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Guide and Walkthrough by Beam-Hunter

Updated: 10/10/2001

            CCCC   OOO   CCCC  OOO   RRRR   OOO  N   N
           C      O   O C     O   O  R   R O   O NN  N
           C      O   O C     O   O  RRRR  O   O N N N
           C      O   O C     O   O  R  R  O   O N  NN
            CCCC   OOO   CCCC  OOO   R   R  OOO  N   N


-Arms (Weapons)

Hello, I am Beam-Hunter, and this is my first real FAQ for a game (well,
actually, it's the first one I've done seriously, but that's besides the
point).  So bear with me.  I have never seen a FAQ for this game, nor have i
ever seent his game even mentioned on the internet, which leads me to believe
that this is a very little known game.  This is a shame, because I think it is
one the best Nintendo games ever made.  Hopefully this FAQ will alert people to
it, as I think it deserves a look-see.  I think this may have been a
Japanese-only release, but you can apparently get the ROM with a patch.  No,
I'm not telling you where to find it.  You can find it yourself easily enough,
on whatever NES rom sites still exist.  Or you can try and import it, but I
doubt that you could find it.  Anyway...

This is a Nintendo game, so the controls are pretty basic.
D-Pad: directional pad (+): you can move your character left ( => ) or right (
<= ).  There are no ladders or ropes to climb and you can't swim, so up and
down are rendered moot.
(A) - jump
(B) - fire
(Start) - pauses game
(Select) - pauses game

The story is pretty straightforward and basic.  You are greated by a rotund
blue tapir in a clown suit (GAH!  CLOWNS SCARY!), who likes to fly around with
his umbrella (like Mary Poppins).  He says his name is... get this... Tapir. 
Anyway, Tapir is a Dream Wizard of some sort, and he wants to give you a dream
to enjoy.  He sets you up in a traditional "save the princess" scenario; you,
of course, are the hero.  And so your adventure begins...

One of the great things that makes Cocoron so fun to play is the character.
Cocoron allows you to create your own hero, by using available faces and bodies
in the game.  You can create a hero at the beginning of the game, and after
beating a boss.  You create up to 6 characters, so really the idea is to create
a new character before moving on to a different section of the game.
What you use to build your character determines a couple factors: the amount of
health points the character has, the durability of the character, the height a
character can jump, the speed at which the character can move, and the weapon
the character can use.  Such things are determined by the amount of weight the
part has, and the amount of HP the part contributes to your total HP count.

[For example, choosing the lightest equipment will allow your character to jump
almost the full height of the screen, and gives your character blinding speed
(for an example of this speed, know that your weapons are among the fastest
moving objects in the game.  If you choose the lightest body, you can easily
outrun your own weapons!).  The down side is that you will be so weak,
physically, that most enemies will be able to kill in one or two hits.  (And
having that much speed is not necesarily a plus: it's very easy to overshoot
your mark when trying to jump onto a platform, or plow right into an enemy you
meant to dodge or jump over.)
By contrast, choosing the heaviest equipment will give you the most collective
HP, and thus you will be able to take a lot of damage before you die; however,
you're character will also be incredibly slow, and have a pathetic jumping
height; as such, you character may not be able to reach items that are placed
on higher ledges and may not be able to dodge most enemies very well (thus
resulting in you getting hit very often, meaning you'll loose lots of HP

There are 8 types of faces and 8 types of bodies.  Each face type has three
designs to choose from, and each body type has two.  Each design has the same
stats as the others of its type, so there are only 8 sets of stats to choose
from, either body or face.  Once you use a design, you cannot use it again for
another character.  Having multiple designs for each type allows you to use
those stats more than once and/or choose a design that is more appealing to you

FACE         WEIGHT        HP
HERO          156          12
NINJA         112          8
ROBOT         289          16
ALIEN         200          4
FIGHTER       333          16
MONSTER       245          12
GHOST         67           8
?             23           4

ARMOR         433          24      high durability
WING          101          8       flying (short-lasting)
JET           499          16      flying (long-lasting)
CYBORG        301          20
BOAT          234          12      float on water (but can't go under)
BUGGY         167          16
TANK          367          20      will not slide down slopes
?             34           4

