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FAQ by mosaic

Version: 2.20 | Updated: 09/24/2016

River City Ransom a.k.a. Street Gangs a.k.a. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari

NES - Famicom - PC Engine CD-ROM - Wii/WiiU/3DS Virtual Console  

Player's Guide - Version 2.20 (September 24, 2016)      
Author: Frank Provo
E-mail: frank@frankprovo.com

The current version of this guide is available in text format from:


This River City Ransom Guide may be reproduced or the information herein
included in publications (online or print), provided credit is given. 
Original portions of this Guide may not be reproduced or modified for use 
in profitable (Commercial) endeavors without the written consent of Frank
Provo, the owner of this Guide/FAQ. This Guide is copyright Frank Provo 
(Original release: 12/4/1997, This Release: 9/24/2016).

Table of Contents

A. About
B. Plot
C. Controls & Gameplay
D. Gangs, Colors, and Loot
E. The Good Guys
F. Bosses
G. Purchased Techniques
H. Malls, Shops, and Power Ups
I. Areas, Order, and Map
J. Walk Through
K. Cheats & Codes
L. Other Technos Super-Deformed Titles
M. River City Ransom Online
N. How to Contribute / Acknowledgements / Game Length

A. What is River City Ransom / Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari?

  River City Ransom is a 2.5-D action RPG fighting game created by 
Technos Japan and originally sold in America by American Technos. In 
Europe, the game was released by Infogrames with the title 'Street 
Gangs.' In Japan, the game could be found on the Famicom (by Technos) 
and the PC-Engine Super CD (via Naxat) systems with the title 
'Downtown Nekettsu Monogatari.'
  The game originally came out in 1989 and bears passing resemblance to  
another popular Technos title, Double Dragon. There have been many
pseudo-sequels to the game in Japan, but none that contain the exact
gameplay or style of River City Ransom. That may change upon the release
of River City Ransom Underground in late 2016, but until then this NES
game is an unsurpassed original. 
  Though similar to Double Dragon, River City Ransom exceeds it in every 
possible way--more attacks, more enemies, more variety, and a fun co-op 
mode. To this day, there still aren't many games that let you pick up and
use your partner like a battering ram or a baseball. The sheer fun factor 
and playability of River City Ransom have turned it into a timeless 
  I originally wrote this guide in 1997 because was in love with the 
game. My friends and I played it constantly throughout high school in the
early 1990's and I still play through it every few months. This current 
version of the guide comes to you in the year 2016, which shows you just 
how much staying power I feel River City Ransom has.
  Since the previous version of this guide (2002), the NES game has been 
released on the Wii/WiiU/3DS Virtual Console. This guide is appropriate 
for those newer releases. An enhanced EX version was also produced for 
the Game Boy Advance in 2004, but that version isn't 100% identical to 
the NES, so you may find differences if you use this guide as a roadmap.

B. The Plot (adapted a tad from the manual):

  It's a clear day outside. So, like any normal High School students do, 
you and your friend Alex ditch school. After a few hours have gone by, 
you head back and find a "post-it" stuck to your locker door. It says: 

	     "I hold your city captive & 
              RYAN's girlfriend hostage.
              With my gangs of students &
              evil bosses, nobody can stop
              me now. Meet my demands - or 
              else!... P.S. Alex & Ryan if
              you interfere, you'll be in
              for the fight of your lives!
              ... SLICK"

  Where did all of the other students go? Did Slick kidnap them too? Ah 
well, you can't dwell on that now. You hafta save the town and get Cyndi
back before she misses her chance to go shopping.

C. Controls & Gameplay:

     When you first turn on the game, your options are to choose
     either 1p or 2p and your character. You can change your
     character's name by hitting 'Select' on this screen.

     After choosing characters, you can change the message
     speed and difficulty level of the game. On "Advanced"
     the enemy has twice the stamina, speed, and strength they'd 
     normally have. You can change this during the game.

     A      - Punch, Block, & Use Weapon
     B      - Kick, Block, & Throw Weapon
     A+B    - Jump (You can punch, kick, and throw in midair)
     Start  - Pause/Submenu (belongings, password, stats, 
              level/message speed, help)
     Select - Switch between Stamina Guage and Money Guage
     D-Pad  - Move around in the environment

     Tap D-Pad twice to run - Attack while running for +50% damage

     2-Player Considerations:
     In 2 player mode you can jump on top of your partner and
     stand on his head. Your partner can throw you (no damage)    
     while you're on top of him, enabling you to fly through
     the air performing multiple attacks. There are also a number 
     of power ups in the game that enable 'tag team' attacks.

     The "Status" Screen: (during game - hit Start, pick Status)
     15/63   Punch       Damage your punches do
     15/63   Kick        Damage your kicks do
     15/63   Weapon      Damage your armed attacks do
     15/63   Throw       Damage done when throwing someone/thing
     15/63   Agility     A mixture of speed and jump height
     15/63   Defense     Bears upon your ability to block
     15/63   Strength    Pick up enemies / break their guard easier
     15/63   Will Power  Ability to regain consciousness when K.O.'d

     63/127  Stamina     Your Life
     63/127  Max Power   Your Maximum Amount of Life

     Weapons you (and the gangs) can use:
      Wooden Crate   - A big wooden box to smack someone with.
      Trash Can      - Pretty much the same as the crate.
      Concrete Tire  - A concrete tire.  Acts like a trash can.
      Concrete Rock  - Great for throwing, adds power to your punch.
      Brass Knuckles - Similar in usage to the rock.
      Wooden Stick   - Batter Up! Good for throwing too.
      Lead Pipe      - Same as the stick; but shiny.
      Metal Chain    - As effective as the stick, but cooler.
      Gang Members   - Battering Ram! Can just toss em for damage too.

     Your goal is simple: Make it to the end and save your girl. Each 
     time you defeat an enemy they will drop their lunch money, which 
     you can use to buy items that increase your character stats.

     If you're knocked out, don't worry: You'll awaken at the last mall
     you passed through--with half of your money missing. If your 
     Willpower is 35 or above, you will regain consciousness shortly
     after being knocked down--with 20 life points (2 bars).

     Note: You MUST defeat every boss to enter River City High School. If 
     a single one goes undefeated, the gates will be closed.

Talkative Characters:

     All throughout the game, enemies and friends alike tend to babble
     to you about anything that comes to mind. You will probably want to
     set the text speed to its fastest setting.

     Most of the time, the dialogue consists of pesky jobbers bragging 
     about how they're going to kick your butt. On rare occasions, you 
     can gain valuable clues through what's said. For instance, Roxy may
     tell you about the location of a room on the top floor of River City
     High. Gang leaders may tell you where to find other gang leaders.

D. The Good Guys

Alex & Ryan
  In a one player game you can be either of them. Alex wears a white 
  shirt. Ryan wears a blue shirt. There are no other differences.

