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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Palace on the Sea

The Palace on the Sea is a test of endurance comparable to the caves of Death Mountain. Thankfully there are Red Magic Jars scattered somewhat liberally here, but the enemies are very tough at this point. You'll notice I didn't have you level up before this palace, for the simple reason that there was too little to do between Maze Palace and this one. (Though if you want to level up once or twice via the Tektites near Nabooru Town, you're welcome to do so.) By the time you arrive here, you should have at least 1000 EXP from the Treasure Bags in the overworld, which already puts you a quarter of the way to your next level up--i.e. 4000 EXP. With strong enemies and many Treasure Bags around here, you should have no trouble getting all the necessary experience points.

At any rate, you should have the following before entering Palace on the Sea:

  • Attack: Level 6
  • Magic: Level 7
  • Life: Level 7
  • 7 blocks in Magic Meter
  • 7 blocks in Life Meter
  • Magic spells:
    • Shield
    • Jump
    • Life
    • Fairy
    • Fire
    • Reflect
  • Inventory items:
    • Candle
    • Handy Glove
    • Raft
    • Boots
    • Hammer


There's one thing you'll notice after you arrive here--unlike previous palaces, the Iron Knuckle statue at the beginning of the Palace on the Sea is empty. It's a good thing I had you fill up both meters before arriving here! Take the elevator down, and there's only one way to go: right. Watch out for a Ra statue shooting beams at you from above as you ascend the steps, taking out Anerus and blocking their shots as you go. In the next room, defeat or dodge a couple Bubbles, then cast Fairy so you can fly over the tall wall in front of you. You'll pass by Key #1 and another Bubble as you continue right, but don't worry about it. As soon as you're in the next room and back in Link's regular form, simply go back and pick up the Key.

Resume your journey to the right. Make your way across a collapsing bridge over lava while dodging incoming Ras. Note that a Treasure Bag (200 EXP) rests on this bridge, so pick it up if you can. Keep going right, and in the next room are a couple Red Iron Knuckles sectioned off by a couple breakable blocks each. Break the blocks and defeat the enemies, but watch out for the dripping liquid on the ceiling that sometimes spawns a Bot. Unlock the door ahead and take the elevator down.

As you descend to this new room, you can go either left or right, but to the right lies nothing but an eventual dead end, so go left instead. You'll be introduced to a powerful new enemy called a Mago. Similarly to Wizards, they teleport from place to place, but instead of sending out an easily blocked spell at you, they cast fire instead. They do a lot more damage than Wizards, but at least you can take them out with regular sword attacks. And you probably should, since Magos give up 200 EXP each upon defeat! Watch out for the Bubble in here as well as you continue advancing left.

It's a good idea to cast Jump when you arrive at the next room. In the middle, blocks will start falling, which will allow you to jump up and reach a high floating platform containing Key #2. Beware the Fiery Moa in here that makes your task more difficult. The next room contains a few Orange Iron Knuckles, who must be pretty easy to defeat for you by now. There's another Fiery Moa in here too. Jump and slash the Ra statue you find in this room in order to get it to drop a Red Magic Jar you can use to heal and restore your magic. There's an elevator at the end you should ride down.

If you need even more magic, time for a detour! (If not, skip to the next paragraph.) From the elevator you just rode down, go right, fighting your way past Magos and Bots. The next room is a very dangerous one, featuring Bago-Bagos, a couple Red Iron Knuckles in cramped spaces, and a wide lava pit with breakable blocks your only passage across it. Whatever you do, do not use Downthrust! Also, casting Jump in here makes scaling the blocks much easier, so use it if you can spare the magic. In general, I encourage fighting Iron Knuckles (especially if they're not blue), but I wouldn't even bother with these two, what with all the hazards and the risk of falling into the lava. Get out and continue right. After that horrid previous room, you'll be in a new room with some Wosus, a Bubble, and at the end a Blue Iron Knuckle. Cast Shield, and take care of this powerful foe. Stand under the Iron Knuckle statue and use Jump Thrust--this should drop a Red Magic Jar down to you. Now backtrack left a couple rooms and return to the elevator that took you down to this floor.

From the elevator, go left, dealing with any Magos and Bots you come across. In the next room, destroy or avoid a Bubble as you enter, then note the elevator you come across, wedged between two statues spewing hot liquid down at you. Cast Jump and, making sure no Bots are forming, jump through the liquid drops onto the high ledge and pick up the Treasure Bag (200 EXP).

Take that elevator below you down, then go left, breaking through blocks and defeating a Guma as you go. Continue left, and carefully use Jump Thrust to drop another Treasure Bag (200 EXP) down to you while being wary of the Bubble trapped with it. Go right, past the elevator, and cast Jump. Hop up to the high ledge and engage a Red Iron Knuckle. When it's dead, take Key #3 that it was guarding.

