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FAQ/Walkthrough by Pseudonym

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/12/10


            ____  ____  ____  _____ ____  _      ____    ____  _____
           /  _ \/  __\/  _ \/  __//  _ \/ \  /|/ ___\  /  _ \/    /
           | | \||  \/|| / \|| |  _| / \|| |\ |||    \  | / \||  __\
           | |_/||    /| |-||| |_//| \_/|| | \||\___ |  | \_/|| |
           \____/\_/\_\\_/ \|\____\\____/\_/  \|\____/  \____/\_/

                         _____ _     ____  _      _____
                        /    // \   /  _ \/ \__/|/  __/
                        |  __\| |   | / \|| |\/|||  \
                        | |   | |_/\| |-||| |  |||  /_
                        \_/   \____/\_/ \|\_/  \|\____\


                    AD&D: Dragons of Flame FAQ/Walkthrough
                           For the Nintendo Famicom
                                 Version 1.3
                             Written by Pseudonym
                     Email: shdwswrm(at)hotmail(dot)com


Table of Contents

Revision History
Terms of Use
Game Basics

Revision History

04/15/10-Version 1.3
I fixed both dungeon maps, and added a few bits of information here and there.
Most of the guide got a major overhaul. It took long enough to update this
guide though, right? This should be the final update, unless I figure out what
several “mystery” spells and items do in the future.

06/15/06-Version 1.2
I fixed a few errors and changed the format a little.

Terms Of Use

This document is licensed for public use according to the GNU Free
Documentation License. If you'll read the license, you'll see that it allows
for inclusion within another work, provided that the other work in turn
maintains the license.

Some key parts of the license:

This license applies to any manual or other work, in any medium, that contains
a notice placed by the copyright holder saying it can be distributed under the
terms of this license. Such a notice grants a world-wide, royalty-free license,
unlimited in duration, to use that work under the conditions stated herein. The
"document", below, refers to any such manual or work. Any member of the public
is a licensee, and is addressed as "you". You accept the license if you copy,
modify or distribute the work in a way requiring permission under copyright

A "modified version" of the document means any work containing the document or
a portion of it, either copied verbatim, or with modifications and/or
translated into another language. You may copy and distribute a modified
version of the document under the conditions of sections 2 and 3 above,
provided that you release the modified version under precisely this License,
with the modified version filling the role of the document, thus licensing
distribution and modification of the modified version to whoever possesses a
copy of it.

To summarize, you may use this document in part or whole, without any
additional permission from myself, provided that the resulting document is
similarly released under the GNU FDL. The latest version of this guide can
always be found at GameFAQs. It's the responsibility of any other site hosting
this guide to get the latest version.

AD&D Dragons Of Flame FAQ/Walkthrough, Copyright (C) 2010 TC/Pseudonym.


Q: How much Japanese do I need to know to play this game?

You don't need to know anything really, the game isn't language intensive
enough that you can't fumble your way through the menus. There's an English
language patch available at donut.parodius.com that you can use too.

Q: How do I use the IPS patch?

You need a IPS patcher and the original Japanese ROM (Romszz) of the game. The
easiest one to use is Lunar IPS IMO. Launch the program, select the patch and
the ROM, and you're set to go.

Q: What else do you know about the storyline?

I don’t know much else about the storyline besides what’s in the game. I’ve
never read the books myself but I’ve read that HofL and probably Dof are based
on Dragons of the Autumn Twilight.

Q: Where is the Score and Exp in this game?

No-siree, no points or EXP in this game.


In the last episode of AD&D, our illustrious heroes killed the dragon Khisanth
and recovered the Disks of Mishakal from within the ruins! That’s not the end
of their adventure obviously; it seems some dick named Verminaard is directing
the Dragonarmies to burn down villages and kidnap women and children from the
surrounding area. It's up to the heroes to put a stop to it! Dragons of Flame
is the direct sequel to the craptacular Heroes of the Lance that was released
only on the Famicom in 1992. Some people would question the logic of making a
sequel to a game that almost nobody liked in the first place and so late in the
NES's life but I'll go along with it.

The idea behind this guide is to guide you through the game with some terrible
ASCII maps that I made and a general walkthrough to help you through some of
the difficult areas. There's no wrong way to play this game, but I highly
suggest that you map dungeons, or look at the ones that I made, because you
will likely be wandering around like a blind person. Much like I did when I
first tried this game. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, praise
or criticism, they should be sent to shdwswrm(at)hotmail(dot)com with the
heading "Dragons Of Flame" or something similar. All flames, threats, childish
comments, etc. will be deleted and your email address filtered.

