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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Midoro Palace

The difficulty definitely steps up as you reach your second palace. Parapa will feel like only a warm-up in comparison! Still, you also need to be using your time here to prepare for even more difficult trials after this palace. As such, you should have the following before entering Midoro Palace:

  • Attack: Level 3
  • Magic: Level 3
  • Life: Level 4
  • 5 blocks in Magic Meter
  • 5 blocks in Life Meter
  • Magic spells:
    • Shield
    • Jump
    • Life
  • Inventory item: Candle

Handy Glove

Upon entering Midoro Palace, you'll find yourself at the usual outdoor entrance. But see the Iron Knuckle statue? Strike it with your sword--it will either cause a Red Magic Jar to spawn or a Red Iron Knuckle (if you get the latter, simply exit the palace and return). This is a great way to heal up after the arduous trek here, using Life magic and then restoring your magic meter. Simply keep leaving and reentering the palace until both your life and magic meters are full. From now on, whenever you enter a palace, the statue at the beginning will almost always be this way!

Take the elevator down two levels to begin the palace proper. There's nothing to the right, so go left instead. You'll be met by snake-like enemies called Anerus. Block the rocks they spit and take care of them with a few crouched slashes--they're basically the palace equivalent of Octoroks and are worth 20 EXP per kill. Watch out as a Bubble will join the fight farther on in this room. In the next room over, after getting past a Bot, you'll face a couple Blue Stalfos. These are stronger than their red counterparts, and sometimes they'll jump into the air and try to execute a downthrust maneuver on you, so be ready to dodge at a moment's notice while fighting these foes. You'll gain 50 EXP each from defeating them. At the end of this room is Key #1.

Return to the elevator in the previous room that took you down to this level, and use it to go down once more (which is as far as it can go). Go right past some Bots, and beware of the Ra statue in here that will fire beams of energy (which you can thankfully block with your shield). Once you're in the next room, it might be a good idea to cast Shield as you'll have to face off against not one but two Gumas, and the placement of the platforms in this room will make getting under their arc of chain hammers difficult to pull off. Once you've taken them both down, Key #2 is waiting for you at the end of the corridor.

Go back once again to the same elevator you've been using, and this time go up twice. As before, there's nothing to the right, so go left. The red statues on the ceiling here will spit molten liquid down on you that you'll have to dodge. Watch out, because sometimes they'll leak a blue liquid that will turn into a Bot and attack you. Take out a Blue Stalfos as you move left to the next room. Here you'll find more Bots, but they're accompanied by an annoying stone dragon head called a Ra. They move in a wave-like pattern and keep coming at you until you destroy them all. Defeat them if you like (they give you 20 EXP each), but keep moving. Get past the locked door and into the next room.

Be careful crossing the pit of lava here. It's best to let any Bots on the next platform across from you go ahead and jump to their doom before you try leaping and risk getting knocked down in midair. Grab Key #3 as you cross. In the next room, dodge more falling drips of liquid as you take on an Orange Iron Knuckle. Farther on is another Iron Knuckle accompanied by a Bubble. Keep going left.

The next room is an important one. There is a Ra statue here that, if struck with your sword, will yield a Red Magic Jar. Heal yourself while using it! Also in this room are two Bubbles in relatively close quarters. Scroll only one on-screen at a time, position yourself so that it comes down to within your sword's reach, then slash away. It'll stay still while it's stunned by your hits, but you'll have to adjust your position every so often to keep it within your sword's reach (as each hit repels you slightly). It's important that you use this room to grind up some EXP as not only can this palace be pretty tough (especially the boss at the end), but after Midoro Palace is one of the most difficult sequences in the game, so now is the time to raise your levels. (And again note that Bubbles respawn.) You may have already raised Magic to level 4 by this point--if not, definitely do so now. Afterward, you'll want to gain at least 800 EXP to upgrade Life to level 5 before the end of this palace, and this room is a good place to start that process. (You can stay and level up even more if you'd like.)

