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FAQ/Walkthrough by KingMikeX

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/20/08

Dragon Scroll - Resurrection of the Evil Dragon
Walkthrough / FAQ by KingMike, version 1.0


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 Experience Chart


Introduction copied from a translation patch I made for emulators.

Dragon Scroll is an action-RPG, in the vien of the original Legend of Zelda.
It was published by Konami for the Famicom, and released December 6, 1987.

The overall goal is to collect the items and tools necessary to collect
eight Magic Books and defeat the Chrome Dragon.
As you play, you will gain experience levels. When you gain a level,
your abilities will grow and your Life Meter will recover.
Your MP may recover, and your maximum MP or Life may increase.

 D-Pad: Move player/cursor.
 Select: Open the menu screen.
 Start: Starts the game, otherwise unused.
 B Button: Use magic
 A Button: Attack with weapon

Story translation by Eien ni Hen, from the original manual.

Resurrection of the Demon Dragon

It was an age of magic, in which there existed two factions: Black Mages, who
worshipped the three-headed Chrome Dragon, and White Mages, who worshipped the
glimmering Gold Dragon. Their conflicts over territory and ideals brought about
countless wars. The God Narume knew he must stop the fighting, so he put the
Chrome Dragon to sleep in the mountains, and the Gold Dragon to sleep in the
desert. He then took magic away from the mages, sealing up the eight Magic
Books and hiding them in the sacred desert tower.

Hundreds of years passed after Narume erased magic from the world. The people
lived in peace, and villages and towns prospered. However, there were also
those who would do wrong to gain wealth. Enter the three greedy thieves:
Safra, Kakai, and Unasu. One day, as they were being chased down for some evil
deed, they became lost in the desert. After walking and walking, they stumbled
upon the sacred tower and discovered the hidden Magic Books. Thinking they
could sell them for a pretty penny, the three split the books amongst
themselves and each went his own way. With the Magic Books gone, the Chrome
Dragon awoke from its eternal slumber, determined to plunge the world into a
second age of dark sorcery. So Narume infused the Gold Dragon with the spirit
of justice, summoning him forth in the form of a hero named 'Feram'. And so,
it is up to Feram to collect the Magic Books and return the Chrome Dragon
to its slumber.

This is where you take control of Feram. You will aquire magic, solve riddles,
and go on an adventure.  Will you, as Feram, develop the spirit of justice
bestowed upon you by the God Narume?

THE TWO DRAGONS (also translated from the original manual)

Gold Dragon

The dragon worshipped by White Mages. It likes
high places, and lives in a house made of stone.
Personality-wise, it is fair, virtuous, and peace-loving.
It can take many forms, including those of humans and animals.
It also an unnaturally high intelligence and a vast knowledge of spells.
The Gold Dragon has a body length of 18m (59ft), and shoots Flame Breath and
Energy Flame from its mouth. It has taken the form of the hero Feram
on orders from the God Narume.

Chrome Dragon

Worshipped by Black Mages, the Chrome Dragon despises all good beings
and loves cruelty. The ruler of Hell, it has three heads, each with a
different attack.
One spits flame, the other two spit explosives.
Body length of 40m (131ft). The only way to return the Chrome Dragon to
its slumber is to pierce its very heart.

 Magician's Staff: The default weapon. It fires magical energy waves
  at enemies a short distance away. It can fire quickly.
 Flame Staff: It shoots flames at enemies. It has a longer range,
  but is slower to fire. You must reach Level 5 to use it.
 Madan Staff: Shoot bullets of evil energy. As you may have guessed,
  it is the most powerful, but it fires at the slowest rate.
  You must reach Level 8 to use it.
 Silver Ring: Holding this will allow you to move faster.
 Gold Ring: Holding this will reduce the damage you take.

 Crystal Ball: You will be able to see a minimap of the world
  (press A on the item/magic menu) and a hint to the three
  thieves' whereabouts (press A on the minimap).
 Tounges Liquid: You will be able to understand the people of
  Requi and Maten.
 Magic Key: Opens locked doors.
 Reverse Grass: Prevents your directions from being reversed
  when hit by certain enemies' projectiles.
 Nire Branch: Can create a bridge over Kaos Lake.
 Dragon Scale: Needed to battle the final boss.

 Rain Bell: Creates a thunderstorm. Reveals secrets in a few
  places. Uses 10 MP. You cannot use other magic during the
 Dark Bell: Creates darkness, confuses some enemmies. Uses 15 MP.
 Stillness Bell: Temporarily freezes enemies. Uses 80 MP.
 Yunke Fruit: Shoot at certain objects to obtain items or
  information. Uses 5 MP per shot.
 Necklace: You will become temporarily invincible.
  Uses 60 MP.
 Hades Bell: I don't know what it does, but it doesn't use
  any MP.

