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FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/06/2003
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2003


                       STAR WARS
                EPIDODE IV: A NEW HOPE
                       NES GUIDE


v1.0 - Completed 6/6/03

Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
Copyright ©2003 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

A Nintendo Entertainment system game published by JVC Musical Industries, Inc. 
Designed and developed by Lucasfilm Games.  Programmed by Beam Software.  ©1991
Lucasfilm Ltd.  All rights reserved.

The following is a Hint Guide/FAQ/Walkthrough for the 8-bit Nintendo
Entertainment (NES) version of Star Wars.  Please note that the Sega Master
System, Game Boy and Game Gear versions of this game are similar, but do have
some minor differences.  This FAQ can be used for all 4 versions of Star Wars,
but was written while playing the NES version.


I.    Revision History
II.   Introduction
III.  Same Name, Different Game
IV.   Story
V.    Getting Started
VI.   Main Characters
VII.  Enemies & Hazards
VIII. Controller Functions
IX.   Items
X.    Scoring
XI.   Hints & Tips
XII.  Walkthrough
      A. Tatooine
         1. Blue Cave
         2. Sandcrawler
         3. Purple Cave
         4. Green Cave North
         5. Green Cave East
         6. Brown Cave
         7. Obi-Wan's Cave
         8. Mos Eisley
         9. Docking Bay 94
      B. Asteroid Field
      C. The Death Star
         1. Hangar
         2. Finding the Tractor Beam (Hallway 1)
         3. Tractor Beam
         4. Rescue Princess Leia (Hallway 2)
         5. Blue Area
         6. Trash Compactor
         7. Escape the Death Star
      D. Millenium Falcon Gunner
      E. X-Wing Fighter Pilot
      F. Death Star Trench
XIII. Game Enhancement
XIV.  Disclaimer


6/6/03: v1.0
-Finished the Guide and submitted it to Gamefaqs.com and vgstrategies.about.com

[NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all the sections
and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]


To start, this guide is very similar to my SMS Star Wars guide.  I even used
the same template that I used in the other guide, but made a lot of aesthetic
changes to the NES version you see here.  Of course, I played through the NES
version to hunt for differences and found several.

My purpose for this walkthrough is to familiarize you with every aspect of the
game, from the characters to the controls.  I will also guide you through each
section and ultimately get you into the Death Star trench, where you can relive
the glory of one of the rebellion's greatest victories...or die trying.

Good luck!


The following is a Hint Guide/FAQ/Walkthrough for the 8-bit Nintendo
Entertainment (NES) version of Star Wars.  Please note that the Nintendo (NES),
Game Boy and Game Gear versions of this game are similar and seem to have the
same game engine, but do have some minor differences.  This walkthrough can be
used for all 4 versions of Star Wars and will likely help you get through each
of them, but it was written while playing the NES version.  Yes, I did mention
this above, but feel it must be clarified to avoid any unnecessary emails.

Differences include the following:

-The SMS version of the game has multiple difficulty levels to choose from
before you start the game.  The NES version has no increased or decreased
difficulty settings...just one setting which seems to be on Normal.

-Health icon is located in a different place in the Sandcrawler.

-There are 2 1-Ups in the secret corridor in Obi-Wan's cave in the NES version.
 The SMS version only has 1.

-The doors in the Death Star where you rescue the Princess are blue in the SMS
version and purple in the NES version.

-Possibly less TIE Fighters to shoot down in the Millenium Falcon Gunner stage
in the NES version.

-In the final stage during the Trench run, in the NES version you can ONLY
destroy the Death Star with the Proton Torpedoes.  In the SMS version you can
use your regular shots or the Proton Torpedoes.


Text from the manual (same in both the SMS and NES manuals):

It is a period of civil war.  Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base,
have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.  During the
battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate
weapon, the Death Star, an armoured space station with enough power to destroy
an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her
starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore
freedom to the galaxy.


Text from the manual:

Press START and the opening sequence of the lifepod escaping to the Tatooine
Desert with C-3PO and R2-D2 aboard will begin.  If you would like to skip the
opening and begin play, press START again.


Star Wars is a one-player game.  However, you and two friends can take turns
playing as Luke, Han or Princess Leia (after you find them).


The game is over whenever you lose all of your Luke Skywalker lives (or when
the Millenium Falcon or X-Wing is destroyed).


The game starts again from the beginning of the level that you were in.  You
keep all of your characters, items from previous levels, and score.  Luke
restarts with three lives.


The game will end and the title screen will appear.  There are a limited number
of continues available.  When all of your continues have been used, the GAME
OVER screen will appear the next time you run out of lives.



His plans to attend the academy and become a fighter pilot were changed forever
by the Empire.  You start out with Luke as your main character, with 3 lives
and a small gun.  You should use Luke more than any other character since he
can build up extra lives...up to 7.  When all your Lukes have gone the game is


Found at his favourite hangout in the galaxy, the Cantina in Mos Eisley, the
captain of the Millennium Falcon can be a very strong ally to have.  His
blaster will do more damage than anyone else's and he can take more damage than
everyone else.  You must use Han sparingly, as he cannot collect extra lives.


If you rescue her from the Death Star cell block, you'll find she's a pretty
handy character in certain situations.  Like Han, you must use her sparingly,
since she cannot collect extra lives.


The last of the Jedi Knights.  Old Ben Kenobi, as he's known on Tatooine, will
be a very valuable addition indeed to your party.  He's the key to getting the
Lightsaber and to using the Force to bring Han and Leia back to life.


