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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Island Palace

Don't think you're out of the woods yet just because you've made it past Death Mountain. This palace introduces some of the most powerful and dangerous enemies in the game. It's also advisable that you defeat as many of them here as you can, as at your current levels (if you've been following along), you'll gain just enough EXP to reach 2000 and level up Attack (i.e. before finishing and leveling up again by inserting the crystal). And unlike the first two palaces, there are no Bubbles you can use for grinding here!

At any rate, you should have the following before entering Island Palace:

  • Attack: Level 4
  • Magic: Level 5
  • Life: Level 6
  • 6 blocks in Magic Meter
  • 6 blocks in Life Meter
  • Magic spells:
    • Shield
    • Jump
    • Life
    • Fairy
  • Inventory items:
    • Candle
    • Handy Glove
    • Hammer


As usual, use the Red Magic Jar from the Iron Knuckle statue at the entrance to refill both your magic and life meters, then take the elevator down a level. Cast Shield as you arrive. The only way to go is right, and you'll soon meet a potent new enemy called a Doomknocker. This blue ironclad foe throws a spiked club at you that functions like a boomerang--i.e. it'll come back to its thrower! So you'll have to dodge it twice while fighting this monster. You can use Downthrust on the Doomknocker, but be careful because sometimes it'll jump, slamming into you. Take it down for 100 EXP. After the Doomknocker (and a stray Myu--which are worth 5 EXP in palaces by the way) is another enemy, this one a Blue Parutamu, which is a Blue Stalfos wearing a horned helmet. This enemy can jump and use its own downthrust technique just like Blue Stalfos, but your own Downthrust won't work because of its helmet. So just fight it the same way you would a Stalfos--you'll get 70 EXP for defeating it.

The next room is a simple affair with Wosus and Myus over breakable blocks--just don't break so many blocks trying to Downthrust these foes that you wind up on the bottom and at a disadvantage. Run through the next room as fast as you can, as there are a couple Fiery Moas raining down fire on you and falling blocks in the middle of the room. The following room contains several Myus on top of breakable blocks, along with a Doomknocker. Go ahead and take out the enemies, then use Downthrust through the blocks to obtain first Key #1 and farther on a Treasure Bag (100 EXP).

The next room is a tad tricky--you might want to cast Jump to make it considerably easier though. You'll hop up some steps made of breakable blocks, and there are a couple Red Iron Knuckles trapped within. Don't free them--but you might do so accidentally if you try using Downthrust on the Myus on top of them. Avoid this urge! Jump over the Myus and continue right. There will be a wide gap ahead with a Red Parutamu at the bottom. Run and jump from the edge to make it to the other side (if you do it right, you don't even need to cast Jump, but if you miss the jump, you will have to cast Jump magic to make it back out and to the right). Go right to the next room, which actually takes you outdoors. Do your best to avoid the Fiery Moa's flames overhead while you take down a Red Iron Knuckle who's guarding Key #2.

With the Key in hand, return left back inside and drop into the lower area. Defeat the Red Parutamu for 50 EXP, then take the elevator down. Disembark and go right through the locked door. (Tip: Though this guide will never take you to a locked door without a key, if you ever do want to bypass a lock without obtaining the Key, you can cast Fairy and fly through it.) Defeat a Bot or two, as well as a new enemy called Mau, which is a statue of a wolf's head that comes steadily toward you, shifting between going up and down, shooting projectiles as it goes. It's an annoying enemy that comes at you infinitely and only yields 5 EXP each upon defeat. Get past them to the next room going right.

Carefully hop over the lava pits, either defeating the Bots or letting them jump to their fiery doom. In the center of the room, a Red Iron Knuckle guards Key #3, so take out the enemy. In the next room, you definitely want to cast Shield. You'll first need to take out another Red Iron Knuckle, which shouldn't pose much of a problem for you at this point. After that is the dreaded Blue Iron Knuckle. This version of the foe is even more powerful than the Orange and Red Iron Knuckles, but unlike those other two varieties, this one throws its swords at you as well! Its swords can either be thrown high or low, so you constantly have to be ready with your shield. Just like the other Iron Knuckles, your best bet is to jump attack its head. (It should be noted that Downthrust doesn't work on Iron Knuckles due to their armor, obviously.) Be prepared for a fight because Blue Iron Knuckles take a lot of hits to subdue! Once you finally do defeat it, you'll gain 150 EXP. This Iron Knuckle was guarding the palace's special item: the Raft. That will come in handy after this palace!

