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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Navigating Death Mountain

Bagu and River Man

Make your way through the swamp after leaving Midoro Palace. As you work your way out, note that the two Red Magic Jars you collected on the way over here should be back if you need to pick up either one again. Return to the road that takes you back to Saria Town. Instead of going back to Saria though, look for the woods north of the bridge that's northeast of the town. These woods contain hidden traps that will pit you against hordes of leaping Megmats. But near the center of the woods is the home of an NPC named Bagu. (See screenshot below. I've colored in the five traps, whereas the space where Link is standing is Bagu's house and thus your destination.)

Find Bagu's house and enter. Speak to the man, and he'll give you a note to show to the River Man. Now time to return to Saria! (Of the two bridges that take you there, I recommend the eastern bridge as it's much easier to cross.) Back in Saria Town, go all the way left (healing from the two usual ladies on the way) to the hut by the impassable river. Go inside and talk to the River Man. Thanks to your acquaintance with Bagu, he will now erect a bridge to help you cross, which will form as soon as you exit the building. Continue the rest of the way left and out of the town.

You'll be back on the overworld map, but this time on the south side of the river that splits Saria Town. The only thing in front of you is the tunnel that will take you directly to Death Mountain itself.

Death Mountain

Note: This next sequence is one of the most challenging parts of this game, perhaps the most challenging sequence of the game outside the path to the final palace. If you've been following this guide, your levels should be at least 4-4-5. If you want to level up further, feel free to go around the areas of Hyrule where we've already been, defeating enemies and gaining experience points. If Parapa and/or Midoro Palaces are still open to you, those are great places to level up. Whenever you're ready, cross through Saria Town and enter the cave beyond to begin this rigorous journey.

Welcome to Death Mountain! This place is a large network of interconnected caves. It's easy to get lost here (if you don't have a guide). I've included a map below of the entire Death Mountain region. Just follow the numbers for the most direct route to our destination, which is Spectacle Rock in order to obtain the Hammer. (There's also a Magic Container in it for us as well.) The general rule of thumb here is, if you ever have a choice of more than one path to take, always take the eastern path. And see all those cave entrances with no number on them? Don't even bother to go inside those--there's nothing in there, not even extra items. Just dead ends with tough enemies.

Speaking of which, the enemies in here are tough, and there are very few opportunities to heal. This place is a test of endurance, and knowing where to go is only part of the battle--especially once you reach Spectacle Rock itself. At any rate, as you can see on the below map, begin by entering the cave to the east.

Cave #1

This first cave is simple enough. You'll be accosted by some weak Bots, so take them out in the usual way (preferably with sword beams). The only moderately tough foes are a pair of Red Moblins who come your way. Assuming you still have your sword beam, you should be able to take them out easily enough. Dispatch more Bots as you reach the end of this cave.

After emerging back in the overworld, there's only one way to go, so head inside farther east.

Cave #2

In here you'll find three Red Octoroks on a set of steps leading up. Simply take your time ascending and take them out as you come to them. Coming down on the other side, you'll be in for a nasty surprise as you're met by a Blue Goriya. This is the toughest version of Goriya, but it fights no differently than the other colors, so take it out in the same way. Farther on, you'll have to descend a set of three steps, each guarded by a Red Octorok. This is a bit trickier since it's all too easy to drop onto an Octorok and take damage. Wait for one to shoot a stone, then gradually ease your way down next to it, holding Left on the D-pad so as not to collide with the enemy, then defeat it. After these three Octoroks is the exit.

Again, there's only one way to go here, so continue east.

Cave #3

This cave is a little more interesting. Bots and Aches will greet you upon entering. Take them out, but as you continue forward, you'll notice an elevator. Ignore it! Keep going right, and you'll encounter a new enemy: an Orange Daira. This crocodilian foe will come charging at you swinging an ax. Fight it the same way you would a Stalfos--run and crouch stab the enemy, but making sure to time your blows in between each ax swing. It helps to retreat a bit after delivering each blow to avoid its ax. Defeating one earns you 70 EXP. Exit the cave to the right.

Back outside, you'll have to cross through a small wood before you get back onto safe ground. If you get caught by enemy encounter here, you'll have to fight your way through Deelers and Moblins. At any rate, the path diverges at this point, so again proceed into the east cave entrance.