  Slick's girlfriend, who has a change of heart and informs you of 
  Cyndi's whereabouts. She also warns you about the twins, and basically 
  kicks the plot into high gear when it's needed most.

  Ryan's girlfriend, who seems to be more interested in shopping than 
  the predicament she's in.

E. The Gangs, Members, Shirt Colors, & Money Carried:

The Generic Dudes - LIGHT BLUE - $.50
|Barry, Cary, Harry, Jerry, Larry, Perry, Ralph, and Terry
        Your basic wannabee gang members. Rather slow, not too strong.
        You'll meet these guys frequently.

The Home Boys - TAN - $.75
|Bob, Brady, Chip, Doug, Ernie, Greg, Peter, Robby, and Steve
        A little faster, stronger, and smarter than the Generic Dudes--
        but not by much.

The Jocks - LIGHT GREEN - $.60
|Brad, Curt, Dirk, Jake, Lance, Matt, Mike, and Nick
        Medium speed, a bit like the Home Boys after they've hit the gym.
        Tend to use weapons if they find them laying around. All in all,
        a very middle-ground gang.

The Frat Guys - PINK - $.55
|Biff, Clark, Grant, Skip, Trent, Trip, Tyler, and Logan
        These guys love to bring weapons into the party, and attack like 
        drunken lunatics. They usually appear on a level running, and 
        will attack at full speed if you're close. Many times they will 
        run off after a punch or two.

The Internationals - DARK GREEN - $1.10
|Akbar, Andre, Boris, Fuji, Hans, Juan, Lars, Wang, and Yemi
        A smarter version of the Home Boys, but they lack defense.

The Squids - BURGUNDY - $1.00
|Berni, Byron, Erwin, Felix, Herb, Howie, Linus, Monty, and Waldo
        The Frat Guys on crack is what these guys are. Fast, strong, and
        they love to throw you around if given the chance. If that
        weren't enough, they love to use weapons as well. Another gang to
        simply avoid.

The Mob - GREY - $.90
|Lefty, Louie, Marco, Max, Mouse, Sid, Tony, and Vinny
	Similar to the Squids, only a little less fast. They tend to
        appear carrying weapons though. They're another gang probably 
        best left alone. Moose, the Construction site boss, and Rocko, 
        the Warehouse boss,wear Mob shirt colors. 

The Cowboys - DARK BLUE - $1.20
|Bart, Bubba, Duke, Dusty, Jed, Like, Merie, Shane, and Slim
        You'll run into these guys just outside of River City High, and
        from time to time inside as well. They attack just like the Mob.  
        Be careful around them, they love to doubleteam. Tex, the boss on
        the 2nd floor of River City High, is probably a cowboy.

The Plague - RED - $1.25
|Blaze, Edge, Mooky, Slash, Snake, Stick, Sting, and Tonto
        You'll meet these guys inside River City High School. They fight
        like the Internationals, and take a beating just like them too.

The Zombies - RED - $2.50-3.75
|Blade, Turk, Mojo, and Thor
        Not a gang per se, but you'll fight them individually at various
        times throughout the game. They wear red shirts like the Plague.

Benny & Clyde - PURPLE - $7.00 ($3.50 each)
        A gang unto themselves. They first accost you at the base of the
        Capital Ave. Bridge. They're always carrying weapons. If you beat
        them once, you'll face them again in front of Pop's Health Club.

General Gang-Fighting Tips
*  The gang you face on each "level" is random, so if you don't like
   fighting a certain gang, leave the screen. When you return, a new
   gang may take their place.
*  Avoid fighting the Frat Guys, the Squids, & the Mob until you are 
   strong enough to defeat them (stat levels above 20 for the Frat 
   Guys, above 30 or so for the rest).
*  Weapons slow you down and are a detriment when fighting in close
   quarters. If the enemy is close to you, stick to hand-to-hand combat.
   If an enemy has a weapon, move offline a bit and hit him with a 
   running kick--he'll lose his lunch.
*  Never stay in between two gang members; they'll beat you silly.
*  Stronger gang members yield more money when defeated. You need money
   to survive.  Tip: Bosses can be fought repeatedly.
*  The quickest way to defeat gang members in the presence of bottomless
   pits is to simply push or throw them in. They can do the same to you.
*  This last point can't be stressed enough: USE WALLS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.
   The programmers dotted levels with benches, walls, etc. to climb on,
   and they make wonderful points of attack. Enemies freeze when you
   climb above them--so get them close, jump on a wall, move over, and
   attack while falling.

F. Bosses

Moose - Sticksville Construction Site - $2.25
        Likes to do jump attacks. Favorite move seems to be a punch
        followed by a jumping kick. Tends to run. Uses weapons with
        nearly the same speed as his attacks. Not a very easy boss to 
        fight early on if you don't get in the initial dash-punch combo.
        Otherwise, attack him while he is going for weapons, take 
        advantage of the walls around you, and if need be--knock him 
        into the pit.

Benny & Clyde - Base of the Capital Ave. Bridge - $3.50 each
        As mentioned above, they absolutely love to use weapons. Will
        doubleteam and will not hesitate to throw you around. Your
        best bet is to buy Stone Hands or Dragon Feet early on.

Rocko - Inside the WSL Co. Warehouse - $2.00
        Fights like Moose, but in a more open area. He's slow, loves 
        weapons, and is dangerous. Use the walls and boxes avoid a direct
        path and you will be fine.

Blade - Sherman Park - $3.50
        After beating Rocko, he tells you to head back to Sherman Park
        (the entrance is back in Sticksville) to fight Blade--The first 
        of the Zombies. Blade loves weapons, will block constantly, 
        and deals damage like a freight train. Your best bet is to get 
        him while he has a weapon, since he'll be A LITTLE slower.

Turk - Third portion of Armstrong Thru-Way - $2.50
        Another unannounced Zombie to get in your way. He fights exactly 
        like Blade and Mojo. Be careful: you have no walls or obstacles 
        to hide behind. If you aren't powered up, he will kill you.

Mojo - Downtown "Playground" - $2.50
        Although Blade says you have to get through Thor to fight Slick, 
        he neglected to mention Mojo. You'll find Mojo just before 
        Flatirons Mall, at a makeshift streetfighting playground. Just 
        like Blade, Mojo loves weapons, and once again there are plenty 
        of obstacles to stand on. If you aren't powered up, attack via 
        the walls and bleachers. If you are, hit him when he has a 
        weapon. Don't fight him too closely if he's unarmed, mainly
        because if he knocks you down, his throws take mucho stamina.

Thor - Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory - $3.75
        If you've beaten all of the zombies mentioned above, you can
        have the honor of fighting Thor in the back room of the Vacant
        3rd Wheel Factory. Again, he fights similar to the others, with
        one notable exception--There's a huge pit on his level. Use the 
        walkway to your advantage and don't get thrown into the pit.

