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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Parapa Palace

Welcome to your first palace of the game! As tough as the overworld enemies and traps can be at times, this game's palaces are home to some of the strongest foes you'll face in Hyrule. You'll want to make sure you're properly leveled up before entering a palace. As such, you should have the following before entering Parapa Palace:

  • Attack: Level 1
  • Magic: Level 2
  • Life: Level 2
  • 4 blocks in Magic Meter
  • 5 blocks in Life Meter
  • Magic spell: Shield

Note that your levels should be at least that high. If you want to raise them any further, that's highly encouraged too, but this guide will assume you're leveled at least that much.


You start at an outdoor entrance, which will be the case for all palaces in this game. Go right to find an elevator. Simply step into it, and control it with Up or Down on the D-pad. Take this elevator down into the palace proper. Once inside, you can go either left or right--let's start by going left. Dog-like enemies called Wosus will bound toward you in this corridor. They're easy enough and go down after one hit, but they give no EXP, and worse, if they make contact with you, they'll not only drain a little bit of your life, but they'll also take away 10 EXP as well!

In the next room, you'll encounter a couple blue Bots on the ledge above--they're just as weak here as they were in the overworld, but make sure neither jumps on you as you pass. On the other side of the room, you'll be introduced to your first credible threat: a Red Stalfos. It'll come at you, shield in hand, and bring its sword down on you. Thankfully it only holds its shield at a high position, so crouch and wait for it to approach you, then once it's close enough, stab it with your sword. It'll be repelled slightly, then come back toward you, at which point you should strike again. After a few hits, it'll be destroyed and yield 30 EXP. Continue west, dispatching another Wosu on the way, and grab Key #1.

With the Key in hand, backtrack all the way right to the elevator where you first entered from. Keep going right from here, destroying Wosus as you go, and in the next room unlock a door with your Key. In addition to Wosus, you'll encounter a flying flaming skull called a Bubble. If these things hit you, they'll drain both life and magic. You can fight them if you want, but be advised they take a lot of hits to destroy--we're talking more than a hundred hits if you're at Attack level 1! Yet fighting them later will be worthwhile, considering that not only do they give up a whopping 50 EXP per kill, but they also respawn. (In palaces, smaller enemies like Bots and Bubbles respawn whenever you scroll their original positions off screen, but more powerful enemies like Stalfos and Iron Knuckles do not respawn unless you leave the palace entirely and return.) In this particular instance, I do not recommend fighting them, since not only are you probably at level 1 on Attack, but this room is crawling with infinitely spawning Wosus who will get in your way.

Instead, continue to the right. In the next room, take out a Red Stalfos, ignore the elevator you find, and then dispatch another Red Stalfos. Fight your past a Bot and Bubble up ahead, then take out a third Stalfos. On the other side of the final elevator is a Fairy! You can use this Fairy now if you're low on health, but otherwise hold off if you can. After all, after you use the Fairy now, the only way it will respawn is if you leave the palace and reenter (but this would also revive all defeated enemies)--which could be useful as a desperate strategy if you wind up low on health later in this palace but the Fairy is already gone. At any rate, take the elevator next to the Fairy and go up a level. Go right (which is the only way you can go), and take out a couple Wosus as you pick up Key #2.

In the next room, go ahead and cast Shield (i.e. select "Shield" on the pause menu, then unpause and press Select). Link's clothes will turn from green to red, and you'll take only half damage from enemies! Like all spells, this magic will last as long as Link is in a certain room/screen. Take out the Bot in front of you, then some Wosus after that. At the end of the room is the real reason I've had you use Shield: a bull-like new enemy called a Guma. This red beast will throw chain hammers at you in an arc, much like Hammer Bros. from the Super Mario series. You must get inside the arc, then assault the Guma with your sword until it's dead. A Guma gives you 50 EXP when defeated. Take Key #3 which it was guarding, but that's not all! See that statue behind the Key? Strike it with your sword, and a Red Magic Jar should drop. Whereas Blue Magic Jars refill a portion of Link's magic meter, the red variety restores all of Link's magic. Nice! (Note that these statues can only drop a Magic Jar once--once it's gone, it won't reappear unless you leave the palace entirely and return, just as with the Fairy.) Statues like this can be found in all palaces and frequently drop a Red Magic Jar--but be careful, since in later palaces, they can sometimes spawn a powerful enemy instead.

