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FAQ/Walkthrough by Raging_DemonTEN

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/09/02

         _______           _______  _______  _______       _______
        (  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ )     (  ____ \
        | (    \/| )   ( || (    )|| (    \/| (    )|     | (    \/
        | (_____ | |   | || (____)|| (__    | (____)|     | |
        (_____  )| |   | ||  _____)|  __)   |     __)     | |
              ) || |   | || (      | (      | (\ (        | |
        /\____) || (___) || )      | (____/\| ) \ \__     | (____/\
        \_______)(_______)|/       (_______/|/   \__/     (_______/


                        SUPER C FAQ/Walkthrough

             Console.....................Nintendo Entertainment System

              "SUPER C" Copyright 1990 Konami
              FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright 2002 Raging_DemonTEN

             E-Mail Address..............eagle25_100@yahoo.com

                    ----- Copyright Information -----
|                                                                           |
|  This FAQ is copyrighted by Raging_DemonTEN in the year 2002. It is for   |
|  private use only, and cannot be reproduced or sold without strict        |
|  permission from the author. Permission can be asked for by e-mailing     |
|  me with the title "Super C Permission" at: eagle25_100@yahoo.com.        |

                          |  Version History  |

                 Version 1.0 - FAQ/Walkthrough Revised And Completed


                         |  Table Of Contents  |

        |                                                           |
        |       1).......| Introduction                             |
        |       2).......| Game Storyline                           |
        |       3).......| Overview And Controls                    |
        |       4).......| Weapons And Items                        |
        |       5).......| Walkthrough                              |
        |                                                           |
        |          a.) Gates Of Fort Firestorm                      |
        |          b.) Fort Firestorm's Warped Mind Control Center  |
        |          c.) Tropics Of Torture                           |
        |          d.) Lair Of The Jungle Aliens                    |
        |          e.) Massacre Mountain                            |
        |          f.) Jagger Froid's Fruit-Of-The-Doom Defense     |
        |          g.) Radioactive Lava Fields                      |
        |          h.) Red Falcon's Poison Palace                   |
        |                                                           |
        |       6).......| Secrets, Tips, And Information           |
        |       7).......| Expanded Version History                 |
        |                                                           |


                           1. Introduction

     In 1990, Konami came out with Super C, the first sequel to Contra (the
second was Contra Force). Improved graphics, improved sounds, improved
everything over the original. It was a masterpiece, and still today most
games can't hold a candle to it. It was how a shooter should be done. I still
remember playing that game over and over again, learning everything about the
game there was to know. When I went to GameFAQs a few days ago, I discovered
nobody had written a FAQ for this game. So, I decided to fill the gap and
write a FAQ for it, and here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

                           2. Game Introduction

     Sipping cold lemonade with a couple of native lovelies, Mad Dog and
Scorpion, guerilla warriors extraordinaire, relax on a Rio beach and boast of
how they destroyed the vile alien warmonger, Red Falcon. Little do they know
that Red Falcon didn't flee with his pointed tail between his legs. Instead,
he tactically retreated to round-up ruffians of the universe, friends from
all walks of war, to mount a second assault on planet Earth.

     One of the new recruits is Jagger Froid, a demented alien from the Black
Hole Galaxy, who dishes out punishment with a laser sharp tongue. Red Falcon
has also shuttled in The Babalu Destructoid Mechanism, a giant alien attack
tank, which was the primary weapon used to disintegrate the innocent solar
system of Tralala.

     But the genius behind Red Falcon's Earth conquering concept is his plan
to have thousands of intergalactic warriors seep into the brains of the U.S.
Army. It's a mind contamination trick that has already taken command of U.S.
forces at Fort FireStorm.

     How do we know that our soldiers have been brain-trashed? You can see it
in their eyes.

     Now, if Mad Dog and Scorpion fail to recuperate from their months on the
beach in time to destroy Red Falcon's G.I. fortified Hate Nest, his sinister
scheme will permeate the world's mightiest power (nuclear missile silos

     And if that happens, we'll all be pushing up daisies.

                         3. Overview And Controls

     If you play one player, you are Mad Dog, and if two, the second player
is  Scorpion. Your mission is to blast through 8 leveels with your gun,
destroying the alien scum along the way. You have three lives to start out
with,  represented by the medals in the upper-left hand corner of your
screen, and three continues if you lose those lives. You gain a life if you
beat a boss.

