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Guide and Walkthrough by NeoChozo

Updated: 05/21/2003

========Mega Man 6 Guide========

by Tim
: http://megaman.retrofaction.com
: tim@megaman-network.com

 1. Introduction
 2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order 
 3. Power-Up Uses and Locations
 4. Flame Man's stage
 5. Blizzard Man's stage
 6. Plant Man's stage
 7. Tomahawk Man's stage
 8. Yamato Man's stage
 9. Knight Man's stage
 10. Centaur Man's stage
 11. Wind Man's stage
 12. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 1
 13. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 2
 14. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 3
 15. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 4
 16. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 1
 17. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 2
 18. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 3
 19. Final Stage
 20. Boss Weapons
 21. Secrets and Tips
 22. Legal

1. Introduction:
Welcome to the official Mega Man Network guide for Mega Man 6, the sixth installment
in the Classic Series. Refer to the index above for an easy reference guide, and go to
http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/ to find guides for all of the other games 
in the Classic Mega Man series. Happy gaming.

2. Boss Weaknesses / Recommended Order:
Despite starting with Flame Man, who is a tad trickier to beat with just the Buster,
this order will allow you to get the Beat plates and items without backtracking, since
you get the two Rush adapters before tackling any of the path-split stages.

-Flame Man ---------- Mega Buster / Wind Storm
-Blizzard Man ------- Flame Blast
-Plant Man ---------- Blizzard Attack
-Tomahawk Man ------- Plant Barrier
-Yamato Man --------- Silver Tomahawk
-Knight Man --------- Yamato Spear
-Centaur Man -------- Knight Crush
-Wind Man ----------- Centaur Flash

3. Power-Up Uses and Locations:
Power-Up               Use                  Location
Rush Power Suit - armor suit that lets you break blocks - defeat Flame Man.
Rush Jet Suit - equip a jetpack that allows you to fly - defeat Plant Man.
Energy Balancer - Automatically refills weapons - found in Tomahawk Man's stage.
Circuit Plates - Use them to activate Beat - found in the stages of:
					     Tomahawk Man (B)
					     Yamato Man   (E)
                                             Knight Man   (A)
					     Centaur Man  (T)

10. Flame Man's Stage:
This one is pretty fun (gotta love the music, too.) The primary hazard you'll face in
Flame Man's oilfields is, naturally, the oil. While it merely slows you down, the robots
that fly around igniting the oil are a threat to watch out for. If you get caught in
any flaming oil, it's the same as lava. The first few areas are rather easy to get
through. Just outrun the flame droppers and defeat the Mettools that get in the way,
and try to stay out of the oil pits if you can. Climb up the ladders at the end, and 
you'll encounter some robots that shoot pea shots at you. Shoot them to flip them over;
if they land on solid ground, they explode, but if they land in oil, you can use them
as platforms in the upcoming area. You'll have to use them as such since the flame
droppers are too numerous, and they will ignite the oil. Cross this oil field and drop
down the section at the end to reach some areas with robots that toss stuff at you.
Destroy them, and cross one last oil field section, filled with platforms and robots
that shoot pellets at you in arcing paths. Claim the Energy Tank along the way, and
at the end you'll reach the boss gate.

Flame Man Strategy
Flame Man is fairly easy to take down with the Mega Buster. If you have the Wind Storm
on hand, your battle will be made slightly easier. His only attacks are his Flame Blast,
which sends towers of fire your way, and shooting short bursts of fire that can both
be jumped over. Fire charged shots whenever you have a clear shot (the Flame Blast will
block shots), and slide under him when he leaps across the room. Use every pause to 
your advantage to eliminate Flame Man quicker. With the Wind Storm, you'll cause greater
damage, but you'll have to do so at a closer range.