Although called ARMS, these are actually the weapons of your character.  Each
character gets one weapon, and the weapons can be used for as many characters
as you want.  You can power-up your weapon by gaining weapon symbols (which
look like the weapon you are using).  You weapon will become more powerful for
every 5 symbols you obtain.  Your weapon maxes out after collecting 20 symbols,
and thus you're weapon has 5 levels of power (including what you start out

PARASOL       71           3
BOOMERANG     93           4
SHURIKEN      141          6
BALL          47           4
PENCIL        25           3
CRYSTAL       167          3
FLOWER        116          3
MELODY        11           3

The weapon's effects and usefulness are listed below.  Usefulness is based on
the personal opinion of the author, so it may be different for you.  Try out
all the weapons yourself to see what suits you best.

PARASOL - a parasol shoots straight forward, then opens and arcs upwards
Level 1 - small parasol
Level 2 - medium parasol
Level 3 - large parasol
Level 4 - two large parasols
Level 5 - three large parasols
Usefulness: The Parasol is a fairly useless weapon.  Although you can hit
sky-bound enemies as the parasol arcs upward, it is hard to do so until the
weapon reaches the 4 and 5 power levels.  It's easy to miss enemies as it is
sometimes hard to judge just where the parasol will open and rise; the parasol
can fly up just short of hitting a enemy straight ahead, or fly up too soon or
too late to strike an enemy in the air.  The parasol is more trouble than it's
worth .

BOOMERANG - a boomerang fires forward a short distance, then returns along the
same path back to it point of origin (not necesarily back to the player)
Level 1 - small boomerang
Level 2 - medium boomerang
Level 3 - large boomerang
Level 4 - two large boomerangs, one going forawrd, the other diagonally up
Level 5 - three large boomerangs, one going forawrd, the other diagonally up,
and the third going diagonally down
Usefulness: This is probably the one of the most useful weapons.  One of the
two second most powerful weapons, the only real draw back is it's short range.
Once you get past this, it is a very useful weapon, especially when fully
powered up.  With three boomerangs firing at once, its easy to hit enemies in
front above or below, and hit some enemies with more than one boomerang at a
time.  Often times, even if you miss an enemy, the boomerang may strike it upon
its return trajectory, killing an enemy just in the nick of time.

SHURIKEN - fires a ninja-star the full length of the screen
Level 1 - small shuriken
Level 2 - medium shuriken
Level 3 - large shuriken
Level 4 - two large shuriken, one fired to the left, the other to the right
Level 5 - three large shuriken one fired straight left, straight right, and
straight up
Usefulness: This is probably the most useful weapon in the game, on par with
the boomerang.  The only draw back is that it cannot be fired at angels, but
this usually isn't a problem, since you can just stand right beneath any
sky-bound enemy and blast them from below.  This weapon is also has the
strongest attack power in the game.

BALL - fires a baseball the full length of the screen; if the ball hits a wall,
it will bounce off and fall down, if it hits a slope, it wil roll up the slope
Level 1 - small ball
Level 2 - medium ball
Level 3 - large ball
Level 4 - two large balls, one fired straight, the other forward diagonally up
Level 5 - three large balls, one fired forward, the other diagonally up, the
third diagonally up at a steeper angle
Usefulness: It's okay.  It can hit things at angels.  It might be a better
choice than, say, the pencil, because it has the second-highest attack power.

PENCIL - fires a pencil the full length of the screen
Level 1 - small pencil
Level 2 - medium pencil
Level 3 - large pencil
Level 4 - two large pencils, one on your level, the other straight ahead, but
one level above you
Level 5 - three large pencils, one on your level, the other straight ahead, but
one level above you, the third another level above that.
Usefulness: It can hit things that are standing on higher platforms, but isn't
too great.  It can only hit things straight ahead, so if the target is too high
or low, you won't be able to hit it unless you can compensate for the altitude.

CRYSTAL - fires a chunk of crystal in a short arc.  Upon hitting the ground,
the crystal will split, sending to smaller shard firing at upward angles in a
"V" shape.  The main crystal inficts heavier damge than the shards.
Level 1 - small crystal
Level 2 - medium crystal
Level 3 - large crystal
Level 4 - the crystal splits off into four shards, firing in an "X" pattern
Level 5 - the crystal splits into 8 shards, all firing in 8 different angles
(up, down, left right, and all four angles in between)
Usefulness: When fully charged, the crystal can be quite effective.  However,
until you reach the final level, it is very hard to hit things with the crystal
shards, and the main chunk is very short range in its arc.  Combined with a low
attack power, this is a pretty difficult weapon to use, and can be frustrating.
 I'd stay away from it unless you want a challenge.

