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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Version History

  • Version 0.9August 19, 2018
    The text of this guide is fully finished! All that remains now is adding the screenshots/images, plus some further editing.
  • Version 1.0September 9, 2018
    It took a long time to capture all the screenshots and other images, then getting them just right, and various parts of the guide needed to be reworked after all that. Though there may be minor revisions in the future, for now this guide is finished.
  • Version 1.01September 15, 2018
    Minor tweaks and edits.

Special Thanks

The maps put together by Rick Bruns over at www.nesmaps.com have proved invaluable to me in helping keep the information in the overworld and the various palaces and towns laid out in an easily accessible manner. I highly recommend visiting his site to look at all the maps he's compiled, and maybe give him a donation if you're feeling so inclined!

The "Experience Chart" document here on GameFAQs by user AWing Pilot was the source for my own leveling up chart that I included in the appendix of this guide. Likewise, I'm heavily indebted to GameFAQs user Aspie Giraffe and their helpful "Game Challenges FAQ"--it was an immensely useful source of info on enemy traits, attacks, spells, and all sorts of things.

And of course, I'm thankful to the people at Nintendo for making such a creative and innovative game. It's certainly an underappreciated entry in the series. And thank you for choosing to use this guide to help you through the game!

Contact Me

If you found this guide helpful, please be sure to click "Yes" at the top of the screen to recommend it! I also have a PayPal if you feel like donating. Every little bit helps!

Constructive criticism is also welcome. Please, though, before leaving any negative feedback or clicking "No" on this guide, drop me a line first to let me know what your criticism is. I'll do my best to accommodate you or at least let you know what my reasoning was for the thing you're criticizing. I want to take everyone's feedback seriously.

For any questions, or if there are any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, grammatical/spelling mistakes, or other issues, please email me at therewster1106[at]gmail[dot]com; be sure to include "Zelda" or something similar in the subject line so I know it's not spam. You can also send me a private message on GameFAQs as well (my user name is TheRewster and my inbox should be open). Also, if I have made even the tiniest of errors--misspelled the name of an enemy or item, messed up a palace room, made a mistake in the enemy index or anywhere else, etc., etc.--I want to know so I can fix them all.

Thank you for reading my guide! I hope it was helpful to you.