11. Blizzard Man's Stage:
As you might expect, Blizzard Man's stage is full of ice. The trick is maneuvering on
it; as it's very slippery, you can easily plummet to your death. Jump if you find your-
self sliding too far to stop your momentum. The first few enemies you'll encounter in
the stage are of the floating variety. Destroy them and move on. Head along the path,
and drop down at the end, holding left to get the 1-Up if you need it. Continue on 
down and you'll find a few robots that slide on the ice and accelerate towards you.
Wait for them to move away before attacking, and you'll be fine. Also along this path
you'll find some of the shielded flying robots; wait for them to expose their weak
sides before firing. At the end, climb down the ladder to face a small squid mini-boss
of sorts. Fire at it while avoiding its missiles and purple cubes and you can move on.
Climb down the ladder and you'll reach the submarine. It goes up and down with the 
tide, so you'll have to time your movements so as not to get killed. The lower route
about midway contains some energy and a E Tank, so grab it with Rush Power, but be
quick about it. After you get past the sub, hop along the blocks, climb the ladders,
and face another squid robot. Defeat it and nimbly hop over some narrow ice ledges while
avoiding the time bombs to reach the boss gate.

Blizzard Man Strategy
Blizzard Man will cart around his lair on his pair of skis, trying to crash into Mega 
Man. It is during this non-lethal phase that you should try to burn him with your Flame 
Blast weapon. His primary weapon is his Blizzard Attack - this is pretty hard to dodge,
but doesn't really cause mass amounts of damage, so if you need to, just let yourself be
hit. His other attacks include rolling into a giant snowball and hurling himself at you
(This attack will do quite a bit of damage, so it's in your best interest to keep him 
from doing this), and creating a blizzard storm which slows your movements down, which 
is an annoyance at best. Toast him with the Flame Blast, and you're all set.

6. Plant Man's Stage:
This jungle stage starts off pretty straightforward. Just head to the right while 
watching out for the little robots that like to hide behind the scenery. Destroy them 
and keep moving until you get inside. In this area, get to the ladder and charge your 
Mega Buster up. As you reach the top, wait for the giant robot to fly, then slide as 
quickly as you can under him and climb the ladder - if you do this quickly enough, the 
large stomper won't have the chance to fly again and crash into you; but if you must, 
charged shots will take it out. Once in the next room, take out the miscellaneous flying
enemies and fall down the shaft to fight a large bulldozer robot. Shoot charged shots at
its head and jump to avoid the bullets it shoots at you. You must also jump to avoid 
getting hit by the fist that flies out, too. Defeat it and move on. Keep heading to
the right to reach a section with some springs. By holding down the Jump button when
you bounce, you can make Mega Man bounce incredibly high; keep this in mind as you'll
need to do this to reach the boss gate. Immediately following this section you'll do
battle with another bulldozer mini-boss, so dispatch it like before. The remainder of
the stage is short, but rather tough. You must bounce Mega Man from spring to spring
while (a) grabbing energy refills for the fight ahead, and (b) avoiding the menacing
robots that fly out of the watery pits. If you stand close enough to the edge, you
can make the robots fly out early, and then time your jumps around them. Cross this
somewhat perilous section to reach the boss gate.

Plant Man Strategy
Plant Man is pretty pathetic for a Robot Master. He moves similar to Star Man from MM5
in the way he uses his Plant Barrier, but his greatest fault lies in his repetitious
pattern. Like all othe shielded bosses, you cannot hurt him while his Barrier is active,
but you should just wait until he throws it away, then fire off a Blizzard Attack at him.
The easiest way to beat him is to run towards him, run away, get him to follow you, then
stay still. Plant Man will charge you, then stop to jump at the wall. Stay still and
he'll bounce off, back to his original location and fire his Barrier off. Keep baiting
him into this pattern and you'll eliminate him in no time.

