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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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To Eastern Hyrule

A New Continent

Depart Island Palace the way you arrived at the island (i.e. through the cave on the island). Continue all the way left through the cave to emerge back in the graveyard south of the King's Tomb. Go north to the road and to the port (heal up at Mido Town if you need to). Now simply step on the dock by the town, and Link will ride the Raft east to a whole new land!

When you arrive in Eastern Hyrule, take care because you won't debark on a road but in a grassy plain. Enemy encounters around here consist of Tektites, long-legged monsters that hop around and fire beams at you. You have no way of defeating them now so quickly escape such encounters. Your first stop is a single tree south of where the dock is. Go there to enter an action scene. You'll meet slow moving floating eyeballs called Girubokkus. A Girubokku is only vulnerable when its eye is open, which is when it stops moving. They might move slowly, but they inflict a ton of damage if they make contact, so get past them carefully. You get 20 EXP if you defeat one. Anyway, go to the right past this horde of eyeball enemies to find your prize: a Treasure Bag (200 EXP). Now leave and return to the overworld.

If you got hurt by the Girubokkus or other enemies, there's a Fairy you can find. Go south into a wooded area with a lake and river. Move to the southwest corner of the woods by the lake to find a hidden action scene containing a Fairy. Heal up! Now leave the woods heading north, then go east from the port to find your first town in this part of Hyrule: Nabooru.

Nabooru Town

If you talk to the walking townspeople, you'll notice their dialogue is different from those on the western continent. These people seem more serious, more aware of what's at stake, and some ask you to save their town or even Hyrule as a whole. Inside the first house is a man who says, "With Boots I could walk on the water." This is one of the more straightforward hints in the game--the Boots are the special item inside the next palace, and they indeed grant you the ability to walk on (some) water. At the next house over you'll find the usual old woman who restores your magic.

Go left to the next part of town. A young woman wearing red will emerge from the two-story house. Talk to her, and she will complain of thirst. Your task couldn't be easier--go to the fountain next to her house and press B to pick up some water. Then talk to her again, and she'll invite you inside. (Why she couldn't have fetched the water herself is an entirely different matter.) Inside, go down to the basement to meet an old man who will teach you the Fire spell. Whenever you use this spell, Link will shoot a fireball from his sword! Like all magic he uses, it only remains active on the screen where you cast it. Still, it doesn't use much magic, so that's good.

Go left past the fountain to find another woman in red, and this one will heal you when you talk to her and follow her into her house. Also in this part of town, a child walking along will tell you, "Jump in a hole in the palace if you go." What this means is, if you find what looks like a bottomless pit inside a palace, you won't lose a life--you can jump in to reach the next floor down!

As you enter the third area, a woman is there who will say, "See a man in Darunia before the islands." More on that in the next section. A woman walking around here will give you the following warning: "The River Devil eats those who are weak." Perhaps at an earlier point in the game's development, this River Devil was meant to be a powerful enemy or perhaps a boss of some sort, but you can ignore her warning. The River Devil (located south of Nabooru) is nothing more than an obstacle in your path, albeit one we can't move at present but will later. Finally, inside the last open house is a Red Ache on the ceiling. No, it's not an Acheman--it's just a sleeping monster. If you talk to it (you have to cast Jump to reach it), it won't say anything. Speak to it four times, however, and it says, "You are persistent" and "find Heart over ocean." This is a clue about how to collect the next Heart Container, which we can't reach until we get the Boots. Now leave the town and head back to the overworld map.

Child Rescue

From Nabooru, follow the road north into a cave. Inside the cave, take out a couple Achemen, then prepare to meet a new enemy: a Zora. Normally an aquatic enemy, the Zora will either be positioned on all fours or stand on its hind legs. From either height it will fire a beam at you that you'll have to block or dodge. The only way to damage a Zora is by using Link's Fire magic. Simply keep your distance and fire away, standing or ducking to block shots as necessary. It'll give up 50 EXP upon its defeat.

Exit the cave and continue north off the road, then turn east into the woods. Enemy encounters here include Girubokkus, so it's up to you if you decide they're worth fighting (I generally don't). At the east end of the woods, turn south and go down to where the coastline touches the mountainside to find yourself in an action scene with nothing to do but pick up Doll #3! From here, cross the long bridge you see before you to enter a place called Maze Island.

We'll explore this island more fully later (after all, we were told to see a man in Darunia before visiting this place proper), but for now stay along the southernmost road--to avoid traps--and follow it to the southeast corner, then turn north. At the end of the path (across the river from the next palace), you'll fall into an action scene. Cast Shield once you land inside the cave and go right to face an Orange Geru. This is a lizard-like enemy with a spear and shield. It fights basically like an overworld version of an Iron Knuckle--and just like the latter, their heads are immune to Downthrust. Fight this one as you would an Iron Knuckle (i.e. use jump slashes), and you'll gain a very nice 150 EXP for defeating it. Continue right to find the Kidnapped Child the Geru was holding captive. (Even though he's a character, the child functions like an item, so go over and pick him up, and then you'll take him with you automatically.) Time to take this child home!

