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Reviewed: 01/13/04

Garbage. One of the worst Mega Man games to date and easily the worst on NES.

The last Mega Man installment on the NES, which is in a close battle against Mega Man 64 and Mega Man X6 for the worst in the series. Pure trash, easily the worst installment on the NES. Almost didn’t make it to the American shores and I wish it hadn’t. Seems like Companies keeps throwing out sequels to milk more money out of the pockets of the suckers who purchase it. This game is no exception. Divulge into my review to understand why….

Gameplay 2/10
A clone of its predecessors. After the first five not changing did you actually think this one would? Nothing new, choose the level you want and fight through it. Levels are very straightforward and predictable. Once again you get the bosses weapons and can use them after they are defeated. Good luck figuring out which to use against whom. You have to read a walkthrough or be a psychic to know what weapon to use against whom. With enemies like Knight Man, Yamato Man, and Centaur Man, how can you predict what their weaknesses are? Not to worry though the game is so easy you don’t need to know the proper boss order. You just need to know how to press the B button and move a couple inches left or right from time to time. A few new elements, Mega Man can now use a jetpack, which is a cool idea but it is the only interesting thing about the game. Beat also makes his return to the game. He can be acquired much like he was in the fifth installment by collecting letters, this time of his name. These letters aren’t scattered around in the level hidden from view, they are gotten after you defeat a version of the boss. In case I confused you there are 4 bosses that have two versions to them. This means you will be playing a level and beating it to get the letter, then playing it again to get the weapon from the boss. So essentially you will be doing the same boring, repetitive levels more than once. Also Rush makes a return to the game but instead of providing his body as a tool to help Mega Man, he morphs into different suits for the Blue Bomber, Ex. Jetpack, Power Suit. One of the reasons I dislike this game so much is its difficulty. This has to be one of the easiest games ever made. If I were to have my limbs amputated I could still probably play through this game with little difficulty. Maybe not, but you get the point. I beat it on my first attempt without continuing, as you probably will too.

Controls 10/10
No problems here. Game responds to your commands flawlessly.

Story 1/10
Er, a story…hmm. Ok I’m all ears. Story is introduced in the introduction to the title screen and we don’t see anything about it till the end. Goes something like this… A man by the name of Mr. X (Wow, long sleepless nights must of went into thinking up this name…) holds a tournament to see who the strongest robots in the world are, but when they all flock to the tournament he takes control of them and tries to use them to take over the world… I know, its jaw dropping. Plus look at the picture of Mr. X. Does he look like anybody we know? Hmmm. Pure crap! Mega man games don’t need stories but if they are going to put one in they might as well make it original and interesting, otherwise leave it out.

Graphics 10/10
Awesome. Like most Mega Man games of its time the graphics set the standard for video game graphics during the time period. Game was one of the last released on the NES I think it was even released after Mega Man X on the SNES, but I’m not sure. So needless to say the graphics had best be good.

Music/Sound 5/10
Sounds worse than the one before it. Don’t know how it is possible I would think they could at least just port the sounds from the 5th one over to the 6th, but they didn’t. With this being released so late in the NES’s lifespan the sound is intolerable and should have been dealt with long before the game was released. Music is good, not great, but not as bad as the sound.

Funfactor 2/10
Game has some fun, but after 6 Mega Man games it gets a little old. I like the jetpack idea and rushes new advancements but that’s about it. Plus having to go through half the levels more than once to get BEAT gets dull. At least the levels aren’t difficult. Boss weapons are dull and nothing to write home about. Don’t expect this game to bring much fun into your life.

Replayability 1/10
Why someone would play through this game more than once is beyond me. You can get everything you need in your first try. Game can easily be beaten in one sitting, if I remember correctly id say it takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

Conclusion 4.5/10

-Jetpack addition is cool
-Good controls
-Good graphics

-Repetitive, boring, and uninspired
-No replayability
-Very, very easy
-A sorry excuse to the Mega Man franchise!

This game is pure trash and I would flush it down the tube if it would fit. I wish they had kept it in Japan and it had never made it to the American shores. Fortunately I only wasted 2-3 hours of my life playing it and if you choose to play it that’s all you will waste too. This game is a stand out contributor to the further degrading of the Mega Man Franchise, and goes to show that just because a game has Mega Man in its title that doesn’t mean its great. Do not be fooled by other high scores, this game is awful. I’m not making this review to bash a popular game, I’m just trying to enlighten others to see that just because a game is called Mega Man that doesn’t make it a great game. Capcom should be ashamed.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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