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Reviewed: 04/02/02 | Updated: 04/02/02

Why the best old RPG never got out of Japan?

With this game I continue my quest. My quest of oblivion and share. My goal of getting more people to know good ol' NES games that apparently NOBODY's ever heard of. Unless you live in Japan, of course. :)

Well what's Konami's trademark? Making good action/adventure games. But what about RPGs? Have you ever imagined that Konami could put a RPG in the market? Well, if you answered ''yes'' you probably imagined it was a very bad one, after all, Konami has no tradition in making RPGs like Square does. Well if you though so, you were damn wrong.

Onto the review :

Graphics : 10/10

First of all, Lagrange Point opens up with an beautiful sequence, yes, like Ninja Gaiden movies. In-game graphics are just as good. Yep. Everything looks detailed and the colors fit the game perfectly. Characters are well drawn, so are the enemies and backgrounds.

Music/Sound : 10/10

I liked the music in this game, and I'm sure you will like it too. Nowadays, with CD and stuff, it is just too easy to make good soundtracks. It's amazing what just five channels can make... no complaints about music/sounds - it's not Solstice or Journey To Silius, but it gets very close.

Gameplay : 10/10

The most important part of the game doesn't disappoint either. It's the typical over-headed RPG, like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. There's a lot of dialogue, and if you don't speak a word of Japanese ( like me! ) you won't get much further in the game. The battle fights are turn based, and you get an front view of your enemies, just like in Phantasy Star. You have your principal hero ( you name it yourself ) and as the game passes your companions change. I though this game was very cool and well made, and every RPG cliche is there.

Story/Objective : ?/10

This adventure is based upon an science-fiction scenario. That's cool, since most RPGs are based upon an middle-earth scenario. For what I could figure out, you are some kind of mercenary and stuff and get locked in a space ship or colony or whatever. You try to escape through a space pod and blah-blah-blah. I'm sorry I can't rate the story because I can't read a word of Japanese! It looks like a very complex and intriguing story, however.

Control : 10/10

Easy. A chooses/talks B cancels. Typical RPG commands.

Difficulty : 8/10

This game is not hard, but it's not so easy either. Don't worry about this, I'm sure you'll have fun playing this game!

Overall : 10/10

This game is for sure one of the best RPG I've ever played. This beats a lot of today's games like Final Fantasy 8 ( such a BIG disappointment... ) and whatever... I ask myself why this game was never translated...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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