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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Through the Valley of Death

Note: Before going any further, make sure you have inserted all six crystals into the stone statues in all six palaces if you haven't already. You cannot enter the Great Palace unless all the crystals are in place!

From Three-Eye Rock, head west to a bridge leading to a new town. On this bridge is a challenging trap. The bridge itself is broken up, requiring you to jump over the pits of water below. All the while you'll be dogged by Bago-Bagos jumping out of the river. A Zora will accost you as well about halfway through, so just make your way through here as fast as you can, but be careful making your jumps.

Old Kasuto

Once on the other side and back in the overworld again, you might think you'll be safe heading into the town you see, but you'd be mistaken! This town is Old Kasuto. The residents had to flee to the hidden town you found in the woods far off to the east because this place is now infested with Purple Moas--who are only visible now assuming you obtained the Cross from Three-Eye Rock Palace. Avoid the enemies as best you can and enter the very first building you find. Go all the way into the basement to find your final old man, the abandoned town's only remaining inhabitant. He will teach you the Thunder spell (but only if you've already learned all the previous spells, which you certainly should have by this point). It uses by far the most magic of any spell you possess, but it functions as basically a screen nuke--destroying (or at least heavily damaging) all nearby enemies.

At this point, now that you have all spells and should have Magic maxed out at level 8, here is how much magic each spell costs to use (note that 16 MP = 1 full bar in the magic meter):

There is literally nothing else to do in this town even though it goes on for another two sections, so unless you want to fight Purple Moas for some odd reason, go ahead and exit Old Kasuto to the right and return to the overworld map.

Return through the bridge trap. Now go north into the woods and venture east onto another bridge trap, which takes you to a similar action scene with a broken up bridge, Bago-Bagos, and a Zora. Emerging on the other side, you'll need to cut through the graveyard and then south into a choke point, where there's another trap waiting for you (see the screenshot below). Gerus will fling rocks at you from the wall while a couple Blue Moas will fly around (the latter will be invisible without the Cross). You can use Thunder to take out the enemies (it's in fact the only way to defeat Gerus on the walls), but you'd be better served saving your magic. Make your way through this action scene to enter a brand new terrain. Welcome to the Valley of Death!

Valley of Death

As soon as you reach this part of the overworld (which will be easily recognizable from the unique ruddy terrain), go into the eastern nook to find a hidden action panel containing nothing but a much needed Red Magic Jar (marked on the screenshot above). Take it and exit.

Now head west. Be advised that you can get enemy encounters here, and if you do, they tend to be brutal--they are filled with lava pits and Blue Moas. Sometimes they contain Girubokkus and even Blue Gerus as well. Try to avoid them if at all possible, and if you can't, get out of them as quickly and carefully as you can.

From here on, I refer you to the map of the Valley of Death I've included at the bottom of this section, which marks the locations of traps (and one item).

As you head west, you'll eventually reach a trap where the mountain walls narrow. Here, jump over a lava pit to be met by an Orange Geru in a very narrow passage. Lure it out to where the ceiling is higher, but note this will give you less fighting room--make sure the Geru doesn't knock you into the lava! Take it out as well as a couple Blue Moas who fly around in this vicinity. Up ahead are more pits of lava you must clear with a third Blue Moa causing trouble plus a Girubokku. After the lava pits is another Orange Geru in a narrow passageway you'll need to coax out. Finally, there is a wide pit of lava that you can just barely leap without casting Jump--but you might want to cast Jump anyway just to be safe. (Also note that you can cast Fairy to get through all these traps--and the random enemy encounters--far more reliably. But it does use up magic, and in traps like this one, you'll inevitably take damage from the two Gerus. It might be worth it to preserve a life though.)

Now the path turns north. Soon you'll come to a small fork in the road. Going west will take you to an action scene with a Treasure Bag (500 EXP), but by this point in the game you shouldn't need it, so take the east fork. (I've marked the Treasure Bag on the map below anyway, just in case.) Keep venturing north, and you'll reach another trap that's the same as before. Cast Fairy if you have the magic to spare. Next, you'll continue north until you get to a cave.

Inside the first section of this cave are a bunch of Blue Moas and Girubokkus--thankfully no lava pits. Navigate your way past the enemies, and in the next section, you'll encounter first an Aruroda and after that a powerful Blue Geru. I advise dodging past the foes instead of fighting them (though maybe cast Shield if you want to make sure you can get through safely). Once past them, you'll be outside of the cave and on a new path in the Valley of Death.

The route here is very linear, so follow it south from the cave and then it'll curve around north to your final trap. This one is just the same as the previous two, except this time instead of two Orange Gerus, you'll have to fight Red Gerus in the narrow corridors. Again, cast Fairy if you can. After this trap, head north into a second cave, where you'll immediately be set upon by a Blue Geru. Cast Shield and either defeat or avoid the foe. After the Blue Geru is a Red Geru in a somewhat narrow passage. Once you get past both of them, continue right and out of the cave.

Having traversed the Valley of Death, there is now nothing before you but the Great Palace itself!