Stone Statue #3

Backtrack a couple rooms to the elevator that brought you down to this level. If you have enough magic, cast Jump, then jump up and strike the Mau statue to the left of the elevator to reveal a Red Magic Jar (if it's a Red Iron Knuckle, hurry and retreat up the elevator, then return and try again). You'll have to deal with hordes of incoming Maus while doing this unfortunately. Continue left, and in the next room, take out a couple Red Iron Knuckles, with Wosus running along in between. Ignore the elevator you find in this room and keep moving left. In the following room, hop up the steps of breakable blocks and go along the upper route, taking out Maus as you go, until you see Key #4 below you. Use Downthrust to break through and obtain it. Now you have the unenviable task of using your sword to break blocks and create steps to get out of here--all the while dealing with endless waves of Maus! Cast Jump if you need extra height to make it out, but you should really try to carve out steps to conserve magic.

Return to the previous room, and this time take the elevator down. Then go right and cast Jump. Hop up to the high ledges made of breakable blocks, where you can retrieve a Treasure Bag (100 EXP). Below you will be a Red Parutamu whom you may as well defeat for the experience points. At the end of the room is a Doomknocker you'll have to get past to advance.

The next room is a challenging one, and you'll probably want to cast Shield when you enter. Take the lowest of the three routes first, breaking the blocks to move forward. You'll soon encounter a Red Iron Knuckle, but due to the very low ceiling, you'll be unable to jump! Well, not completely unable--believe it or not, even in these very close quarters, the jump attack is still effective against Iron Knuckles. Just make sure you're extra careful about shielding against its sword swings. Past this Red Iron Knuckle at the end of the low corridor is another Treasure Bag (100 EXP). Now hop out of here and take the highest route. You can't go very far that way, so you'll have to use Downthrust to break through the blocks and reach the middle route. A Blue Iron Knuckle will be on your left and a Red Iron Knuckle on your right. Try to arrange it so you can fight the red foe without the blue noticing--as its thrown swords can go through walls and still hit you! (Sometimes this isn't possible though, and you'll have to do your best to finish off the Blue Iron Knuckle first.) Defeat the Red Iron Knuckle and move forward.

At this point, if you've been fighting every enemy in this palace so far, you should be at or near 2000 EXP for the next level up. If you're within 300 of that mark, then go ahead and move on to the boss in the next room. If you're a little more than that, you can take on the Blue Iron Knuckle in this penultimate room for 150 EXP (if you haven't already). Failing even that, there are Maus on the floor above. Either way, get ready to face the boss when you're done.

Boss Battle: Rebonack

Also known as Guardian Iron Knuckle, this boss is an Iron Knuckle who rides into the boss arena mounted on a metal horse! In this form, all he does is make occasional passes. Simply jump up and use the Downthrust technique on the boss. (You don't even need to cast Jump, though I would definitely recommend casting Shield.) After you've depleted approximately half his life meter, the horse will be gone and Rebonack will fight you on foot. At this point he becomes just a regular Blue Iron Knuckle, though those throwing swords are still very dangerous. Use standard jumping attacks to do this boss in. Unlike ordinary Iron Knuckles, Rebonack gives up 300 EXP when you defeat him.

As soon as Rebonack is down, take Key #5 which falls from the ceiling and use it to unlock the locked door beyond. Up ahead is the stone statue where you insert your third crystal, but as before, it's up to you whether you want to deposit the crystal now (which will give you a free level up on Magic if you've been following this guide) or wait until later so you can keep Island Palace open.

Regardless of what you choose, up next is a voyage to a new continent where Maze Palace awaits!