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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Three-Eye Rock Palace

Just to warn you now, this place is one of the toughest palaces in the entire game--it may well be one of the hardest dungeons in the whole Zelda series. I had you come in with your levels at 7-8-8 and with just a few thousand to go before you max out Attack. There are 1200 experience points' worth of Treasure Bags in here, in addition to 700 EXP from the boss and 300 EXP each from the two mini-bosses (a first for this game!). So as long as you come in with approximately 5000 EXP, the remaining 3000 can be easily obtained, and you can keep unnecessary combat to a minimum--because it's critical to conserve as much life as you can in this extremely difficult palace. This also means that once you insert the final crystal and complete the palace, you'll get a free extra life for doing so because all your stats will be fully leveled up!

At any rate, you should have the following before entering Three-Eye Rock Palace:

  • Attack: Level 7
  • Magic: Level 8
  • Life: Level 8
  • 8 blocks in Magic Meter
  • 8 blocks in Life Meter
  • Magic spells:
    • Shield
    • Jump
    • Life
    • Fairy
    • Fire
    • Reflect
    • Spell
  • Inventory items:
    • Candle
    • Handy Glove
    • Raft
    • Boots
    • Flute
    • Hammer
    • Magical Key


Thankfully, unlike Palace on the Sea, the Iron Knuckle statue at the entrance to this palace is generous enough to offer you the usual Red Magic Jar so take it if you need it. Ride the elevator down a floor, then go right and use Jump Thrust while dealing with the Bubbles who are guarding a Treasure Bag (100 EXP). Now go left, past more Bubbles, into the next room. Let the Blue Parutamu come down to you off the steps and then climb them up yourself. Defeat the Fiery Moa if it gets in your way, as well as any Wosus, then use Downthrust to pick up another Treasure Bag (200 EXP). Now go right back to the elevator. (If you took a lot of damage here, feel free to go back up and heal from the Red Magic Jar at the entrance.)

When you're ready to progress, take the elevator down and unlock the door to go right. Some Wizards will harass you here, as well as a Doomknocker at the end. In the next room, you'll have to take on a Blue Iron Knuckle--you can either defeat it normally or just keep striking the enemy so it backs into the hole behind it. Beyond the two holes you'll see an Iron Knuckle statue on a high ledge. You can cast Jump to reach it, but it might be better to save your magic and just drop into the hole on the right. See, there are four floors that are connected via these holes, and if you fall down far enough, you'll just cycle through them from the top! So drop down four floors, holding Right on the D-pad, and you should eventually land on top of the ledge with the Iron Knuckle statue--strike it for a Red Magic Jar. (If it gives you a Red Iron Knuckle instead, then just drop down the pits again to reload it.)

From the Iron Knuckle statue, go right and unlock the door. Feel free to ignore the Blue Iron Knuckle here and jump up the steps to the next room, where you'll find Wizards who have Mau statues firing beams as backup. It's going to be hard to make it through this room without taking some hits, so if you do get hit, make sure it's by a statue beam as that does a lot less damage than a Wizard or its spell! Continue right to find a Blue Iron Knuckle trapped inside breakable blocks. Break the high corner piece off so you can jump up and avoid its throwing swords. Very fast Bubbles patrol this place as well, so try to take them out--but be careful of using Downthrust lest you wind up down with the Iron Knuckle! On the other side of the Blue Iron Knuckle is a Treasure Bag (100 EXP). Once you grab it, climb up and out of here, going right. Jump over a wide gap to avoid the Doomknocker down below. (If you don't make it, you may as well take out the foe. You can get back up without casting Jump, but it's difficult.)

Continue right to a room with Wizards and a Fiery Moa. Count off the Iron Knuckle statues in the background, and when you pass the third one, stop and pay attention. As the Fiery Moa drops its flames, you might notice that some of them fall through the floor. That's right--you have a false floor in front of you. Count off two bricks from the third Iron Knuckle statue, and that's where the hole begins. If you run and jump from the edge of that, it's possible to make it without casting Jump--but you probably want to cast Jump just to make sure. (If you fall, simply go left a room, take the elevator back up to where the Doomknocker was, then go right and try again.) See the screenshot below for the false floor's exact location.

Past the invisible hole, break through the block wall (which prevents you from skipping this room with the Fairy spell, by the way) and resume going right. In the next room, you'll have your first mini-boss battle! It's actually a rematch against Rebonack, and the strategy is exactly the same as before: Wait for him to charge into the room on horseback and execute Downthrust on the foe. After Rebonack dismounts the horse, fight him as you would any regular Blue Iron Knuckle. Now that your levels are much higher than they were in Island Palace, he should go down a lot more quickly now--and he gives the same 300 EXP that he did back then. Take Key #1 that drops and unlock the locked door beyond to find this palace's special item: the Cross. With it, you'll be able to see otherwise invisible enemies on your way to the final palace.

Stone Statue #6

With the Cross in your possession, backtrack left, and this time drop into the invisible hole on purpose. Upon landing, go right, jump up and destroy the breakable blocks, then jump up the gap you've created. (It's possible to do this without the Jump spell, so just keep at it.) On the other side, a Red Iron Knuckle guards a Treasure Bag (200 EXP). After claiming your prize, head left, breaking through more blocks while fighting or dodging a Bubble, another Red Iron Knuckle, and a Fiery Moa. The next room contains some nasty enemy placement, so I recommend casting Shield. A couple Blue Parutamus will drop down to you from above, and all the while Wizards will be teleporting and firing spells at you. (Casting Reflect or even Spell might be a good idea in this room too.) Take the elevator up at the end. You'll be back at the place where the Doomknocker was. Jump up the high ledges here to go left. It's possible to do so without casting Jump if you want to conserve magic, though hard to pull off.