Go left to exit this cave (there are no more enemies here) and return to Maze Island in the overworld. Retrace your steps and go back across the long bridge to the mainland.

Go all the way west, past the cave where you first arrived in this area. You'll come to a desert area where you must follow a narrow path in mountainous terrain. This path contains two hidden traps (both marked on the screenshot below). The first introduces you to Blue Octoroks--who function just like the red variety, only they're stronger. You'll be on lower ground, and they'll come at you from slightly higher ground, so wait for them and then stab when they're in striking distance. Be careful jumping over the pits of water so an Octorok's shot doesn't knock you in. Once you get past this, it's almost immediately time for the second trap. The second is nearly identical to the first, except this time rising bubbles are added to the mix. So be extra careful. Once you emerge from the narrow area, continue westward to the next town, which is Darunia.

Darunia Town

This is a rugged, mountainous town under a purple sky. Very homely! But beware, because just like Saria Town, some of the walking residents turn into Purple Aches and attack after talking to them. (Saria and Darunia are the only two towns where this happens, by the way.) You can heal both your life and magic meters at the series of two-story houses you find in the first section of town.

Moving left to the next area, you'll find that this part of town is strangely devoid of inhabitants (well, except for those walking to and fro). Yet if you interact with the closed door of the first house in this section, you'll be told there's someone inside. Keep walking though--notice how short the house is with no door or windows a little farther along? Cast Jump and then leap onto the roof of that house. Go back right, jumping from rooftop to rooftop until you return to the first house at the end of this section, which has a chimney. Press Down while standing on that chimney to go down it, Super Mario style! You'll land inside the house, at which point go right into the basement to meet your second swordsman. He will teach you the Jump Thrust technique! Whenever you jump, press Up on the D-pad. Note that this only works before Link is at the apex of his jump, for obvious reasons. Anyway, this will definitely come in handy against certain aerial enemies.

Leave the house, and if you talk to one of the men walking through, he'll tell you, "The palace has a false wall." This actually refers not to the next palace but the palace after that--which we'll cover in due time. Now continue left to the third section of town.

At the first house here is an old woman who will be overjoyed that you saved her child (assuming you've already rescued the Kidnapped Child). Follow her inside the house and then go down to the basement to the old man who will teach you the Reflect spell. This magic strengthens Link's shield and allows you to block things you couldn't before, such as ax attacks and fire. You can also reflect certain magic attacks back at their source.

As far as hints, there is a child standing in front of a house who says, "A powerful knight lives in this town." Thanks kid, but we've already visited and learned from him! One of the walking women will tell you, "The Devil does not like noise." (A woman walking in the first area of town also says this.) This again refers to the mythical River Devil, but unlike that woman in Nabooru, this woman's advice is solid. You'll eventually get a musical item that will allow you to vanquish the River Devil and continue southward.

At any rate, you're free to leave the town now. Make your way back east, through the two action scenes with the Blue Octoroks and watery pits. You can continue east toward Maze Island, but it's a better idea to return through the cave back south to the vicinity of Nabooru. Your next level up should occur at 2500 EXP, and you're probably a long ways off from that yet. What you should do is wander the plains around Nabooru and engage the enemies here, most of whom are Tektites. Every time you encounter them, cast Fire, which is their weakness. Block their beams and take them down with fireballs, all while evading their erratic leaps. Sometimes a fly called a Boon will join the fray and try to drop rocks from above. (Good thing you just learned Jump Thrust!) Tektites and Boons are both worth 50 EXP each when defeated, and on rare occasions will drop a 200-EXP Treasure Bag. Heal up at Nabooru as needed and keep grinding EXP from these enemies until you reach 2500 EXP, at which point you can upgrade your Life stat to level 7. That's quite a lot of defense! Now head north through the cave and then east to Maze Island.

Maze Island

Cross that long bridge, and now it's time to navigate this place for real. The fact that the path is entirely yellow road might make it seem safe, but there are traps hidden throughout this road. (Incidentally, there are no traps on the bridges on this island--which makes this the only place in the game where that's the case.) I've marked all the traps on the map at the bottom of this section, including the spaces where you can get items. Use it to navigate the island.

Start by going toward the southeast corner (i.e. as if you were going after the Kidnapped Child), then make the second-to-last turn north. Follow the winding road, then take the easternmost bridge north. Go south at the fork in the road and follow the path all the way until you're on the northbound road in the far western part of the island. You'll end up falling into a cave that contains Magic Container #3 (and no enemies)! Exit the cave and continue your trek through the maze.

Loop around north, then south and east. Go north at the fork, and eventually you'll enter a trap--the only one you have to face on your way to the palace. Fight your way through the Blue Octoroks and Tektites on to the other side and back to the overworld. Go north, then at the fork, turn east to find yourself in a trap again. (Or if you're fine on magic, just continue north instead.) After the enemies, though, you'll find a Red Magic Jar waiting for you, so clear out the foes, then heal up and take the jar. Once you're out again, go north, a long way west, north again, and then all the way back east, and now the follow the road a great distance south until you reach Maze Palace at the end.