Review by NextBigThingBrock

Reviewed: 10/28/03

The last NES Wrestling game is not a good one.

WWF King Of The Ring was the last NES wrestling game and it didn't go good in a way. This game did however present the King Of The Ring feature and it was a nice touch but when in the graphics area and over all gameplay it just does not seem right. There are other WWF wrestling games for the NES that can beat this game as far as gameplay and graphics go.

Gameplay 2/10:

Ok, this is a wrestling game that is supposed to be fun right ? There are not enough matches in the game although the KOTR match was a nice addition. but the KOTR mode itself was pushed way to fast, you only see the matches you fight for. You won't see how the other matches looked like....just the result of it in the end. There are a single match, a tag match, and the KOTR match. The tag match is what really gets me, for one your partner can't interfere in the match he just stands there as a B&W statue until you tag him, and when making a tag you walk really slow towards you partner and just at the last second your partner may do the same thing. Another thing is the wrestlers list of moves, there is no special moves just a punch,kick,stomp, clothesline, dropkick and I think a few more but thats it. You won't see no sharpshooter, a sweet chin music, or not ever a Yokozuna drop, and why does Yokozuna have a dropkick ? That really upsets me.

Sound 3/10:

Music ? Where is the music ? Oh, here it is, right when you choose your character. There is no in game music while wrestling, just silent sound and just the punch, and annoying stomp sound they make. The music you pick for your character is a weak version of what they come out to, and why does your Created Wrestler have the KOTR game intro music ? Very,very lame indeed. I give credit to only Yokozuna's music it sounds much like it does in real wrestling.

Graphics 3/10:

Hahahaha, I'm gonna have fun with this here. Now the graphics in my opinion are not that bad but they could have brushed up on them at least. Every wrestler in the game is the same darn size, they also have the same muscles as the others do, even Yokozuna is looking pretty good to me at this point. When does Razor Ramon look eye to eye with Mr. Perfect ? The crowd is not as good as some other NES WWF wrestling games , they almost are like cardboard and the arena is half full.

Overall 3/10: This game is not as good as I thought it would be.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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