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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Setting Out

Departing the North Castle

Upon starting a new game, Link will find himself at the North Castle in front of Princess Zelda's sleeping form. There's nothing you can do here, so exit either to the right or left (it doesn't matter which way).

Emerging outside, you'll find yourself on the overworld map. As long as you stay on the road (colored yellow), no enemies can attack you. As soon as you leave the road, however, one of three icons will appear: either a weak blob-like enemy, a strong anthropoid enemy, or on rare occasions a Fairy--if you're low on health, always make sure to run to a Fairy icon if you see one! Running into either of the two black enemy icons will take Link to an action scene where you must fight your way past enemies and/or obstacles as you exit to the right or left--and running into the large enemy icon in particular will give you a more challenging setup while the small enemy icon gives you an easier one.

Coming across these enemy icons isn't all bad, though. Defeating enemies in most cases grants Link experience points (though on less frequent occasions an enemy will drop a Magic Jar or Treasure Bag instead). EXP is needed to level up Link's stats: Life, Magic, and Attack. So try to fight as many enemies as you can, but don't go overboard--the enemies in this game hit very hard, and healing is not as easy in this game as in other Zelda titles. The best way to heal is in the various towns spread throughout Hyrule, so if you're going to be fighting enemies to gain levels, it's always a good idea to do so near a town. (For more details about enemy encounters by region, see the relevant section of the appendix.)

For now, keep to the road. Follow it from the North Castle northeast, then take the road at the fork as it bends south to find your first town: Rauru.

Rauru Town

Whenever you enter a town, you normally start on the right side of the screen and move left to get to the center of town. Rauru Town is a peaceful place with green fields. Feel free to talk to the various townspeople you encounter, as some of them give you helpful hints while others simply give you various greetings. Of particular note is a young woman wearing red waiting outside her small white house. Talk to her, and she'll invite you inside. Follow her in for full restoration of your life meter! She will heal you like this whenever you need it, so be sure to take advantage. Even better, there is a healing woman like her in every town in the game!

Continue left to the second half of Rauru Town. Outside a somewhat larger white house, a maiden wearing purple will emerge. Talk to her, and she will advise you to speak with her father before leaving. Follow her inside to go into the house. Cross the spacious room to the end to enter the basement. At the end of the basement is a wise old man, who will grant you your first magic spell: Shield.

As the maiden inside the house tells you, every town has a wise man from whom you should learn new magic. As soon as you gain the Shield spell, a menu will pop up showing only that spell. The way magic works in this game is you have to bring up the menu (by pressing Start, which also pauses the game), highlight the spell, and then unpause by pressing Start again. Then whenever you want to use that particular spell, press the Select button to activate it. This uses up your magic meter, however, so don't use magic unless you need it! And you certainly don't need Shield while you're in this town.

Our business in Rauru is now finished, but you can feel free to talk to some of the residents for hints though. The first old woman you encounter standing still will tell you, "Return the crystal to the palace of Parapa." For those who didn't read (or have access to) the instruction booklet, that is the goal of this game--to return the six crystals to their respective palaces and open the way to the final palace where the Triforce of Courage awaits. Inside the nearby house behind her, a man says, "If all else fails use Fire." This refers to a spell you won't learn until the second half of the game, and there are a couple enemy types only vulnerable to Fire at that point.

In the second part of town, a young man walking along will tell you, "Only the Hammer can destroy a roadblock." This refers to the boulders you can sometimes see on the overworld map, and we'll obtain the Hammer later in the game. One of the young women walking around here has a more relevant message for you: "Find the Heart in southern Parapa." This refers to the location of the first Heart Container, which will be our objective in the next section! Finally, in the last house on the edge of town a young child says, "Get Candle in Parapa Palace. Go west." The Candle is the main inventory item we have to obtain in the first palace. The "go west" part refers not to Parapa (which is in the east), but rather where we go afterward. More on that later.

With all that aside, feel free to leave the town and return to the overworld map.