A nervous but well-educated droid.  What C-3PO lacks in taste for adventure he
more than makes up for with his encyclopedic knowledge.  Go to him on the
Select screen if you need advice.


I recommend that you don't leave Tatooine without him.  R2-D2 can regenerate
your shields on the X-Wing.  He's also able to tap the Imperial Computer
Network on the Death Star and show you layouts of the two hallways.  He will
also convince old Ben to join your party.

Unfortunately, two of the major characters, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, do not
appear in this game.



These aliens are dangerous predators that keep themselves in the caves of
Tatooine.  They shoot out deadly spikes in wide, three-pronged bursts from
their abdomen.


Found in the caves of Tatooine.


These small, dog-like creatures disguise themselves in rock formations inside
the caves of Tatooine.


Found in the caves of Tatooine, these fierce Tusken Raiders are extremely
dangerous and should not be approached directly.  When challenged, the
Sandpeople will fly into a rage and begin an extremely quick and deadly attack.


Found in Mos Eisley.  From the Boba Fett class bounty hunters, these fearsome
killers are hard to avoid and even more difficult to destroy, but not impossibe
(use your Lightsaber for an easy kill).


Found in the Sandcrawler and Mos Eisley.  These short, brown-garbed scavengers
may not look like much of a threat, but can pack quite a blow.  They tend to
move extremely quickly back and forth, shooting three blasts from their
powerful handgun.


Found in Mos Eisley, this alien race is known for it's long range blaster
weapons as well as their indestructible outer skin.


Found in the Cantina in Mos Eisley.  Greedo, one of Jabba the Hutt's henchman,
may seem dangerous at first, but really is nothing more than a nuisance.


There are four types of Imperial Troopers throughout the game.  Most can be
destroyed and they all shoot three blasts in a shot.


Walks back and forth in his assigned area.  Located in Mos Eisley, Docking Bay
94 and throughout the Death Star.


Lies on his stomach to attack.


Cannot be destroyed.  Usually protected by walls or boxes, but his movements
are predictable...and deadly.


Runs back and forth within an assigned area, crouching before firing.  Located
in Mos Eisley, Docking Bay 94 and throughout the Death Star.


Found throughout the galaxy, droids are a fairly common nuisance to encounter. 
In a variety of shapes and sizes, some shoot weapons and others just patrol an
area, yet all of them have certain basic characteristics.  They are all deadly
to the touch and most of them are indestructible to blaster fire and even a


Found in the Sandcrawler on Tatooine and the area before the Trash Compactor. 
They are also called Power Droids or simply "Gonk" because of the sound they


Found in the Sandcrawler on Tatooine and the Death Star Hallway 2.  Rolls along
back and forth over its assigned area.


Found in the Sandcrawler on Tatooine and the area before the Trash Compactor. 
Rolls along back and forth over its assigned area.  Shoots a long range blast
at random intervals.


Found in the Death Star Hallway 2 and in the area before the Trash Compactor. 
Speeds along back and forth over its assigned area.


Found in the Death Star Hallway 1 & 2 and in the area before the Trash
Compactor, this robot is a lot more dangerous than it looks.


Found in the Death Star Hallway 1 & 2.  This droid is extremely deadly and can
shoot missiles at you from great distances.  Uniquely, it CAN be destroyed.


Avoid this fella at all costs.  There are a couple in the Death Star.



Found in the caves of Tatooine.  The caves are filled with the deadly dripping
of an all natural acid that eats away at skin and armor alike.


A native to the caves of Tatooine, these creatures can be fairly dangerous if
you come in contact with them.  Quick for their size, they generally move in a
back and forth pattern, making them predictable and easy to kill.


Found throughout the Death Star and certain areas of Tatooine.  These chutes
provide a quick and easy way to move upward through different levels of an
area.  While your character is flying through the air due to travel through a
Vacuum Tube, it is invulnerable to falling damage.  For maximum effect, hold
the UP button.


Found throughout the Death Star and certain areas of Tatooine.  Use conveyor
belts to propel yourself along.


Found in the Sandcrawler and the area before the Trash Compactor, these devices
are used to pound metal down into scrap.  Unless you use careful timing and
jump past them while they are on their way upward, your character could be
mashed too.


In most of the caves on Tatooine lies an all-natural and all-deadly formation
that can spell certain doom for any character that falls into the cave.  These
spikes were so effective on Tatooine that the Empire built metal counterparts
to them throughout the Death Star levels.  Not only were these spikes on the
ground, but cover walls and ceilings too.


Access to the caves of Tatooine can be gained by driving your landspeeder into
any of the darkened holes throughout the desert.  Be careful though when you're
leaving the caves, as you can never be too sure what danger is near your


The Empire has positioned a number of auto-firing gun emplacements throughout


Throughout all of Tatooine desert are immobile Imperial radar posts that will
do damage to you and your landspeeder if you collide with them.


Centered mostly just outside of Mos Eisley (they have also been seen elsewhere
in the desert), these roaming Imperial Probe Droids are programmed to kill and
will fire as soon as your landspeeder comes in range.


Located around the Tatooine desert, Banthas are the transport for the Tusken
Raiders.  These large, furry behemoths can make scrap metal of your landspeeder
should you collide with one of the Sandpeople's beasts.


The Imperial Navy's most skilled pilots fly the TIEs into battle.  These Twin
Ion Engine crafts take nerves of steel to pilot, as their shields are weak and
are pretty much destroyed with 1 shot, but beware of their speed.