FLOWER - this a bomb weapon: toss a seed in a decent arc that explodes upon
contact.  The explosion consists of rapidly blooming flowers
Level 1 - small, short lasting explosion
Level 2 - slightly bigger explosion, lasts a little longer
Level 3 - medium explosion, lasts a little longer
Level 4 - larger explosion, lasts a little longer
Level 5 - largest explosion, long lasting
Usefulness: Although it takes a little getting used to, the flower is a fairly
affective weapon. The explosion inflicts massive damage by repeatedly hitting
the target, if placed right.  Especially when fully powered, the explosion can
both keep you protected and inflict incredible damage, especially on bosses. 
However, remember that you have to wait for the explosion to finish before
firing another seed.

MELODY - fires a small note that travels in a wave pattern the full length of
the screen.
Level 1 - small note
Level 2 - medium note
Level 3 - large note
Level 4 - two large notes, one above the original
Level 5 - three large notes, one below and one above the original
Usefulness: This is a surprisingly useful weapon.  You can use it to hit things
that are beyond your reach, either below or above you.  If you place the arc of
the wave just right, you can even hit creatures that would normally be able to
block or dodge an attack from a straight ahead.  When fully powered up, it
creates a large wave of notes that can easily hit many enemies on the screen.

*NOTE: For me, the best combination has always been
HERO-JET-BOOMERANG/SHURIKEN.  It may be different for you, but I think this
combination makes for a good all-around hero.

You obtain items by breaking open eggs.  There are many eggs simply lying
around the stages and every time you kill an enemy, it leaves an egg behind. 
You can break them by firing your weapon at it several times.  Items are
essential to one's survival, so you must make sure you break open as many eggs
as you can.
SMALL HEART - adds one unit of life to you HP meter
LARGE HEART - adds a full square (8 units) of life to you HP meter
ORBS - There seem to be several orbs, with various random effects, depending on
the "aura" you get upon touching the orb:
-A blue aura to power you weapon to maximum for a short time
-A yellow/green aura completely refills the HP meter
-A white aura makes you temporarily invincible
-A green aura prevents you from sliding down slopes
SMILEY FACES - the red smiley faces act as one-ups, giving you an extra life
WEAPON POWER-UPS - these will appear as a large version of whatever weapon you
are currently carrying.  If you collect 5 power ups, you're weapon will go up a
level; however, after your weapon reaches maximum power, these will stop
showing up (as they would be useless anyway).

TAPIR - He is the Dream Wizard who starts you on you quest and allows you to
create your heroes.
RUA - She is the Princess of the Dreamworld, whom you are trying to rescue.
COCORIN - This red fairy creature is the brother of Cocoron.  You wind up
rescuing him from one of the bosses, and he acts as a secondary guide.  He is
concerned for his brother, and begs you to find him.
COCORON - Cocorin's brother, this blue fairy creature becomes the next target
for rescue after Rua.
THE KING OF TRUMP CASTLE - After you free him and beat the first six bosses in
the game, he will tell you a hint as to where to find Princess Rua.
SANTA CLAUS - Doesn't really contribute anything, but you have to save him from
one of the bosses.

The enemies in this game are pretty well varied, and all resemble animals of
some sort.

ARMADILLOS - These are probably the most common foes in the game next to
penguins.  They possess the most varied range of abilites and are a bit of a
pain to kill.  Once you hit them, they will turn their back on you and their
shell will protect them from damage.  You have to wait until it turns around
again to hit it, and it won't do so until you stop attacking.  If you are able
to hit it from below, or if you can place the Flower or Melody attacks just
right, you can hit the creature even if it's back is turned.  The Armadillos
can curl into their shells and zoom at you at high speed.  They can throw their
shells at you, use their shells as a boat (and leave them floating on the water
to act as mines), and can even use them to glide while blasting you with
pellets of some sort.

