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by TheRewster

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheRewster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/15/2018
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Heart Containers, Magic Containers, Dolls

There are four each of Heart Containers and Magic Containers, making for a total of eight container items. Collecting one adds an extra bar to the corresponding meter, so it's vital that you collect all eight in order to give yourself the best chance of surviving this challenging adventure! Additionally, there are six Dolls scattered throughout Hyrule, and each gives you an extra life. Much like the Heart/Magic Containers, Dolls are one-time only items, so once you grab them, that's it.

Heart Containers

Let's start with the Heart Container locations:

  • Clearing in the middle of small forest south of Parapa Desert (guarded by an Orange Goriya)

  • Cave east of Midoro Swamp (destroy boulder with Hammer to enter cave)

  • In the water north of Palace on the Sea (walk on water with Boots to reach)

  • Coast east of Three-Eye Rock

Magic Containers

And now for the locations of the Magic Containers:

  • Cave southwest of North Castle

  • West entrance of Spectacle Rock at Death Mountain (destroy boulder with Hammer to enter)

  • Western road at Maze Island

  • Kasuto (talk to old woman in purple at the second house, then follow her inside and go into the basement)


Finally, here are all six Doll locations (four in the overworld and the last two inside palaces):

  • Moruge Swamp (catty-corner to the boulder blocking the cave entrance)

  • Coast southwest of King's Tomb

  • Coast southwest of bridge leading to Maze Island

  • Northwest corner of swamp that's located southeast of River Devil (cast Jump to reach)

  • Three-Eye Rock Palace (in room above boss room, guarded by Blue Iron Knuckle at end of narrow corridor)

  • Great Palace (near the end, a few floors above final boss rooms, go left from elevator and jump across lava pits guarded by Bots)