Most of the action takes place using either Luke, Han or Leia during the
scrolling game sections (you cannot control C-3PO, R2-D2 or Obi-Wan).  You also
control several different vehicles in 5 different settings.  Control for all
goes as follows:

               |                       |
               |     +                 |
               |   +++++     (*)  (*)  |
               |     +        B    A   |
               |     D                 |

D=Directional Pad (Up,Down,Left,Right)
B=Button B
A=Button A
START=Pauses the game; press again to continue
SELECT=Brings you to the Select screen


Up: Climb up ladders; Enter doors and elevators

Left: Move Left

Right: Move Right

Down: Duck or crouch; Climb down ladders

B: Fire/Use weapon; Run

A: Jump

High Jump: Press and hold down the A button to jump higher

Long Jump: While holding down the B button, run in the direction you want to
jump, then press and hold the A button to jump.


Up,Down,Left,Right: Moves the Landspeeder in whatever direction you are
B: Accelerates the Landspeeder
A: No use


Up,Down,Left,Right: Steers the Millenium Falcon
B: No use
A: No use


Up,Down,Left,Right: Moves targeting cursor
B: Fires Lasers
A: Fires Lasers


Up,Down,Left,Right: Move the targeting cursors.  Keep pushing to pilot the ship
B: Fire Lasers
A: Fire Lasers


Up,Down,Left,Right: Moves X-Wing
B: Fire Lasers
A: Fire Proton Torpedoes at the Death Star


During any action screen, press SELECT to bring up the Select Screen.  You
cannot display the Select Screen if your character is in the air, either flying
or falling; you are aboard the Millennium Falcon or the X-Wing in either space
or during the final attack on the Death Star.



Found in the Blue Cave on Tatooine.  This weapon will replace Luke's old gun
and allow him to shoot at a faster rate.


Obi-Wan Kenobi has been holding onto this for you for a while and he will give
it to you if you visit him at Obi-Wan's Cave. This is an extremely powerful
weapon and will destroy some enemies with a single stroke.


Found throughout Tatooine in the Caves and in Docking Bay 94, these shields
will help you survive the Asteroid Field you'll encounter once leaving the
desert planet.  You can collect a maximum of 8 shields.


These are found throughout the game and replenish energy, more for large
spheres, less for smaller spheres.


Found in secret locations throughout the game, each one of these picked up
gives you an extra Luke.  You can have a maximum of 7.


Your score is based on the percentage of the tasks completed and displayed on
the Select Screen.  The score is updated when the objective and level have been
successfully completed.  It is possible to play through several of the sections
without finding any goals which count towards your score.  It is not necessary
to complete every section of the game before you are allowed to move on to the
next level.  You may even complete the game and destroy the Death Star with
less than 100%.  However, the lower your score, the harder you will find it to
successfully complete the game.  Scores are awarded for the completion of the
following objectives:

Pick up Faster Blaster.............................3%
Pick up Han Solo...................................3%
Pick up Lightsaber.................................3%
Pick up R2-D2......................................3%
Pick up Obi-Wan....................................5%
Pass Asteroids....................................10%
Control Room Hook-Up...............................3%
Disable Tractor Beam..............................10%
Rescue Leia........................................5%
Defeat Trash Monster..............................10%
Survive Falcon Gunner.............................10%
Survive X-Wing....................................10%
Complete Trench...................................15%
Complete Game with all objects....................10%


-Always fire first and ask questions later.  If you shoot ahead of you, chances
are you will kill enemies before they appear.  You have unlimited ammo and you
can't hurt your allies, so blast away!

-Avoid everything!  All enemies will take away health if contact is made with
them, so unless you have a deathwish, avoid stuff.  You don't have to kill
every enemy, just the ones that are in your way and won't move :)

-Quickness is key in avoiding enemy fire.  Unlike real life, you can jump over
enemy fire in this game.  You will have to do that a lot.  Jumping over enemies
is a good plan too, as they seem to follow a set pattern and won't chase you
(most won't anyway).

-Take your time.  There is not time limit, so proceed cautiously.  Also, if you
are running and need to stop on a dime, push Up on the control pad.

-Don't fall too far.  If you fall too far, you will sustain damage upon
landing.  The only exception is when you come out of a Vacuum Tube no matter
how high you go in the air you will always land safely (unless you are landing
in spikes or acid or on an enemy).

-Some items will regenerate if you exit and re-enter an area.  Use this to your
advantage if you need extra health or to track down that elusive last Shield
Icon.  If you find an area with a Shield Icon or some health and feel you know
that area pretty good, re-enter it to get the item again.

-Patience.  You need it for just about every game, but in this game you will
really need to exercise it in a couple places.  Not to worry though, this
walkthrough will hopefully ease a little of the pain and discomfort you may

May the force be with you!


The game starts with cinema scenes of the Blockade Runner being pursued by a
Star Destroyer, followed by the escape pod plunging down to Tatooine.


                      |MAP OF TATOOINE|

***\ \    R             *| |*    G           B         ********
****                   **   **              B  ******  ********
*** R           R     **     **   ** R        ****|7|    ******
**       R                  R     **         R            *****
**               **  **                              R    *****
**        **     **  **         **                       ******
*       B                       **                         ****
*   R          B  **  **                                   ****
*          **                     **    ***********************
*              ***  **      **        *************************
*            **|1| ***                 ************************
*          ****| |                                    ***|5|***
*           ***        **                             ***| |***
*         R           *****                            *     **
*           ***    ************             **               **
*                   *************         ******          B  **
*             **    **************       *********           **
****************     ******|6|****      *************        **
****************        ** | |**       ***************      ***
*************    R                      ************      B ***
*****|3|**                 **                                **
*****| |                  **    B   **      R                **
***                                 **                       **
**                    **  **            B                    **
**                    **                              \     \**
**     G             ************************* ********\  8  \*
********************************************************\     \

In this level you will enter the caves in the following order (the number in
front of the cave corresponds with the number on the map):

2. SANDCRAWLER (not a cave, but just as dank)
8. MOS EISLEY (a wretched hive of scum and villainy)

Avoid the following on the map:

B. Banthas
G. Gun Emplacements
R. Radar Turrets

You will spend quite a bit of time on this dustball of a planet.  To start
things off, you are given a message about finding one of the droids (R2-D2),
then the landspeeder dumps you off in the Blue Cave.