     It's extremely difficult to just go through the game with your normal
gun, so you need power-ups, which are explained in Section 4. The controls
for this game were nominated for an award, as seen in Section 6.

| Controls |

Up         - No movement
             B Button - Fires gun Up
             A Button - Jumps straight Up

Up-Right   - Moves Right
             B Button - Fires gun Up-right
             A Button - Jumps Up-right

Right      - Moves Right
             B Button - Fires gun Right
             A Button - Jumps Right

Down-Right - Moves Right
             B Button - Fires gun Down-Right
             A Button - Jumps Right

Down       - Crouch Down
             If on a platform, lowers you down to the one underneath it
             B Button - Fires gun forward
             A Button - Jumps straight Up

Down-Left  - Moves Left
             B Button - Fires Down-Left
             A Button - Jumps Left

Left       - Moves Left
             B Button - Fires Left
             A Button - Jumps Left

Up-Left    - Moves Left
             B Button - Fires Up-left
             A Button - Jumps Up-left

START      - Pauses game
SELECT     - Used to make selections in the menus

                        4. Weapons And Power-Ups

     This is the meat and potatoes of the game. If you ever played this game,
who could forget the first time you saw the awe-inspiring Spread Gun wreck
havoc on the mutated soldiers. There are 4 different guns and 3 different
power-ups. You pick them up by shooting the flying footballs that pass by or
wall capsules.

 / M |  Machine Gun  \
|     My second favorite gun. It has excellent shot speed, and is good for  |
| enclosed spaces such as Level 4. If you can't find the Spread Gun, use    |
| this gun.                                                                 |
|  Rating: ****-                                                            |

 / S |  Spread Gun  \
|     The gun. This is what you need to destroy all of the alien forces. It |
| fires five shots in different directions, so you don't need to aim. Also, |
| it does moderate damage and has good speed. Definitely the gun you want to|
| pick up.                                                                  |
|  Rating: *****                                                            |

 / L |  Laser  \
|     An O.K. gun. Even though it does excellent damage, it doesn't aim     |
| well and the beam is too thin for collateral damage. Pick it up if you    |
| can't find anything else.                                                 |
|  Rating: **---                                                            |

 / F |  Flamethrower  \
|     The manual says that the fireball will ignite, but really all it can  |
| do is make a bigger fireball the next turn. After you shoot one fireball, |
| hold down B and release to get a bigger one. It does damage, but the M gun|
| can do it faster and the S gun can do it to more things. Just stay away   |
| from this gun.                                                            |
|  Rating: *----                                                            |

 / R |  Rapid Fire  \
|     Rapid Fire increases the firing rate of any weapon. Verrry useful,    |
| with any gun. I especially like it with the Spread Gun, since it's just a |
| constant wave of destruction, but any other gun will do. Always go out of |
| your way for this power-up.                                               |
|  Rating: *****                                                            |

 / B |  Barrier  \
|     This is what I'm talking about. Run through the level and don't stop, |
| because nothing can hurt you. Gives about 10 seconds of invulnerability.  |

 / Eagle |  Mega Shell  \
|     Destroys all enemy objects on screen, including all enemies and any   |
| projectiles they use.                                                     |

                            5. Walkthrough


* Power-Ups are listed in the order that they appear
||                      a.)Gates Of Fort Firestorm                         |
POWER-UPS: Machine Gun - Rapid Fire - Mega Shell - Flamethrower - Mega Shell
           Machine Gun - Spread Gun

     When you start out, you jump out of your army helicopter and right into
a warzone. Start running straight, and a Power-Up carrier will come(it looks
like a football). Shoot the carrier to get the Machine Gun. Keep moving
straight, and watch out for the snipers up on the destroyed buildings. Shoot
the next Power-Up carrier for Rapid Fire, and hit the sniper near it with
your Machine Gun. Keep moving up the ramp until you get to the top. Watch out
for the soldiers that pop out of the tower, and also for the crouched-down
guy behind sandbags. To get rid of them both, shoot the Power-Up carrier with
Mega Shell inside. Move up the next ramp, and watch out for the sniper and
the soldier throwing dynamite. Keep on moving, and two Power-Up carriers will
pass by with Mega Shell and Flamethrower power-ups inside.