Benny & Clyde - Burb Village Health Club (Past Oak Hill Mall) - $3.50ea
        They fight the exact same way as they did previously, only now 
        they are powered up. Attack them one at a time, don't get in 
        between them, and don't turn your back--that's all you need for 
        these clowns. Hint: they are a great way to farm for money.

Ivan - Just outside of River City High School - $8.75
        A rather unique boss to say the least. Wearing a dark green
        shirt, this guy is one badass mofo. He is fast, has many jump 
        attacks, and loves to attack in midair with weapons. If you have 
        any of the triple attacks by now and have bought ample powerups, 
        you should finish him quickly. Tip: Wait til he picks up a weapon
        and let him have it.

Note:  You must defeat Ivan and ALL of the bosses before him to gain 
       entry into RCHS.

Otis - River City High School Gym - $4.00
        He could be a zombie or he might be a very angry Plague member.
        Either way, he's mad. You're wearing gym shoes on his floor
        and he's not happy. He loves jump attacks, two-in-ones, and will
        gladly throw you all over if given half a chance. Your best bet
        is to use elevated platforms and max out your punches and kicks.

Tex - 2nd Floor of River City High School - $9.50
        Finally, a boss representing the Cowboys. He doesn't fight much 
        different than Otis or Ivan. Likes weapons, two-in-ones, and loves
        to pick you up and throw you around. Unlike Otis or Ivan though, 
        he appears with a big fat stick, and isn't afraid to bash your 
        head in with it. Get in the first hit and take him down.

Randy & Andy - 3rd floor of River City High School - $18.00 each
        If you hear the "Double Dragon" theme playing, you know you're
        fighting these guys. Not coincidentally, they fight with moves 
        resembling those of Billy & Jimmy, the Double Dragons. They are
        both fast, will throw you if they manage to knock you down, and
        have insane attack priority. Additionally, they have a brutal
        triple spin kick. Their attacks do HUGE damage--between 30 to 60 
        points.  Fight them one at a time, throw them if you can, and 
        make sure your attacks are powered up. It also couldn't hurt to 
        get the "Grand Slam" power up and bring along Tex's stick.

Slick (a.k.a Simon) - River City High School roof
        Ah yes, Slick turns out to be none other than Simon, famous of
        Double Dragon fame. Compared to Randy & Andy he is an utter wuss.
        He's got moderate speed, will jump with weapons, and likes jump
        attacks. However, he doesn't seem to block much, and he's 
        susceptible to being picked up and tossed when on the ground.

G. Purchased Techniques

The malls in River City (see next section) feature a number of book stores
that specialize in martial arts training manuals. From reading one of 
these books, you can add a new, super-duper technique to your moveset.

  LEARNING A MOVE: Buy a book and use it from the Belongings menu.  
  FORGETTING A MOVE: In the Belongings menu, drop the book.

Stone Hands and Dragon Feet are ALWAYS the first two items in every
book shop. Acro Circus, Fatal Steps, Gran Slam, and Javelin Man are 
spread out as the final item in each successive shop.

Stone Hands - $26.95 - Recommended!
One of the most affordable and useful moves in the game.  Lets you perform
three Punches in the time it would normally take to perform a single punch.
|Grotto Book Store (4th shop, 1st Mall, "Grotto Mall")
|Flatirons Books (1st shop, 3rd Mall, "Flatirons Mall")
|Oak Hill Book Store (3rd shop, 4th Mall, "Oak Hill" Mall)
|Read All About It (4th shop, 4th Mall, "Oak Hill" Mall)

Dragon Feet - $26.95 - Highly Recommended!
One of the most affordable and useful moves in the game.  Lets you perform
three Kicks in the time it would normally take to perform a single kick.
|Grotto Book Store (4th shop, 1st Mall, "Grotto Mall")
|Flatirons Books (1st shop, 3rd Mall, "Flatirons Mall")
|Oak Hill Book Store (3rd shop, 4th Mall, "Oak Hill" Mall)
|Read All About It (4th shop, 4th Mall, "Oak Hill" Mall)

Acro Circus - $26.95 - Mediocre at best.
If you run, then jump, your character will perform a somersault that will
either stun or knock down the enemy.  Good paired with Fatal Steps.
|Grotto Book Store (4th shop, 1st Mall, "Grotto Mall")

Fatal Steps - $37.50 - Mediocre at best.
Press A+B simultaneously to kick downed opponents.  Also seems to work 
just from running them over sometimes.  Not too useful by itself.
|Flatirons Books (1st shop, 3rd Mall, "Flatirons Mall")

Grand Slam - $57.50 - Highly Recommended!
Excellent technique! Lets you perform three weapon strikes in the time
it'd normally take you to perform one.  You're unstoppable with a stick.
|Oak Hill Book Store (3rd shop, 4th Mall, "Oak Hill" Mall)

Javelin Man - $78.25 - Don't buy.
Enables you to pick up a downed enemy and throw them.  They'll sail
across the screen taking out other enemies.  Tough to use and useless 
against bosses, but fun in 2-player mode.
|Read All About It (4th shop, 4th Mall, "Oak Hill" Mall)

H. Malls, Shops, and Power Ups

Shops and Items are listed in the order they appear.

Items with the cheapest unit cost per power-up point have a Double 
Asterisk ** to the left of them. These are recommended stock-up items
that you should farm money for each time you enter a new region.


The power up levels listed below are maximal values. The Stamina and 
Max Power increases you will receive depend on how damaged you are.

Max Power Increases can be calculated with this formula:

        Rated MP Increase - (Current MP - Current ST) = MP Increase

        e.g (Buy Salmon at the Sushi Bar for MP+7.  Your current MP is
             35 and your stamina is 30. Thus, 7 - (35-30) = 2.  Your 
             MP would increase by 2. If you're so weak to negate an 
             increase, you'll get at least +1.

Grotto Mall
        Rise & Shine Cafe
                Coffee         .95 (WP+2,ST+15,MP+4)
                Tea            .95 (WP+4)
              **Hot Cocoa     1.25 (D+1,ST+24,MP+5)
                Pancakes      3.30 (ST+25,MP+7)
                Waffles       4.10 (AG+1,SG+1,ST+25,MP+6)
        Metro Bakery
                Donut          .80 (WP+6)
                Muffin         .90 (AG+1,ST+6,MP+1)
              **Bagel          .90 (D+1,ST+6,MP+1)
              **Honey Bun      .90 (SG+1,ST+6,MP+1)
                Croissant     1.00 (ST+8,MP+1)
        Sushi Bar
                |Cheaper Sushi|
              **Egg           2.25 (P+1,ST+10,MP+2)
                Octopus       2.25 (WN+1,ST+8,MP+2)
                Squid         2.25 (TH+2,ST+4,MP+1)
                Conger Eel    3.75 (D+2,ST+16,MP+3)
                Prawn         6.00 (SG+2,ST+32,MP+3)
                |Expensive Sushi|
                Salmon        8.25 (P+1,WP+2,ST+40,MP+7)
                Ark Shell     9.00 (WN+1,WP+2,ST+50,MP+12)
                Sea Urchin   11.50 (TH+2,WP+2,ST+64,MP+14)
                Halibut      18.50 (D+3,WP+7,ST+80,MP+20)
                Swordfish    28.75 (P+4,TH+4,SG+4,WP+5,ST+80,MP+8)
                Salad Roll    2.00 (ST+20,MP+5)
                Tuna Roll     3.75 (ST+32,MP+7)
                Shrimp Roll   6.25 (ST+50,MP+11)
                Mixed Roll   10.50 (ST+80,MP+15)
        Grotto Book Store
                Stone Hands  26.95 (Three Punches per Punch)
                Dragon Feet  26.95 (Three Kicks per Kick)
                Acro Circus  26.95 (Running Midair Spin Attack)

