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FAQ/Walkthrough by T Bo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/29/07

Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream FAQ 


By T Bo (tbo_41@hotmail.com)

Version 1.0 



-FAQ history
-About the game
-Quick tips
-Minor Circuit
-Major Circuit
-World Circuit
-Mr. Dream
-Final words


Version 1.0 (April 29, 2007): First version of the FAQ. Contains about the 
game,controls, quick tips, minor circuit, major circuit, world circuit, Mr. 
Dream, passwords and credits.


Punch-Out!! has always been one of my favourite games and one that I've played
a lot, so I figured I should write what I know into a helpful guide for others. 
Sounds simple right? I found other guides to be a bit lacking and too 
repetitive so I wrote this one with the intention of being more in depth, more 
helpful and provide the easiest ways for even novice players to win.

In Punch-Out!!, the player controls Little Mac as he boxes his way to the top
and then onto Mr. Dream. Each match is three rounds each three minutes and can 
be won by KO, TKO (usually when you knock the opponent three times in a round) 
or by decision (after the three rounds expire and you have a certain amount 
of points). When Mac lands an unsuspecting blow to the opponent, a star will 
appear over their head, indicating Mac has acquired the ability to land an 
uppercut, unless the enemy hits him. Uppercuts are deadly and can end the 
rounds faster. 
Keep it clean and have fun!


Up -- plus press A or B to perform a blow to the head

Down -- block a punch (will sustain some damage), press down twice to duck

Left -- dodge left

Right -- dodge right 

Select -- listen to Doc's advice / hold during rounds to revive health

Start -- uppercut (when you have a star) 

B -- left punch, help Mac get up when he has been knocked down 

A -- right punch 


-When Mac is down, quickly tap B to get him back off of the mat

-During the rounds, hold down select. As the next round begins, your health 
should increase either a little bit or even fill the hole meter, depending 
on the match 

-It is the NES after all, so the oppenents do have patterns. Memorize them to 


Glass Joe
Glass Joe is a piece of cake. When he blocks his body, hit him high. When he 
blocks him, give him a body blow. When his meter is about half full (or half 
empty), he will start taunting you. Don't sweat. His moves are quite slow and 
you'll have plenty of time to dodge them. After a flurry of hits, don't wait 
for him to do it again. Go in for a quick punch or two and get a star (*). 
When he attacks again, unleash your star power. Uppercuts do a lot of damage 
to Joe, so go for the TKO. If not, 5000 points are required for the decision. 

Von Kaiser
This fight could be over in less than a minute. When Kaiser twitches his head, 
quickly deliver a body blow for a star. Evade the next punch, punch him back 
and then unleash your uppercut. When he goes for the uppercut, do the same. 
Funny how this fight could be over quicker than Glass Joe huh? Otherwise, 
8000 points nets you the decision.


Piston Honda
Since this is for the title, you must knock him out. When he twitches his 
eyebrows go for a body blow and a quick star. Evade the next punch and then 
rock his world. Dodge his uppercuts and repeat. This can be a fast fight 
but if he does go for his multiple punches, they are slow enough to avoid. 
However, hit him in the body just before he gets to you to knock him down. 


Don Flamenco 
Another fight that can be finished in under a minute. Flamenco will taunt you, 
so throw a punch and then evade! He will throw an uppercut. Keep hitting him 
with high rights until he taunts again. Repeat the previous until he falls. 
When he gets back up, if his health is about a quarter of the bar, you'll 
be done very soon! This time, he will go straight to the uppercut without 
taunting you. Here is where you can get a quick body blow in and get a star. 
Evade the uppercut, hit him once and then use the star. You should knock him 
out. I can do it in 49 seconds. If you go the distance, 10,000 points are 
needed for the decision.

King Hippo 
You need to knock out King Hippo to win but you only have to send him to the 
mat once. When Hippo drops his mouth, go for a quick head shot and then 
rapidily attack his belly button when his shorts fall. This should take off 
a quarter of his health. The only problem is you can't always predict when 
he drops his jaw (except when he bounces around, then you know it's coming) 
and his punches can easily send you to the mat fast. Just evade until the 
opportunity comes. Usually, when he *really* takes his time, he will drop 
his mouth.

Great Tiger 
Tiger used to give me a lot of trouble but now he's like a fly to me. Like 
Kaiser, except replace the twitch with the jewel in his turbin. When it 
lights up, evade and then land a quick head shot, although it'll do little 
damage. This happens a total of five times before he goes for the 
uppercuts. Now, land a body blow for a star, evade an uppercut, one head 
punch and then unleash the star. After you send him to the mat, he'll 
continue with the uppercuts so repeat the previous step. Once again, he'll 
get up and perform uppercuts but when his meter is a sliver, do not, repeat, 
DO NOT, try and get the star. Just let him go through and knock him down 
normally for the TKO. If you do go for the star, and it's around the 2:30 
mark, he will step back and go for his magic punches. This can be a lot of 
trouble! You must block four or more punches in a row before he will stop. 
After you hear the sound effect, then block. After you block enough punches, 
he will remain dizzy so give him a head shot. To win by decision, you need 
10,000 points. 