Cave #4

Here you'll have to cross a bridge over lava while being dogged by obnoxious Bago-Bagos and the rocks they spit. Make sure to crouch to dodge these projectiles with your shield whenever they get close and defeat any Bago-Bago in your way. This place is annoying, so just make your way across and outside as quickly as you can.

There's only one way to go out here, so continue east.

Cave #5

Make sure to cast Jump once you enter this place. You'll soon see high ledges above the ground, and you should go ahead and jump up there. At first, the only enemies you encounter in here are simple Bots, but soon enough you'll see the dreaded Red Daira. Unlike their orange counterparts, the red version throws axes at you continuously. Worse, you currently have no way of blocking these axes! So it's highly recommended you stay up top--especially since there is a Red Magic Jar to be had up here. If you're brave enough to fight a Red Daira, you can gain a very nice 100 EXP from defeating it. Whether you fight or flee via the upper platforms, make your way right to the end of this cave.

As usual, there's only one way to go once you're back in the overworld, and this time it's south.

Cave #6

This time you're going from right to left instead of vice versa. You should probably cast Shield once you arrive. You'll find a Blue Goriya not long after you enter, along with some Aches. Farther along, after a rise in the ground, you'll be met by a charging Orange Daira. All the Aches around here will make fighting this fiend a little harder than usual! Fight or avoid the enemies and exit to the left.

You can only go one way once outside again, so continue south.

Cave #7

You start on relatively high ground and will eventually be working your way down. The first enemies you find are red Bits. (Remember them from early in the game?) They're not much different than Bots, so take them out. Soon you'll tackle another Orange Daira. The difference here is that it will run up to the lip in the ground, swinging its ax, not letting you do your usual tactic of stabbing its lower body. What you'll have to do is run up and crouch stab between ax swings, then quickly retreat from the swinging ax. Repeat until it's gone. There are more Bits and a second Orange Daira up ahead before you leave this cave.

Outside, your scenario is the same as it's been the past couple times--take the south cave entrance. Not too much farther now!

Cave #8

Just as you were a couple caves ago, you're going from right to left here. The layout is otherwise similar to the last cave, except instead of Bits, you have the more familiar Bots. You also have two Orange Dairas who will attack you from right below your fighting level. Defeat these foes, and at the end of this cave is a much needed Red Magic Jar. Definitely take advantage of it, then exit.

You're nearly at your goal. Be careful, though, because once you leave this cave, you won't be on the usual safe yellow ground but in a sandy area, where you're susceptible to enemy encounters. Make your way to the safe ground immediately west of where you emerged to find a hole in the ground with a boulder right beside it. Welcome to Spectacle Rock!

Spectacle Rock

The toughest part of your journey is right here at the end--all those cave passages up to now have merely been a warm-up for the main event!

Enter the hole in the ground you find in the overworld. Inside, you'll find yourself in a cave with totem decorations in the background. Cast Shield because up ahead is a Red Daira coming at you throwing axes. Leap over the ax it throws and get in one or two sword strikes before it throws the next ax. Repeat until it's gone. Up next are a couple Lowders and an Acheman, all of whom are easier to defeat. Advance to the next area.

Pesky Megmats meet you as you enter this next section. Be patient and take them out as they come to you. Farther ahead is an Orange Daira, who shouldn't give you too much trouble now. You'll soon find an elevator. You can continue going right, but there's nothing up ahead except some Lowders and a room full of Red Octoroks at a dead end. I only recommend going that way if you're very close to a level up and need just a little more EXP.

No, instead take the elevator down a level, and cast Shield once you arrive. Go right and take out the Red Daira who charges toward you. Continue right to a new section with lava pits. Jump over the lava pits, and after a while you'll see a small spike-covered enemy called a Myu. It's too small to hit even with a crouching stab, so instead wait for it to wander and fall into the lava before crossing. In the next section, cast Shield again as you have to deal with not only an Orange Daira, but after that a Red Daira too! At the end of this section, you'll find the prize they were guarding: the Hammer. This gives you the ability to smash boulders in the overworld, and it's what you've been braving your way through Death Mountain to find! Now it's time to get out of here at last.

Return all the way left to the elevator that brought you down here (again watch out for the Myu in the lava pit section). As an optional detour, you can skip this elevator and continue left. You'll have to deal with a couple unbeatable Myus and a Red Daira. If you make it to the next section, defeat the Red Octoroks you find here, who are guarding a Red Magic Jar. Now you can heal up! Return to the elevator.