PENGUINS - The other most common enemy.  Penguins hop around and try to blast
you with pellets. They can fly at times.  The can also puff up and split into 3
mini-penguins to gang up on you, so be careful (this however, can be useful, as
it will allow you to get three eggs out of the penguin instead of just one). 
You can see them driving the trains on one of the mountain levels.

REINDEER HEADS - Mounted on walls, these things are mainly found in the Trump
Castle.  They can't chase after you but they can fire their antlers like
boomerangs a fair distance.  Best bet is to hit them by firing at them through
the walls behind them, or use an angled weapon.  Their antlers move slowly,
though so you can attack it head on, just make sure to jump when the antlers
get close.

SKUNKS - found in various levels, these things have two methods of attack: they
will fire a short-ranged sphere of gas at you, or they will wind up their tails
to fly, then descend upon you from the air.  They can also be quick runners, so
make sure they don't plow into you.  They are fairly weak, though, so they can
be killed easily.

HAT ARMADILLOS - Found in the House area, these are strange creatures that hide
under hats.  They are impervious to hard until they flip over, turning the hat
upside down.  This they will do only when you are close, and then they will
fire off a salvo of pellets.  They can be killed in one hit when vulnerable, so
if you can fire quick enough, you can kill them before they fire.

BIRDS - These creatures will wait until you are below them, then dive-bomb you.
 They will turn into eggs upon striking the ground, so they aren't even worth
attacking.  Just move out from under them when they descend.

TORTISES - These large turles will fall from the sky and try to smash you under
them.  Be careful they appear without warning and unless you are superfast, you
won't be able to run out from under them.  Just be wary where you're on the
Jungle floor, as they could pop up near the beginning.  They only move up and
down abit once landing, but can take massive amounts of damage so just keep
plugging away until they are destroyed.

LOINS - Also found in the forest, these beasts won't move, but they will fire a
triple-shot of fireballs at you, which can be hard to dodge.  They also have a
high durability, but not as much as the Tortises.

PANDAS - These panda can fly, and carry beach balls with them.  They will drop
the beach balls, which proceed to bounce around like mad until they are
destroyed.  The pandas will continue to fly by slowly, without directly

ELEPHANTS - These elephants can fly and fire pellets at you.  They also have
high durability.  Not only that, but they can inflict heavy damage, so don't
let them gang up on you.

STARS - They can be big or small, but are found only in Star Hill.  They
descend in a shower from the sky at high speed.  When they strike the ground,
they split off into sparkles that shoot across the length of the screen on both
sides of the impact point.  You can destroy them before they hit the ground and
spare yourself the trouble of dodging the sparkles, but they will not leave any
eggs if they are destroyed.

DANCING COWS - Found in the last levels of the game, these cows will jump after
you, dance a little bit and jump after you again. They aren't too hard to
dodge, but like the elephants, they can inflict massive amounts of damage. 
They also can take a lot of punishment.  The best thing to do would probably be
to avoid them, just dodge them and keep going on, unless you are desperate for
a power-up.

FLAMES - Found resting on candles in the last levels of the game, they will
attack if you draw near, bouncing around like crazy.  They can be killed in one
or two hits, though, so they aren't too much of a pain.

JOKER - The Joker has taken over Trump Castle and imprisoned the King.  His
attacks are card-themed.  Fighting the Joker requires stamina, because his is
probably the longest-lasting battle in the game.  First, he will attack using
the symbols of Spades, which can only be destroyed when moving.  He will go
through the entire deck, starting with 1 (Ace), up to 10.  When the card
appears, it will fire off all the spades on it one by one.  You can either
destroy the spades or dodge them; the Flower weapon is very handy here, as you
can fire it at one spade, and the explosion should act as a shield, destroying
whatever spades run into it.  After the spades, two Jacks will attack you,
flying around the room in a semi-random pattern.  Hit them a few times to
destroy them.  Then, two Queens will appear and attack the same way, only they
will move slightly faster.  They require a few more hits than the Jacks. 
Finally, the Joker will appear and you can actually start cleaving units off
his HP bar.  The Joker floats around the room in a semi-random patttern, and
moves very quickly, trying to ram you with his body.  Any multi-direction
weapon will do.  The flower weapon may also be handy, but only if fully
charged, because he usually moves too quickly to be hit more than twice by any
explosion unless he keeps flying back into it.

