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FAQ/Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/27/12

 ____  ____    _  __ _____ _     _  _    ____  _     ____  ____  _____ ____
/ ___\/  _ \  / |/ //  __// \   / |/ \  /  __\/ \   /  _ \/  _ \/  __//  __\
|    \| | \|  |   / |  \  | |   | || |  | | //| |   | / \|| | \||  \  |  \/|
\___ || |_/|  |   \ |  /_ | |/\_| || |  | |_\\| |_/\| |-||| |_/||  /_ |    /
\____/\____/  \_|\_\\____\\_/\____/\_/  \____/\____/\_/ \|\____/\____\\_/\_\


                         W A L K T H R O U G H / F A Q
                            Written by threetimes

Platform:  NES                                  Start Date: April 6th 2012
Developer: Taito                                Submission: April 16th 2012
Publisher: Taito                                Version   : 1.1
Release  : 1991 (Japan)                         Update    : Added Tokyo map


This is Earth, the third planet in the Solar System. The shadow of an evil hand
is about to engulf this peaceful blue dot on the celestial chart.

The evil ruler known as "King Jado" and his minions want to use this blue
planet for their terrible desires. Using his mysterious army, Jado is about to
begin his all-out invasion!

This time a single young man will stand against the evil kind and his army of
fear. That man is the Space Detective Blader. His task is to stop Jado and his
dreadful ambitions once and for all!

Go, Blader! Fight Jado and protect the ever lasting peace of the Planet Earth!

(From the translated Manual.)


TABLE OF CONTENTS ..................................................... SEARCH

   I. Introduction .................................................... *INTRO
  II. Game Basics ..................................................... *BASIC
 III. Battle System ................................................... *BATTLE
  IV. Hints and Tips .................................................. *HINTS

   V. THE WALKTHROUGH .................................................. *WALK
      Galaxy ........................................................... *W001
      Shinjuku ......................................................... *W002
      Asuka's Lab ...................................................... *W003
      Nakano ........................................................... *W004
      Hunitachi ........................................................ *W005
      Manhole Dungeon .................................................. *W006
      Brother Building ................................................. *W007
      Saitama .......................................................... *W008
      Dam .............................................................. *W009
      Dokuronga ........................................................ *W010
      Galaxy and Asuka ................................................. *W011
      Ochanimizu ....................................................... *W012
      Okachimachi ...................................................... *W013
      Elisa Academy .................................................... *W014
      Ueno ............................................................. *W015
      Green Park ....................................................... *W016
      Dome ............................................................. *W017
      Ikebukuro ........................................................ *W018
      Institute ........................................................ *W019
      Sunshine-6 ....................................................... *W020
      Ginza ............................................................ *W021
      Burning Building ................................................. *W022
      Nihonbashi ....................................................... *W023
      Makuhari ......................................................... *W024
      Makuhari Messe ................................................... *W025
      Command Tower .................................................... *W026
      The Factory ...................................................... *W027
      Shinagawa ........................................................ *W028
      Brain Center ..................................................... *W029
      Yokohama ......................................................... *W030
      Yokohama Port .................................................... *W031
      Underwater Cavern ................................................ *W032
      Ghost Town ....................................................... *W033
      Jado Town ........................................................ *W034
      Jado Town HQ ..................................................... *W035
      JadoRobot ........................................................ *W036
      Jado's Base ...................................................... *W037
      Neo Dokuronga .................................................... *W038
      Jado's Hall ...................................................... *W039

  VI. LISTS ............................................................ *LIST
      01. Shops ........................................................ *LT01
      02. Skills ....................................................... *LT02
      03. Items ........................................................ *LT03
      04. Equipment .................................................... *LT04
      05. Monster Guide ................................................ *LT05
      06. Allies ....................................................... *LT06

 VII. Tokyo Area Map ................................................... *TOKY
VIII. Credits, Legal, Contact .......................................... *CRED

I.  I N T R O D U C T I O N .............................................*INTRO

SD Detective Blader was released in Japan in 1991 and never brought to Western
shores, which was a great shame since it's a an imaginative, humorous and
challenging RPG set in a future Tokyo. Fortunately, an excellent new fan
translation makes the game accessible to a wider audience.

Blader is a space detective and arrives on Earth in the Galaxy spaceship, which
remains his base during the game. The battle system is turn-based, the
encounter rate in dungeons is very high, and the game moves at a fast pace with
allies joining and leaving the party at various intervals. SD Blader is very
much like an early Dragon Quest RPG with nice sub stories involving each town,
except that you use guns and science rather than swords and sorcery: and it's
great fun to play.

This FAQ is based on that translation and written to contribute towards the
GameFAQs NES project which aims to produce FAQs for all NES games. Although,
I'd have done it anyway because the game is so good!

II.  G A M E  B A S I C S .............................................. *BASIC

01. Controls
02. Saving the Game
03. Command Mode
04. Characters and Status
05. Weapons and Armour
06. Life and Death
07. Storage and Shopping
08. Experience and Skills

D-Pad ..... Move the main character.
            Move the cursor to select alternatives.
A Button .. Talk to people.
            Search for items.
            Confirm commands.
B Button .. Access Command menu.
            Cancel commands.

Select the Command menu on the world map and choose to save. Note that you CAN
ONLY SAVE THE GAME ON THE WORLD MAP! You can have up to three separate save
files and choose which one to load when you continue from the starting screen
again. You can also copy a save to a second save slot.

The command mode is accessed by pressing the B Button when on the world map.
You'll see five options:

Change ... This command allows you to change Blader's appearance on the screen,
           by removing his Tector or making it visible again.
Item ..... Select the item command to use an item, equip weapons (called
           arms) or armour (called Tectors). You can equip up to three arms at
Unit ..... This command allows you to use a skill: called a Unit. Units require
           some Unit Energy to activate, and include the ability to Warp to
           other cities, or return to the Galaxy spaceship.
           As well as general units there are Battle Units that can only be
           used during a battle.
           New Units are added at set levels.
Status ... View Blader's current status.
Save ..... Save progress.

You control the main character, Space Detective Blader. Other characters will
join and leave the party as the game progresses but you have no control over
them and they are not targeted by enemies. Each one will do different things:
for example, healing Blader or attacking enemies. Only Blader gains experience.

LE ........ Life Energy. This is your health and if LE reaches zero you're out.
UE ........ Unit Energy. This is needed to operate various "Units". It's a bit
            like Magic Power and when it's used up you cannot make use of any
            specialist skills.
Symbol .... Yen. The money you have acquired.
EXP ....... Shows the experience gained.
NXT ....... Shows the experience required to reach the next level.
HP ........ Physical power affects the amount of Life Energy.
STR ....... Attack power.
DEF ....... Defence power.
SPD ....... Agility.
Ally ...... Shows Blader's current ally. Various characters join and leave.
Tector .... Currently equipped armour.
Arm ....... Currently equipped weapon.


There are two types of weapons: hand to hand combat weapons and guns. Ordinary
weapons' attack power is dependent on the strength of Blader and they can be
used without restrictions. The power of guns is independent from Blader's
strength but each one needs a minimum of 100 energy points to be fired, and if
points go below 100 it cannot be fired. Energy is recharged on each turn of a
battle, whatever action is taken. Each gun uses a set amount of Unit Energy
when fired, and recovers a set amount, as shown in this chart.

| WEAPON           | UE USE | RECOVERY |
| Needle Gun       |  -60   |    +40   |
| Blaster Gun      |  -60   |    +40   |
| Gatling Gun      |  -50   |    +50   |
| Rocket Launcher  |  -70   |    +30   |
| Heavy Bazooka    |  -80   |    +20   |
| Napalm Launcher  |  -70   |    +30   |
| Hand Vulcan      |  -50   |    +50   |
| Triple Gun       |  -50   |    +50   |
| Beam Cannon      |  -60   |    +40   |
| Buster Cannon    |  -60   |    +40   |
| Full Weapon      |  -50   |    +50   |
| God Bazooka      |  -80   |    +20   |

Since you can equip three arms this is easy to manage. Use a hand to hand
weapon on one turn to allow guns to recharge power for the next turn.

At the start of the game Blader has the Light Tector. Select the Change command
to see the battle suit. It is possible to break a suit as a result of enemies'
attacks. The status of "Broken" will appear and the suit must be repaired.

Keeping Blader healthy is essential and you'll need to buy and use items to
heal LE (Life Energy), or use the LifeUP Unit. This Unit skill is learned at
level 5 and it can be used to restore some LE at any time. Miley joins the team
at the start of the game and she will heal LE during a battle, but she cannot
be relied on.

At any time, on the world map or inside a town or dungeon, you can select Unit:
Galaxy, and return to the spaceship, where the doctor will heal you, but you'll
be sent back to the starting town of Shinjuku. Once you have the Warp Unit this
isn't so much of an issue as you can warp directly to any other town you've
already visited.

If you die, an ambulance will rescue you and return you to the ship. The
downside is that half your money is removed.

You can carry up to 18 items in your backpack, and that includes Tectors, Arms,
healing items and any special items, such as the Master Keys. There are shops
in nearly every town and these sell basic healing items and new equipment.
Money (Yen) is dropped from defeated enemies and old equipment can be sold for
half the purchase price.

Here's a chart to show the amount of experience needed for each level. Blader
increases his natural HP, Strength, Defence and Speed by one or two points at
each level raise. Life Energy and Unit Energy also get a small increase of
around 10 points for LE and 4 or 5 for UE. New units are acquired at specific
levels and the cost for using them is shown in Unit Energy. See the separate
section for full details of what each unit can do and the relative usefulness
of each one.

| LVL | EXPERIENCE|  HP  STR  DEF  SPD | LE    UE  | UNITS         | COST  |
| 01  |       -   |   3    4   11    3 |  22     9 | Galaxy Unit   |  0 UE |
| 02  |       9   |   4    5   12    4 |  25    17 | ............. | ..... |
| 03  |      25   |   5    6   12    5 |  31    19 | ............. | ..... |
| 04  |      46   |   7    7   13    6 |  45    26 | ............. | ..... |
| 05  |      72   |   9    7   13    7 |  56    27 | LifeUP  Unit  |  3 UE |
| 06  |     113   |  10    8   14    8 |  63    34 | ............. | ..... |
| 07  |     152   |  11    9   14    9 |  67    34 | ............. | ..... |
| 08  |     221   |  13    9   15   10 |  78    40 | Warp Unit     |  6 UE |
| 09  |     305   |  15   10   15   11 |  93    44 | ............. | ..... |
| 10  |     406   |  17   10   16   12 | 102    49 | Slow Unit     |  2 UE |
| 11  |     535   |  20   11   16   13 | 122    53 | ............. | ..... |
| 12  |     714   |  21   12   17   14 | 128    57 | Burster Unit  | 12 UE |
| 13  |     952   |  23   12   17   15 | 138    60 | ............. | ..... |
| 14  |    1269   |  25   13   18   16 | 153    64 | Repair Unit   |  4 UE |
| 15  |    1691   |  28   13   19   17 | 170    71 | ............. | ..... |
| 16  |    2123   |  31   14   19   18 | 186    75 | Turbo Unit    | ..... |
| 17  |    2667   |  34   15   20   19 | 206    80 | ............. | ..... |
| 18  |    3350   |  36   15   20   20 | 217    83 | ............. | ..... |
| 19  |    4208   |  38   16   21   21 | 231    89 | LifeMAX Unit  | 10 UE |
| 20  |    5285   |  40   17   21   22 | 240    93 | ............. | ..... |
| 21  |    6638   |  43   17   22   23 | 259    99 | Scanner Unit  |  1 UE |
| 22  |    8338   |  45   18   23   24 | 273   102 | ............. | ..... |
| 23  |   10472   |  47   19   23   25 | 284   108 | Stealth Unit  |  5 UE |
| 24  |   13153   |  50   20   24   26 | 301   114 | ............. | ..... |
| 25  |   16521   |  52   20   24   27 | 315   117 | Smoke Unit    | 15 UE |
| 26  |   20750   |  54   21   25   28 | 325   119 | ............. | ..... |
| 27  |   26062   |  57   21   25   29 | 345   124 | Barrier Unit  |  9 UE |
| 28  |   32734   |  59   22   26   30 | 354   131 | ............. | ..... |
| 29  |   41114   |  61   23   27   31 | 366   133 | ............. | ..... |
| 30  |   51640   |  63   24   27   32 | 379   140 | ............. | ..... |
| 31  |   64860   |  66   25   28   33 | 396   145 | ............. | ..... |
| 32  |   81464   |  68   26   29   34 | 408   149 | ............. | ..... |
| 33  |  102319   |  70   28   30   35 | 420   157 | ............. | ..... |
| 34  |  128512   |  72   30   31   36 | 434   161 | ............. | ..... |
| 35  |  153945   |  74   32   32   37 | 447   166 | ............. | ..... |
| 36  |  179378   |  76   34   33   38 | 456   173 | ............. | ..... |
| 37  |  205087   |  78   36   34   39 | 471   180 | ............. | ..... |
| 38  |  230796   |  80   39   35   40 | 480   188 | ............. | ..... |
| 39  |  256505   |  82   42   36   42 | 494   194 | ............. | ..... |
| 40  |  282214   |  --   --   --   -- | ---   --- | ............. | ..... |

- The DEF stat is based on having the Light Tector equipped. This adds +8
  points to Defence.
- Levels can increase beyond this, but there's absolutely no need to do so.
- LE and UE can vary, but only by 1 or two points at the higher levels.

III.  B A T T L E  S Y S T E M  ....................................... *BATTLE

01. Battle Mode
02. Using Weapons
03. Status Effects
04. Enemies

Battles are nicely traditional turn-based random encounters. You'll find
enemies on the world map and inside dungeons but not inside towns. Bosses are
visible and won't attack until you approach them. Battles are only ever with
single enemies.

Condition: Appears at the top left of the screen and shows as:
           Green  - full or nearly full LE
           Yellow - average (about a third) LE
           Red    - very low LE

Battle Commands
Hit  : Select to see the three arms equipped and choose one to attack the
Item : Select to be shown all items in your inventory. Not all can be used.
Unit : Use a Unit. You'll be shown Unit 1 page (healing and repair types)
       Select the Unit 1 heading and press A to be shown the Unit 2 page.
       These include battle specific Units such as Burster Unit or Slow Unit.
Flee : This does not always work and some battles will not allow you to flee.

Current LE and UE are shown at the top of the battle screen.
Current level is shown at the top right of the screen.
Any change in status is also shown at the top right of the screen.

One thing to notice is that hand to hand combat weapons have infinite uses but
the majority of weapons are guns that require at least 100 UE to use. They will
have this amount at the start of a battle but one use of the weapon removes a
set amount of energy. (This weapon UE is separate from the "normal" Unit Energy
required to use Units.)

To increase the energy of your equipped guns, use a different weapon, a Unit
(for healing or boosting) or an item. Basically ANY other action will increase
the Unit energy for all weapons that require it: including an unsuccessful
attempt at running away!  This is why you need a variety of weapons so you can
be assured of making an attack even if energy is low on one weapon.

After using one weapon it will appear at the head of the list for the next
turn. This is handy if you are using the combat weapon for every turn, but
you'll have to move the cursor down to the next weapon should you wish to
attack with a different one.

You are more likely to generate a critical attack with a hand to hand combat
weapon or with a gun that fires more than one shot.

There are two negative status effects.

Blader cannot move. This might last for only one round, but it can remain for
longer than this. Bosses often use attacks that cause shock. The only way to
deal with this is to make sure that Blader has enough LE to survive.

This message appears if the Tector is broken by a fierce attack. This reduces
defence making Blader very vulnerable to further attacks. Tectors can be
repaired with an item (Repair Parts) or the Repair Unit.

Enemies appear singly and might get the first attack or a critical hit. Many
enemies have a special skill that inflicts around double the damage of their
normal attacks. Turn order is based on speed, and you will gain a Unit skill:
Slow, that helps to slow down the enemy, giving you the first turn.

When levels exceed that of the enemies they might escape from the battle at the
start, and with high defence their attacks can completely miss.

All enemies drop Yen, and most enemies will also drop an item, but drops are
not that common and there's no way to increase the chance of getting an item
drop, besides fighting lots of battles!

IV.  H I N T S  A N D  T I P S  ........................................ *HINTS

* You will always be told what to do and what you need, but that entails
  talking to everyone in a town and people found inside a dungeon, and a little
  imagination about where to use which special item. Sometimes you need to talk
  to people twice, or revisit a town, but if you're stuck just check the Table
  of Contents to find information about that specific location.

* As soon as possible equip at least two weapons: one that has infinite uses
  and a gun that uses Energy when fired.

* Do NOT rely on your allies for healing or to help you win a battle. You have
  no control over them and they won't be of much use. However, you don't have
  to worry about keeping them healthy as enemies only target Blader.

* To save money, make use the Galaxy Unit that requires no energy at all and
  returns you to the spaceship where you can get free healing. Warp back to
  Earth and you will be sent to the first town of Shinjuku. Once you have the
  Warp Unit, use this to return to previously visited town. Avoid using the
  Galaxy Unit until you have acquired the Warp Unit or you'll have to walk from
  Shinjuku to your current location.

* Slow is the most useful Battle Unit. This allows you to take the first turn
  on each round, before the enemy can destroy you: and it only costs 2 UE.

* Retreating has a low chance of working inside dungeons and exposes you to the
  risk of two powerful enemy attacks if fleeing fails. Since you cannot save
  inside dungeons don't take too many chances. The best tactic is to fight!

* Unit Energy needs to be conserved for boss battles, and you cannot buy items
  to refill energy. Preserve the ones you find for when you absolutely need to
  use them.

* If you find enemies too strong for you, level up and buy better equipment.
  Even small increases in stats and attack power can make a big difference.
  Recommended levels are the minimum required, and higher levels will make
  everything that much easier.


                    V.   W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  ............... *WALK


GALAXY .................................................................. *W001




Select New Game and choose a name for the hero, Blader. This is restricted to
four characters. After that you'll be introduced to the main antagonists of the
game. It's all very up front about what's going on!

