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Character Guide by MetHy

Version: v1.0 | Updated: 02/11/2021

              Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project

                              Character FAQ

v1.0, 10th of February 2021

 Tables of contents:

1) Turtles stats
2) Bosses HP values
3) Credits

     1) Turtle Stats

a) Hit detection 

Regular B attacks:
When attacking with the regular attack, the hit detection on the X axis differs
depending on the turtle. 

The values I'm about to give are pixel count. These values are added to the
player's position, 
which is around the center of the sprite, and compared to the enemies' hit
detection size.
After converting the values from hexadecimal to decimal, the values are:

Leonardo: 28
Donatello: 32
Michaelangelo: 24
Raphael: 24

After looking at the code and doing some empirical tests, the hit detection
seems to be the same 
on the Y axis for everyone.

Down+B attack: 
The X axis hit detection value of the Down+B attack is the same for everyone. 
The value is 24.

c) Attacks timing

The overall animation time of the regular attacks differ depending on the
The total number of frames for the regular attack equals to:

Leonardo: 19
Raphael: 16
Michaelangelo: 21
Donatello: 20

The hit registers on the 3rd tick of that timer for everyone, except for
Michaelangelo, where the 
attack registers on the 5th tick.

The frame time of the Down+B attack is the same for everyone and equals to 23.

d) Damage values

Except for the A+B special, the damage values of the attacks are the same for

The values are:
Jump Kick: 02
Regular Attack: 03
Down + B: 03 

Damage values for the A+B specials:
Leonardo: 8
Raphael: 7 
Michaelangelo: 11 
Donatello: 9 

Please that that Leonardo's special is very likely to hit twice per attack.
It may also happen with Michaelangelo, but it rarely happens with the two

e) Conclusions:

Donatello has the best range. His regular attack can hit many enemies with low
risk of getting hit. 
A good example is on the submarine in stage 2: he's the only one who can take
down canons while spamming
the regular attack without having to dodge the fireballs, and at the end of the
stage, he can safely hit 
Groundchuck while he's performing the pipe waving attack. His range is great
against a variety of bosses,
a great example being (regular) Shredder: you can very safely hit Shredder once,
dodge diagonally, and repeat.
Doing the same with other turtles without getting hit is more difficult.
The drawback is that Donatello has the worst special, and you're likely to die
quickly when you use it when low on HP.

Raphael is the fastest and has the best damage per second ratio. This DPS
however doesn't matter much against most regular
enemies, because the invicibility frame time of enemies means that if you
re-attack as soon as possible, the second hit
will not deal damage, you are forced to wait a bit; although you WILL be able to
walk away and dodge sooner since 
the attack takes less time. 
His DPS matters more against bosses: he can often hit bosses at least once more
than the others before having to walk
away or dodge the boss' next attack.
Raphael also has one of the safest specials, the drawback being that it deals
the least amount of damage of all specials.
Raphael's short range is however an issue against some bosses, most notably
against Leatherhead and Shredder.

Outside of the special, Michaelangelo is a worse Raphael: the range is the same,
but the attack lasts longer
and he's the only one where it takes 2 more ticks for a hit to register, meaning
you're a bit more likely to get 
hit when playing as him.
His special however deals a lot of damage, and remains safer to use than
Leonardo's or Donatello's.

Leonardo is a middle ground character with average range and speed. His special
can dish out a lot of damage because
it's very likely to hit twice, however, since it's stationary, he's the most
likely to die quickly when using the special
when low on HP.

The Down+B attack does not deal more damage to enemies or bosses than the
regular attacks. So, when it doesn't OHKO enemies,
unless it triggers a longer knock-back (which it does against a few enemies but
not against bosses), there is no reason 
to use it.

Donatello is probably the best turtles for beginners (he's the first one I could
beat the game with without using a continue
myself, although I was pretty damn close with Raph). Raph, and maybe also Leo
due to his special, would probably be the bests
for speedrunners.

     2) Bosses HP values

Stage 1: Rocksteady: 64
stage 2: Groundchuck: 128
stage 3: Slash: 64
         Bebop: 160
stage 4: Dirtbag: 160
stage 5: Mother Mouser (blue): 80
         Leatherhead: 192
stage 6: Rahzer: 192
         Shredder: 256
Stage 7: Tokka: 208
Stage 8: Mother Mouser (red): 112
         Krang first form: 80, second and third form: 256 (total: 336)
         Super Shredder: 448

- Groundchuck grabs the pipe when his HP reaches below 96
- Outside of colour and HP, there is another difference between the blue and red
Mother Mouser: the blue one will only
spawn 3 Mousers at once. The red one may spawn up to 4, and is more likely to
spawn 2 Mousers at once.
- Leatherhead starts doing the "rush & grab" pattern when his HP gets below 64.
- Krang's third form seems to be identical to his first. He turns to the third
form once the second form has recieved
160 damage. During the second form, you can damage either the feet or the upper
body, it makes no difference.
- Not every boss starts to flicker at the same HP value: Rocksteady, Groundhuck,
Slash and the Mother Mousers start
to flicker when their HP reaches 31. All the others start to flicker when their
HP reaches 55.

     3) Credits

This here FAQ by MetHy.
Thanks to Konami for this great game.
I used the debugger of FCEU X to get these values, so thanks to its dev(s).

I made a romhack of this game that lets you switch turtle by pressing Select,
yes it's cheating, but if you want
to swap between turtles to enjoy the pros of everyone, you can do that. Both
players can also select the same turtle:

I also made romhacks for TMNT2 (all 4 turtles play the exact same in TMNT2):

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