     When you move forward again, watch out for dynamite coming out from
behind the buildings. The first pattern will be one at a time, the second
three at a time. Watch the patterns, and run fast inbetween the dynamite.
When you get to the top of the ramp, you'll see two Power-Up carriers pass
by. The first contains a Machine Gun, the second the Spread Gun. Try to pick
up the Spread Gun and move forward into the pit. Watch out for the pop-up
turrets and the sniper. The Spread Gun will take care of them both easily.
Jump out of the pit and watch out for another pop-up turret. Then, you'll
have dynamite thrown at you again, and then another pop-up turret. There's
another sniper in the pit in front of you, so be careful, and then you'll
face the boss.

__________            ____________________________                 __________
                    /  Boss: Transport Helicopter  \

     The helicopter starts out with four gun turrets. Its flight pattern is
to fly from the top-left of the screen to the bottom-right, release some
soldiers, and fly back up to the top-left. If you have the Spread Gun, this
fight will be over quickly, because the gun will hit all four gun turrets at
the same time and destroy them easily, revealing the glowing spot you need to
hit to destroy it.

     Otherwise, you're going to need to jump a lot, avoiding the bullets the
turrets shoot while firing at them also. When the helicopter starts flying
towards the bottom-right of the screen, go to the rightmost part of the pit
and fire Up-Right, destroying the soldiers as they come out. Once the flow
stops, then go back to firing your gun at the turrets again until they are
all destroyed, and then finally at the large glowing spot now revealed.

||            b.) Fort Firestorm's Warped Mind Command Center              |
POWER-UPS: Machine Gun - Flamethrower - Spread Gun - Spread Gun - Laser
           Mega Shell

     When you start out, a Power-Up carrier will pass by with a Machine Gun
inside. Pick it up if you didn't get a better gun from the previous level.
Continue on, and you'll see two more Power-Up carriers, the first one
containing a Flamethrower and the second a Spread Gun. The screen will then
lock and you're faced with a humongous tank. Move in-between the second and
third turrets and start firing at the man operating the tank to attack
without being able to be hit. Move forward and now you're faced with two
tanks. This is a little bit harder. Try to move around a lot to avoid the
crossfire, and concentrate your firepower at one tank rather then spreading
it to both. Also, watch out for soldiers that just move and some that shoot
that come from the top of the screen, because they appear from time to time
to get in your way.

     When you move forward again, watch out for the two guards on both sides
of the doorway. Kill them both and move forward to encounter another pair of
guards. Also, two Power-Up carriers will pass by, the first containing a
Spread Gun and the second containing a Laser. After you pick up either
weapon, you'll encounter two huge gun turrets. If you have the Laser, the
turrets will be a piece of cake. Just watch out for the soldiers that shoot
at you. To get rid of them, shoot the Power-Up carrier with the Mega Shell.
When you pass through the doorway, shoot the soldiers and move out onto the
bridge over the chasm. Keep moving and firing, and when you reach the end,
you can just walk past the gun turrets and shoot the guards on the tops of
the buildings. Blast open the door by constantly firing at it and move
forward to face the next boss.

__________                 __________________                      __________
                         /  Boss: Ultra-Tank  \

     This boss is a piece of cake if you know how to move. When the fight
begins, move over to the left side of the screen so you don't get hit by the
electro-bar. Start shooting at the red guard on the left. When the
tank starts to get too close to you, move to the top of the screen and
continue firing. When it gets too close there, move to the right and continue
firing. Basically, you're circle-strafing the tank. Concentrate your fire on
the single green mutant to quickly end the fight, or just take your time and
defeat all three.

||                        c.) Tropics Of Torture                           |
POWER-UPS: Rapid Fire - Mega Shell - Machine Gun - Laser - Barrier
           Flamethrower - Spread Gun