Ride the elevator up, then go all the way left to exit this cave. (Note that a couple Achemen will have respawned.) Now that you have the Hammer, it's time to destroy some boulders in the overworld and open up new paths. First, stand next to the boulder here at Spectacle Rock and press the A button to use it. The boulder will be gone, so enter the space it occupied.

You'll fall down a pit and land inside a cave next to Magic Container #2. Don't forget to cast the Life spell to heal before grabbing it! Now go left to exit--there are no enemies to worry about in here.

Leaving Death Mountain

If you take a close look at this region of the overworld, you'll find that it looks like a smaller version of the overworld from the original Legend of Zelda! That's right--the vast bulk of this game takes place in the far northern reaches of Hyrule, quite a ways from where Link adventured in his first quest to defeat Ganon.

Anyway, nostalgia aside, there's nothing for you here aside from enemy encounters. During your travels through Death Mountain, you should've obtained enough EXP to level up Magic to 5. If you haven't yet, go ahead and do that with the enemies here. The woods are probably the easiest place to do that since they're infested mostly with Deelers and Moblins. Stay away from the graveyard though--it's filled with flying Red Moas whose movements are difficult to anticipate and only drop 10 EXP per kill (but take away 20 EXP per hit they deal to Link), as well as sometimes Red Dairas!

Once your levels are 4-5-5, it's time to leave. Follow the coastline northeast to reach a cave we haven't entered yet (which I've labeled #9 on the map above). Go inside.

This final cave is fairly rudimentary. There are lava pits you have to jump across, with Red Octoroks guarding the way, much like the cave in Tantari Desert where you obtained the Trophy earlier in the game. Make sure to block an incoming stone before making the leap across, then defeat the Octorok. Continue carefully across the lava and make your way to the exit.

Once back in the overworld again, follow the path all the way north to the tunnel that will finally take you out of Death Mountain and back into the main part of Hyrule. Congratulations--you've just completed a very difficult part of the game!

Clearing Boulders

As you emerge, the only way to go is east across the bridge, which functions as a trap per usual. On this bridge, you'll first encounter a Red Moblin, and after that a Blue Moblin accompanied by a Lowder. The Blue Moblin sometimes throws its spears, so watch out for that. Unfortunately it doesn't give up any more experience points than the red variety, just the standard 20 EXP. On the next section of bridge, you'll have to dodge bubbles that rise up from the water and fight a Red Daira. Cast Shield here just in case. Continue right to get back to the overworld map.

Upon emerging from the bridge, you'll find yourself on a road leading east into a huge graveyard. Go due east to where the road begins to curve northeast, and instead leave the road going south across the sandy terrain. At the southwestern coast, you'll find yourself in an action scene containing nothing but Doll #2, for a much needed extra life! Take it and return north to the road.

As for the graveyard right in front of you, the only thing you want from it right now is a Red Magic Jar hidden in an action scene right near the middle--to get there, follow the road north, counting off four tombstones. At the fourth row, move all the way east until you find the action scene. Bots will be meandering around here, guarding the Magic Jar. After you've taken your prize, exit to the right--if you go left, you'll be met by a Blue Goriya.

Back in the overworld, it's time to make use of our new Hammer. Leave the graveyard heading north across the desert to another road. Go west along this road and break the boulder to return to what should be familiar territory. You're near Midoro Swamp again!

Go north along this road, and you'll soon find another boulder blocking the way. Break it to create a shortcut to Rauru Town--which is ideal if you're in need of healing. Return to the road and head back south. Venture east across the plains southeast of Rauru to find a boulder blocking a cave entrance. Destroy the boulder and enter the cave.

Leap over an advancing Myu, and afterward take out a Lowder. Up next is a Blue Goriya accompanied by a second Lowder. Destroy both foes, and in the next room, you'll find Heart Container #2. Nice! Now leave this cave the way you came in.

Return to the road and follow it south, then all the way west until you're at the woods where Bagu's house is. Leave the road and go northwest into Moruge Swamp. In the eastern part of the swamp you should find another cave entrance blocked by a boulder. Break the boulder and go in. Beware, however, as this will be a particularly difficult cave to traverse.

