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Can't get to New Katsuo? Main Quest 1 6 months ago
Why does my game erase itself even though I saved when I turn off the game? Tech Support 1 7 months ago
How to get a hammer? Main Quest 1 8 months ago
how do i make link jump? Main Quest 1 11 months ago
how do you add codes for extra lives? Main Quest 1 11 months ago
Why did I start out with max stats on the switch emulator??? Main Quest 2 1 year ago
Where is the best place to level up? Build 2 1 year ago
Any tips for getting through the Valley of Death? Main Quest 4 1 year ago
They need to erase the death screen. Do you Agree? General 2 1 year ago
Where is the Magic Key? Main Quest 1 1 year ago

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