auto-
saves and you are in control of King Gundam II's party. Formula's
party is waiting for Gundam Mark II to heal for the time being.

Go upstairs to talk to the enemy you just defeated, Dagi Irus, who now wants
to help the British Kingdom. You ask him how to get to Zabylonia and he gives
you the Cave Key (どうくつのかぎ), which will allow you to pass through the
locked door in the cave Northwest of Ribarp.

Outside British Castle, you can now enter the town of Barrington

In Barrington, you have access to the best blacksmith in the world! He can
upgrade all of your equipment to the maximum level (+9), assuming you have
enough Gundalium, of course. Someone in town mentions that a Gundalium reef
was discovered near Sodon.

A little girl on the top side of the pool in town has lost her doll. She asks
you to find it for her, so say "yes". You can find it 8 tiles up from where
the girl is standing, on the highest flower tile. Return it to the girl for
100 fame points.

---Gundalium Reef------------------------------------------------------------
You can now get infinite Gundalium if you want. To do so, head back to Sodon
using a ship. First, go to Chester (the town East of British Castle) and talk
to the man in the house to the upper-right of the blacksmith to find the guy
that will take you to Sodon by ship.

In Sodon, head North to the cave (which you've been in before). Inside, make
your way toward the staircase in the lower-right corner of the screen. Near
the staircase is a hole in the wall that wasn't there before. Enter it to
find the Gundalium Reef. Head to the upper-right corner of the room to find
some strange looking tiles on the ground. Stand on them and every time you
push "A", you will get another piece of Gundalium, which can be done

You have limited inventory space, and it is expensive to upgrade all of your
weapons and armor, so you may not want to take all of the Gundalium that you
need in your first trip, but if you want to get everything you will need,
keep in mind you can max out your weapon and armor upgrades to the +9 level,
so you can count how many Gundalium you will ultimately need to get
everyone's weapons and armor to +9. If you're pinched for money, you can
ignore the magic users' weapons since upgrades don't make them stron anyway.

You'll almost certainly be short of gold to upgrade everything, so you'll
want to figure out a good way to build up some more cash. I found a pretty
good way to do this. Return to British Castle. Outside British Castle,
during the daytime only, you will often by attacked by the enemy Crystal
Hammer (クリスタルハンマ). This enemy gives you a lot of gold when you
defeat it. When it turns to nighttime, go inside British Castle and walk
around and time will pass. Then in the daytime, return outside and continue
making money.

---Ribarp Revisited
Your next destination is the cave that had a locked door in it, which is
located Northwest from Ribarp. Ribarp was the town with the broken airship
next to it, located North from Chester. Before going to the cave, stop in
town to do a short side quest.

If you talk to the lady in the house in the upper-left corner of town, she
asks you to exterminate the pirates. Say "yes". Then, after some dialogue,
you find out the lady's husband was the pirate captain. You tell his wife
and he promises to stop pirating. You gain 100 fame points.

Next, head to the cave Northwest of town.

---Ribarp Cave---------------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: 2 Gundalium x4, Camp Tools, Jade Ring, Demon's Murmur.

You now have the Cave Key, so you can unlock the door here. Since you can get
unlimited Gundalium now, treasure collecting in these dungeons isn't as
important, so pass through the cave and you'll appear on the large island
located in the Northwest corner of the world map. Head North and a little
West to the town of Zabylonia (ザビロニア).

                       ---= Zabylonia Region =---                  [sec4g]

There isn't much here for the present time. You can talk to the mayor to hear
that Zeon has invaded Zabylonia and they are behind Zabylonia's evil actions.
Also, you can find GM Henson's family in the inn here. They don't have
anything interesting to say, but it is a cameo from the previous games, which
you'll know if you've played them.

Work your way to the Northwest end of the large island, toward Zabylonia
Castle, which is also indicated on the world map.

---Zabylonia Castle----------------------------------------------------------
Treasure: Miracle Medicine, 2 Gundalium x2, Dark Crest.

Head up two floors and approach the door. You will fall into a pit at which
point the game auto-saves and you are put in control of Formula's group.

Formula's group has healed and is now ready to assault Zabylonia. They are in
British Castle, so they need to pass through the Ribarp Cave to reach
Zabylonia. Before doing that, you will probably want to visit the Gundalium
Reef so you can upgrade their equipment. Then, head to Zabylonia.