Waterfront Mall
        Waterfront Books
                Scandal Rag   4.50 (D+2,WP+3)
                Comic Times   6.50 (WN+2,D+1,WP+4)
                Mystic Seer  18.00 (AG+2,WP+13)
                Nuclear Spy   9.95 (ST+4,WP+5)
                Indian Lore  28.75 (WP+30)
        Chez Walle's
                Salad Paris   2.35 (ST+10,MP+2)
                Onion Soup    3.50 (ST+12,MP+2)
                Cornish Hen  27.75 (TH+4,WP+25)
                Veal Walle   36.00 (ST+5,WP+28,ST+99,MP+24)
        Mao's Place
              **Egg Roll      3.50 (D+3,ST+24,MP+6)
                Fried Rice    5.95 (TH+1,ST+40,MP+1)
                Garlic Pork   5.75 (WN+1,ST+32,MP+7)
                Pepper Beef   5.95 (ST+52,MP+10)
                Chow Mein     5.95 (K+1,ST+40,MP+9)
        Merv's Burger Joint
                Merv Burger   2.00 (WN+1,ST+8,MP+1)
                Cheese Merv   2.25 (TH+1,ST+10,MP+2)
                Fish Merv     2.50 (AG+1,ST+12,MP+2)
                Mondo Merv    3.45 (WP+2,ST+16,MP+3)
                Milk           .85 (ST+10,MP+2)
                Iced Tea       .95 (WP+2)
                Soda          1.10 (WN+1,ST+8,MP+2)
                Merv Malt     2.00 (D+1,ST+10,MP+2)
                |Side Orders|
                Merv Fries    1.50 (ST+14,MP+3)
                Merv Rings    1.50 (SG+1,ST+12,MP+3)
                Apple Pie     2.00 (AG+1,ST+10,MP+2)
                Spicy Chili   2.75 (D+1,ST+16,MP+3)
                Smile         Free ("Alex/Ryan Blushed" - 0 INCREASE)
        Jones' Pharmacy
                Vita-Mints    2.10 (WP+1,ST+8,MP+2)
                Digestol      4.95 (WP+2,ST+24,MP+6)
                Recharge!     9.75 (SG+1,WP+2,ST+56,MP+14)
                Karma Jolt   15.25 (TH+3,ST+99,MP+24)
                Omni Elixir  19.95 (P+2,WP+8,ST+80,MP+20)

Merlin's Mystery Shop |Hidden in the Armstrong Thru-Way Tunnel| 
                      |Press and Hold 'Up' about 3/4 of the   |
                      |way through the tunnel to find it.     |
                Excaliber   100.00 (WN+30,WP+48,ST+99, MP+24)
                Zeus' Wand  200.00 (TH+48,SG+48,WP+48,ST+99,MP+24)
                Rodan Wing  100.00 (D+30,WP+48,ST+99,MP+24)
                Gold Medal  100.00 (P+30,WP+48,ST+99,MP+24)
                Isis Scroll  20.00 (TH+20)

Flatirons Mall
        Flatirons Books
                Stone Hands  26.95 (Three Punches per Punch)
                Dragon Feet  26.95 (Three Kicks per Kick)
                Fatal Steps  37.50 (Jump near downed enemies; they die)
        The Roman Cow
                Ice Cream     3.50 (AG+2,ST+16,MP+4)
                Roman Shake   4.25 (WN+2,ST+24,MP+6)
                Cola Float    4.75 (D+2,ST+32,MP+8)
                Nero Pizza    6.25 (ST+50,MP+12)
                Lasagna       6.25 (ST+48,MP+12)
        Amy's Sweet Tooth
              **Mint Gum       .95 (SG+1,WP+1)
                Lolly Pop      .95 (TH+1,WP+1)
                Jaw Breaker    .95 (WN+1,WP+1)
              **Rock Candy     .95 (P+1,WP+1)
              **Fudge Bar      .95 (K+1,WP+1)
        Happy Feet Shoes
                Sneakers     28.00 (K+10,AG+20)
                Boat Shoes   37.95 (K+10,AG+30)
                Loafers      45.50 (K+30,AG+15)
                Army Boots   58.75 (K+40,AG+20)
                Texas Boots  99.95 (K+60,AG+60)
                Slippers      4.95 (K+2,AG+2)
                Insoles       8.20 (SG+7)
                Thongs        9.75 (K+4,AG+3)
                Sandals      19.95 (K+7,AG+13)
                Mod Boots    59.75 (K+20,AG+40)
        Butcher Shop
                Sirloin       4.95 (P+2,TH+3)
                Rib-eye       5.95 (P+1,AG+4)
              **T-bone        6.95 (P+3,D+3)
                Lamb Leg     11.95 (P+2,WP+48)
        Toys Galore
                Maze Craze   52.75 (K+1,WP+40,ST+87,MP+24)
                Decathlete   57.50 (SG+3,WP+43,ST+86,MP+24)
                Hyper Ball   57.50 (WN+4,TH+4,WP+38,ST+84,MP+24)
                Techno Belt  27.25 (SG+18,ST+80,MP+20)
                Teddy Bear   28.00 (SG+20,ST+80,MP+20)
        CD Cellar
                R & B         9.95 (SG+3,ST+56,MP+14)
              **Rock          9.95 (P+4,ST+48,MP+12)
              **Pop           9.95 (D+4,ST+48,MP+12)
                Soul          9.95 (AG+4,ST+48,MP+12)
                Classical     9.95 (WP+4,ST+48,MP+12)