Game Basics


 A Button         : Jump
                    Select menu command
                    Advance text/speed up text (hold down A)
 B Button         : Swing your weapon
                    Cancel menu command
                    Advance text/speed up text (hold down B)
 Start Button     : Displays the main menu
 Select Button    : Not used
 Directional Pad  : Moves your party around
 Up Button        : Aim weapon up when swinging it
                    Enter a door
 Down Button      : Duck
                    Pick up an item on the ground
                    Aim weapon down when swinging it


All information here was taken from the HotL manual. It should still be


 Goldmoon is the daughter of a Que-Shu chieftain and her chosen husband was to
 be chief -- but the higher powers had other plans. Goldmoon fell in love with
 the least suitable of her tribe, the warrior Riverwind. Her father hoped to
 get rid of the young man by sending him on a quest to find proof of the old
 deities. No one ever expected him to return.

 Months later he did return with a blue crystal staff that he claimed was proof
 of the Ancients' existence. When the staff did nothing, the chief condemned
 Riverwind to be stoned as a heretic. Goldmoon threw herself into Riverwind's
 arms as he began to fall under the angry pelting. Suddenly the staff flashed
 and the pair disappeared. When they became reoriented, they found that they
 were miles away from the village, and that all of their wounds were
 miraculously healed!

 ** Skip the part about the blue crystal staff. She uses the Disks of Mishakal
 in this game **

 Opinion: Don't use her to fight. She's a typical mage, so almost everything
 will do a ton of damage to her. It's better to use her to heal the other
 members of your party and hit enemies with her effect spells.


 Sturm is the son of a Solamnic Knight. The Knights were unjustly blamed for
 the Cataclysm and are now hated by the people of Krynn. Sturm has dedicated
 his life to the Oath and Measure of the Knighthood. The Oath of the Knights is
 "Est Sularis oth Mithas: My Honor is My Life.

 Opinion: A strong attacker and very heroic with his awesome mustache.


 Raistlin was so weak when he was born that no one expected him to live. But he
 did survive because of his half-sister Kitiara's efforts and his strong will.
 As young boys, the twins Raistlin and Caramon were taken to a local fair where
 a conjurer was performing simple magic tricks and illusions. That evening, the
 youngster astonished his family by reproducing every trick he'd seen.

 A year later, Raistlin was taken to a Master Mage where he again amazed his
 elders by reading a spell book he had found in the master's library. Raistlin
 became the youngest mage ever to take, and pass, the Test of High Sorcery to
 become a full mage.

Opinion: Use him for his magic prowess. He'll get the shit beat out of him when
you use him to attack enemies with his staff.


 Caramon is the strongest of the Companions, and a fearsome warrior. He was
 trained in battlecraft by his half sister, who later became a Dragon Highlord
 in Takhisis' dragonarmies. Although they are complete opposites, Caramon is
 never far from his twin Raistlin. Much of Caramon's experience in combat comes
 from dealing with the charlatans and fakes whom Raistlin delights in exposing
 and humiliating.

 Opinion: The best fighter you have in the party. Use him to beat the snot out
 of stuff; he’s not good for much else.


 Tanis is a half-elf, with a human father and Elven mother. He was never truly
 accepted by either race. Tanis was driven by his restless nature to leave the
 Elven nation of Qualinesti to search the lands of Krynn for clerics with the
 legendary true healing powers. Until he fell in with the Companions, his only
 friend was the dwarf, Flint.

 Opinion: Tanis can use a sword or a bow & arrow when necessary making him a
 flexible warrior. Tanis is quite strong, although not as strong as Caramon or


 Tasslehoff, 'Tas' to his friends, is a kender. The kender are a strange race.
 They stand less than four feet tall, and generally wear their hair in topknots
 braided with a brightly colored cloth. Like all others of his race, Tas has a
 tendency to 'find things.' In fact, he will often find things that might not
 otherwise have been lost. Kender call this 'borrowing' or explain that they
 were protecting an item from possible theft or misplacement.

 Opinion: He has a ranged attack and he can clear traps when you encounter
 them. You can also use him to hit certain enemies and not get hit back, since
 he's so short. Keep him on the bench though, unless you need him.


 Riverwind and his family were shunned in the Que-Shu tribe for their
 observance of the ancient traditions. When he asked for the chieftain's
 daughter in marriage, it was considered a grave affront. Goldmoon's father
 hoped to rid himself of this upstart by sending him on a quest to find some
 magical artifact that proved the existence of the old deities. The Riverwind
 who returned from the quest was not the same man who left.