Item(s) to find:
-Faster Blaster

This cave is pretty basic.  Jump from ledge to ledge while avoiding falling
stalactites and the spikes at the bottom of the screen.  You will find the
Faster Blaster Power-Up near the exit.

After exiting the cave, you can now control the landspeeder.  Be careful while
piloting the Speeder, as there are gun turrets and Banthas along the way that
will damage you.  There's no time limit, so move along slowly and cautiously. 
Your first objective is finding R2-D2 in the Sandcrawler.  Move left from the
Blue Cave until you reach a rock wall, then go all the way up.  The Sandcrawler
is in the upperleft most corner of Tatooine.

Item(s) to find:
-Health Spheres

When you go inside the Sandcrawler, C-3PO tells you that his scanners indicate
that R2 is inside.  Inside the Sandcrawler, head to the right, taking out a
jawa and running under a Metal Cruncher.  Head part way up the ladder, wait for
the jawa to fire at you 3 times, then quickly get off the ladder to shoot it.

After killing the jawa, you have a long jump to make to the other ledge.  Make
a running jump (hold down the fire button to run) to get across.

Move left to a Vacuum Tube, which will propel you up to the next level.  Make
sure to blast the jawa that appears immediately to your right (sometimes it
will not appear, but it usually does).

From here, move right, jump over a gap to get to a conveyor belt.  Get on the
conveyor belt and hold down the fire button to run with momentum.  Jump off of
it at the end to fly up to the next level, where a jawa is waiting.  Dispose of
it and continue left.

Continue left over a couple gaps to a Vacuum Tube.  Ride it up and onto the
left platform.  You might have to reenter the Tube to get enough height to make
it up to that platform.  Move left to a Metal Cruncher and make a running jump
past it and up to a couple of platforms and another Vacuum Tube.

From here you can go left or right.  There is a Health Sphere to the left, but
it is dangerous to get to, so head right unless you are desperate for health.

Moving right, there is a conveyor belt and 2 crunchers to get by.  If you get
on the conveyor belt and run past the first Cruncher right as it is going back
up, you will get by both of them unscathed.

Head down the ladder and go to the platform with the Vacuum Tube above you.  Go
up the Tube, then head right on the conveyor belt past the 2 Crunchers just
like you did before.  Go up the ladder and continue right.  You'll get to
another conveyor belt with a high wall beyond it.  Use the conveyor belt to
jump up to the top of the wall.  Now you must jump over to the small platform
(which is a small conveyor belt) and quickly jump over to R2.  You've finally
found him!  R2 will be able to tap into computers later on in the Death Star
and can repair damage to your x-wing's shields.

You'll find yourself back outside the Sandcrawler.  The next leg of your
mission has you entering several caves to acquire the Shield icons you'll need
for the Millenium Falcon stage.

Head straight south, carefully avoiding gun turrets and a Bantha, until you
reach a rock wall.  Follow the rock wall east, then south, then back west until
you get to a cave.  This is the lair of the Tusken Raiders, the Purple Cave.


Item(s) to find:
-Health Sphere
-2 Shield Icons

Start by going right, avoiding or shooting the rocks that fall on you.  Work
your way up platforms left then right (be careful of dripping acid) until you
hit solid ground.  Move right, killing a Sand Slug and jumping over a spiked
pit.  Continue right, killing a Bug and collecting a Health Sphere.  Jump to a
platform on the right and over the spikes to encounter one of the Sand People. 
Duck and fire away to kill him.

Go right then head down and left by jumping from platform to platform.  Now
stand on the bottom-left-most platform (there are spikes beneath you).  See
that wall to your left?  Make a running jump into it and you'll go right
through it!  Kill the Sand Person on the other side of the wall and collect a
1-Up.  Now head back through the wall to the platforms.

Keep moving right and you'll jump over to a ledge with a Health Sphere.  There
is an "Exit" sign below the ledge.  Ignore it and head down the platforms to
the left.  Make sure you kill the Sand Person below you because you'll need to
use the ledge he's on when you fight the Tusken Raider you are about to
encounter.  Kill the Sand Person, then go left until the Tusken Raider shows
up.  When it comes after you, run back to the ledge where he can't get you then
blast away.

You'll go through another Tusken Raider and 2 more Sand People along the way,
but they can be dealt with pretty easily.  Grab the 2 Shield Icons, then head
back right to the exit.

Item(s) to find:
-1 Shield Icon

From the Purple Cave, follow the northern rock wall right, then go straight up
until you get to the first cave you explored.  Now go right past a rock then
straight up to the Green Cave North, home of the Womp Rat.

A Shield Icon is in this small cave.  Go all the way right, down to the next
level, all the way left, down again, then all the way right to the Shield.  The
Womp Rat's are easy to kill or avoid.  Exit the cave to your Landspeeder.