If you try to enter Zabylonia Castle, you will find the door is now locked.
So first, stop by Zabylonia Town. There is now a merchant standing to the
left of the inn who wants to sell you an Explosive (ばくだん) for 1000 gold.
Say "yes" to get it. The, head to Zabylonia Castle where you will use the
Explosive to open the door. The game auto-saves yet again and you will
control King Gundam II's group. Apparently, the explosion loosened your jail
cell door which you had been sitting in after falling in the pit. Exit the
room, and you'll find a boss character blocking the stairs out, Denan Gei
(デナン ゲー). After beating him, head up a few flights of stairs and the
game will again auto-save and give you control of Formula.

Head upstairs and you'll find a boss character blocking the next set of
stairs, Denan Zon (デナン ゾン). He says that Great Degwin is headed towards
Rondenion (ロンデニオン). After winning the fight, you will meet up with
King Gundam II's group. Grab the Rondenion Map (ロンデニオンのちず). Chris
appears and says that Zabylonia has surprise attacked the Phoenix Mansion.
This causes your group to split again. Formula and Gundam F91 will take a
group to the Phoenix Mansion to fight off the Zabylonians while King Gundam
II's group will continue on to Rondenion. The game auto-saves and you will
control Formula's group first.

---Phoenix Mansion revisited
You automatically appear East of the Holy Forest, which saved you travel
time. Head to Phoenix Mansion, which means go through the Holy Forest, then
West past the Sun Tower. Now, the front door is locked, so go around to the
back entrance. There are now random encounters with enemies here. Head to
the room where you met Gundam F91. There is a boss character here that
admits this assault was a trap to divide your power in half. The fight is
with Bask Om (バスク オム) and Evil S (エビル S). When you win, the random
battles in the mansion stop.

Exit the mansion and head East through the Holy Forest to the town of Ribarp.
Enter the nearby airship and you learn that it has been rebuilt and is ready
for a test-run. The mechanic agrees to take you to Rondenion, but during the
trip, the ship's engine malfunctions and the airship starts to fall. The game
auto-saves and control is switched to King Gundam II's party.

With control of King Gundam II, you need to find a way to Rondenion. The
airship is gone, so you need a different option. Someone in British Castle
mentions that you should ask the sage of the peninsula. This refers to the
guy that lives in the house North of Scott, just West of the Royal Valley.
Head through the Royal Valley and enter the house. The sage will teleport you
to Rondenion, near the town of Henji (ヘンジ).

                       ---= Rondenion Region =---                  [sec4h]

In town, you learn that Great Degin has the Staff of Guidance, and without
the Staff of Guidance you can't pass through the barrier surrounding
Rondenion. Another way in is to break the seals of three ruins, but there is
no way to get into the ruins. You also hear that an island to the East has a
Holy Sword Spring.

Visit the old man in the house directly below the inn to get 3 books: Book of
Maron (マロンのほん), Book of Misu (ミスのほん), and Book of Choko
(チョコのほん), which he says will break the seals in the ruins.

Head East from Henji to the end of the island to find a cave. Along the way,
you'll see shrines and a mountain, but there's no point in entering them
unless you're curious. There are locked doors in the shrines that have holes
in them the shape of a sword, but there's nothing you can do to open them

Enter the cave on the East end of the island.

---Holy Sword Spring
Treasure: 2 Gundalium.

Pass through the cave and you'll appear on the world map, on the island that
is East of Rondenion. A little North is a spring in the shape of a sword.
Approach it and you will enter a new area. Walk up to the spring and a
goddess will appear. She recognizes the sword that King Gundam II is
carrying, the Vatras Sword. She says to use it in places you can't enter
(meaning the shrines, obviously). She powers up the sword and it becomes the
King Calibur (キングキャリバー).

Back through the cave and visit the three shrines on the island. One is just
West of the cave entrance. Using your powered up sword, you can now enter the
door. Walk up to the statue and you are asked to choose between the 3 books
you are carrying. Choose the Book of Choko (チョコのほん) to break the seal
of this shrine. Next, go West to the next shrine, where you will choose the
Book of Misu (ミスのほん) to break the seal. Head North to get back to Henji.
Then, go East from Henji to find the third shrine where you will use the Book
of Maron (マロンのほん) to break the final seal. Now, go to the house that is
located in front of the mountain range Southeast of Henji. A person inside
says the barrier is down. The game auto-saves and you are now in control of

With Formula, go to same house in front of the mountain range. You can return
to British Castle via the magic symbol on the right side of the house. It is
your last chance to upgrade your weapons and armor before facing the last
dungeon. If you do use the magic symbol to warp to British Castle, you can
return to Rondenion using a warp tile in British Castle in the room you
appear in.

When you are ready to finish the game, enter the mountain Southeast of Henji.