Note that the game is non-linear. Below is just one possible path through
 the game.

Dermos Kingdom
- From the start, walk straight to the right, all the way to the wall of
  trees. Walk straight up to the doorway you see, and enter.

Dermos Kingdom, dungeon D
- Go to the northeast corner of the room, and you will find two stone heads.
  Stand between them for a few seconds and a chest with the Silver Ring will
  appear. Collect it for a speed boost. Leave.

Dermos Kingdom
- Walk back down and left to the starting point.
- Now continue left to a long narrow path up between the trees.
- At the top, head straight left as much as possible to find a door behind
  a waterfall.

Dermos Kingdom, dungeon C
- Head to the northeast corner of the room.
- Shoot the right head a few times to get the Yunke Fruit. Leave.

Dermos Kingdom
- Find your way to the right and around to the other side of the
  river immediately below you.
- Shoot the tree with the Yunke Fruit to collect the Rain Bell.
- Go back to the doorway to dungeon D (where you got the Silver Ring).
- Hug the right wall of trees, go up and follow it until you come
  back down to a plus-shaped formation of rocks.
- Use the Rain Bell to create a storm and reveal the chest with the
  Reverse Grass.
- Head right and down to the southeast corner of the map and collect
  the Crystal Ball from a chest.
- Head back to where you found the Reverse Grass. Now go straight north
  until you reach the north end of the region (you'll see two L-shaped
  rock formations). Head directly west from here to reach the doorway
  to Castor.

(if you've haven't collected the Reverse Grass, the flowers' spit will
reverese your direction buttons for a little while if you get hit)
- Head directly east to the east side of the region, then head directly
  north until you reach a doorway.

Castor Underground
- Head around the north wall until you find a chest with the Flame Staff.
  Collect it and go back out. You can equip it on the menu screen with
  Left/Right, but only if you've reached Level 5.

- Shoot the third statue from the right in the bottom row to make a chest
  with the Nire Branch appear.
- One of the statues has the Necklace. I think it's the fourth from the
  left in the middle row, but not positive. Use the Yunke Fruit.
- Now head back to the southwest corner of Castor, and return to Dermos.

- Head to the northwest corner of Dermos. You'll find a door beyond a
  seemingly uncrossable river, and two statues.
- Stand between the two statues, as far up as you can go, and wait a few
  seconds to be teleported across. Enter the door to reach Zarik Desert.

Zarik Desert
- Find your way to the northwest corner of the desert to find Zarik Tower.
  You'll probably encounter many respawning enemies. They should stop
  after about four respawns, so be patient.

Zarik Tower
- Head up and to the right to find a doorway. Enter it.
- The second room is a spiral pattern. Follow it to the next door and enter.
- In the third room, take a few steps left of the doorway, and follow it up
  to find Safra. Use the Yunke Fruit to restore him to normal.
- If Safra's not there, chase him down using the minimap to find him.
- Now leave the tower.

Zarik Desert
- I'm going to spoil possibly the most confusing part of the game right now.
  Head directly south until you reach a circle of stones.
- Use the Rain Bell here, then face the middle spot of the stones.
- After the storm, shoot the Yunke Fruit to pass through the invisible
  door into the Tower of Illusion.

Tower of Illusion
- Take the rightmost path through the first room to reach the door in the
  northeast corner.
- In the next room, follow it around you reach a T-shaped intersection on
  the left side of the room. Head left to the stone head and use the Yunke
  Fruit to collect the Magic Key.
- There is an MP refill on the right path if you want it, otherwise head back
  out of this room.
- Back in the original room, head back down, then up at the next split.
  Go to the left path in the next fork to reach another door.
- In the next room, head right and take the first path down, and then go to
  the left. At the next split, you can go left for a life refill or down to
  continue on to the doorway.
- In the third room, there are five statues in the northeast corner. The
  leftmost one has the Hades Bell.
- The chest in the northwest corner is empty, but you need to open it anyways.
- Leave the tower.

Zarik Desert
- Return to the visible tower.

Zarik Tower
- There is a life refill in the locked room if you need it, but nothing
- Safra waits in the southwest corner of the first room. Get the Book of Wind.
  Leave the tower.

Zarik Desert
- Return to Dermos, using the door on the east side of the desert.

Dermos Kingdom
- Go straight south until you reach a wall of trees. Head directly east as much
  as possible, until you reach a door. Go in and you'll be warped to a little
  nook with two doors. Head west to reach another door and enter it.

Dermos Kingdom, dungeon B
- Head straight north. There is a floor of flames. To get past without damage,
  use the necklace. There is an MP refill after the flames if you need it.
- With the Magic Key, you can enter the door in the middle of the room.
- Collect the Book of Water from the chest in the middle of the north side.