     As soon as you start off, a pop-up turret will appear from the ground.
Jump to avoid the shots, and then lay down and shoot to destroy it. When you
start moving again, watch out for two snipers that appear from behind the
bushes. After that, a sniper will be in the trees and two Power-Up carriers
will pass by. They contain Rapid Fire and Mega Shell, which will take care of
the sniper in the next tree. After this comes two pop-up turrets in a row,
with another sniper in the trees. Take care of the sniper first and then the
turrets, and move forward. A Power-Up carrier will come flying over your head
with a Machine Gun inside. Get it if you have anything else other than a
Laser or a Spread Gun. Soon, you'll come to a mortar shooting deadly bombs
into the air. If you have the Spread Gun, shoot the bombs that will land
on you and then fire at the mortar. Otherwise, stay to the far left side
and just open up on the mortar. Jump over the two or three bombs that come
near you, and keep firing. Soon, it will blow up, and you can continue on
again, and pick up the Laser in the Power-Up carrier if you want.

     After the mortar there is a sniper on his stomach and three snipers in
the trees. Destroy them all and then you'll come to the ponds. The great
things about the ponds is that if you hold Down, you cannot be hurt by
anything. I guess the aliens aren't smart enough to notice bubbles on the
surface. Anyway, keep on moving forward, going underwater when the action
gets a little too hectic. After you get through the two ponds, just run
forward with tons of purple guys jumping at you from the trees. Eventually
you'll get to a log over a chasm. Cross the chasm and you'll come to the
Sub-Boss, the Babalu Defense Mechanism.

__________           ____________________________________          __________
                   /  Sub-Boss: Babalu Defense Mechanism  \

     The Babalu Defense Mechanism can be an extremely tough boss if you don't
get a rhythm down. It fires in six directions, so it is hard not to avoid
being hit, and unless you jump on top of it, it will run you down. The
strategy I follow is this: Fire at him crouched down until he fires twice.
After the second shot, jump on top of it and wait until it fires again. Jump
off it then, stand up and start firing again. Keep on following the same
pattern until it is dead. Just be wary after its wounded as its motions will
get faster as it nears death.


     After destroying the Babalu Defense Mechanism, head straight right into
an earthquake. Quickly hit the Power-Up carrier overhead, which contains
Barrier. This is useful because you don't have to concentrate on shooting and
jumping at the same time with this Power-Up on. Start moving and jumping
forward. A useful thing I've found is that the ground only falls away in the
thinnest slices. Therefore, the bigger the ground piece that is moving, the
less chance that it will collapse. Anyway, start moving forward slowly, and
two Power-Ups carriers will pass by containing a Spread Gun and a
Flamethrower. Either one will help you against the boss coming up. After
moving for a while, the ground will stop shaking and you'll be at the next

__________                _____________________                    __________
                        /  Boss: Fortress Wall  \

     This boss is composed of four spheres that surround the heart, which
is its weak point. The spheres all fire shots at you, they all aim well, and
rarely miss by much. The key is to concentrate your fire on one and destroy
it as quickly as possible. If you try to spread out your firepower, your
chances of beating this boss will be slim to none. After you destroy all four
spheres one-by-one, it no longer has defenses, so concentrate your fire at
the heart, and the Fortress Wallwill fall.

||                    d.) Lair Of The Jungle Aliens                        |
POWER-UPS: Machine Gun - Machine Gun - Rapid Fire - Spread Gun - Laser

     When you start off, you'll run into a ceiling vent that shoots alien
eggs onto you. Stay to the left side of the screen and shoot all the eggs
that come out. After the vent stops shooting out eggs, a Power-Up Carrier
will pass by with a Machine Gun inside, and then you'll encounter another egg
vent. After you destroy the next egg vent, move forward and you'll see a
sniper standing on a platform. Shoot the ceiling and get underneath a
platform, because the ceiling will drop down, killing the sniper. This is
where the vertical part starts, so start going upwards.

     You'll come to two circular turrets and hawkmen coming out of the right-
hand door. Shoot the first group of hawkmen, and then concentrate your fire
on the two circular turrets. After that, jump up until you get to a fork in
the road. If you take the left route, you'll only have to fight one turret,
so take that one. Jump up again after the routes merge and you'll come to
another collapsible ceiling. Shoot the ceiling to get rid of the hawkmen, and
then destroy the circular turret. Jump up the platforms on the left, and then
jump up onto a platform that starts moving upwards. Two Power-Up carriers
will pass by. The one on the left has a Machine Gun, the one on the right has
a Rapid Fire. After this, two circular turrets will appear. Destroy them, and
then you'll come to two snipers and the platform will stop. Kill the two
snipers and the hawkmen that appear out of the door. Jump up to the next
moving platform, and you'll face two moving turrets. Just keep on firing at
them and they'll go down. After them come two circular turrets and two more
moving turrets. Also, two Power-Up carriers will pass by. The one on the left
contains a Laser, the one on the right contains a Spread Gun. I would advise
the Spread Gun, because now you'll be facing kamikaze jellies. They start
from the top of the screen and home in on you. Try to hit them before they
begin circling around you. After this comes the boss.