Oak Hill Mall
        The Tea Bag (located to left of Mall Entrance)
                Fresh Juice   1.85 (WP+2,ST+16,MP+4)
                Lemon Tea     2.35 (WP+4)
                Herbal Tea    2.35 (SG+1,ST+16,MP+4)
                Carrot Cake   4.15 (WN+2,ST+24,MP+6)
                Pound Cake    4.15 (P+1,K+1,ST+28,MP+7)
        Kate's Cookies (located to left of Mall Entrance)
                Sugar         1.00 (WP+1,ST+6,MP+1)
              **Toll House    1.00 (D+1,ST+6,MP+1)
              **Maple Pecan   1.00 (SG+1,ST+6,MP+1)
              **Oatmeal       1.00 (P+1,ST+6,MP+1)
                Brownie       1.00 (WN+1,ST+6,MP+1)
        Oak Hill Bookstore
                Stone Hands  26.95 (Three Punches per Punch)
                Dragon Feet  26.95 (Three Kicks per Kick)
                Grand Slam   57.50 (Triples Attacks with Weapons)
        Read All About It
                Stone Hands  26.95 (Three Punches per Punch)
                Dragon Feet  26.95 (Three Kicks per Kick)
                Javelin Man  78.25 (Throw opponents like a missle)
        Hack's Chicken Shack
                Chickwich     2.10 (WN+1,ST+8,MP+2)
                Dark Meat     2.65 (TH+1,ST+10,MP+2)
                White Meat    3.25 (AG+1,ST+12,MP+3)
                Combination   4.00 (WP+2,ST+16,MP+4)
                Milk           .85 (ST+10,MP+2)
                Iced Tea       .95 (WP+2)
                Soda          1.10 (WN+1,ST+8,MP+2)
                Lemonade      1.85 (D+1,ST+10,MP+2)
                Gravy         1.50 (ST+14,MP+3)
                Biscuits      1.50 (SG+1,ST+12,MP+3)
                Corn Cobbler  2.25 (AG+1,ST+10,MP+2)
              **Cole Slaw     2.85 (D+1,ST+16,MP+4)
                Smile         Free ("Alex/Ryan Blushed" - 0 INCREASE)
        Cedar Street Drugs
                Vita-mints    2.10 (WP+1,ST+8,MP+2)
                Date Saver    7.95 (WP+3,ST+40,MP+10)
                Love Potion   9.95 (ST+80,MP+20)
                Antedote 12  10.00 (SG+1,WP+3,ST+48,MP+12)
                Karma Jolt   15.25 (TH+3,ST+99,MP+24)
        Pop's Health Club (just beyond Oak Hill mall)
                Sauna         3.50 (WP+15,ST+30,MP+8)	

Shopping Tips
*  Buy Stone Hands and/or Dragon Feet as soon as possible. Stone Hands 
   has less range but is a better idea since there are more cheap punch
   powerups than kick powerups early in the game.
*  Punch and Kick Power Ups are VERY sparse. If you find a place that
   sells them, consider buying multiple items.
*  Seriously, kick powerups are at such a premium that it's a decent idea
   to buy the Army Boots or the Texas Boots from the Shoe Store.
*  The cheapest items in shops _usually_ don't give you much Stamina or
   Max Power; However, they're the best way to power up your punches and
   kicks ($48 to fill either to max via Amy's Sweet Tooth for instance).
   In general, the more expensive items yield the Stamina and Max Power 
*  Try to avoid items over $10 in cost until you are able to defeat
   Benny & Clyde (either location) readily.

I. Areas, Order, and Map

The areas below are listed in the order they appear. Numbers next to the
area names suggest the recommended order you should visit them. This is 
most apparent with #12-Sherman Park, which is a backtrack that happens
after beating Rocko at the WSL Co. Warehouse.

1. Cross Town High
2. Sticksville 1
3. Grotto Mall
4. Sticksville 2
  - 12. Sherman Park (north)
5. Sticksville Construction Site
6. Waterfront Mall
7. Capital Ave Bridge 1
  - 8. Capital Ave Bridge 2 (north)
9. Downtown 1
10. WSL Co. Warehouse (outside 1)
11. WSL Co. Warehouse (inside)
13. WSL Co. Warehouse (outside 2)
14. Armstrong Thru-Way 1
15. Armstrong Thru-Way 2
16. Armstrong Thru-Way 3
17. Downtown 2
18. Flatirons Mall 1
19. Flatirons Mall 2
20. Downtown 3
21. Vacant Third Wheel Factory (outside)
22. Vacant Third Wheel Factory (inside 1)
23. Vacant Third Wheel Factory (inside 2)
24. Downtown 4
25, Oak Hill Mall 1
26. Oak Hill Mall 2
27. Burb Village 1 (Pop's Health Club)
28. Burb Village 2
29. River City High (outside)
30. River City High Gym
31. River City High 1st Floor
32. River City High 2nd Floor
33. River City High 3rd Floor
   - 34. Classroom
35. River City High School Rooftop


This map is based on the numbering above. Boss names are shown on
the map. Due to width constraints, the map is split into three sections.
Use the letters X and Z to follow the linkages. HINT: If you highlight
all of section I in Microsoft Word and choose the "Print Selection" 
option, you end up with a clean 2-page map.

                                                    |   |
                                                 X<-+ 11|
                                         B&C        /    
                                         ___    ___/   
                                        |   |  |   |  
                                        | 8 |  | 10|  
                                        |___|  |___|  
                                          |      |  
                      ___         MMM    _+_    _+_ 
                     |   |       M   M  |   |  |   |
                Blade|12 |       M 6 M--| 7 |--| 9 |
                     |___|       M   M  |___|  |___|
                       |         /MM
               MMM    _+_    ___/
              M   M  |   |  |   |                                Z
              M 3 M--| 4 |--| 5 |                                ^
              M   M  |___|  |___|                        Thor    |
  START       /MMM          Moose                 ___    ___    _+_ 
   ___    ___/                                   |   |  |   |  |   |
  |   |  |   |                                   | 22|--| 23|--| 24|
  | 1 |--| 2 |                                   |___|  |___|  |___|
  |___|  |___|                                     |
                             MMM    MMM    ___    _+_
                            M   M  M   M  |   |  |   |
                            M 18M--M 19M--| 20|__| 21|
                            M   M  M   M  |___|  |___|
                            /MMM    MMM
                       |   |                    
                   Mojo| 17|                      _______
                       |___|                     /35.ROOF\ Slick
 X                       |                      ===========
  \___    ___    ___    _+_     34. CLASSROOM...| 33. 3F  |Randy & Andy
  |   |  |   |  |   |  |   |         (Cyndi)    |_________|
  | 13|--| 14|--| 15|--| 16|                    | 32. 2F  |Tex
  |___|  |___|  |___|  |___|                    |_________|
                        Turk                    | 31. 1F  |
                                                | 30. Gym |Otis
                                                   |   |
                                                   | 29|Ivan
                           Z                       |___|
                           |                       /
                          MMM    MMM    ___    ___/   
                         M   M  M   M  |   |  |   |  
                         M 25M--M 26M--| 27|--| 28|
                         M   M  M   M  |___|  |___|  
                          MMM    MMM    B&C        

J. Walk Through (3 Parts)

||PART 1 - Cross Town High School to WSL Co. Warehouse
||         Moose, Benny & Clyde, Rocko, Blade

You begin in front of your school, Cross Town High, and need to make the 
trek east to River City High. The first gang you meet will probably be 
the Generic Dudes. Use the wall to get the drop on them or to speed to
the scene exit.