(We could battle Dermos' boss now, but it might be the toughest in the game,
 so I'll go grab the Madan Staff and Gold Ring first.)

Dermos Kingdom
- Go back east to the next door, and warp.
- Now head west and up around the trees. Go into the door to enter Requi.

(Requi is probably the best place to build EXP, if you were wondering)
- From the start, head east and north to the south temple. You'll find an
  MP refill just outside.
- Don't worry about the jibberish (is it?) spoken by the people. They'll start
  making sense soon.

Requi South Temple
- Just head east from the entrance until you find the chest with the Madan
  Staff. This is the strongest in the game, and you can use it if you're level
  8 or higher. There is an MP refill on the west side if you want, otherwise
  just leave.

- Head directly south to the edge of the region, then head west. Go past
  a bunch of knights in a column-filled area. Head west around the wall of
  trees, then down into the southwest corner of Requi, where you'll find
  the Tounges liquid. Now the people in Requi will start making sense.
- Head north past the nearby door, and enter the next door you see to reach
  the west temple.

Requi West Temple
- In this dungeon are doors that magically appear and close on you, causing
  damage. Shoot them with the Yunke Fruit to destroy them.
- From the start, go east and then go straight up to to find the door to
  the next room.
- In the southeast part of this room is the Dragon Scale. We'll need this at
  the end of the game, but might as well grab it now, while we're passing by.
- You can now leave this dungeon, but if you follow the path south in the
  first room, it'll lead you to an MP refill in the chest in the lower part of
  the second room.

- From the doorway, head east and north to the lake. Follow the edge of the lake
  to the east. It will lead you around to the north temple.

Requi North Temple
- Follow the path, go east at the oppertunity. Head east around the north wall,
  and you'll find a lone statue. Shoot it for the Gold Ring.

- Head back to Dermos.

Dermos Kingdom
- Follow the path to your right to reach Dermos Castle.

Dermos Castle
- Follow the winding path.
- Midway through the room, you'll encounter a wall with a path open on the
  edges of the map.
- The right path leads to a room with an MP refill and a Gambling House.
- The left path is our ultimate destination. Follow it and enter the door at
  the end.
- Use the necklace to cros the fire floor. There will be an MP refill in a
  small nook if you need it.
- The door in the upper left leads to the Dermos king.
- The Dermos king is difficult to predict. Use the Rain Bell to weaken him,
  and shoot at him with the Madan Staff (level in Requi if you need to reach
  level 8).
- Collect the Book of Fire when you win, and get out.

- Make your way to Castor Tower in the northwest corner of Castor.

Castor Tower
- In the first room, head directly south to the southeast corner to find a
  locked door. Pass through it.
- In this locked room, collect the Dark Bell from a chest in the first nook
  you see, and come back the way you came (the only thing in the rest of the
  room is an MP refill).
- Back in the first room, there's an MP refill in the southwest corner, but the
  northwest corner is our destination.
- In the next room, head east. There's a life refill to the south path. Go east
  to continue to another locked room.
- In this room, just follow the path to the door to the Castor king.
- The Castor king is a couple of stone heads that will pop out and shoot you.
  The giant balls will bounce around the room in 45-degree angles. You can
  destroy them with your shots. The heads are only vulnerable when they're
  facing directly south, so don't waste effort trying to shoot them otherwise.
- Collect the Book of Earth when you win, then leave the tower, and go to Requi.

- Go back to the door where the West Temple is.
- Head north to the lake, and this time, head west around the lake.
- You see two stone statues next to a river.
- Shoot the Yunke Fruit, and if you've collected the Nire Branch in Castor,
  a bridge will appear across the river.
- Use the Rain Bell to make a chest appear on the alter, and collect the
  Stillness Bell.
- Go through the door next to the alter, and you will warp to the east side
  of Requi.
- From the warp spot, head west across a grass bridge, then north through a
  path of stone columms.
- Shoot the knights if you want, but they're kinda dumb and you should be able
  to fake them out pretty easy, since they only give chase if they see you.
- Follow the stone path north, east, and south to the main temple.

Requi Temple
- Head immediately east, and then south across the fire floor.
- After crossing, head east then up to the door.
- In the next room, collect the Book of Time from the chest, then follow the
  path west. At the split, you can go to the northwest to find an MP refill.
- Head straight south to the bottom of the room, then right a bit to find the
  door to the king.
- The Requi King attacks as about a million little guys. Use the Dark Bell to
  make them gather up as one big and slow dude. The object is to push him into
  walls to make him break in two smaller people. If you push one of the smallest
  guys into wall, he dies. Start with the big guy, break him into two smaller
  pieces, break one of those and down the line. Then break just the smallest
  ones to minimize the crowd. They'll fly farther if you smash 'em during a
  thunderstorm *hint*.
- Collect the Book of Lightning when you win.