After these initial scenes you'll be in control of Space Detective Blader on a
spaceship. Talk to Miley, the girl at the left and she tells you to talk to
everyone. Start with the Commander behind the counter, and then speak to the
doctor at the right side of the floor. She'll heal you for free any time you
come back to the Galaxy spaceship. Walk down the passage to meet Starkoff who
makes new Battle Units for you. These are announced when you reach the
appropriate level.

After speaking to these three, talk to Miley again and she will join the party.
(If she doesn't, then talk to the Commander again.) Go to the menu by pressing
B and select "Change" to see Blader appear dressed in the Tector armour suit.
Select the "Status" menu to see an overview of Blader's current equipment and
stats. He has the Light Tector which boosts defence by 8 points, and the Laser
Knife that increases his attack strength by 2 points. (The "U" alongside the
equipment just means "Up".)

Blader is at level 1 with 22 Life Energy and 9 Unit Energy. He has 30 Yen and
no items. Check the Unit command and you'll see that he has the Galaxy Unit.
This doesn't require any Unit Energy and will transport you back to the Galaxy
from any location.

Enter the warp circle where Miley had been standing and you'll end up outside a
town: indicated by the fact that the buildings are blue.

SHINJUKU ................................................................ *W002
HOTEL (3 Yen)


Baby Battler, Mecha Frogger



Before entering the town you could spend a bit of time fighting the local
monsters and going back to the Galaxy to heal up when health gets low. Do this
until you reach level 2. If you check your status you'll see that all
parameters have increased by 1 point and LE has increased by 3 and UE by 8.
That's the pattern for the rest of the game. Stats only increase by small
amounts, but every little helps!

Enter the town and talk to the people who aren't animals to confirm what's
happened here. Go all the way to lower left corner of town to find the entrance
to the subway. You'll see these buildings in other towns too, but at the moment
the subway is closed. The open door nearby leads to a fortune teller's house.
You can have your fortune told, but she doesn't tell you anything of much help
and she never changes the fortune.

The shop is open for business and the seller is the girl at the right. You
already have the knife, and another one is no use, but you could save up to buy
the Blaster Gun. Since Miley will sometimes heal you and you can return to the
Galaxy if things gets difficult, I'd advise holding on to your Yen for now.

Enter the house behind the Shop and talk to Reiko. Say Yes to her request for
help and she gives you directions to her father's laboratory in the north. Talk
to Todoroki, her dad's assistant for extra details. The girl at the top left of
town also tells you about the lab, and that Reiko's dad is called Dr. Asuka.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Laser Knife      |    20  |  +2 UP  |
| Blaster Gun      |    65  | +12 ATK |

ASUKA'S LAB ............................................................. *W003
Salve, Laser Knife

Baby Battler, Beastman, Metal Caterpillar



Leave Shinjuku and walk a few steps to the west to join the road leading north.
Follow it up to the T junction and turn west. Walk a little further and you'll
see a white dome shaped building behind the trees to the north. Follow the road
to the corner and walk up and right to reach the building. This is Dr. Asuka's

Once inside go down the stairs at the right to the basement to get the two
treasures: [SALVE] is inside the treasure chest to the left of the stairs and a
[LASER KNIFE] is inside the upper chest. Return upstairs and take the stairs to
the first floor. Talk to the three scientists who say that Dr. Asuka has been
kidnapped and that you might find clues at a secret research lab in the town to
the southwest.

That town is the next destination, but it's a long walk and so it's not a bad
plan to warp back to Galaxy now, heal up and return to Shinjuku to sell off the
Laser Knife you don't need. You only get 10 Yen for it, but you should be able
to afford the Blaster Gun after fighting a few more battles to raise the extra
cash and level up to 3.

After buying the gun, go to the Items menu to select it, and then pick "Use".
The cursor will appear on the Laser Knife. Move it down one space with the
directional pad and confirm the selection of the gun. The weapon will then be
"Set", and you'll have two options for attack. Attack is the best form of
defence and with this gun you'll defeat all enemies on the way with just one

Walk back to Asuka's Lab and follow the directions in the next section to reach

NAKANO .................................................................. *W004
HOTEL (6 Yen)


Metal Caterpillar, Beastman, Seeker Robot

Animal Voice



To reach this town start out from the road running north to south at the west
of Asuka's Lab. Follow the road north a few steps, and it turns west, and then
south. The road ends up at some trees and a small square pond, forcing it to
turn west.

At this junction, go south, (the road is lined with single patches of trees)
and follow the road as it turns to the west. You'll arrive at a junction, but
just continue going west for a few more steps, and the road turns due south.
Walk down and you'll soon be heading east to arrive at a collection of blue
buildings. This is Nakano.

The people here tell you to go to the "Brother Building" that's close to
Hunitachi and they mention a thief called Hojiro. Heal up at the Hotel, it's
cheap enough, and then, go inside open building to the right of the hotel.
Climb down stairs to the basement to find a treasure chest with a [SALVE] and
the [ANIMAL VOICE] special item. This cannot be sold.

Go inside the small building that looks like a garage and you'll be inside the
subway. Enter the opening in the upper train and it takes you instantly to the
next town: with no cost!

You'll get a call from Starkoff to tell you that a new unit is available at
level 5. This is the LifeUP skill that can.can be used during a battle and on
the world map to restore health. The higher your levels the more it Life Energy
it restores.

HUNITACHI ............................................................... *W005
HOTEL (6 Yen)


Seeker Robot, Metal Caterpillar, Pickaxe Robot, Jado's Spy

Miley, Hojiro


This town is cut off from the road network and the only way to reach it is from
the subway at Nakano.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Grenade          |    85  | Throw   |
| Heat Blade       |   180  |  +5 Up  |

Fight some local enemies to get enough cash for the Heat Blade. Be careful when
tackling the Pickaxe Robot because it can do a special pickaxe wallop that is
capable of causing up to 30 points of damage if it also generates a critical
attack. Use the LifeUP Unit to recover HP, or a Salve. If HP get dangerously
low, heal up at the hotel.

Walk left from the subway past two buildings and walk up the side the second
building. You'll see that there's a hole which leads to an underground area,
but it's not accessible, as someone is blocking the way. However, you're told
that the Brother building is to the north, but you that cannot reach the
building directly from the town.

Go inside the small building at the bottom left of the town to find the monkey
that's replaced Hojiro. Use the item "Animal Voice" from the inventory and this
allows you to talk to the monkey. HOJIRO joins the party and directs you to the
manhole to access the Brother building. Go and talk to the guard and he turns
out to be Jado's Spy! Recommended level: 6


He does around 12-17 damage to you and your Heat Blade will do about the same
to him. A couple of hits and an additional blow from your helper monkey will
defeat him. The Blaster gun only does around 8 damage if you're still at level
6, and the Laser Knife 2 to 5 points of damage, but it's still possible to win
without the Heat Blade, it will just take a bit longer. You get 30 experience
points and 42 Yen.


After the battle stay at the Hotel to heal up before walking up to the manhole
entrance. Go down into the tunnels and be cautious because enemies are
tougher here but at level 8 you get a call that a new unit is available and the
Warp Unit appears! After this you can always use the Galaxy Unit to escape and
return to the spaceship to heal up. Return to Shinjuku and then select this
unit to warp back to the towns you've already visited.

MANHOLE DUNGEON ......................................................... *W006
Repair Parts, Needle Gun, Power Drink

Baby Shooter, Killer Lancer

Miley, Hojiro


The manhole is in Hunitachi un case you need reminding. Despite the increased
strength of the enemies you should manage quite well so long as you have the
Heat Blade! Hojiro will usually launch a blow and Miley is there for occasional
healing. You should level up again to 10 in here and will acquire the Slow
Unit. This can only be used during a battle and it's on the second page. Select
Unit 1 on the battle screen and this will switch to Unit 2 where you'll have
the Slow option. It is one of the most useful skills in the whole game as it
means that you can get the first turn in battles against faster enemies.

Go down the ladder to the bottom path. Go left and inside the first dark
opening in the wall. This leads to a small platform surrounded with water, with
a single treasure chest. Open it to find [REPAIR PARTS]. Go down the stairs
into a small room and walk down the screen.

You'll arrive at a ledge with another treasure chest. This contains a weapon,
the [NEEDLE GUN]. Equip this gun replacing the Laser Knife. Even though it has
attack power of 9, much better than the Heat Blade, you need 100 points to fire
it, as with the Blaster Gun. It does three hits in a row, although all hits are
less strong than the Heat Blade's single strike.

Go back the way you came until you emerge from the dark doorway again. Go left,
and up the ladder. Enter the opening on this ledge to arrive at a new area of
the sewers with two visible treasure chests. (You've already opened the one on
the ledge above your head.) Walk left and climb the first ladder to reach the
chest which contains a [POWER DRINK]. Back on the lower ledge, go further left
and up the next ladder, and then right, and climb up the next ladder to reach
the Brother Building.

BROTHER BUILDING......................................................... *W007
Blaster Gun, Power Drink, Energy Ball

Robo-Bullet, Marble Robot, Slagman, Ninja Dog

Miley, Hojiro


Make sure you're in good health, at least at level 10, and have some spare
Salves and a Power Drink before proceeding. If necessary, warp out to the
Galaxy and warp back to Hunitachi. It won't take long to go through the sewers
a second time.

There's a new set of enemies inside this building and the Marble Robot will
present you with new challenge. It does a special Shock Beam attack that causes
Shock status. You won't be able to move or take any action at all for one or
two rounds! It might shock you again, before you've had a chance to heal up,
and that's very dangerous. This means that's it's essential to keep in good
health at all times because you cannot reply on Miley to heal the damage this
enemy can cause. The Robo-Bullet sometimes drops a Grenade but you cannot use
this on any of the enemies in here. (I assume because that would make things
too easy for you.)

From the entrance stairs walk left and climb the stairs to the next floor. Make
sure you're a full health first and then, go right, and talk to the person
standing at the left of the next stairs. It doesn't matter what answer you
give. This must be Asuka. But wait... It's the Mad Doctor and you're in a set

| BATTLE | MAD DOCTOR    | 60 LE (estimate)

He hits for around 16 damage and so do you. Don't use the Needle Gun or Blaster
Gun as they do a lot less damage than the Heat Blade. Watch out for his
critical attack that does double the damage. Oh, and don't bother trying to use
a Grenade on him as it's not possible. It will take about 4 strikes to defeat


Climb the stairs and go left on the next floor, taking the next stairs up. Take
as long as you like to listen to the fabulous music in this place. It had me
dancing. ;) You'll arrive at the upper floor where someone is blocking the next
set of stairs. This is the REAL Doctor Asuka. Say yes, you'll help him and he
says the Tekkender is on the rooftop and that the Animal Beam has been taken to
a base to the north.

Go up the stairs after Asuka leaves, and you'll see a blue creature blocking
the door to a small building. Heal up and prepare for battle! Use the Power
Drink if health is low and that heals for 60 points. Recommended level: 11.

| BOSS | ANIMAL HORN     | 70 LE (estimate)

Your attacks will cause around 10-15 damage to the Animal Horn, and its attacks
do around 20 damage. (Don't bother with the Needle Gun as there's a good chance
the enemy will evade two out of three of the strikes.) But it also has a
special Beast Roar attack that causes Shock. The effects of this might last for
a couple of rounds, during which you cannot move or heal or do anything at all.
Hope that Miley has the sense to heal you because the beast's attacks will do
more damage while you're immobilised.

The best strategy is to use the Slow Unit early in the battle and at least that
should give you a chance to heal up as soon as Shock wears off. Use LifeUP to
aid in healing you for more than a Salve can do. Don't take any chances and
keep your Life Energy high. (You cannot use a Grenade.) After around 5 or 6
hits (at level 11) you should defeat the enemy. You might get a Grenade as a
reward. (I did one time and not another.) You get 44 experience and 58 Yen.


After this battle, or a little later, you'll probably reach level 12 and you
get the Battle Unit of Burster which might disrupt an enemy's special skill and
reduce their attack power.

Enter the small building and you'll find a treasure chest at the left corner.
This contains the [BLASTER GUN]. Equip this if you don't already have this
weapon as it has 12 attack power, but remember that it requires at least 100
energy to fire it and an attack depletes the energy by 20 points. The Heat
Blade is still the best weapon for now.

You'll meet the Robo-Bullet enemy again on these floors and suddenly it seems
to attack with more ferocity, using a special Bazooka Attack that hurts for
over 20 points of damage. You'll also find that running away won't work. Go
down the stairs and you'll find another treasure chest in the top left corner.
This contains a welcome [POWER DRINK]. Go down the stairs again and there's
another chest in the top right corner with an [ENERGY BALL] item. This restores
Unit Energy and you should hang onto it as you cannot buy UE restoration items.

The stairs take you down into the underground sewers again, with new enemies to
kill: the Ninja Dog and Slagman which uses Shock against you.

Walk all the way to the left and you'll find another ladder leading up. This
takes you outside to the northeast of the world map. You're at the eastern edge
of a large lake. Save your game and walk north to find three green houses.
Don't take any chances on the enemies even though it's only a short distance,
because the Battler has a nasty habit of getting a surprise attack on you.

SAITAMA ................................................................. *W008
HOTEL (6 Yen)


Dinodog, Battler

Jado's Clothes

Miley, Hojiro


Saitama will appear on your warp list so you don't have to walk through the
sewers and Brother building ever again! Talk to the people here for some
information about the river and what has been found there. There's a rumour
that a skull floats south of the dam at midnight.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Gatling Gun      |   350  | +16 ATK |
| Metal Tector     |   300  | +10 DEF |
| Jado Clothes     |    50  | Special |

The hotel is found inside the lower left house, but don't pay for healing, just
go back to the Galaxy and warp back here. The shop is inside the house
at the right of the people. The man to the right of this house tells you to
cross the river to the north and then, head west to reach the dam. Visit the
shop and buy the JADO CLOTHES and Gatling Gun. This is much better than
anything else as it fires two attacks at once and you need the clothes to
access the next location.

Buy as many Salves as you can afford and the Metal Tector to give you higher
defence. The encounter rate is high inside the next dungeon and there's a long
way to go before reaching another shop. Also, there are no new weapons to find
in the next two locations. If you need to earn more Yen, fight the local
enemies and sell off the spare weapons. It's also well worth buying a couple of
Hand Grenades at Hunitachi because these will do about three times as much
damage to the next boss as any of the weapons available now.

DAM ..................................................................... *W009
Unique Jet, Power Drink

Night Stalker, Ammodrone

Miley, Hojiro


To reach the Dam from Saitama start off by walking east a short way until you
reach the wider bank of trees. Then, head north until you reach the water's
edge. Follow the coastline heading north east until you reach a narrow gap at
the far north that allows you to go around to the west. DO NOT walk too far to
the east along the wall on the world map. If you go too far east you'll run
into a powerful enemy that will trash you in a couple of turns.

Walk west from the gap in the lake and you'll soon come across a small building
that acts like a bridge over the water. Enter the Dam.

Use the Jado Clothes from the inventory and then talk to the man guarding the
stairs and he'll let you pass. Go down the ladder and talk to the next man who
tells you to go left, and that the Dokuronga will be arriving soon, but there
are some treasures to find first. While in here use the Heat Blade to attack
first and that adds to the power of your Gatling Gun so use that second. You
will be able to defeat the enemies in a two rounds, most of the time, but be
cautious as sometimes they will trigger a critical hit and get two attacks.

Go down the ladder and turn left to reach the next ladder. Go up this ladder to
find an opening in the wall. This leads to a small room with a single chest
that contains the [UNIQUE JET]. This is a more powerful healing item that fully
restores all Life Energy so don't be tempted to use it! Return to the middle
ledge and don't bother going down to the right hand ladder, as there's only
another NPC to talk to who tells you that they know the space detective is on
their case.

Walk all the way to the left on the middle ledge. Enter the hole to find a room
with a treasure chest. This contains a [POWER DRINK]. Go back out to the ledge
down the ladder outside this room to the bottom ledge. Enter the dark opening.
where you'll find stairs going up to a laboratory with two chatty chaps. The
second one tells you to wait at the rocky field south of the dam to ride the

Walk down this room and you'll exit onto the middle ledge again where a ladder
leads up at the left of the ledge. Go up here into a room in the Dam, and then,
down the room to the exit onto the world map. You are now at the western side
of the dam. Save your game! If you're short on Salves you might want to return
to a town and stock up, but that means walking all the way back through the

I reached level 14 inside the Dam and that prompts a call from Starkoff giving
you the Repair Unit. This allows you to Repair a broken Tector.

DOKURONGA ............................................................... *W010
Power Drink x2, Energy Ball, Hand Grenade

War Dog, Battler

War Dog, Neo Battler, Mad Doctor, Battle Bull

Miley, Hojiro


Walk south, for quite a distance, between the lake to your right and the woods
to your left. Eventually you'll reach three white mountains. Stand in the
middle of them and a large white thing will move over you. This is the
Dokuronga and you'll be inside it! You cannot leave by the door, but you can
use the Galaxy option to return to the spaceship. You'd have to warp back to
Saitama and walk all the way back through the Dam.

Enemies are quite tough in here and running away rarely works so it's best to
fight all random battles. The Mad Doctor is the most dangerous as he's likely
to do a Bombing attack turn after turn. The best strategy is to heal up outside
battles with spare Salves or the Life UP Unit and save the better healing
items. Attack with the Heat Blade on the first round and that leaves you with
enough energy to use the Gatling Gun twice. That should defeat all enemies.

Walk up the passage to hear a message that your presence has been detected! But
this doesn't make much difference since the encounter rate is just as high as
usual. Go left at the T junction and down into the left room to open a treasure
chest that contains a [POWER DRINK]. Step on the arrow at the bottom right
corner of the room and you'll be warped to another deck. Head left into another
arrow warp and this takes you to a single room with a treasure chest containing
an [ENERGY BALL]. Go back through the warps to the first room.