Pilot the Landspeeder straight south until you stop, then straight right to a
rock wall.  Now follow the rock wall south and east until you get to another

Item(s) to find:
-Health Sphere
-Shield Icon

This is a pretty easy cave.  Just follow the path down, shooting Sand Slugs and
collecting a Shield Icon along the way.

Exit to the Landspeeder.  From the cave entrance, head west until you pass a
rock outcropping to the south, then head south and west, hugging the left side
of the rock wall until you reach the next cave.

Item(s) to find:
-Health Sphere
-Shield Icon

This cave is full of Tusken Raiders.  First, go right until you meet the first
Raider, then jump back to a platform to the left and fire away for the kill.

Continue right until another Raider appears, then sprint back to the same
platform and kill that one.  Continue to the right and a 3rd Raider will appear
on the ledge above you, but he won't jump down to chase you, so you can jump
and shoot him at will.

Work your way down the platforms until you see 2 Tusken Raiders, one to your
left and one to your right.  They won't attack unless you shoot them or get too
close.  Shoot at the one to the right and jump back up to the ledge and fire
away.  Go all the way to the right after you beat him to collect a Shield Icon.

Go back to the left.  Repeat the procedure with the Raider on the left.  Now go
left until another Raider appears.  Lure him back to the edge and finish him
off.  Easy, eh?

Now head all the way left.  You'll encounter another Raider and a Health Sphere
before you exit.

From this cave you want to work your way up and then right to the NorthEast
corner of the map, where you will find Obi-Wan's Cave.

Item(s) to find:

Start by going all the way right, then drop to the next level.  Head left until
you get to some platforms.  Drop down a couple platforms until you are on a
platform the length of about 5 Lukes.  You'll be facing a solid wall to your
left and stalactites above.  Leap into the wall to reveal a hidden passage!  Be
careful while walking through the passage, as there is a hidden gap you can
fall through (it is slightly noticeable, as it is discolored).  Kill the Tusken
Raider and go left to grab 2 1-Ups!.

Go back the way you came.  Now work your way down to the platform area.  You'll
have to make several difficult jumps to your left, while shooting Sand Flies in
mid-air.  You'll eventually get to Obi-Wan on a far ledge.  He gives you a
Lightsaber and R2 plays the message Princess Leia gave him.  Obi-Wan joins you.

Your next destination is Mos Eisley, where you must find a ship (the Millenium
Falcon) for safe passage to Alderaan.  From Obi-Wan's cave, go straight south
to the rock wall, then follow the wall all the way west, south, then back east
until you're back at the Green Cave East.  From here, head straight south to
Mos Eisley.

Items to find:
-Han Solo
-3 Health Spheres

Now you are on the sordid streets of that wretched hive of scum and villainy,
Mos Eisley.

First, go to the character selection screen and highlight the Lightsaber.  This
weapon kills most enemies with one swipe.  Practice using it a bit to get the
timing down.

From the starting point, go a little to the right and you'll see a door marked
"CANTINA."  Press up to enter.

Inside, move right and be prepared to do battle with some of Mos Eisley's
finest.  The Rodians (green aliens) are easily killed, but the Blue Aliens are
invincible.  Blue packs some mean firepower too.  Jump over him and be careful
of the powerful beam he shoots at you.

Continue right, past the Cantina Band, until you reach Han Solo.  He will agree
to fly you to the Alderaan System and join your party.  You can now choose
between Han and Luke as playable characters, but stick with Luke here because
of his Lightsaber.  After you pick up Han, head back to the left to exit the

Immediately upon exiting the Cantina, jump to avoid laser fire from a
Stormtrooper.  Quickly kill him and go right past a green block, where a Jawa
will run at you.  Kill it and continue right to a bunch of green blocks.  A
Jawa will attack you from above.  Defeat it and climb the blocks to...

...Boba Fett!  Actually, it is one of a few Bounty Hunters found in Mos Eisley
that look similar to Fett.  He is easily killed with the Lightsaber.  There
will be a Health Sphere beneath you if you need it, then another Boba Fett
encounter follows.  Do him in then stand on the 2 green blocks he was on.  A
Stormtrooper is just off to the right side of the screen, so step right off the
blocks and quickly jump over the Stormtrooper's shots and cut him down.

Continuing right, you'll do the following in this order:  confront another
Fett, grab another Health Sphere, slay a couple Jawas, kill another Fett and
get yet another Health Sphere.

After getting this Sphere, you get to confront more Stormtroopers.  Move right
until you can climb green blocks to get to the top level, then head back left,
carefully avoiding the Stormtroopers, and make a long running jump.  This is
one of the longest jumps in the game, so keep trying if you don't make it the
first time.  Kill the Stormtrooper and enter the door to Docking Bay 94.

Item(s) to find:
-3 Health Spheres
-2 Shield Icons

Here you must fight through Stormtroopers to get to the Falcon.  Move right,
encountering several Troopers, until you get to a ladder.  Climb to the very
top of the ladder, past the laser, until you can't climb any further.  Wait for
the laser to fire and quickly move off the ladder and run to the right.

You'll get to a ceiling mounted laser.  Move past it and collect the Health
Sphere.  Keep moving right to a Vacuum Tube.  Jump into it and hold left so you
jump out of it at the very next level above you.  Be careful of the laser and
grab the Health Sphere.

Jump back into the Tube and let it carry you up to the next level.  Stand on
the Tube you just came out of.  Notice that you can either go left or right
(where a Stormtrooper is moving around).  See that platform on the upper right
side of the screen (with the firing laser)?  That's where you want to be.  Step
off the Vacuum Tube and re-enter it, letting it boost you up to that platform,
then quickly jump into the next Vacuum Tube and ride it all the way up.