Next is Sticksville where you will likely face the Generic Dudes or Frat 
Guys, although the Mob may appear instead. Again, use the wall to avoid
their weapons and beat them senseless.

After this you'll reach Grotto Mall. The first shop, Rise & Shine Cafe, 
offers Hot Cocoa - use these to bolster your defense, will power, and 
max power stats. The last shop, Grotto Book Store, sells three offensive
techniques: Stone Hands, Dragon Feet, or Acrocircus. Purchasing one of 
the first two early on is a smart idea ($26.95). Just don't forget to
enable the item in the Belongings menu on the pause screen.

After the mall, you'll be in another part of Sticksville.  You can go 
north into Sherman Park, but wait on that. A new gang, the Home Boys, 
hangs here with the Generic Dudes, Frat Guys, and Jocks - so take them 
out if you're in need of cash.  Otherwise, head east.

You'll find yourself in the Sticksville Construction Site.  Beat up the
gang members to fight the first boss, Moose. Your best bet is to rush 
him and punch him while he's talking. Failing that, use the walls around 
you to take advantage of his desire to pick up weapons. Watch out for 
the pit!

Once you've defeated Moose, go north/east and replenish yourself at the 
Waterfront Mall. Every shop has something decent, but Mao's Place seems 
to have the best value. The Egg Roll is a great way to build defense and
max power.

Walk east to the Capital Avenue Bridge section, talk to Roxy, then head
north to fight Benny & Clyde. Unless you've already built up one of your
attack stats, your best bet is to rush to one of them while they're 
delivering the opening dialogue. If you have built up your stats or have
Stone Hands/Dragon Feet, this fight should be OK so long as you don't 
get between them.

After beating Benny & Clyde, head back to the stairs to get back to the 
Capital Avenue Bridge. Go east and you'll be Downtown. The usual block 
of gangs will be joined by a ruthless band called the Squids. There are 
two tires to fight with. Defeat the gangs or rush eastward.

You'll end up at WSL Co. Warehouse. Outside, you can knock enemies into
the gravel pit or use the rocks and box to fight them. It's a cramped
area, though, so your best strategy may be to run to tne warehouse door.

Once inside, you'll need to get to the door on the left, but there's a 
wall blocking your way. Jump on top of the platform and boxes to reach 
the second level, then work your way left and down. Defeat the gangs 
here to fight Rocko. Rocko will murder you if you stay in front of him,
so stay below or above him, or use the boxes to jump down to attack him.
He'll tell you how to find the first member of the Zombies, Blade.

Blade is back in Sherman Park. Head all the way back to the Sticksville 
area with the nice paved street, the iron fence, and the mail box. Go 
north into Sherman Park. Blade is a beast in a fair fight: he uses 
weapons and he jumps a lot. Your best bet is to attack from atop the 
columns and benches.  

Congratulations, you've beaten Blade.  Exit the park and run all the way 
east (to the right), back to the WSL Co. Warehouse again.

||PART 2 - WSL Co. Warehouse to River City High School gate
||         Turk, Mojo, Thor, Benny & Clyde (again), Ivan

Go inside the WSL Co. Warehouse again and make it to the other side.  
Continue east to the Armstrong Thru Way. The Home Boys, Mob, Squids, 
and Internationals all hang around the Armstrong Thru Way, though the 
Internationals may appear as well.  

Keep going east, enter the tunnel and go east some more. Merlin's Mystery 
Shop is hidden inside the tunnel. Hold up about 3/4th's through to find 
it. The items here are not a good value, so purchase them only for 
vanity's sake.

Go east. In the next scene, you should face Turk after defeating the gang
members. If he doesn't appear, you'll need to beat Mojo in the next scene 
first. I'm not sure why this happens, but sometimes Turk won't show up 
without Mojo defeated. Turk is another Zombie--he's tough and he fights 
cheap. There's nowhere to hide, so fight well.

After the fight, head north-ish. Meet Mojo, another Zombie. Just like
Blade, Mojo loves weapons, and once again there are plenty of obstacles
for you to stand on. If you aren't powered up, use the walls and 
bleachers. If you are, use a running dash to start a combination that
should knock him down. You may not want to attempt to attack him as he's 
getting up. There's no shame in retreating to the bleachers to wait for 
another opening. If Mojo knocks you down, he'll throw you like a rag doll.

After beating Mojo, take the exit into Flatirons and the Flatirons Mall. 
The Roman Cow (2nd shop) is the place to go for healing, while Happy Feet
Shoes (4th shop) can sell you Army Boots or Texas Boots that will greatly
enhance your defense. Also consider visiting Amy's Sweet Tooth or The
Barbecue Shop in order to max out your Punch skill. 

In Downtown Flatirons, you'll tackle a group from one of six possible 
gangs. This scene has no upside unless you're trying to farm money, so 
you should probably just run right toward the Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory.

In front of the Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory, fight or go north to enter the

Inside the Factory, proceed to the right side of the room if you're sure 
you've beaten the previous Zombie characters. Jumping back across the gap
in the floor is annoying.

Head east (go figure) to the next room. If you beat all of his buddies, 
you'll fight Thor - the last of the Zombies (sort of). Defeat Thor, then 
exit the factory.  

Head north from here to enter the Oak Hill Mall. Oak Hill has a ton of 
shops. Kate's Cookies and Hack's Chicken Shack will help you finish maxing
out your punch, defense, and strength stats.

Past the mall is Pop's Health Club, which offers a refreshing sauna. It's
not the best value, but it's not a terrible deal either--and you get to 
see Alex or Ryan's buttocks. If you encounter Benny & Clyde here, beat 
them as you did before and take their money. If not, you'll need to run
ahead, beat Ivan, and then come back. I'm not sure why - but sometimes 
Benny & Clyde don't appear until Ivan is defeated.

At this point, you should consider farming money with Benny & Clyde. Go 
back to the mall scene, then re-enter the Health Club scene and Benny & 
Clyde will re-spawn. Pummel, rinse, repeat for a $7 take per try.

Head east into Burb Village. There are two trash cans and a box to enjoy, 
as well as a wall to use in defeating the gang members. The Cowboys and 
the Plague all show up by now, making gang members financially rewarding.
The risk may be higher than the reward, however, so consider just 
bypassing them. Exit Northeast, then run east.

You're now outside and in front of River City High School. Defeat the 
low-level punks. If you defeated all of the Zombies, Ivan will come to 
challenge you. He is a badass. Watch out for his headbutt. Wait until 
he picks up a weapon, then dash in and let him have it.  Once defeated, 
River City High School is accessable (provided you've beaten all the
previous bosses, including both appearances of Benny & Clyde).

||PART 3 - River City High School gate to River City High School roof
||         Otis, Tex, Randy & Andy, Slick

Inside the gym, beat on the gangs and defeat Otis. To get into the school
itself, you need to get on top of the basketball hoop.  Use the beams and
bleachers to get near the hoop. Then, hop onto the hoop and finally onto 
the backboard, which will allow you to reach the door.