 Riverwind returned with a strange blue staff and no memory of how he had found
 it. The new Riverwind was somehow changed by his strange journey. He had
 spoken little and was very stern. After Riverwind and Goldmoon disappeared
 from the hail of Que-Shu stones, they made their way to Solace. They hoped to
 give the magic staff to a group of clerics known as the Seekers. The Seekers,
 they thought, would know the staff's power and use it for the cause of good.

 Opinion: He’s a good fighter who can use both a bow & arrow and a sword.


 Flint is a hill dwarf renowned for his skill in metalcraft and in battle.
 Tanis and Flint became close friends while the dwarf traveled through
 Qualinesti peddling his wares. Later he and Tanis met Tas and the rest of the

 Opinion: He can use a ranged attack and since he's short, he can avoid being
 damaged by certain monsters.



 Raistlin uses these spells. He starts out with 255 MP.

 Spell:      Charm
 Effect:     Confuses the enemy
 Cost:       16 MP
 Usefulness: C-. No effect on enemies as far as I can tell.

 Spell:      Sleep
 Effect:     Puts the enemy to sleep
 Cost:       21 MP
 Usefulness: C+. Useful, but not necessary most of the time.

 Spell:      Magic Missile
 Effect:     A damaging distance attack
 Cost:       16 MP
 Usefulness: A. It can defeat tougher enemies from a distance, and it's the
             only way to defeat a boss later in the game.

 Spell:      Web
 Effect:     Stops enemies from moving & attacking
 Cost:       32 MP
 Usefulness: B+. Useful against tougher enemies, but the somewhat high casting
             cost offsets how much you will use it.

 Spell:      Burning Hands
 Effect:     A damaging distance attack
 Cost:       21 MP
 Usefulness: B-. Seems to do the same amount of damage as Magic Missile, but it
             costs more to cast. What?

 Spell:      Fire Ball
 Effect:     A damaging distance attack
 Cost:       32 MP
 Usefulness: B. Does a little more damage than the other two distance attack
             spells, but the high casting cost might not be worth it.


 Goldmoon uses these spells. She starts out with 255 MP.

 Spell:      Cure Light Wounds
 Effect:     Raises one's HP by 51 points
 Cost:       5 MP
 Usefulness: B.

 Spell:      Hold Person
 Effect:     Freezes enemies
 Cost:       16 MP
 Usefulness: B-. Works on some enemies, but doesn’t on other enemies.

 Spell:      Spiritual Hammer
 Effect:     A damaging distance attack
 Cost:       6 MP
 Usefulness: B. Useful, but not necessary most of the time. Save Goldmoon's MP
             for healing and leave the attacking to the others.

 Spell:      Bless
 Effect:     I don't know. I'll have to look into this one.
 Cost:       n/a
 Usefulness: n/a

 Spell:      Dispel Magic
 Effect:     Seems to prevent enemies from using magic
 Cost:       n/a
 Usefulness: n/a

 Spell:      Heal
 Effect:     Raises one's HP by 127 points
 Cost:       16 MP
 Usefulness: A. You will definitely need this at some point.

 Spell:      Turn Undead
 Effect:     Damages undead enemies on the screen
 Cost:       16 MP
 Usefulness: B. Useful, but you don’t need to use it. Let Raistlin handle the
             disposal of enemies with his spells.

 Spell:      Cure Critical Wounds
 Effect:     Raises one's HP by 204 points
 Cost:       21 MP
 Usefulness: A. You will definitely need this at some point.

 Spell:      Raise Dead
 Effect:     Brings one dead character back to life
 Cost:       48 MP
 Usefulness: B+. Essential, but the high casting cost will eat away at your MP
             quickly when you are not careful.



 Hero Select:       Switch two characters positions. Select the first and then
                    the second. The two characters that you selected with
                    switch positions with one another.
 Magic User Spells: Raistlin uses these spells. They are attacking and negative
                    effect spells for enemies.
 Clerical Spells:   Goldmoon uses these spells. They are curative and positive
                    effect spells for your allies.
 Use:               Use an item that a character is holding. Select it and
                    you will be taken to the character profile screen. Select a
                    character and use the direction pad to use or equip the
                    item on the character.
 Drop:              Drop an item that a character is holding. Select it and the
                    character profile screen will come up. Select a character
                    and the item that you want to drop with the direction pad.
 Give:              Give an item to another character. Select it and the
                    character profile screen will pop up. Select a character
                    and use the direction pad to choose an item and the
                    character you want to have the item.
 Save:              Save your game. After you save, you will be given the
                    option of continuing the game or quitting to the title
 Load:              Load a previously saved game. Choose the game and you'll
                    start at the beginning of the area you were in.
 Rest:              Restore some health to the character you are currently in
                    control of. You can only use this when there are no enemies
                    in the room around you. You'll have to wait awhile before
                    you can use it again.


