How do I get the jump spell?

  1. Where am I supposed to get the jump spell?

    User Info: BrokenTundra

    BrokenTundra - 2 years ago

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  1. From the palace you start the game at, go north into the desert and there should be a cave there. You will need the Candle from Palace 1 first in order to see the enemy guarding the Trophy. Once you grab the Trophy, head back outside and go the the nearby town to the West. (It should be the town of Ruto.) Somewhere in town is a female NPC who will be outside a building (or exiting a building) who you will need to talk to. They will thank you for getting the Trophy back from those monsters (the monsters stole it sometime earlier), and will ask you to come inside. Once inside keep going to the right until you find an old man and you will learn the Jump Spell from him.

    User Info: abridgedfan2569

    abridgedfan2569 - 2 years ago 2   0

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