Slowly, go left, where 2 lasers are firing.  A valuable Shield Icon is behind
them, so time it right and grab the Icon.  Now go back right until you reach a
small gap.  Grab the Health Sphere and go into the gap holding left on the
controller so you fall onto the nearest block (if you fall down too far you
will receive damage when landing).  Go left down the blocks to another laser. 
Run by it then drop down a level and move right, killing a Stormtrooper.

Continue right then drop down to where you'll see another Shield Icon nestled
behind 2 lasers.  Watch the pattern of the lasers for a bit then go get the

From here, move left to a ladder, go down the ladder, then move right, killing
another Stormtrooper until you reach another ladder.  Follow it down then move
left past a bunch of lasers until you reach the Millenium Falcon!  Several
Stormtroopers guard the Falcon.  Dispose of them and climb aboard.

[NOTE: I was only able to locate 7 of 8 Shield Icons up to this point.  When I
finished the game I had 8 Shields, so somehow I picked one up along the way
without knowing it.  Also, I learned that you can re-enter some areas where you
found Shield Icons, so if you want all 8, and I recommend it, go back and pick
up an extra one somewhere or hope to luckily run across one like I did.]


Here you will pilot the Millenium Falcon in a first-person view through the
planetoid remains of Alderaan.  I wish there was a secret to getting through
easily, but it will take quick reflexes and a good eye to maneuver through it.*

What I did was basically move towards the blackest, less asteroid-littered
areas.  You have to be quick and lucky to make it through with minimal damage. 
If you stay in one spot for too long you'll get pulverised, so keep moving. 
Hopefully you found all the Shield Icons (again, I've only found 7 of 8)
because 1 extra shield can be the difference between finishing the level or
having to restart.

After playing "Dodge the Asteroid" for a while, you'll arrive at the Death
Star, the secret base of the Imperials, via tractor beam (it doesn't show you
being sucked in, but we all know how it went).  This giant abomination is
responsible for the destruction of Alderaan and will be the setting for the
next several levels.

[Note that in the Game Boy version of this game you can easily fly through the
asteroid field by flying in the lower-left or lower-right corner of the screen.
 I tried this but it does not appear to work in the NES version.  If someone
knows how to make it through this stage unscathed in the NES version, please
let me know.]


Item(s) to find:
-Health Sphere

Now you are inside the giant space station.  Play as Luke (with the Lightsaber)
and start by going right, taking out a bunch of Stormtroopers along the way. 
Move slowly as you'll get killed quickly if you just rush through.  When you go
all the way right there will be a Stormtrooper with Mounted Gun and a Vacuum
Tube.  Get into the Tube and go up.  Avoid the next Stormtrooper with Mounted
Gun and jump into the next Tube (if you need more health, quickly exit this
Tube onto the next platform up on the right for a Health Sphere).

Out of the Tube, go to the upper left, killing a Stormtrooper, then head to the
right.  Take the next Vacuum Tube up and jump out onto the first platform on
the left.  Walk over to another Tube and ride it up to a door guarded by a
Stormtrooper.  Enter the door to get deeper into the Death Star.

Item(s) to find:
-3 Health Spheres

You will now have to find your way through the maze of elevators and corridors
that is the Death Star.

From the entrance, go right past 2 elevators and enter the open door.  Defeat a
Stormtrooper on the ground while avoiding an enemy from above and find the
computer terminal at the far right end of the room.  R2-D2 will interpret the
entire Imperial Computer Network, which lets you view a map of the level on
your subscreen by selecting the R2-D2 icon.  You'll also learn that Princess
Leia is scheduled to be terminated.

After exiting the room, go right.  You will have to make a long jump across a
gap.  Take the first elevator down, killing a Stormtrooper upon exiting.  Going
right, you will find 2 elevators, one going up and one going down.  If you want
a 1-Up, go down then exit to the right, avoiding the powerful enemy guarding
it.  Otherwise, take the up elevator.

Kill the Stormtrooper here and take the next elevator up.  Now head left, jump
over a small gap and take the elevator up.  Quickly jump past the Stormtrooper
with Mounted Gun to the right (he will most likely damage you, so try to only
get hit once and use your few seconds of invincibility after being hit to get
by him).  Now carefully jump over to the platforms, grabbing a Health Sphere
along the way, and up to the elevator.

When you come out, make several long jumps to the left, killing a Wall Crawler
droid along the way, and take the elevator up.  Now, move right to the next
elevator and take it.  Kill the Stormtrooper and hop into the next elevator up.
 Make 2 long jumps to the left, grabbing another Health Sphere, and take the
elevator on the platform down.  Now head all the way right past another Wall
Crawler droid to the exit where you will encounter the Tractor Beam.


In the movie, Ben disabled the Tractor Beam, but in the video game it appears
that ol' Ben decided to leave it up to you.  It isn't an easy task, but after a
little fancy jumping and shooting you will knock it out.

To accomplish this task, use Han Solo and his blaster.  First, stay on the
middle platform and observe the pattern of the lasers.  After you feel familiar
with them, do the following:

*Make a running jump off the platform and onto the right most ladder.

*Avoiding the moving laser at the top, jump over to the ladder to the left of
you and fire into the core as you are jumping.

*Be sure to grab on to the ladder rather than fall down the pit after firing.

*Jump back to the right ladder and repeat the above, jumping back and forth
between the 2 ladders and shooting at the core until you destroy it.

