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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Hidden Places

Beyond the River Devil

From the Palace on the Sea walk all the way west back to Nabooru. Up to this point, if you'd tried exploring very far south of Nabooru, the way would've been blocked by a creature on the map called the River Devil. Now armed with the Flute, we can do something about it! So go south from Nabooru until you see the black creature that's blocking the way farther south. Stand next to it and play the Flute--which you do by simply pressing the B button--to make it vanish. Now we can go forward. Continue south on the road.

This is a very treacherous path, however, as you'll have to pass through three traps on the way (which are marked on the screenshot below). Each trap is filled with Gerus hiding behind high walls who throw stones down toward you. Don't just walk in a straight line--they track your movements and throw accordingly! Instead, keep moving back a little bit and then forward as you continuously head right. Thankfully these rocks don't do too much damage, but in two of the traps, an Orange Geru will meet you on the ground--just dodge past it. Same with the Zora in the second trap.

After these three traps, you'll come to an area with a graveyard to the southwest and a swamp to the northeast. (Note that there is a town southeast of your position, but you should avoid it for now--it's abandoned and infested with (invisible) enemies. We'll get there later.) Head into the swamp and trudge to the northwest corner of the swamp to find yourself in another hidden action scene. Cast Jump and try to clear out the Boon that's dropping rocks on you. Jump up to the high ledge to find Doll #4 waiting for you! Now exit back to the overworld.

Look for a cave entrance at the north end of the swamp and head inside. In the first section are a series of Girubokkus, who shouldn't pose much of a problem for you anymore. The next section is just like an earlier cave--largely empty, but with an Aruroda at the end. Defeat it when it opens its eye, and as before, you can claim the Treasure Bag (500 EXP) it was guarding! Now backtrack and leave this cave.

Journey eastward out of the swamp and into the woods. Look for another cave and go in there. Once again, there are two sections you'll have to traverse. The first contains three Tektites on varied terrain, so cast Fire if you want to fight them. The second section features not only an Orange Geru but also your first encounter with a Red Geru as well. Unlike the orange version, which wields a spear you can block, the red version has a club that can't be blocked (unless you want to waste magic by casting Reflect). Worse, if you do defeat a Red Geru, it only gives you 100 EXP--which is 50 less than the supposedly weaker orange variety! Also unlike an Orange Geru, the Red Geru will never drop a Treasure Bag or Magic Jar.

At any rate, at the end of this cave, you'll find yourself back in the overworld in an eastern cove. If you use the Hammer in the woods, you'll find you can clear away trees. Clear the second tree on the second row to find a new town! (You'll have to make sure you're facing the tile in question--see the first screenshot below.) Go ahead and enter it before an enemy encounter overtakes you.


Welcome to the hidden town of Kasuto! Unlike most towns, not only is this one hidden (you'll have to clear away the tree each time you want to come here), but you also move from left to right in this town instead of right to left. A woman near the entrance tells you, "We had to flee Kasuto." And a larger woman walking around says, "The old man who remains has magic." Old Kasuto is the abandoned town I told you to avoid earlier, and the old man who remains there will teach you your final spell when we get there.

Anyway, talk to the old woman wearing purple at the second house. Assuming you've found all three prior Magic Containers (i.e. you have seven bars in your magic meter), she'll invite inside, so follow her. Once inside, she'll also tell you about a secret at the edge of town, which we'll get to later in this section. Go into the basement, but instead of finding the usual old man, instead you'll get Magic Container #4. This is the final such item in the game! Leave this house, and then you can restore your magic with the old woman in orange at the end of this first section of town (which you shouldn't need to do now that you've just found the last Magic Container of course).

In the next section is the young woman who will restore your health. If you talk to some of the walking residents, one will say, "The hole in palace is endless trap." This refers to an interesting game mechanic in the next palace where the holes you can fall into form an endless loop. Another NPC says, "Call for help at the Three Eye Rocks." This is a rock formation where we'll cause the next palace to appear--more on that in the next section.

Keep going and then enter the only open door in this part of town. Once inside, you'll notice a fireplace you can enter. Go in there, and this time you will find the old man! He will teach you a spell called, well, Spell. Casting it turns all nearby enemies into weak Bots (though it doesn't work on bosses obviously)--and sometimes other strange effects.

Leave the house and continue right to the final section of town, which is empty and leads to a dead end. Cast Spell, and you'll cause a large structure to emerge from the ground! Go inside to find a Magical Key. Now we no longer need to look for Keys inside palaces to open locked doors! That's all you can do here for now, so backtrack all the way left to leave town.

Now that we're here, I should tell you that the woods around New Kasuto are an excellent place to grind for EXP. The weak enemy encounters consist of Red Deelers and more importantly Orange Gerus. The latter are not too difficult to defeat, and they give you a sweet 150 EXP per kill. (Try to avoid the strong enemy encounters as they contain Blue Deelers and the stronger yet less lucrative Red Gerus instead.) Simply hang around gaining EXP, then return to Kasuto anytime you need to heal.

Three-Eye Rock

If you want, you can go all the way up to 6000 EXP for the next level up, but I'm going to tell you about a couple other items you can obtain before you get too far into grinding here. Leave Kasuto and go back through the cave that brought you here. Once on the other side, go southeast, and then once you're to the southeast of the lake (but still a few spaces shy of the sandy terrain below), you should find a hidden action scene. As soon as you enter, cast Shield because a Red Geru will be on you immediately! Defeat this foe, then go right to find a Treasure Bag (500 EXP). Return to the overworld, and now venture south onto the sand. Go to the southeastern coast, where you'll find another action scene, this one containing nothing but Heart Container #4. Now with those last two containers, both your magic and life meters have reached their maximum possible lengths!

At this point, before we move on to the next palace, let's finish leveling up. You can use any of the woods south of the River Devil, but it's better to grind in the vicinity of Kasuto so you can heal if need be. So return to the woods around the hidden town and continue slaying Gerus until you reach 6000 EXP and can upgrade Magic to level 8. That's the maximum Magic stat! Your next (and final) level up occurs when you reach 8000 EXP. You can do that in the woods around Kasuto as well if you want, but there's so much free EXP in the next palace (from Treasure Bags and bosses) that what I suggest doing is grinding up to about 5000 or 5500 EXP. That won't take as long as grinding all the way up to 8000 EXP and also makes the Treasure Bags in the upcoming palace worth it, while at the same time enabling you to skip fighting any regular enemy you don't feel like facing from then on.

Regardless, whenever you're ready, leave Kasuto, go through the cave, and then venture south. Far to the south of the lake is a formation of three rocks in the desert, known as Three-Eye Rock. Stand in the exact center of these rocks and play the Flute. This causes Three-Eye Rock Palace to appear! Enter.