You have the option to clear out all three floors or to simply head to
the third floor to initiate the final battles. In order to rescue Cyndi 
and see the full story play out, you should clear all three floors.

The first floor is just low-level gang members.

On the second floor is Tex - the boss of the Cowboys.  He likes weapons, 
two-in-one combos, and loves to pick you up and throw you around--sound 
familiar? Beware his spinning stick swings. If you have Stone Hands or 
Dragon Feet, dash to knock him down and take advantage of his slow 
recovery. Heck, he'll even cheer you on!

On the third floor, beat the baddies and head to the end of the hallway
to fight Randy & Andy - the (Double) Dragon Twins.  They fight with 
moves resembling those of Billy & Jimmy, the Double Dragons from
Technos' most popular franchise. Fight them one at a time and make sure
your attacks are powered up 50+. The Grand Slam technique is useful 
against these two because you can bring Tex's stick and just wail on 
them with little risk.

The doors where Randy & Andy appeared lead to the roof. But don't enter
them yet. Instead, enter the now-unlocked classroom just to the left.
Here, you'll find Cyndi - who'll be mad that she's missing out on 

With Cyndi rescued, enter the Twins' doorway to get to the roof. It's
time to fight the final boss of the game, Slick (or is it "Simon," 
from Double Dragon?). Compared to Randy & Andy he is an utter wuss.
Dash attack and then punish his slow recovery. Beat him and you've 
beaten the game.

CONGRATULATIONS - You've completed all 35 areas of River City Ransom!

K. Cheats & Codes

Two Player Regeneration (from T. Mask)
 If you play in two player mode, and one player dies, the other player
 can quickly leave the screen (While or a few seconds after the corpse
 flashes), the deceased player will return at full health w/o loss of
 money. This is extremely useful when one player beats the crap out
 of the other, then exits, thus restoring his friend to full health.

Two Player Grand Slamming (from Wendell Owen)
 In two player mode, both buy the book grand slam, and stand on both
 sides of the boss(s).  Use lead pipes an beat them silly. This works on
 twins, just hit them at the same time.

Bouncing Kick Technique (from Vladimir Drakul)
 If you start running, jump, then tap B really quickly, you'll bounce
 your way along doing jump-kicks.  This does horrendous amounts of
 damage if you're lucky enough for it to hit.

Game Genie codes
  VOSNAVYA - Every attribute at 99 (from Cancilla)
  OAENIYAE - $999.99 for player 1 (from Cancilla)
  OAONGYAE - As above except for player 2 (from Cancilla)
  LZXTXGLP - Coins do not disappear.

Passwords (Enter on Password screen):

Start with 63 of all levels, full will power, full stamina,
every book, Texas Boots, and $500.50 -
 j r Y p l f T g b d j
 n O o r L T I Y X w R
 S j T u q p i l U H P

Everything Maxed & All Items
 W e L c Y S G T O Q 2
 a r 1 5 o A Q V X X i
 c X s U 3 m V U n 1 c

Passwords for Alex:

Start with $122, 30 in all attributes, and 99 strength
 E M 7 K G A 0 D B D h
 W c E t Z h S Q j T Z 
 f U X Y o f b a Z 7 N

Start with Acro Circus, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Fatal Steps, Javelin 
Man, Sneakers, Excaliber, and Rodan Wing, plus $114
 8 9 B T P U S V Q S 0
 Y p m 5 G d u X A V s
 Y A u l 1 s 0 e l E a

Start with Incredible Attributes
 w 4 1 2 y s g t M q c
 M U S j K m 2 P q t E
 U J M N d U T G O Q C

Start with Ivan Beaten and High School Open
 t 1 i z v p d O Z n Z
 J x N k J p 7 C p u b
 X M P Q g X E r S M F

No One Left but Slick!
 X f M d Z T H w i R 3
 j a j 6 j f R U D E t
 t i l m 2 t W R o 8 b

L. Other Technos Super-Deformed NES Titles

River City Ransom isn't the only game by Technos to feature big 
heads on smallish bodies. See if you recognize any of the games on
the list below. Dates on the list generally refer to home console 
releases. Typically, any arcade versions were produced the year 
before. (Special thanks to Mike Stucke for originally helping me 
fill out this section with tasty Japanese goodness).

Renegade (Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun) - 1996/7
  A side-scrolling beat 'em up.  The American version removed all
indication that the characters were, in fact, high schoolers.  
Gameplay isn't so great, but it was incredibly popular at the time.
As for the title, Nekketsu means "Hot Blooded", Kouha means 
roughly "tough elements", and Kunio-kun is the name of the main 
character (Kunio is his name, "-kun" is frequently used when 
addressing young men).

Double Dragon - 1988
  The game that put Technos on people's radar. Two-player co-op in 
the arcade or alternating two-player on the NES. A good game, average
difficulty. Great music. It's basically your normal, everyday side 
scrolling beat-em up.

River City Ransom (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari) - 1988/9
  The game this guide is about. It was also called 'Street Gangs' in
Europe. Released first for the Famicom/NES by Technos, then later by 
Naxat for NEC's PC Engine Duo as a Super CD game. According to a 
review at gamefaqs.com by Godai-Kun, the PC Engine port features more 
graphical detail, such as greater shading and improved shop animations, 
but uses the NES/Famicom's graphics as its foundation. Also, the music 
for the PC Engine CD version is in Redbook CD audio format and, 
apparently, pretty well done - if a bit heavy on the guitar. Spoken 
dialogue is digitizied as well.

Double Dragon II - 1989
  Same concept as Double Dragon. Better graphics, worse music, and a
control scheme that takes forever to acclimate to. Whoever decided to
swap the buttons depending on which way your character faces needs to
be punched. Once you get over the learning curve, it's actually a
rather fun game. At least until the final level destroys you with
cheap platforming.

Super Dodge Ball (Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball) - 1989
  Released in arcades in 1988, this title made its way to the NES in 1989.
A fighting game, but not in the normal sense.  It's 5 on 5 attack 
volleyball basically. One or 2 players can participate, and frankly the 
game is very enjoyable. Also, the characters look exactly like the River 
City Ransom gang--big plus! Variations of this game are also available
for NEC's PC Engine Duo, the Sega Megadrive, the Super Nintendo, and 
SNK's Neo Geo MVS cartridge system.

World Cup Soccer (Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball bu Soccer hen) - 1990
  The game is actually pretty fun, though it doesn't follow the actual
rules of real soccer. The characters are obviously the Kunio cast. Has
multiplayer and a tournament mode. Released originally for the NES and
later for the Game Boy and PC-Engine.