---Rondenion Mountain--------------------------------------------------------
At the entrance, you find Antonio. He warns that after this point you won't
be able to turn back. Formula's party takes the left path. My party's levels
were in the range of 33 to 36 at this point and I had maxed weapons and armor

The dungeon is pretty linear and there are no treasures to find. Just follow
the paths until you come across an enemy boss. You will fight three boss
characters in succession. They are all pretty easy, but you will have to
manage your MP levels for three fights, so you can't just Shout the whole
time. You can handle these fights pretty well without using Shout very much,
but you will want to cast the Strength spell on your better fighters to make
up for the fact that you're not Shouting as much. First you will fight Mega
Zaku Topas (メガザクトパス), then Mega Belga Daras (メガベルガ ダラス), and
finally Mega Zabi Giros (メガザビ ギロス). It looks like you're about to
fight a fourth boss, Bigina Gina (ビギナ ギナ), but he decides to be on your
side and lets you through.

Go up the stairs to appear outside. Head West to a temple. Inside, you hear
the voice of King Gundam I, who restores your HP and MP. Inside, you find
Great Degwin. Dark Knight also appears. He says that he has his memory back
and takes the Holy Grail so Great Degwin can't have it. A barrier protecting
the grail seriously injures him, and he says that he'll leave the rest to
you. Great Degwin calls a monster to fight you called Rafreshia (ラフレシア).
It has a lot of HP, but it is not very strong. You can go all out using
Shouts and using up your MP since you will switch to King Gundam II's party
after this.

When you get control back of King Gundam II's party, you will be in the
house that's in front of the Rondenion mountain. It's your last chance to
upgrade your weapons and armor, so use the warp tile on the right side of
the room to return to British Castle if you need to. Otherwise, go outside
and head into the mountain. Antonio tells you to take the right path, and it
is basically the same deal as before. There are no treasures, just follow the
path until you make it to a boss fight.

The boss is Crown Mirage (クラウンミラージュ), a Crown Knight look-alike.
You will once again fight 3 bosses in succession, this time being the three
different forms of Crown Knight that you went through. These bosses can
confuse all of your party members, which can be disasterous if you are
unlucky, but they are otherwise not too difficult.

After winning the battle, go up the stairs and you will appear outside. Head
West and then North to the same shrine as Formula already went. King Gundam I
speaks to you again and heals your HP and MP. You hear Formula yelling, so
they must be in trouble, but you can't see them. When Great Degwin sees you,
he combines with the boss that Formula just defeated, Rafreshia, to become
the Giga Salamander (ギガサラマンダー), which will be the last boss of the
game. Since it is the last boss, feel free to go all out using Shouts and all
your MP and items. He has a lot of HP, so it will take awhile, but it is not
much harder than the other bosses you've just been fighting, so you should be
able to win.

After defeating Great Degwin, you find that Formula's group is ok. The Dark
Knight is also ok and asks for your forgiveness. You tell him he is 13th
round table knight. King Gundam II says the Holy Grail needs to be put
somewhere where no one will be able to find it. They use the airship to fly
over the ocean and drop the Holy Grail into the ocean. The end.

At the ending, you also see your total fame points and are given a ranking
which depends on how fast you completed the game. If you beat the game
before the 10th month of the 7th year of the Zabylonian calendar, you will
be given "God" (ゴッド) class. If you take longer than this, but beat the
game before it turns to year 8, then you will be rated "King" (キング) class.
If it takes you longer to beat the game, you will be given "Knight" (ナイト)

Congratulations on completing the game! Especially if you played through the
other two games in the series.

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Shops ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -        [sec5]

Belfast (ベルファスト)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Medical Herb         20 | Shock               500
Ointment             50 | Mega Shock          600
Restorative          10 | Death             10000
Antidote             10 |
Sentinel (センチネル)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Medical Herb         20 | Flare               500
Ointment             50 | Mega Flare          800
Restorative          10 | Flare Wall          800
Antidote             10 |
Ranarl (ラナール)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Medical Herb         20 | Ice                 500
Ointment             50 | Mega Ice            800
Restorative          10 | Ice Wall            800
Wine                 30 |
Antidote             10 |
Irish Town (アイリッシュ)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Medical Herb         20 | Mind                600
Ointment             50 | Mega Mind          1000
Restorative          10 | Mind Wall           800
Wine                 30 |
Antidote             10 |
Magic Rope Ladder   400 |
Norse (ノース)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Medical Herb         20 | Shock               500
Ointment             50 | Mega Shock          600
Restorative          10 |
Wine                 30 |
Antidote             10 |
Magic Rope Ladder   400 |
Wind Forest Village