FLINT - Flint is the pirate who terrorizes the Milk Sea.  He will attack you
from his pirate ship, chucking skeleton pirates, anchors, barrels, and
eventually exploding cannons at you!  The Ship moves back and forth, so don't
get too close.  You must strike the skull on his ship to inflict damage.  Any
straight shooting or angled ranged weapon will do, but the Shuriken is probably
preferable, especially due to it's massive damage ability.  After beating him,
he will give you a hint which ultimately leads you to Cocorin.  Don't let
yourself be struck by the actual ship, as this will kill you instantly.

TITANIA - Titania is the Fairy Queen of the Fairy Forest.  She fancies herself
the "most beautiful queen in the world".  She will attack by causing energy
bursts to erupt from the ground.  These are very hard to dodge unless you are
standing in just the right spot, which isn't consistant, since they don't fire
up from the same place.  The idea is to stand between two energy shots, and
they ought to miss you if you are standing in just the right spot.  While this
is happening, Titania will appear for a short time, during which you can attack
her.  After you hit her about two or three times, she will dissappear and
reappear somewhere else.  An angled weapon is preferable, as she can appear in
spots too high for straight shooting, or at too high an angle for the "bomb"
weapons to strike her (even if it does, she will dissappear after a few hits,
so the bomb won't be as useful).  She rarely appears near the ground, so you'll
have to jump in order to strike her if you don't have an angled weapon.  Don't
allow Titania to touch you herself, or you will die instantly.  After defeating
her, you will gain an unexpected friend.

HARVEST MOON - This moon apparently lords over Star Hill.  His dream is to
outshine all the stars in the sky, incuding the sun.  He says that if he
defeats you, a mysterious wizard will grant his wish.  He will cause four
meteors to appear and rotate around his body.  Your weapon needs to get past
these meteors, but that isn't always easy to pull off, since they orbit him
rapidly.  After a time, he will fire them off and dissappear, then reappear
somewhere else.  The most effective weapon is probably the Shuriken, because it
knocks down so much HP.  However, if you can strike him with a powered up
Crystal (the main chunk, not the shards) or a powered up Flower, you can
inflict massive damage on him.  These are hard to place right, though, as you
have to be almost right next to him, or you'll miss him; but be careful not to
touch him in the process; if you touch Haverst Moon, or the meteors as they
orbit him, you will instantly die.  After defeating him, he will become

ICE-DRAGON - The Ice-Dragon has trapped Santa Claus in a block of ice, and has
him held prisoner on Ice-Fire Mountain.  The Ice Dragon will first appear
housed in a giant dragon ice sculpture, from which he will chuck pieces of ice
at you.  You have to destroy the outer shell first.  Just keep blasting it with
whatever you've got.  Be careful as sections of the dragon break off into large
chuncks that will inflict damage if they hit.  Once broken out of the dragon
sculpture, the Ice Dragon will chase after you in spurts of flight.  After
several attmepts, he will stop and spit three waves of water at you at high
speed, so be prepared to dodge.  Shuriken, Boomerang, Melody, or Flower are
probably the most effective weapons, though any ranged, angled weapon would
make it easier to hit him as he moves around alot.

BAKU, the Dream Eater - One of your close allies is, in reality, the dreaded
Baku, who seeks to devour your dreamworld, and you and all your friends with
it!  Baku has Cocoron held prisoner, as Cocoron is one of the few capabel of
sealing him away.  Baku is the hardest boss, of course, and his attacks are
fierce.  You must battle him twice, actually, once to free Cocoron, then again
to stop him from entirely destroying your dreamland.  Once you have freed
Princess Rua, he will have kidnapped five of your heroes, leaving only the one
you used to find Princess Rua.  You must rescue your friends by travelling
through a series of short levels and freeing one hero at the end of every
level.  Afterwards you must fight Baku.
Baku attacks by flying quickly around the room, firing eggs at you.  The eggs
will either shoot straight at you, or bounce on the floor quickly.  The
bouncing eggs are a lot harder to dodge, so be careful.  Once you strike Baku,
he will suddnely flicker for a moment, making him impervious to harm (thus
preventing you from simply hammering him down with rapid fire shots).  After he
flickers he will fire a slavo of eggs (at three angles in the first round, then
five angels in the second).  The best bet is to use the fully powered Shuriken
or the Boomerang and stay below him and just to the side.  When he fires off
the eggs, they should pass right around you.  Hit him again before he can fire
off his other eggs.  If you use the Flower weapon, it can keep hitting him
several times in a row, while he flickers, fires, flickers, fires, flickers,
fires.  If you can keep hitting him without breaking the rythm, he should fall
very quickly.

