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Reviewed: 06/28/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Cowabunga, dude! The best Turtles game on NES!


Here it is folks, my third favorite game on the NES. The Turtle series has always been one of my favorite, and even a game (the original) that I used to despise, I’m starting to get into it as well. Anyways, the third game in the series is definitely the best on the NES. The graphics have improved a lot over the second game, and the addition of some special moves helps out a lot as well. This is without a shadow of a doubt the best Turtles game on the NES.

Graphics (8.3/10)

Some of the best graphics on the NES. Right from the beginning you can see how good the graphics really are. The backgrounds are very colorful and very nicely done. Also the enemy designs and the Turtles themselves look better than they did in the previous game.

Character designs in the game are decent. The characters in the game are, of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so the character designs in the game are expected to be similar to the character designs in the comic book series and television series. And the character designs are right on. I think the coolest part about the character designs in the game are the fact that they look so much like the characters from the TV show. Overall, the character designs are very well done.

Enemy designs are a crucial part of any game’s graphics, and Konami did a great job with the enemy designs in this game. First off, most of the Turtles games have basically the same foot solider, but with a different color. And this game uses that a lot also. For instance, the soldiers that throw sand at you are yellow, but the ones that use swords against you are blue. So, there isn’t too much of a variety when it comes to the foot soldiers. Thankfully, all the other enemy designs in the game are pretty good. I especially like the helicopters featured in the second stage of the game, as they are very well designed. The bosses in the game are designed great as well, as the bosses all look like their TV show counterparts, from Tokkha and Raazzar all the way down to Shredder himself. Overall, the enemy designs are great.

A major graphical problem was present in the second game in the series. This graphical problem was slowdown and flash. No, these were not names of two bosses in the game. These were some of the major problems in the game with the graphics. Slowdown occurred whenever more than one enemy was on the screen at the same time. Flash occurred every so often, and was a very annoying glitch. Thankfully, all of these problems were corrected in the third game in the series.

Overall, the graphics in the game are great. The character designs are solid, the enemies are very well designed, and the backgrounds in the game are awesome. The game may not look like a Super Nintendo game, but that is to be expected because this is a Nintendo game, not a Super Nintendo game.

Music and Sound (8.8/10)

The music and sound are great as well. The classic TMNT music all the way. Great.

Music in the game is pretty good. As some of you may know, I am a big fan of the classic Turtles theme music. So, it is a given that a Turtles game features this classic theme music. Thankfully, Konami did include this classic theme music, so all hope is not lost. And all of the music in the game is pretty well done. From the classic music in the first stage all the way to the chilling beats of the later stages in the game, the music in the game is definitely well done. Add to this the cool boss theme of the game, and I have no choice but to give the music a high score. Overall, the music in the game is fantastic, especially the classic Turtles theme.

Sound effect wise, the sound effects in the game are also top notch. There are a lot of great sound effects in the game, from the sound of the Ninja Turtles screaming ''Cowabunga!'' to the sounds of the weapons of the Turtles hitting the enemies. The enemies running around sound great as well, and I also like how when you are walking near the pier and those pizza advertisements fall down, the sound is very realistic. Overall, the sound effects in the game are fantastic.

Overall, the music and sound effects in the game are fantastic. I like the music in the game a lot, and am glad Konami included the classic Turtles theme that I enjoy. The sound effects are great as well, and all of them sound very realistic.

Gameplay and Control (9.4/10)

The game is a side scrolling beat up just like the second game, but the game is better than
the second one. In the second game, the Turtles controlled pretty much exactly the same, so there was really no difference between them. In this edition, the Turtles come equipped with their own unique special moves, so there is finally a reason to choose one Turtle over another. There is a lot of cool stages that you must beat, including the infamous Technodrome and a ''walk in Central Park.'' This game isn’t as good as Turtles in Time, but its really good anyways.

The coolest part of the game, in my opinion, is the fact that there is a reason to choose between the different Turtles. The main reason to choose between the different turtles are the fact that each of the Turtles have a different special move. For instance, Leo twirls his sword around, while Donatello does a spin in mid air. You want to conserve these special moves, however, because every time you do one, your energy decreases by one. So save those special moves for when you need them!

Overall, I am a big fan of this game, especially when it comes to some of the options in the game. Also, there is an extreme variety of stages, ranging from surfing to walking around on a beach. The variety of the special moves means that you actually have to decide between Turtles.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: Medium

This game has a lot of replay value while you are playing through it. First off, the game is quite large, since it features at least ten stages. So you probably will not play through the entire game the first time you play it. Secondly, there are a few secrets in the game. Not many, but there are a few. You may also be tempted into going through the game with each of the four turtles, which adds to the replay value even more. However, once you beat the game, you may not want to play though it again. Overall, the replay value is decent.

Challenge: Medium

This is a pretty challenging game once I think about it. There were quite a few times I had trouble defeating some of the sections of the game. For instance, the boss at the end of the third stage, Leatherface, was a tough cookie to fight. He kept on running around, attacking me for no reason, and basically being a pain in my posterior. Also, he was not the only boss I had problems with. He was just one of the many bosses that I had to put up with throughout the game. Overall, the game has a decent challenge, with very challenging bosses.


-This game is just so much fun to play.
-The special moves give you a reason to select between Turtles.
-The music and sound effects in the game are top notch.


-Some of the bosses are pretty challenging.
-The music could have been a tad better in certain spots.
-The enemy designs still aren’t very varied.

Overall (9.3/10)

Overall, I am a big fan of this game, especially when it comes to some of the options in the game. Also, there is an extreme variety of stages, ranging from surfing to walking around on a beach. The variety of the special moves means that you actually have to decide between Turtles. The graphics and music are also top notch. What a game!

Rating: 9

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