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Protect             500
Wine                 30 | Strength            600
Antidote             10 |
Camp Tools          450 |
Magic Rope Ladder   400 |
Aisle (アイル)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Flare               500
Wonder Drug         150 | Mega Flare          800
Wine                 30 | Ice                 500
Antidote             10 | Mega Ice            800
Camp Tools          450 | Flare Wall          800
                        | Ice Wall            800
Sodon (ソドン)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Mind                600
Wonder Drug         150 | Mega Mind          1000
Wine                 30 | Shock               500
Antidote             10 | Mega Shock          600
Camp Tools          450 | Mind Wall           800
                        | Mind Heal          3000
Zedan (ゼダン)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Mega Flare          800
Wonder Drug         150 | Mega Ice            800
Wine                 30 | Mega Mind          1000
Mega Water          100 | Mega Shock          600
Antidote             10 |
Bio Worms           800 |
Hidden Village

Item Shop
Ointment             50
Wine                 30
Antidote             10
Miracle Medicine   4000
Camp Tools          450
Chester (チェスター)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Miracle Medicine   4000 | Protect             500
Wonder Drug         150 | Strength            600
Wine                 30 | Slow                500
Antidote             10 | Clear               800
Camp Tools          450 | Heal               1000
Magic Rope Ladder   400 | Heal All           3000
Scott (スコット)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Protect             500
Wonder Drug         150 | Strength            600
Mega Water          100 | Slow                500
Antidote             10 | Mind Heal          3000
Camp Tools          450 | Anti-Poison         500
                        | Teleport           1500
Ribarp (リバープ)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Protect             500
Wonder Drug         150 | Strength            600
Mega Water          100 | Slow                500
Antidote             10 | Mind Heal          3000
Camp Tools          450 | Anti-Poison         500
Magic Rope Ladder   400 | Mega Mind          1000
Lanka (ランカ)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Ointment             50 | Flare Wall          800
Wonder Drug         150 | Ice Wall            800
Mega Water          100 | Mind Wall           800
Antidote             10 | Clear               800
Camp Tools          450 | Heal All           3000
Magic Rope Ladder   400 | Mind Heal          3000
Barrington (バーリントン)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Wonder Drug         150 | All Heal           3000
Mega Water          100 | Mind Heal          3000
Antidote             10 | Raise             12000
Camp Tools          450 | Anti-Poison         500
Magic Rope Ladder   400 | Teleport           1500
Zabylonia (ザビロニア)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Medical Herb         20 | Flare               500
Wonder Drug         150 | Ice                 500
Wine                 30 | Mind                600
Antidote             10 | Heal               1000
Camp Tools          450 |
Henji (ヘンジ)

Item Shop               | Magic Shop
Wonder Drug         150 | Shock               500
Mega Water          100 | Mega Shock          600
Antidote             10 | Raise             12000
Camp Tools          450 | Anti-Poison         500

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Items ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -        [sec6]

---Common Items---
Antidote (どくけし) - Remove poison from single ally.
Bio Worms (バイオミミズ) - Feed to chicken in Irish Town after it hatches.
Camp Tools (キャンプようぐ) - Allows use of the camp command.
Dark Crest (やみのもんしょう) - Decrease fame 100 points.
Demon's Murmur (あくまのつぶやき) - If used during battle, all allies lose a
         lot of MP.
Gold Crest (きんのもんしょう) - Increase fame 100 points.
Gundalium (ガンダリウム) - Needed to upgrade weapons and armor.
Heaven's Judgment (てんのさばき) - Instantly kill all enemies.
Jade Ring (ひすいのゆびわ) - Possessor spends 1 less MP per magic spell use.
         Doesn't decrease MP cost of the Shout command.
Magic Rope Ladder (まほうのハシゴ) - Escape from dungeon.
Medical Herb (やくそう) - Heal single ally by 30 HP.
Mega Water (メガウォーター) - Completely restore MP for single ally.
Miracle Medicine (きせきのくすり) - Completely restore HP and MP for single
Ointment (きずぐすり) - Heal single ally by 80 HP.
Restorative (きつけぐすり) - Restore 30 MP for single ally.
Silver Crest (ぎんのもんしょう) - Increase fame 20 points.
Tactics Scroll (ひょうほうのしょ) - Instantly level up an ally.
Wine (ぶどうしゅ) - Restore 80 MP for single ally.
Wonder Drug (とっこうやく) - Fully recover HP for single ally.