The core will take 6 hits to destroy.  Once destroyed, the Tractor Beam will be
disabled and you can move on to the next area where you will have to rescue the

Item(s) to find:
-Health Spheres

First you must find her. She is hidden in one of the 7 prison cells in this
level.  I will lead you right to her, so don't bother checking the other cells
unless you like staring at empty rooms.  There are dead ends and lots of
enemies here, so follow the walkthrough for the quickest path through.

Use Luke and his Lightsaber for this level.  From the starting point go right
to the first elevator and take it down.  Immediately get in the next elevator
to your right.  Upon exiting, quickly long-jump left over the gap and kill the
Stormtrooper.  Take the elevator there up.

Move right and jump over a gap to 2 elevators.  Take the one on the right. 
This brings you way down near the bottom of the level.  When you come out there
will be 2 purple doors.  Go in the right one to rescue Princess Leia.

From here, head back up in the elevator you came down in.  When you come out,
jump in the elevator to your left to go down.  Now go all the way left and take
the last elevator (it goes down).  You will be greeted by a Stormtrooper.  Kill
him and grab the Health Sphere.

You have 3 elevators to choose from.  Take the right-most one up to the next
level.  Now hop right into the elevator to your right to go down a few levels. 
Kill a Stormtrooper upon exiting.  Now go all the way right until you are
standing on a ledge.  Jump over to the right, avoiding the robot, and take the
elevator down.  When you exit, avoid the droid's shots and enter the door to
your right.  You will be in a new, blue area.

Item(s) to find:
-Health Spheres

Proceed to the right and stand against the conveyor belt.  The robot on the
conveyor belt can't hit you here.  Timing it right, jump onto the conveyor and
swipe at the enemy with your Lightsaber.  Hop over to the next conveyor where
you must use its momentum to make a running jump up to the next area.  When you
get up there, avoid the robot and jump into the Vacuum Tube.

Jump over to the right where you will have to contend with those invincible
aliens from the Cantina (they're blue this time...gotta wonder what they're
doing here!).  Avoid them and their lasers at all costs!  Get by them and jump
into the Vacuum Tube.  Up and to the right is a Health Sphere.  Grab it and
head back to the top of the Tube you just came out of.  Now jump left onto the
conveyor and make a running jump up to another conveyor and then a third jump
up to a third conveyor by a wall.  Quickly jump off of it to the right to
another conveyor which leads to a ladder.

Climb the ladder to a conveyor and make a running jump over a pit of spikes up
to a high platform.  You will encounter the first of several "Gonk" Power
Droids.  They are invincible, so avoid them completely.  Get by the first Gonk
and climb all the way down the ladder.  Work your way left past 2 Metal
Crunchers, carefully jumping from platform to platform.  Jump off of the
platform the second Cruncher is coming down on so you don't come up short and
land in the spike pit.

Continue left past 2 more Gonks and head up the Vacuum Tube.  From here you
must perform a tricky maneuver.  Jump right to the conveyor and the moment you
land on it take one step and jump up again so you can jump into another Vacuum
Tube.  If you gain too much speed on that conveyor belt you will fly by the
Vacuum Tube and fall back down to the level below you.

Coming out of the Tube, go left and exit to find yourself in the Trash

"What an incredible smell you've discovered!"

This is one of the easiest areas in the game.  You'll notice the water (or
muck) level rising and a creature popping its eyeball out from under it.  This
is the Dianoga, or trash monster.  Simply slash it once with the Lightsaber to
put it out of its misery.  If you missed it on its first pass, jump up to the
next level and try again.

Item(s) to find:

This stage could be one of the most difficult stages ever put into a video game
and the programmers should be flogged for it.  You WILL die at least once,
unless you are using a cheat device or are a droid or something.  Read ahead in
this section as there are many Vacuum Tubes, half of which lead directly into
spikes that will kill you instantly.  There are many blind jumps, so I will
tell you exactly where to fall, jump, etc.  Precise timing and quick reflexes
will be needed to make it through unscathed.

From the start, go right and quickly kill a Stormtrooper.  Climb over the
blocks and kill a crouching Stormtrooper.  Now you'll see a Vacuum Tube.  The
next part is tricky, so pay careful attention.  The only way to make it through
without losing any health (there are no health spheres in this level, so be
extra careful) is as follows:

When you jump into the Vacuum Tube, hold Up to gain speed and the moment you
exit the Tube, hold Up and Left as well as the A button.  You will sail over a
platform and come down on the other side of it.  As you fall, continue to hold
left and you should land safely on a lower platform next to a bed of spikes. 
Usually a fall from such a height would damage you, but since you were shot out
of the Vacuum Tube, you will suffer no damage from the long fall.

From here, jump one platform to the left and you'll see a Vacuum Tube.  Jump
into it, hold Up as you go through it, and upon exiting, float into another
Vacuum Tube.  Continue holding Up and let it throw you up to a platform.

From this platform, make a running jump to the right.  You will land in a
narrow space where you'll quickly have to dispose of a Stormtrooper.

**Be aware that if one of your characters is low on health, change him/her with
another character with more health**

After killing the Stormtrooper, jump out of the narrow platform to the right
into a Vacuum Tube, but DO NOT ride it all the way up.  Ride it up and quickly
exit one level up on the left or risk running into more spikes.  Kill a
Stormtrooper here.

**Note that you can slowly worm your way up a Vacuum Tube if you are good with
the controls.  Enter a Tube then exit it quickly, then enter it again in the
side of the Tube and so forth.  Don't stay in the Tube too long or you'll gain
to much speed and might not have enough time to escape traps or spikes.