7. Tomahawk Man's Stage:
This stage is rather interesting. Start off heading to the right, defeating the Old
West-style gunslingers as you encounter them. Drop down the short tunnel at the end, 
defeat the large robot down here and keep going down. Drop down another level and head
to the right to encounter a giant machine called a Met Dispenser. This thing will cont-
inuously drop Metools until you destroy it - shoot the lower tube part repeatedly to
get rid of it. After you do, head right, go up the ladder, and meet Eddie. Collect your
spiffy power-up and head up some more. As you get up top, you'll notice a ladder leading
off in the sky. If you have Rush Jet, you can fly up here to claim some goodies and an
Energy Tank; otherwise the upper and lower paths lead to essentially the same place.
Head to the right and drop down two levels to reach another Met Dispenser. Eliminate it
like before and you'll reach the next path split.

****Path Branch 1****
This one requires the Rush Jet as well as leads to the real Tomahawk Man fight. To get
along this lower path, stand to the edge, and equip the Plant Barrier to hit the flying
robot in your path. Then use Rush to fly over the short pit and head to the ladder at
the right. Climb up the next long ladder and navigate the short section with the drop-
per platform to reach the boss gate. Remember, you will only get the Beat circuit plate
by fighting Tomahawk Man here.

****Path Branch 2****
Head along the upper path and climb the ladder at the right. Climb up and cling to the
lowest rung on the next ladder and...

Energy Balancer
With Rush Power equipped, punch through the cracked block and drop through the new
opening to reach a hidden room where your good ol' brother Protoman drops by to hand off
the quite useful Energy Balancer upgrade! With it, your lowest weapon meter will auto-
matically be refilled when you pick up weapon capsules.

Exit out the room and keep climbing up. This last stretch involves a lot of Skullker 
robots, so be patient and work your way to the boss gate. Just remember that you cannot
get the Beat circuit plate if you fight on this path.

Tomahawk Man Strategy
This indian-themed Robot Master has a pretty predictable pattern. He's also going to be
the hardest Robot Master you'll face in the game, so be prepared and bring a couple of 
Energy Tanks with you in case you need them. You'll want to watch out for his Silver 
Tomahawk attack since it fans out like the feathers on his head and can do quite a bit 
of damage if you don't avoid it. The feathers fly out fast, but slow down halfway 
through, making them that much harder to dodge. Equip the Plant Barrier and get in close
to him so you can deal the most damage by striking him with the Barrier. Remember that 
you can always resort to charged Mega Buster shots if you run out of PB energy.

8. Yamato Man's Stage:
The stage starts off outside. As you make your way inside, you'll encounter a few
projectile-tossing enemies, so avoid them and continue along yoru way until you reach
the gap. Cross to the right-hand side, and if you have Rush Power, you can break the
wall in the lower right and head through a hidden section.

****Path Branch 1****
Use Rush Power to break the wall and drop down. Head right and you'll eventually find
a frog-like miniboss that shoots various objects at you. Dodge what the guy up top
tosses and jump the energy beams while pelting it with the Mega Buster. Once you defeat
the miniboss, head right some more and you'll gain an Energy Tank. Then climb the ladder
to get to a later part of the stage.

****Path Branch 2****
This is the standard route from the block. Go up the ladder and grab the 1-Up in the 
next room. Keep hearding up and you'll have to tackle some Yamato spear throwing robots.
Avoid the spears and pelt them with charged Buster shots to defeat them. Cross a short
pit section and drop down through a few more rooms to reach the area where the paths

Head right some more, and you'll see another split in the path. 

****Path Branch 3****
This upper path leads to the real Yamato Man, and naturally requires the Rush Jet 
adapter. Fly up to the ledge and climb the ladder. Cross the spike trap and go up the
next ladder, then just head right across the conveyors while avoiding the enemy robots
to reach the boss gate. Remember, beating Yamato Man here will net you the Beat circuit

****Path Branch 4****
Take the lower path and you'll have to thread some more treacherous terrain. Drop down
and hold right to avoid falling into a spike trap, then right and up some more until you
reach a conveyor section. Cross it while watching out for the spikes and you can drop
down a few more sections and go right to locate the boss gate. Remember, you will not
gain the Beat circuit plate by defeating Yamato Man here.