---Key Items---
Fruit (フルーツ) - Girl asks you to deliver to the old lady Fumi in Ranarl.
         Use to completely restore single ally MP.
Stinky Fruit (くさったフルーツ) - Fruit becomes this if you take too long
         too reach Ranarl. It's useless.
Dragon Necklace (りゅうのくびかざり) - An item Kai has misplaced.
Disguise Set (へんそうセット) - Dress like a Zabylonian.
Fortress Key (とりでのカギ) - Unlock the entrance to Irish Fortress.
Jail Key (ろうやのカギ) - Unlock the prison door in Irish Fortress.
Letter of Introduction (しょうかいじょう) - Allows passage in the
         Southernmost cave South of Aisle.
Famous Horse Mane (めいばのたてがみ) - Use on world map to ride a horse.
Letter (てがみ) - Deliver to a man in Chester to get 100 fame points.
Insomnia Plant (ふみんそう) - Allows one to explore the Sleeping Forest.
Silver Disk (ぎんのえんばん) - Allows one to pass through the warp valley.
Knight's Proof (ナイトのあかし) - Allows one to attempt the tests in the
         caves South of Chester.
Letter 2 (レター) - Give to Uncle Pen Pal in Lanka for 100 fame points.
Owl Key (ふくろうのカギ) - Opens the prison door in Owl Mansion.
Moon Pupil (つきのひとみ) - Insert into the statue at the top of Moon Tower.
Earth Shout (だいちのさけび) - Creates a bridge to the island with the Moon
Crystal Ball (すいしょうのたま) - Allows passage through the Valley of Sorrow.
Holy Berry (せいなるきのみ) - Bring to sage in Holy Forest.
Sun Fragment (たいようのかけら) - Place on statue at the top of Sun Tower.
Lumber (もくざい) - Material needed to build bridge to Sun Tower.
Doll (にんぎょう) - Return to little girl in Barlington for 100 fame points.
Chicken Whistle (チキンホイッスル) - Use on world map to ride around on a
Cave Key (どうくつのかぎ) - Opens the door in the cave Northeast of the Holy
Explosive (ばくだん) - Use to enter Zabylonia Castle.
Book of Maron (マロンのほん) - Use on statue in a shrine in Rondenion.
Book of Misu (ミスのほん) - Use on statue in a shrine in Rondenion.
Book of Choko (チョコのほん) - Use on statue in a shrine in Rondenion.

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               - - - = = = ====== Magic ====== = = = - - -
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Below are listed all of the spells in the game, with the following info:
Translated name (Japanese name) - Effect, MP cost.

Anti-Poison (アンチポイズン) - Remove poison status from single ally, 3 MP.
Clear (クリア) - The effect of all support spells (such as Strength and
         Protect) are canceled for all enemies and allies, 8 MP.
Death (デス) - Instantly kill a single enemy, 20 MP.
Flare (フレア) - Damage single enemy, 5 MP.
Flare Wall (フレアウォール) - Protect all allies against fire damage, 8 MP.
Heal (ヒール) - Restore single ally HP, 5 MP.
Heal All (ヒールオール) - Restore HP to all allies, 15 MP.
Ice (アイス) - Damage single enemy, 5 MP.
Ice Wall (アイスウォール) - Protect all allies against ice damage, 8 MP.
Mega Flare (メガフレア) - Damage all enemies, 8 MP.
Mega Ice (メガアイス) - Damage all enemies, 8 MP.
Mega Mind (メガマインド) - Decrease all enemies MP, and possibly inflict
         confused status, 8 MP.
Mega Shock (メガショック) - Damage all enemies, 8 MP.
Mind (マインド) - Decrease single enemy MP, and possibly inflict confused
         status, 5 MP.
Mind Heal (マインドヒール) - Recover single ally MP by 10 and remove confused
         status, 10 MP.
Mind Wall (マインドウォール) - Protect all allies against MP damage, 8 MP.
Protect (プロテクト) - Raise party defense (once per battle), 5 MP.
Raise (レイズ) - Return single ally to life with full HP, 27 MP.
Shock (ショック) - Damage single enemy, 5 MP.
Slow (スロウ) - Decrease speed of all enemies, 6 MP.
Strength (ストレングス) - Increase single ally attack strength, 5 MP.
Teleport (テレポート) - Escape from dungeon, 10 MP.

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               - - - = = = === Conclusion === = = = - - -
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I hope you found this guide useful.  If you have information that you'd
like to contribute or other suggestions for how the guide can be made better
or if you find any mistakes, please send it to lastbosskiller@gmail.com.  I
will give you the proper credit for your help.

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