After your levels are at least 3-4-4, you're free to continue on. Once you're ready, take the elevator at the end of this room down once, then go left through the locked door, fighting your way past a Blue Stalfos and an Aneru as you go. The next room features falling blocks that damage you if they fall on you. A Treasure Bag (50 EXP) is lying on the floor here, but the blocks may quickly cover it. Don't worry if that happens--you can come back and get it more easily soon enough. Advance to the next room.

Definitely cast Shield in this room (and make sure you have enough magic for Jump as well). Here you'll face for the first time a Red Iron Knuckle. It's stronger than its orange brethren but doesn't really have any new tricks, so defeat it in the usual way by jump attacking its head. Do watch out for the statue leaking fiery liquid and the occasional Bot though. Farther on is a second Red Iron Knuckle who should be defeated to access this palace's special item: the Handy Glove. With it, you can now destroy blocks (like the ones that fell in the previous room) with your sword. Before leaving this room, cast Jump and leap up to the Iron Knuckle statue at the beginning of this room; slash it to reveal a Red Magic Jar with which you can heal up. Now exit.

Stone Statue #2

Back in the previous room, go ahead and pick up the Treasure Bag if you haven't already. You can punch through the falling blocks now, but they'll still hurt if they land on you, so keep moving. Go back to the elevator that took you down to this level, and take it down once more.

A pair of Orange Iron Knuckles await you down here, but so does a new enemy: a Fiery Moa that flies along near the ceiling, dropping flames. It's too high to fight, so do your best to avoid its fire as you take out the armored foes. The next room is a mean one, and it may be a good idea to use Shield here. You'll face Blue Stalfos in close quarters with Ra statues shooting beams at you all the while. Each encounter is blocked off with breakable blocks. After two or three battles like this, you'll reach the next room. Watch out for Bubbles, Bots, and falling liquid as you ignore the elevator you see and continue right. The next room is fairly simple, as you first encounter a Bot, then some advancing Wosus, and then at the end is a Guma guarding Key #4. (There's nothing you can get from the Iron Knuckle statue here, unfortunately.)

Key in hand, backtrack left to the previous room, and this time take the elevator down. Go right and battle past a Bot and Guma. In the following room, there is a precariously placed Treasure Bag (100 EXP) on a collapsing bridge above lava, with a couple collapsing bridges above it. Drop down each one, quickly grab the prize if you want it, then move right and jump to safety. Take out some Wosus and a Red Iron Knuckle up ahead.

The next room is a veritable gauntlet, as you'll have to face first a Blue Stalfos, then after the locked door an Orange Iron Knuckle, and finally a Red Iron Knuckle. You can use Shield if you want, but you might want to conserve your magic, as after these three strong foes is the boss!

Boss Battle: Jermafenser

Also known as Helmethead, this boss differentiates himself from Horsehead by having ranged attacks. He'll fire the occasional energy beam from his helmet that you should block with your shield, and you should also cast Shield magic. Your offensive strategy is the same as the first boss--jump and attack his head. The first part of his helmet will fly off. Keep attacking to knock the rest of the helmet off as well. For the rest of the battle now, these two pieces of Jermafenser's helmet will fly around the room, also shooting beams at you. Thankfully they only attack two projectiles at a time (in addition to Jermafenser's own projectile), so after a break in the two, resume your attack on the boss, then be ready to defend again. Helmethead's movements can be a little bit wonky, so make sure not to get too hasty and jump into the boss, damaging yourself! Again, cast the Shield spell, and hopefully you have enough magic left over to cast Life as well if your health starts running low. Defeating this boss will grant you 200 EXP.

As soon as Jermafenser is down, take Key #5 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. Up ahead is the stone statue where you insert your second crystal, but as before, it's up to you whether you want to deposit the crystal now (which will give you a free level up on Attack if you've been following this guide) or wait until later so you can keep Midoro Palace open.

Regardless of what you choose, up next are the treacherous tunnels of Death Mountain and beyond that Island Palace!