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GTA NES styles 10/30/18 2001mark
You.. Yes You!! Will be playing this game 15 years from now. 09/19/01 ApolloCreed
River City Ransom: one of the most under-rated beat-em-up games ever! 02/23/09 Bkstunt_31
Maybe the most underrated game ever............. 11/01/99 Blackjack4x
High school punk fighing in the GLORIOUS 80s! Oh yes... 06/08/05 ceder01
One word: Fun 03/04/10 Dragon296
Simply put the Complete Package 10/01/03 Dralion
RPG plus Fighting....cool! 04/22/00 Emptyeye
The Best Game in the Kunio-Kun Series 05/02/00 Godai-Kun
The best NES game ever 03/03/00 Greatest One
You won't regret your trip to River City! 04/18/03 Harv
An innovative beat 'em up for the NES 09/08/17 horror_spooky
A great game you can play for hours on end until the end of the world 11/01/99 KnaveDog
Baaaaaaaaaarf!!! 07/25/06 knuclear200x
Todd: Is this fun yet? 11/01/01 PGoncalves
This is the best NES game you can get from Technos. And don't worry you can keep it after a drug test. 02/16/04 Pokejedservo
Leave it to Beaver Meets Dangerous Minds 01/22/19 RyanVG
Pretty good your first time through.... 04/25/01 shigman
The Best NES Game Ever! 05/09/05 stanger_1972
A cult classic that still holds up even today... 04/22/00 Stump
The greatest game ever?? (No but close) 05/19/03 The 13th lyricist
They don't make 'em like this anymore 01/23/04 The Manx
Welcome to River City where the Nero Pizza is hot and the smiles are free. 10/10/06 theFFVIguy
Let me clarify some things here.. 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
The game that will make you want to make your enemies "BARF!" over and over again. 01/11/13 WhatTheDeuce92

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