 The world map is nearly the same as the one in Zelda 2; it's an action
 RPG, where the enemies appear in real-time on the world map. The world map is
 divided into two different areas; the first, "Plains and Forest" which is the
 chapter 1 of the walkthrough; the second, "Elfland" (nod to Final Fantasy 1
 \m/), encompasses chapter 2 to the Cave of Sla Mori.

 Town:     Grey tiles represent the towns of Pax Tharkas and the Elven Village.
 Mountain: Mountains are represented by the Grey pointy tiles. They are found
           at the periphery of the two areas you can explore. You can only walk
           around them.
 Tree:     Green tiles are trees. They can be found all over the first area,
           not so much in the second area. You can only walk around them also.
 Water:    The Blue tiles are water. Only found in the first area, water covers
           most of the East side of the map. Since you can't use a boat or
           other floatation device in this game, you can only walk around them.
 NPC:      NPCs are dressed in Purple, scattered around the first area. Walk
           into them if you want to talk; sometimes they will give you items.
 Monster:  Monsters are represented by the White NPCs walking around the first
           and second areas. You will appear on the action screen when you
           touch one of these things.


 You appear on the action screen when you touch a monster on the world map.
 Similar to Zelda 2, you have to kill several monsters before you can leave.
 You will appear back on the world map once they are all gone.


 Dungeons are longer, more complex and filled with tougher monsters than those
 you faced on the world map. These are the traditional side-scrolling beat-em-
 up area like first game, Heroes Of The Lance. There are only three things to
 take note of in dungeons.

 Doors:  Doors take you to the next lowest floor in the dungeon.
 Items:  Helpful items laying on the ground in the dungeon. You should be able
         to see them easily enough.
 Traps:  It's a trap! You will know you run into a trap when you get hit by
         falling rocks inside a dungeon. Tasselhoff can clear traps when you
         run into one. Flint can avoid them too because... well, he's short
         enough to get by then when the rocks fall.


 Hornet:      Weak insects that are easily killed with a few blows. Back up
              when you see it raise its stinger to avoid taking damage.

 H. Warrior:  Ragged Humans with clubs that are only found on the outside
              areas. Back away when it lifts it's club above its head.

 Baaz Drac.   Green lizard-like monsters you will encounter all throughout the
              game. Watch out for the sword when it appears around the torso of
              the monster, and the subsequent explosion when you deliver the
              death blow. Back away to avoid taking damage.

 Wolf:        A wild animal that's easily killed, but will likely put up more
              of a fight than the Hornet. Duck and swing downward to hit it.

 Bozak Drac.  A tougher palette-swap of the Baaz Draconian that will shoot
              fireballs at you and constantly walk backwards to avoid your
              attacks. Duck to avoid the fireballs and hit it when you get
              close enough. It will also explode when it takes enough damage.

 Troll:       Tall, green creatures that you will first encounter in the Sha
              Mori Cave. It's difficult to defeat without taking a lot of
              damage in return, so it's best to avoid them. Cast Web or Sleep
              with Raistlin and waltz past it when you come across one.

 Bat:         Bats are weak flying animals that start high in the air at first
              and slowly swoop down at you when you get close enough. You have
              amble time to hit it when it drops near the ground.

 S. Minion:   Slow-moving revenants that attack by swinging it’s arms at you.
              You can tell when it’s going to attack when it lifts its arms.
              Move back when it does to avoid taking damage.

 Wraith:      The Wraith is a weak, floating skeletal creature. It moves slowly
              and it hits hard when it connects. Back away when it raises its
              arms to attack.

 Dragon:      A flying lizard of the fire-breathing variety; lucky for you it
              doesn’t breathe fire at you. It’s tough to fight without taking a
              ton of damage like the Troll, but it’s the rarest creature you
              encounter. Wait for it to approach and dive down while it’s near
              the ground; take the time to jump over it to avoid taking damage.