These items in hand, backtrack all the way left to the elevator and go down. (You can use that Fairy to heal up if you haven't already, but I still advise waiting if you can.) On the floor with the Fairy, go left to the next elevator, and take that one down. Ignore the statue to your right, and go left, past a gauntlet of four Bubbles--including one that moves super fast! In the next room, take out a couple Bots, then be careful on the bridge they were guarding, as it will start collapsing as soon as you step on it. Keep walking to make sure you don't fall in the lava below, and if you're feeling daring enough, quickly grab the Treasure Bag (50 EXP) on the way. Get past two more Bots at the end of the bridge and advance to the next room.

In this room, definitely make sure you cast Shield. You'll first encounter another Guma, so take it out the same way you did the first one. It's an open-air environment this time, though, so make sure not to push it back too far, or you'll scroll the next enemy onto the screen as well! And this next enemy is a strong adversary indeed: an Orange Iron Knuckle. These armored foes are among the most powerful in the game. It can stab you high or low with its sword, so you'll need to block with your shield either standing or crouching as needed. But just like you, it can also guard with its shield high or low as well. The best strategy to use against Iron Knuckles is to jump toward them and then stab them in the head as you're descending, then repeat the process. They don't seem to block well when you perform this jumping attack. Thankfully the orange variety is the weakest kind of Iron Knuckle, so patiently take it down for 50 EXP. Unlock the door it was guarding to claim this palace's special item: the Candle! Now you'll be able to see clearly inside caves for the rest of the game.

Stone Statue #1

At some point inside this palace, you should've obtained 150 EXP, which allows you to level up Life to 3. Your next goal is 200 EXP, which will (finally) allow you to upgrade Attack as well. If you haven't gotten to 200 EXP yet, don't worry--there's one final gauntlet of enemies in Parapa Palace where you can do so.

After picking up the Candle, return right and make your way all the way across the collapsing bridge back to the elevator, then go up. Go all the way right to the elevator by the Fairy. This time, if you haven't made use of that Fairy yet, now is the time to do so because we aren't coming back this way anymore, and there are some challenging foes ahead! (And again, you can go left and then up to exit the palace and return to make the Fairy respawn if you used it up earlier.)

Ride the elevator down and head right. Defeat the Orange Iron Knuckle who comes toward you, then on the gradual steps ahead, take out a pair of Red Stalfos--for these two, it helps to remain one level lower than they are, allowing easy access to their legs for stabbing, while being hard to hit yourself. In the next room, unlock the door while defeating a Guma, then take out another Iron Knuckle. After all this, you should be at or near 200 EXP, in which case you can level up Attack to 2--which is good, because in the next room is this game's first boss!

Boss Battle: Mazura

Also known as Horsehead, this boss stands ready for combat and swinging a powerful mace that will send you flying backward if it connects. Before the battle begins, be sure to cast Shield (this will be a standard tactic in all boss battles). At this point, it's just a matter of jumping high and swinging your sword at the top of your arc to hit Mazura in the head, then retreating as soon as you land so the boss can't hit you with his mace. As is the case with all bosses, a life meter will appear on the left side of the screen letting you know how much health the boss has left. Simply keep jump attacking and retreating until you deplete Mazura's life meter. This is thankfully a fairly simple fight. You'll gain 50 EXP for defeating this boss.

As soon as Mazura is down, take Key #5 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. Up ahead is the first stone statue into which Link must insert each of his six crystals. Note that whenever you deposit a crystal in the statue at the end of a palace, all of Link's magic and life meters are filled back up, and his EXP jumps up to the next level--which if you're following this guide, means you can level up Magic to 3. Also note that once you insert the crystal and have obtained the palace's special item (which in this case would be the Candle), then the palace turns to stone on the overworld map and you can't enter it again.

This means you have a choice in front of you for different strategy options: You can go ahead and insert the crystal and take the free level up now, or you can skip it (by simply jumping over the center of the platform directly below the statue's eyes), which leaves the palace open if you want to grind EXP from the more powerful enemies within, and allows you to insert the crystal at a later time when the level up requirements become much higher. Some players will retrieve the special items in all six palaces and wait until the end of the game to go back, defeat the bosses, and insert the crystals all at once for maximum leveling up potential and even extra lives! (Note that all six crystals must be placed in their statues eventually before you can reach the final palace, however.)

Each strategy is valid, but for the sake of this walkthrough, I'll assume that the player is inserting the crystals right away after defeating the palace bosses instead of waiting. You can do it either way you like though. Regardless of which choice you make, exit the palace by continuing to the right after the stone statue.

Next, now that Parapa Palace is clear, it's time to journey to the swamps to the south on our way to Midoro Palace!