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    FAQ by Princess_Trolli

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    Pinball FAQ for NES v1.0
    December 8, 2001
    FAQ by Princess_Trolli (princess_trolli@hotmail.com)
    Edited by Kre (kre@kre-net.com)
    Any comments or questions are appreciated.  You can send me an e-mail and I
    might even read it.
        I.   Controls - What each button does.
       II.   Pinball - Short intro on the game.
      III.   Points - What happens after you hit a certain amount of points.
       IV.   Different Modes of Play - A game, B game and 2-player mode.
        V.   Upper Half - Upper half of game.
       VI.   Lower Half - Lower half of game.
      VII.   Bonus Stage - Bonus stage.
     VIII.   Copyright and Thanks
    I.  Controls:
       You only need two buttons for this game (except for pause) but in case you
    have trouble with the controls
       (I can't promise I won't laugh at you for needing THAT much help.) I'll
    spell it out for you.
       A button - right flipper and launch ball
       B button - right flipper and launch ball
       D-pad    - left flipper
       Select   - nothing
       Start    - pause the game
    II.  Pinball:
       I have divided the game into three parts: the upper half of the machine, the
    lower half of the machine, and
       the bonus stage.  This game is not timed and will last as long as you have
    III.  Points:
       Every 50,000 points gains you an extra ball.  Also after you get 100,000
    points your flippers turn invisible.
    IV.  Different modes of play:
       There is no difference between A game and B game except the ball goes faster
    in B game.  In two-player
       mode you take turns playing each    ball just like in Super Mario Bros.
    V.  Upper Half:
       This is the safer half of the machine since you cannot lose your ball here
    so I would suggest keeping the
       ball up here as much as possible. There are several obstacles, which
    comprise the upper half:
       a.   Chute with 8 yellow dots - If you can flick your ball through this
    chute the seals will start bouncing balls.
       You get 100 points each time they bounce the ball.  You also get 100 points
    for each of the yellow dots.
       b.   Yellow Button with little score readout - Each time you hit this button
    you get the amount of points shown
       in the little box a little to the upper left of the button.  It also adds
    100 points to the number in the box, so each
       time you get more points.
       c.   500-1000-500 Slots - Right after you launch your ball it will come
    across three little slots labeled 500 and
       1000.  When your ball comes up or down through these slots you get the
    number of points depicted above the
       slot.  Most of the time your ball will bounce up from the 100 point bumper
    and go through these slots a couple
       of times.
       d.   100 point bumper - When your ball touches this bumper you get 100
    points.  The bumper will bounce your
       ball in a different direction.
       e.   The seals - When you flick your ball through the chute with 8 yellow
    dots the seals will start bouncing their
       balls. You get 100 points for each bounce.
       f.   Platform - There is a moving platform above the three cards.  It often
    gets in the way of your flippers.  You get
       100 points each time you hit the platform.
       g.   3 cards - The three cards can either be a 3, a 7, or a penguin. When
    you shoot the ball through the 500 chute
       the cards start to spin.  Hit the moving platform with the ball when it is
    over a spinning card to stop it.  Try to get 3
       of the same card.  If you do match all the cards then the machine will turn
    red and you will have a bumper ball in
       between your flippers.  This lasts until you hit the moving platform.
       h.   500 chute - Shoot your ball through this for 500 points and to start
    the cards spinning.  It is on the right side of
       the screen a little to the left of the main chute you launch your ball out
       i.   Warp hole - When you exit the bonus stage your ball comes out here.
    Anytime when you shoot your ball into it,
       it will just shoot the ball back out.  This is right under the 500 chute.
       j.   Gutter - If your ball falls down this or in between the two flippers it
    will go to the lower half of the machine.
       k.  Four yellow buttons - When you hit these buttons you get 100 points. If
    you hit them all out of the way just hit the
       yellow button with little score readout (area b) to set them up again.
    VI.  Lower Half:
       The lower half of the machine is a little more dangerous since you can lose
    your ball here.  Try to get the ball into
       the warp hole and go to the bonus stage.
       a.   Gutter - When your ball fall down the gutter in the upper half they
    come out here in the upper left corner of the
       b.   Cards - There is one slot for each card.  When your ball falls
       through a card's slot you get 500 points and if you haven't already you also
    flip over the card.  The bumpers below are a
       good way to flip over your middle cards and get a bunch of points in the
       c.   Warp hole - When you flick your ball into this hole in the upper right
    corner of the screen you go to the bonus stage.
       d.   7 yellow buttons - There are 7 yellow numbered buttons along the left
    wall.  When you hit one you get 100 points.
       When you knock them all out of the way you open up an exit on the right
    wall.  If you get your ball through this exit you can
       launch it again all the way back up to the upper half.  The exit disappears
    once your ball goes through one of the flipper
       e.   2 flipper chutes - When your ball goes through these chutes that lead
    right to your flippers it is easier to control and
       you can aim your shot more carefully.
       f.   3 100 point bumpers - If you get your ball stuck in these bumpers you
    can really rack up some points.  Try to get your
       ball stuck in there to get the middle cards out of the way.  Each time your
    ball hits these bumpers you get 100 points.
       g.   2 side gutters - Whenever your ball falls down these side gutters or in
    between your flippers you lose a life.
    VII.  Bonus Stage:
       The bonus stage actually has a point.  There is a princess walking back and
    forth on the top of the screen waiting
       for you (a man who looks       suspiciously like Mario) to save her.  If you
    save the princess she goes back up to the
       top of the screen and you get to save her again.
       a.   Princess - She is the brown-haired girl walking at the top of the
       b.   Man - You control the man with the platform on his head.  Walk back and
    forth trying to keep the ball from falling
       down one of the side    gutters to the left and right of your feet.  Also
    catch the princess when she falls and move to
       the left or right so she can walk to the exit.
       c.   1, 2, and 3 dots - Try to make these dots match colors.  This will make
    the platforms below the princess smaller
       and eventually she will fall    down so you can catch her.
       d.   100 point bumpers - There is a bumper on each side of the number dots. 
    Each time you hit one you get 100 points.
       e.   Gutters - When your ball falls down the gutters below the exits it will
    come out in the warp hole on the upper half
       of the machine.
        f.    Exits - These are above the gutters.  When the princess falls try to
    have her walk into an exit.
    VIII.  Copyright and Thanks:
       I want to thank myself for playing this game over and over and over again
    trying to figure out what does what and how
       many points you get for this or that.  I also want to thank my trusty
    proofreader Kre, who checks my atrocious grammar
       and spelling.
       Please do not sell or reprint this FAQ.  If you want to post it somewhere
    (for some odd reason) please e-mail me firs
       and ask permission.
    This document Copyright 2001, Princess_Trolli.

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