* The single best strategy to use against most monsters is waiting for them to
  approach, stab a couple times, back up, stab a couple more times, etc. Watch
  for the monster's "tells"; some monsters will raise their arms before they
  try to hit you to avoid trading blows with them.

* Use magic sparingly if you can help it. Use the REST command or curative
  items to heal instead of using Goldmoon, and only use Raistlin's spells on
  stronger monsters like Trolls or Dragons.

* Use Tanis, Caramon, Strum, and Riverwind for physical fights. Raistlin and
  Goldmoon should only be used for their magic. Tasselhoff and Flint should be
  used for backup and when you need to clear a trap.

* Face in the direction you want when you use projectile spells like Fireball
  and Web.



[Tanis and company, having successfully retrieved the Disks of Mishakal from
the ruins, watch as the town of Solace burns to the ground. The Dragonarmy has
already begun its invasion.]

Caramon:     How elaborate! Those Dragonarmy bastards have shown up again!
Tanis:       There are an awful lot of Draconians here... I wonder if they have
             a base nearby.
Strum:       Bastards! Women, children, they intend to take everyone! Let's go
             get them!
Raistlin:    Please calm yourself, sir knight. If we went right now, we'd only
             get ourselves caught... But if we wait for the right chance...
Flint:       I admit, it's regrettable, but what the mage says is right. Strum
             will just have to put up with it.
Goldmoon:    I've heard that Pax Tharkas may have been completed.
Tanis:       It's possible. I wonder where they've taken the people...
Caramon:     You think they have hostages?
Strum:       Such boundless cowardice! How can we, as knights, let them run
             loose like that?
Riverwind:   Which way do we go? We'll just drop in on the way and see if there
             are any problems.
Tasselholf:  Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go quick! Besides, we might
             get to see some dragons!

[Drawing up their plans, the party takes on a new adventure.]


GOAL: Reach Pax Tharkas (find the Elf, Gilthanas).

You start the game out in the middle of a field, likely with a few enemies
wandering around already. Nice place, eh? You can talk to the guy in purple if
you want but it’s not necessary. He doesn’t have anything interesting to say
beside some of the back story. Anyway, the place you are looking for it Pax
Tharkas, which is far to the South. So, having said that, we might as well get
on our way. Start out by walking [S] until you reach a river that cuts across
the land going East to West.

Follow the river [W] to where it ends and start going [SW] or [West] and
then [S]. You should come across a large forest with a path continuing [S] in
the [SW] corner of the game area. You are about half-way to Pax Tharkas at this
point. It gets harder now since your movement is restricted to the paths in the
forest. You will come across a few Baaz Draconians along with Wolves, Hornets,
and Human Warriors while you are here.

Head into the forest and follow the initial path that leads slightly [W] and
then [SW]. When you reach the fork in the road, that the [W] path and then [S]
again until the ocean comes back into view. Don’t go toward the ocean, instead,
go [W] and then [S] until you can see the ocean one more time. Follow the [S]
route and go along the [W] route when you come to another fork. Continue [S]
and you should be right beside the ocean now.

You are nearly there. The monsters will clog up the way but you can use one of
the other multiple ones to neatly sidestep them when they get in your way. Pax
Tharkas is ahead, however you won’t be able to enter the city. That sucks. You
will find out in a second that it’s not in your best interest to go there
anyway. Talk to the guy standing nearby. You will go into a short cutscene when
you do and you will done with this area.

“... Entering Pax Tharkas from the front is similar to standing in front of a
dragon’s flame. On my father’s orders, I have come here to lead you to the Cave
of Sla Mori. First we’ll go to the Elven village and take some rest. You’re
probably wounded...”

*With Gilthanas guidance, the party arrived at the Elven village. They stayed
at that impregnable location for three months...*

*When they left the village, Gilthanas came with them.*

“The known path to Sla Mori has become a den of ghosts lately, but originally
it was the castle of the Elven king Kith-Kanan. With my Elven spells I can open
the door into Sla Mori.”


GOAL: Reach the Cave Of Sla Mori
SECONDARY GOAL: Find the Blacksmith to upgrade your armor.

Gilthana will go along with you until you reach the Cave of Sla Mori. He’s
hanging around to open the cave for you, not to fight, so don’t count on any
extra help. The cave itself is almost directly [SW] of the Elven Village. It's
not a direct route, however, you have go through the rock maze found along the
edge of this area. The narrow routes will really limit your movement and you
will run into quite a bit of monsters here. No worries though.