This time, go right, and take the warp arrow at the end of the passage. This
takes you to a lower floor where there's a second warp arrow and nothing else
to find. Enter the second warp and you're at the upper side of another lower
level. Walk down to find a treasure chest with a [POWER DRINK]. Go back to the
arrow and head left and down to find a second chest with a [HAND GRENADE].
(Save this for the boss as it causes around 30-35 damage.) You'll see another
section of the floor below where the Animal Beam is situated. Make your way
back to the first room.

Walk down into the room at the right and take the arrow warp. Keep going,
through the next room to the next arrow warp and again in the next room. There
are no treasure chests on this side. You'll end up in a small square room with
a single arrow at the bottom edge. Enter this warp and you'll be in a basement
type place with no walls, but surrounded with black holes. Your monkey ally
rushes over to what looks like a switch, but is in fact that Animal beam you're
been searching for! He says he'll take it to Dr. Asuka immediately and rushes
off. Well, he didn't do much anyway so it's not too much of a loss.

Head to the right and take the arrow warp and you'll be inside what looks like
the centre of the ship. You'll meet a new enemy here: the Battle Bull. This one
has a power critical attack and is a hard nut to crack. He damages you for
22-25 HP on each round and you'll encounter him about every three or four
steps. You might get lucky and be able to flee some of these battles.

Walk around the central section to the top of the room and you'll find
Tekkender, the general, who, to put it mildly, resists arrest. Stop before
talking to him and heal up to the maximum. Ideally be at level 15 as a minimum
for this fight (higher would be better) because the general has high defence
and you need all the strength you can muster! Recommended level: 15.

| BOSS | TEKKENDER       | 180 LE (estimate)

His attacks do around 28-30 damage at level 14 and around 22-25 at level 15.
But he's likely to do a Fist critical attack that causes over 40 damage, turn
after turn, so it's essential to keep healthy and not take any chances. At
least he doesn't cause any bad status effect. Don't bother even attempting to
use the Blaster Gun as he will evade those weak attacks, and even a critical
hit from the Gatling Gun won't do much damage to him. The only way to stay fit
is to keep using the Life Up option.

Start off by using the SLOW Unit skill: press the A button on the Unit option
to get to the second page. This gives you a chance of dodging his Fist attack
and allow you to heal up at the start of a round. On the next turn throw that
Hand Grenade to hurt him for around 30 points. The Gatling Gun only manages
about 3 or 4 points of damage on its first strike and 5 or 6 on the second
(sometimes less than that), and the Heat Blade averages at 10 points..It's
better to use these alternatively and hope for a critical hit. Use an Energy
Ball to restore 25 Unit power, and the Unique Jet to restore all life if things
gets dangerous. Don't rely on Miley at all. In one battle she only healed me

The post-battle screen doesn't show how much experience you get but it's 140
and 280 Yen.


At level 16 you get the Turbo Unit and after the battle you'll get a call from
the Galaxy to say that a new weapon is ready. There's also a scene in Jado's
hall just to let you know the progress of the evilness!

GALAXY AND DR. ASUKA .................................................... *W011


Love Charm



You'll be back at Saitama. Talk to the man at the left of the path and it's
Hojiro. He tells you to return to Shinjuku where Dr. Asuka is waiting. First of
all use the Galaxy Unit to return to the spaceship and check out the lower left
vending machine. It's now a shop with some great weapons for sale! Buy the Spin
Source as this is a hand combat weapon that's stronger than the Heat Blade. The
Rocket Launcher hits three times but the Spin Source is the priority. I didn't
bother with the Heavy Tector as there's a better one for sale soon enough.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Spin Source      |   450  |  +7 UP  |
| Heavy Tector     |   620  | +13 DEF |
| Rocket Launcher  |  1600  | +18 ATK |

After this visit step into the transporter to arrive back outside the first
city of Shinjuku. Go into the city and visit the house where Dr. Asuka lives.
He's not there, but speak to his daughter to be given the item [LOVE CHARM].
This is a very important item for later in the game, and cannot be sold. She
tells you to go and visit him at his laboratory. The other person tells you
that you can use the subway now as well.

First of all return to the lab by following the road west and then north. Asuka
will be on the second floor and tells you to find the other three scientists.
They all have keys that will lead you to the Capsule that contains the results
of studies about Jado's origins. The other scientists let you know that you've
got to find the keys before Dr. Asuka will tell you where to find the Capsule.

Now we've got a plan, and the next task is to warp back to Shinjuku and take
the newly opened subway, situated at the lower left corner of the town. to the
new location.

OCHANOMIZU SUBWAY TOWN................................................... *W012
HOTEL (20 Yen)


Devil Dog, Mushanoid



This small town is accessed by taking the subway from Shinjuku. The next
destination is to the east from here. The locals will tell you about the Dome,
which is to the north, and a local school in the main town. Stock up on
healing items if you need some.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Gatling Gun      |   350  | +16 ATK |

Leave town and make your way east to find the main town of Okachimachi. Be
careful when fighting the Mushanoid enemy as he has a special attack that will
break your Tector. Use the Repair Parts item or the Repair Unit to rectify this
situation as soon as possible! You might win a Heat Blade from this enemy,
which you can sell off.

You can walk to the Dome by following the road west from Ochanomizu, and then
north. Talk to the people outside who tell you that monsters have invaded the
school and warn you against entering the Dome. Take heed because they are
right! The Hell Pitcher enemy will destroy your Tector and smash you to bits
with a critical attack that might hurt for 50 points of damage or more. And in
any case you cannot go further from this side of the Dome as there's a wall in
the way.

OKACHIMACHI TOWN......................................................... *W013
HOTEL (20 Yen)





From Ochanomizu follow the road north, with the edge of the wide Highway to
your right. At the first junction turn to the right, and keep walking
east.along a straight section of road. You'll pass by the end point of the
Highway and this is somewhere you'll return to later when you can ride that
road! For now, carry on, and the road turns to the north, ending at a T
junction. Go right here, continuing to walk to towards the east and you'll see
the town, nestling where the Highway surrounds it on three sides.

This is the location of the Elisa Academy, and its beautiful teacher, called
Midorikawa. Follow the road through the town and take the north exit to reach
the school grounds.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Heavy Bazooka    |  1000  | +26 ATK |

The locals direct you to a town of scientists, called Ueno, which is to the
north, but first of all there's a school to rescue! Don't buy the Heavy
Bazooka, as it only does around the same damage as a better hand to hand combat
weapon you'll be able to buy in the next town.

ELISA ACADEMY ........................................................... *W014
Salve, Power Drink, Key

Potted Bemula, Rustling Rose, Schoolgirl

Strange Seed



There are random battles with potted plants in the courtyard, but there is one
plant that's clearly visible. If you attempt to talk to it, you'll be in a
battle with a Potted Bemula. You can fight this enemy as many times as you like
and it just re-appears, but it won't attack you unless you talk to it. The
small building to the right of the courtyard is locked, and you need a key that
you don't yet have.

Go inside the main building and talk to the student who explains the situation.
There are no battles inside the school. Enter the first room and open two
treasure chests (you can walk over the chairs} to find a [SALVE] in the top
left one and a [POWER DRINK] in the one at the right corner.

The middle room is a lab and there's a suspicious looking skeleton in the top
right corner...  The room at the right just contains a single Potted Bemula,
and as before, defeating it achieves nothing. Take the stairs to the next floor
and investigate the three rooms here.

The first room is a changing room and if you talk to one of the girls she will
fight you! She lashes you with a fierce slap that removes all health except for
one point! You cannot win this battle, and even if you return later on at very
high levels the effects are the same.

The middle room contains just a single girl who tells you that all the other
teachers have escaped. Enter the last room and walk behind the blackboard to
talk to Yukiko. That prompts a plant to appear. It's just another Potted Bemula
and easy enough to defeat. Talk to the girl again and she gives you the [KEY]
to the gym.

Leave the main building and head over to the locked gym. Press A to click on
the door and open it. Go inside and walk around to the back of the room where
you'll automatically go down the stairs to the basement and meet the teacher.
Answer YES! (You don't really have a choice as a No elicits the same question.)

Events proceed and Hermes the witch takes Miley prisoner. You'll automatically
pick up a [STRANGE SEED] from the floor. Climb the stairs back to the first
floor and you'll meet Poplin. He wants to join the party to eradicate the evil
plants. Obviously we want an ally so say yes, welcome abroad. Poplin will heal
you rarely and sometimes attacks the enemy.

UENO .................................................................... *W015
HOTEL (20 Yen)


Curseman, Deathquito, Mecha Berserker



Leave Oakchimachi from the left exit and follow the road west. It turns to the
north, then west, and north again for quite a long way. You'll encounter new
and more challenging enemies on this part of the road. Take care when meeting
the Curseman as this enemy will cause Shock. Eventually the road turns
west between tightly packed buildings and you'll arrive at Ueno.

Blader should be at level 17 by this point and it's a good time to upgrade your
equipment if you can afford it. The Metal Fists and the new Tector are the
priority. If you don't have the cash for them both then buy the Mach Tector and
save up because there isn't another shop for quite some time.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Metal Fists      |  1200  | +10 UP  |
| Mach Tector      |  1250  | +16 DEF |

If you walk up past the shop to the north side of town you'll find two guards
in front of the subway entrance who tell you there's a monster inside. The next
task is to find a way to deal with that monster because the Subway takes you to
the Dome, where Miley was taken.

Anyway, when you're done healing and shopping walk over to the west side of
town, where various inhabitants will give you information about the plant
scientist Dr. Hanamori and his son, Hiroshi. Walk up between the trees to reach
the single house and talk to the Doctor but he's not very friendly. The people
mention Green Park but their directions are not very precise!

GREEN PARK .............................................................. *W016
Power Drink, Hand Grenade

Pumpman, Zanplant

Glamour Photo, Freezing Gas



It's quite a walk to Green Park so heal up before setting out. From Ueno,
follow the road going north, and then east. It turns to the north taking you
through a row of trees, and then turns west. Eventually you'll reach a junction
where the turning up is obviously a dead end. Turn down and continue following
the road to the west. At this point the enemies change and you might encounter
the Pumpman, so you know you're getting close! You'll reach another turning up,
which again, leads to a dead end, and the road stops.

Walk south a few steps and turn west. Eventually you'll lose sight of the
road completely, and in the middle of this unmarked area, with no buildings,
but surrounded with woodlands, you'll spot a small circle. This is Green Park.
Once you've set foot inside the Park it appears on the warp list, which is
useful. Take the opportunity to return to the Galaxy to heal up and then warp
back to the Park.

The green plant wandering around is a Zanplant and will attack you if you
attempt to talk to it. Walk left to find a pink park bench, and then a little
further before heading up to where there are three benches. Carry on left from
here, to where there's another single bench. Then walk straight up (don't cross
over the border heading west or you'll leave the location) and you'll be able
to make your way through the plants to the building.

Talk to Hiroshi, the man inside, and he'll "borrow" the Strange Seed you picked
up inside the school. Follow him up the stairs and you'll find him in his lab.
Talk to him and Poplin explains that the seed comes from his planet. You're
asked to deal with a monster plant that's invaded the Ueno subway and Hiroshi
directs you to the upper floor. Carry on to the next floor and talk to the
school teacher who gives you the [GLAMOUR PHOTO] for Dr. Hanamori in Ueno. (Is
she really that innocent?)

Go up another set of stairs to the top floor where you'll find three treasure
chests. The left one contains a special item [FREEZING GAS], the one in the
middle has a [POWER DRINK] and the third one contains a [HAND GRENADE].

Return to the lab room and talk to Hiroshi again. He tells you that the
Freezing Gas can be used to shock the monster. Leave the building and warp back
to Ueno. (By this point you should have enough money to buy the better

DOME .................................................................... *W017
Repair Parts, Energy Ball


Master Key 1



Back in Ueno make your way through the trees at the left of the town to talk to
Dr. Hanamori. He's so smitten with the Glamour photo that he loosens his tongue
and gives you his [MASTER KEY 1]. Walk to the other side of the town where
there's an oval blue bit of paving above the Hotel and shop. Go straight up the
narrow alley between two buildings and you'll find the subway entrance with two
guards standing outside who warn you about the monster.

Go inside and approach the pink monster. You'll automatically use the Freezing
Gas and then be in a battle with the Mandragora. Recommended level is 18 for
this fight.

| BOSS | MANDRAGORA      | 160 LE (estimate)

Although its ordinary attack only does around 22 points of damage, don't be
complacent because its special attack (Taste my acid) does 90 and breaks your
Tector. I only had the one bought from the Galaxy and it might be better to get
the upgraded Mach Tector before tackling this vicious man-eating plant. Repair
your equipment immediately and then use Life UP to heal the damage. Make sure
to stay at health of at least 150 points, to survive another of these attacks.
Fortunately he won't do two of them in a row and Poplin might heal you as a
bonus. In fact, in one battle I found that the Mandragora didn't use the acid
attack at all.

Use the Hand Grenade to do around 30+ damage at once, which is a lot more than
you'll manage with the Rocket Launcher and Spin Source weapons. The Metal Fists
will do around 20-25 damage and that's the best weapon to use for this battle.
Keep up the pressure and you'll defeat him easily. You get 58 experience points
and 89 Yen.


Leave the subway, and heal up at the Hotel or return to the Galaxy before
taking the train because you'll run into lots of Hell Pitchers on the next
platform! You need a plentiful supply of Power Drinks to save on your Unit
Energy for a boss fight, and you need the most powerful weapon you can afford.
Sell off weaker weapons for half the purchase price to afford the better stuff.
Level up and earn more money by fighting Hell Pitchers until you have both the
Mach Tector for an additional 3 points of defence and the Heavy Bazooka or
Metal Fists.

After leaving the train and killing a few Hell Pitchers (remember to repair
your broken Tector!) go through the exit and you'll be in a narrow corridor.
There's a treasure chest waiting for you with a [REPAIR PARTS] item.

By the way, if your Tector is broken and the enemy does a critical attack it
can take off a whopping 70+ points of Life Energy, and given that it's very
fast it will get an attack before you do. Try using the battle unit "Slow" to
give yourself a better chance of taking the initiative and making critical
attacks. Keep your health at the maximum, healing in between battles.

Follow the single corridor to the right and you'll find stairs that take you
outside to the roof. Walk up to the left corner to open a chest for an [ENERGY
BALL]. Use this now because there's a boss battle coming up and you'll need all
the Unit Energy you can get! Ensure you've reached Level 19 because you gain
the LifeMAX Unit then, and that fully heals you, even though it uses 10 Unit
Energy points to do so. Buy the Metal Fists if you haven't done so already
because that weapon will make these battles very much easier.

Go through the upper door and walk down a staircase to meet Hermes. Events
occur, and you meet the Black Prince/Wanderer and then trigger a tricky double
boss battle. Recommended Level: 19

| BOSS | BEMULARIAN      | 180 LE (estimate)

Its special attack is poisonous gas that causes around 50-65 points of damage,
and its ordinary strike does around 30. It tends to evade the Rocket Launcher
and only the Spin Source was a reliable weapon, but the Metal Fists is a much
better bet! The Heavy Bazooka does around 20 damage if it's not a critical hit,
and with the better armour the plant's attacks do around 10 LE less damage than

Start off by using Slow and just whack away at it, healing with LifeUP when
your Life Energy reaches around 100 points. You won't be permitted to throw a
Grenade. At this level it's not too difficult, but save some energy...

| BOSS | HERMES          | 260 LE (estimate)

Hermes is fast and I'd suggest starting off with Slow. Her initial attack does
around 50 points of damage, but then she'll let fly with her EM Whip strike and
this causes Shock. That means that the main task of this battle is to stay at
nearly full health. Fortunately Poplin is quite good at healing you and with
the LifeMAX skill you can act quickly to heal up when you must. Shock can last
for a couple of rounds so it's really dangerous!

At this level (19) Bazooka caused just over 20 points of damage and the hand
combat Spin Source around 15. Metal Fists will do around 20. As usual Slow is
very handy as it might make her attack miss and it only costs 2 UE. Once again
you won't be allowed to throw a Grenade. It's a fun battle! You'll get 118
experience and 278 Yen.


Poplin pops off and Miley reappears but she doesn't join the party again. After
this there's another scene at Jado's place and again you don't get to see what
experience you acquired, but I worked it out at great cost... kept forgetting
to make a note of the pre-battle status and had to fight this battle again
before I got it down. :p

You'll be back at the Galaxy and told to meet Dr Asuka at Ikebukuro. You'll be
sent here immediately and won't be given a chance to recover health. This is
potentially a problem after that last battle since you will no longer have an

IKEBUKURO................................................................ *W018
HOTEL (45 Yen)


Bomberman, Bushidoman



Ikebukuro will appear on your warp list so you never have to walk here. Inside
the town, go to the left and you'll find a girl wandering around in the bushes.
She tells you that Dr. Asuka has a lab in the Sunshine Building. Carry on up to
the far end of this bushy place and you'll find the Shop. It's actually a cafe
with a number of tables laid for dinner. But the proprietor won't serve you
unless you have a Meal Ticket, which you don't have at the moment.

A girl at the upper right of the town says that the building you seek is to the
west, which isn't strictly accurate. Talk to her after meeting Dr Hubota and
she'll tell you what you already know about him, that he has a pet rat! Someone
else tells you that the entrance to the Highway is to the south but you don't
yet have a vehicle.

First of all, check your health. To save on money, I just return to the Galaxy
and then warp back to this city, it costs nothing in Unit Energy so that's
always the best option.

Since there's nothing to find and not much else to do here, leave town, and
head south a short distance. You'll soon see a tall building to the east: this
is the Sunshine - 6 building and you'll be told about Dr Hubota if you walk up
to the 6th floor, but there's no need to do that. We'll take a short trip to
the Institute instead.

INSTITUTE................................................................ *W019

Bomberman, Bushidoman

Meal Coupon



Take care on this long walk because you don't have an ally to heal you and the
Bushidoman enemy will attack with a Crescent blow that breaks your Tector. Heal
up first if health is less then 100 LE and then repair the Tector. You could
start battles with Slow to give you that additional edge.

