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A great NES game, but seemingly bullied by it's older brother. 11/20/07 AlderDryad
Stab your way through in this pumped sequel to an everlasting classic. 09/18/03 antseezee
Perhaps forgettable but moreso forgotten, Adventure of Link is a solid game worthy of a more thorough look than it tends to receive from Zelda fans. 12/30/14 bachewychomp
A new adventure! The noble warrior Link runs out in the world, armed with...a toothpicker?! 08/19/05 Celtic Forest
Why do People hate this Game? 05/06/13 ConArtist
The opposite of the original, yet ends up being just as tedious 01/05/07 Couch Tomato
The Zelda series has never felt so expansive and fantastic. 06/12/00 fduboo
For shame 06/18/08 horror_spooky
Zelda II Again? Just as Excellent, Right? 06/11/07 Hyper Shadic
A hardcore Zelda game for hardcore Zelda fans 07/31/17 James00715
The formula that didn't work as expected... but a great game nonetheless! 09/02/08 JCDC
Great, underrated game that's different yet enjoyable. 10/21/13 Jerrynsteph4eva
Not a bad game, but is it a good Zelda game? 04/28/03 JIrish
Looking for something new in your Zelda experience? Look no further than Zelda II: The Adventure of Link! 04/02/12 LordMoe
More than just another great game 08/17/04 Mariner
Crime and Punishment 06/09/11 nastynate3118
A lesson on how to completely change a game while maintaining a high standard of quality 10/21/05 Overdrive
A great sequel to The Legend of Zelda... 09/03/01 RCoker
A unique experience 12/18/17 Red_Metal
A Truly Worthy Sequel 11/15/02 Richo Rosai
Love it or hate it... 05/05/14 Ryan Harrison
Since this is the first Zelda game I've ever owned, I might as well review it first, too... 04/24/04 Saikyo Ki
The demented black sheep of the Zelda series 01/05/07 Shivan Reincarnated
Change (yeah change, yeah change) will do you good... ba ba ba 08/07/01 SKilpatrick
I go and save the princess, and now she wants to sleep? 04/20/06 terrisus
More than just a Dark Horse 12/06/05 TSA_ZHQ
Criminally underrated. 07/31/09 UltimaterializerX
Different does not mean bad. 08/05/15 WhatTheDeuce92
Different type of gaming than the others in the series, a disadvantage or not? 03/19/01 Yakuza
If people just forgot that it's a Zelda game, then everyone would love it. 03/10/08 Zylo the wolf

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A strange twist to the popular Zelda franchise... 12/19/05 A Friendly Cactus
Change is not always bad. 02/11/03 Aganar
It's not every day that I get to utterly bash one of the most revered gaming franchises... 10/17/07 Arkrex
Worthy of the Zelda Name? 02/10/05 AWing Pilot
Lurking in the shadows... 02/28/05 Centurion
Is LInk's Adventure worth embarking on? 10/08/07 comebackking1
One of Nintendo's early major ain't Simon's Quest, but it ain't Super Mario Bros. 2 either. 11/06/02 EPoetker
Change is inevitable 10/14/04 Gbness
Listen up haters 06/08/06 ice beam
All your base belong to us!'s a surprising sequel of hybrid action and RPG...truth... 12/10/01 KasketDarkfyre
Why the heck does Link smile all the time? 09/10/01 Leetdude
Whether you like this game or not, you can't deny it wins one category in the Zelda series: Most Difficult. 11/23/09 Looneymaster
The Adventure Of Link Review: Psychotic quest of side-scrollingness 12/14/05 MarkyJoe
The best 2D Zelda game. 02/28/05 Megaman1981
The black sheep of Zelda...but a fun one nonetheless 06/06/08 Nightmare827
Cult Legend 01/25/10 Ofisil
Under-rated, and over-looked. 10/02/09 PlasmawarriorX
A great game overshadowed by its sequel 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
The black sheep: a buried Rupee or a bag of bombs? 04/23/12 RageBot
I know series that would kill for slumps like this 01/28/08 Rodanguirus
Haha, good one Nintendo, now where is the real sequel to The Legend of Zelda… No seriously, where is it… 03/16/04 shneepshnop
An exceptional underrated game. 02/10/05 skcin7
*Slashes wall with sword* BROING! 02/07/04 SNESster3
I like this one better than the first in some ways.... 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
A unique entry in the Zelda series that is anything but a "black sheep". 09/26/07 Watcher19
The best Zelda game ever. No, seriously. 03/31/06 xubelox
Zelda borrows some elements from RPGs and mixes it with a side scrolling action bit. It, surprisingly, works ... 05/30/06 ZFS

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Admirable production, just not my lane 10/01/18 2001mark
One Of The Most Unique Games Of All Time... 06/19/07 agenericperson
A little annoying and tedious at times, but ALOT of fun regardless. 10/12/07 AlfredoAVA
The best action/rpg ever 02/22/03 Arek
Just another Zelda game? Not quite. 10/04/01 Bentone
Why The Hell Are These Called 'Zelda' Games? Link Does All The Work... Typical Females, Can't Do ANYTHING Themselves... 01/19/02 Bobo The Clown
The adventure that has a steep challenge 01/10/14 Bsw1982
Best NES Game Hands Down, Better Than Its Original 04/12/12 CowboyJak
Meh, the game is okay, but it's not as great as everyone raves about. 10/16/07 Darkdoomsday
Some People Actually Didn't Like This? 10/11/11 dead_assassin
Now we're talkin' 06/03/08 DETHSHADO
Show This Review To River Man... 11/04/02 Eggplant Wizard
They "fixed" what wasn't broken to begin with, but managed a decent game anyway 04/07/00 Falsiloquos
Not the Zelda Game Most Were Expecting, But What Zelda Game is? 09/02/08 finalfnfantasy
Link returns, only this time, in a side scrolling adventure 08/07/01 Hiryuu
Zelda II: An adventure for Nintendo. Underrated? Yes. 11/01/04 Hyper Shadic
Underrated, solid game 12/17/07 jimmybiceps
A Diamond in the Rough 08/07/01 JVenter
An adventure unlike any other in the series! 01/08/02 Larcen Tyler
The only thing Zelda about this game is it's name 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
A Wrongly Maligned Game 07/20/11 Lil_Bit83
A classic sequel to a classic game 07/28/01 MI4 REAL
If it ain't broke, don't break it 01/21/05 neothe0ne
The Weakest Link? 07/03/01 PCGamer77
Zelda II! Hang your head in SHAME! 01/23/05 Posed to Death
Terrible excuse. Skip to Zelda 3. 04/07/02 Princess Lynaly
The black sheep or the missing Link? 06/18/07 SuperPhillip
Zelda II reveals all those who are persnickety when it comes to video games. 04/17/08 xanthous_303
::Sigh:: Some people just can't accept originality... 09/27/02 XxDarktlrxX

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