You will run into the same monsters as before, but the occasional Bozak/Baaz
Draconian will make a special appearance to irritate you along the way. To
reach the cave, take a walk [S] until you reach the rock wall and [W] to find
the cave. The blacksmith's shop is in the [NW] corner and there’s just one way
to reach it. All other paths will eventually lead to a dead-end. To get there,
walk [W] to the rock wall and [N] to find it.

The path [N] starts as a random scattering of rocks and trees, but coalesce
further into a single path leading to the blacksmith. He will upgrade all armor
(+1) and you can continue to the cave. There's nothing else in the area now,
except for the cave. Talk about sparse surroundings! Don't forget about the
Elven Village; you can use it to heal your party before you start off for your
search for the Cave of Sla Mori.

Gilthana will open the door for you when you get there, but decline to enter
with your party. Pfft. Enter without him and you will be trapped inside with a
resounding slam of the door as the author of this guide laughed mightily (not
really, I'm on your side). Keep on truckin'. You don't have a choice anyway.


| Objects & Monsters Key  |
| 0 (zero) = Door                 t = Troll              |
| ! = Raise Dead Scroll           b = Baaz Dragonian     |
| # = Potion of Healing           z = Bozak Dragonian    |
| & = Heal Scroll                 w = Wolf               |
| $ = Javelin                     a = Bat                |
| ^ = Arrows                      d = Dragon             |
| > = Throwing Axe                s = Spectral Minion    |
| % = Fireball                    r = Wraith             |
| < = Bullets                                            |
| + = Battle Axe +2                                      |
| ) = Quarter Staff +2                                   |
| * = Wyrmslayer Sword                                   |
|                                                        |

GOAL: Reach the hidden entrance to Pax Tharkas.
SECONDARY GOAL: Find the Wyrmslayer Sword.

Overview of the Cave of Sla Mori:

                         |         |
                    0_ta_0       r_0__w____0______0
                    |                      |      |
               0_z__0_b__0____0      _0_ss_0    >_0r___0
               |         |    |       |                |
             $_0_<  0_)a_0  !_0_w__0  0_%    0____0__w_0
                    |              |         |    |
               0__b_0_b_______0    0a___0    0_a  0_sb_0____0
               |              |         |              |    |
               0_tw_0____0    0____0__d_0____0    0__^_0    0_a#
                    |    |         |         |    |
             <_0____0  &_0_!  0__w_0_t__0    0__r_0_a__0____0
               |              |         |              |    |
               0_d__0____0    0____0  z_0_b__0    0_ss_0    0_#
                    |    |         |         |    |
               0_zb_0    0_wa    a_0      +t_0_t  0_zs_0_
               |                                       |
               0_d__0____0              0____0__a_0__t_0
                    |    |              |    |    |
               0__z_0_b  0_a            0_s  0_t  0_ss_0
               |                                       |
               0_d____0_______0       t_0_______0____w_0
                      |       |         |       |
                 0_rr_0       0__z_0__b_0     z_0_s__0
                 |                 |                 |
            0__t_0_r__0       0__b_0_s__0       0__d_0____0
            |         |       |         |       |         |
          a_0_   0____0_>$  z_0_b__0  w_0       0____0    0_s
                 |                 |                 |
                 0_^          0_s__0_b          )_*__0
                              0____0_Pax Tharkas 1

The door will slam shut behind you. There's no going back now. The first floor
effectively separates the rest of the Cave of Sla Mori into two sides with the
exception of the floor near the mid-section on the right, and where the floors
combine near the bottom. You can see what I'm talking about on the map above.

It's not worth fully exploring the left side of the cave unless you want to use
it to reach Pax Tharkas. There are a number of strong monsters on the way down,
however you should at least travel down to where the two Raise Dead Scrolls (!)
and the Heal Scroll (&) are located. The centre of the cave has a powerful
Battle Axe +2 (+) but it's heavily guarded by several Trolls and some lesser
monsters. The right side of the cave has a couple of Potions of Healing (#) and
weaker monsters, although there are more of them than there are on the left
side. You can find your way to the bottom of the cave however you want.

The monsters, particularly the Trolls and Dragons, that you will encounter in
the lower floors of this cave are tough customers. Spectral Minions and Wraiths
can be a pain when you are not careful as well. The rest of the enemies are
weaker types that that won't cause too many problems. The Wyrmslayer sword is
located in the bottom right corner. It's a good idea to get it before you head
to Pax Tharkas. You will know that you are in the right place when you see a
large statue and a throne with a skeleton and the sword beside it. Some text
will pop up and you can take the sword.

