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Guide and Walkthrough by Frankie_Spankie

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/06/2006

--                                                                           --
--                              Banana Prince                                --
--                                                                           --
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                
Table of Contents                                                              
1. - Controls                                                                  
2. - Walkthrough                                                               
3. - Disclaimer                                                                
If you want to find a certain section quicker, just hit ctrl+f and then type   
what section you're looking for and it'll bring you right to it.               
1. - Controls                                                                  
D-Pad  - Move
 -Down+B  - Plant Vine
 -Down+A  - Slide
A      - Jump
B      - Attack
Start  - Pause
Select - No Use
2. - Walkthrough                                                               
Level 1-1
Plant a vine by pressing Down+B and get on top of the trees to get the chests. 
Go to the right and kill the jumping enemy. Kill the next few enemies and grab 
the rings. Open the treasure chest and grab that item. Keep collecting the 
items and go into the door up ahead if you want more bananas. After that, 
continue to the right and you will reach a large gap. At the sign, press Down+B 
and climb the vine. Jump over the gap and go through the door.
Level 1-2
This level's easy if you don't try to get all the rings. If you want rings keep 
going up on the higher route. If you just want to finish the level, press 
Down+A to go under the path to be safe. Jump the gaps and go through the doors. 
You will also have to slide under some more rocks. Just keep going to the right 
until you reach the end of the level. 
Level 1-3
Go to the right and jump up the platform when the carrot moves. Make a vine to 
go up. Now just keep moving to the right and avoid all of the jumping enemies. 
You will also have to jump over a lot of gaps. Be careful around them though 
because some blocks will fall. There will be light blocks and dark blocks, the 
lighter blocks will fall after you stand on them too long. Keep moving to the 
right as high as you can and fall at the end to go through the door.
Now you will meet the first boss of the game. What you have to do is just get 
close. Duck and avoid teh jumping beans he spits out. Hit him a few times and 
run away. Jump over him and get close. Attack him a few more times and duck 
under his jumping bean attack. Just keep doing that until you finally defeat 
him. Just be quick or you will run out of time.
Level 2-1
This level is kind of annoying because there are a lot of enemies on small 
platforms. Just keep moving to the right and take the high route because it's 
easier and faster. Keep going on the high route as far as you can. Be careful 
when you reach the tall flowers. If you stand on them too long, they will 
collapse. Just go to the right and through the door at the end.
Level 2-2
Keep going to the right and be careful around those flowers. You will reach a 
large pit. Fall to the leaf on the bottom and it will move you to the next 
platform. You will then reach a point with large pillars that you have to jump 
across. Make a vine at the last pillar and jump to the small island, go through 
the door to advance to the next stage. 
Level 2-3
This level's a pain because you have to take it slow. You also have to use a 
lot of vines to reach higher places. So keep going to the right and use vines 
whenever need be. Just be careful because there are a lot of enemies that will 
fly straight up. If they hit a platform on their way up, they will explode. You 
have to avoid them and their explosion. Keep going to the right and get on the 
leaf at the end, go through the door for the boss.
This boss is actually quite difficult. Start off by planting a vine. Let the 
boss get under you and jump over him to the right. Attack him and he will fly 
around. Stay in the middle while he drops bombs. Around the middle, he will 
skip a bomb, you have to skip that bomb. Then go in a corner and plant a vine 
and jump over to attack. Keep doing that until he falls.
Level 3-1
Enter the tomato Factory to your right. Kill the tomato plant and jump the gap. 
Avoid that liquid and keep moving to the right. Look at the ladders, one will 
go into the ceiling. Climb up that room for a hidden room with a few doors. Do 
whatever you want with those doors and climb back down. Land on the lower 
platform here and go through the door.
Level 3-2
This level's easy. Go to the right and go through the door. Climb down the 
ladder or fall to the lowest platform. Press Down+A and you will fall further. 
Keep going to the bottom right corner and go through the door. If you fall, you 
will more than likely get hurt so I recommend climbing the ladder.
Level 3-3
Just go to the right along the lower conveyor belt. Be careful when you reach 
those flying bugs. Once they move, they shoot upward so watch out for those. 
Keep going and avoid all of the lava until you reach the doorway. You will then 
have to fight that boss. It's an easy fight, just keep attacking her and avoid 
her little bats. The best thing to do is plant a vine and just attack all of 
them with the spin attack that you do once you jump off the vine.
Level 4-1
This level is pretty fast. Go to the right and jump over the gaps. The only 
annoying part are those birds that shoot fireballs at you, so kill them fast. 
Avoid the other enemies and just go to the right jumping over the gaps. There 
will be a leaf and a cart that will speed you up through parts of the level. At 
the end, you have to jump off the cart and onto a small platform, then jump 
onto the platform with the door.
Level 4-2
Climb the rocks and use the vine to reach the top of the cliff. Start going to 
the right on the highest path as possible. When there's nowhere else to go, 
just jump as far to the right as you can. Go in that door that you will land 
near and on to the next level!
Level 4-3
This level's even easier than the last. Go to the right and there will be two 
doors. Go through the door on the right, you have to be quick across the rocks. 
Slide as fast as you can to get to the door and go through it. From there, you 
just go from cart to cart until you reach the door to the boss. Just keep doing 
the spin jump off the vine to beat this boss, don't let it eat you up!
Level 5-1
This level is really straightforward. Just climb up the building and avoid 
enemies. Just jump once you reach the roof to reach the next level.
Level 5-2
Keep using the cannons to get as high as possible. You could climb up but the 
cannons are easier. After a while, you will get past all of the cannons, at 
that point, you have to climb. It's just a little further and then you can hop 
onto the roof.
Level 5-3
Again, you have to climb up. Use all the cannons you can. You will eventually 
reach an area with four cannons, take the cannon on the far right. Quickly 
climb up these blocks and get to the upper left corner with your vines. You 
will have to answer her quiz. I'm not sure if it's always the same or not but 
it was the same for me both times I did it. The answers are 2, 3, 3, 1, and 3. 
They are simple questions so you shouldn't have a hard time anyways.
Level 6-1
This is another easy level, just swim along the surface of the water. Go on top 
of any islands you reach and kill those frogs. Go through the door at the end.
Level 6-2
Go to the right and watch for the flying bird after the third frog. Go through 
the door to the right and keep going along the surface of the water. Go through 
the door at the very end of this long area to the next level.
Level 6-3
Keep going to the right along the high path. The only tough part of this level 
is the end with the bombs, be very careful there. The boss is pretty easy 
though. Just swim up and down and avoid the whale while you attack it.
Level 7-1
Just go to the right and hop on those flying leaves. Try and kill those enemies 
in advance. Keep going and near the end you will have to use the vine to get 
across a gap. 
Level 7-2
This level's really long but it's the same jumping enemy after another. Just 
keep jumping from platform to platform until you reach the door.
Level 7-3
*Before this level, buy the best weapon you can.
Just keep going to the right, a lot of these guys shoot at you but it's a much 
shorter level. Just keep moving and jump over the gaps. Your final boss will 
be... A quiz?! Well, again, I'm not sure if I just got lucky but I got the same 
quiz two times in a row so I'm assuming they will always be the same, they are 
still easy but you have less time to answer so think quick. The answers I had 
were 2, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 1, and 1. NOW, comes time for your actual battle. Just 
make a vine and keep shooting at him with your best weapon. When he comes 
close, spin jump towards him. You could only hurt him when he's not in his pose 
so try not to attack it then. Keep doing that until you defeat it and watch the 
awful ending, enjoy!
4. - Disclaimer                                                                
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted © 2006 to Frank Grochowski. International  
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at:                           

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