From Ikebukuro, walk a short way south, following the road, and then head west,
off the road. Keep going west until you pass between sets of green and yellow
coloured buildings. You'll see the edge of the Highway ahead and that's the
point to turn south. Continue until you see a grey rectangle with no buildings
on it, and just to the south of that you'll discover a small igloo shaped
building. This is the Institute and it appears on the Warp list once you've
found it and gone inside.

Go down to the lower floor and talk to an old man called Hubota who has lost
Hayashi, his pet rat. Agree to help him and he gives you a [MEAL COUPON[ which
allows you to eat in the restaurant at Ikebukuro.

Warp back to this location and enter the cafe, but make sure you're at full
health! Talk to the waiter and he'll let you sit down, but uh-ho, the chef
isn't going to bring us a meal, unless it's RATatouille!  Recommended level: 19

| BATTLE | JADO'S CHEF   | 180 LE (estimate)

His special attack is "Taste my Cooking!" and that causes around 45 damage. His
ordinary attacks do around 35-40. but he does not inflict any status effects so
it's just a matter of staying healthy with LifeMAX and slogging it out. You'll
get 260 Yen and 65 experience.


After the battle you'll meet up with HAYASHI, who joins the party as a
temporary ally, having been saved from the pot. He's pretty useful, managing to
do a quick Chah! attack that might hurt an enemy for around 30 points of
damage, so you could keep him with you for a while. He asks you to escort him
back to the Institute, and in fact you can warp there directly, but first of
all call in on the Sunshine-6 Building or just wander around the Institute
building fighting more enemies with Hayashi, and reach level 20, before taking
him back home.

SUNSHINE - 6 ............................................................ *W020


Master Key 2, Turbo Gear Motorbike



Talk to the girl inside who says this building has 60 Floors! Fortunately,
visitors are only allowed up to the 6th floor. There are no enemies inside this
building and nothing to find in the first five floors. Climb up to the sixth
floor using the stairs on each open floor. Dr. Asuka is here and taunts you
about not having found a key. But his assistant mentions someone called Hubota,
who has a key, but he doesn't tell you where to find this person. Warp out of
the building to the Institute where you've already found Hubota.

Back at the Institute talk to Hubota and Hayashi will leave the party, but
you'll get the important [MASTER KEY 2]. Warp back to Ikebukuro and walk back
to the Sunshine Building with the intention of talking to Dr. Asuka again.

This is the last chance to obtain the Love Charm from Reiko in Shinjuku. Once
you enter the Sunshine Building the opportunity is lost forever.

When you reach Floor 5 someone approaches you with bad news. It's King Jado
himself, come to inform you that the good doctor's daughter (Reiko) has been
kidnapped and taken to the flying fortress of Neo Dokuronga. I guess they
rebuilt a better version. Climb up the last stairs and talk to Asuka who says
that there's not much you can about Reiko just now. You need to find that final
Master Key! He gives you the TURBO GEAR motor bike so you can drive around on
the high speed roads. Where is that motorbike though?

Well, the motorbike doesn't actually appear until you approach one of the
elevated wide roads. Just walk onto the road from an edge (not from the side)
and you'll be on the motorbike. There are no enemies on the Highway, but
beware! When you come off the other end you might end up fighting much more
powerful monsters.

Warp to Nakano and follow the ordinary road heading north. At the first
junction turn up to keep going north. At the next right hand turn you'll see
the end of the high speed road. Walk up to it and you'll be on the bike riding
along this road. Press B to go faster!

There's only one place to get off and it's way over to the eastern side of the
map. It doesn't matter which route you take as both options end up at the same
place, but the quickest way is to follow the road a short distance until you
reach a junction. Take the left turn and follow the single road all the way
around the southern section of the map, heading east. Eventually you'll reach a
second junction. Turn down and follow the road to another junction. Again, turn
down the road to reach the end point.

GINZA ................................................................... *W021
Salve, Homing Bomb, Power Drink

Jado's Bunny, Hell Diver, Cyberman



This city is found by walking directly south from the end point of the high
speed road. It's not too far and you'll soon spot the tall building of the
town. Just be cautious on the way because the enemies have brutal attacks and
you don't have an ally.

Talk to the man standing in front of the Hotel, and he will join the party if
you say Yes to helping him investigate the dealings of Jado's men. His name is
Dekayama and he's the best so far in battle, striking enemies with his special
Magnum Shot.

Enter the Hotel and you'll find a sleepy guest by the name of Al Capone! Talk
to the people to learn about a Factory to the west and a road that leads to
Shinagawa. The people to the right of the shop say that the building is on
fire, not that it looks that way.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Metal Fists      |  1200  | +10 UP  |
| Napalm Launcher  |  2000  | +36 ATK |
| Heat Tector      |  1650  | +20 DEF |
| Metal Blade      |  1800  | +14 UP  |

Inside the shop you'll find a man and some stairs at the back, except that the
shelves block access. Enter the building to the left of the shop and talk to
the people in the cafe to hear more about Al Capone and get advice to buy the
Heat Tector for protection against fire. This is essential to survive the fires
inside the burning building, and it also increases defence by four points
compared to the Mach Tector so it's well worth it. Buy either the Napalm
Launcher or the Metal Blade. You don't need both.

Walk up the narrow path at the left edge of the town to find a manhole and
ladder leading down to a treasure room. The left chest contains a [SALVE], the
right one has a [HOMING BOMB] and the lower one reveals a [POWER DRINK].

BURNING BUILDING ........................................................ *W022
Energy Ball

Battler X




This is an odd place. If you go up one set of stairs and then go down the same
set, you'll end up somewhere else! Ensure that you have at least 500 Yen before
entering this building. You MUST equip the Heat Tector or you will lose Life
Energy fast, and it must be visible, so use the Change command if necessary.

Go up the stairs at the right into a small room where you'll find a treasure
chest. Open it to obtain an [ENERGY BALL]. Return to the first floor and climb
up the left stairs where a stricken person will tell you which way to go. If
you go right there are stairs that take you down to the right side of another
floor, where there's a wall to your right behind which is the treasure chest
that you opened. Ignore that option and walk up the room to reach the stairs at
the upper right corner.

These take you down to a pink corridor and there's someone at the far end. Heal
up and prepare for battle. Recommended level: 21.

| BOSS | FIREMAN         | 380 LE

The Fireman's special attack is a Flaming attack and that will hurt for around
35-50 LE at level 21 and with the Heat Tector equipped. His ordinary attacks do
anything from 18-30 damage. If you have the Metal Blades this fight is pretty
easy, given that Dekayama is fighting too and each of his hits do around 33
damage to the enemy, and your blades will cause around 30-40 damage. The Napalm
Launcher will manage around 45 damage if you have that.

Start off with Slow so you can heal up on the first turn, and use Burster and
Turbo if you've got plenty of UE to spare, although neither of these seem to be
that effective. You get 70 experience and 280 Yen.


Go up the stairs after the enemy runs off and you'll be in the back of the
shop. Talk to the man and buy the [TICKET] for 500 Yen. You can buy more than
one but you don't need another. You can also sell things if you need to raise
the money.

Return down the stairs into the burning building and climb up the floor where
you met the person who told you where to go. Go down the left stairs and you'll
end up at the right side of the second floor. Head left to go down the next
stairs and on this floor simply walk up the room and you'll exit into the town.
Al Capone is still sleeping in the Hotel so you cannot rest here even if you
wanted to.

NIHONBASHI .............................................................. *W023
HOTEL (60 Yen)


Cyberman, Hell Diver, Jado's Bunny



From Ginza, walk north, back up the road towards the high speed road. You'll
see a second stretch of road just to the east, so walk over to that section of
road and then walk further east following the road at it turns to the north.
Keep on the road as it turns east and north again, and you'll reach the _| bend
of the Highway. You'll find Nihonbashi a few steps to the east of that angled

The people here are annoyed about some quarrelling men. You must talk to the
man walking near the corner of the buildings to the right and he'll tell you
that the only to stop them from bashing each other noisily is to bring Al
Capone here. Agree to do so and you've completed the event trigger
conversation. You'll find the warring couple at the end of the street going
south. You're also told that further east you'll find Makuhari Messe but you
cannot pass through the town while the men are fighting.

This shop only sells items but you'll find the Unique Jet on sale for the first
time and this item fully restores all Life Energy. It's expensive and a luxury
at this point in the game, but it's a good idea to keep one in your inventory
in case of an emergency.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Unique Jet       |   900  | Healing |

Warp back to Ginza and talk to Al Capone who'll finally wake up. He dashes off
to sort out his gangsters and you can follow him by warping to Nihonbashi. The
two men have stopped fighting allowing you to progress through the town to the

MAKUHARI ................................................................ *W024
HOTEL (60 Yen)


Bloody Mary, Jado's Beret



This next location is a long walk to the south once you arrive on the eastern
island. After passing through Nihonbashi, the road crosses over the lake, but
the enemies are the same ones for a while. Follow the road and it will turn to
the north and then east. The enemies change and you'll encounter Bloody Mary
and Jado's Beret. Neither of these do anything untoward and they are
surprisingly easy to defeat.

Continue walking along the same road as it turns to the south, and then west.
It will change direction again, going south and then west, and south again, but
stick to the road and eventually you'll see the blue buildings of a town close
by at the right side of the road. This is Makuhari, the town that Dr. Jordan,
the robotics scientist had visited. Enter the town and it will appear on the
list of warp locations.

You'll hear about some meeting of criminals in the Messe and that you need a
ticket, bought in Ginza, to get in. Well, whaddya know! Enter the shop and
you'll find Miley again, who's on the case! She is going to find out about the
scientist. The shop has some more powerful equipment as well as an upgrade for
your Tector, but it's expensive stuff and you need 1000 Yen spare for the next

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Javelin          |  2100  | +17 Up  |
| Hand Vulcan      |  2500  | +30 ATK |
| Battle Tector    |  3000  | +23 DEF |

MAKUHARI MESSE .......................................................... *W025

Head Battler, Otakuman, Jetman, Tank Robot (in Makuhari after events)

Dekayama, Buster


To find the Messe walk a bit further south from Makuhari, following the road,
and you'll see a large open area with a low building, shaped a bit like a car.
This place is NOT on your warp list. Make sure you have at least 1000 Yen
before entering this building, although you can always leave and fight a few
enemies if you're a little short of cash, and you don't need another Ticket to
gain entry again. Watch out for the Otakuman enemy around the base as it causes
Shock. To find the Head Battler and Jetman enemies walk a bit further south
from the base.

Chat to the people inside the base if you like, but the target is the merchant
blocking the exit at the lower right of the room. Pay him 1000 Yen and talk to
the machine next to him. You'll get the BUSTER MACHINE ally! Buster will join
in battles with a BUZZZ! attack.

I left the building after getting Buster and fought some more enemies around
Makuhari. The Bloody Mary enemy drops the Heavy Bazooka and did this twice in a
row after adding Buster to the team (I don't know if he affects item drops but
this was a surprise after not getting a single thing from her before.) These
can can sold for 500 Yen and this is a quick way to raise enough money to buy
the better equipment: it's important to have the Battle Tector for the
additional defence it offers.

Walk up the passage and through the hole in the upper wall to the back room.
Talk to the green person at the left to trigger another boss battle.
Recommended level: 22.

| BOSS | AKUDAN          | 600 LE

His Hell Thrust attack will hurt for over 70 LE and he's likely to do this
attack time after time. With the Battle Tector equipped the damage is
significantly less: around 50-60 LE. His ordinary attacks cause around 35-40
damage. Start off with Slow as he's likely to be faster than you at this level,
and use your Battle Units freely since Unit Energy isn't an issue. The Hand
Vulcan is effective against him: one time I got a double critical attack with
the Vulcan which did 120 worth of hurt to him! Intersperse your attacks with
LifeMAX so you're never in any danger. You'll get 167 experience and 590 Yen.


After the battle Akudan  makes threats about the nearby town, so leave this
place and return to see what evil has been done! However, first of all talk to
the blue person who tells you to destroy the main computer at the Command Tower
to the south. This will stop Jado's battle machines.

If you want to see what's going on at the town, pay it a visit. Talk to one of
the odd looking blue things and you will be in an easy battle with a Tank
Robot. But the robot won't disappear after you've defeated it. The Hotel and
Shop are operating as usual, and the same people are wondering around.

COMMAND TOWER ........................................................... *W026
Laser Arrow, Energy Ball

Tank Robot, Death Commander, Killing Machine, RoboMurderer

Dekayama, Buster


As instructed, walk south from the Messe until you reach the southern
coastline, and then turn to the west until you're forced to stop at the
buildings. Walk north, traversing a narrow path between the buildings, still
heading north. At the end of the path you'll see a narrow opening to your right
that allows you to reach the tower. Go inside and it will appear on the list of
Warp locations as "Tower", which is useful if you want to restore health before
proceeding. By this point I'd reached level 23 and gained the Stealth Unit
which allows you to cut down the encounter rate on the world map for a short

By the way, if you come here before defeating Akudan at the Messe the bosses
won't appear and you'll just encounter the Tank Robots.

Walk a few steps inside the tower to be greeted by Batraider, who challenges
you to reach the top of the tower. Consider it done! All random encounters are
with Tank Robots and they are not quite as easy as the Tank Robots at the town.
It will use a special attack: BOOM! Tank Fire, that hurts for around 70 points
of LE, but it shouldn't give you any trouble. Before going further make sure
you have a Unique Jet item in your inventory, as well as a couple of Energy
Balls. You'll need these in the boss battle.

Open the treasure chest at the left of this floor to acquire the [LASER ARROW]
battle item. Climb the stairs to the next floor and fight a visible Death
Commander to reach the next set of stairs. This enemy is not to be trifled


The Commander's "Take my Laser" special attack can cause damage of over 70 LE,
and he will do this turn after turn, so keep health high! Start with Slow as
usual, and that allows you to heal quickly if needed. Once defeated this enemy
is gone for good. You get 85 experience and 100 Yen.


There's nothing special on the next floor (3), except for more Tank Robots to
kill, but another forced battle awaits on Floor 4.


This time it's a Killing Machine and, although it doesn't seem to use a special
attack, all its attacks are powerful, inflicting around 50-60 damage on each
turn. Slow is helpful to ensure you go first so you can heal up easily. Other
than that, keep plugging away. The Javelin seems to be the best weapon against
this well-defended enemy. You get 100 experience and 180 Yen.


Floor 5 has a treasure chest with an [ENERGY BALL], at the upper left corner.
On the next floor you'll find another guard, with a more fearsome name and


This fierce looking blue tank has a special attack called Balkan Gun which
hurts for over 80 damage. It can do this turn after turn, so once again, Slow
will help to make sure you always get the first turn for healing and you might
dodge an attack or two. Use a Homing Bomb to remove 37 LE from it and otherwise
just keep hitting it with the Hand Vulcan in between healing up. Its ordinary
attack isn't that damaging, managing around 20 points of damage. You get 121
experience and 250 Yen.


That's the warm-up for the real thing and when you climb up to Floor 7 you'll
see the boss waiting for you. Heal up (use an Energy Ball to replenish UE) and
get ready to roll. Recommended level: 23.

| BOSS | BATRAIDER       | 230 LE

Oddly this boss has incredibly low health. I suppose that's to compensate for
the effort of fighting his soldiers on the way up the Tower. That Laser Arrow
you found will remove nearly half his LE with just one shot if you want to get
this over quickly, but don't be fooled as this is just his weak form and it's
best to hold onto that item for the final form. You might be able to manage
this battle without healing at all.


Disappointingly low health again if you were hoping for an exciting life or
death struggle, but at least his attacks are more damaging. His special Blaster
Gun attack does around 70- 100 damage and will break your Tector. Repair it
immediately and heal up on the next turn, but if you're badly damaged with a
broken Tector use the heal option first and then repair.

Your allies might be pretty active in this battle and you could win without
making any attack at all, just soaking up the damage as they keep hitting him.
His ordinary attacks do around 50 damage so this is really a fight where
defensive measures rule. Before he's dead, use an Energy Ball to restore your
UE if its getting low.


Battle Gun is the special attack this time, causing around 80-100 damage.
You'll need a lot of healing action to keep alive so don't waste energy. Use
Life Up instead of LifeMAX as often as possible until you really need to use
LifeMAX. Fortunately he's quite slow and at level 23 you should be getting the
first turn on each round. Use the Laser Arrow on him to give you a fighting
chance and this will attack for around 80-90 damage. The currently available
weapons won't hurt him by much: around 30 points of damage if you're lucky from
the Javelin or Hand Vulcan, but at least your allies will join in.

You'll get 680 Yen and 320 experience for all three battles.


After the battle dear old Buster messes with Batraider's head and you lose him,
sadly. The Galaxy calls you back and you get information from Miley about Dr.
Jordan in Makuhari. You'll be sent there without a chance to heal or shop, so
return to the Galaxy again and you'll discover that a new shopping option is

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| EM-Whip          |  3600  |  +21 Up |
| Triple Gun       |  5000  |  +31    |
| Power Tector     |  6800  |   30 Up |

I'd recommend buying the whip as the first priority and hold onto as much cash
as possible. Don't buy the Power Tector unless you have plenty of Yen to spare
because you'll find a good Tector in the next location, and it's free, although
it's not as strong as the Power Tector. The Triple Gun only has one more point
of power than the Hand Vulcan, although it strikes three times, but it's also
found inside a later dungeon as well as being dropped from the Muteroid enemy,
so if you're planning to obtain every possible weapon, there are cheaper

Warp back to Makuhari and the first girl you meet on entering the town informs
you that Miley has gone to Shinagawa, but no-one tells you where that is. Since
the Factory is the only place that wouldn't let us pass before this, that seems
to be a good place to check out. Warp to Ginza, the nearest town, where the
girl outside the restaurant building tells you that there's a road from the
factory through to Shinagawa.

THE FACTORY ............................................................. *W027
Energy Ball, Laser Arrow, Gold Bar, Power Drink, Psycho Tector

Man-Eater, Sucking Machine



Starting out from Ginza, follow the road north until it turns east, and then
walk west towards a thick belt of trees. You'll find the Factory building in
the narrow part of the woods. Sadly, it's not on the warp list and you won't be
allowed beyond the entrance as it's too dangerous. Once events in the Command
Tower have been completed the two guards will leave, allowing you access
inside. The enemies don't change and this is quite a boring walk through
various warp arrows.

