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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Maze Palace

One nice thing about Maze Palace is that the elevator leading from the entrance is relatively centrally located within the palace--which means that it's easy to reach if things start getting tough and you need a quick recharge in life and/or magic. The central location of the first elevator will also allow you to leave and return to this palace more easily than other palaces, letting enemies respawn and enabling you to accumulate more EXP. You'll need to get 3000 EXP for your next level up, and respawning the strong enemies here lets you do that. (There are also a few Bubbles here and there, but their 50 EXP doesn't go as far for you now as it did earlier in the game!) But even with all that going for you, this place is still pretty brutal.

At any rate, you should have the following before entering Maze Palace:

  • Attack: Level 5
  • Magic: Level 6
  • Life: Level 7
  • 7 blocks in Magic Meter
  • 6 blocks in Life Meter
  • Magic spells:
    • Shield
    • Jump
    • Life
    • Fairy
    • Fire
    • Reflect
  • Inventory items:
    • Candle
    • Handy Glove
    • Raft
    • Hammer


The usual tranquility of the palace entrance is disrupted this time by the presence of a Fiery Moa (which gives 50 EXP for defeating it). Take out the enemy if it becomes a problem (Jump Thrust is useful) and stab at the Iron Knuckle statue for a Red Magic Jar. If it gives you a Red Iron Knuckle instead, either defeat it for the EXP or exit and try again. Once both your meters are full, take the elevator down.

Go right, and you'll meet a new enemy: a Wizard. Wizards teleport around a room and cast a magical spell at you. This spell always travels along the floor, so crouch to block it. Wizards are invulnerable to all attacks except their own, so if you want to defeat one, you'll have to cast Reflect and deflect their spells right back at them, which gives you 100 EXP for each defeated Wizard. Unless you're in need of EXP, I advise conserving your magic and avoiding them. There are two Wizards in this room you'll have to deal with. Fight or evade them and go right.

In the next room, a Blue Parutamu will drop into a small depression in the ground where a Treasure Bag (100 EXP) is waiting. As long as the enemy remains in that nook in the floor, it's invulnerable, so go up and coax it to jump out, then fight it normally. Pick up the Treasure Bag, then continue right and take out another Blue Parutamu that's in the exact same situation. At the end of this corridor is an elevator you should take down one level.

On the next floor, go right and defeat a Red Parutamu. Up ahead is a collapsing bridge over a wide hole in the floor. Run to the edge of the collapsing bridge and make a big leap to reach the other side (you don't need Jump magic for this if you do it right, by the way). If you fall, you'll land a couple floors down and will have to make your way back up and around to try again (which involves going a long way right on the bottom floor to pick up a Key, then a long way left to find an elevator). Assuming you made it, continue right and take out a Wosu and a Doomknocker as you go. Be careful in the next room as you'll have to leap onto several platforms suspended over lava. On each platform is a flame held up by two breakable blocks--this game's version of a torch, if you will. Break the blocks that form these torches in order to jump over the flames. On the second platform is a Doomknocker you'll either have to defeat or knock into the lava (though it will respawn if you go the latter route). At the end of this room is Key #1. Stand on the right with your back against the wall when you strike the Iron Knuckle statue--if you get a Red Iron Knuckle instead of the Red Magic Jar, you'll want to knock the enemy into the lava instead of vice versa! Now leave this room the way you came in.

Go back left to the wide gap in the floor. Drop in, but hold Right on the D-pad. When you come to the floor below, you'll want to keep holding Right so you land on the ledge. (If you land on one of the collapsing bridges, then jump from there to the right ledge.) Another Wosu and Doomknocker greet you as you resume going right, as does a Bubble this time. Cast Shield when you reach the next room. A Blue Parutamu will drop down to fight you, along with a Red Parutamu. After these foes, you still have a Blue Iron Knuckle in front of you. You'll need to defeat it and unlock the door beyond to reach the palace's special item: the Boots. Now you'll be able to walk on water in the overworld--well, certain parts of the water at any rate!

Stone Statue #4

Go back left and drop down into the hole again. You'll land on a collapsing bridge over lava, so quickly move to the right! Watch out for incoming Ras--the Downthrust works great here. The next room presents you with three more platforms over lava with torches atop each. On top of the first platform is a Doomknocker as well, and on the second is a Red Parutamu. As you near the end of the room, you'll encounter a fast-moving Bubble that you should do your best to avoid. Pick up Key #2 at the end, then make your way back left.

