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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Through the Swamps

Tantari Desert

Depart from Parapa Palace southwest and go back through the cave passage you took to get to this desert. Once inside, you'll notice you can see properly now! And that one enemy you had to defeat in the dark you'll find is a beetle-like creature called a Lowder, which you can destroy for 3 EXP. Exit the cave and heal up back at Rauru Town if you need to.

Now that you're armed with the Candle and can see inside caves, make your way to the cave southwest of the North Castle. In there, you'll find three more Lowders to fight, and after them a trio of Red Octoroks. Octoroks typically stand in one place, then jump and spit a rock at you. They're in depressions in the cave at this location, so crouch to block the rocks and stab them once they jump up. Defeating them will give you 10 EXP each. At the far end of this cave is Magic Container #1--which just like Heart Containers extends your magic meter by a full block and restores your magic. (For a full list of Magic Containers and accompanying screenshots, see the appendix.) Now exit the cave.

Back in the overworld, make your way to the desert far to the north of the North Castle. This is a different one from Parapa Desert, called Tantari Desert. You'll find a solitary cave here near the sea--enter it. Take out the Ache you find as you arrive. Afterward, be very careful. There are pits of lava you must jump, but on the other side are Red Octoroks spitting rocks at you. If they hit you while you're in midair, there's a good chance you'll be knocked into the lava! Jump only when there's an opening in their attacks, then take them both out as you reach the other side. At the far end of the cave is a Red Goriya, who is more powerful than the orange variety you faced earlier. Block its boomerangs and hit it repeatedly with your sword until it falls, yielding 20 EXP. Behind the Goriya is a Trophy, which is your real prize here. Take it and head back out of the cave into the overworld again.

Your next destination is the town of Ruto. From the cave in Tantari Desert, proceed south to the road, then follow it west into a mountainous area where you'll find the town.

Ruto Town

Ruto is more of a rustic place than Rauru, but no less welcoming. At the very first house is a young woman in red who will restore your health. At the next house is an old woman wearing orange, and if you talk to her, she will invite you inside and restore all your magic. Both of these varieties of healer will be available in every town from here on!

In the next building over is a man who's very memetic in the Zelda community; whenever you first speak to him at this point in the game, all he says is, "I am Error." He'll have something a bit more useful to say later, however. Also, an old woman walking along outside will mumble the following words if you talk to her: "Hammer... Spectacle Rock... Death Mtn." Someone from Rauru already mentioned the Hammer's usefulness for destroying roadblocks; now she has told you the location. We'll get to it in due time though.

Continue to the second part of town. The maiden at this first house will realize you retrieved their Trophy and invite you into her house. (If you haven't obtained the Trophy yet, you'll have to do so before she'll let you in.) Follow her in, then go down to the basement to the old man, who will teach you the Jump spell. Casting this spell will enable Link to jump twice his height as long as he stays on that particular screen. Very useful!

After acquiring the Jump magic, there's little left for us in this town except to gain more hints from townsfolk. In the next house over, a woman will tell you to "use Keys in palaces they are found in." Strictly speaking, you can use a Key obtained from one palace in another, but I think what she means is, there are just enough Keys in each palace to open every locked door contained therein. Back outside, a woman near the edge of town warns, "Do not go south without a Candle." Thankfully we have one! I would also add not to venture into the cave south of Ruto without learning the Jump spell either. Finally, a man walking outside will tell you, "Find Magic in a cave south of the castle." And if you've been following this guide, you've already just done that--he's referring of course to the game's first Magic Container!

Passage to the Swamp

Exit Ruto Town, and head all the way south to a cave. Inside is a lengthy gauntlet consisting of three sections with relatively powerful enemies. Make sure you're all healed up and ready before you go.

The first section contains several Red Octoroks who shouldn't pose much of a problem for you. Nevertheless, cast Shield because there is a Red Goriya waiting for you after them. Fight your way past it to the second section of the cave. Again, cast Shield in here. Several Lowders creep back and forth. They're easy enough, but once again a Red Goriya waits at the end. Defeat this foe and continue to the right.

For this third and final section, you really don't need Shield--in fact, you'll want to conserve your magic here. Up ahead are a few Aches, whom you should be used to fighting by now. But you'll notice one of these Aches is red instead of the usual blue. When this red Ache swoops down, it turns into a bipedal monster who will then shoot fire at you (which your shield cannot block!). This enemy is in fact an Acheman. Destroy the Acheman when it reaches the ground (preferably before it spits fire), and you'll gain 10 EXP from defeating it. At the end of the cave is a tall wall you must scale. Cast Jump in order to make the leap, and then exit.

Moruge Swamp

On the other side of the cave passage, you'll find yourself back on the overworld map near the edge of Moruge Swamp. Before you do anything, you're probably hurting and in need of healing after that trial in the cave. As soon as you emerge outside, go east to the lone tree you find bordering the swamp. In here you'll find a hidden Fairy who will grant you a full heal! Note that Fairies you find like this hidden in the overworld only heal you once, then they won't reappear there again until you progress in the game. (This is of course in addition to random Fairy encounters you see when their icons appear in the overworld instead of enemy icons. Those can appear almost anytime, albeit infrequently. Also, for a full list of Fairies in predetermined locations and accompanying screenshots, see the appendix.)