"There is one throne. On top of the throne is a dead body. Is he the legendary
Elven king Kith-Kanan? Under the throne a fallen sword is stuck in the ground."

Keep going to the far left side of this room to find a Quarter Staff +2 if you
want it. Go back up several floors and take the leftmost door to find your way
to Pax Tharkas. You will know you've found it when you go down several
zigzagging floors as evident when you look at the map. When you get close to
the door, some text will pop up identifying the door does go to Pax Tharkas.

"No mistake! This is the entrance to Pax Tharkas!"

How can one tell the difference, honestly? It looks identical as every other
non-descript door in here. In any case, it's off to Pax Tharkas.


| Objects & Monsters Key  |
| 0 (zero) = Door                 t = Troll              |
| ! = Raise Dead Scroll           b = Baaz Dragonian     |
| # = Potion of Healing           z = Bozak Dragonian    |
| & = Heal Scroll                 w = Wolf               |
| ^ = Arrows                      a = Bat                |
| % = Fire Ball                   d = Dragon             |
| < = Bullets                     x = Encounter (Goblin, |
| " = Gem                                        Ember)  |
| ( = Spear                                              |
| @ = Ring of Protection                                 |
| / = Sword +3                                           |
|                                                        |

GOAL: Reach the entrance to the interior of Pax Tharkas and kill the dragon,
Ember, guarding it.

Overview of Pax Tharkas 1:

     Sla Mori__________0
             |    |          |
             0_%  0___(      0_d__0
                        |    |
                   0_tt_0    0_w__0
                   |              |
              0____0_d__0    #@___0
              |         |
            t_0_a       0_d__0____0
                             |    |
                        0_bz_0    0_t__0_t__0
                        |              |    |
                    0_t_0_w__0    0_bz_0  d_0____0____0
                    |        |    |              |    |
                  "_0     _z_0    0_a     ^_0____0_<  0_a
                                                 |    |
                                       0x________0    0_b
                                  |              |    |
                             0__@_0         0__b_0_z  0_Old Sage
                             |              |
                             0_w__0____0    0_d&_0
                                  |    |         |
                             0_tw_0  b_0_z    !@_0____0
                             |                        |
                             0_t__0_a__0         0_d__0
                                  |    |         |
                           #_0____0    0_a__0_a__0
                             |              |
                           t_0_t__/       w_0_t__0_________0
                                                 |         |
                                               d_0    0____0
                                                      Pax Tharkas 2

The door will close behind you again. Nowhere to go except to forge ahead. The
path to the boss is more direct than Cave of Sla Mori apart from where it
splits toward the end. I have to apologize for my mistake when I first drew the
map for this area; I didn’t realize that the path split and I made the map far
longer (and different) than it actually looks. Oops. The monsters are tougher
here however; there are quite a bit more encounters with Trolls and Dragons
than there were in the Cave of Sla Mori. You should, hopefully at least, have
the Wyrmslayer to even the odds though.

There are traps in several places close to the start, consequently you might
want to use Tasselhoff, or a weak party member that you want to pick off
(hehe). The trap disappear toward the middle of the map. You don’t have to do a
great deal of backtracking to collect items; it’s a good idea to pick up the
Potions of Healing (#), Heal Scroll (&), Raise Dead Scroll (!), and Ring of
Protection (@). I'm not sure what the Ring of Protection does exactly. I assume
it's something for defense or health.

The path is straightforward like I said until you encounter the Goblin about
halfway down. The Goblin is a sub-boss of sorts, or just a device to move the
story along since it’s so weak. It will talk for a bit and then attack you.

* A Goblin is dressed up as a small animal. He looks your way and begins
  speaking with an air of importance.
"Clever rats! I don't know where they are coming from, but it's going to be an
unhappy sight for Lord Toede."

The Goblin is simple to defeat. The arrows it will shoot at you are quite
damaging. Just rush him and start stabbing until he surrenders.

After you beat him up sufficiently, it will give you some information in
exchange for letting it go.

"... Go see the old dragon woman called the Old Sage. Take this door and turn
right from there..."

You don't have to go too far. Take the door down and walk all the way to the
right to find the Old Sage. Enter the door on the far right to find it. You
will get some useful information about Ember, another *evil* dragon, and how to
defeat it easily. Then it will restore your MP and let you continue through Pax
Tharkas. You can return here at any time to restore your MP when you are low.