Fight your way past Ras in the next room, and in the room after that are Bots and Wizards. Unlock the door in here and ignore the elevator you see. (Unless you're in great need of healing, in which case you can take it all the way up and backtrack to the palace's entrance.) Go left from the elevator, and you'll come to another of those obnoxious rooms with breakable blocks and infinitely spawning Maus. Use Downthrust to break through the blocks once you're above Key #3, then cast Jump to get back out and return to the right.

Back in the room with Bots and Wizards, take the elevator here all the way up--it'll take you back to the early room with the two Blue Parutamus who were guarding the Treasure Bag. Go left through here and back into the first room with Wizards. You should take the elevator here back up to the entrance and heal up, then return. Once you're ready, go left from the elevator, unlock the door, and head into the next room. A Red Iron Knuckle greets you in somewhat narrow confines. Defeat it, then cast Jump and use Jump Thrust to break the blocks above you--watch out as this will release a Bubble! Jump up into the opening you've created and pick up Key #4. Drop down and unlock the door.

You'll find another elevator. Skip it for now and go left past some Wosus and a Doomknocker. In the next room, ascend the steps made of breakable blocks and defeat the Doomknocker that's up top (but do not use Downthrust to do so!). Ignore the items you see below and go all the way left and take out a final Doomknocker. Now you're free to pick up Key #5 and a Treasure Bag (200 EXP) at your leisure below the blocks. Next, go right to the previous room and take the elevator down.

Wosus and Wizards infest this room. Go right. The next room is extremely dangerous--it has the now familiar three platforms over lava layout, complete with torches. But this time the enemy inhabitants are Ras flying in their wave patterns. Be very careful making your jumps in here as it's all too easy to get knocked into the lava here by an incoming Ra! The key to success here is just to keep moving. But make liberal use of Downthrust if a Ra gets too close. If you're really struggling, you can stay in place, letting the Ras come to you and destroying them--there are only a finite number of them in any given room. At the end of this room is Key #6 as well as an Iron Knuckle statue. As before, stand to the right of the statue before hitting it in case it spawns an Iron Knuckle instead of a Red Magic Jar. The Ras haven't gone away (unless you've defeated them all), so you'll have to deal with them as you make your return trip to the left.

Back in the previous room, fight your way past Wosus and Wizards again. Then open the locked door past the elevator and continue left. You must now cross two collapsing bridges over lava, with a Myu crawling along each! Only Downthrust the Myu if it's directly in your way; otherwise just jump over it and keep moving. At the far end of this room is an elevator that you should ride down.

Unlock another door as you emerge and cast Jump. Hop up onto the upper platforms, where you'll be met by a Blue Parutamu. Take it out en route to another Treasure Bag (100 EXP). There's one more Blue Parutamu down below if you want to fight that one too.

At this point, you should be closing in on 3000 EXP for a level up in Attack. If you have at least 2500 EXP, then you're fine. If not, then backtrack and defeat enemies until you do have that much (exit and reenter the palace if need be). In the next room are nothing more than a couple Red Iron Knuckles for you to defeat for 100 EXP apiece. Now continue right to the boss.

Boss Battle: Carock

As soon as you arrive, cast Reflect and (if you have enough magic left over) Shield. Carock is a tall mage clad in red who rapidly teleports throughout the room firing spells at you along the floor. He's basically a faster and more powerful version of a Wizard. Once the battle starts, immediately retreat to the far left side of the screen, turn and face right, then crouch. All of Carock's spells will be reflected back at him! He's very fast, so it might take a while for the spells to end up hitting him. The biggest danger of this battle is trying to get yourself into position before taking too much damage. Also, sometimes Carock will appear right on top of you, causing more damage. Don't let yourself get turned around, so make sure you're always facing toward the center of the room! After absorbing eight hits of his own magic, Carock will be destroyed, giving you 300 EXP.

As soon as Carock is down, take Key #7 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. Up ahead is the stone statue where you insert your fourth crystal, but as before, it's up to you whether you want to deposit the crystal now (which will give you a free level up on Magic if you've been following this guide) or wait until later so you can keep Maze Palace open.

Regardless of what you choose, up next is a brief interlude before the Palace on the Sea!