Walk up the passage and turn left. You'll find someone waiting for you at the
first arrow warp. This is the Wanderer and he warns you about General Biogene,
the boss of this place. Accept his offer of help and he'll join the team. But
Dekayama will leave to go to Jado Town. (You don't really have a choice as
Wanderer will block the warp until you agree.)  Wanderer joins in some battles
with his Black attack that will do around 30-35 damage to the enemies in here.

Enter the warp to reach the next floor and walk right, and down to reach two
treasure chests. The first one contains an [ENERGY BALL] and the second one has
a [LASER ARROW]. Return to the entrance arrow and don't bother going left as
there's nothing to find down the left side of the room. Walk down to the
central section where there are two arrow warps. Ignore the left one as this
just takes you to a tiny platform in the middle of another floor, with no way

Take the right one to end up inside a small room with another warp. This warp
takes you to the second floor again, but at the lower platform. Walk left and
enter the next warp arrow. You end up inside a large room with what looks like
lots humanoid robots lined up.

Walk left to open a treasure chest in the middle of the first two rows of
robots. This contains a [GOLD BAR] which can be sold for 2000 Yen. The chest in
the lower left corner of the room has a [POWER DRINK]. Walk up the left wall
and there's a third chest in the upper left corner. This has a far more
valuable treasure: a [PSYCHO TECTOR] suit of armour! Equip it immediately as it
will increase your defence by 3 points over the Battle Tector.

Step into the arrow warp at the upper side of this room and you'll be inside a
green floored computer room. Check one of the two machines to get a message
about how much Biogene needs Dr. Jordan. That's just for information and
there's nothing to do in this room, so take the left arrow warp. You're now in
a narrow corridor with a second arrow warp to the right. This one takes you
back to the second floor again, but you're now on that small platform with two
arrows, at the lower edge of the room. Step into the second arrow warp.

This transports you to the far left of the first floor. Walk up towards the
black exit and you'll be on the world map, but at the western side of the

There's still a fair way to go to reach the town, and you might need to use an
Energy Ball to heal up Unit Energy. Or just use the Stealth Unit to avoid too
many encounters on the way. Do NOT warp back to the Galaxy as you'll have to go
through the Factory again...

SHINAGAWA ............................................................... *W028
HOTEL (100 Yen)


Hammerman, Helibot



From the west side of Factory there's no visible road at all, so walk west
through some sparse trees until you reach a wide gap with trees and building to
the north and buildings to the south. Head north a little, skirting the
southern buildings, and go west again and you'll see some roads surrounding
blue buildings. Enter Shinagawa and you're free to warp here now and thus, it's
safe to go back to the Galaxy to heal up.

As usual, talk to the citizens and you'll learn about a Brain Centre to the
east (across the southern river and then east) and that the town has a
hospital. Brain centre sounds suspicious: there isn't a quick fix to stupidity.
Anyway, enter the unmarked hospital building that's directly ahead of the
entrance and you'll find Miley, and Dr. Jordan, who's lost something precious!

The person near the manhole will give directions to Yokohama: follow the
highway south, and then head west. Go down the manhole ladder to find a girl
called Linlin. She wants a demonstration of your strength and in return she'll
sell you something good. This also sounds suspicious...but there's nothing you
can do about her right now, and don't bother testing out weapons or equipment
to try and get her to open her shop. All will become clear a bit later on.

There are no shops in Shinagawa, but you can still buy things from the Galaxy.
However, I found that the EM-Whip was good enough for all battles and I'd
recommend saving your Yen because you will be forced to spend 8000 Yen on a
Tector after reaching Yokohama and the Port, and there are some much better,
although much more expensive weapons for sale in that location.

BRAIN CENTER ............................................................ *W029
Laser Arrow, Power Drink, Power Energy

Gasoslinger, Great Tank Robot.

Bio-Soldier, Paralyzeman

ID Card



From Shinagawa, follow the road to the south and keep on this road as it turns
west, then south, and east for quite a distance. Eventually it turns south
again, crossing over the river. Carry on following the road south and after
passing through double lines of trees it will turn to the east. Stick to the
road as it twists and turns, still heading east. You'll reach a T junction with
a turning to the south. Carry on, ignoring this road unless you wish to take
the optional detour. Eventually you'll cross the water to an island where the
road stops at the Brain Center.

At first the enemies will be the same Hammerman and Helibot you encountered
around Shinagawa, but once you approach the Brain Centre island these change to
the Gasoslinger and Great Tank Robot.

It's a good idea to take this detour because you'll find a town where you can
warp to and from, and returning to the junction to reach the Brain Center is a
much shorter distance. Also it saves a second walk from Shinagawa after
finishing events at the Brain Center and you can recruit a second party member.

On the way, you'll come to a T junction and can see a freeway road at the left.
If you follow the road to the south you'll come to the end of that high speed
road and can ride the motorbike all the way west to the end. Walk down a short
distance to reach Yokohama. See the next section for more details about this

Sadly, the Brain Center is yet another location that does not have a direct
warp link. One suggestion is to return to the Galaxy once you have found the
place and buy better equipment with the money you made on the trip. Don't
forget to sell the Gold Bar and any spare weapons and Tectors and you should be
able to afford both the new Tector and the EM Whip. I'd forget about the other
weapon as there's an even better one for sale at Yokohama. Then, use the
Stealth skill to walk quickly to the Brain Center from Shinagawa.

By the time you enter the building your level should be at least 24. There are
two enemies in here and the encounter rate is pretty high. The Bio-Soldier is
nothing to worry about but the Paralyzeman does what his name suggests and will
cause Shock. Keep health high! Walk around the computers in the first room and
go right to find some stairs up to the next floor. Walk right to find a
treasure chest with a [LASER ARROW] attack item. Then, go up and left to reach
the middle of this room, where you'll find two treasure chests. The left one
contains a [POWER DRINK] and the right one has a [POWER ENERGY] item.

Climb the stairs to the third floor where there are no enemies. It's surprising
how disturbing a few pixels can be in the right setting... Talk to the man on
the bed at the right and he tells you that there's a hidden passage in the
right wall of the computer room. The man by the computer is Jordan... who has
enough brain power to tell you that there's a computer with the mind control
switch somewhere, and this will rectify his current dilemma. (This reminded me
Metal Max's Dr. Mince with his pet brain.)

Walk back down the stairs and through the room with the pink jars to get back
to the first floor. This time go left, and down some stairs in the bottom left
corner to reach the computer room with the secret passage. It's situated at the
top right edge of the room, just below the upper row of computers. Walk right,
through the blackness, to another computer room.

Before using the switch heal up fully because as you might guess, your action
triggers the appearance of the boss. Recommended level: 25.

| BOSS | BRAINMAN        | 588 LE

As you'd expect, this boss has a special attack called Braaaains! and that does
around 70-90 points of damage (with the best Tector equipped). He will often
use this attack twice in a row so your main task to maintain good health at all
times. His other attack will hurt for about 35-40 points. I used the Laser
Arrow on him for around 80 points and the EM Whip will do around 45 damage to
him. Use Slow as usual to make sure you have the first turn and it has a chance
of making some of his attacks miss. You'll gain 450 Yen and 250 experience.


Warp out after the battle and return to Shinagawa and the hospital to meet Dr
Jordan again. He'll tell you to go to Yokohama to find something he left inside
the port many years ago. He gives you an [ID CARD].

At level 25 you get the Smoke Unit that allows you to escape from most battles.

YOKOHAMA ................................................................ *W030
HOTEL (100 Yen)


Killer Cook, Snakegirl, Great Tank Robot, Gasoslinger

Aqua Tector



Set out from Shinagawa again and follow the route as if you were going to the
Brain Center again. Follow the road to the south and keep on this road as it
turns west, then south, and east for quite a distance. Eventually it turns
south again, crossing over the river. Carry on following the road south and
after passing through double lines of trees it will turn to the east. Stick to
the road as it twists and turns, still heading east, and go south at the T
junction. Walk south and turn to the west where you'll see the start of the
Highway. Ride the single section of road to the end, and walk a short distance
south to find Yokohama.

Kill a few Great Tank Robot ann Gaslinger enemies to get some handy weapon
drops (Hand Vulcan and Napalm Launcher) which you can sell to help raise more

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Beam Cannon      |  8000  | +47 ATK |

There's a fortune teller here, who won't tell you much that's new. Enter the
Shop building to the right of the Hotel and this is a cafe with a "hot" girl
serving called Lanlan. Agree to try the special menu that costs a mere 100
Yen... only it doesn't  Beat up Lanlan!

| BATTLE | LANLAN        | 280 LE

She doesn't have much LE and even her special attack (Just Watch Me! ) won't do
more than around 50-70 damage, although she might use this attack three times
in a row, and she does seem to be able to cause more damage with subsequent
attacks. Her normal attacks do around 20-25 damage and she's quite fast and
might evade one or two of your attacks. Use Slow to counter that. After the
battle you won't get any rewards at all, except that she joins the party!


Lanlan is a handy ally and she will attack enemies in battle with her ATATATA!

Talk to the rest of the folk in town to learn a little more about Jado Town and
Ghost Town where criminals hang out. Find the girl close to the building at the
upper right of the town and she'll tell you that Linlin in Shinagawa sells
tools that let you dive underwater.

Warp here and find the girl inside the sewer, down the manhole at the upper
side of the area. She wanted you to demonstrate your strength and that involved
defeating Lanlan! She will sell you the AQUA TECTOR for 8000 Yen. (If you don't
have enough Yen for this, then go to the Port where you'll find a Gold Bar that
can be sold for 2000 Yen.)

YOKOHAMA PORT ........................................................... *W031
Gold Bar, Power Energy

Jado's Lamia, Torpedoman  (underwater)

Wanderer, Lanlan


This is located due south from Yokohama, on the coast. You require both the ID
card received from Dr. Jordan in Shinagawa Hospital and a pretty girl (Lanlan)
to be allowed access.

Walk down to the open No.1 building and go inside. There's a treasure chest
with a generous [GOLD BAR] inside! Go back up, and left from the entrance, and
enter the third building to find a treasure chest with a [POWER ENERGY] item.
There's a third open building further to the left and this contains Roy and
Johnnie, those two gangsters that were fighting each other in Nihonbashi.
Al Capone is nowhere to be found and seems to disappear completely from the

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Unique Jet       |   900  | Healing |
| Jet Chainsaw     |  7000  | +35 Up  |
| Buster Cannon    | 36750  | +80 ATK |

There's a shopkeeper too, and he's selling an extremely powerful, but
crushingly expensive weapon. Maybe buy the Jet Chainsaw hand to hand combat
weapon, although if you can manage with just the EM-Whip this will make things
much easier in the long run, cash-wise, and there is a free Chainsaw found in a
later dungeon. You should start saving up for the Buster Cannon because it's
the best weapon you can buy and you'll get a lot of use out of it.

Go down to where you see a ladder into the water and ... carry on! Without a
wetsuit or a submarine you can walk around underwater. How cool is that! But
there's a catch, you'll lose LE at a spectacular rate of knots. Take a couple
of steps and you won't have much left. You can fight some enemies and heal up
on your first turn and you won't lose LE when fighting and you won't lose
health by standing still. You cannot walk over the green plants, but you can
walk over the smaller stones. Anyway, with the Aqua Tector equipped the fact
you're underwater won't make any difference. You must use the "change" command
to ensure that this tector is visible.

Make your way down the seabed until you see a pink shell like thing moving
around. If you stop at this creature you'll just get a message to say it's an
octopus. Head right, and walk all the way up the right side of the seabed to
reach an opening in the wall. Go through and you're on dry land inside a room
with four sets of stairs leading down.

UNDERWATER CAVERN ....................................................... *W032
Triple Gun, Repair Parts, Laser Arrow, Power Energy, Energy Ball

Hydrad, Baby Groater, Groater

Jado Card

Wanderer, Lanlan


Once inside the main building you'll encounter the Baby Groater that is easy
enough to kill, but it then transforms into the Groater enemy that has a
special attack causing Shock. Use the Slow Unit when fighting the Hydrad to
give you the advantage because it can do a powerful attack that causes around
80 damage and breaks your Tector.

In the first room with four sets of stairs, go down the lower left stairs into
a small room where you'll find the [TRIPLE GUN]. Return to the main room and
take the stairs to the right. In this room you'll find a chest with a [REPAIR
PARTS]. Next, go down the upper right stairs to open a chest that contains a

Finally, head down the upper left stairs into a larger room. Walk right and
take the stairs down to a small room with a single treasure chest. This
contains a [POWER ENERGY] item. Return to the previous floor and walk down the
middle of the room to find another set of stairs to the right. This also goes
down to a small room with one chest containing an [ENERGY BALL]. Return to the
main floor and go left and down, and left and up to reach the stairs at the
left side of the floor. This takes you into a room with computers and something
else waiting for you... Recommended level: 26.

| BOSS | YAMATOMAN       | 480 LE

Although health doesn't appear to be too high this weird watery machine has a
nasty surprise. Its special attack is called Surge Gun and it will do around
100 points of damage. Use Slow to guarantee the first turn on each round.
Burster might help to cut down the frequency of his special attacks but I
didn't notice any difference. You just need plenty of energy to keep health
high: at least 250. Lanlan did herself proud in this fight, attacking on nearly
every other turn. Go Girl! You get 220 experience and 540 Yen for this battle.


Go down the stairs that Yamatoman was blocking and talk to one of the men here.
He will give you the [JADO CARD] that allows you access to Ghost Town. The
other one tells you that Dekayama escaped from this place with the Barrier
Card, but he doesn't tell you where your old ally went. Beware because there
are still enemies down here. Warp out or just return to the Galaxy to heal up
for free. Next stop: Ghost Town.

GHOST TOWN .............................................................. *W033

Great Tank Robot, Snakegirl, Fragmentman, Muteroid

Wanderer, Lanlan


To reach this invisible town, follow the road heading west from Yokohama, and
then north. You'll pass by to the west of the raised area that you cannot
reach, and go through some blackened and ruined buildings. Keep going north,
and then west, following the road across the river. (Use Stealth if you get fed
up with fighting endless Killer Cooks!) Enemies change at the river and you'll
encounter the new Muteroid and Fragmentman enemies. The latter has a special
attack that can break your Tector and the Muteroid drops the Triple Gun.

Eventually you'll reach a area marked by an encircling square of road with two
orderly lines of trees in the middle. Walk up through the trees and you'll
arrive at Ghost Town.

There are no shops and you cannot warp here. Talk to the blue monster and he'll
ask for a Jado Card. If you don't have one you're told to get lost, although
you can enter the square and talk to the three gangsters there: Red Flash,
Blast Kid and Wicked Brother. When you do have the Jado Card he'll tell you to
defeat the three gangsters and earn your right to go to Jado Town. Talk to them
one at a time and defeat them all. You can leave the town and save your game in
between each battle if you wish. At Level 26 these battles are pretty


The brothers have a Brother special attack that hurts for around 80-100 points,
and their normal attack does around 35-40. Use Slow and Turbo to boost your
attack. Wallop them with your Chainsaw that will cause around 75 damage on each
turn. You get 160 experience and 500 Yen.

| BATTLE | BLAST KID       | 350 LE

This enemy has a Blaster attack that does around 80-90 damage and breaks the
Tector. Repair that immediately, and don't let health get too low. You get 100
experience and 390 Yen.

| BATTLE | RED FLASH      | 300 LE

Red Flash is fast and gets the first strike, and she might do her special
Machinegun attack that damages you for around 100 points, and she could do this
attack twice in a row. Slow her down and again, keep your health high enough to
survive two of these attacks. Her normal attack is weak causing around 25-30
damage. You get 120 experience and 380 Yen.


After defeating them all, the area is empty. Talk to the guard again and he
instructs you to board the Dokuronga, which will take you to Jado Town. This
occurs automatically and the spaceship takes the long way round to reach the
Town, giving you a nice view from the air.

JADO TOWN ............................................................... *W034
HOTEL (100 Yen)


Snakegirl, Killer Cook

Barrier Card

Wanderer, Lanlan


If you want to save your game, simply leave the town and you'll be on the wide
plateau with no way off! However, Jado Town is now on your warp list so you can
go anywhere you like and simply warp back here. You will probably have reached
level 27 by now, or be close to it and you'll receive the final Unit: Barrier,
that allows you to boost defence during a battle.

Walk into the town which is disappointingly exactly the same design as all the
rest. The shop sells some excellent weapons but you probably won't have enough
cash to buy any of them. Note that the Full Weapon hits three times so it's
almost as good as the Buster Cannon despite the lower attack power. If you're
going to buy anything, go for the Ray Blade as it's a huge increase in power
from the Chainsaw. This is the last shop in the game so you know exactly what's
available now.

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
| Unique Jet       |   900  | Healing |
| Full Weapon      | 20000  | +52 ATK |
| Hyper Tector     | 16000  | +39 DEF |
| Ray Blade        | 12000  | +60 Up  |

Walk around to the left and chat to a couple of local hoodlums if you like but
eventually you'll have to approach the two people outside the south entrance of
the central building. This prompts a battle.

| BATTLE | ARNOLD        | 320 LE

This is very easy as Arnold doesn't have anything special and you'll soon
defeat him, especially if you boost attack or defence. You get 130 experience
and 332 Yen.


Talk to the man in the door and this is Dekayama, your old buddy. He tells you
that Biogene wears a special Psycho Shield and that you need the Barrier Card
to destroy that shield. He will give you the [BARRIER CARD] and then he

JADO TOWN HQ ............................................................ *W035
Chainsaw, Unique Jet, Laser Arrow, Gold Bar

Evil Eye, Akudan's Clone, Muteroid, Missileman, Fragmentman

Wanderer, Lanlan


This place is tough, with a high rate of encounters and dangerous enemies.
However they drop some good stuff: Triple Guns and Javelins, and it's a good
place to make money if you leave and sell these off. I kept doing that until I
had enough Yen to buy the Buster Cannon.