Yamato Man Strategy
What is a Yamato, you ask? According to a Japanese history professor I know, Yamato is a
word that represents Japan's history. So I suppose it's somewhat appropriate for a 
Japanese series to have a Robot Master named after Japan itself... Anyway, Yamato Man is
very easy to beat, especially after you have the Silver Tomahawk. Basically, Yamato Man
will hop around his lair, and stop after the third or fourth one to fire off a Yamato 
Spear at you. Jump over this and nail him once or twice with your Tomahawk weapon, then 
repeat this same strategy until you have toasted him.

9. Knight Man's Stage:
His stage is short but tough. Start out by dropping down to the bottom of the starting
vertical section, then head to the right. You'll immediately encounter a spiked com-
pressor, so hide in the short pits to avoid getting smashed (or impaled). At the end,
slide repeatedly to get out and head to the right, and up the ladder. The next part
has some spinning conveyor platforms similar to those found in Dark Man's castle back
in Mega Man 5. Cross them and climb up the next ladder, then head right to reach another
long spike pit. You can use Rush Jet to cross from ledge to ledge, if you have the
adapter on hand. Climb up the next ladder to find Eddie, then head up some more. The
sky changes to nightfall as you head right some more. Leap over the spike traps and drop
all the way to the bottom of this next part. The last section is full of bouncy springs
that can give you motion sickness if you're not careful. Once you reach solid ground,
you'll reach this stage's path split.

****Path Branch 1****
This doesn't really constitute a split, seeing as all you must do is use Rush Power to
crack the block, then drop down to the boss gate, but oh well... Remember that here you
can acquire the Beat circuit plate.

****Path Branch 2****
Again, no real "branch" as the boss gate is immediately in front of you. Remember that
by fighting Knight Man here, you won't get the Beat circuit plate.

Knight Man Strategy
This relatively easy Robot Master should give you no problems. His sole attack consists 
of hurling his mace-like Knight Crush at you, which flies out and then boomerangs back 
to him. Memorize the pattern of its flight, jump in between it when he shoots it, nail 
him with the Yamato Spear and you'll show this finalist even he doesn't hold a candle to
Mega Man.

10. Centaur Man's Stage:
This stage is kind of weird in some places. Start off heading to the right. You'll
soon run into some enemies that drop from the sky and into the water. Wait for the 
bombs to explode before heading onwards, and drop down the tunnel at the end. As you
get fully underwater, you'll start dealing with some floating enemies. Eliminate them,
and keep going until you reach a part where the water is...on the ceiling? Yes, the
physics are reversed in this area, so you'll have to wait until the water is at its
lowest point before attempting any long jumps over the spike traps. After you clear 
this section, make your way upwards to meet up with Eddie. Grab the powerup he gives
you, and keep climbing the ladders. At the top of the next area, head right, and you'll
have to deal with some submarine enemies similar to the ones faced at the beginning. 
Dodge their fire and get to the ladder at the right. Climb it, then use Rush Jet to 
fly to the ladder on the left. Head up some more and you'll reach another ladder over
a large pit.

****Path Branch 1****
Simply use Rush Jet to fly over to the boss gate on the right. Fighting Centaur Man
here will net you the Beat Circuit Plate.

****Path Branch 2****
Fall down to reach the fake boss gate. You won't get the Beat plate if you fight Centaur
Man here, though.

Centaur Man Strategy
Half man, half horse...certainly an interesting design, but he too is quite an easy 
Robot Master. He will fall to the Knight Crush, but you'll have to deal with a bit of 
legwork to get there. For one, his primary attack is a mimicry of Flash Man's Time Stop-
per, where Centaur Man will freeze you, then send out a spread of Arm Cannon shots which
will break into multiple shots and bounce backwards if they hit a wall, making them a 
bit difficult to dodge. Use the Knight Crush on him whenever possible, and keep in mind 
that as Centaur Man's energy meter gets lower and lower, he'll gain a new attack in 
which he'll teleport around and go for a sneak attack from behind Mega Man.