Downtown Nekketsu Koshinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundokai (Japan only) - 1990
  A shame this wasn't released in English-speaking countries as it's
both ridiculous and fun. Uses the River City Ransom engine. A four-
player, four-event violent take on Cross Country. There are two foot-
race events, a pole climbing race, and what can only be described as
a battle royal. Many attacks and locations are taken right from other
Technos games. Released for the Famicom and PC-Engine, with later
remakes/sequels released for the Nintendo DS, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and
PC. The later versions were made by Arc System Works but retain the
spirit of the original.

Downtown Special: Kunio kun no Jidaigeki Dayo - 1991
  A real, honest to goodness sequel to River City Ransom. Sort of.
The gameplay is the same, but the setting is in feudal Japan... because
I guess the Kunio kids are putting on a play?! The most amusing thing
is that you play a samurai who fights with rocks, buckets, and fists.
The game isn't as endearing or as well rounded as RCR, but it is well 
worth checking out. The game also gives you a sidekick who tags along,
sort of like Guardian Heroes or the Game Boy Advance version of River
City Ransom. Apparently, this game was released for the Game Boy also.

Double Dragon III - 1991
  The third, and final, Double Dragon game on the NES.  Now it's
2-Player simultaneous, but you have to use credits to buy power
ups, and the game itself is fiendishly cheap. Sucked in the arcade.
Sucked on the NES. Later went on to suck on the Sega Genesis.

Crash 'N The Boys Street Challenge (Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku) 
- 1992
  A valiant attempt at merging River City Ransom with Track N Field.
While the Swimming and Hammer Golf competitions are enjoyable, the
rest are a venture into annoyance. It can be played by up to 2
players, which is nice, but let's face it--it gets old fast. Didn't
help that people weren't buying many NES games in 1992.

Super Double Dragon (Return of Double Dragon) - 1992
  The last Technos-produced traditional Double Dragon game. It's
"super" because it's on the Super Nintendo. Good visuals and a rich
fighting mechanic for a beat-'em-up, but the levels and baddies are
so cookie-cutter that it's difficult to hold interest until the end.
At least Billy and Jimmy have different fighting styles. Incorporates
a number of musical themes from previous games. If you play it, grab
the Japanese version--The difficulty is more balanced, the enemies 
have better variety in their moves, and there are two extra stages.

The Combatribes - 1992
  Depending on your perspective, this is either a fun beat-'em up
or a watered-down arcade port. On the Super NES, it delivers much 
of the spirit that was absent from Super Double Dragon. However,
anyone expecting the 3-player mode or brutal attacks from the 
arcade could be sorely disappointed. I enjoy Combatribes much more 
than Super Double Dragon because the levels are short, there is a 
better variety of enemies, and the combat is very satisfying. Maybe
I'm just a sucker for grabbing enemies by the legs and spinning 
them around? Worth playing.

Ike! Ike! Nekketsu Hockey bu Subette Koronde Dai Rantou (Japan only)
- 1992
  Supposedly, this would have been called Crash and the Boys Ice
Challenge had it been released in North America, but the lukewarm
reception to Street Challenge killed that idea. It's the Dodgeball
concept applied to Hockey: slap the puck into the goal or slap it
at your opponents--either works! Fun to a point.

Nekketsu! Street Basket Ganbare Dunk Heroes (Japan Only) - 1993
  A Nekketsu / River City Basketball game.  Kunio and his friends 
go to the United States and challenge all sorts of "American 
stereotype" teams to basketball. RCR-type fighting is permitted, and 
there are all sorts of special moves and weapons available. As for 
the basketball, each side of the court has three backboards, each one 
screen above another. If the ball falls through multiple hoops, those 
points count. Sounds A LOT like MTV's "Rock and Jock Basketball."

Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan Only) - 1992/3
  The title suggests this is a prequel to Renegade, but the game 
incorporates shops, experience, weapons, and conversations--just like
River City Ransom. Many people refer to this as the Super Nintendo 
version of River City Ransom, but it's too gritty and talky for me to
agree with that statement. Check it out if your idea of fun is living
with your friends in a seedy hotel where everybody wants to bash your
brains in. 

Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka (Japan Only) - 1994
  Another beat-em-up for the Super Nintendo. Kunio (Alex) and Riki 
(Ryan) go to prison after being framed for their friends' death. The
combat is more fun than "Shodai" and, though there are cutscenes,
the characters don't talk as often or for as long as they did in
that game. It's a shame this was a Japan-only release, as it would
have been well received in North America and Europe. The subject
matter and bikini babes may have concerned censors at the time.

Kunio no Oden (Japan only) - 1994
  It's a puzzle game for the Super Famicom that plays like a mix
of Columns and Puyo Puyo. It's not bad, but its claim to fame is
the Kunio cast splashed throughout each board.

Did you know?
  Technos Japan made a few additional games in 1994 and 1995 for
the Neo Geo console, including a Double Dragon fighting game. They 
went bankrupt in 1996 and were reformed as Million, which produced
the Game Boy Advance releases of Dodge Ball, Double Dragon, and 
River City Ransom.
  Arc System Works currently owns the rights to the Technos Japan
properties. They plan to release a remake called River City Ransom
SP for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. They have also given the green 
light to another developer, Conatus Creative, to produce a sequel 
called River City Ransom: Underground (for the PC) that is on pace
to be published in 2017.

M. River City Ransom On the Internet

Here's a list of places to visit for further information about 
River City Ransom and related topics:

* River City Ransom Shrine
* Seanbaby's RCR Page (HILARIOUS!)
* My River City Ransom tribute page
* tsr's NES archive
* NES World
* Hardcore Gaming 101: Kunio-kun
* Godai-Kun's review of Downtown Nekettsu Monogatari for PC Engine

N. The Final Blurbs

How to contribute to this guide:

     Send relevant comments/tips to me at frank@frankprovo.com  


     Here's a list of people who've contributed to this guide, or
aided in its evolution.

   - first 3 game genie codes, and fatal steps info.
Mike Faerber
   - Information on Super Dodge Ball, Crash 'N The Boys Street
     Challenge, and info about Crash 'N The Boys Ice Challenge
T. Mask
   - 2 Player regeneration trick
William Seremak
   - Information on World Cup Soccer
Wendell Owen
   - 2 Player grand slam trick
Vladimir Drakul
   - Bouncing Kicks Technique
Mizubaku & Dyslexic DJ
   - Info on Possible RCR 2
Mike Stucke
   - A TON of Japanese Technos Perspectives
The Game Industry
   - For being so dead in early 2001 that I had time to revise
     this guide and do a walk through.
   - For giving me an 8-year stint as a freelance writer that
     I will never forget.
   - For being so unimaginative in recent years that I have 
     been further driven back to the joys of 8-bit gaming.

Time to Defeat Game: 
      Beginners - 4 hours
      Experienced - 1.5 hours
      Experts - ~35-45 min.
      Beginners - 6 hours
      Experienced - 4 hours
      Experts - 2 hours


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