Enter the building and walk up the left wall to find a treasure chest in the
upper corner. This contains a [CHAINSAW] weapon. Walk right and climb the
stairs to the second floor. Go left to find the stairs up to the third floor
where there are two treasure chests at the right side of the small building in
the middle of the floor. The upper one contains a [UNIQUE JET] and the lower
one has a [LASER ARROW].

Enter the door in that central building and this takes you down some stairs to
a small room with another set of stairs leading down. Take these down to the
inner section of the first floor where there's another set of stairs that take
you down to the basement. Walk all the way to the right, to the end of the
passage and you'll find stairs that take you up to another blue walled area.
The music changes here indicating that you're getting to the important part!

Walk straight down this room to the lower wall, and turn to your right to open
a treasure chest that contains a [GOLD BAR]. The stairs to the next floor are
at the left. You'll also find a new enemy on this floor called Missileman that
has the kind of special attack you'd expect: a Missile strike that does around
100 damage. If you don't have the upgraded Tector it's a good idea to use the
Barrier Unit which cuts the damage down by a third. It might hit you with this
powerful attack turn after turn so you'll need to use LifeMAX, and Slow is also
a good skill to use as quickly as possible. Stay healed up while walking around
as the encounter rate is high.

If your Unit Energy is low then, use a healing item or leave the building to
heal up, because a boss fight surprises you when you move away from the stairs
on the next floor. This is a bodyguard of Biogene and he's the toughest boss
yet. Recommended level: 27.

| BOSS | HEAVY KONG      | 630 LE

This heavy duty boss hits for around 70 points of damage, just with his normal
attack. His Heavy Punch special will break your Tector AND do around 130
damage. This makes the fight nearly impossible unless you have full Unit
Energy, as you'll have to use Barrier as well as LifeMAX and Repair, time after
time! Start with Slow to give you some advantage, and the chance to heal before
being attacked at the start of a round. Then, use Barrier. After that, you'll
probably have to Repair your Tector and heal. If health is low, heal with
LifeMAX first, and then Repair the broken Tector.

At level 27 the Ray Blade should do around 100 points of damage to Kong. Just
keep healing with LifeMAX and striking when you are in good health. You'll get
350 experience and 680 Yen after this battle.


This is a good point to leave the building, stock up on Unique Jet items and
buy the most powerful weapons you can afford, selling off any weaker ones. I'd
recommend buying the Buster Cannon and that will make things a little easier.
If you have enough unit energy and healing items left, then carry on.

Walk across the narrow bridge and through the door. The bridge and the room
where you fought Heavy Kong have no enemies, but as soon as you enter the next
room battles will start up again. You're inside a small room with a warp arrow,
and you'll find a series of warp arrows in four consecutive small rooms.
There's only one choice to make each time and at the end you will be inside a
larger room. Walk up and into the dark exit and you're inside the JadoRobot.

JADOROBOT  .............................................................. *W036
Mirror Tector, Power Energy, Power Drink, Unique Jet

Akudan's Clone, Missileman, Fragmentman, Gasman, Assassinman, Murdroid, Skull


Wanderer, Lanlan


At first the enemies are the same as the ones in the HQ building. From the
entrance, go left, to the end of the green floor and then, up a short
way to reach a treasure chest at the end of the path. This contains the
essential [MIRROR TECTOR]: better than any money can buy! Equip it to raise
overall defence by another 5 points from the Hyper Tector.

Walk back to the entrance and go right, and keep going to the end of the green
floor and then, up to find another chest at the end of the path. This one
contains a welcome [POWER ENERGY] item to heal Unit Energy.

Go back down, left, and up, to enter the dark opening. At this point the
enemies change. You'll probably meet the Assassinman in here, who attacks with
a secret thrust that causes around 80-100 damage but luckily does not cause any
status effect. And you'll encounter the horrid Murdroid with his hard-hitting
Balkan blow. He has a nasty trick up his muscled arms as he transforms into the
Skull Murdroid when defeated. Also, don't try to use Smoke on this enemy
because it doesn't work.

The Gasman is yet another challenging enemy who uses poisonous gas, putting you
into Shock. Yep, the enemies have high LE - around 400 for all, and are fierce
opponents. Without items to replenish Unit Energy, staying at full health is
very difficult, even with the Mirror Tector equipped.

Talk to odd looking creature walking around inside the room, and he'll say that
this is the left leg of the Jadorobot. Walk into the warp arrow in the upper
right corner of this room and that takes you to a small room with a second warp
arrow. Take this UP arrow warp to end inside a larger room with three warp

You can ignore the left DOWN arrow warp as this just takes you into the
corresponding room in the right leg of the robot where there's nothing to find,
although the green creature in here tells you that Biogene is found inside the
right hand of the robot. (In other words, at the left side given that we're
exploring it from the front, I guess.)

Enter the middle UP arrow warp to a much larger floor. Walk left and down to
open a treasure chest at the lower left corner that contains a [POWER DRINK].
There's another chest down at the lower right corner which reveals a more
useful [UNIQUE JET]. If you take the other arrow warp at the upper section of
the room and you'll be inside a room with banks of computers and four pink
jars. It's a dead end but there are no enemies so you can take a quick nap: if
ONLY! This is the "head" room, where you'll find the boss, after more
backtracking between the right and left hands of the robot.

Go right and you'll pass through the blackness into another room with a DOWN
arrow warp. Go down a floor and you'll just find another green creature
telling you that Biogene is in the other castle... I mean hand!

Go left and the creature says he's inside the left hand. Go right again and the
green creature says he'll be inside the head now! Whew. At this point I had
no UE left and decided to call it a day. Luckily, the boss will stay in
position while you leave and return directly here!

Back at this area, enter the middle arrow warp to reach the "head" room. You
must be equipped with the Mirror Tector and ideally the Buster Cannon and
Ray Blade. The Barrier Card will be in your inventory of course, but you also
need a spare Unique Jet and Power Energy.

As soon as you move away from the entrance Wanderer will take action and use
the Barrier. Walk forwards to engage the boss!

| BOSS | BIOGENES        | 900 LE

Biogenes ordinary attack causes around 100 points of damage at level 29 and
with the Mirror Tector. Use Slow on the first turn and then, Barrier to give
yourself the initiative and more protection. His special attack is called: Germ
attack and this causes around 100 damage as well. I must admit that Barrier
didn't seem to do much, but maybe it does.

The Buster cannon is really the best weapon for this fight since it hits twice
for a total of around 180 points of damage. If you've taken the time to use
some Units you'll have enough energy to use this weapon twice or three times in
a row. Your allies will attempt to attack him as well, but neither of them will
be able to more than around 10 points damage. Keep healthy as usual and whack
away until he's dead.

You won't be shown the battle results but you get 440 Yen and 850 experience.


After the battle Lanlan departs leaving you with an invitation to visit her
anytime at her cafe. There's a scene at Jado's fortress revealing that an
ambush is going to be arranged at the Jado Base.

You'll be warped out to the hospital where Miley tells you to visit Dr. Hubota
who has a present for you and she rejoins the party. Talk to Jordan and he says
that the last master key has been stolen by Jado.

Once you're back in control of events warp to Yokohama and visit Lanlan in her
shop/restaurant. She will give you the unique and highly valuable item called
[CHUKAMAN]. This can be sold for a whopping 31500 Yen, but it's real value lies
in the fact that it fully heals both Life Energy and Unit Energy. However, it
can only be in the field and not during a battle. I'd keep it safe!

By the way, you can return to the Jadorobot if you wish and everything is
exactly as you left it.

JADO'S BASE ............................................................. *W037
Hyper Bomb, Power Drink, Power Energy, God Bazooka, God Blade, God Tector.

Yamatoman-2, Jado's Beret, Killer Doll, Jado's Gang, Centaur

Master Key 3

Wanderer, Miley


Warp to the Institute to speak to Dr. Hubota there and you've given the
SKY GEAR! You can't get any more information out of him as he decides to take a
nap. Leave the Institute and walk a few steps north to the landing rectangle
where you'll find a cute pink plane! Press A to fly it and A again to land. The
B button allows you to go faster and of course, there are no enemies to fight.
You can land anywhere that's flat and not water or trees. You'll also find that
the map has borders beyond which you cannot go. Warp to any location and the
plane will land up at the same place.

To find the next location, warp to Ginza and enter the plane. Fly south and
you'll hit the road that leads to the Brain Center island. Turn to the east and
fly straight to reach another island with trees in the middle, but nothing
else. Land here if you want to tackle the Yamatoman-2 and Bloody Mary enemies.
Fly north to the next island where you'll find another island with a town in
the middle.

Land next to the town and enter it, except that it's not a town, and you'll
have battles to fight, even in the courtyard outside the main building. Be
careful when you encounter Jado's Gang as they use a very powerful skill
causing around 150 damage. Miley will heal you so that helps a little.

Go inside, turn left and climb up the first set of stairs. You'll be greeted by
two guards after your blood!


This pair has a special attack called DESTROOOOY that breaks your Tector. Their
normal attack does around 40-60 damage. Start the battle with Slow so you
always get the first turn on each round and other than the annoyance of
repairing the broken Tector this isn't a difficult fight to win. You get 630
experience and 440 Yen.


I'd recommend leaving the Base to heal up after this battle or take some time
to fight the Jado's Gang enemy until you have acquired a couple of Hyper Bombs
that they drop. You can find another one down the left stairs. These bombs
damage a boss for around 330 points and that's more that any weapon can manage.

Continue going right to find the stairs down, and this takes you back to the
right side of the first floor. Go left and down the stairs. You end up at the
bottom of a long corridor. There are still enemies to fight, and you'll find
both Jado's Gang and the Centaur. Keep healthy and you might get a couple of
Unique Jet drops from the Centaur as well as Hyper Bombs from Jado's Gang.

This seems like an endless corridor as it goes on for so long, but at least you
CAN use the Smoke option to escape battles, or just run away, which might work.
It's pretty tough going having to fight these powerful enemies time after time,
whilst trying to preserve as much Unit Energy as possible. If you need an extra
Power Energy item you can find one down the left stairs from the first floor.

Eventually you'll reach the far end of the corridor where some stairs lead to a
small room with a white haired man inside. Talk to him to prompt a major boss
battle. Rather neat too, the way all the previous bosses: Tekkender, Hermes,
Batraider and Biogene combine together in a Jado Cross. Recommended level: 30


Although some of the attacks sound impressive: Hyah! Fist Attack! for example,
they are not, and simply represent the individual attacks of the previous
bosses. That fist attack will only hurt you for around 20 damage. EM Whip will
cause shock again, Battle gun hurts for around 70-75 damage and Germ attack
causes 90-100 damage.

Start with Slow, as usual. Luckily Miley should heal you a bit and you might
dodge some attacks with Slow in place. Keep attacking with the Buster Cannon
until the next round of attacks starts and you go into Shock again. Make sure
to heal up and don't rely on Miley. Once this enemy is defeated you're straight
into a second battle.

| BOSS | WEAPON          | 1400 LE

Heavy Cannon is a powerful special attack that hurts for around 140 loss of
life. Start with Slow again, and heal up quickly with LifeMAX to be on the safe
side. If you've still got a couple of Hyper Bombs use them now! One of them
will hurt this boss for around 310-340 damage. Slow is essential again, as
there's a chance you won't be able to heal fast enough, and Barrier will help
to cut down a little of the damage. Keep health at over 250 at all times.
You get 1760 Yen and 1800 experience from these battles.


After the battle you're told that the barrier to the Neo Dokuronga has been
removed so you can board it now, with the jet plane. (Yes, the plane has been

You'll also acquire the [MASTER KEY 3] and get a scene in Jado's Hall again.
You'll end up back inside the Sunshine-6 building. Talk to Asuka to confirm
that you have all the Master Keys and be tells you the location of the Capsule,
inside Jado's Base. Speak to Todoroki, his assistant, and he tells you that
Jado's ship has been spotted near Ueno.


Return to Jado's Base and go left and down the second set of stairs to reach a
large basement room with lots of pink robots lined up. Open the treasure chest
near the lower wall to find a [HYPER BOMB]. Walk up to the top of the room for
a second chest with a measly [POWER DRINK]. Go down between two rows of robots
to reach the third chest at the lower wall. This contains the item: [POWER
ENERGY]. Keep this safe and don't be tempted to use it because you'll need it
you meet the final boss. Walk back up and one step to the right to pass on the
right side of the robots to reach a warp arrow up to the next floor.

This is a room with no other exits except another warp arrow down. Take this
one and it leads to a long walkway leading right. A new enemy appears here: the
Centaur. This is almost like a boss and it has 680 Life Energy. Its special
attack is HOOOOWL and that breaks your Tector. Use Slow as the first action
to give you the advantage. At the far end of the long bridge you'll discover
the CAPSULE. However, you cannot do anything with it unless you've got the
third Master Key.

With all the keys the Capsule will activate and you're addressed by three
figures who say they are the "Super Weapon" developed by the four scientists.
You've acted honourably and they say "CHANGE": God Bazooka! God Blade! God
Tector! each one at a time, and these items will appear in your inventory. Yes,
you get three free awesome pieces of equipment, the [GOD BAZOOKA] a very
powerful gun, the [GOD BLADE] hand to hand combat weapon that strikes twice,
and the [GOD TECTOR] that increases defence from the Mirror Tector by a
whopping 16 points. Equip them all. By this point my level was 30.

NEO DOKURONGA  .......................................................... *W038
Unique Jet, Energy Ball, Unique Jet, Hyper Bomb, Power Energy, Jado's Sword

Giga Hunter, Chimera Commando, Dynaman, Gold Knight

Wanderer, Miley


You must have the God equipment, even if you don't equip it, or throw it away,
(why you'd do that I've no idea!). If you haven't found the God equipment then
Jado will tell you that you're a stupid fool, laugh at your idiocy and you
cannot fight him, prompting the bad end to the game.

Make sure you have the Love Charm in your possession (although if haven't
obtained it already, it's too late now), as well as the Chukaman obtained from
Lanlan. DO NOT USE the Chukaman until it's absolutely necessary, but it cannot
be used during a battle so that restricts its helpfulness. Fill your inventory
with Unique Jet items and sell off everything you don't need

To find the spaceship, warp to Ueno and pick up the Jet plane. Fly over the
three lines of buildings to the south and head west. You'll see the ship
hovering over a landlocked lake that's completely encircled by an ordinary
road. Fly into the ship and you'll land inside.

Floor 1
Walk left and up to the upper left corner of the floor where you'll find a
treasure chest with a [UNIQUE JET]. There's really not much else you need,
though with these godly weapons and Tector although I would still recommend
starting every battle with Slow as enemies will use powerful special attacks
and you still don't have all that much Life Energy to play with. The Chimera
will cause Shock with its Heavy attack and then pummel you with repeated
Scissor attacks and is the most dangerous of the enemies.

From that chest, walk right to reach a chest in the far corner. This one
contains an [ENERGY BALL]. Go up the middle of the room into the blackness to
exit into a new area.

Floor 2
The Dynaman enemy turns up in here and it seems to use a special attack on
every round. (It nearly killed me, as I wasn't fast enough to heal.)  The
encounter rate is very high, unsurprisingly. Walk up the right side of this
floor, past three walls, and you'll spot a treasure chest at the upper right
corner. This contains another [UNIQUE JET]. Take the only set of stairs up to
the next floor.

Floor 3
From the arrow warp entrance walk right, and up, to find a treasure chest in
the upper corner of this section of floor. This one contains a [HYPER BOMB].
Walk back down the green floor, past the junction, to the bottom and you'll
find a chest in the lower left corner of this section. It contains a [POWER
ENERGY]. Hang onto this valuable item!

Return to the junction and go left, and down, into the lower left area to find
a single treasure chest. This contains a unique attack item called [JADO'S
SWORD]. From here, walk up to the top left corner of the floor and you'll find
an arrow warp. Take this to the next floor.

Floor 4
Walk right, along a wide corridor flanked with computers and you'll be greeted
by King Jado himself. (It seems the Wanderer is his son, the Black Prince, and
this is that ambush he had planned.) This prompts a battle with the son, and
there's completely different boss music. I'm sorry to say that you have no
option but to attack. Recommended Level: 32

| BOSS | BLACK PRINCE    | 4000 LE

Black attack does around 100-130 damage (if you're at level 32) but doesn't
cause any status effects so it's not a difficult fight despite his high Life
Energy. Keep healed (Miley will help out a bit) and use the God Bazooka as
often as you can for around 450 damage to him. Jado's sword will hurt him for
about 430 damage if you want to use that. You get 6800 experience and 1650 Yen.


After the battle poor Wanderer will be laid out on the floor. Talk to him to
learn of a hidden passage in his father's room beneath his portrait.

By this point I was out of nearly everything with only one spare Power Energy
and one Hyper Bomb left, so I left to buy more Unique Jets and heal up.
However, if you can manage it, keep going because you'll get a free heal before
you have to tackle Jado.

Carry on to the end of the room and climb the stairs into Jado's Room. Hmm,
sneaky Jado doesn't just have one portrait, but five of them! Also, enemies
abound in this corridor room and you'll encounter a new enemy called the Gold
Knight, that has 2000 LE but doesn't seem to have a special attack so it's not
hard to defeat. Walk all the way to the end of the room where you'll find some
stairs. Don't use them, but turn up and investigate that last portrait to find
a secret passage. You need to be directly under the head of Jado to enter the

If you climb the stairs into the next room it just has more portraits, and if
you go BACK down those stairs, you'll end up back in the room where you fought
the Black Prince.

Once inside the secret room you'll be assailed by more Gold Knights as well as
all the rest of the crew of enemies. Flee battles if you like and I found that
this worked about 1/3rd of the time. Make your way over the small bridges to
the far side of the room where you can climb some stairs that take you into a
purple floored room. *Sigh* Still more enemies to fight.

The room is divided by a central gap and you should follow the upper section to
the end where you'll find Reiko. At long last I discovered what the Love Charm
was for! With this item in your possession Blader will be fully healed by
Reiko. In fact, you can return to Reiko at any time and she'll heal you again.
This means that you have free reign to hang around here killing enemies and
raising levels for as long as you like. They drop some valuable items too, and
this can help in the battle with Jado.