__________                ________________________                 __________
                        /  Boss: Laser Chandelier  \

     This boss has nine separate lasers that fire in sequence, from one side
to the other. If you don't work fast, you almost automatically lose a life.
When the alarms start going off, star aiming at one of the outside lasers. It
no longer fires when destroyed, giving you breathing room when the chandelier
reaches one of the edges of the screen. Work from the outside in, and leave
the middle laser for last.

||                        e.) Massacre Mountain                            |
POWER-UPS: Machine Gun - Flamethrower - Spread Gun - Mega Shell - Rapid Fire

     You start out at the bottom of what appears to be a series of platforms
of floating earth. Jump on the first piece and you'll see a Power-Up capsule.
The difference between a Power-Up capsule and a Power-Up carrier is that
capsules do not move. This capsule contains a Machine Gun. When you jump up
to get it, a pop-up turret will appear. Crouch down and fire.  Afterwards,
you'll see another Power-Up capsule, and another pop-up turret.  The capsule
contains a Flamethrower. After jumping up again, you'll see two things that
appear to be Power-Up capsules but are actually turrets. They are hard to
kill, so try to get underneath them and a bit to the right or left and start
shooting. The bullets will miss, but you will still be able to hit the
turrets. After that, you'll have to shoot a sniper, and then another turret
that appears to be a Power-Up capsule. After the turret, you'll see two
Power-Up carriers and a Power-Up capsule. The capsule contains Rapid-Fire,
and the Carrier on the right has a Spread Gun(get it!!!), and the one on the
left has a Mega-Shell.

     When you start jumping up again, snipers with jetpacks will appear on
your left and right. If you already haven't picked up the Mega Shell, use it
now, or otherwise just shoot them and jump over the bullets. A plain sniper
will appear after them, and then there will be boulders. There is a tricky
spot where you jump from one platform top to the next after the third
platform. Jump up first on the platform you're standing on and a lethal
boulder will fly straight down in the gap where you normally would have died.
Shoot the boulders if you have a Powered-Up weapon, otherwise jump over them.
Finally, you'll reach a metal surface. When you are at this part, you'll fall
down from platform to platform. BE SURE TO KILL ALL THE PURPLE MEN BEHIND YOU
BEFORE MOVING DOWN A LEVEL! Otherwise, you might be trapped between a pop-up
turret and a bunch of purple guys, which will lead to death. After all this
is finished, you will face the toughest boss in the game.

__________              _________________________                 ___________
                      /  Boss: Krypto-Crustacean  \

     You heard me right before. This IS the toughest boss in the game, even
tougher than the last boss. However, if you followed my advice before and got
the Spread Gun, you'll be fine.

     The Krypto-Crustacean has two attacks: skulls that bite your ankles,
which it releases out of its two side doors, and three spiny homing balls,
which it releases from its bottom. The key is to first get rid of the spiny
balls. They will kill you quickly. Jump over all the skulls and only start
shooting them if they get too thick to jump over. In-between sets of spiny
balls, concentrate your firepower on the red spot. If you don't have the
Spread Gun, I wish you luck, because you will most definetly need it. Just
try to follow the strategy above, but realize it's ten times harder now :P

||              f.) Jagger Froid's Fruit-Of-The-Doom Defense               |
POWER-UPS: Machine Gun - Flamethrower - Laser - Spread Gun - Mega Shell

     Instead of mutated humans, you face spiders in this level. Go straight
as soon as you start the level, and keep on walking until you get to a wide-
open plain. Two Power-Up carriers will pass by, the first containing a
Machine Gun and the second a Flamethrower. They will both prove useful
against the Fruit-Of-The-Doom. They are giant mouths that appear out of the
ground and will kill you if they touch you. A warning that a Fruit-Of-The-
Doom is coming is that a tiny bud will appear. Get out of the way of the bud
before it blossoms. The key is to keep moving and firing. After you get
through the field, some one-eye monsters will start circling your hero. Just
fire straight ahead to kill them.