Go all the way left a couple rooms until you reach the series of endless, looping holes. (Note: If you want to go back to the entrance to heal, it's not far away if you continue left and take the elevator at the end all the way back up.) Drop down the left hole and hold Left on the D-pad so you land on solid ground one floor below. Get past the Blue Iron Knuckle and take the Treasure Bag (200 EXP) it was guarding. Next drop down the hole two more floors, holding Left so you again land on the left ledge. Here is another Treasure Bag (200 EXP) guarded by a Bubble or two. Now what you want to do is drop down the hole four floors, to the level with two collapsing bridges. Run across these bridges and jump onto the right ledge. Go right through the locked door and past the Blue Iron Knuckle to the next room.

Warning: This room might just be the absolute hardest room in the whole game. You have Ras coming at you as you must jump over lava pits. That's normally no problem because the best way to deal with Ras is simply to keep going and never break stride. Unfortunately, some horribly placed Myus later in the room do exactly that, requiring you to deal with them before progressing, all the while Ras are knocking you around. Worse, because both sides of this room are walled off with breakable blocks, you can't cheese your way through here by casting Fairy! The key to getting past this room is realizing that the Ras do not come at you in unlimited numbers--there are a finite number of them. Reach the wide ledge with the two Myus and dispatch them. Now use Downthrust to take out any remaining Ras, and you should be clear to make it the rest of the way (though watch it for two more Myus).

The next room is a breather room of sorts, with only a couple Wizards and a Red Iron Knuckle. After that is a room with nothing but a wide gap of lava--there are no ledges or platforms to get across. You must cast Fairy, and then do your best to avoid incoming Bubbles as well as two streams of dripping liquid. In the next room, get past a Blue Parutamu and Fiery Moa, then take the elevator down two floors. Go left and either fight or evade the Wizards and a Blue Parutamu (the occasional Wosu runs through here as well). The next room is an annoying affair with a large structure of breakable blocks with infinitely spawning Maus dogging your path. Take the top route, dispatching a Red Iron Knuckle as you go, then Downthrust your way to the Treasure Bag (200 EXP) situated below. Cast Jump to make it easier to get out, and if you keep going left, Downthrust to the last gap in this structure--stab one of the blocks to your left, and you should obtain a Red Magic Jar! Now escape this room before the Maus overwhelm you. Head back right to the elevator and ride it up two levels.

Go right and take out a Myu as you go (don't free the trapped Bubble above you). In the next room, it'll be time for your second rematch against Rebonack. Take him out as you did previously, then pick up Key #2. Continue right, and in the next room, you'll find a gap with a small bit of collapsing bridge in the middle of it. While it's possible (just barely) to drop down and then leap back up onto the opposite ledge without casting Jump, it's incredibly tough to pull off, so I recommend just casting Jump and getting across that way. On the other side is a Blue Iron Knuckle in a confined space guarding Doll #5. This is a very worthy prize, so cast Shield, take out the foe, and pick up the extra life.

Now if you're in need of magic (and you probably are), it's time for a small detour. (If somehow you're nearly at full magic, then skip to the next paragraph.) Drop down the nearby pit two floors. You'll land on a collapsing bridge, so quickly run to the right once you land. Avoid the Bubbles as best you can, and if you make it to the end, you'll be on a high ledge with an Iron Knuckle statue. Strike it and hope it gives you a Red Magic Jar. Now drop and head left out of this room. After a room with two Red Iron Knuckles and a Fiery Moa, you'll go into an additional room with an elevator guarded by a Blue Parutamu and some Wizards. Ride the elevator up two floors and go right another two rooms to the gap where you fought the Blue Iron Knuckle for a Doll.

Fall down the hole, but as soon as you drop to the next floor, immediately bring up your magic menu and then cast Fairy. Go right through the narrow passage and ignore the Blue Parutamu that tries to challenge you. Go into the next room, and it's time to meet this palace's boss!

Boss Battle: Barba

Unlike previous boss chambers, this one has lava pits. It's all too easy to either get knocked into the lava or just fall in due to carelessness, so the key to victory here is to be extremely careful and patient. Cast Shield and Jump, and if you still have enough magic left over, cast Reflect as well. The dragon Barba will emerge from one of the lava pits at random and spew fireballs at you out of his mouth, then submerge, repeating the process. Stand on the middle ledge and wait. If he appears on the far side of the room, simply guard against the fireballs by jumping over them (or crouching and blocking if you have Reflect active). When he appears close to you, jump up and strike him on his vulnerable head to do damage. If you're good, you can also get in a cheap shot when Barba is sticking his head back down into the lava. The important thing here is not to get greedy or impatient because one mistake here could cost you a life. Once you defeat the boss, you'll earn 700 EXP from the battle.

As soon as Barba is down, take Key #3 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. Up ahead is the stone statue where you insert your sixth and final crystal, and at this point, there's no reason not to deposit the crystal, assuming you've maxed out all three of your stats. Even better, once you do so, not only will your magic and life meters be refilled as usual, but the next level up will in fact give you a 1-up!

Now all that remains is the treacherous final approach to the Great Palace!