Continue south through Moruge Swamp. The annoying thing about swampy terrain in the overworld is that it makes Link walk slower, thus enabling enemies to catch up with you more easily. Note that enemy encounters here tend to include Red Octoroks and even the occasional Moby who will swoop down toward you to cause trouble (a small bird that gives 2 EXP upon defeat). Now see the boulder blocking the way to a nearby cave? In the tile immediately southwest of that boulder is an action scene containing nothing but Doll #1--your first 1-up of the game! These extremely valuable items grant Link an extra life. Be sure to take it! Be forewarned, however, that Dolls never respawn, and there are only a limited number of them in the game. (For a full list of Dolls and accompanying screenshots, see the appendix.)

Now it's time to make our way to the next town. Continue your journey southward. You'll soon come across a bridge over a river south of some woods. Cross this bridge to find it's a trap. You'll find yourself in an action scene on a long bridge infested with skeletal enemies called Bago-Bagos. Each one you take out will give you 5 EXP, but you'll want to focus more on getting out here in one piece. Bago-Bagos will leap out of the water in infinite numbers, spitting projectiles at you, then coming toward you once they land on the bridge. Hurry to the other side to return to the safety of the overworld. Now it's just a short journey south on the road to Saria.

Saria Town

As soon as you enter the town, you can see a man who will issue you an ominous warning: "Eyes of Ganon are everywhere" before adding, "Be careful". What he means is that the usual townspeople walking here and there throughout the town are not all who they appear to be. Some of them are monsters in disguise! Meaning that if you talk to some of them, they'll turn into a Purple Ache immediately afterward and attack. Some Purple Aches have the HP level of a regular Ache, but others have extremely high HP, like a Bubble (but still give the same EXP, alas). Be careful! Thankfully this only applies to walking NPCs, not the ones standing still or inside buildings.

If you go toward the second house, you'll meet a maiden who complains about her missing mirror. Time to find it! Advance to the next screen, and enter the first dwelling you find. Walk up to the table inside and press B. Link will pick up her mirror! Return it to the young lady, and she will invite you inside. You know the drill now: Follow her in, then go into the basement. There you'll find an old man who will teach you the Life spell. This is a very useful spell--literally a lifesaver! Casting Life will restore a significant portion of your life meter, but the downside is that it costs a huge amount of magic power to use (much more so than either of the two previous spells). Still, if you have enough magic, it's great to use in a pinch if you get low on health.

Return to the second section of the town to meet the usual two women who will restore both your magic and your life. Between them is an interesting house where a Purple Bot lives. In contrast to some of the people outside, this Bot is not an enemy you fight. If you try to talk to it, it will simply snooze. After talking to it four times, however, it wakes up and says, "Let me be! Master is in woods N of river." This refers to Bagu. It's possible to go visit him now, but we'll wait until after finishing the next palace. Also, a large woman walking around outside (who is not an enemy) will tell you, "In Midoro Swamp find a Handy Glove." This glove is in fact located inside Midoro Palace, which is our next destination!

Note that if you keep going left, you'll run into a hut in front of an impassable river. The River Man inside the hut will forbid you from crossing (for now), so let's exit the town to the right, i.e. the way we came in.

Midoro Swamp

East of Saria Town is a single tree. By now you should know this holds something good for us! Head there, and once you arrive, you'll be met by a horde of annoying Megmats who jump around incessantly. Defeating one yields 5 EXP; try to hit them as they're in a downward arc coming down toward you. In the center of this small forest is a Treasure Bag (100 EXP)--very valuable indeed! At this point, you should be close to your next level up, which will raise Life to level 4. If you don't have 400 EXP yet, keep defeating nearby enemies (and healing at Saria as needed) until you get there.

Continue east to find another bridge trap over the river. This one's easier than the previous bridge sequence and features mere Lowders as well as bubbles rising up from the water instead of tenacious Bago-Bagos. Nevertheless, at another tree farther east you can heal yourself with the Fairy you find there, if you need it.

Turn north now, going through the woods and crossing the road into Midoro Swamp proper. (Yup, this is a different swamp from Moruge Swamp where we first entered this region.) Make your way north to a couple safe yellow spaces--in the eastern half of this space is an action scene where you'll find a handy Red Magic Jar to restore your magic. A good strategy to use on Red Magic Jars in particular when you find one is to cast the Life spell to heal yourself, then pick up the jar, since the red variety will restore your magic fully. If you don't have enough magic to use Life, no worries--obtain the Red Magic Jar first, then cast Life as your magic is refilling! Just like Fairies, these Red Magic Jars do regenerate in time, but you have to progress in the game first. (For a full list of Red Magic Jars in predetermined locations and accompanying screenshots, see the appendix.)

Keep going north out of the swamp and enter the nearby cave you find. Deal with more pesky Megmats inside, preferably while using the high ground afforded by standing on the pillars in here. After several of them, you'll find an Orange Goriya, who is not all that threatening anymore if you've gotten used to the stronger red variety. Take out the foe, then continue past more Megmats to the next room, where you'll find a Treasure Bag (200 EXP). Great! Now we're closing in on another lucrative level up. Exit this cave the way you came in.

Return to the swamp and make your way west. You'll reach a stretch of safe yellow ground in a valley between mountains, then plunge west back into the muck. Hug the southern wall here, and then in the corner you'll come to another action scene containing a Red Magic Jar. From here, your next destination of Midoro Palace is easily visible in the west. Before you enter, go ahead and grind up to 500 EXP from the enemies around here (which are mostly Red Octoroks) and upgrade Attack to level 3. Now we're ready for the next palace!