In the first section is a bridge over lava, and you should know what that means: Bago-Bagos! To make matters more complicated are the Lowders inhabiting this bridge as well. Cross as carefully and quickly as you can, and in the next section go ahead and cast Shield. You'll be met by a single Orange Daira, then after that are not one but two Red Dairas! After you've gotten past all three enemies, jump over a single lava pit to obtain the Water of Life. Now exit the cave the way you came in, again being careful of the Bago-Bagos on your way out.

From Moruge Swamp, return to the road south of you. Now follow that road all the way east, as far as you can. You'll break apart another boulder along the way. At the end of the road is a port and a new town: the harbor town of Mido!

Mido Town

Be sure to stop at the second house and heal up as usual. Farther on is a house with an open door. Enter it to find a man who will tell you to "Ask Error of Ruto about the palace." Aha, so it looks like Error will have something to say after all! And it'll be about how to get to your next palace. Before we find out what he has to say, let's finish up here in Mido first. Walking around outside is a young woman who says, "No one is here but a churchbell will ring." But that refers to the next part of town.

Go left to that next area of Mido, and you'll soon see the church in question, except the entrance is on the upper floor; interacting with the door on the ground floor will just tell you the door won't open. You can't get up there with a normal jump, but you can easily reach it if you cast the Jump spell. (The old woman who restores your magic is one house over.) Do so, then leap up and enter. Inside you'll find it looks like a standard house along with a basement at the end. But unlike the usual basements so far, this one is not inhabited by an old man but by a swordsman. Talk to the swordsman, and he will teach you the Downthrust technique! All you have to do is press Down on the D-pad while in midair, and Link will execute a downward sword attack. This is very handy for taking out almost any ground-based (and unarmored) enemy!

We're not done in this town yet. Leave the church and continue left, letting the old woman refill your magic meter. Also in this part of town is a child walking around who says, "The Island Palace in the south has a Raft." This refers to the special item you get in the next palace. In the last part of town, another townswoman will tell you, "Find Magic in a cave in Moruge Swamp." Instead of a Magic Container, however, this refers to where you find the Water of Life, which we already have (if you've followed my guide this far).

Speaking of the Water of Life, there is another old woman who will come out of her house in this section of town. If you've obtained the Water of Life, talk to her, and she'll invite you inside. Follow her in, then go down into the basement to meet an old man who will teach you Fairy magic. This spell turns Link into a Fairy for the entire time he's on that particular screen. You can't attack in this form, but you can fly anywhere you please--which makes it ideal for skipping certain tricky areas--but note that as soon as you leave the current screen, you'll revert back to regular Link. Now leave Mido Town.

The King's Tomb

With all that out of the way, the only other thing you should do before reaching the next palace is leveling up. If you've been following along, your next level is Life, which you can upgrade to level 6 by obtaining 1500 EXP. So go around the overworld battling enemies until you reach that level. (There are Red Dairas worth 100 EXP each that can be encountered in the graveyard, but they're also accompanied by Moas that can drain your EXP so it may not be worth it. The Moblins in the wooded areas might be a safer bet.) Once you've leveled up to 4-5-6, it's time for the next stage of your adventure.

Return to the large graveyard you encountered after Death Mountain. (You can retrieve the Red Magic Jar at the center of this graveyard I told you about earlier if you haven't already.) In the north central part of the graveyard, you'll notice a tombstone standing by itself. Go there to find an old woman tending the tomb, who tells you this is the King's Tomb. Now if you had returned to Ruto Town to talk to Error (after speaking to the young man in Mido), he will have told you, "South of Kings Tomb in Mido is a tunnel." Our task now is to find this tunnel in order to reach Island Palace.

Leaving the King's Tomb, walk due south through the graveyard until you enter an action scene where Link falls into a cave. Be ready with the Downthrust technique as soon as you regain control of Link because there are a group of Lowders directly below! Continue to the right to find a wall so tall that not even the Jump spell will help you scale it. Instead, cast Fairy and fly up and over to the next section of the cave. Up ahead is a Myu--which you can now easily defeat with Downthrust (each Myu in the overworld is worth 3 EXP when defeated)--as well as a couple Lowders and a Blue Goriya.

When you emerge from the cave, you'll find yourself on a remote island in the overworld. Follow the coastline around north and then west to reach your next destination: Island Palace.