     After this is a glowing field with spiny balls coming out of caves on
the sides. Also, two Power-Up carriers will pass by, containing a Spread Gun
and a Laser. This is going to be hell, so listen close. Just stay to one side
of the Death Field and fire at all the spiny balls that appear on that side.
I prefer the left, because that way you can pick up the Mega Shell. Anyway,
never stop moving unless you're walking directly into the path of another
spiny ball. If you have enough skill and luck, you'll be able to get through.
After this, you have to blow up another wall and face Jagger Froid himself!

__________          ____________________________________           __________
                  /  Boss: Hydra Alien and Jagger Froid  \

     The first part of this boss fight is an eight-headed alien shooting at
you from the center while two slow-moving red spiny balls move around you.
Shoot the spiny balls first and then the alien. After this is destroyed,
you'll face Jagger Froid himself.

     Jagger Froid shoots at you through his teeth while his pet monster
wriggles around you. All you have to do is stand a little bit to the right of
the teeth and in the middle of the room. Your shots will still hurt Jagger
Froid, and the monster or Jagger can't hurt you. After a while of this,
Jagger Froid will go down for the count.

||                     g.) Radioactive Lava Fields                         |
POWER-UPS: Rapid Fire - Machine Gun - Laser - Machine Gun
           Flamethrower - Spread Gun - Rapid Fire

     Starting out, jump down the shaft made from broken alien eggs and into
the fight. Immediately, two Power-Up carriers will pass by. The one on the
left contains Rapid Fire, the one on the right a Machine Gun. Now you'll have
to face seven alien guards while dealing with mutated humans. The guards
shoot a continuous stream of fire while slowly moving forward. This can be
deadly, because they take a lot of hits to go down. Hopefully, you have the
Spread Gun or Machine Gun. If you don't, try to get as far from the alien as
you can before firing. Also, you have to watch out for a horde of mutated
humans that come running from the sides. After you get through them all, you
have to shoot through eggs. A Power-Up carrier passes by, containing a Laser.
This weapon is useful to get through the alien eggs. All you have to do is
jump and hit Down + B. This will quickly clear the eggs. About halfway down
two Power-Up carriers will pass by. The one on the left contains a Machine
Gun, the one on the right a Flamethrower.

     After you make it through all the eggs, two more Power-Up carriers will
pass by. The one on the left contains Rapid Fire, the one on the right a
Spread Gun. Definitely try to pick up both for the boss fight ahead. Now,
you'll face alien larvae pouches. They spit out little baby aliens that
skitter along the floor. Always try to see if you can shoot the alien pouch
from where you are before you jump down onto its level, as this leads to it
bursting open. If you can't get an early shot at the pouch, concentrate your
fire at the pouch and jump over the aliens. After you make it through them
all, you'll come to the boss.

__________               ________________________                  __________
                       /  Boss: Temple Of Terror  \

     This boss requires you to pay attention to alot of different things. Its
two horns are constantly dripping blood droplets which turn into aliens, and
there is always a ring of fire coming out of its center. First, destroy both
of the horns so you don't have to worry about the blood anymore. Do this by
firing your gun at the tips. Then stand directly below the center and start
shooting at the chest. After that is destroyed, the Skull will start shooting
red spiny balls that home in on you out of its mouth. Shoot them as they come
out and then fire at the mouth. The boss will fall after the mouth is

||                   h.) Red Falcon's Poison Palace                        |
POWER-UPS: Machine Gun - Flamethrower - Machine Gun - Rapid Fire
           Spread Gun - Laser - Mega Shell - Flamethrower