The levels are divided into seven sections on a world map.  You can do them in
any order.  You can go to any section from any other section.  The result is
that the level layout often changes drastically.  You must also pass through
the terrain of whatever level you happen to pass through when going from on
place to another.  Usually, if the areas are right next to each other, you'll
simply go through two enviroments.  However, if there is another section
between your current position and the world map, you'll have three environments
to go through.

HOUSE - You start off from here.  The House is in the middle of the Map, so
you'll wind up passing through it often, if you need to go to places that are
on opposite ends of the map.  The House is also the beginning of Baku's levels.
 You can go from one section to the House in order to swap out characters
before travelling to an undefeated boss.  As you travel through the house, you
mainly encounter the Hat Armadillos and Pandas.  The place looks like a
painting gallery, with drawings in the background.

TRUMP CASTLE - Ruled over by the King (of Spades, I guess), this place is very
much like a typical castle, and has many levels, which means lots of stairs to
climb.  This place is guarded mainly by Armodillos and Reindeer Heads.

MILK SEA - The land of this place looks like it's made out of cheese.  The
"water" is actually milk, as you'll see when you encounter a giant milk carton
before fighting the boss.  Much of this level has water in it, but there are
some land "islands" to step on.  This is really the only place the Boat body
comes in handy (except for one level in the Baku stages).  This place is has
many Penguins, though Armadillos and Birds are comon as well.

FAIRY FOREST - Home of Titania.  This place has many forms of wildlife and
looks like a dark jungle.  You'll have to jump up on leaves to reach the tree
tops at some point. Or you can go underground into some caverns to reach the
Milk Sea.

STAR HILL - You travel through much of the mountain's insides, dodging or using
trains in order to reach the top, where a starry sky will greet you.  Travel by
way of the clouds will bring you to Ice-Fire Mountain or the Trump Castle. 
This place holds various creatures, but no spiecs really dominates.

ICE-FIRE MOUNTAIN - Home to the Ice Dragon and prison of Santa Claus.  This
place is overrun with penguins.  You must travel up through this mountain of
pale blue and red stone to reach the summit to battel the Dragon.

BAKU'S REALM - This level isn't on the world map.  Once you reach this level,
there is no turning back.  You cannot access the world map anymore once you
have started this section, which will occur after you free Princess Rua. 
Baku's levels could be divided into two main parts: the Rescue levels and the
Main level.
-The Rescue levels are very, very short and serve to allow you to retrieve your
stolen heroes.  The first level isn't too challenging: you start out at the
House and enter Baku's "fortress".  The Second level has milk and cacti and
isn't too hard to navigate.  The Third level, though is overgrowrn with Cacti. 
I can tell you that it is virtually impossible to navigate this level without a
flying character, as merely touching the cacti will cleave a whole square (8
units) off your life bar.  All you have to step on are flowers that open and
close quickly, and you can only step on them while they are open.  It's easer
to hover above them until they open, then land and jump off immediately again
and fly on.  It's too hard to simply jump from flower to flower, as they close
up so quickly on you, leaving you to the mercy of the Cacti (hence it's really
hard to time the jumps).  The fourth level is also full of cacti, but is also
flooded with milk.  A Boat body would be useful here, but it's not necesary.  I
usually never bother to use one on this level myself.  The next two levels are
fairly easy.
-Baku's Main level is a long and dangerous journey.  About as long all the
Rescue levels combined, this place is riddled with almost every enemy you ever
encountered and two new ones as well.

Cocoron is copyright 1991 by Takeru.  I did not create the game, I just wrote
the FAQ.  Speaking of which, you may not reproduce this FAQ without permission
from the author.  You can't take it, and take credit for it.  And seeing as how
there are to my knowledge no other Cocoron FAQs or Walkthoughs in existance,
I'll know if you yoinked this.  Any questions or comments, send them to

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