Walk to the far end of the passage and go down the stairs into the final area.
Use Unit Energy freely on the way, and then fully heal with the Chukaman item
on entering Jado's Hall.

JADO'S HALL ............................................................. *W039
White Guitar




There are no enemies inside the hall and you're free to walk around and take it
all in. When you're ready, walk up to talk to Jado to trigger the final battle.
I had 5 Unique Jet items by this point, as well as one Power Energy. By the
way, don't try to leave the room as you'll be back at the portrait gallery
again. Recommended level: 35. (I beat the game at level 34, but that little
extra boost to stats will make the final battle slightly lees troublesome.)

| BOSS | KING JADO       | 7000 LE

Jado's first attack is likely to be his special: Dynamite Song that causes
Shock, but no direct damage. He'll then attack you with strikes that do around
100 damage while you stand there rooted to the spot. As soon as you get a
chance, after fully healing yourself, use Slow, and then Barrier. Despite Slow
he'll still get the first strike, and Barrier doesn't seem to be of much help
either, but taking these minor precautions does raise the energy of your God

Keep well healed (heal with LifeUP if you slip below 300 LE and LifeMAX if
health is around 250 or less) in case you're shocked again, and use Turbo to
boost attack as well. Really the God Bazooka is king for this battle, so using
units in between firing that weapon will help you to raise the energy to keep
firing that gun. But don't forget that the God's Blade will hit twice and do
substantial damage. If you need to check how much LE Jado has left then use
Scanner. DON'T use up all your Unit Energy and hopefully you have a spare Power
Energy item left, because you'll need it. You should manage this easily at
level 34 but it's just the taster: the main course is next.

| BOSS | DARK SUIT       | 11000 LE

The special attack of Chainsaw does well over 100 points of damage. His second
special attack is called Ride my Missile and causes around 120 damage.
(Reminding me of Dr. Strangelove's crazy bomb riding pilot.) As usual, use
Slow and Barrier in between healing and then, let rip with the God Bazooka.

Dark Suit is slower than King Jado and this means that you'll get the first
turn at least for using items and some healing, which makes healing up easier
to judge. I guess attacks take longer because he always seemed to get the first
strike when I hit him. If he's getting the first turn when you use an item or
heal, then it's time to use Slow again. Barrier will help, but be careful of
wasting too much UE on that. It's a delicate balance between leaving enough UE
to heal, and getting damaged less so you don't have to heal up as often.

A Hyper Bomb does around 300 damage to him at this level. You'll need to heal
using Unique Jet items as Unit Energy is likely to run out before you defeat
him if you use it too freely. Miley isn't that helpful with her healing. If
only she noticed when your health was really low. Try and preserve enough
energy to maintain health until the end: it's not easy, even with five Unique
Jets and a spare Power Energy. Check up on his health with Scanner if you're
getting worried, to see exactly how much further you have to go. That helps you
judge what to use and when. You don't get any experience or Yen after these


The ending is so cute: you can keep the Super weapons (I wasn't intending to
give them back to anyone anyway!) and you are given the [WHITE GUITAR]. After
saying farewell to everyone you'll be back on the spaceship, with the new title
of Space Commanding Officer and told to go back to Earth for a new mission. I
guess that was the sequel they planned!



                               T H E   E N D



                              VI.  L I S T S  ............................*LIST


01. Shops
02. Skills
03. Items
04. Equipment
05. Monster Guide
06. Allies

01. SHOPS ............................................................... *LT01

 SHINJUKU SHOP                           HUNITACHI SHOP
.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| Salve            |     4  | Healing | | Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  | | Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Laser Knife      |    20  |  +2 UP  | | Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Blaster Gun      |    65  | +12 ATK | | Grenade          |    85  | Throw   |
|__________________|________|_________| | Heat Blade       |   180  |  +5 Up  |

 SAITAMA SHOP                            GALAXY SHOP 1
.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| Salve            |     4  | Healing | | Spin Source      |   450  |  +7 UP  |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  | | Heavy Tector     |   620  | +13 DEF |
| Gatling Gun      |   350  | +16 ATK | | Rocket Launcher  |  1600  | +18 ATK |
| Metal Tector     |   300  | +10 DEF | |__________________|________|_________|
| Jado Clothes     |    50  | Special |

.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| Salve            |     4  | Healing | | Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  | | Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing | | Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Gatling Gun      |   350  | +16 DEF | | Heavy Bazooka    |  1000  | +26 ATK |
|__________________|________|_________| |__________________|________|_________|

 UENO SHOP                               GINZA SHOP
.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| Salve            |     4  | Healing | | Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  | | Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing | | Metal Fists      |  1200  | +10 UP  |
| Metal Fists      |  1200  | +10 UP  | | Napalm Launcher  |  2000  | +36 ATK |
| Mach Tector      |  1250  | +16 DEF | | Heat Tector      |  1650  | +20 DEF |
|__________________|________|_________| | Metal Blade      |  1800  | +14 UP  |

 NIHONBASHI SHOP                         MAKUHARI SHOP
.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| Salve            |     4  | Healing | | Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  | | Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Healing | | Javelin          |  2100  | +17 Up  |
| Unique Jet       |   900  | Healing | | Hand Vulcan      |  2500  | +30 ATK |
|__________________|________|_________| | Battle Tector    |  3000  | +23 DEF |

 GALAXY SHOP 2                           YOKOHAMA SHOP
.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| EM-Whip          |  3600  | +21 Up  | | Salve            |     4  | Healing |
| Triple Gun       |  5000  | +31     | | Repair Parts     |    12  | Repair  |
| Power Tector     |  6800  |  30 Up  | | Power Drink      |    20  | Healing |
|__________________|________|_________| | Beam Cannon      |  8000  | +47 ATK |

.------------------.--------.---------. .------------------.--------.---------.
| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | | NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  |
|------------------+--------+---------| |------------------+--------+---------|
| Unique Jet       |   900  | Healing | | Unique Jet       |   900  | Healing |
| Jet Chainsaw     |  7000  | +35 Up  | | Full Weapon      | 20000  | +52 ATK |
| Buster Cannon    | 36750  | +80 ATK | | Hyper Tector     | 16000  | +39 DEF |
|__________________|________|_________| | Ray Blade        | 12000  | +60 Up  |

02. SKILLS. ............................................................. *LT02

Skills are learned at specific levels and all command skills can be used
anywhere, even in dungeons, with the exception of the Stealth skill that only
works on the world map. Battle skills can only be used during a battle. There
are 12 skills in total and six of them are specifically for battles.

GALAXY (Level 1)
Cost   : 0 UE
Mode   : Command
Effect : Instantly warps Blader back to the Galaxy spaceship. This skill can be
         used anywhere and is perfect for those times when health and items
         have nearly run out inside a difficult dungeon. The only drawback
         with returning to the Galaxy is that you will end up back at the first
         town when returning to Earth. But that's not an issue when the Warp
         Unit is available too.

LIFE UP (Level 5)
Cost  : 3 UE
Mode  : Command and Battle
Effect: This unit restores some Life Energy. Its power is dependent on Blader's
        current level.

WARP (Level 8)
Cost   : 6 UE
Mode   : Command
Effect : Instantly travel to outside most towns and some buildings. This unit
         can also be used from inside any dungeon. Locations are added to the
         warp list as the game progresses. Enter the town or facility for the
         first time, to add it to the list.

Shinjuku       Nakano        Hunitachi
Saitama        Ochanomizu    Dome
Okachimachi    Ueno          Park
Ikebukuno      Institute     Ginza
Nihonbashi     Makuhari      Tower
Shinagawa      Yokohama      J-Town

SLOW (Level 10)
Cost   : 2 UE
Mode   : Battle
Effect : Decreases the enemy's speed ensuring that Blader gets the first turn.
         It also can make enemies miss their attacks. This skill makes the
         difference between winning and losing battles!

BURSTER (Level 12)
Cost   : 5 UE
Mode   : Battle
Effect : Decreases the attack power of enemies and might prevent them from
         using their special skills. Not terribly effective and it's quite
         expensive in Unit Energy.

REPAIR (Level 14)
Cost   : 4 UE
Mode   : Command and Battle
Effect : This instantly repairs a broken Tector. Handy for when an enemy breaks
         a Tector.

TURBO (Level 16)
Cost   : 7 UE
Mode   : Battle
Effect : This unit increases Blader's attack power. This is another expensive
         skill to use and only worth while in longer boss battles.

LIFEMAX  (Level 19)
Cost   : 10 UE
Mode   : Command and Battle
Effect : Restores ALL Life Energy. A life saver skill.

SCANNER (Level 21)
Cost   : 1 UE
Mode   : Battle
Effect : Use the Scanner to see the enemy's Life Energy. This can be used at
         the start of a battle or at any other time. Not needed unless you're
         writing a FAQ!

STEALTH (Level 23)
Cost   : 5 UE
Mode   : Command
Effect : Completely removes random encounters on the world map for a short
         time. (35 steps!) Very handy for getting from one place to another
         quickly, but the effect does NOT work inside dungeons.

SMOKE (Level 25)
Cost   : 15 UE
Mode   : Battle
Effect : Use this skill to guarantee running away from a battle. However, it
         does not work with those enemies that change form: the Baby Groater
         and the Skull Murdroid, and you cannot escape from bosses. Not
         something to use often, but it's handy if you are tired of fighting
         hordes of enemies and the flee option fails.

BARRIER (Level 27)
Cost   : 9 UE
Mode   : Battle
Effect : This skill increases Blader's defence during a battle. It's quite
         effective, cutting damage by about a third, and is especially useful
         in boss battles.

03. ITEMS ............................................................... *LT03

Most items and equipment can be sold for half the purchase price.

| NAME             | COST   | EFFECT            | SHOPS                       |
| Salve            |     4  | Heals 30 LE       | Most shops                  |
| Power Drink      |    20  | Heals 60 LE       | Most shops                  |
| Unique Jet       |   900  | Heals all LE      | Nihonbashi, Port and Jado T |
| Energy Ball      |   N/A  | Restores 25 UE    | None                        |
| Power Energy     |   N/A  | Restores 60 UE    | None                        |
| Chukaman *       |   N/A  | Restores all LE/UE| Gift from Lanlan (one)      |
| Repair Parts     |    12  | Repairs a broken  | Most shops                  |
|                  |        | Tector            |                             |

* Cannot be used during a battle. Sells for 31500 Yen!

| NAME             | COST   | EFFECT            | SHOPS                       |
| Hand Grenade     |   -    | Attack power:  27 | Same as Grenade             |
| Grenade          |   85   | Attack power:  27 | Hunitachi                   |
| Homing Bomb      |   N/A  | Attack power:  39 | None (Sell: 100)            |
| Laser Arrow      |   N/A  | Attack power:  61 | None (Sell: 75)             |
| Hyper Bomb       |   N/A  | Attack power: 190 | None (Sell: 64)             |
| Jado's Sword     |   N/A  | Attack power: 225 | None (Sell: 40)             |
|                  |        |                   | Find: Neo Dokuronga (one)   |
|                  |        |                   | Drop: Gold Knight (rare)    |

| NAME             | COST   | EFFECT            | LOCATION                    |
| Gold Bar         |  N/A   | Sell for 2000 Yen | The Factory, Port, Jado HQ  |
|                  |        |                   | Drop: Skull Murdroid        |

These items have a specific use during the game and most of them act to further
the progression of the story.

| NAME             | COST   | USE               | LOCATION                    |
| Animal Voice     |   -    | Talk to monkey    | Nakano                      |
| Jado Clothes     |   50   | Entrance to Dam   | Saitama shop                |
| Love Charm       |   -    | Reiko heal        | From Reiko-Shinjuku         |
| Strange Seed     |   -    | Hiroshi-Green Park| Elisa Academy               |
| Glamour Photo    |   -    | Ueno: Hanamori    | From Midorikawa-Green Park  |
| Freezing Gas     |   -    | Freezes Mandragora| Green Park                  |
| Meal Coupon      |   -    | Ikebukuo cafe     | From Hubota: Institute      |
| Ticket           |  500   | Entrance to Messe | Ginza: back of shop         |
| ID Card          |   -    | Entrance to Port  | From Dr. Jordan-Shinagawa   |
| Jado Card        |   -    | Ghost Town        | Underwater Cavern           |
| Barrier Card     |   -    | On Biogenes boss  | From Dekayama-Jado Town     |

04. EQUIPMENT ........................................................... *LT04

 COMBAT WEAONS: Unlimited use
| NAME             | YEN    | ATTACK  | EXTRA   | LOCATIONS                   |
| Laser Knife      |    20  |  +2 Up  | ....... | Shinjuku                    |
| Heat Blade       |   180  |  +5 Up  | ....... | Hunitachi                   |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Night Stalker         |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Mushanoid             |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Mecha Berserker       |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Curseman              |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Bushidoman            |
| Spin Source      |   450  |  +7 Up  | ....... | Galaxy shop 1               |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Pumpman               |
| Metal Fists      |  1200  | +10 Up  | ....... | Ueno                        |
| Metal Blade      |  1800  | +14 Up  | ....... | Ginza                       |
| Javelin          |  2100  | +17 Up  | ....... | Makuhari                    |
|                  |        |         |         | Drop: Akudan's Clone        |
| EM-Whip          |  3600  | +21 Up  | ....... | Galaxy shop 2               |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Paralyzeman           |
| Chainsaw         |  7000  | +35 Up  | ....... | Port                        |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Find: Jado Town HQ          |
| Ray Blade        | 12000  | +60 Up  | ....... | Jado Town                   |
| God Blade        |   N/A  | +70 Up  | x2 Hits | Find: Capsule in Jado Base  |

| NAME             | YEN    | EFFECT  | EXTRA   | LOCATIONS                   |
| Needle Gun *     |   N/A  |   +9    | x3 Hits | Find: Brother Building      |
| Blaster Gun      |    65  |  +12    | ....... | Shinjuku                    |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Find: Brother Building      |
|                  |        |         |         | Drop: Dinodog               |
| Gatling Gun      |   350  |  +16    | x2 Hits | Saitama                     |
| Rocket Launcher  |  1600  |  +18    | x3 Hits | Galaxy shop                 |
| Heavy Bazooka    |  1000  |  +26    | ....... | Okachimachi                 |
|                  |        |         | ....... | Drop: Bloody Mary           |
| Napalm Launcher  |  2000  |  +36    | ....... | Ginza                       |
|                  |        |         |         | Drop: Gasoslinger           |
| Hand Vulcan      |  2500  |  +30    | x2 Hits | Makuhari                    |
|                  |        |         |         | Drop: Great Tank Robot      |
| Triple Gun       |  5000  |  +31    | x3 Hits | Galaxy shop 2               |
|                  |        |         |         | Find: Water Cavern (Port)   |
|                  |        |         |         | Drop: Muteroid, Evil Eye    |
| Beam Cannon      |  8000  |  +47    | ....... | Yokohama                    |
| Buster Cannon    | 36750  |  +80    | x2 Hits | Port                        |
| Full Weapon      | 20000  |  +52    | x3 Hits | Jado Town                   |
| God Bazooka      |   N/A  | +127    | ....... | Find: Capsule in Jado Base  |
 * Sell for 60 Yen

| NAME             | YEN    | DEFENCE | EXTRA   | LOCATIONS                   |
| Light Tector *   |   N/A  |  8 Up   | ....... | Galaxy (default)            |
| Metal Tector     |   300  | 10 Up   | ....... | Saitama                     |
| Heavy Tector     |   620  | 13 Up   | ....... | Galaxy shop 1               |
| Mach Tector      |  1250  | 16 Up   | ....... | Ueno                        |
|                  |        |         |         | Drop: Head Battler          |
| Heat Tector      |  1650  | 20 Up   | Fire    | Ginza                       |
| Battle Tector    |  3000  | 23 Up   | ....... | Makuhari                    |
| Psycho Tector ** |   N/A  | 26 Up   | ....... | Find: Factory               |
| Power Tector     |  6800  | 30 Up   | ....... | Galaxy shop 2               |
| Aqua Tector      |  8000  | 34 Up   | Water   | Shinagawa: Linlin's shop    |
| Hyper Tector     | 16000  | 39 Up   | ....... | Jado Town                   |
| Mirror Tector ***|   N/A  | 44 Up   | ....... | Find: JadoRobot             |
| God Tector       |   N/A  | 60 Up   | ......  | Find: Capsule in Jado Base  |
  * Sell for 15 Yen
 ** Sell for 3750 Yen
*** Sell for 4000 Yen

NOTE: The "God" equipment cannot be sold.

05. MONSTER GUIDE ....................................................... *LT05

Not all enemies have a special skill and despite fighting hundreds of battles
with particular monsters I've not received item drops from a few of them. I can
confirm that the Zanplant, War Dog and Dynamoon have nothing at all.

However, the drop rate does vary enormously, with particular enemies (the
Bloody Mary and Muteroid) giving the best results for weapons, at a drop rate
of around 1 in 10, and the Gold Knight giving the worst with a drop rate of
around 1 in 50 (it took dozens of battles before it dropped one item). On
average you should get an item drop from one battle in 20.

All enemies, including bosses, are included in this list, with lesser bosses
identified as "Battle".

