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Reviewed: 12/06/01 | Updated: 12/06/01

Am amuzed nobody on GameFAQs has never commented about this game...

This is a arcade port ( I think, as it ALL seems like an good ol´ arcade shooter ) and it is good. I mean GOOD! Noups, it´s not good, it´s EXCELLENT! Let´s go onto the review :

Graphics - 10/10

This game was made by Konamy in the nice year of 1991. So HOW do you think the graphics are? Everything is so clear and brilliant, from the opponents to your amazing Falcon transmutation. Not to mention the backgrounds... they actually MOVE! That´s a rare thing for an 10 year old game!

Sound/Music - 10/10

Typical Konami stuff... I´m sure you´ll hear sound effects you know... they are nice, alas, the NES sounds were never like the SMS... so I can´t complain. The music is good too, and fills the mood of each stage perfectly.

Gameplay - 10/10

The most important part of an game is very well made, you pilot a airship trough many stages killing nasty aliens in an overhead view. SO where´s the differential in this game? Well, it´s not just a space shooter... that´s for sure, because :

1st : Your ship can morph in THREE different ones during play, each own fire in a different direction. The all look different, and are all very beautiful.

2nd : The power-ups are original. There are only two kinds of fire in each form of your ship, six in total. And they can be improved up to three times. You can collect five orbs to become an invencible falcon as well! It´s just amazing! There are one kind of bomb per ship form, so three in total.

3th : Two player mode is even more fun, because you can play with your friend in the same time. No turn-based. And more : you can fuse yourself with your partner if the amount of orbs you both have surpass five and become the super falcon I mentioned before. This falcon is controlled by BOTH players : one moves, the other fires.

Story/Objective : 8/10

It´s a shooter, come on! It HAS an cliched story ( Aliens attack the Earth, oh well... ) and HAS an ending, just for it it deserves the score.

Control : 10/10

You can change the controls in the options menu! That´s rare for an NES game! However, it´s easy to control your ship, no command problems.

Difficulty : Variable

You can change the difficulty in the Option menu. That´s rare for an NES game either!

Overall : 10/10

Buy, steal, borrow... what is important is to play this awesome game!

Rating: 10

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