11. Wind Man's Stage:
Here's another relatively short stage. Start out heading right, then up the long tower
shaft until you reach the top. Back outside, you'll encounter a harrowing menace in
the form of powerful fans that blow you towards the sky. This wouldn't be so bad if
parts of the ceiling weren't spike-lined. Traverse this part of the level and get to
the end where you have to cross to another ledge on two platforms that drop you as you
land on them. Nimbly hop to each one, and if you can, use Rush Jet to fly to the upper
ledge and score an Energy Tank. Head to the right, and ride another fan gust up to a
ladder, and climb up. Climb up the winding section, then head right and drop down. 
Inside here, you'll have to deal with another, tougher, fan gust & spikes section, but
once you make it past, you'll arrive at the boss gate.

Wind Man Strategy
Here's one of those Robot Masters that can be either insanely easy or horribly difficult,
depending on how you choose to face him. Take the easy route and lambaste him with the
Centaur Flash every three seconds and you'll inflict massive damage on him without even 
having to do anything. Just remember that Wind Man will use attacks similar to the Air 
Shooter tornadoes, and he can also float around his lair as well.

12. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 1:
We're in outer space? Not really, it's just nighttime. This stage is full of robotic
enemies that you must dispatch to continue. Head to the right until you reach a ladder.
As you make a rather long ascent, you can access a really nifty shortcut that cuts the
level in half. 

****Path Branch 1****
On the way up, you'll notice some of those platforms that collapse under
your weight. Jump to them and use Rush Power to punch away part of the wall, and head
on through a hidden area to collect some power-ups and reach a ladder at the far end.
Climb up to arrive directly in front of the boss gate (!)

****Path Branch 2****
The rest of the level is just more of this vertical ascent. At the top, you'll deal 
with slightly harsher enemies; keep heading right and grab the Energy Tank along the
way. At the end, drop down while holding left to avoid a spike trap, then drop down
another level to reach the boss gate.

Track Duo Strategy
These two annoyances travel on two tracks that line the walls of the room. Sure, you 
could waste your time with using the Flame Blast, Mega Buster, or any other weapon of 
your choosing, but Rush Power is handy for more than just punching walls - equip Rush
Power and charge it up, then simply wait for one of the machines to come down to Mega 
Man's level, then punch it back so it ricochets around the track. Repeat for the other 
one until you deplete the machine's energy meter. Simple, eh? Not so fast...they get 
faster and faster as you inflict more and more damage, so you may have to sacrifice a 
few hit opportunites in lieu of dodging one flying at you. Keep this attack up and 
you'll advance to the next area in no time.

13. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 2:
As a bit of a warning, this stage is full of false floors, so be especially wary and
watch your step. Chances are if you see the black and yellow striped parts, it is a
fake floor, so leap or fly over them when you see them. That said, this level is very 
straightforward. In fact, it's merely one long Mettool-infested hallway (some other 
enemies appear too), but as long as you watch your step you'll be fine. At one point,
you need to slide across a collapsing floor, but the rest is simple platforming. Don't
plunge to your death and you'll soon reach the boss gate.

Power Piston Strategy
Enter the room of this odd boss to find another wall walker variation that will stick 
solely to the righthand wall. Well, you think you have an advantage given that he can't 
go much of anywhere...well you do, as a matter of fact. Equip the hardly useful Silver 
Tomahawk and let loose on this pitiful annoyance. Keep in mind the constant plasma 
bursts and rocks that fall from the ceiling, and this boss will soon be dust.

14. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 3:
This stage is a bit tougher. Start off climbing the left hand ladders for an Energy
Tank, then head up the right side to reach the rest of the stage. The primary threat
in this level lies in the piston blocks that rise and lower when you step on them. You
need to move the blocks in most places in order to make the necessary leaps from plat-
form to platform. The enemies flying about doesn't make this a whole lot easier, but
with patience, it can be done. Try using Rush Jet for the majority of the stage so you
can try and fly to some locations. Clear the first part of the blocks, and you'll land
back on solid ground. Head to the right and climb the vertical section filled with 
ladders to reach another block section. Clear this short one, then use Rush Power to
break a block to reach another section, and ride the last set of blocks to reach the
boss gate.

