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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Walking on Water

Unlike previous interludes between palaces, there's very little to do after clearing Maze Palace (there isn't even a new town to visit). Thankfully navigating Maze Island is a lot easier now thanks to the Boots--simply walk on the river itself! Follow the river west until you can't go any farther, then go down to the bridge back to the mainland. What's more, you don't even have to go back through the cave near Nabooru Town. Simply walk on the water down toward that town instead! (One thing to note about the Boots is that you can't walk across any and all water, only certain spaces--generally stretches of water near the coast. In other words, the Boots only allow you to walk on shallow water!)

South of Nabooru across the plains is a cave. Enter it. This cave consists of two sections. The first contains a couple Tektites--cast Fire if you want to fight them. The next section looks empty, but keep going and you'll find a new enemy: an Aruroda. This powerful scorpion will shoot fire at you out of its tail, which is impossible to block without a Reflect spell. You'll want to cast Shield too. An Aruroda is only vulnerable when its eye is open, so defend until then. Once it opens its eye, crouch and stab it. (You can even try using Downthrust as well.) Defeating an Aruroda gives you 150 EXP, so that's worth the trouble. Go to the far end of this cave to find an even greater prize: a Treasure Bag (500 EXP)! That's the most we've ever gotten from a Treasure Bag so far! Now leave this cave the way you came in.

Go northeast from the cave to the boulder that blocks the path to the rest of the coast and destroy it with your Hammer. Now follow the coastline east. If you want, you can avoid the enemy encounters here by walking on the water--enemies can't challenge you there! Make your way to the eastern end of this shore, then hug the northernmost protrusion of the mountain wall to find a hidden action scene. There are no enemies here thankfully, but you'll need to cast Jump to leap up the rock wall in front of you. Keep going right to find another Treasure Bag (500 EXP). That's 1000 free EXP right off the bat! Now leave this place.

It's time to head to the next palace. You might think you need to heal up at Nabooru or another town to do so, but there's no need! Make your way across the water westward to the road that leads east from Nabooru. Two spaces away from the water, walk north onto the sandy terrain, and you'll eventually find an action scene containing nothing but a Red Magic Jar. That's your magic meter refilled!

Return to the road and walk due east from Nabooru Town out onto the sea. I've included a map below that shows how to reach the next Heart Container, coloring in your path on the ocean. (Note that you can walk across a lot more of the water than this, especially in the west near the coast--but I've marked the path you need to take to both the Heart Container and the next palace.) At the point where you're level with the northern protrusion of the coastline south of you, turn north. Go as far north as you're able, then turn east. Now go all the way east until you're in another hidden action scene. Again, there are no enemies here. You'll be in the midst of the sea (it acts like marshland here)--walk forward to find a rocky island. If you jump out of the water just right, you won't need to cast Jump. On this island is Heart Container #3. And that's your life meter refilled! Now exit this place and return to the overworld map. Retrace your steps west, then south, and finally just walk east all the way to Palace on the Sea.