Parapa Desert

Follow the road north away from Rauru Town. At the place where the road forks, take the northwest fork, and you'll find a tiny forest the size of a single map tile. Enter this small forest to find a number of blue bats called Aches nesting in a single tree. Get close to an Ache to lure it into swooping down. Quickly dodge out of its way (if it comes toward you) and then hit it with your sword when it's low enough. Each Ache gives 3 EXP when defeated. But the real prize is the Treasure Bag (50 EXP) in the middle of this area--for items like Treasure Bags and Magic Jars, you need to crouch and hit the item with your sword in order to pick it up. Also, this Treasure Bag by itself is enough to give you your first level up! Go ahead and level up Life to 2. (If you want, you can select "Cancel" instead, which keeps your EXP amount where it is and allows you to save up your EXP for Magic or Attack. See the enemy index for a full chart of level up milestones. I've also included other charts there showing how much EXP each enemy gives. Also, for a full list of Treasure Bags you can find out in the wild and accompanying screenshots, see the appendix.)

Our next goal is 100 EXP. So go throughout the forests and fields in this general vicinity and grind up the experience. The best enemies for EXP at this point in the game are spear-carrying beasts called Moblins. The Orange Moblins that just charge straight ahead toward you are unfortunately no good since they don't give EXP, but there's another variety of Orange Moblin that stand and throw spears, and these give 10 EXP each. Simply defeating ten of these foes (not including smaller enemies like the jelly-like Bits and Bots or spider-like Deelers) will get you right where you need to be--even fewer if one happens to drop a Treasure Bag instead of the usual EXP! And again, make sure you fight these enemies near Rauru Town so you can heal if need be. (There's also Ruto Town to the northwest.) Also, another good reason to keep your health up during combat is that when Link's life meter is full, he'll shoot sword beams with each slash, much like in the original Legend of Zelda (though his sword beams don't go as far in this game). Weak enemies (including Moblins) are just as susceptible to them as regular sword strikes, but note that stronger enemies are immune to sword beams.

After you've obtained 100 EXP and leveled up Magic to 2, it's time to head to Parapa Desert. Northeast of Rauru Town through the woods is a cave entrance. Go in to find it's very dark inside. That's okay, though. Jump over the slight bump in the ground, but as you jump over the second bump, immediately crouch and get your sword ready. See that movement across the floor coming toward you? Stab at it a couple times to find that it was an enemy approaching you in the darkness--it only takes two hits even at your lowest Attack level. There are no more enemies here, so continue left to the end of this cave and exit.

Back in the overworld, you'll find yourself in a wide desert area. Enemy encounters here tend to just be stones blown by the wind, but sometimes there are Geldarms you'll have to defeat by slashing it once to make its tall insectoid body contract, after which you can then wail on its vulnerable head until it's dead (giving you 5 EXP per kill). Make your way southeast through the desert until you're by the sea, then continue south to reach a road. Midway along this road, you'll enter what's called a trap, which is a hidden action scene. (I've colored in this space for you on the screenshot below.) This trap is a dangerous place with watery pits you have to leap across, but bubbles rise up from the surface. These bubbles not only damage you, but worse, they can knock you into the water, causing you to lose a life! So jump very carefully as you make your way to the end.

When you reemerge in the overworld once again, resume going south. You'll reach a small forest with a plain in the center. (Be careful of enemy encounters in this small area as they contain more powerful enemies, since you're technically in the southwest quadrant at this point!) Enter this plain to be taken to an action scene. Don't grab the Heart Container just yet! There's an Orange Goriya guarding it, and a very obnoxious thing about this game is that enemies can still attack and do damage to Link even during item grabbing animations. Take out the Goriya, using your shield to block his boomerangs (crouch if you see he's about to throw a boomerang from the ground), and defeating it will net you 20 EXP. Now take Heart Container #1--which not only lengthens your life meter by an extra block but also grants you a full heal as well--and get out of here. (For a full list of Heart Containers and accompanying screenshots, see the appendix.)

Retrace your steps back north, through the trap with rising bubbles again, and back into the desert. Go all the way to the northeast part of the desert to find your ultimate destination and first palace: Parapa Palace. If you still need to level up or heal at a town, feel free to cross through the nearby cave again to do so. Other than that, it's time to go inside the palace.