-- A --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 600
Exp  : 167
Yen  : 590
Drop : -
Skill: Hell Thrust
Location: Makuhari Messe

LE   : 380
Exp  : 100
Yen  : 150
Drop : Javelin
Skill: DIIIIE!
Location: Jado Town HQ

LE   : 40
Exp  : 12
Yen  : 10
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Dam

LE   : 70 (estimate)
Exp  : 44
Yen  : 58
Drop : Grenade
Skill: Beast Roar (causes Shock)
Location: Brother Building

ARNOLD (Battle)
LE   : 320
Exp  : 130
Yen  : 332
Drop : -
Skill: None
Location: Jado Town

LE   : 400
Exp  : 120
Yen  : 140
Drop : Metal Blade
Skill: Secret Thrust
Location: JadoRobot

-- B --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 10
Exp  : 1
Yen  : 1
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Shinjuku, Nakano

LE   : 100
Exp  : None
Yen  : None
Drop : (Unique Jet: from Groater)
Skill: When defeated transforms to Groater.
Location: Underwater Cavern

LE   : 25
Exp  : 6
Yen  : 5
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Hunitachi Underground

BATRAIDER (Boss Part 1)
LE   : 230
Exp  : -
Yen  : -
Drop : -
Skill: -
Location: Command Tower
NOTE: Rewards are after fighting Part 2 - Super Batraider and
      Part 3 - Hyper Batraider

LE   : 48 (estimate)
Exp  : 20
Yen  : 25
Drop : Salve
Skill: Critical attack
Location: Dokuronga Ship

LE   : 38
Exp  : 10
Yen  : 9
Drop : Salve
Skill: Yaaah!
Location: World Map northeast Saitama

LE   : 79
Exp  : 40
Yen  : 38
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: Yaah!
Location: Ginza: Burning Building

LE   : 14
Exp  : 2
Yen  : 3
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Asuka's Lab, Nakano

LE   : 180 (estimate)
Exp  : -
Yen  : -
Drop : -
Skill: Poisonous Gas
Location: Dome
NOTE: Experience and Yen is given after defeating Hermes.

LE   : 900
Exp  : 850
Yen  : 440
Drop : -
Skill: Germ Attack
Location: Jadorobot

LE   : 170
Exp  : 49
Yen  : 67
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: -
Location: Brain Center

LE   : 4000
Exp  : 6800
Yen  : 1650
Drop : -
Skill: Black Attack
Location: Neo Dokuronga

BLAST KID (Battle)
LE   : 350
Exp  : 100
Yen  : 390
Drop : -
Skill: Blaster
Location: Ghost Town

LE   : 74
Exp  : 31
Yen  : 42
Drop : Heavy Bazooka
Skill: -
Location: Makuhari Messe

LE   : 78
Exp  : 27
Yen  : 30
Drop : Hand Grenade
Skill: -
Location: Ikebukuro

LE   : 588
Exp  : 250
Yen  : 450
Drop : -
Skill: Braaaains!
Location: Brain Center

LE   : 62
Exp  : 26
Yen  : 40
Drop : Heat Blade
Skill: Crescent Blow (breaks Tector)
Location: Ikebukuro

-- C --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 680
Exp  : 420
Yen  : 275
Drop : Unique Jet
Skill: HOOOWL (causes Shock)
Location: Jado's Base

LE   : 1300
Exp  : 840
Yen  : 870
Drop : Unique Jet (very rare)
Skill: Scissors attack. Heavy attack (causes Shock)
Location: Neo Dokuronga

LE   : 48
Exp  : 20
Yen  : 18
Drop : Heat Blade
Skill: Curse you! (causes Shock)
Location: Ueno

LE   : 69
Exp  : 31
Yen  : 40
Drop : Repair Parts
Skill: Critical attack
Location: Ginza, Nihonbashi

-- D --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 11000
Exp  : None
Yen  : None
Drop : -
Skill: Chainsaw, Ride My Missile.
Location: Neo Dokuronga - Jado's Hall

LE   : 280
Exp  : 85
Yen  : 100
Drop : -
Skill: Take my Laser!
Location: Command Tower

LE   : 49
Exp  : 21
Yen  : 17
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: Feel my power!
Location: Ueno

LE   : 46
Exp  : 19
Yen  : 16
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: Biting Attack
Location: Ochanomizu

LE   : 34
Exp  : 10
Yen  : 8
Drop : Blaster Gun
Skill: -
Location: World Map northeast Saitama

LE   : 900
Exp  : 630
Yen  : 440
Drop : -
Skill: Destrooooy (breaks Tector)

LE   : 1400
Exp  : 1200
Yen  : 980
Drop : -
Location: Neo Dokuronga

-- E --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 350
Exp  : 80
Yen  : 99
Drop : Triple Gun
Skill: Hypno-Ray (Shock)
Location: Jado Town HQ

-- F --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 380
Exp  : 70
Yen  : 280
Drop : -
Skill: Flaming attack
Location: Ginza - Burning Building

LE   : 280
Exp  : 64
Yen  : 88
Drop : Repair Parts
Skill: I will crush you! (breaks Tector)
Location: Ghost Town, Jado Town HQ

-- G --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 400
Exp  : 110
Yen  : 110
Drop : Laser Arrow
Skill: Poisonous Gas (causes Shock)
Location: JadoRobot

LE   : 155
Exp  : 45
Yen  : 60
Drop : Napalm Launcher
Skill: Fire Attack
Location: Brain Centre, Yokohama

LE   : 1200 LE
Exp  : -
Yen  : -
Drop : -
Skill: Hyah! Fist Attack! EM Whip, Battle Gun, Germ Attack.
Location: Jado's Base
NOTE: Experience and Yen is given after defeating Weapon.

LE   : 1000
Exp  : 760
Yen  : 618
Drop : Hyper Bomb
Skill: Laser Hand
Location: Neo Dokuronga

LE   : 2000
Exp  : 1800
Yen  : 990
Drop : Jado's Sword (very rare)
Skill: Critical attack
Location: Jado's Room: Neo Dokuronga

LE   : 180
Exp  : 47
Yen  : 68
Drop : Hand Vulcan
Skill: BOOM! Tank fire
Location: Yokohama

LE   : 180
Exp  : 60
Yen  : 90
Drop : Unique Jet
Skill: Venomous Blow (shock).
Location: Underwater Cavern
SPECIAL MONSTER: Appears after defeating Baby Groater.

-- H --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 135
Exp  : 44
Yen  : 55
Drop : Repair Parts
Skill: Hammer attack (breaks Tector)
Location: West of Factory, Shinagawa

LE   : 86
Exp  : 35
Yen  : 43
Drop : Mach Tector, Power Drink
Skill: -
Location: Makuhari Messe, Command Tower area

LE   : 64
Exp  : 29
Yen  : 45
Drop : Homing Bomb
Skill: Missile Attack
Location: Ginza, Nihonbashi

LE   : 130
Exp  : 43
Yen  : 50
Drop : Homing Bomb
Skill: -
Location: West of Factory, Shinagawa

LE   : 58
Exp  : 30
Yen  : 45
Drop : Hand Grenade
Skill: "I'll sees you dead!" (breaks Tector}
Location: Dome

LE   : 260 (estimate)
Exp  : 118
Yen  : 278
Drop : -
Skill: EM Whip
Location: Dome

LE   : 630
Exp  : 350
Yen  : 680
Drop : -
Skill: Heavy Punch (breaks Tector)
Location: Jado Town HQ

LE   : 200
Exp  : 58
Yen  : 70
Drop : Repair Parts
Skill: Taste my Acid! (breaks Tector)
Location: Underwater Cavern

LE   : 370
Exp  : 320
Yen  : 680
Drop : -
Skill: Battle Gun
Location: Command Tower
NOTE: Rewards are for fighting all parts.
      Part 1 - Batraider, Part 2 - Super Batraider

-- I --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-- J --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 79
Exp  : 33
Yen  : 46
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: -
Location: Makuhari Messe, Jado's Base

LE   : 60
Exp  : 28
Yen  : 33
Drop : Salve
Skill: Take this! (causes Shock)
Location: Ginza

JADO'S CHEF (Battle)
LE   : 180 (estimate)
Exp  : 65
Yen  : 260
Drop : -
Skill: Taste my Cooking!
Location: Ikebukuro

LE   : 580
Exp  : 370
Yen  : 465
Drop : Hyper Bomb
Skill: Machinegun, Bazooka
Location: Jado's Base

LE   : 190
Exp  : 50
Yen  : 66
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: -
Location: Underwater (Port)

JADO'S SPY (Battle)
LE   : 40 (estimate)
Exp  : 30
Yen  : 42
Drop : -
Skill: -
Location: Hunitachi

LE   : 83
Exp  : 34
Yen  : 48
Drop : Homing Bomb
Skill: Missile Attack
Location: Makuhari Messe

-- K --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 175
Exp  : 47
Yen  : 68
Drop : Unique Jet
Skill: Special Cuisine
Location: Yokohama

LE   : 500
Exp  : 180
Yen  : 187
Drop : Energy Ball
Skill: -
Location: Jado's Base

LE   : 28
Exp  : 7
Yen  : 5
Drop : Laser Knife
Skill: -
Location: Hunitachi Underground

LE   : 238
Exp  : 100
Yen  : 180
Drop : -
Skill: -
Location: Command Tower

LE   : 7000
Exp  : None
Yen  : None
Drop : -
Skill: Dynamite Song (Shock)
Location: Neo Dokuronga - Jado's Hall

-- L --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LANLAN (Battle)
LE   : 280
Exp  : None
Yen  : None
Drop : -
Skill: Just Watch Me!
Location: Yokohama

-- M --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 60 (estimate)
Exp  : 24
Yen  : 36
Drop : Grenade
Skill: -
Location: Brother Building

LE   : 40 (estimate)
Exp  : 16
Yen  : 20
Drop : Repair Parts
Skill: Bombing Attack
Location: Dokuronga Ship

LE   : 160 (estimate)
Exp  : 58
Yen  : 89
Drop : -
Skill: Taste my acid!
Location: Dome

LE   : 120
Exp  : 42
Yen  : 52
Drop : Unique Jet
Skill: -
Location: Factory

LE   : 32
Exp  : 8
Yen  : 6
Drop : Repair Parts
Skill: Shock Beam (causes Shock)
Location: Brother Building

LE   : 50
Exp  : 24
Yen  : 25
Drop : Heat Blade
Skill: -
Location: Ueno

LE   : 14
Exp  : 2
Yen  : 2
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Shinjuku, Nakano

LE   : 17
Exp  : 3
Yen  : 3
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Nakano, Hunitachi

LE   : 350
Exp  : 120
Yen  : 88
Drop : Laser Arrow
Skill: Missile Attack
Location: Jade Town HQ

LE   : 360
Exp  : -
Yen  : -
Drop : (Gold Bar: defeat Skull Murdroid)
Skill: Balkan Blow. When defeated transforms into Skull Murdroid.
Location: JadoRobot

LE   : 50
Exp  : 20
Yen  : 19
Drop : Heat Blade
Skill: Finishing Cut (breaks Tector)
Location: Ochanomizu

LE   : 220
Exp  : 60
Yen  : 82
Drop : Triple Gun
Skill: -
Location: Ghost Town, Jado Town HQ

-- N --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 45 (estimate)
Exp  : 17
Yen  : 17
Drop : Salve
Skill: Yaaah!
Location: Dokuronga Ship

LE   : 40
Exp  : 14
Yen  : 14
Drop : Heat Blade
Skill: -
Location: Dam

-- O --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 88
Exp  : 48
Yen  : 66
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: Video Attack (shock)
Location: Makuhari Messe

-- P --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 160
Exp  : 48
Yen  : 60
Drop : EM-Whip
Skill: Hypno-Beam (causes Shock)
Location: Brain Center

LE   : 20
Exp  : 5
Yen  : 6
Drop : Salve
Skill: Pickaxe Blow
Location: Hunitachi

LE   : 41
Exp  : 18
Yen  : 13
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Elisa Academy

LE   : 54
Exp  : 22
Yen  : 22
Drop : Spin Source
Skill: -
Location: Ueno, Green Park

-- Q --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-- R --------------------------------------------------------------------------

RED FLASH (Battle)
LE   : 300
Exp  : 120
Yen  : 380
Drop : -
Skill: Machinegun
Location: Ghost Town

LE   : 30
Exp  : 9
Yen  : 8
Drop : Grenade
Skill: Bazooka Attack
Location: Brother Building

LE   : 300
Exp  : 121
Yen  : 250
Drop : -
Skill: Balkan Gun
Location: Command Tower

LE   : 39
Exp  : 18
Yen  : 13
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Elisa Academy

-- S --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : N/A
Exp  : N/A
Yen  : N/A
Drop : N/A
Skill: Slap. Causes loss of all health except 1, and then escapes.
Location: Elisa Academy

LE   : 19
Exp  : 3
Yen  : 4
Drop : Salve
Skill: -
Location: Nakano, Hunitachi

LE   : 300
Exp  : 150
Yen  : 240
Drop : Gold Bar (rare)
Skill: -
Location: Jadorobot.
SPECIAL MONSTER: Appears after defeating Murdroid.

LE   : 30
Exp  : 9
Yen  : 7
Drop : Salve
Skill: Venomous Strike (causes Shock)
Location: Brother Building Underground

LE   : 170
Exp  : 46
Yen  : 65
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: -
Location: Yokohama

LE   : 100
Exp  : 40
Yen  : 45
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: Feel my Power
Location: Factory

LE   : 280
Exp  : -
Yen  : -
Drop : -
Skill: Blaster Gun
Location: Command Tower
NOTE: Rewards are after fighting Part 3 - Hyper Batraider.

-- T --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 90
Exp  : 38
Yen  : 47
Drop : Power Drink
Skill: BOOM! Tank Fire
Location: Makuhari, Command Tower

LE   : 180 (estimate)
Exp  : 140
Yen  : 280
Drop : -
Skill: Fist
Location: Dokuronga

LE   : 140
Exp  : 50
Yen  : 69
Drop : Homing Bomb
Skill: Torpedo Attack
Location: Underwater (Port)

-- U --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-- V --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-- W --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 42
Exp  : 16
Yen  : 17
Drop : -
Skill: Critical attack
Location: Dokuronga Ship

LE   : 1400
Exp  : 1800
Yen  : 1760
Drop : -
Skill: Heavy Cannon
Location: Jado's Base

LE   : 400
Exp  : 160
Yen  : 500
Drop : -
Skill: Brother
Location: Ghost Town

-- X --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-- Y --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 480
Exp  : 220
Yen  : 540
Drop : -
Skill: Surge Gun
Location: Underwater Cavern (Port)

LE   : 480
Exp  : 160
Yen  : 165
Drop : Unique Jet
Skill: Acid Attack
Location: Jado's Base, Island south of Jado's Base.
SPECIAL : Only accessible with the Sky Gear.

-- Z --------------------------------------------------------------------------

LE   : 58
Exp  : 23
Yen  : 26
Drop : -
Skill: -
Location: Green Park

06. ALLIES............................................................... *LT06

Most of the time you'll only have one ally, but the maximum possible is two.
Most allies apart from Miley and Poplin (who use a healing skill) will join in
the battle from time to time and cannot be directly controlled by the player.
Each one joins as part of the plot and you cannot miss them, and they also
leave the party as part of the plot.

Miley joins from the start and sometimes heals Blader.
Leaves at Elisa Academy.

Joins at Hunitachi.
Leaves inside Dokujonga Ship.

Joins at Elisa's Academy.
Leaves after Dome.

Joins at Ikebukuro.
Leaves at Institue after visit to the Sunshine-6 building.

Joins at Ginza.
Leaves at the Factory, when the Wanderer joins.

Joins at the Messe.
Leaves at the end of events in the Command Tower.

Joins at the Factory.
Leaves at Neo Dokuronga.

Joins at Yokohama.
Leaves after the JadoRobot.

Rejoins after the JadoRobot.
Stays to the end!


                      VII. T O K Y O  A R E A  M A P ..................... TOKY


This simplified map does not include the rivers or coastline, but shows all the
major roads and locations. Jado's Base is on an island.


           ________|  |             |                     |
          |    |      | Park        |______|__________    |___
Saitama __|    |______|                               |       |
  v  __|              Ikebukuro               ________|       |
    |                  Sunshine ___          | Ueno         __|
    |_                  ______     |         |_______      |
      |                |      |____|     X           |     |
  ____| Institute      |______________        ____   |     |___
 |    |____      __                |  |______|    |  |___   Oka|
 |__       |    |  |__Lab          |              |__    |___| |
    |     _|____|  |_________      |__    Dome__   __|___|  ___|       _____
 ___|     |   |              |        |   |     |__|  ______|         |     |
|        _|___|  ______   Shinjuku  __|   |_____|Och |                |     |
| Hun   |_Nakano|      |           |  |      ________| Nihonbashi_____|     |
|_________      |      |___________|  |_____|                |              |
          |_____|                           |             ___|              |_
Ghost Town            Shinagawa             |         ___|                    |
   _|                      |                |    __  |                    ____|
  |                      __|    Factory    _|   |  |_|                ___|
  |______               |                 |     |  |                 |
     ____|__________    |_______        Ginza   |__|                 |___
    | ____________  |           |                              * * *     |
    | |           | |           |_                           *Jado's*    |
   _| | Jado Town | |             |                          *Base  *  Makuhari
  |   |___________| |             |______                      * * *     |
  |_________________| __             __  |_________ Brain              Messe
  |                  |  |           |  | _|         Center
  |______________   _|  |___________|  | |
                 | |                   |_|
              Yokohama                                         Tower


  X = Neo Dokoronga
Hun = Hunitachi
Oka = Okachimachi
Och = Ochanomizu



        VIII.  C R E D I T S ,  L E G A L  B I T ,  C O N T A C T ........*CRED


Thanks to GameFAQs for the message boards and for posting this FAQ.

Thanks to the NES Completion project for alerting me to the existence of this

Thanks to Taito, the creators of this charming game.

Thanks to DvD Translations for translating SD Blader into English.

Thanks also to aishsha from DvD who also gave me additional information and
answered all my questions about the game.

Many thanks to Saikyo Mog who made it possible for me to play the game. This
time I found the game myself but couldn't get it to run until he stepped in and
sorted it all out for me. Thankfully there are no corgis in this game, but
despite that, Saikyo, I don't know what I'd do without you. ;)

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than
those listed, or otherwise distributed publicly. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The latest version will always appear on GameFAQs.com.
Other Allowed Websites:

* Cheats de.com
* Gamershell.com
* supercheats.com
* cheathappens.com

This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes on April 2012.

I hope I haven't made any errors, but if you find any and can help correct
them, or add anything extra that might be useful, please let me know. Or if you
just want to chat about this game. Thanks for reading!

Emails must be titled: SD KEIJI BLADER FAQ/WALKTHROUGH and can be sent to me
at:threetimes.ajh (@) gmail (dot) com


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