Mettonger Z Strategy
A lone Mettool controls this giant armed tank. The tank mostly just moves across the
room at you, but can be repelled by constant fire. Speed up the battle by firing the
Blizzard Attack at it, and don't hesitate to use an Energy Tank in a pinch. The Mett-
onger fires varying arrays of arm cannon fire at you, so watch out and you'll be fine.

15. Mr. X's Mansion, Stage 4:
Mr. X's final stage is a bit of a toughie. Think Wind Man's level, and you'll be more
or less prepared. Climb up two levels, grab the Energy Tank if you need it from the 
staggered section, and head to the right. You'll have to cross many platforms while
avoiding the more than annoying enemies that spring up out of the dispensers. Time
your jumps to clear each section, and climb up the ladder at the end. Climb up the next
ladder and you'll reach a small path split.

****Path Branch 1: Upper Path****
Use Rush Jet to reach the ladder, and head along the upper path. This path only contains
a 1-Up, and bypasses another platforming section.

****Path Branch 2: Lower Path****
Simple; just head to the right across the blocks. Don't even know why I bothered to call
this a path split, really...

After the paths reconnect, drop down and head right. Ahead lies a final platforming/
dodging flying enemies section and you'll land in front of the boss gate.

Mr. X Strategy
Now this is an odd battle if I've ever seen one...Anyway...Mr. X barely even tries to 
hide the fact that he's Wily, but I digress. My point is the final boss who's not really
the final boss should be somewhat spectacular...but he's not. Oh well, you have another 
easy battle to chalk up this way. Mr. X sits in his giant Clasher and simply swings back
and forth, back and forth. Anyway, hang to the far left, only venturing out to dodge the
shots he fires that split into two and then fly along the ground. When the sides of his
ship are at firing level, let him have it with the Flame Blast. Repeat this until you
beat him, and you'll see the real mastermind *cue Dr. Wily again*.

16. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 1:
This is one pain of a stage, let me tell you. Use Rush Power to break all the blocks
early on to get some powerups, and keep the Rush Jet equipped at all times if you can.
Start off heading right, defeating the Mettools in your path. After you get past the
first horizontal stretch, there's a long vertical section broken into various rooms
that are filled with enemies. About halfway down, you'll start encountering weird
spike constructions. You'll have to carefully use the Rush Jet to fly over and around
the spike traps so you don't get killed. After a bit of memorization, it almost comes
easily. Most of them require leaping out, then activating Rush to help you fly around,
so keep this in mind while using your thrusters to maneuever. (Note: There is a block
you can crack further up; it leads to another vertical passage filled with some power-
ups. You have to time a jump just right to smash the block on your way down, though.)
At the bottom, head to the right, defeating the various enemies and you'll reach the
boss gate.

Mechasaurus Strategy
This fire-breathing dragon is really a nuisance... Use the platforms that circle out to
the left and fire Yamato Spears point-blank at the eyes. If you have trouble aiming, 
Mega Buster shots can work, too. Just avoid the fire attacks and keep pounding away
to defeat this annoying boss.

17. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 2:
This whole stage is iced over, so use jumps a lot to slow your momentum if you find
yourself accelerating towards something deadly. Use the Flame Blast at the start to
grab the Energy Tank, and keep heading to the right destroying the enemies in your
general path. At the end, climb the ladder, and you'll reach a room with some disappear-
ing blocks. If you can reach it, there's a secret tunnel off to the right; melt the
ice with the Flame Blast, or just use Rush Jet to fly up to the top and into the next
section. Up top, you'll deal with some mad hatter-type robots that get ticked off if
you shoot them. Blast them and keep heading to the right. Get the Energy Tank lying
in your path and drop down. Drop down the next section, and you'll have to cross a bit
of a precarious platform section with more hatter-robots before reaching the boss gate.
Remember to jump to stop forward momemetum!