Now walk left, but don't jump up the step yet.  There is a Vacuum Tube with a
Stormtrooper with Mounted Gun directly under it.  Quickly jump up the step and
run and jump into the side of the Tube.  Hold Up while travelling through the
Tube and upon exiting, float to the right, over to the platform.

Make a running jump to the right to another platform and then another running
jump to another platform.  The next part is tricky.  Run off of the platform's
right side, but don't jump.  As you are falling you will float by a blue ladder
where you must push Up to grab on to it in mid-fall.  Climb all the way down
the ladder and kill a Stormtrooper at the bottom.

From the place where you killed the Stormtrooper, go down 2 steps.  If you
stand on the edge of this step you will see a Vacuum Tube.  A Mounted Gun
Stormtrooper is right below the Tube, so back up and get a running start then
jump into the Tube, but be careful in the Tube.  This is perhaps the hardest
area in the game.  Look at the diagram below (ENEMY=Stormtrooper with Mounted

                                    |^|          SAFE
                            #####   |^|          ____________
                            #####   |^|         |
                            #####   |^|         |
                                    |^|         |
                                    |^|         |
                             |^|                |
                             |^|   #####        |
                             |^|   #####        |
                             |^|   #####        |
                             |^|                |
                             |^|                |
                             |^|                |
____                                            |
||||  START                               ######|
||||______                    ENEMY       ######|

#-Spikes (avoid at all costs)
|^|-Vacuum Tube

After jumping into the Tube, slowly drift out of it to the right up to another
Tube, but don't immediately jump into the next Tube.  Using your momentum from
exiting the first Tube, float up right next to the second Tube (not too high,
as there are spikes up there) then when you come back down, move into that Tube
and let it gently carry you up and to the safe spot up to the right (SAFE). 
This area WILL take practice, but it can be done.

That was the hardest part of the level as the rest is a cakewalk.  Go right to
a Vacuum Tube.  You're probably sick of these things by now, but this one
doesn't dump you into spikes.  Upon exiting, quickly kill a couple
Stormtroopers and move left to an encounter with an invincible droid (resembles
a mini AT-ST or Scout Walker).  Quickly get by it and into another Vacuum Tube.
 This one will shoot you into a ceiling of spikes, so as soon as you enter it
you will go up a little and jump out to the right to a platform.

Moving right you will see a 1-Up.  There is a Stormtrooper with Mounted Gun
right off the screen, so quickly (running) grab the 1-Up, jump over the
Stormtroopers shots, then leap over the Stormtrooper and proceed to the right. 
You finally made it to the Millenium Falcon!  Stand in front of it and push up
to enter.


Now you control the laser cannons of the Millenium Falcon and must destroy wave
after wave of TIE Fighters that try to block your escape.  Simply aim your
cross hairs at the ships and fire.  It is also very important to shoot at the
TIE Fighter's green shots are fired at you so they don't hit you and cause

You have unlimited ammunition, so keep firing away.  I counted approximately 40
TIEs (+/- a few) that need to be destroyed to complete the stage.  However, the
stage might also be on a time limit, so it might not matter how many you shoot,
as long as you outlast them.  If it helps, press the PAUSE button every few
seconds, as the action gets hectic.  This will give you time to regroup and
think about where you need to shoot next.

After destroying all the TIE Fighters the Falcon arrives at the hidden Rebel
base on Yavin where Luke races off to his newly acquired X-Wing Fighter to do
battle with more TIE Fighters en route to the tracking Death Star.


Here you must destroy TIEs the same way you did in the previous stage.  This
time you will have R2-D2 with you to regenerate a limited number of shields
that will get knocked out by enemy blasts.

You have to basically stay alive, shooting as many TIEs as possible and
eventually the stage will end.  Again, shooting their green shots is a must. 
If too many shots get through you will have to start the level over.

After you've blasted through the TIE Fighters you will find yourself at the
last stage of the game, assaulting the flying fortress known as the Death Star.


Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for.  This last stage is unlike any
you've played in the game so far.  It's kind of unfair to throw a curve ball
like this at you when you're so close to the end, but with a little patience
and skill you'll make it through.

Maneuvering the X-Wing through the twists and turns of the trench will be your
main concern.  Stay at the bottom of the screen so you have more time to decide
where you're going.  You have unlimited ammo, so keep pounding the fire button
to blast any TIEs that get in your way.  Button B will fire your lasers while
Button A fires your Proton Torpedoes, which are the only weapons that can
exploit the Death Star's weakness.

As you make it through the trench, you will know when you are at the end when
the passageway gets really narrow.  Get your finger on the A button, as there
will be an octagon shaped hole with a yellow square in the middle of it right
after the trench narrows.  Shoot at the hole with your Proton Torpedoes and
hopefully you hit the mark. Just be sure you don't crash into the wall on your
way out.  If you miss the target, simply start the level over (if you have any
lives left) and try it again.

Great shot kid, that was one in a million!



Here are some Game Genie codes for those who are interested:

Start with 1 life:

Start with 6 lives:

Start with 9 lives:

Unlimited lives:

Immune to spikes:
Reset the NES if stuck on spikes.

Immune to most bullets:

Immune to most collisions:

Full energy on big energy pick-ups:

Less energy on big energy pick-ups:

More energy on big energy pick-ups:

Always run:

Also, if playing in an emulator, I've found a few of the addresses that you can
check out which do the following:

$0729 - Freeze at value 64 to give Luke Infinite Energy
      - This also gives the X-Wing Infinite Energy in the Trench
$072A - Freeze at value 64 to give Han Infinite Energy
$072B - Freeze at value 64 to give Leia Infinite Energy
$69F4 - Freeze at value 16 for Infinite Shields on the Falcon


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