Review by Braben

Reviewed: 12/31/03

Everyone’s favourite mutant chelonians take Manhattan.

The sequel to that awesome beat em-up that was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II offers more of the same but with better quality, so the success may be guaranteed at first glance right?, you can bet your shell it is!

Shredder has kidnapped poor April again, and together with her the entire Manhattan island, so our turtle heroes will have to stop doing nothing in the Florida beach and start looking for Shredder.

The plot is little bit more elaborated (yet it is still as irrelevant as it was before), but main point of the game is still the same, advance kicking those morons from the Foot Clan. In any case, what made its prequel and what is enhanced in this third installment is the huge amount of variety we will find in every new stage. This time there are more pitfalls (holes, cannons, lasers…) and a larger variety of enemies.

Now we have two different ways of playing with a friend, in the option A we can hurt our pal if we hit him, so the game is more difficult because we will have to be careful while attacking, with the option B we won’t hurt him, so it is a bit easier.

Another difference with Turtles II is that now you can select a new turtle every time you loose a live, so you wont have to wait to use a continue to change.

There is also a new and very important movement that makes the game a lot easier, if we press down and A we will kill common enemies with only one hit. The only problem this movements has is that it gives you less points, so if you keep doing this all the time you’ll earn very few lives and continues, but this movements is still a true blessing sometimes.

The gameplay has been improved a bit, but it also maintains the same little flaws its predecessor had: the turtle’s slow movements (but only a little), and the fact that all the turtles attack in the same way. It is true that this time they have two special movements (one of them if common for all the turtles, but the second one is unique for each one), but their usual attack is basically the same for all of them. Anyway, I am going to repeat again that these are just minor flaws because the game is so fun that it is hard to care about this seriously.

The graphics are even better than before and there a lot new amusing animations for the characters. Turtles III is definitely one the Nes titles with better graphics. The music is in the vein if the first title, most of the time we will hear variations of the main turtles theme but adapted to the situations we are involved. Technically speaking Turtles III is top notch.

Also, like its predecessor, Turtles III is HARD, it is a bit easier than Turtles II because the turtles movements are more effective against then enemies and we have that attack that grabs the enemies, but it is still a quite hard game, if you play with a friend it is only hard, but if you play alone the chances to finish it are not very high really.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is the definitive beat em-up for the Nes, it is even more fun and varied than Turtles II. Another classic masterpiece by Konami.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Rating: 10

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