At this point there are two different branching paths that you can take. The
left path has some useful items like a Potion of Healing, a Ring of Protection,
and a Sword +3 at the very bottom. The right path has a Raise Dead Scroll, Heal
Scroll, and a Ring of Protection along the way. Both are roughly the same
difficulty-wise, although if you don’t like Dragons, you might want to take the
left path; like-wise for the left path if you don’t like Trolls.

You can use Raistlin’s Web spell to deal with Trolls when you get tired of
them. The Sword +3 is guarded by two Trolls so it will come in handy along the
way. It’s more of the same that you have been dealing with along the rest of
the way down. Go through the door at the bottom to reach the room of Ember the
dragon. It’s a lot like the one occupied by the Old Sage except that the music
will change to a more ominous tone. Walk ahead and you find Ember- more like it
fades in when you get close enough- at the far end.

*What a heavy atmosphere... from inside growls of beastly voices can be
heard... What are they doing?*

“Who... Is this Ember’s room? Ho... I feel like an insect in here. Poor
bastards... Scorched by the flames of this Ember...”

Ember is an imposing but an ultimately weak dragon [bastard], much like
Khisanth from HotL. Do what the Sage told you earlier and switch to Raistlin.
Use the Magic Missile in the left corner make it easier to avoid the fireballs
that Ember [bastard] will shoot out randomly toward the ground. Jump over the
fireballs when they get close. Once you hit Ember thrice times, he'll disappear
and you can continue your heroic quest.

You will get a short cutscene of the children being released from the dungeon
and about to head back to the surface.


| Objects & Monsters Key  |
| 0 (zero) = Door                 x = Encounter (Vermin- |
|                                                naaard) |
|                                                        |

GOAL: Kill Verminaard

Overview of Pax Tharkas 2:

          0________Pax Tharkas I

You start at a dead end. No worries for you since the big boss man is right
ahead. Keep going until you see the door at the far side. Enter and continue
until you find Verminaard in his chamber. The room is surprising dark but it
has a nice lighting effect. Good thing too. Because I might be too scared to
continue, or, I might be eaten by a Grue or something. I don’t know..
Verminaard, I think, has something to say before you get ready to rumble.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be ok here...This is the first time that people
have broken this far into Pax Tharkas... “

Verminaard [that bastard!] has two attacks and both of them are the suckage. At
a distance, he'll throw energy balls at you that alternate high or low to the
ground. The energy balls don't do much damage but they stack up quickly. Close
up, he'll bash you with his club, which is his more damaging attack. He'll also
teleport around the room. The easiest way to finish this fight is, you guessed
it, just rush and attack him when he's close enough. Using magic is a little
too slow and awkward to hit Verminaard since you will have to navigate the
menus and hope to hit him before he teleports elsewhere. Heal with items and
use Goldmoon when necessary.

After pummeling him enough he will fall to one knee and disappear. Congrats! A
winner is you!


[The morning sun rises... the night of battles seems not to have existed at all
in the light of the sun... his purifying light seems to give to the party it's

Tasselhoff:  This adventure is a fraud. There's been a deplorable lack of
Caramon:     Hey! We are not thieves!
Strum:       Just being able to see people's joyous faces isn't enough for you?
Flint:       Huh? I don't want to end up with rocks.
Tanis:       And besides, this has been dangerous. It would be nice if somebody
             helped us out.
Goldmoon:    Surely, Mishakal will protect us.
Riverwind:   But he could supply a meal every now and then. These days are the
             gods really the ones granting protection?
Caramon:     Well, I'm fine, as long as we're opposing those bastards from the
Raistlin:    Brother, have you learned nothing from this battle?
Flint:       Don't be like that. I'm sure that Pax Tharkas isn't the only fort
             in the area.
Strum:       In any case, shouldn't we clear up exactly what we should achieve?
Tanis:       Uhhh... Well, we get going? To where they require us?

[The gentle morning light envelops the party and thus their adventures draws to
a close.]



Goodbye. It's been fun writing this thing for you all. Well, not really, but I
had to have something nice to say since this guide is almost at the end. Heh.
Just kidding. In all actuality, I really enjoyed writing this guide and that's
why I wrote so quickly compared to my other guides. Anyway. If you have any
questions, comments, suggestions, praise or criticism, they should be sent to
shdwswrm(at)hotmail(dot)com. If you're looking for specific information and it
isn't in this guide, please tell me about it and I'll fix it.


-Pony Canyon, SSI, and TSR for making this game possible on the NES.
-DVD Translations for translating the game and the .txt file they provided.
-Brakzero for some of the information in his HotL guide.
-AdamL for bringing this game to my attention.

And thank you for reading.

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