     I hope that you have lightning-quick reflexes, because this level is
going to test them out. When you start out, you'll notice two things: those
mouths on the top and bottom shooting homing red spikes at you, and little
baby aliens following you and trying to surround you. Also, two Power-Up
carriers will pass by: the one on top contains a Machine Gun, the one on the
bottom contains a Flamethrower. Definitely kill the baby aliens as soon as
they appear, and you can either run past or shoot the mouths. After moving a
little more forward, you'll notice that instead of the usual mutated human
soldier, there are aliens (And I mean Aliens, as from the movie Aliens) that
move a lot faster. Shoot them as fast as you can, and then head to two
platforms, one above the other. Here two more Power-Up carriers will pass by.
One contains Rapid Fire and the other contains a Machine Gun. Then you'll
have to make some treacherous jumps. I suggest shooting the mouths before you
make the jumps. While making the jumps, two more Power-Up carriers will pass
by. The first contains a Spread Gun, the second a Laser. After making the
jumps, you're on solid ground again, but now you have to face alien turrets
that fire extremely fast. Crouch down and fire until they blow up, then move
forward again.

     First off, if you don't have a Power-Up, grab the Flamethrower and
Mega-Shell that will fly over your head. Now you'll go through what seems to
be a normal room. Then the ceiling will fall! Don't worry about it, it can't
crush you. But when its finished rising, alien babies come out. Now you have
to deal with the doubble threat of alien babies an jumps. All I can say is
shoot the aliens before you make the jump but before the ceiling falls, and
good luck. If you make it through, you get to face Big Red himself.

__________                  __________________                     __________
                          /  Boss: Red Falcon  \

     Actually, this was a big let-down, because this boss is so easy compared
to the level. Once you get to a dead end, the ground will start to shake, and
Red Falcon will start to rise out of the rubble. Wait for
the rubble to stop moving before you move near him, as it will cause damage
if you touch it. Once it stops, run and press your body against the spider
legs on the bottom of the statue. All you have to do now is fire diagonally
at the eyes of the monster and the occasional black spiny thing that will
float towards you. The monster's eye-beams will miss you completely.


                    6. Secret,Tips,And Information

Automatic 10 Lives
- At the title screen, press Right,Left,Down,Up,A,B, then Start for a
  one-player game, and Right,Left,Down,Up,A,B,Select, then Start for a
  two-player game

Sound Test
- At the title screen, hold A and B then press Start, You'll be able to
  access all the songs for each level.

Game Genie Codes
AEXTLIZA - 1 life for both players
IEXTLIZA - 6 lives for both players
AEXTLIZE - 9 lives for both players
EUUTGIYS + YSXTPSEL + ZEUTZIAA - Start game with Spray Gun
EUUTGIYS + YSXTPSEL + GEUTZIAA - Start game with Fireball Gun
PEETLIAA - Start at area 2
ZEETLIAA - Start at area 3
LEETLIAA - Start at area 4
GEETLIAA - Start at area 5
IEETLIAA - Start at area 6- Start at area 7
AENTTTZA - Bonus life for each enemy soldier shot
TEEVIIZA - 9 continues
SZOVXZVG - Infinite continues

- Super C was released as an arcade game. It had much better graphics, and
  the levels were the same but there were little things changed, such as the
  Statue Of Liberty being destroyed in the background of the first level.

- Super C was nominated for Best Graphics And Sound and Best Overall in the
  Nintendo Power Awards 1990, and won third-place for Best Play Control.

                       7. Expanded Version History

Version Final Update - ASCII Art Fixed
                       Grammatical Errors Fixed
                       Minor Changes To The Walkthrough
                       FAQ/Walkthrough Completed

Version FINAL        - Massacre Mountain
                       Jagger Froid's Fruit-Of-The-Doom Defense
                       Radioactive Lava Fields
                       Red Falcon's Poison Palace

Version 1.2          - Tropics Of Torture
                       Lair Of The Jungle Aliens

Version 1.1          - Gates Of Fort Firestorm
                       Fort Firestorm's Warped Mind Control Center
                       Added ASCII Art

Version 1            - Introduction
                       Game Introduction
                       Weapons And Power-Ups
                       Overview And Controls

                         | Thanks To...  |

Contra Homesite - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Contra series.
                  Visit it at www.classicgaming.com/contra

Sara Beisser    - Thanks for the information about the Rapid Fire gun

felicia2        - For the information about the Flamethrower and the Down + A


     This is my 10th FAQ, and so far my favorite. I put a lot of work into
it, and I hope you've enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments about
this FAQ or any other that I have written, please e-mail me at
                                                     (c) 2002 Raging_DemonTEN

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