Tank-CS2 Strategy
This giant machine just rolls across the screen trying to ram you, or something like
that. Start off firing the Yamato Spear at it, then use the Wind Storm if you run out
of energy. There's really no way to avoid being hit, unless you're quick and manage to
use the Jet Suit to fly over the contraption. However, one needn't worry since this
battle is over fairly quickly. As a last resort, you can fire charged Mega Buster shots
at it. Have a few Energy Tanks available.

18. Dr. Wily's Castle, Stage 3:
A short stage with Energy Tanks galore; this one somewhat resembles Centaur Man's stage 
with the weird physics. Your goal is to get to the teleport at the end - but before you 
can get there, you must cross a few ledges and spike-lined pits. Be especially wary of
the fans that pull you into the spikes and blow you towards them, so advance with due
caution, and be sure to get the Energy Tanks that you see on the way. At the end, you'll
reach a ladder that leads to an empty room. Wait for the disappearing blocks to form a 
pattern, or use Rush Jet to fly up to the ladder in the upper left corner. Just ahead 
lies a teleport which will take to you the room where you'll re-fight the eight Robot 
Masters. The teleport diagram looks like this:

		Yamato Man                            Blizzard Man
		Plant Man			      Flame Man

		Knight Man   Centaur Man   Wind Man   Tomahawk Man

19. Final Stage:
This short stage leads to the final battles. Exit the teleport, fall down the shaft and 
hug left to grab another Energy Tank. At the bottom, just head right until you find 
another Met Dispenser. Shoot the bottom part of the dispenser to destroy it, and move on
to the boss gate, where Eddie will appear shortly before to give you one last power-up.
Onto the battle against Wily!

Dr. Wily Strategy, Phase 1
Wily's first form is quite easy (all of them are, but this one particularly). Wily uses
a large skull-shaped craft with spikes on the bottom. He basically hops around trying
to catch you underneath him. Keep charging your Mega Buster and let him have it when-
ever you get the chance. Avoid his spiral-shaped energy bursts by sliding and you'll 
get through with barely a scratch.

Dr. Wily Strategy, Phase 2
Once you destroy the first form, Wily immediately attacks again, with a slightly 
smaller version of before. His attacks do a bit more damage, but you can defeat it
easily by using the Knight Crush.

Dr. Wily Strategy, Phase 3
For the final phase, Wily attacks in his saucer, repeating his disappearing act. When
he appears, he'll send out spiraling energy shots. Stick yourself far away from Wily 
when he does this, and you won't get hit. When he does appear, use the upward arcing
of the Silver Tomahawk to hit Wily. You can usually hit him twice per appearance. Once
you've beaten Wily to the ground, the ending will start.

20. Boss Weapons:
-Plant Barrier - Another Shield variation, little flowers circle Mega Man. Like the 
 other shield weapons, this one can be fired off early.
-Silver Tomahawk - Mega Man tosses a tomahawk in an arc.
-Yamato Spear - Mega Man fires a spear straight forward.
-Knight Crush - Mega Man sends out a small mace ball which boomerangs back to him. 
-Centaur Flash - A remake of the Gravity Hold...which was a remake of the Flash Stopper,
 which was a remake of the Time Stopper. You get the idea. It freezes the action and
 does damage to certain objects for about five seconds.
-Wind Storm - Mega Man fires off a small gray tornado that spirals along the ground. It 
 can carry some enemies away with it.
-Flame Blast - Mega Man shoots a small burst of flame which will flare up from either 
 the wall or floor, depending on where the initial burst lands.
-Blizzard Attack - Mega Man fires off a snowflake spread from behind him: two of them 
 fly straight ahead, and the remaining two fly off at diagonal angles, allowing for more

21. Secrets and Tips:
1. Mr. X Password: B6, D4, F2, F4, F6.
2. Use Blizzard Man's stage if you need to refill Energy Tanks.
3. Ummmm....
4. Some stages will change color depending on whether or not you found the Beat circuit 
   plate...I don't know how particularly useful this is, but it's a neat effect...

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