Now to the last area: Maten. Don't even think about going without the Madan
Staff. The enemies all take way too many hits to defeat with the weaker
staves. Also, you may want to consult the experience chart and level-up wisely
to take advantage of the free life refill, which you'll probably need.
You should have six of the eight Magic Books and the Dragon Scale before you
enter Maten. If not, go find them.

- Enter the door near the chest that had the Tounges Liquid to enter Maten.

- As you climb the mountain, chase Unasu. Just enough for him to notice you is
- Head west up the first stairs, then a few steps west to the second stairs.
- Heading all the way to the right of this floor will lead you to a warp to a
  Life refill, but it may not be worth it. Head left and climb the stairs again.
- Head right and up the next staircase, then northeast to another staircase.
- Climb this one to find a platform with the Book of Dragons. Get it and climb
  back down.
- Head east and up the stairs. Climb two more stairs.
- To reach the top of the mountain, only take the west staircase when you have
  a choice.
- At the top of the mountain, you will find Maten Castle.
- If he's spotted you at every stop, Unasu will be to the east of the castle and
  will give you the final book.

Maten Castle
- Beware when entering Maten Castle. A hawkman will immediately try to knock
  you out the door. Try to take one enemy at a time and be careful.
- The west path will lead you to an MP refill that is probably not worth the
  effort. So head east to the door.
- When entering the second room, immediately move to the side to avoid an
- There's an MP refill if you need it.
- In the next room, two enemies will try to surround you. If you're fast, you
  can go around the left one to avoid the double-team. Go on to the door in
  the northeast.
- The hawkmen in the next room should be avoidable if you know their flight
  patterns well enough. Head east and then straight up to the door when you can.
- The final room is a straight path across a ton of fires. I don't need to tell
  you to use the necklace, do I?
- If you have the eight Magic Books and the Dragon Scale, you can enter the
  door at the end to reach the final boss.
- The epic battle of the dragons depicted on the cover art! Move around, and
  use A for normal breath and B for a limited-use super shot. The bottom of the
  screen is fairly safe when you need to avoid the Chrome Dragon's shots.
  Defeat the single and multi-head versions to win the game.
- It's not done quite yet: there's a secret ending scene you can view from
  the password screen.
- For the emulator translation patch, use the password
- If you're playing the Japanese original, the password is

Dermos Kingdom
  - Rain Bell
  - Reverse Grass
  - Crystal Ball
 Dungeon B
  - MP refill
  - Book of Water
 Dungeon C
  - Gamblng House
  - Yunke Fruit
  - MP refill
 Dungeon D
  - Life refill
  - Silver Ring
 Dermos Castle
  - MP refill
  - Book of Fire
  - MP refill
  - Gambling House

  - Nire Branch
  - Necklace
 Castor underground
  - Flame Staff
  - Life refill
 Castor Tower
  - Dark Bell
  - MP refill
  - Life refill
  - Book of Earth

Zarik Desert
  - MP refill
 Zarik Tower
  - MP refill
  - Book of Wind
  - Life refill
 Tower of Illusion
  - Magic Key
  - MP refill
  - Life refill
  - Hades Bell
  - Emptied chest

  - Tounges Liquid
  - MP refill
  - Stillness Bell
 Requi Temple
  - MP refill
  - Book of Time
  - Book of Lightning
 South Temple
  - Madan Staff
  - MP refill
 West Temple
  - MP refill
  - Dragon Scale
 North Temple
  - Gambling House
  - Gold Ring

  - Life refill
  - Book of Dragons
  - Book of Darkness
 Maten Castle
  - MP refill
  - MP refill

NOTE: Gaining a level always refills your Life.
You may want to make strategic use of that.
Dying will send you back to the entrance of the
current region, but your MP will become 50% full.

Level EXP  Effect
  2     50 None.
  3    200 MP recovered, maximum MP increased.
  4    400 Maximum Life increased one block.
  5    650 MP recovered, Flame Staff becomes usable.
  6    950 Maximum MP increased.
  7   1300 MP recovered, maximum Life increased one block.
  8   1700 Attack power increased, Madan Staff becomes usable.
  9   2200 MP recovered, maximum MP increased.
 10   2800 Maximum life increased one block.
 11   3500 MP recovered, staff attack power increased.
 12   4300 Maximum MP increased.
 13   5300 MP recovered, maximum Life increased one block.
 14   6700 Attack power increased.
 15   7500 MP recoverd, maximum MP increased.

So, to summarize:
 Maximum life increased every third level-up.
 MP recovered every second level-up.
 Maximum MP increased reaching levels that are multiples of 3.

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