Bald Bull 
The first thing I noticed was, WOW he's huge! Don't let that intimidate you 
though ;). Bull will start with a few quick lefts, so evade them and get in 
a head shot. After that, he does a few quick rights, so dodge and then hit 
him back. Next comes very quick shots, so be very fast with the dodging! 
Soon, you should knock him down. All I can say for this part is dodge and 
then hit him back. Now, after a few shots, he will back up for his bull 
charge. After you hear him bounce THREE times, give him a body blow to 
send him to the mat. Repeat these steps to get the TKO and the Major 


Piston Honda 
Well hello again Mr. Honda. He's a lot tougher this time though! After his 
eyebrows, he'll throw three consecutive left punches (avoid three times). 
Then he will go for an uppercut so dodge and then throw head punches. Once 
again, if he goes for his multi punches, hit him in the gut before he unloads 
on you. He moves too fast this time so I recommend NOT trying to block him. 
Hitting him in the gut before the multi punches can get you the KO or you can 
be like my friend Darren, get 3000 points and get the decision after the 
third round. 

Soda Popinski
Soda moves very fast! This key here is to dodge faster and hit him back, or 
get a whopping 10,000 points and go the distance. Just keep your finger on 
left or right the whole time and dodge like there's no tomorrow. The key is 
to follow his feet and when he "dances" is when you should prepare to evade.

Bald Bull
Not you again! Like Honda, this incarnation this tougher too but if you made 
it this far, he's beatable. Just repeat the steps before but when he rolls 
his gloves, go for a quick gut punch and get a star. Evade an uppercut 
and then deliver one of your own. You can only beat him via uppercut or 
body blow during his bull charge (which you should already know how to do). 
A lot of guides say to dodge the long charge and wait for his shorter 
charges from the middle of the ring. HINT: you don't have to wait! Hit him 
on the first charge like you did in your previosu fight with Bull (wait 
for his third hop). Otherwise, 7000 points for the win. 

Don Flamenco
The most improved of the returning fighters, although that's not saying much. 
Flamenco fights back now and throws a few left jabs. He brings his gloves to 
his face first before attack, so you know when to dodge and the go for some 
head shots. When he does a roundhouse, evade and continue. When his health 
is half-way, he taunts so punch until your hearts are empty and then evade 
his uppercuts. Immediately punch his head when you're fine. If his health 
is low during the late stages of the second round, let the clock run out. 
You'll have a better chance of getting a TKO in the third round by knocking 
him down three times (or just get over 5000 points). 

Mr. Sandman 
Oh, here's a toughie. You must win by KO or TKO. At the start, he'll throw 
some spinning jabs ala Bald Bull but they're far to fast to dodge so just 
block them. If he hits you, you lose three hearts as oppose to only one 
if you block. You can try to avoid the jabs and throw a head shot yourself 
but, A) your punches do very little damage here, and B) you have to be 
really fast, otherwise, the risk of losing health and hearts isn't worth it. 
He'll throw over ten of them then he'll go for roundhouses. Throw a head 
shot, dodge his roundhouse, throw another head shot to stun him and then 
three body blows. Repeat that step until he stops going for the roundhouse. 
He's setting up for three uppercuts, so watch his feet. When he stops 
"dancing" is when you should begin to dodge. Immediately after the third 
uppercut, hit him high followed by lots of body blows (think King Hippo). 
He should have a little bit of health as you head into the second round. 
I cannot stress how important it is to hold SELECT during the rounds, it 
could re-fill your bar all the way, which is really important here if 
Sandman hits you with any of his uppercuts. With his little health, you 
should score a quick knock down in the second round. Follow the previous 
steps and you should be able to score a TKO in the second round like 
I did. 


Super Macho Man 
Surprisingly, SMM is actually easier than Sandman (and even Soda Popinski). 
You can TKO him in the first round! Right away, punch him in the gut. Dodge 
his uppercut and deliver five or so head shots. He makes a squeeking noise 
so as soon as you hear that, dodge and then unleash the head shots. If you 
delay the last shot by a bit, you may get a star. When he health is low, 
dodge, head shot for the stun and then use your star to knock him down. 
When he gets back up, throw some body blows for more stars (yes, stars - 
plural). But wait! He's setting up for his spinning punches. They make a 
funny sound, so after you hear the sound, dodge. He can do this up to 22 
times but will most likely do it less than that. When he stops, go for a 
head shot and use a star. Dodge another attack, head shot and use another 
star to knock him to the mat. You should still be under the two minute mark 
in the round. When he gets back up, repeat the previous step. You should get 
the TKO as that step only takes about 30 seconds. 


Yeah, he's just like Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! only a different 
character. Same moves though and same frustration level! It can be done though 
as long as you evade all his punches. Even just one can knock you down. The 
key is to be very fast on the dodge and respond with head shots. This keeps 
up for about a minute and a half and then he'll throw jabs. You'll be able 
to tell which fist he'll throw by watching which eye blinks. If he blinks 
both eyes, punch him in the face for a star. If you pause for a second, 
his eyes will turn red so use your star now and send him to the mat! 


Major Circuit - 005 737 5423

World Circuit - 777 807 3454

Super Macho Man - 940 861 8538

Mr. Dream - 007 373 5963


Thanks to Nintendo for creating this game and being the best video game 
company ever.

Thanks to Gamefaqs for inspiring me to write this guide and ONLY Gamefaqs is 
allowed to host this FAQ. If you wish to host it too, just ask please. If you 
see this FAQ anywhere besides Gamefaqs, e-mail me immediately.

If you have any questions/comments about the game, feel free to e-mail me at 
tbo_41@hotmail.com. I am an e-mail hound so I should reply within 24 hours. 
If you have any questions about the game, I will include them in future 
versions of the guide because chances are someone else will have the same 
question (I will not include your name for privacy reasons). 

Note: This FAQ is 100% my creation. I did NOT copy any of these stratgies 
from other FAQs or guides. These are the steps I used to beat the game on 
my own.


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