Again, another detour, but only if you need magic. (Otherwise, skip to the next paragraph.) Take the elevator down another floor and go left. (The Iron Knuckle statue to your right is empty.) Evade the incoming Ras and Bubbles and continue on to the next room. Defeat a couple Red Iron Knuckles while dodging falling liquid. Cast Jump and hop up onto the second cluster of breakable blocks. One of the blocks on the top row near the right edge should yield a Red Magic Jar when struck. Take it, then return left to the elevator, returning to the room where you got the high Key from the Red Iron Knuckle.

Go right into a wide hall with Bubbles and Magos (a great place for some EXP if you need some). Continue right into another hall with a Blue Iron Knuckle at the end. It looks like you're at a dead end, but you're not--jump into the wall behind the Blue Iron Knuckle to find that you can walk through the wall! (I've colored in the false wall for you in the screenshot below.)

On the other side, keep going right, past some Magos and Bots. In the next room (with breakable blocks above you), go ahead and take out all the Magos, as well as any Wosus that come toward you. One of the blocks in the middle set of breakable blocks should contain another Red Magic Jar for you when you strike it with your sword.

At the end of the corridor, take the elevator up. Breaking through the pairs of breakable blocks, you'll fight three Blue Stalfos--these foes should be no sweat for you now. At the end of this room is Key #4. Now backtrack to the elevator, take it down, retrace your steps left, and then ride the first elevator you see down. You'll enter a chaotic room filled with Maus and Magos. (Ignore the Iron Knuckle statue on your right as it's empty.) Unlock the door and do your best to get past these enemies. In the next room, an Orange and then a Blue Iron Knuckle are waiting for you--the first is easy, the second not so much. Cast Shield! Once you defeat them, you can unlock an additional door and claim this palace's special item: the Flute. Playing this instrument will allow us to open a new path in the overworld. For now, cast Jump and then strike the Iron Knuckle statue at the beginning of this room, which will hopefully give you a Red Magic Jar you can use to heal up.

Stone Statue #5

Go back right through the room with Maus and Magos, then ride the elevator up. Go left on the next floor, and walk back through the false wall again. Keep going left until you find another elevator and take it up. Go left again, fighting off Bubbles as you unlock the door. A Guma awaits in the next room, but since it's on a high ledge, just ignore it and execute Jump Thrust on the nearby Ra statue to score another Red Magic Jar. Pass the next elevator and keep going left, breaking through the blocks and taking out another Bubble. Destroy more blocks and then fight both a Red Iron Knuckle and Bubble together. They're guarding a Treasure Bag (200 EXP) that you can obtain by using Jump Thrust on the breakable blocks above. Now go down the nearby elevator.

Again, the Iron Knuckle statue you see on your right as you arrive is empty, so move to the left. As you fight your way past Magos and Bubbles, you'll notice a Treasure Bag (50 EXP) that you can dislodge with another Jump Thrust, so do so. Continue left to the next room, which pits you against one of each type of Iron Knuckle--so cast Shield. The orange one is easy enough, and you can ignore the red one since it's so high up. The Blue Iron Knuckle, unfortunately, is in a tight space with breakable blocks overhead, so use quick Jump Thrusts to give yourself some jumping room and then defeat the foe. Take Key #5 and return to the elevator, which you should now ride all the way up two floors.

Once more, you'll be in a room with one of each Iron Knuckle color. Cast Shield, but note that this is the room before the boss, so if you're low on magic, you may not want to do that. Also, you should've leveled up Life to 8 by now (which is the maximum Life stat!), but if you haven't, tackle these three Iron Knuckles in order for the EXP. If you're fine on experience, then go ahead and take out the Orange Iron Knuckle as you unlock the door (since it's easy enough) and avoid the Blue Iron Knuckle by Downthrusting past it and getting to the steps beyond. Fight or dodge past the Red Iron Knuckle afterward in the same way, and continue on your way right to the boss room.

Boss Battle: Gooma

Not to be confused with the regular enemy Guma, Gooma is far more powerful and challenging. This bull-like creature with a horned helmet will swing a spiked ball at you on its long chain--and if it hits, it will inflict significant damage and send Link flying backward (much like Mazura's mace attack). First of all, as you should know by now, cast Shield. Gooma's helmet prevents him from taking any damage to his head or face. Instead you must attack any part of his body from the neck down--which is hard to do while he's swinging that ball and chain! Once Gooma is done with a swinging attack, quickly move in and jab with your sword, then immediately retreat to avoid Gooma's followup attack. Keep repeating this process, and if you can get into a rhythm of waiting, running in, stabbing, and retreating, you'll whittle his health down soon enough while taking minimal damage yourself. You'll earn 500 EXP for taking down this boss.

As soon as Gooma is down, take Key #6 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. Up ahead is the stone statue where you insert your fifth crystal, but as before, it's up to you whether you want to deposit the crystal now (which will give you a free level up on Attack if you've been following this guide) or wait until later so you can keep Palace on the Sea open.

Regardless of what you choose, up next is a challenging trek to a hidden town that will help us find the hidden Three-Eye Rock Palace!